Andy Peacher’s wife convicted of nuisance calls

Over the weekend, we wrote about Neelu Berry and Andy Peacher’s campaign of harassment against the Airedale Centre for Mental Health. Andy, Neelu, John ‘Butlincat’ Graham, and a number of their friends spent the weekend calling the reception desk and harassing the unlucky receptionists, in a malicious attempt to create havoc and disruption on behalf of a woman they claimed had been “kidnapped and held hostage” in the mental health facility.

Considering Andy’s family’s experience with telephone harassment campaigns, we confess we’re a little surprised that he would initiate this one. You see, in February 2015 Andy’s wife Joanne was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison for…you guessed it.

Telephone harassment.

Granted, Joanne’s offence involved phoning in multiple bomb threats to emergency services:

Joanne Peacher bomb threats 2016-10-30 .png

The Grimsby Telegraph article continues:

“A custodial sentence is indicative of the seriousness of this offence,” a spokesperson said.

“It sends out a clear message that action will be taken against anyone who seeks to jeopardise the safety of the wider community by falsely engaging the emergency services.”

Peacher had been charged with making a hoax bomb call to Immingham Police Station on January 4. There were two other charges relating to similar offences on January 6 and January 9.

District Judge Daniel Curtis sentenced Peacher to a total of 16 weeks in prison due to the serious nature of her calls and she was also ordered to pay a victims’ surcharge of £80.

Her offending was in breach of a previous suspended sentence made in December for sending nuisance messages and persistently using public communication, relating to 999 calls.

Defence solicitor Andrea Wilkes told the court in mitigation that Peacher had shown genuine remorse, pleaded guilty and deeply regretted her actions.

Her behaviour was linked to the mental health problems she had been suffering from and she did not intend to carry out the bomb threats.

A lengthy pre-sentence report gave the court details of Peacher’s troubled history.

District Judge Curtis told Peacher that it was clear that she had no intention of carrying out the bomb threats and that she had very complex mental health needs.

He added that she had to be jailed because of her previous offending history.

We were interested to note that at the time of his wife’s legal troubles, Andy actually blamed mental health services for her predicament:


It sounds like Joanne does have some serious mental health issues, including auditory hallucinations and a learning impairment. This is very sad, and we’re sure it cannot be easy for either of the Peachers to deal with. It sounds as though the Peachers had their children removed by social services as well, which could only have added to their distress.

However, we note from the Grimsby Telegraph article above that “(h)er offending was in breach of a previous suspended sentence made in December for sending nuisance messages and persistently using public communication, relating to 999 calls”.

So it’s not as if she hadn’t been warned. And yet she carried on.

We do wonder whether Andy’s apparent hatred of mental health services  stems from his belief that their local mental health centre was somehow responsible for Joanne’s calling in multiple bomb threats to the local police station, and her ultimate incarceration.

In any case, there’s absolutely no excuse for Andy and Neelu’s behaviour over the weekend.

Many thanks to several of our readers who wrote to the Airedale Centre to let them know who was behind the harassing calls. We hope the Centre will consider pressing charges.

And for his next act…

It seems that Peter Hofschroer, one of the many convicted paedophiles who seem to be on very friendly terms with various members of the Hoaxtead mob, is due to appear in court this Thursday, 3 November, to face an extradition hearing.

Andy, who runs a Facebook page titled “Justice for Peter Hofschroer”, is urging people to turn up at the courthouse in a show of support for Hofschroer, who was convicted of having a jaw-dropping 36,000 child sexual abuse images on his computer.


Andy, it seems, is another one of those folk who lurches from one misbegotten project to the next, unable 0r unwilling to grasp that his actions, far from being helpful, are damaging in the extreme.



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    • Yeah sheva, these people are bad for victims of abuse, they are making the word survivor seem ridiculous and now everytime I hear it I cringe, people like Fiona barnet,kevin annett, that toos woman and angie etc are doing a great service to real abusers and undermining real victims.

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    • They’re a pretty dangerous lot Sheva…..

