Extradition: Online harassers face the law

One of our readers recently sent us a news clipping that could prove very interesting to those who’d like to see an end to the online harassment of RD and the families, clergy, teachers, and businesses of Hampstead.

Amanda Todd (27 November, 1996 – 10 October, 2012) was an adolescent girl from British Columbia, Canada who fell prey to an online predator. Three weeks prior to her death, Amanda published a YouTube video in which she used cue cards to tell the harrowing story of being stalked, groomed, seduced, and ultimately extorted and harassed by an adult male she’d met online.

In October 2012, unable to cope with the depression, anxiety, and pain of being bullied and harassed, Amanda committed suicide.

According to a Canadian television documentary, the RCMP were informed up to a year prior to Amanda’s death that a young teen was being sexually extorted by an adult male. The RCMP said that “there was nothing that could be done” about it.

In January 2014, Dutch police arrested a 35-year-old male in a case involving multiple victims in the Netherlands, UK, and Canada. “Aydin C.” was charged with indecent assault and creating and distributing child sexual abuse images. Shortly afterward, the RCMP announced that this person had been charged with extortion, internet luring, criminal harassment and the possession and distribution of child pornography for his alleged activities against Amanda Todd and other child victims, both male and female.

However, until a few days ago it was not at all clear that the suspect could be tried in Canada, as he is not a Canadian citizen, and the alleged crimes took place in another country.

A few days ago, though, a Dutch court approved the extradition of Aydin Coban, who will now face charges in Canada once his 2017 trial in the Netherlands is complete. In his home country, he faces 72 charges of sexual assault and extortion involving 39 other alleged victims, many of them underage.

In another case, a woman was extradited from Germany to Canada in 2015 to face charges of criminal harassment, threatening, and violating no-contact orders—some of which took place online. The complainants received “online threats, defamatory comments and anti-Semitic views” between October 2013 and October 2014, police said. Hana Sakkat was arrested by German police, then handed over to Canadian police to face charges in Alberta.

These extradition cases may have implications for cases like Hoaxtead which involve online criminal harassment originating from non-UK countries. In the past, it was assumed that non-UK nationals could only be prosecuted in their home countries, but the global nature of the internet transcends national borders.

If these cases are harbingers of the future, people like Abraham Christie and Ella Draper, Angela Power-Disney, Charlotte Alton Ward, Kane Slater, Alan Wrightson, and Kristie Sue Costa might look forward to extradition and criminal prosecution for their online harassment, defamation, threats, and incitement to violence against Hampstead residents…even though they think they’re safely operating outside the UK.

When that happens, we’ll be first in line to say, “We told you so”. handcuffs arrest stalking

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  1. RIP Amanda.

    The internet as with any tool can and has been used or abused.It has been a wild west for both the fair and the foul.

    These cases reveal how multi agencies across continents are partnering to tackle and bring to book disgracefui individuals that have considered themselves untouchable behind their keyboard.

    Things are changing fast and those that have made statements impacting the lives of others will more and more be held to account in the real world to face the consequences of their harmful activities.

    Whatever one may think of the ambulance chasing win or no fee legal industry they are going to have an absolute field day with online slander,defamation,harrasement cases past, present and future.PPI claiming should be finishing around 2018 and these guys and gals have mortgages and lifestyles to maintain.

    These oh so brave bullies,shit stirrers and criminals have had their day in the sun,tables are turning fast and EVERYTHING has to be PAID for in one way or another.

    Crystals,angels guides or hemp smoothiesare not overly useful in a lawsuit only material facts unfortunately(I dont think they are allowed in court anyway)

    Online friends once so vociferous and encouraging will melt away like April snow.

    What a bummer eh?

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  2. It’s interesting that while EC and others are here expressing concern over a teen who tragically committed suicide, Angie is spitting feathers over a vulnerable young woman who yesterday tried to; and naturally, she’s decided that the best course of action is not care and support for the young lady in question but to slag her off on Facebook:

    She then admits to wanting to “spank” her – and to having previously deserted her own kids:

    Yup. caring sharing Angie strikes again!

