War of words: Angela and Tracey battle heats up

An odd yet entertaining feature of the Hoaxtead mobsters is their strange inability to remain friendly with one another for longer than five minutes at a time. They might start off praising one another to the heavens, but it’s generally a matter of weeks, days, sometimes hours, before they descend into hair-pulling, scratching, and name-calling.

Excessive ego, territoriality, and paranoia are a nasty combination, and most of the Hoaxtead mobsters seem to possess all three in abundance. We’ve found this inevitably leads to entertaining outcomes.

Angela Power-Disney and Tracey Morris have been building up to a mud-slinging crescendo for a few days now, and sales of popcorn and jelly babies have shot up.

It seems to have originated in bitter feelings about the recent Baby H case, which ended with the baby being taken into care. While the mother grieves the loss of both her husband and child, Angela and Tracey are too busy hissing and spitting at one another to notice.

Here’s how it began, on Monday:

We’re not certain exactly why or when Tracey is alleged to have sicced Anonymous on Angie, but this was Angie’s shot across the bow. We confess we snickered at the thought that she’d be willing to do jail time….

In no time at all, Tracey’s stand-in, Niki Tenkids Laverty had leapt to the attack, accusing Angela (not unjustly) of “sitting on her hole on live feeds every day desperate for a good story to benefit” herself. She accused Angie of forcing Baby H’s mother and father to pay her and her daughter, and of forcing the father to “make calls and beg for money”. Interesting….

Angie slashed back, accusing Tracey of having commandeered the parents’ car in payment for her legal advice and the safe house she’d found them in the south.

She claims that some of the father’s friends tried to get the car back; however, she’s interrupted by the mother: “My mum’s friend went to the house nothing to do with us so that’s not true”. Whoops.

Some of Angie’s friends pitch in, trying to calm the waters, and Angela tries to make her usual claim that “it is about the CHILDREN”. Uh-huh. More complaints from Angie about how Tracey (now demoted to “Morris”…ooh, she’s really miffed) was nowhere to be seen when the mother needed support in court. Complaints about having to hire a child-minder…but Niki strikes back: “Is that why your daughter was taking €40 a day of(f) T and P”? Ouch!Angie claims that Tracey “requisitioned” her current car after she’d recovered a debt by “terrorism and intimidation”; Niki denies this, and claims that Tracey was in fact a saintly figure, driving the couple around to meetings, “never once asking them for a penny”. Angela goes through a litany of all the sacrifices she and her family made to accommodate the family. Niki isn’t buying it, and claims that not only did Angela charge the couple, but she demanded back the clothing she’d given the mother…Another county heard from: Claire Lou says Tracey got that car fair and square, and was “led up the garden path by Brendan”, whoever that might be.

By By yesterday, it seems Angela had determined that her strategy would be to do a livestream today, apparently to “set the record straight”…by pure coincidence, on the very day that Tracey plans to hold a demonstration to protest against the hostel where her daughter died. We’re sure Angela would never plan to upstage Tracey deliberately…would she?

We’d have left them to it, except that someone has now posted an apparent threat against Angela and her daughter on YouTube. We would like to state for the record that this came as a surprise to us, and that we had absolutely nothing to do with it, although the video maker seems to have borrowed some screenshots from our comments section.

The video raises many questions. Who made it? Was it one of Tracey’s friends, attempting to intimidate Angela and her family? Was it Angela herself, trying to play the victim card? Was it someone with no involvement in the dispute between Angela and Tracey, simply expressing an opinion?

We have no way of knowing.

All we know is that things are just starting to get interesting, and it’s time to make more popcorn.

121 thoughts on “War of words: Angela and Tracey battle heats up

  1. Angie was already in Tracey’s bad books over that live stream she did giving details of the Baby H court case (again) without the mum’s permission, which Angie then exacerbated by steadfastly refusing to take it down. It’s fun to see her pouring petrol on the flames instead of trying to mend the broken bridge.

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    • 2 BIG EGO’S vying for the no. 1 IRISH – Eire or Northern Ireland (doesn’t matter) “ACTIVIST” tag.

      I would have thought Tracey had enough to do with looking after her small children but then anything to do than having to bother with dealing with that eh?

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  2. Looking forward to tomorrow’s Battle of the Livestreams. Is that bloke from Live Action Pagga TV still around? 😀

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    • The way Tracey has been going on the last few days, i didn’t get the impression she wanted a peaceful protest at all.

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    • Hey LM! Nice to see you back, mate.

      By the way, someone asked me about that Aardvark cartoon and I’ve been searching high and low for it, to no avail. I think it was you who initially sent me the link. Do you know where I can find it?