      It’s dangerous stuff, and I’ve been given cause tonight to really understand why the majority of those genuinely trying to put perverts away are so keen to lie low on the internet! – I’m really questioning if I should be putting others and myself at risk of physical attack by speaking out. People are having their families placed under real threat by the perverts. I learned tonight of the arrest (some months ago) of a character who turned up at a genuine campaigner’s door; a very real physical threat. And they go to quite bizarre lengths to try and discredit/hurt people who genuinely are campaigning against child abuse – especially those who have assisted in putting actual perverts in jail.

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  1. More proof that the deluded, mentally ill and malicious now have the unprecedented opportunity to meet up via the internet and indulge each other in fantasies that just aggravates their conditions.
    I know mental health services are probably stretched but I do not accept you will be refused help and legally the NHS cannot refuse to help a genuine sufferer.

    But it shows what despicable people are out there encouraging this stuff and that includes this malicious CCN crew of nutters and grifters.

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  2. The safety risks associated with fake alarms/alerts in public buildings cannot be overstated, not least due to the evacuation procedure. In schools during the exam season it’s a bit of a tradition for Year 11s to set off fire alarms, meaning that all pupils have to be evacuated. Many of them have severe anxiety issues, while others have mobility difficulties (and the evacuation often involves having to get down several flights of stairs); and there are some who have life-threatening conditions that mean they cannot stand out in the cold for too long. But hey, as long as the perpetrator gets their kicks. Right, Mrs. Peacher?

    On an unrelated point, if Mr. Peacher wants to look like he knows what he’s talking about re. disability, he should first learn to spell it. But now I’m just bitching.

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    • Excellent points, Sally. These very real consequences are completely overlooked/ignored by the nutters. Except that unlike the average Year 11, the nutters are allegedly adults.


  3. It appears that Joanne didn’t learn her lesson after her spell in nick. This is from December 2015:

    ‘Woman phoned police threatening to torch Highland police station
    23 December 2015 by Sarah Bruce

    “A Sheriff yesterday questioned the motive of a woman who has repeatedly threatened to damage police stations in the far north.

    Joanne Peacher’s latest offence was a threat to set fire to Thurso police station. The 46-year-old already has three convictions for threatening to petrol bomb Wick police station.

    Sheriff Andrew Berry, who saw a background report, commented that the accused appears to ‘thoroughly enjoy’ carrying out unpaid work in the community.

    She seemed to re-offend when coming to the end of a supervision order, so get could get a fresh one.

    ‘To some extent’ commented the sheriff, ‘she is manipulating the system so she can do work she enjoys. Carrying out more unpaid work,would therefore not be a punishment’.

    On December 9, Peacher called Police Scotland’s control room in Inverness, from a call box in Thurso, and stated: ‘I am going to set fire to Thurso police station.’

    Suspicion fell on Peacher who pleaded guilty and while she was being processed at Wick police station, she told officers that although she made the threat, she had not intention of carrying it out.

    The court at Wick, was told that Peacher, who appeared from custody, was on three different types of medication and had been suffering from depression.

    Solicitor Patrick O’ Dea said that the accused was brighter, now and that a further period of unpaid work would allow her to start a plan outlined by the community mental health agency.

    The sheriff said he knew of only one other case where an accused was ‘happy’ to stay in unpaid work as it gave him structure in his life.

    Sheriff Berry noted that Peachers current spell of unpaid work was due to end at the beginning of January and added: ‘I may be quite wrong, but there is a real suspicion that community service is what you have in mind when you offend in this way. However, I am duty bound to consider unpaid work. With a considerable degree of awareness and perhaps weariness, I will make a fresh order.’

    Ordering Peacher, of 23 Meadow Court, Thurso, to carry out 200 hours unpaid work within 18 months, the sheriff warned: ‘If there is a further repeat of you behaviour and you think you can manipulate the court into giving you yet another order, it is highly likely you would be wrong in that.”

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    • She says she was raped while in an orphanage as revenge for telling her mother she had been bullied.
      She has a mother? And she’s in an orphanage?

      Clearly there is generational mental ill health but with the advent of the internet these obvious quite sad ‘troofers’ I use that spelling as on some loony tune blog I read it proves I’m RD – go figure) and conspiraloons who really are taking advantage of very sick people and causing even more grief for those they have chosen to falsely accuse.