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  3. It’s ALL about Angie,

    ALL of the time.

    Angie does not want to help anyone,

    apart from herself.

    I’m remembering when she wanted to suck Melanie Shaw into her game, via a Skype call.

    Fortunately, Mel told her to do one and then did her own video putting Angela in her place.

    Angela’s reply to Mel’s none interest,

    to suggest Melanie was back on heroin!

    Angela you are one nasty biatch.

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  4. Angie’s post about the vulnerable young woman who attempted suicide has prompted a mini-war among her Facebook…ahem…”friends”:

    In the blue corner we have Barrington Schiller and Katie Boylan, who are genuinely concerned about the poor girl and who also offer some interesting insights into Angie’s mindset.

    And in the red corner we have Jim McMenamin, who has no sympathy for her whatsoever and appears to be rooting for a more successful attempt next time. (Quelle surprise.)

    As for Stephanie Oostven, who knows? She can’t seem to pick a side and stick to it.

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  5. Angela is a f…ing disgrace to treat the suicide threat in such a way.

    Totally without any compassion.

    Probably because the poor woman will get more attention than her.

    Is that why you wore the RED OUTFIT to the Ben Fellows court hearing Angela in January 2015?

    So you stood out!


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  6. The Satan Hunters such as: Jake Clarke; Abraham Christie; Neelu Berry; Angela Power Disney; Belinda McKenzie; Sabine McNeill etal would love nothing better than drive the children P and Q to suicide with their constant depraved identification and fictions about them.

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  7. Agreed SV.

    Attention and suffering of others is the very lifeblood for these contemporary vampires.

    Their own existences are so barren that putting others down is what sustains them.

    If any of their victims should suffer a major trauma the only concern will be how it can be shoehorned to lubricate their own wheels.

    Grubby sods the lot of them.

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  8. Oh she was there was she? Always quite a difficult charge to prove so Ben got off but note he’s shut up since then. Presumably his barrister warned him to zip his lips.

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  9. I wonder whether this attempted suicide actually happened. I sense a false flag being peddled by Angie the crisis actor.


  10. Amanda’s story makes horrible reading but is an important reminder of how online harassment (and offline) can affect someone’s life. I am glad to read that the offender will face punishment.

    Angie’s entire life is attention seeking. I don’t think i’ve come across anyone that is more of an attention seeker. Her comments about suicide are vile, but i’m not surprised that Angie would have that attitude to the suffering of others.

    On the subject of online harassment, here are a couple of comments made on YT by Aaron Dover over the last few days. Comments that would not be made if people hadn’t published the Hampstead material online.

    “I mean, why has nobody even chopped the headmistress up? She clearly should be in a bin liner. that would send a message”

    “I don’t see what is so hard about killing all the abusers. You just go to their house and stab them, it’s pretty straightforward. If the police show up then stab them too. Better done with a group of friends.”

    I think perhaps the people that sectioned him were right after all.

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  11. By trying to help, Angie really means she was trying to use this person by recording an ‘interview’ to further Angie’s own profile. Angie is a leech.

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  12. That Jim McMenamin is a nasty piece of work just like Angie. I don’t think the bloke has a working brain cell at all.

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  13. The fun continues…

    Shirley’s got Angie spot-on here. And it seems she and Barrington have really touched a nerve.

    And yes, I think Angie lost her right to call herself a Christian a long time ago.

    PS: so Shirley Barnes runs this blog? Who knew, eh? Thanks for the tip-off, Angie – looks like that GCSE in Journalism hasn’t been wasted.

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  14. Thanks for the Aaron Dover stuff, Dave. We’ve reported it to the police already. I agree, I think that sectioning wasn’t an accident.

    And yes–Amanda’s story is a very stark reminder that what people say online can have profound impacts.

