Tracey Morris violates injunction on APD show

It’s been some time since we heard from our old friend Tracey Morris. Last we heard, she was involved in raising funds for her own pseudo-charity, ‘Civil Rights Defenders’ (no relation to the respected Sweden-based non-governmental organisation with the same name), which was apparently a thinly veiled excuse to barge about the countryside involving herself in other people’s business before leaving their lives a total shambles.

Yesterday though, Tracey turned up on Angela Fag-Ash Disney’s live-streamed bilge-fest. And while she was there, she did something very, very foolish.

First, a bit of background…

In July 2015, during the build-up to Ella’s appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice, Tracey and her kids were living in Belinda’s basement. She was accompanying Belinda to the RCJ for her regular vigils, and on at least one occasion was filmed shouting abuse about RD and the Hampstead case.

As a result, both Belinda and Tracey were served with an injunction demanding that they cease and desist, or face the penalty of law.


Tracey blustered and bellowed about this for a while, claiming that it didn’t really apply to her as she hadn’t been properly ‘served’ (it did and does apply, and injunctions aren’t ‘served’, they are simply signed into force).

And then she more or less disappeared, surfacing only to promote her copy-cat ‘charity’ last spring.

So now what’s she done?

Tracey was back in fighting form on Angie’s ‘show’ last night. She made a number of bizarre claims—she beat up Gerry Adams in her front garden, and he fled Ireland because he was terrified of Tracey; she is immune to any social worker trying to question her parenting skills, as they will be instantly fired by the judge; she was responsible for having Sabine freed from custody after her first arrest in August 2015.

And then…she stepped in it. She began ranting about the Hampstead SRA hoax, and in particular about RD and his children.

Speaking of the children, Tracey said, “I do believe we’ll never see them again”, since by the time they’re teens they’ll be able to escape the cult and tell their story. “Do you really think that [the cult is] going to let them grow up and escape and tell the story and details of what happened?”

She stated that the cult cannot let the children go: “RD has to be sure those kids are never seen in the public domain again”. She alleged that RD “is going to bring them to California so they can be sacrificed, and never seen again. Or maybe they’ll be injected with micro-doses of cancer or something [the idea being to kill them but make it look like natural causes]”.

Tracey carried on in this vein for some time, reiterating her views that Ella should have turned to the Russian mafia for help in ‘dealing with’ RD, among other things.

Basically, she has now publicly violated last summer’s injunction…with knobs on. However, she’s not scared. She says she still has the gagging order, but “it’s not worth the paper it’s written on”.

She seems to believe that the police cannot touch her: “I said come for me, and they didn’t”.

This reminds us of another Hoaxtead mobster who was utterly confident that he was ‘un-arrestable’. In fact, as we recollect, he made comments about his ability to outrun the coppers, and stated he would “box their ears” if they attempted to arrest him.

Didn’t quite work out that way, but hey, it was fun while it lasted.


Tracey whistles into the wind

67 thoughts on “Tracey Morris violates injunction on APD show

  1. 4 things I learnt tonight:

    1. Tracey Morris is “the only person in Europe” who cannot have her mothering skills questioned in a court of law.

    2. Any social worker daring to question the safety or welfare of Tracey’s children will be automatically fired (by a judge, apparently, even though judges don’t have that kind of authority).

    3. “Gerry Adams left Ireland because he was so scared” of Tracey.

    4. John Duane’s children were given back to him because the judge was so scared of having a dishonour lien imposed upon him.

    Amazing, isn’t it. Look, even Angela is stunned by these revelations:

    These “shows” are such an education. I reckon we should campaign to have them incorporated into the school curriculum.

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  2. As well as breaching her own personal junction, could you also argue that Morris is “an agent of ” Neelu and Sabine, thereby breaching the restraining order too?

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    • Quite possibly.

      For all we know Tracey spoke to either Sabine or Neelu OR both before she appeared on the “show”.

      Tracey Morris sure has the gift of the gab or is it gob?

      I’m not sure whether there is any truth in any or all of her claims.

