Who really cares about the children?

Something we’ve noticed about the Hoaxtead mob is that they’re constantly trying to take the moral high ground. For instance, in this Facebook post by Angie, she tries to sound pious and holier than thou, as she makes her usual histrionic claims about “never forgetting” RD’s children.

Angela-Hampstead 1 2016-07-09But not everyone is willing to stand by and let Angie try to pretend she’s actually ‘caring’ for the kids:

Angela-Hampstead 2 2016-07-09Yannis, who’s long been outspoken about the children’s right to privacy, jumped in here to object—a brave act considering how Angela and her friends handle any sort of dissent.

We were interested to note that Tracey Morris (who we understand is still under an injunction not to defame or harass RD) was on hand to suggest that Yannis was defending…er, RD.

Angela-Hampstead 3 2016-07-09Tracey also seems to think that Yannis has satin inside him, which is a bit odd. Why would he be ingesting a shiny silk fabric? And why would she think it was “doing a fine job” on him? Also, why is it important not to piss satin off? Is this some new trend we’re unaware of? Or has Tracey been back on the bottle?

God bless Yannis, though: he stands up to Tracey’s strange allegations, and reiterates his demand: like most right-thinking people he understands that it’s not right to name RD’s children in this way.

Angela shows her loving kindness and caring nature by pointing out that naming innocent children and continuing to post and repost their faces is no big deal, really. In fact, she wishes people had done that to her.

No news there, really—we all know Angie is happiest when it’s all about her, her, her!

Angela-Hampstead 4 2016-07-09Despite Angie’s and Tracey’s stupidity, Yannis doggedly sticks to his point: it is wrong (and illegal) to post the names and images of the children. That’s an immutable fact, and he’s not going to let it go.

It’s a matter of ethics, and while Tracey and Angie may get their own jollies out of trying to portray themselves as children’s saviours, the fact is, they’re demonstrating their complete callous disregard for the kids by naming them (again) and posting their images (again).

Angela-Hampstead 5 2016-07-09Tracey, meanwhile, is more interested in showing how tough she is: she doesn’t care about no stinkin’ laws, not when she can engage in self-aggrandisement, meaningless fist-shaking and name-calling, no sirree!

Angela-Hampstead 6 2016-07-09Interesting fact we learned last summer, by the way: when Tracey is feeling threatened and nervous, she seems to lean on her keyboard. Strange habit, but perhaps it’s a bit like people who stammer when they know they’re in the wrong.

But our main point here is that while people like Angie and Tracey think it’s perfectly fine to violate the privacy of two young children, so they can parade around trying to pretend they’re saving the world from ‘cult abuse’, people like Yannis are willing to stand up for what they know is right, and not allow himself to be dissuaded by their facile arguments.

And let’s face it: when those two children are old enough to understand why their names and images are all over the internet connected to a vile hoax their mother and her criminal boyfriend tried to pull off, whose side do you think they’ll be on?


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  1. So let me get Angie’s house rules straight – she and Tracey are allowed to “curse” but Yannis isn’t?

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  2. The most sickening aspect of this whole case is the way the children’s testimony has been abused – not treated as evidence, but as a particularly sick form of entertainment. That’s one of the main reasons why I feel that the likes of Angie, Rupert McKenzie and others are deviants just as sure as that grubby wee perverted bastard of hell Christie is.

    Disallowing a sexual abuse victim the right to move on and live without having to be defined by that abuse is basically a repeat of the abuse. – To do that from a distance, and for selfish purposes of self-aggrandisement, attention-seeking and status-seeking; warped, just warped. – TRULY evil. Throw in their cash-scamming ways, and it becomes vile beyond description.

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  3. Well I hope Yannis has reported Tracey Morris to whoever, regarding her breaching the injunction she got last year, with her new pal at the time, Belinda Teflon McKenzie.

    And Angela hopefully has been reported once more!

    Wtf do these women think they are?

    Angela has been told, time and time again, that the children’s faces should not be published, plus their names too, but the arrogant biatch, just continues to break the law.