      I found the dolphin one, though, after some searching 🙂

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  3. Had to laugh at angies comment
    ‘Not me Maureen….Morris is getting nasty IN THE BACKGROUND BY PRIVATE MESSAGE AND SECRET RUMOURS….not my style at all’

    We know angie we know…

    YOUR style is getting nasty IN PUBLIC BY PUBLIC POSTS AND MADE-UP RUMOURS… That’s your style…

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    • Yes I noted in EC`s fine synopsis he at one stage uses the phrase “Some of Angie’s friends pitch in,trying to calm the waters…..”

      I presume by “friends” he is refering to gormless individuals Angie is currently fattening up and readying for slaughter.

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  4. Who needs EastEnders? Coronation Street? Or Emmerdale Farm when you have the latest bitch fits and menopausal outbursts from the likes of Angela and Tracey hey.

    I tell you what., they should remake Shameless and do this as one of the episodes! Lol.

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  5. From the spam folder:

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    Thanks for stopping by to clarify that for us, ‘Jessievah’.

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  6. They all appear to have forgotten that there are thousands of babies being shipped into the UK by DHL, being slaughtered in McDonald’s and turned into baby Big Mac’s for baby-skin shoe wearing Satanists.

    Children never lie, right?

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  7. An Objective view.

    Tracey Morris rings Angela Power Disney with a request for a safe house for a pregnant mother whose unborn baby will be taken into care following the baby’s birth. Tracey dresses this request up with conspiracy & lies. Angela Power Disney wishing to use the ‘Power’ in her name is excited at the prospect of becoming involved & readily agrees. Mother, deceased Dad arrive at Angela’s, who swings into action by first telling anyone & everyone on FB, eliciting sympathy from all & sunder with outright untruths as to why the unborn child was being taken into care.

    Questions to ask at this stage:

    What funds did the family arrive South of the border with?
    Was Angela promised by Tracey Morris legal help & funding from Northern Ireland or was this in Angela’s mind?

    Realistically the family would have very little funds having fled their jurisdiction, they may have waited to so near the birth so that they could collect their benefits on the due date which would be £73.10 each. Having fled to the South they would not be eligible for benefits immediately.

    Petrol costs to Cavan hospital have to be factored in here, depending on how many times the road was travelled until the mother brought the new baby back to Angela’s. Possibly €15 per day. Costs to Monaghan court possibly €25 per day. Effectively mother & father are broke at this stage, Angela calls Tracey & gets the spiel about powerful people are funding legal & living costs, promises it’s on it’s way.

    Meantime Angela is claiming her benefits, possibly €188 per week. Realistically she cannot care for another family along with her own & pay petrol costs & food. Legal advice was sought through legal aid, this is granted & copies of everything have to be made for their perusal. Consequently Angela puts a call out to local people to help with photocopying & dropping same up to solicitor 71km away. Angela promises petrol costs to helper when the funds come through from the powerful people in Northern Ireland.

    The young mother, naturally scared of attending court asks Gabby to accompany her, Gabby being a kind hearted girl empathises with her as a mother herself & agrees to accompany her.

    Angela probably looks after her grandchildren but is busy keeping accounts detailing the expenses so far & puts down the cost of childcare, €40 is actually very reasonable for 2 children btw.

    Items of clothing etc., for the baby may have been borrowed from neighbours, naturally they would be requested back at some stage if they were borrowed or they could have been bought & put down in the expenses for the powerful men to cough up for.

    But…….no funds are forthcoming from the mysterious powerful men, Angela is getting suspicious, rings Tracey who again reiterates the funding is coming through when blah blah blah does this & that.

    Angela is getting antsy, makes a cutting post on FB about Tracey, deletes it, makes the live feed about the court case which has been moved back to it’s own jurisdiction, tries to justify it by talking bull about getting the truth out, really just wanting to make herself more important as having, ‘breaking news’, gets slated by Tracey & friends, etc., etc.


    I am not justifying anyone’s actions in this post, I am trying to put across an objective view regarding the money involved which is obviously the crux of the whole sorry mess & Angela trying to be top dog. She should never have become involved in this as it was a matter between social services & the family & social services know more history than Angela does, she only knows the twisted version Tracey gave her. In my opinion both of these troublemakers made everything 100% worse.
    I did try to be objective but didn’t quite manage it, it was too difficult! 😂

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    • Obviously I’m not Angela but unless I was willingly to house and feed, drive the parents etc. to wherever for zilch I would not have taken in the couple.

      It’s like when you lend someone a tenner, don’t do it unless you are willingly to give it away.

      Angela housed the parents with her own Agenda in mind, publicity and money.

      Btw I thought Tracey was life streaming her protest from 10 am, one supporter turns up and no Tracey, “oh dear” as Tim Veater would say…

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      • She said she’d be at the bottom of the lane, as her bail conditions prevent her from going up the lane. I wonder whether her minions are looking in the right place. And you’re right about 10 o’clock, btw.