      I have a feeling these loopy false accusers who are springing up like mushrooms and have now scored some astonishing ‘successes’ (Hampstead) will be part of the reason we may get a controlled internet at some stage. Thailand restricts the net, North Korea does (great tale from a recent tourist there : ) and if the UK & USA decided to take action they could easily restrict the flow of information.

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      • I heard from someone who claims that the entire reason this hoax was concocted was in order to give the government a reason to restrict the internet in the UK. Personally, I think this would have been a very long, roundabout way to go about it, and since only a small proportion of the public is even aware of the case it was a bit of a damp squib in any case.

        But ultimately, I do worry that those who abuse the internet will wind up spoiling it for the rest of us.


        • “..and since only a small proportion of the public is even aware of the case it was a bit of a damp squib in any case. ”

          Yes and even of that small proportion, one would hope the vast majority dismissed the allegations as patently ludicrous.

          The blog rightly holds the Hoaxsteaders to account, but in the grand scheme of things, we are talking about, what, at most a few dozen ‘true believers’, if even that many.

          I think where there is a worry about this stuff being used to leverage possible restrictions on internet freedom of speech, it would be more as regards where high level ‘VIP’ figures have been accused of child abuse, often on the basis of dubious (or no) evidence.

          The old parable about the boy who cried wolf springs to mind; somewhere in the mix of all this stuff, very possibly there are a relatively small number of powerful figures who has gotten away with dreadful things, but with some ‘campaigners’ ready to believe practically anything about ‘VIP’ abuse networks, who can distinguish credible from dubious allegations?

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          • Yes, I agree. I’m fully aware that this is a very tiny corner of Conspiraloon-Land, but it’s the one where I happened to land. 🙂 And many of those involved in this case either have been or are involved in multiple other conspiracy-linked projects. I’d like to think that helping to debunk them here might eventually have some small ripple effects elsewhere.


          • And actually now that I think of it, one does not think too hard to come up with an example of an upper class politician who got away with things he shouldn’t have, and neither does one have to venture into conspiracy theory.

            I speak of the late Alan Clark, who admitted that he deserved to be horsewhipped for his behaviour in regard to bedding three females, the wife and two daughters of a judge. Of course, he wasn’t horsewhipped, and neither was he ever prosecuted, even though one of the girls was under-age at the time he first took up with them. As far as I am aware, there is no suggestion that the relationships were anything other than consensual, but of course would still have been illegal in respect of at least one of the girls. It seems unlikely that a man from a working class or lower middle class background would have received such lenient treatment from the criminal justice system.

            When I talk of high level ‘VIP’ figures having been accused of child abuse on the basis of dubious (or no) evidence, what I have in mind would be things such as the relatively recent allegations made about Harvey Proctor, the late Edward Heath and various other notables (mainly deceased) being allegedly involved in debased acts of child rape and murder. Anyone who knows anything about 1980s Tory politics would acknowledge that Proctor is almost certainly telling the truth when he says that he and Heath despised each other and had little contact even in the House of Commons, so the idea that they were together involved in illicit ‘social activity’ involving the worst kind of crimes imaginable is preposterous.

            Mind you, as the MSM ran with the allegations, at least initially (they were originally ventilated in a now defunct online news agency, Exaro), this is isn’t just about the internet.


          • “I think where there is a worry about this stuff being used to leverage possible restrictions on internet freedom of speech, it would be more as regards where high level ‘VIP’ figures have been accused of child abuse, often on the basis of dubious (or no) evidence. ”

            There is a rational and credible body of opinion that says this is part of the purpose of these scams being allowed to take root and fester. – and it’s that agenda which explains why certain individuals are immune from prosecution. And also why in other cases when action is taken at all, it takes some very strange forms with little chance of success and/or significant penalty. The narrative being generated here is that all grass-roots dissent is merely the rumbling of crazy people.


          • Indeed Joe.

            When I think of real actual proven conspiracy theories, one that springs to mind is the Bilderberg Commission – a real actual secretive organisation. One can argue the toss over whether it has real behind-the-scenes influence on geopolitical affairs, or is just an ego-massaging talking shop, but the fact is, it exists, and it operates in relative secrecy, in so far as minutes of meetings are never released and so on.

