Did Rupert really say he’d ‘kick down doors’?

Yesterday we quoted Rupert Q from his Facebook page, claiming that all he said was that he “felt like kicking down doors” in response to RD’s children’s videos.

Rupert-getting picked onThat’s odd, you see, because a great many of us distinctly recalled him stating that he planned to actually kick down doors.

In fact, that’s one of the many things he said that irked the innocent families of Hampstead in the first place.

But when a few of us went looking for that video—the smoking gun, if you will—it was nowhere to be found. It seems it had been taken offline, probably just because Rupert thought it wasn’t up to his usual stellar standards, we’re sure.

However, McKenzies Devils have managed to resurrect a copy of that original video, proving that on the internet nothing ever really dies:

So Rupert, try and cover your tracks if you will. Try to claim you never said something, or that you were misquoted, or that you didn’t really mean it when you said the thing we all know you said.

But bear in mind, every time you lie online, there’s always someone watching.

watching you squinty eyes

86 thoughts on “Did Rupert really say he’d ‘kick down doors’?

  1. I am having a waking dream.

    Rupert in a custody suite in London somewhere. He’s been sat in the cage waiting to be booked in for ages. Gets to the desk. Asked the questions. Health. Mental health. Self harm. Tries to be cocky. Sarge has seen it all before. Rupert, when asked about self harm, makes vague attempts at comedy. Sarge not amused. Tough cuts used to cut everything dangly off his clothes. When asked if he would like to read the code of conduct, says yes. Carying it to his cell he realises it isn’t the victory he hoped getting this particular reading material. He’s on constant watch due to his attempts at comedy when asked about self harm. That means the old lags in the other cells don’t get given extra cig breaks in the yard. They get noisy and agitated. Someone will be screaming or singing all night. Thoughtless Rupert.

    Rupert feels like a boat without a rudder in the face of the old bill’s utter determination to take every stupid comment he makes at face value. The only food left is microwave curry. Halal lamb or veggie. He wants a shower. He makes a fuss. He gets one. He doesn’t get one alone. The custody officer couldn’t be less interested in his discomfort, or his physique.

    Immigration come on shift. They want to speak to him too. They ask Rupert about his work. The officer Rupert gets is the fattest immigration officer in the service. Rupert sneers, not realising this officer has interviewed genocidal war criminal generals, thieving presidents doing a flit, rapists, murders, you name it, and he thinks Rupert is a complete tosser. The immigration officer doesn’t even attempt to hide his amusement. He retires in six months anyway. He’s also hungover. Rupert brags. This isn’t going to go well.

    Rupert still needs to be interviewed by police. He is.

    Police let him go.

    Then put him back in a cell.

    Bastard immigration. They detain him at the police station. For, reasons.

    Poor Rupert.

    — I imagine that, in reality, Rupert will make a lousy video and visit the sights of London on the gofundme money.

    I can dream.

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    • Funny how the, ahem, “totes anonymous” Barman has gone completely quiet. On Wednesday and Thursday he was verbal diarrhoea personified but for the last 24 hours his blog has become a ghost town. Auntie will be so disappointed in him XD

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  2. The answer is yes. He’s suggesting kicking down doors of innocent people, of schools, terrifying children.

    Some of the other “20 special children” have been seen by social services. There’s no baby killing cult.

    All you monsters are doing this because you like hurting people.

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    • Yes on a serious note : they are quite sickening the way they show absolutely zilch concerns about identifying children. The media follows a strict code (but breach it) in showing images of children of celebrities, politicians etc for good reason.
      But this lynch mob use innocent children in pursuit of the imaginings of their fevered sick minds.

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    • These are people who, one way or another, feel cheated by life, fate, the system, whatever. Tormenting innocent people is the only way they can feel a sense of personal power. I find that sad.


  3. Anyone heard of a Jimmy Seville who lives in Hampstead?. No not me either.
    Rupert ‘Kung Fu Panda’ Quantance underestimates how solid a good British front door is.

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  4. “It is no more [sic] a hoax then [sic] the truly devastating Hampstead case itself. It is a sham project. One that is now according to their own stupid claims attracting more and more visitors, in the range of 1,200+ hits a day…So if these idiots at Hoaxtead Research are BOASTING to get 1,200+ hits a DAY, that is OVER 438,000 a YEAR!”

    ~ Barman

    Pssst: hey Barman – there’s a counter on the sidebar. Check it out. D’oh!

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    • Thanks, CP.