      • Well that was fun, my ears are ringing from it. I thought I was watching a young Ian Paisley! To the person on the video who said a body cannot be cut down until the ambulance arrives, what absolute rubbish. So that person would not think of checking to see if they could help the troubled person who may still be alive. Huge crowd eh! 😂

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    • Of course the sensible thing to do would been to have found an independent mediator who would bring both parties together to discuss the case and get questions answered and issues resolved. Mind you, if you’re being accused of murder I suppose you’d be put off by the idea.

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      • I have to admit I almost peed myself laughing when I heard that…..and then felt guilty for laughing at someone’s accent. Oi don’t av an ahccent you see.

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    • Yelling at the staff to “come out and face justice” and loudly threatening to “smash the place down” are ok, apparently. But the second they swear, they get told off by the police. LOL

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        • I think you’re talking about a separate incident (going by your description lower down the page). At one point outside the hostel the rozzers take aside Tracey’s daughter/son/saughter and s/he comes back and tells the crowd to stop swearing (to which someone ‘hilariously’ shouts “BASTARD!”).

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    • I actually thought the numbers were quite good considering (I think) people only had a few days notice to be there.

      Were there different people listening to Tracey speak.

      And who were the couple, that didn’t like Tracey talking about the Paramilitary when Tracey was speaking?

      Could someone also tell me if the person speaking outside the hostel is male or female?

      I thought it was a woman but then I read in the comments ‘well done Aaron’ or similar, who I assume is a male?


  8. The person with mic doing all the talking is, I believe Tracey’s 16 year old son because he talks about what happened to his sister quite a lot. She has obviously got him roped into the conspiracy also that her daughter was murdered. What kind of life is he going to have in the future with if she keeps filling his head with her tales I wonder. He is a very good speaker though. Not sure about paramilitary, I would have to listen again, she is a stupid fool getting mixed up with them & calling them out.


    • Her Jesus? I communed with him last night during a dream and he said he’s never heard of her. He did say he’s sick death of his name being taken in vain though.

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    • Ah, don’t get your hopes up – Angie has a custom of being “fashionably late” with her live broadcasts.

      And sometimes she can’t be arsed to do them at all.

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      • I am having more fun watching Eugene Lukjanenko talking himself into more prison time, he can’t just stop himself. 😂


        • Eugene v Yolande

          A plague on both houses, imo. They’re both horrible and Eugene’s harassment of that bloke in front of his terrified child was a particularly low point, whilst Yolande’s nasty anti-Jewish remarks and slanderous comments about people are disgraceful. Those two deserve each other, as far as I’m concerned,

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          • Sadly, Yolande has severe mental health issues and it’s not helped by ‘enablers’ who encourage her to continue her hate campaigns against Eugene and others.

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        • He is such a bully.

          And so arrogant, thinking he does not have mental health problems.

          I’m not qualified, but he is nuts.

          And this hunger strike, how ridiculous, what on earth that is going to achieve apart from lose weight I just don’t know.

          He has got it in his thick skull that as a prisoner he can have weekly visits by his son.

          It won’t happen, the boy won’t want to go to a prison.

          Eugene is embarrassing that boy.

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    • “I was a highly trained government spy.”
      “I was Sean Connery’s governess.”
      “I’m not in this for the money.”

      All totally credible so far, then 😀

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      • Coming from a Grifter and con artist who promises a perpetual motion machine (still not delivered) for large donations & who scams the vulnerable, why am I not terribly frightened that St Peter will take notice of her list of banned people at the Pearly Gates?

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    • @11:16

      “More importantly, I have to say – and this I would say to encourage Tracey Morris to keep going but to actually tighten up – because If I had been a subservient kind of person that just trusted blindly a leader and said ‘Oh tell me what to do – I’ll do it, I’ll do it’, I could have been in prison for reckless endangerment or worse – manslaughter. I won’t go into details about that but this was a very very dangerous situation.”

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      • “The Power of Christ Flows Through You”..yeh he was well known for accusing dozens of innocents of being baby murdering cannibals who held orgies in swimming pool change rooms and raped dozens of children.

        There is certainly something flowing though Angie Nina but it’s just plain old Shite.

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        • “The Power of Christ Flows Through You”

          I was thinking more of that scene from the Exorcist with APD playing the part of Linda Blair…..

          “The power of Christ compels you, the power of Christ compels you…” right before her head spins around 360 degrees and she vomits green bile all over the room…


          pretty much like APD in real life then…

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  9. Check out the “interview” Morris does a couple years ago. “Ropes and Hanging” all over it.


      • I didnt see one single example of a death threat on it, but I did see she still has this up
        ‘THE CURIOUS TALE OF A FUND RAISER FOR AFRICA!… The Kenya Project Diaries part 1’


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  10. Did Angela living in her fantasy world find herself out of her depth dealing with a real live situation?

    Her explanations in that video seem reasonable but, then she goes and claims that she was a highly trained spy, any credibility there may have just flew out the window.

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