Sabine & Neelu trial to begin tomorrow

Sabine and Neelu will stand trial on charges of witness intimidation tomorrow, 11 July, notwithstanding a last-minute video from Neelu claiming that the trial had been cancelled.

Our sources have confirmed that the trial will proceed “not earlier than 10:30” at BlackFriars Crown Court, 1 Pocock Street, London SE1. For those who plan to attend, the easiest route is via the Jubilee line, exit at Southwark station. It’s about a 5-minute walk.

During the trial, we will adopt a slightly different publishing schedule: once the day’s proceedings have ended, we’ll be rushing back to Hoaxtead Research HQ and writing up an  account of what happened. That means that our daily deadline will be in the evening, rather than the following morning, barring unforeseen circumstances.

For your entertainment during the trial, our graphic artist has created a special game for you: Hoaxtead Bollocks Bingo. If you’re attending the trial, you may use this card to keep track of the Hoaxtead mob who attend; we’ve included Neelu and Sabine as ‘free squares’. If you won’t be attending, you can play along by marking the squares as we mention names here on the blog.

Some of these are long shots, others are sure bets, but we wanted to maintain our reputation for inclusivity, so here you go!

Bollocks Bingo

104 thoughts on “Sabine & Neelu trial to begin tomorrow

  1. If they all put their indifferences aside and turn up is there a prize for the first who shouts “bingo” in court?

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  2. None of those 4 will be there.

    Angie has got her “important” online, sorry, tv show to do.

    My bets are on:-

    Neelu – possibly a bit late
    Mary Rooney
    Pam Almaz (or something like that, older blonde woman, wears glasses)
    Paul Barbara
    Jake Clarke, if Mum has woken the teenager up
    Penny Pullen
    Barry Lyndon
    Possibly Dave Conaghan if he’s not working
    Dolly – Neelu’s sister
    Richard Rowland, with his filming
    Woman from Plymouth, her name escapes me at the moment
    Possibly Fiona James
    Belinda’s cameraman from Russia
    A few stragglers whose names I don’t know
    Ray Shaw possibly


  3. Sometimes it almost seems as if ‘RD’ has been consigned to the ‘collateral damage’ compartment within the collective unconscious. I do hope not.
    Seriously, can you imagine (empathize) what he has (emotionally) endured?
    I don’t know exactly why I’m typing this (gin and tonic notwithstanding), other than I’ve been thinking much.
    Hope you get what I mean.
    All the best.

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  4. Plus “Deirdre” Mahmoudieh? She was at the last one.

    And the terminally unhinged Jake Clarke? If he’s not too busy “rolloing”, that is

    Oh and Lee Can’t has confirmed that he’ll be there.

    Mind you, he’s consistently demonstrated that he derives a great deal of entertainment from egging on a certain mentally ill woman to make a fool of herself and get herself in trouble, so no surprise there.

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  5. Thanks for these very helpful directions, Nelly…

    …though please be aware that under “Aaron’s Law”, this could be construed as intimidation:

    Hey, don’t blame me, Nelly – I know it’s all bollocks and completely illogical but hey, I don’t make the rules! (Apparently, that nice Mr. Dover does.)

    And shame on that nasty Mr. Coyote for…er…directly quoting the information that Nelly posted several times on several public forums. Seriously, we just wouldn’t have known where Blackfriars court is unless EC had told us.

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  6. …And under Kevin’s Law, we have a right to stand in a public place without being moved on:

    [Go to 0:42]

    However, under Dover’s Law, the hoaxers have a right to be there but no one else does. Er…my brain hurts.

    One thing’s for sure, though – Mr. Dover himself won’t be there, seeing as he’s on the run in Thailand due to being wanted by the UK Police for harassing and threatening to murder his wife. (No wonder he’s such an expert on intimidation.)

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  7. Lol, I wonder if Jake will go to Manchester, instead of London.

    Re the bingo card. I don’t think we’re going to get a line, let alone a full house.

    Kevin Wearechange Weaver might make an appearance, possibly Butlincat.

    Has Yolande fell out with Belinda etc?

    She might make an appearance.

    Who really knows how the minds of these people work…

    I’ve thought of a couple that might attend, they live in Kent somewhere, can’t remember their names though.

    I won’t be going, unless I get a seat.

    The defendants need to ask for a larger court if they can’t get in all their supporters.

    Michael Doherty claims he did at St. Albans.

    And Caul Grant certainly got a larger court, as he had so many supporters wanting to go into the public gallery.

    Good excuse though to say, not all the supporters and/or interested parties couldn’t get in!

    Could we have a guess at how many supporters there will be?

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  8. Its sufficent to say that the Courts regard the charges against Sabine and Neelu are sufficiently grave to justify listing a five day trial.