      By the way, does anyone have the heart to tell Barfman that not once has any of us claimed that this blog averages 1,200+ hits a day? I suspect that he’s confusing us with the voices in his head again (and thereby making a “stupid claim” of his own, somewhat ironically).

      For the record, it has often hit 2,000+, thanks to the sterling work of that nice Mr. Coyote and all our wonderful commenters, but it typically gets around 1,000 (and that’s the figure we have often cited).

      It does, however, often exceed that. On Thursday, for instance, it managed an impressive 1,204, and on Tuesday an astonishing 3,775:

      As the sidebar attests, we’ve received 448,273 hits since the blog started 433 days ago. Ergo, the daily average has been 1,035.32. Oh look how easy it was to prove our “stupid claim”. Apology accepted, Barfman. Your turn now – show us your blog stats – I’m sure we’d all love to see how you’ve set the World on fire in your first week. Thanks in advance…

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      • Barfman’s auntie claims to be one of the World’s leading mathematicians, so I’m sure she can help him analyse his blog stats 😀

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        • Barmaid also said he had a lawyer in his group. Is it perchance the famous Patrick Culinane QC (Quilted Cushion) who is also a famous Irish comedian noted for his hilarious telephone routine “You Can Stick Your Ambulance up Your Arse”?

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          • Interesting theory, Sam. Let’s not rule it out.

            Meanwhile, the drooling mutant just can’t get his head around the fact that, as has already been pointed out to him, we have a hit counter in clear view on the sidebar. Yep – we “finally revealed” our blog stats about 14 months ago. Go Detective Barman! XD

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    • Actually, Barfman starts out by saying it’s a “stupid claim”, then in the second half of his post has a screenshot of the HR blog stat counter and admits that it’s true. Weird. I can see that this freak has been taking lessons in logic and fact-finding from his auntie. Lesson one: “How to shoot yourself in the foot and make yourself look like a twat” XD

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    • What a wonderful co-incidence, Frances has some songs as well, both relating to the hoax! One was slipped under her door, whilst the other was found in a nearby sewage drain. Perhaps you wrote these as well, Mr Aaron? If so, don’t be shy, claim authorship!

      SONG NUMBER 1: CHEER FOR BELINDA!!!! (tune: Mickey Mouse Club, not that we’re implying that the Hoax is silly and childish)
      As this is a ‘call and answer’ type song, please feel free to shout out those answers! Also, note, we have included Belinda Wigs to wear for this song. Actually, our budget would not allow us to buy real wigs, so please use the enclosed Brillo pads as a happy substitute.

      Who’s the leader of the club,
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      When Coyote bites, Neelu’s a ding-a-ling,
      When we’re feeling sad
      We simply remember our favourite things
      And then we don’t feel so bad

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      • Oh Frances, what a wonderful paen you weave. I was crooning along to your masterpiece with all my heart and all my soul, tear in my eye and lighter in the air.

        Sadly, I don’t think our new friend Aaron was singing along with us, as I gather he and his mates are busy keeping an eye on those pesky killer robots and exploding insects:

        Incidentally, “pain rifles”? Huh? Anyone?

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        • …And issuing death threats to Freemasons (kinda easy when you’re hiding out like a pussy in Thailand because you’re wanted for wife-beating in the UK). These are Aaron’s new Facebook profile icon and banner:


        • Dear Miss Gabriella, thank you for your kind words, however, those works of musical art are not by Frances’ hand. She tends more towards madrigals and motets, the music of her youth. Still, she has lingering hope that Mr Aaron will come up with a ‘catchy’ tune for Killer Robots.

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  6. I think the funniest thing Rupert says is ‘from the research I’ve done’. That from someone who couldn’t research their way out of a wet paper bag, has no idea where Ireland is and mispronounces Cavalry (Calvary?). (See the Bottom Line video.)

    Anyway he says ‘let’s ride over to Hampstead’ (actually he says ‘Hempstead’). Has he got a horse?

    I can’t wait!

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          • Now be nice. This is someone who hasn’t figured out that Charlie Veitch is almost persona non grata in the ‘troof’ movement and still wants to visit him. I hope he does actually because Charlie talks a lot more sense than he does. If Rupert’s nice Charlie might let him have a go on his megaphone.

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    • Well I for one caint wait till that thair Rupert rahds inter town.

      Oh to hell with it. That’s the extent of my American, I’m afraid. Carry on.


  7. Somebody this end asked for a link to the video where he expressed his desire to sexually abuse a child; can anyone out there oblige?