            Another example – Operation Gladio. A former Italian PM admitted to its existence.

            It seems, though, that most internet conspiracy theorists are more interested in nonsense about ‘faked’ Moon landings, ‘chem-trails’ and hundreds of variants of JFK assassination theories, each more unlikely that the next.


    • was it you who commented on lou lotus’s youtube video? david compan replied to you, he’s that moron who served a hospital A+E with one of annetts fake ITCCS documents, he was sectioned for it, theres video of it on youtube, its funny as fuck

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  4. By the way, I just stumbled upon this video of Peacher talking and as the vid description says, it’s a “rare sight to see him”. So if that nice Ms Scoop is reading this, I know you were looking for a clearer pic of him for the perps poster 🙂

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  5. I was told Andy Peacher had learning difficulties too as well as his wife.

    I’m not sure what diagnoses someone with learning difficulties.

    It seems there’s a few out there who are intelligent but also have difficulties…

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    • ‘Difficulties’ are not impossibilities. And either they are so intellectually impaired as to be incapable of living independent lives or they are simply at the lower end of the learning spectrum….. Which means they know the difference between right and wrong and are as capable as anyone else of making these ‘baseline’ decisions. I’m disinclined to make excuses for individuals who are basically lazy, good for nothing, thick-as-two planks non-educated gits, who have failed at life, resent it, and are taking their resentment out on the rest of society. ‘Learning difficulties’ my arse!


      • Agreed to a point, Joe. I do think that the policy of de-institutionalisation that started in the late 1960s and has continued since then, justified by the cry of “care in the community!”, has meant that many people who might otherwise have had much more structured lives have been left to fend for themselves.

        Speaking as a retired mental health worker myself, I can tell you that care in the community only works when it’s funded well enough to pay for the staff needed. Anyone who works in the field of extra-institutional mental health care now will tell you how overloaded their caseloads are, how thousands of people ‘slip through the cracks’ each year and how hard it is to provide the levels of care needed for people like Andy and Joanne. They aren’t debilitated or dysfunctional enough to require institutional care, but neither can their needs be fully addressed by community care agencies.

        By the time I left the field a decade ago, things had become unbearable for most of us on the front lines of mental health. My younger colleagues assure me that it’s only grown worse since I left.

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        • I take on board what you say, however. The difficulty is in the diagnosis, which of course no-one but their clinicians are qualified to make. Prima facie they appear to be at liberty to live their lives without supervision. If there has ever been intervention in their lives, at some level that assessment of them was made by professional people. – Whatever the rights and wrongs of them being cast to the four winds (and I fully agree with the points you have made with regard to “care in the community!”) they’re out there with the same rights, freedoms and responsibilities as everyone else. – There is no ‘disability’ which frees them from those responsibilities; and the very fact she (for instance) was found fit to face charges and stand trial confirms that. I can therefore only stand by my original points. – Peacher and his wife are well known up here and he’s a poker player….. Time he learned there is no (in)sanity clause!

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  6. Modern mass communication and its democratisation has had some unfortunate effects. Joanne Preacher could have made hoax calls before the internet, but her husband wouldn’t be able to gather supporters to take action that actually made her situation much worse.
    What Peter Hofschroer would have been up to before the internet is detectable. Leering through school railings, lurking in public parks – or maybe just behaving himself properly? It must be said that he seems to be a very unpleasant man given the bad relations he has with other historians and his own family. The whole Grandma B saga looks to have been concocted as smokescreen once he knew his secret vices were going to be exposed. “Justice for Peter Hofschroer”? I think a metal health ward in Austria is probably a kinder option for him than the alternative of a long sentence in prison as a sex offender.

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  7. This is another example of some one who lives in complete fantasy land, there were very good reasons why her children were put in care, she is also a supporter of the Hollie Greig Hoax and a fantasist of satanic abuse. She also claims to be an anti child abuse campaigner. She is a very dangerous woma.