    The following is quoted from the CPS guidance website:

    “The offences are triable either way. In the magistrates’ court, the maximum penalty is six months’ imprisonment and/or a fine to the statutory maximum. In the Crown Court, the maximum penalty is five years’ imprisonment and/or a fine.

    Such offences go to the heart of the administration of justice. If there is sufficient evidence of witness intimidation the public interest requires that normally such cases should be prosecuted.”

    The Sentencing Council Guidelines give further information on sentences in the event of someone being found guilty:

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  9. For all you bingo lovers watch out for Lee Cant, as he has indicated he is turning up at court today. Cant created a petition on behalf of Neelu Berry to influence the judge at the trial today.

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  10. The A List of all Hampstead hoax Satan Hunters will be at Blackfriars today. Oh, and Lee Banks the founder of the UK Rational Church of Satan celebrated a baby son over the weekend, so Satanists are celebrating the life of a baby rather than what the Satan Hunters think.

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  11. lmao! I’m so glad Spiny has remembered Danielle – she musta been feeling left out over the past year. Ee happy days trolling wiggy. I remember it well.

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  12. Too wonderful. I do love that tough looking cop in the car as he zones out upon hearing he has just been landed with a 6 million pound lien. Just the sort of copper I’d like to feel Rupert’s collar so he might change his opinion that British plod are wimps.

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  13. If fellow Bingo Bolloxs addicts dont have access to a printer or marker pen then simply stick postage stamps to your monitor as the results come in.For mobile devices sellotape and cocoa pops work a treat.

    As a licence fee payer I phoned the BBC enquiring whether I could borrow their election night Swingometer thingy but they told me to fuck off…miserable cnuts.

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  14. Kung Fu taught by a Grand Master who lives under a bridge in Rome! He even posted some film of himself trying to climb over a rock under the same bridge.

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  15. It means the papers will be circulated as hard copies so that there is less chance that confidential information will find its way onto the internet.

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  16. Arrogance in extremis.
    This scrambled idiot makes it up as she goes along to shoehorn everything into her deluded narrative.Fortunately the British justice system whilst far from perfect endeavours to adhere at least to the basic pillars of logic.


  17. It’ll be a week long session costing thousands that ends up with a 100 quid fine paid off at a fiver per week and a slap on the wrist for being little naughty.


  18. Please oh please film if you are there (not in the court of course). The Crystal Queen is a top film-maker but she is likely to be otherwise occupied.


  19. On fb rupert was told the trial was on. He didn’t even understand. So much for him taking an interest. Too much pot addled his memory.

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    two crown court judges attempted suicide after Neelu issue them a writ for £billion in Gold Bullion
    On the other News Belinda she is attending the proceedings with her own cameraman wearing black trousers . .

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  21. By ‘cameraman’ do you mean some creature which is half man half camera? – Wearing black trousers. Possibly the result of illuminati experimentation by the association of McKenzie Fiends in her basement…. Or the usual; some oddball McKenzie lap dog in black trousers with a toy camcorder? Or have ITN finally caught on to her?


  22. Third judge drowns in Sabine’s copious tears, Neelu escapes court by teleportation into Lord Ashtar’s waiting starship.

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  23. Isn’t that Belinda’s Russian friend?

    He looks like he’s wearing a disposable suit that you wear for painting and decorating.


  24. ……Well that’s considerate of him; it’ll save forensics a bit of time and expense later.


  25. Nice to see that young sociopath Jake in action. He’s like one of those action man dolls, with the pull string. “Love, healing and water vibrations. Love, healing and water vibrations” Seriously though, he acted very unhinged to say the very least.

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  26. I’m no. 6.

    Why does she need money to sit behind a computer and speak?


    That wasn’t long enough to make a cup of tea!

    She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.


  27. 9 when I checked in to see a view of her couch. She came back wittering about getting a studio built. (ROFLMFAO) – The little one just down the road here only cost 1/2 million. Mind you, there’s more to it than a scabby laptop in somebody’s box room.


  28. Probaly all “r” Us. Maybe the odd lost straggler who thinks its CNN live or somesuch.Angie is Arch shit stirrer in chief,lets others take the flak whilst she basks in deluded narcissistic glory and a career in ground breaking journalism (NOT).
    Sick, sad and stupid.


  29. Missed that bit Norman, I’m afraid I could only stick a minute or so of it. And almost chocked on a scone when she spoke of ‘building a studio’! – With a viewership struggling to make it into two-digit numbers I doubt she has enough of an audience to pay for the 5p’s worth of electricity the ‘broadcast’ will cost her. But I imagine begging for money is really what is at the heart of the whole sham.

