Would you share a flat with this man?

Last winter one of our readers drew our attention to Aaron Dover, a Hoaxtead pusher who claims to have actually attended Christ Church Primary School as a child, and whose last known address is in Camden.

Aaron, described as an IT consultant and former hedge fund advisor, in 2014 alleged that he was hunted down by police with helicopters, illegally sectioned, and held for 10 days at Highgate Mental Health Centre, where he was forcibly restrained and injected with anti-psychotic medication.

According to a report in the Evening Standard,

After being detained last September, the IT consultant was taken to Highgate Mental Health Centre, where doctors suspected he had a delusional disorder. He was later sectioned.

He admits he was under intense stress but believes his sectioning was based on hearsay and not enough was done to verify his account of events.

On October 2, following a five-hour hearing, a tribunal found that it was “not satisfied that he was suffering from a mental disorder”. Mr Dover was freed immediately with no further treatment required. …

A spokesman for Highgate Mental Health Centre, which is run by Camden and Islington Trust, said: “The tribunal makes a decision on whether further detention is warranted based on the assessment to date, and their own interviews.

“The decision that no further detention is needed does not make the original detention for assessment wrong or illegal.”

More recently, we noted that Aaron had made several disturbing posts on his Facebook page. This series was captured on 12 February, 2016, and had been posted the previous day:

Aaron Dover-threat-1 2016-02-12Aaron Dover-threat 2 2016-02-12Aaron Dover threat 3 2016-02-12

Yesterday, though, we discovered that Aaron had been making even more explicit and direct threats against the alleged ‘cult’ in Hampstead, as well as an individual named by Ella and Abe in their original complaint.

These were found under a YouTube video of RD’s daughter being interviewed by police:

Aaron Dover Hampstead stabbing threat 2016-07-01Aaron Dover-headmistress threat 2016-07-01These very disturbing threats have been reported to police. (While a London address was found for Aaron, it is possible that he may be in Thailand. Still, we felt it better to be safe than sorry.)

However, we did note that Aaron maintains a profile on Couchsurfing.com, a site where travellers link up with local hosts for relatively inexpensive accommodation:

Aaron Dover-couchsurfing 2016-07-02If we have any friends visiting London this summer, we’re going to suggest they give Aaron’s place a miss.


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  1. Putting aside Dover’s psychosis, I reckon the hoaxers’ attitude towards him is rather telling. Purely on the basis of hm claiming (spuriously) that he’s an ex-pupil of the school, they’ve hung on his every word like he’s some kind of guru. He shouts that he was abused whilst there and they welcome him with open arms as an unquestionable source of information (I think he’s even an administrator on Eaten Lives Matter). Yet when our side presents a (much more reliable) person – Barrister Blogger – as an example of an ex-pupil who states that he enjoyed his time at said school and that no abuse ever took place (and who was happy to send his own children there), it’s “Oooh nooo, you can’t use him as a source, he’s just shilling for the cult”. Selective sourcing, if that’s a phrase. (If it isn’t, I call dibs on the credit when it catches on.)

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  2. “If we have any friends visiting London this summer, we’re going to suggest they give Aaron’s place a miss.”

    Hey hey, let’s not be rash. Poor old Rupert’s coming over, remember, and he’ll be looking for a cheap place to crash now that he’s blown Angela’s inheritance money on Dutch hookers and weed. I reckon he and Aaron would hit it off big-time. And I’d love to be a fly on the wall if Aaron put Roopy’s carrots next to his peas!

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    • What a great time Rupert and Aaron could have together. Aaron could explain to Rupert about how the earth is flat.

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      • Yeah and maybe I could show him why the Nepalese khukuri gave their forces such a terrifying advantage over the British invaders that they gave up and recruited them as Ghurkali. Enema of the State: Teaser Trailer


      • I’ve shown literally millions of people not only that the Earth is flat but the whole Sovereign Order of Malta operation. I have a huge following. We’re onto everything even your hidden land and Greenland base. Your whole secret society is a bust. Public Health England are all busted, the NHS is all busted, DHL, you name it, it’s fucking busted. It’s the sufferers time now. And don’t think you can hide in fake CGI “Vanuatu” or wherever. Flat Earth: They Live In A Hidden Place – Physical Matrix Revealed

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  3. Bearing in mind the behaviours that the likes of Kristie Sue Costa, Angela Dizzy-Powder and Tina Kerching frequently (falsely) accuse us of, re-read what this psychotic wanker – who is wholeheartedly supported by the aforementioned fruitloops – has to say:



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  4. Aaron Dover sounds very dangerous to me.

    Stay well clear of him would be my advice to everyone.

    Anyone that backs what he has to say is also suspect in that they may be dangerous too or just a “nuttah”.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t follow through on any of his suggestions for the sake of everyone.