  8. The usual outpourings from the empty into a void…oh and Angie fagging away and constantly saying “forgive my ignorance” .. followed by er loads of ignorance.

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      • Mk`s Devils provide their condensed take on the latest edition of Angies porkie scratchings.Damn,if the devils could have an arrangement with CCN to put their works up before Angie goes on air. Now that would be a service to humanity.

        Anyways T Casey shooting off Santa stylie.

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        • You have to hand it to Mr Casey for coming up with the most unique JFK conspiracy theory to date: I shot the Sheriff.

          The fact his career collapsed after a severe car accident and then a knife attack when he was stabbed many times in the head is entirely co-incidental.

          However he was a popular cartoonist in his day and few people know that the inspiration for his Vampirella cartoon strip was inspired by a Vaudeville burlesque star Angie Powerless Dizzy who needed no makeup and mysteriously vanished in the 1920s. Rumours are the legendary beauty re-surfaced first in the USA in the 1980s but may have relocated to Ireland posing as a housewife superstar / journalist claiming to be the missing Anastasia of Romanov fame but quickly fled again to a Spanish island when the Russian Crown Jewels she was trying to sell in O’Leary & O’Leary’s Hock Shop were proved to be fakes.

          Apparently you can only finish her off with a stake through the heart but everyone should wear a string of garlic at all times to ward off her evil charms. Otherwise you may end up in a Mental Health Ward or on charges as a hapless Yankee lover did recently.

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        • A Body Language Expert writes : Angie shaking her head as Mr T. Casey talks (sure sign she doesn’t believe a thing he’s saying) and looks at her watch thinking “Christ when will he ever shut up?”

          But there is actually no T.Casey and if you look closely his beard is actually Angie’s hair taped onto her chin. For it is she- Angela Power-Disney IS T. Casey Brennan and this is a classic MKUktra training video whereby the General Public are fooled by one agent posing as 2 different people.

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    • What is incredible about “Veds” claims (AKA Neelu Berry) is that the Author of the book “The most corrupt British Judges” isa in fact a Dr A Adoko, who in 2004 was 73….

      He is also Ugandan rather than Asian – and “two late dads” something does not seem right.


      • From Neelu’s own publications – albeit some time ago

        The material below is listed as a matter of public interest. It is evidence that Dr Adoko continues to practise because the legal establishment is caught in so much red tape that they cannot stop a man who purports to be a barrister in their own courts.

        The comments above can be evidenced by documentation received from the entire legal establishment, which will be placed on this site in the future. In the meantime, our research has concluded the following about Dr Akena Adoko. It has been presented, as the legal establishment cannot protect the public from individuals like this.

        Dr Akena Adoko is an Ugandan gentleman now in his seventies. He certainly has a colourful past.

        Previously head of Uganda’s “General Service Unit” otherwise known as “Obote’s Murder Squad” of Flat 10 Soane House, RolandWay London SE 17 2JF (council flat) currently is allowed to hold himself out as “barrister” (voluntarily disbarred), continues to represent vulnerable members of society ( The Bar Council UK have said that they cannot prevent anyone holding themselves out as a ” barrister” and practising law despite not being registered with them.

        He practises under the name of “Free Human Rights Lawyers” (recently changed to “Human Rights Advocates”) despite being found guilty of professional misconduct in 1997. Dr Adoko qualified from the Bar in the 1960s (UK) and practised in Uganda. He returned to the UK in the 1980s and wished to be a solicitor. This was not allowed by the Law Society.

        The statement from Mr Clifford (one of his clients) elucidates whether this service as Free Human Rights Lawyer is free or not. He was also allowed to practise as Free Immigration Assistance licensed by the Immigration Department in London despite the fact that the level of service he offered required him to be able to work as a solicitor’s clerk. The Law Society withdrew such privileges from him over 12 months ago yet Dr Adoko only saw fit to withdraw his services when the immigration authorities were informed of his ineligibility.

        Dr Adoko was bankrupt having declared it himself in order to avoid costs in the case Adoko v Jemal. Jemal was sued for having the temerity to complain to the Bar Council about the quality of the legal service many people received from Dr Adoko. Dr Adoko claimed this complaint was libellous!! He uses libel chill to prevent anyone from questioning his competence.