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  15. Angie went to the bail hearing from which Fellows was released from prison.

    Fellows friend Paul Foote put up the £5k bail.

    Ben fell out with most of his supporters after his Old Bailey hearing last summer.

    Brenda McNamara, Joy Angelthorn, Hannah Remington (ex-gf), Lou Collins…

    Ben went on a holiday to India paid for by a lot of idiots that contributed on his seeking guidance from the Dali Lama.

    He and the girlfriend at the time, Jackie Clarke, loaned a few thousand pounds from a woman who since has been trying to track Ben and Jackie down for repayment.

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  16. Yes, I’m very interested to note that various law enforcement agencies are starting to rally together and figure out how to handle this new challenge. It’s taking more time than most of us would like, but ultimately it’s going to be the new reality. Those who bully and threaten online should (but won’t) take notice.

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  17. Jim comes across as a ‘humbler than thou’ fellow, but I’ve seen him attack with the venom of a cobra. He and his wife are both very unpleasant people.


  18. All right, I’ll add Shirley Barnes to our growing list of ‘people who run Hoaxtead Research’. So far we’ve got RD, ‘paid professional government agents’, a group of family barristers, Shirley….who am I missing?

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  19. Sad story about Amanda. What these vile pieces of slime seem ignorant of, or perhaps they have forgotten, is what a tumble of emotions being a teenager is.
    They have absolutely zilch thought for the kids in question and how it may affect them as they grown older.

    I also believe the shareholders of Google, Facebook etc have blood on their hands. They steadfastly stick there f*ucking tired “free speech” mantra. I’d love to see some of these entities dragged into court a class action much the same way drug companies, cigarette and gun manufacturers have been in the USA and I believe ti will happen in time.

    As for that appalling old harridan APD, how dare she discuss an attempted suicide on Facebook. It’s so dangerous.
    Every day she demonstrates what a true psychopath she is. Absolutely zilch empathy with others except as a sort of abstract and that is a sure sign of a psychopath.

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  20. That is one highly disturbed individual who has committed a very serious crime inciting others to murder a specific individual and threatening to carry our acts of violence against the police.

    The police will arrest and charge this individual (or initiate sectioning proceedure)if nothing else for the public outcry should this individual or others proceed to committ such offence(s).

    For obvious reasons all arms of the law take a very dim view about theats to its personnel and as such punitive action will tend towards the upper end of sentencing tariffs available.

    This hoax is really attracting the deepest sludge humanity has to offer.

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  21. I do believe you’re right, CP. We do have a complete record of that blog on hand, for any future legal proceedings, but nice to see they’ve finally done the sensible thing and closed up shop.

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  22. No doubt she’ll reopen as ‘Believe The Children’ with the same old shit. But the ‘Dearman Does Hampstead’ brand is gone for good. It’s gone to that great trolling ground in the sky to join Alan Wrightson and Jacqui Farmer in weeping over their humiliating defeats and pining for past glories.

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  23. Its good too see such hard working individuals finally getting the fame they deserve.

    Pity Jake and Rupert didnt pass the audition to woo Angie but I feel sure if they keep it up they too will receive such fame and accolades.

    Top fun.

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  24. For Rupert to keep it up, he’d need to get it up in the first place. And that would be a bit of a stretch (or not, so to speak).

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  25. True Ruperts stand up routines have been a somewhat flaccid and perhaps not up to scratch.

    Jake however surely has a future treading the boards given his natural deliverance of naff platitudes.Jakes outstanding performances in the role of pretentious prat would have raised even the brow of the great bard himself.

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  26. That’s disgusting. How could a human being be so empty of compassion? Selfish? SELFISH? She considers it selfish for a poor girl desire to be free from harassment?

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  27. It’s a good screenshot to post on her page under main players. It will let people know what kind of person she is.


  28. BURN! The hoaxers think satanists are 100% evil so when even a satanist has better morals then them… HAHAHAHA

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