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  5. Speaking of creepy psychos, look who’s still getting the wide berth treatment from his former followers. And he’s not happy (LOL):

    Incidentally, in which parallel universe does Kane think that London schools have already broken up for the Summer? A guy who describes himself as “the greatest journalist in the history of the English language” can’t even look up the date the school term ends?!

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  6. Yeah there’s a few more weeks to go yet. Think he’s also got his numbers wrong a few times there. Another nuttah. Sigh…

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    • To be fair Scottish schools have been “out for summer” since 26th june.This is hardly the whole of the uk unless ive missed something in the recent fast moving political shinanigans.

      By all accounts here we have another empty vessel whose cunningly plan to be the saviour of mankind and gain validation,a nobel peace award and an appearance on loose women is loosing traction rapidly.

      If your going to cheat at cards it best not to show everyone that your using a dodgy pack.

      To call him a halfwit is grossly unfair on halfwits.

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  7. I’ve just been checking out this Dover freak’s FB page. He seems to have got even weirder and creepier since the last time I kicked his arse. He’s working on a “kill list”, he’s threatening to unleash “the bear Jew” and he’s developed an inexplicable obsession with Greenland. Ho hum.

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  8. A little reading shows him as an obviously intelligent and manipulative person,


    He is certainly hefty in appearance, Should fit in well for Belinda – no doubt she could use him!!

    Cannabis certainly helped him (NOT)….

    “Mr Dover, an intermittent user of cannabis for 24 years including highly potent skunk, admits he was under intense stress but believes his sectioning was based on hearsay and not enough was done to verify his account of events.”

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    • Nice digging, JW. Thanks 🙂

      By the way, “highly potent skunk” would be a very apt description of Aaron too.

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  9. The death threats being posted online by Aaron Dover should not be taken lightly by the Police.

    Threats to kill his ex-wife and her Solicitor, threats to stab the innocent people of Hampstead in their homes and the Police who attend. Threats to chop up another innocent from the School and put her in a bin bag.

    Since when has this been ok to do online?? I would be worried for my safety if I were any of the people mentioned in his threats.

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    • We reported the earlier threats to Facebook. They informed us that the threats did not violate their community standards. Now the threats have become more direct and explicit. At what point will someone take action?


      • …when some possibility that Facebook might face either legal action or serious levels of adverse publicity.

        In common with several other so-called social media platforms, they have not a solitary jot of concern for the safety of the public, common decency or even human life. Money is their sole concern. And even the gibbering of idiots is something that can be, and is ‘leveraged’.

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  10. I heard an interesting discussion on the BBC World Service today in Oz with all on the panel agreeing that something had to be done about how freely threats happen on social media and authorities do little about it. they all agreed that even though some are just talking they may inspire others to commit terrible acts and all were adamant that sooner rather than later, the internet giants (Google , Facebook etc) had to be hauled into line by governments.

    Also on a discussion on vaccination and the causes of Polio etc 100 years ago heard another distressing case today of parent who lost a baby being targeted by the hideous Truther movement by letters & phone calls who blamed the death on the parents for getting their baby vaccinated.

    Society did not tolerate this before as those on the panel said and since almost records were kept back to Roman times society dealt with people who told lies or deliberately caused distress. Of course my preferred method is a horse whipping in the town square followed by tar & feathering but that may be illegal.

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    • Freedom of speech is a right, all rights come with responsibility.

      These idiots are the ones that make governments call for ways to publicly identify Internet users, taking away the right for (relatively) anonymous freedom of speech.

      It’ll go beyond simply tracing reusable IPv4 IP addresses, it should be remembered that there are enough IPv6 IP addresses for every single person on the planet to have one permanently assigned to them. Food for thought…..

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  11. Seems Aaron Dover and his imaginary friends are partial to self flagilation and being covered in inanimate objects anyway.
    Mind you im not entirely convinced the chicken or goat have given full consent and RSPCA should be taking a keen interest.


  12. It is important Abe and Ells`s legacy is recorded for future generations.Lest we forget.

    Meanwhile Araya Soma will be spitting flames wilth Ella`s machiavellian plot to usurp her as pole dancer in chief within the psychotic hoaxer set. Expect fireworks.

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    • the Bitch is Back.
      Araya ‘Ilse Koch’ Soma’s Facebook page is back with the usual Adolf was misunderstood when he tried “ridding Germany of the scum that wanted to exploit and destroy it”
      Here’s how patriotic the Russians are as seen on their Kids Voice version. Araya is warmly invited to Red Square to discuss her theories with the locals.

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  13. Do you even understand that you’re all just as double crossed as those you are fooling? Don’t think you are going to come out of this well, your bosses are themselves double crossed, all the way to the top. Who knows who they are truly serving? NOT YOU.

    Your Water Supply Is All Poisoned By Satanists


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