        We are informed that during this time he was also claiming benefits and may now be under investigation for benefit fraud. He also claims to be a Catholic Papal Knight.

        Dr Adoko has a habit of suing those who criticise his legal abilities. Within the past six months alone Dr Adoko has had 12 cases struck out. Amongst them two against Dr Pal ( Adoko v Pal and Adoko v Pal and Todd), and others Adoko v Marshall Rice ( x2) , Adoko v Lewis ( solicitor), Adoko v Freeserve, Adoko v Goodwin. He is currently under investigation by the Attorney General as a Vexatious Litigant but such orders will not preclude him from practising on behalf of others.

        His actions can be seen to be an abuse of tax payer’s funds, an abuse of the already overloaded court process. A gentleman who is bankrupt and on benefit is allowed to practise as a lawyer without any recourse from the law itself.


        a) On the 25th and 26th of June 1997, a Disciplinary Tribunal of the Council of the Inns of Court sat to hear and determine two charges of professional misconduct against Dr Adoko. The charges were found to be proved, and Dr Adoko was suspended from practice as a barrister, from enjoyment of all rights and privileges as a member of the Honourable Society of Middle Temple and prohibited from holding himself out to be a barrister without disclosing his suspension for a period of twelve months. Dr Adoko’s appeal against this decision was rejected, and the sentence of the Disciplinary Tribunal was carried into effect on the 14th October 1998. However, on the 8th of September 1997 Dr Adoko applied to the Honourable Society of Middle Temple for voluntary disbarment. His application was approved by the Parliament of Middle Temple on 17th October 1997, allowing Dr Adoko to describe himself as voluntarily disbarred rather than forcibly suspended.

        b) On the 14th June 2001 the Law Society announced that, in relation to application 8275/2000, no solicitor should employ or remunerate Dr Akena Adoko in connection with practice as a solicitor except with the written permission of the law society. (evidence in the Law Society Gazette)

        A FEW CASES

        a) In Adoko vs. Jemal, Curtis J described some of Dr Adoko’s arguments as “manifest nonsense.” He went on to say, “In my judgment, there is no genuine excuse for being out of time in this case. I regret to say that I find Dr Adoko, though extremely courteous, confused in his mind and, as I say, there is a lack of frankness, as the respondent has complained about. In those circumstances I unhesitatingly refuse to grant the application for …. ”

        b) Coroner Dr Elizabeth Stearns was sufficiently unimpressed with Dr Adoko to refuse him leave to represent Ms Berry and family in her court during the inquest held on the 11th and 12 September 2001 into the circumstances surrounding the death of baby Sunaina Chaudhari.

        c) In The Queen v Secretary Of State For The Home Department 1997 CA Ex parte Tumwa George, Dr Adoko sought leave to represent his client in court.

        The Master of the Rolls, giving guidance to courts in deciding an application of this kind, said that the court should pause long before granting such a right of audience. The collective effect of considering individual cases would tend to bypass the stringent provisions in the Act intended for the protection of the public to maintain standards of advocacy before the courts. Furthermore, it was not the intention of Parliament that these rights should be granted ad hoc frequently by courts to persons who could obtain the proper authorisation for a general right of audience.” This application to represent was dismissed.

        d) In Dr Akena Adoko vs. The Law Society, it transpired that after his return to the UK from practicing in Uganda and Tanzania, Dr Adoko sought to become a solicitor. The Law Society refused to let him do so unless he passed their Professional Conduct and Account examination as he did not have 8 years’ experience of practice in England and Wales which, at that time, was a requirement laid down by the Law Society in their guidelines as a pre-condition to exempting barristers from taking that examination. Despite his claims that his international experience should be sufficient to exempt him from this examination, Dr Adoko was obliged to sit the examination. His results were in the range 40% – 44%.


