BREAKING: DDH blog taken offline

Thanks to faithful reader Common Porpoise for bringing this one to our attention: the mostly revolting, sometimes hilariously awful blog Dearman Does Hampstead has bitten the dust.

The blog’s owner, Kristie Sue Costa, has taken the blog to ‘private’ setting, meaning that anyone who wants to see it must request access. Now, now, don’t everyone jump at once. Form an orderly queue, please.

DDH login 2016-07-02 2Of course, it’s most likely that Kristie Sue will re-open her blog under a new name, and we’re still considering the legal options should she decide to take that route. (Oh, and did we mention that we have been maintaining an up-to-date log of all posts on DDH, just in case? We’re just a bit obsessive that way.)

However, for the time being we will chalk this one up as a win for the sane and rational, and enjoy it while it lasts.

Update: As of July 3, the DDH Facebook page is also gone. Many thanks to Gabriella Barney for the heads-up on this one.

DDH FB page gonewin_sector

56 thoughts on “BREAKING: DDH blog taken offline

  1. I dont think DDH was exactly setting the world on fire, i had a look once and it was all about James Hind! and their big scoop was that fake post from pretend hampstead residents and how you didnt fall for it, it was pretty dire.

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  2. Ah, yes, the fake post with Kristie Sue’s fingerprints all over it. Followed by the ludicrously amateurish ‘hack’ attempts. Good times. 🙂

    We know DDH wasn’t exactly topping the charts, but it’s nice to see it disappear anyway. One less moron magnet to carry on.


  3. Well done. A good result, no doubt the activities that led to this will be soon made public, but perhaps first the matter of the pending trial……

    PLEASE, this is best not discussed (until after the outcome is known), just quietly observed.

    However several people have observed the public posting Neelu has published on her Facebook account shortly after 9.00pm today.

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  4. The bizarre thing about this guy is that he’s not taking the piss (which was my first instinct). He actively promotes the likes of Sabine, Neelu, Costa, slater and Kachina, so this deluded freak is the real deal!

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  5. “Just waiting on two more brothers and sisters to cum.” ooh err…wrong spelling Mr Stowe.. at least, I hope so!!

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  6. And he’s actively promoting all the head hoaxers’ crap. Astonishingly, I don’t think this is a piss-take!

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  7. Great news about DDH. Just shows what happens when you identify hoaxters. Charlotte ‘Jacqui Farmer’ went the same way,

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  8. Woah! WTF? This creepy fecker just ceased to be funny:

    To reiterate, he said they refused to let him use painkillers. Yup 😮

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  9. The guy is off his head.

    Sounds like some porn scenario to me.

    Either that or English is not his first language.

    Isn’t lithium prescribed for Schizophrenia?

    I’d keep well clear of this one too.

    Maybe not as dangerous as Aaron Dover but sinister nevertheless.

    I reckon he met one of the other Hoax promoters at the Mental Health Clinic.

    I’m not being derogatory in saying that. He just sounds a bit deranged.


  10. Just got to 14 hours and the little white dot moved ever so slightly to the left.Strangely the rest of the room simultaneously moved ever so slightly to the left.

    Clearly empirical evidence the illuminati are about to unleash a devestating plague of rats of biblical proportions upon those of us who dont smoke skunk.

    If I dont make it to 23 hours tell my wife I am sorry about spilling wine on the carpet but the cats been fed.

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  11. I bet the doctors were very happy when they left the hospital.
    Sod frigging crystals. When I had my knee replacements or gall stones give me Illuminate morphine any day.

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  12. Lithium is used to treat the manic episodes of manic depression. Manic symptoms include hyperactivity, rushed speech, poor judgment, reduced need for sleep, aggression, and anger. It also helps to prevent or lessen the intensity of manic episodes.

    I agree about this all sounding like some dodgy porn scenario.The producers of “animal farm” cornered that market back in the 70`s or so I am advised 🙂

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  13. But that’s why I underlined the part where Daniel states that they refused to let him take painkillers (rather than the patient himself declining).

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  14. I have a very low tolerance for bullshit conspiracy pushers like barry lyndon, they claim theyre all about love while slandering whole groups, hes been pushing this pathetic mcdonalds baby burger hoax, why dosent he buy some burgers and get them dna tested? theres plenty of independent labs that can do that, hatefull little creep

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  15. I agree–I see Jake Clarke doing the same, claiming to be all about love and light while encouraging hatred against people who’ve done nothing wrong.


  16. The “refused” may have been embellished version of “persuaded,encouraged” etc but no legal right to refuse particular treatment on patients behalf.The consultant would be on the wrong side of the law and struck off if he was party to that.Patient would have a straight forward claim against him and/or the hospital.

    It is of course possible this event never even took place at all.

    Nothing is ever straight with these buffoons.Everything that does not fit their narrative is either overlooked,tweeked and reconstituted until a handy pile of deceptive crap is spewn out.

    The likes of Angie have spent so much of their lives passing reality through a shit filter that she has passed the point of no return where she actually believes her lies.She is no longer making castles in the air but actually living in them.Perhaps she should consider renting out a few rooms.

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  17. This is something that fascinates me, Mik. I see the same belief in one’s own lies in Abe & Ella, as well. It’s hard to say whether they believed what they were saying at the beginning, but it seems that now they’ve actually drunk their own Kool-Aid. I suppose that’s what it takes for people to continue pursuing a dead hoax like this one.


  18. No need to apologize facebook.

    Honesty you would have thought Zuckerberg could at least have put an emoticon of a white flag or a brown trail or something.

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