    The pair of them, obviously think they are untouchable residing in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    Julian Coulter on fb might be able to give you some info on Tracey Morris.

    He knows how she works.

    It’s about time Angela was in the dock for her exposing of the children’s names and identities.

    Never mind all the libel she spouts/

    See if she’s so brazen then.

    I very much doubt it…

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  4. Hear, hear! Nice summation, Joe.
    And for those who might have missed this revelation earlier…David Franfurter discusses the pornographic aspect of false moralists quite brilliantly in “Evil Incarnate”. I’m not brilliant, but here’s what is quite apparent to me…
    If a perverted individual were to go around saying: “I get off on talking about children being raped, sodomized, sexually tortured, murdered and cannibalized. Let’s talk about that!”, almost everyone would condemn that and refuse to talk to them.
    But if the same person solicits such conversation in a moralist manner: “We must discuss the terrible things that sick cult is doing to children, we must expose them, spread awareness and warn others”, they will at least receive praise and eager particpation by others like them. They will still be getting their jollies from talking about children being raped, sodomized, sexually tortured, murdered and cannibalized, but fewer people will ever call them on that.

    The inventor of the term “Satanic Ritual Abuse” – Dr Lawrence Pazder, is revealed to have been such a pervert by the lack of case citations in his lectures on the subject, but in his lifetime very few ever publicly called him out about that.

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  5. I fully agree. In the deep dark corners of their minds there is an illness whereby they are fascinated by pedophilia and a desire to sow destruction.

    It’s also why I will NOT accept that Rupert Quantance’s statement that he would like to abuse a child is some throwaway line. If he were in any job remotely connected with children he would be sacked immediately and as these ghastly creeps operate via the internet then it is a duty to ensure anyone dealing with them is alerted to Rupert’s sick state of mind.

    reading this exchange between Morris & Power-Disney, both who breach a High Court order which can at any time come back to bite them , and Yannis reveals the vicious nature of these two sanctimonious women.

    Note also Tracey Morris’ threat to kill RD. This is why Facebook will at some stage be the cause of a terrible action because they ignore such crimes : and threatening assassination is a crime.

    Look at the terrible events in the USA with young black men being shot dead and the n 5 policemen being murdered by a sniper. All terrible acts fueled by the internet which can trigger madness that is lying just below the surface in mentally ill people.

    Angela Power-Disney should be condemned as a power crazed (yet utterly powerless) monster who attracts the likes of Morris who sounds deranged. Authorities should be alerted to these two who promote violence against innocent people who they decide is guilty. Just as the FBI records all such threats (and they should be alerted as well given these two may travel to the USA and there is a US family link to the innocent parties)

    In 5 short years these children will be teenagers and I hope they are shielded from the ravings of these lunatics. Hopefully their appearances will change so they are not recognised. I would say they have had to change their names by now.

    But I hope they choose to legally pursue these rotten creatures and destroy them in the courts.

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  6. There is a problem with court orders and injunctions as I have obtained them myself. When a party breaches them there is no automatic repercussion, it’s up to the original plaintiff to take action.

    You would be surprised how few policeman actually can read and comprehend a court order. I once had people who I had injuncted from entering business premises break into them, change the locks and take possession of them after a dispute. I crow barred the front locks while my partner called the police.

    Amazingly the police took the side of the trespassers because one said he was a lawyer and was wearing a suit and threatened to arrest me for damage as well as searching my car. I warned the police they should arrest the trespassers and if not they should not enter the premises themselves as they would be trespassing. They actually helped the trespasser secure the premises while I had a locksmith (who DO actually know the law) secure the property the next.

    The repercussions were endless. After complaints through the right legal bodies the police had to offer a financial settlement fro breach of duty, for falsely threatening to arrest me, for trespass themselves, for aiding the trespassers with guarantees the 2 officers involved would be “counseled” and have their work “monitored”. The fact is, the higher up the food chain in police you go, the more they obviously understood the ramifications (and resultant adverse publicity) if the matter went back to court.