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    • At the risk of sounding like I’m defending Rupert (God forbid) I really don’t think he meant he wanted to have sex with a child. What he said was akin to a stoned teenager trying to shock everyone…..except he’s 37 and perhaps should know better.

      What the ‘Bottom Line’ video showed was that Rupert doesn’t do ‘respect’.

      Here’s another video where he calls Prince Charles a ‘creepy bastard’ and a ‘reptile fuck’.

      I’m no royalist, but know this video might not go down well in some quarters. He really does like to leave himself wide open doesn’t he.

      Do you think his mum will come in and defend him on this one?

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      • I’ve seen him make that sort of point yes, but there WAS definitely a sequence out there where he quite clearly said he wanted to fuck a child in the ass…. We’re looking for that. – Trouble is it’s likely to be in the middle of three hours of other shite.

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        • 27:20 – “Well, they love to fuck little kids in the asshole, ok…And you know what? You all do it so much you kinda make me want to try it out. Maybe there’s something to this”

          See also (at 4:45):

          Hope this helps 🙂

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          • Thanks Gabriella – I could swear there’s a more ‘direct’ one… Though he’s still wearing that stoooopid hat


          • Rupert thought he was talking to Angie privately but he wasn’t. He’s shocked at the end when he realises he’s being recorded.

            Who in their right mind would upload this video?

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      • you have to take in mind that rupert was out of his head-on his own ego, ive never seen anyone that trollied on their own smugness before, he’s lucky he didnt get kidnapped in Amsterdam and sold by the gram, screw drugs have some conspiretard ego

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  8. Do not Trust this “Yanni” no more. He is not who he says he is. According to reliable sources (Angie the puff fag”) and Tracy Morris Yanni is not other than Ricky Dearman. He is also running this “hoaxteadresearch” blog, This bloody Yanni is a spy, a police informer, and according to some other rumours he may be Lionel Richie (hello), We all must admire the intelligence of Angela Power Disney, and her mates.
    We are expecting any moment a photo of Yannis selling babies in Macdonalds But the question is
    Is he Ricky Dearman? or Lionel Richie? We will see.

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    • Give over….Yanni is Greek. If he’s serving baby it’ll be with vine leaves and grapes. I expect he’s working out of the MacDonalds in East Finchley. 😉 Rupert needs to get down to that MacDonalds and check out the secret sauce!

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    • yeh this is the woman who regularly breaches a court order by identifying child abuse victims and calls others trolls. No matter how many times she invokes the name Jesus she won’t be sitting beside him when she carks it. She’ll be sent to the Great Re-Education Camp in the Sky to be de-programmed.

      She claims to be the result of Mind Control experiments. How does she know she’s not still spouting what they ordered her to?

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    • She seems to know a lot about what is happening on here. Do we take it then that she also has a taste for sex and violence?

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    • Just like Barbara Bush when asked if she worries about the Iraq war and so on : “why should I bother my beautiful mind with that?”

      She doesn’t want to be “polluted”? Yet she surfs the net seeking out tales about child abuse to post on her timeline, often events that happened years ago/ Not only a polluted mind but someone who pollutes.

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  9. Question: is whatever conspiracy that we supposedly belong to, responsible for the thousands of naked blue bums in Hull?


    PLEASE tell me, that is “us” – hey? I mean, wouldn’t thousands of naked blue bottoms in public be a perfect demonstration of “our” mind-control capabilities? And a warning…that “we” will soon be coming to THEIR homes with cans of blue paint..yes?

    No? RATS!

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      • LOL! Good one 🙂

        But doesn’t using mind-control to make people paint their bums blue and walk around in public showing them off, seem a more age-appropriate plot for children to be involved in than orgies in the disability washroom or serving up baby-burgers at the local take-out? If my 9-year old self had possessed such powers…muahaha!
        You could just claim: “it’s art!” and people would probably do it, I suppose. Has anyone met this “artist”? Are we sure he’s not really just a naughty nine-year-old?

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        • My favorite “bloom county” cartoon had little Oliver use subliminal suggestions to get his father to put baloney on his head and stick sausages in his nostrils. Can’t find it online…can anyone else?

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  10. Ved Chaudhari
    7 hrs ·

    Crown V Neelu Berry T20150661 & Crown V Sabine McNeill T20160121 – listed in Blackfriars Crown Court Monday 11 July 2016 at 10.30am in court 2, 1-15 Pocock Street, London, SE1 0BH, nearest tube station Southwark on Jubilee line – limited seating
    A TURKISH social worker in Enfield, London, UK is trafficking 4 Theodorou children to Cyprus as political slaves because they are witnesses of Powerful Paedophile Protection frauds

    Historical corruption claims are being filed in the High Court of Justice, Strand London detailing Powerful Paedophile Protection Frauds by Public officers being covered up by those placed in the most senior positions of public service including Blackfriars Crown Court judges.