      She speaks so fast it’s hard to keep up…

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    • I think to make that stick, you’d have to prove that Neelu and/or Sabine expressly asked Tracey to say what she did. Without evidence of that, I doubt the courts would take it seriously.


  3. Is it even medically possible to “inject someone with micro-doses of cancer” ❓


    • I suppose you could but anyone with a healthy immune system would reject them.More to the point the fact that Morris mulls over cunning ways to “remove” childen and thinking its cool to throw someone through a plate glass window or throttle someone she disagrees with gives full justification to any agencies assessing the risk of this individual having responsibilty for defenseless beings.

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  4. “Abe did not sexually abuse these kids but he did physically, emotionally, and
    Pyscologigally abuse them wile Ella stood by and let him.
    Ella will never get her children back even if she came back, as for Abe if he puts foot on British soil. He will go straight to prisons he wil be charged with the abuse of the kids and it’s only when or if he got to trial.
    That’s why she will never get her kids back and she knows it.
    If they had of took them kids to the Russian Mafia when they recorded the videos and handed it over to them
    Then this just wouldn’t be happening today
    It was Abe who master minded all of this he thought he was being smart at that time
    Little did he know he was digging all their graves but he very quickly found that out and that’s why he has brain washed Ella
    in his selfish eyes if he can’t come back he will make sure she doesn’t either
    If Ella can’t come back here alone and tell her story as well as fk him right off and see it’s his fault she will never see her
    Kids again then she deserves all she gets, but if she dares to come on radio stations to cry about it she will be sorry
    Yes this is all true he has brain washed her u can see that she is a easy target thats why ricky was with her-
    If their mother had of took them to her own country with the videos and went to the Russian Mafia instead of listening to Abe
    They would all still be together and the Russians would of dealt with dearman and his cult and Ella knows that”

    ~ Tracey Morris, 2nd Aug 2015

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  5. Dunno if any of you have seen this video before…
    At about 4:00 in, there are very misinformed and distorted references to Ella’s kid vids. This channel owner might just need educating, or they could be deliberately complicit, but with over 8 million views – no doubt it has driven traffic to the sh*thead channels hosting such vids.

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    • Actually the “Tara the Android” videos have higher production values than CCN, and that is saying something!

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      • A cat’s birthday party video shot by its little cat friends would have higher production values than CCN! I have, quite seriously, seen better shot better lit better structured videos made by primary-1 children from the local school.

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  6. Was Tracey the Irish accented one in the court corridor when Sabine was being nabbed, yelling about a Grand Jury?. You know when Belinda was doing her amazing shrinking act with a “I’m not with them” look on her face?

    Both Morris & Power-Disney seem confused about the law and I think they believe that living in Ireland means they are not subject to UK law but they are when they specifically publish statements that are read in the UK that are forbidden by an injunction. They would need to ensure Angela’s Cash & Carry show does not appear in the UK.

    Of course implementing injunctions or judgements can be difficult and they are often ignored but you take a great risk if you do appear in court for beaching one as magistrates & judges do not take kindly to a breach of any court order as they regard it, quite rightly, as an insult to the court process.

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    • Amazing co-incidence but I met someone from Geelong over the weekend and asked them if they had heard of “Geelong cop-dragging ‘witch’ Eilish De Avalon” (the description of her in her allegedly former employer News Ltd’s local newspaper)

      ” have we ever !” was the response. “absolutely loathed around Geelong mainly because she comes on as a quite intelligent and friendly lady and seeks credit with local traders like the garage mechanic etc and then becomes like a viper when presented with an invoice in the mail. Never pays and it’s always bills that are not big enough to go to court over”. He actually described her as like their local female Donald Trump, using contractors and then finding a reason not to pay them.
      Guess she pays Mel Ve though for her “network TV” spot.

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    • “Raising awareness of number 7 [and] G”?

      Is this turning into Sesame Street? There are certainly a lot of muppets involved!

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  7. “She says she still has the gagging order, but ‘it’s not worth the paper it’s written on’”, and she’s not wrong.