    Power-Disney, Morris and all those who promote this hoax and breach court orders may think they are getting away with it because of the long timeline. When the crunch eventually comes as it ALWAYS does with the law, they will feel the full weight.

    It is highly recommended to sit in on any case where a person has breached court orders. Judges do not take to it kindly.

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  7. Sadly those kids dont have much of a chance at a normal life. Who hasnt googled their own name at some point? its angie and co who are responsible for this, those kids are young enough to get over this nightmare but all angie cares about is becoming a chat show host, evil skank

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  8. Excuse me if im wrong but dosent RD come from a yorkshire mining family and worked the mines himself? how does a yorkshire miner get to lead an elite intergenerational satanic cult that passes down from father to son? its not like the english elite have much truck with miners as evidenced by the jarrow marchers who were pelted by people as they marched near eton, as recorded in the famous jam song eton rifles, Arthur Scargill eat your heart out! you aint got nothin on RD who was due to lead the tory party and marry a royal if not foiled by the genius Abraham Christie! LMFAO!

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  9. Its very easy for Angie to hide behind a keyboard.

    BUT – Angie, have a good look at the proceedings in Blackfriars Crown Court next week – the same stress and anxiety awaits you but with different charges.

    Angie – do you really think the Guardia are going to leave you alone? Do you feel safe in Ireland? You should not delude yourself, you have pissed so many people off and as you well know

    Justice does prevail – it just takes time to happen.

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  10. She’ll never make a chat show host.

    You have to allow the guests to speak, not dominate the whole conversation and turn it on you=Angie.

    Btw you owe me £100 for that bit of advice Angela.

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  11. Yes, this has become increasingly apparent–the need for individuals to report breaches of injunctions, rather than rely on the police to automatically drop by and arrest the person. It’s been a real education for a great many people.


  12. That’s a really good point, and one that I’ve wondered about as well. The Hoaxtead pushers don’t seem to see any contradiction in claiming that RD is an ‘elite cult leader’ and then in the next breath deriding his working-class background. They don’t seem to realise that they really cannot have it both ways.

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  13. Sabine McNeill recenty showed her true German nazi colours in a Tweet:

    “Victims of #Lucifer Unite across the Globe: Jewish #Paedophilia and Child Sacrifice….”

    Here is 10 hours of Ieva’s Polka Hitler Version just for her (it is addictive)

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  14. Pazder devised his sordid stories whilst committing adultery with his patient in a hotel. He was a man with no ethics who has left a poisonous legacy.

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  15. It’s shocking how anyone who disagrees with them must either be RD or RD’s friend. It couldn’t be possible that 100’s of people are pissed off at having their innocent friends, relatives and neighbours accused of heinous crimes could it? It couldn’t be that members of the public (and I’m one) see through this nonsense and aren’t buying it?

    The only ‘cult’ in operation here is the cult of ‘troofer’ with the addition of fundamentalist Christianity.

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  16. These videos are fantastic, thank you!

    I dunno why, but the reference to Hitler’s “dick-whacking spoon” in the second video brought a more somber subject to mind. I think it is paricularly tragic that evil Abe found his chance to start this whole twisted mind-f*ck operation, in the kids being discovered engaging in innocent sibling sexual exploration – “the touching game” – which was apparently his “evidence” that they were really baby-killers! I’m not saying that such behaviour should be encouraged or necessarily even tolerated, but when adults response to such discovery is sadisticly punitive, well…that can f*ck the child up for life. And from their statements, it seems like these kids DO see all the subsequent abusive treatment arising out of: “we got caught playing the touching game”. Very sad.
    One of Alice Miller’s early works, “For Your Own Good”, analyzed traditional abusive child-rearing practices in Germanic culture and pretty much blames those practices for HItler and the “obedient Nazis”. Those practices included sadistic repression of infantile and childhood sexual impulses, as she documented. Se went a bit…loony…later on, but this book was very interesting:


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