    Well done on your new found fame Gabriella… Anything that manages to wind the dried-up old con artist up is good news in my view!

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  30. Good news, though I’d rather have seen a MUCH longer sentence. There should be a five-year minimum on offences like this IMHO.

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  31. A pertinent piece of information.

    “Peter Anthony Hofschroer, 60, who specialises in the Napoleonic Wars, denied that he had used a Prussian regiment name for an account on a website of indecent images, carried out internet searches for illegal images or downloaded a story about children having sex with each other.”

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  32. He seems to be a really nasty piece of work. I was aware of him before. He did a number of Skype interviews some years ago.


  33. Didn’t he try use the excuse that someone else planted the images on his computer?
    Probably not the best excuse when the police can tell they’ve been downloaded over a 15yr period.

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  34. I think he’s put his family through hell. He seems to blame everyone except the place blame should lie, himself. That’s pretty much the story of his previous behaviour towards his family too.

    He’s been on remand for quite a while. I imagine he doesn’t even have much of his sentence left to serve. 36000 images FFS.

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  35. And guess what, most of the usual suspects have been championing him as a “whistleblower”. He had to pay libel damages. He’s a vexatious litigant. He’s lost his cases. He’s had court orders to try to restrain his behaviour towards others. A civil restraint order.


  36. Personally I would put this individual out of everybodies misery rather than decent folk paying for his keep for some token period.Having said that he has stripped himself of family,hopefully ruined financially and a barren miserable old age to look forward to blaming everything in the world except himself for his life being shit.


  37. From Nelly’s page, lol:

    By the way, that appears to be Dave Conaghan on the right. I’m disappointed to see that he’s still around, as he claimed to have walked away from all this crap some time ago and tried to befriend us all on Facebook!


  38. I predict a certain demographic hanging on his every word as usual. He’ll get podcast and YT interviews galore. He’ll be a wronged man who is a thwarted whistleblower.

    It isn’t as if his general attitude to other people wasn’t apparent, though obviously not his paedophilia.

    I’ve been acquainted with an actual real whistleblower whose revelations brought down a Secretary of State. A thoroughly dislikeable individual in real life though.


  39. More evidence she is a career grifter and like all of them they latch on to other scams. The ‘studio’ scam is originally from the creepy well know plagiarist David Icke who got supporters to stump up just under half a million pounds (far more than he let on) and then rented a room above a shop in Wembley which he filled with studio “equipment” claimed to be worth 100,000s.

    But as 2 professional film editors pointed out it was out-of-date useless junk probably bought at auction for under a grand and totally useless for today’s on-line productions.

    Icke’s investors are demoralized and more so because they are powerless to pursue Icke legally having inquired and found legal costs would probably far exceed any recompense they would get and possibly take years.

    Power-Disney is a classic sociopath con merchant.who when exposed as she often is on here she doesn’t take it personally bar the usual complaints that she is being attacked for her “moral” crusade, rather she simply seeks out another scheme. People with empathy would not put up with the things we say about her- they would naturally flee but she simply moves on to a new plot.


  40. Yes, that’s it, FS. The trial proceeded no differently than any other, except for the large stacks of paper documents visible on various desks.


  41. Sabine looks like she has lost weight with the stress of it all.

    And why has Belinda got a walking stick now?

    Is it because she’s just turned 70 and it’s obligatory?

    And why is Sabine holding her crutches up in the air?

    Damn obvious they are not for the purposes of walking.


  42. Yeah Dave Conaghan is a good friend of mine and we disagree on this.

    Matt Saunders at the back is more in the middle, undecided.

    Both will be going for a pint after.

    So it’s definitely a bit of a social event.

    Dave likes Neelu, so is going for support.

    I’ve told him the videos should not have been shared showing the children’s faces and their names etc. etc.
    Plus Neelu et al saying what she has been saying with no proof, is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH.


  43. She’s such a blagger.


    Manipulating to make out she is “someone”.

    TV my frigging a..e.


  44. I couldn’t agree more – a list of Rupert’s ‘begging bowls’ would be most useful!

    Does anyone have a link to where he states his age? – clip reference (link) and timecode would be handy.

    I’m hearing that the guy is a right bum, and creepy-as-fuck; to the point where he’s been ‘warned off’ going near certain parts of his home town by the local worthies.


  45. I support the death penalty on the principle of lex talionis – the individual is treated as they treat others, thus if they murder someone, the state murders them.


  46. I hear he’s 37 or thereabouts – what we could do with is him on video saying either his age or when he was born – or a copy of birth records I suppose. We’re also still looking for the second more explicit clip where he said he’d like to try raping a child.


  47. I’m against it too…… The death penalty is far too soft an option. Let the bastards rot for as long as possible. – My only concern is the jails are too soft.


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