    The law that SHOULD have protected the identities of the Hampstead kids as well as (for example) the alleged co-abused in the Hollie Greig hoax isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. It’s been ably demonstrated that court orders – such as the on issued by Judge Pauffley aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Immigration rules and policies aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

    As predicted, failure after failure after failure on the part of the authorities to uphold the law has resulted in these people becoming emboldened, and will continue to do so. – We all KNOW they’re idiots, criminals and stoners; that doesn’t make them harmless. When the laws that are supposed to protect the innocent are unenforced, the innocent remain at risk and the criminal flourish. – In whose interests is this allowed to happen?

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    • I think some of us feel that it’s our job to make sure that the gagging Orders become a bit more valuable in the years to come…..

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    • I do share your feelings of frustration re: court orders as only today I was involved in another breach of a court order I and partners received 5 years ago in an Australian Court.

      On one hand those court orders do mean an awful lot, they have for us as a way moving forward financially & legally in numerous ways with a number of government bodies that have benefited us but the same orders have been continually breached by those named who do very much what these Hoaxers do : either cherry-pick the bits they like or simply claim they are invalid.

      You would be surprised how frigging dumb some people can be : I have agents for those breaching orders (they always find some useful idiot) say they are going to make an appointment with the original judge and set her right. You never hear from them again of course.

      The problem with court orders, unless they are criminal, when breached the plaintiffs have to return to court to seek relief meaning more expense and stress and probably waiting ages. It can be like banging your head against the wall but I know one for sure which I have learned over the past seven years dealing with these sort of deranged manipulative people : ignoring their breaches encourages them to continue. Where you and I take court results seriously and obey them, they see weakness if you ignore their breaches. I have said it too many times on here : those affected by the Hoaxers will never find peace unless they become pro-active and crack down on these ghat;ly people like a ton of bricks. If it means making them homeless via legal costs, making the unemployed ones bankrupt..whatever it takes.

      Of course there may be activity behind the scenes we are not aware of and I think recent arrests have shown that to be true.

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      • I’m afraid the more I learn about these cases the less confidence I have in our justice systems. – Police, immigration, the courts. I’ve spoken to Police Officers – well above Constable level – who share my disillusionment. And the question just gets louder and louder – why is the law being maladministered so? And for whose benefit? Not just across this case but many. – It’s all very well when they come up with ‘technicalities’ as to why X, Y or Z didn’t happen. That ‘ticks a box for them’, but it doesn’t serve the ends of justice and it doesn’t protect the public; particularly from the violently and disruptively deranged who are such a threat to the peace.

        ‘They’ (what some might call the ‘powers that be’) are being secretive and evasive with ‘their own kind’ and things are being done in ridiculous ways or not at all – it’s helping no-one, reassuring no-one, achieving nothing. All that is happening is that the McKenzies, Disneys, McNeills, Greens, and Quaintances of this world are becoming ever-more emboldened. – As Morris ably demonstrates!

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  8. I, for one, am in awe of Tracey. She beat up Gerry Adams, scares paramilitaries and Judges. Social workers and the police do her bidding, and she saved Sabine. She should wear a Superwoman suit.

    (Tell you what. John should get an award for gullibility.)

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  11. Tracey certainly makes some wild claims. Not only did she beat up Gerry Adams but also was the person to find a loophole in order to bring Gerry’s brother, Liam, to justice. And apparently found the person who leaked the Hampstead videos, after discovering them on the so called dark web. I don’t know whether she really suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, but she certainly tells just as wild tales as Baron Munchausen. I think she maybe suffering from what I would term ‘gobby cow syndrome’.

    Tracey can see that Ella is a terrible mother and didn’t behave in the way you would expect a mother to behave if her children were really being abused by a cult. Tracey can also understand that Abraham beat up the children while Ella sat back and did nothing. It’s strange then that she can’t see the children were telling the truth when they said this whole cult thing was a lie, beaten into them by Abraham.

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    • Your wrong SN, every one knows Angie is the great script writer of the Hoax mob. Clearly Field Marshall Sands (or whatever she has promoted herself to) was just doing some pre-publicity for APD’s great follow up to Good Will Hunting, before it was plagiarised by Hollywood yet again.

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  12. Oh dear, 5 hours without a comment? Well, let’s break the silence with the comforting sound of Angie crying into her beer…

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