    Judge Worsely, Court 2, Blackfriars Court 11 July 2016 Whistleblower trial Crown V Berry T20150661 & Crown V McNeill T20160121 will simply be asked in the jurisdiction test if he considers he has higher authority than the Defendants in the claim HQ16X02369 Berry V Secretary of State for Justice & 3 others (Master Bagot, Master Fontaine & Blackfriars Crown Court Resident Judge Hillen) or the judges who will be dealing with that powerful paedophile protection frauds corruption claim.

    Then he will be asked to protect all 8 child witnesses in that claim, including the 2 Hampstead children and 6 Theodorou children

    Judge Pauffley is responsible for the task of stopping the 4 Theodorou child witnesses leaving UK on 10 July 2016 – as she was on duty as family judge out of hours when we got to the Royal Courts of Justice, Queens Bench Division at 4.25pm on Friday 8th July 2016 – Judge Pauffley called Androulla Theodorou on the telephone at 5.30 pm and the judge has been made aware of the claim and trial that the children are witnesses against Police Officer DC Martin who interviewed them a day before they were kidnapped on 18 Feb 2015 for overnight questioning). DC Martin has already been found by the Independent Police Complaint Commission of failing to investigate senior officers and covering up serious crimes against babies and children.

    This is an immediate DEMAND for the Cyprus embassy in the UK and the Cyprus authorities to ensure the 6 Theodorou children do not leave the UK on 10 July 2016 because they are witnesses in a trial on Monday 11 July and so they may give witness evidence of police corruption in the powerful paedophile protection fraud corruption claim HQ16X02369 in the UK

    Neelu Berry
    High Court Claimant in HQ16X02369 05 July 2016
    Youtube link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtmZNTFEVac

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SIGN THE TWO PETITIONS to show the judges that you do care for the whistleblowers, babies and children

    Neeleu is a bloody fruitcake, She is now accusing Greeks (and Turkish) of slavery. I hope the Greek Community in London have mercy on her,


    • “Well, my dears, the clock is ticking… Master Jesus…was telepathically to Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher, or Christ, and Leader of our planetary Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom and Compassion…Anyway, perhaps you will like to see a new crop circle, which was created yesterday by a spaceship from that planet, which seems to offer us the idea that the clock is ticking towards the time when the Christ, Lord Maitreya, will be allowed under the Law of Human Freewill to make His Face…He can use no power given to Him by two other great avatars, known as The Spirit of Peace and Equilibrium, and the Avatar of Synthesis…It is the overshadowing powers of those two great Beings, Who cannot come any closer to us that the buddhic or higher intuitive plane, which adds force to Lord Maitreya’s connection with the Buddha (whose real name is Shakyamuni) from His Centre, Shamballa, and those additional spiritual forces will support His ability to offer mankind, as a whole, a great revelation regarding immortality, and the unity of all religious teachings; no matter how much they have each been distorted by the followers of the Buddha’s disciple. Prince Gautama, and the Christ’s disciple, Jesus; and Jesus’s disciple, Mohammed…My Master just asked me to send you one of his satsangs, or spoken teachings, published by our Ashram…I will add a message from the Tibetan Master, whose humble and hard-working disciple is Benjamin Creme…May I remind you that the reception of such messages is not through lower mental mediumship or astral channelling, but via a telepathic overshadowing…It’s called THE ONE WHO KNOCKS…I have also had first hand experiences of meetings with both the Master Jesus, who was my old Master before I was transferred to a different department, (headed by Lord Babaji in India and his spiritual lineage, down to Paramahamsa Yogananda) and Lord Maitreya in person,…”

      Oh bloody hell, now you tell me. This is big! Why wasn’t there anything about it on the news?

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      • “May I remind you that the reception of such messages is not through lower mental mediumship or astral channelling, but via a telepathic overshadowing”

        Yeah, I often get those two mixed up myself.

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      • Just received instant etherogram on my transworld messenger apparatus.

        “Been a bit of a cock up in the cosmic admin dept recently. All dieties in your quadrant will be transfered to planet Purgatory for recycling with immediate effect.Sorry for any inconvenience.Until further notice breathe,shit, smile in any order and dont let the road cones get you down.”

        Absolute Omni Zucker

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