        • It has been brought to our attention by a number of individuals that Dr Akena Adoko and his counterparts have been stating that we are M15 agents. We assume this can only be further evidence of Dr Adoko’s current mental state of paranoia. We are not M15 agents and we have no affiliations with the government or any other spy agencies. We are simply fifty- two normal people who happen to be intelligent and also happen to care for the public’s right to access to justice. While the legal system will turn a blind eye to this gross abuse of tax payers finances, we wish to place the hard evidence for the public to view. Despite efforts by Dr Adoko to discredit us, our evidence is factual and to the point unlike many of Dr Adoko’s rantings which can only be described as the scribblings of an aging relic in danger of exposure. How many people’s lives did Dr Adoko end? Dr Adoko can be found in his tent at the RCJ desperately struggling to preserve his already dwindling reputation. A reputation that has been tarred by his own skeletons in the Ugandan closet of blood.

          A summary of Dr Adoko’s book “The Most Corrupt British Judges” is available:


    • “Singer, songwriter”. It’s a little known fact that throughout the BeBopaLulu Galaxy Nutty Neelu known professionally as The Princess Ved was a huge Bollywood star (yes they adore Bollywood in that distant galaxy) and that is why she was chosen to be the first Intergalactic ambassador to the planet Earth. President Tory Johnson told the Princess to: “go forth and issue the Earthlings with many liens until they succumb to our demands. Start first in their Secure Units where ye shall find numerous converts”.
      A little known fact is the term Nut House comes from Mizz Neelu’s christian name Nutty.

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      • neelu has recorded music back in the 90s, she says she produced it as well, ive heard it and cant say I like it but its not bad in terms of production, I write and record music too with real instruments and its hard to do, the mixing and production side takes ages

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        • God help us! 😮

          There was one really wince-inducing one up that was an actual pop video of her singing and dancing but I can’t find it for toffee. Probably a blessing in disguise.

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          • Neelu is actually quite pretty and has expressive eyes but the brain is taking it’s toll as it does when madness is unchecked.

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          • Shes actually quite talented, if she really wrote, sang, played the instruments and produced it I take my hat off to her, its a shame she’s turned into a loon which after hearing her music leads me to believe she did a lot of acid back in the day.

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          • It isn’t bad really. Sounds like she used a lot of synth (midi sequences?) thickened her voice up with some over dubbing. Even so I won’t be rushing out to buy the single.

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          • LOL – Ian Chambers, Paralegal and actually a real proper session musician/producer of this parish just had a listen and nearly choked on his coffee! He tells me the whole thing is basically flat wavering drunkenly between D♭ and C♯ with the occasional excursion into the key of X!

            I’m reliably informed that Neelu was, 30 years ago, quite astonishingly pretty, actually I’ve even seen a picture taken back in the day where someone VERY like her was in the background. The story ‘seems’ to be that she got in with some of what today is the hoaxing crowd and was valued for her skill as a ‘chemist’. It’s probably true that the death of her niece sent her over the edge but it seems she was taking a running jump at it anyway. It’s all quite sad really. Nice pretty Asian girl with a good education and career winds up as a rotund madwoman with every link in her brain deep fried by the stuff she cooked up in her garden shed.

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    • A shout out to all Britain’s long suffering telephone receptionists for their good humour in handling whack job phone calls.

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  9. Latest video being promoted by Angela.
    Video description = “Gang stalking, Mk ultra, Targeted individuals”

    By the way, I’m not supporting the message this woman’s distributing around her unsuspecting community but I do wish she had come to me to proofread her leaflets and t-shirts before she got them printed.

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    • Oh God, they all need a good editor. And psychiatric care.

      Maybe we could start a GoFundMe: Shrinks and editors for all the nutters.


    • OK…. So the dew, as in the water that condenses on plants in the morning, is being given microwaved cancer? Or are they microwaving cancer in dew and gift-wrapping it? Is it a fertilizer? Maybe it works like Baby Bio? Certainly sounds like bullshit. Now. A Targe I know is a round shield is it not? So a TargeTed must be a small stuffed bear effigy in ancient warrior gear! A TargeTed individual is probably a tiny one that comes in a little plastic tube to keep the dust off. – I’m sure there’s a shop in the Royal Mile that sells them.


  10. Well, if a video of Mel & Biggi inanely grinning and quaffing Champagne doesn’t stir people into donating their hard-earned cash to them, I don’t know what will…


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