Do the people of Hampstead find this blog offensive?

We get some very interesting comments on this blog, but this one intrigued us: a person calling him/herself ‘The People of Hampstead’ wrote overnight that they found this blog offensive, distasteful, probably criminal, and generally not at all nice, and they asked us to stop what we’re doing.

Here’s what they said:

Let me get this straight. This blog is to prove that the children were not abused by a Satanic Cult. And your genius way of doing this is by getting James Hind, a Satanist, to be one of your main correspondence.

And you wonder why people still think this blog is run by the children’s father as part of the named Satanic cult?

May I also take this opportunity to remind you that threatening to commit [scienter] and or engaging in criminal acts, such as online bullying, hacking and DDOS attacks, is highly illegal and punishable with imprisonment.

For more on the subject see the following acts:

The Computer Misuse Act 1990
The Terrorism Act 2000
Malicious Communications Act 1988
Protection from Harassment Act 1996

As an ex-police military officer, I could quite easily refer this for further investigation. However; as a cyber crimes investigator, I am pretty sure Mr Hines does not have the resources or know-how to commit such offences and is just scaremongering.

Not that anyone reads his insane blog anyway! He is, perhaps, in need of some professional help to combat the issues he faced as a child?

I if this blog really does have good intentions, I strongly suggest it cleans its act up. As we see it, it damages the reputation of innocent people around Hampstead who have been wrongly accused.

The people of Hampstead do not want to be associated with people that harass others and who support Satanists.

The courts have already made its judgement and the case has been put to bed. We do not need internet trolls damaging our names any further.

Consider this a friendly warning from various people around Hampstead that are being directly effected by this blog and the damage it’s doing to us.

We have a lot of financial might to take things further if the harassment and illegal activities of this blog and related networks continue. You may think you’re doing the right thing, but you are damaging our reputations.

Please stop. This is not a childish game!

If you check the actual comment, you’ll see that a few people have already responded point by point. Then, just a short time ago, another condemning comment from another alleged Hampstead resident, ‘Jacqui’:

'Jacqui'-comment 2016-03-09

And El Coyote’s swift response:

'Jacqui' response 2016-03-09

Over the past year we’ve received countless notes of thanks from actual residents of Hampstead, but apparently at least one person (who may or may not live in that area) seems to feel strongly enough to wish we would just go away.

So we thought we’d open the discussion to our readers: what do you think? (And don’t worry about hurting our feelings—we’re grown-ups, and can handle a bit of constructive criticism.)

p.s. We strongly recommend that whatever your feelings, you not write directly to the email address provided by ‘Jacqui’. Unscrupulous dealers have been known to use incoming email information to determine a person’s location and identity, and we have no evidence that the person involved in this correspondence is in fact scrupulous.


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  1. I’ve found this blog to be very helpful and understanding towards us Hampstead residents. Thank you for keeping us up to date and for your support. 😉

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  2. I think that if these were genuine residents of Hampstead then they would not be writing to us to stop but rather to all the Hoaxteders still pushing this story. I believe this is just a new approach by them to get us to stop so they can carry on without anybody challenging their ludicrous claims.

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  3. I don’t believe that any of those residents from Hampstead that have been affected negatively by the activities of the hoax perpetrators and their supporters would condemn this blog.
    There is an argument to be had that the ongoing existence of Hoaxtead perhaps helps keep the affair ‘alive’ for want of a better word. However, as long as Christie and Draper continue to maintain an internet presence, and continue to push a nefarious agenda then it is an important foil and reference for those that might not be wise to the truth.
    And what about the likes of McKenzie and McNeill, should they be left alone to continue their surreptitious scams?
    There are too, those that have jumped on the Hampstead bandwagon, spreading their own particular brand of love and light. They have deserved everything they have received from this blog and more.
    Keep up the good work El Coyote, you are doing a fantastic job.

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  4. Thanks so much, Midicon. We really appreciate your vote of confidence.

    We do struggle with the idea that we’re inadvertently ‘keeping the hoax alive’, versus bringing the activities of those involved to light, but so far have come down on the side of the latter.

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  5. Could it be the micky taking some may object to, which by the way I find very good and well deserved but some people get most upset about these things. Do carry on, but please do so within the law, which I think you are so far doing, but do check.

    In regards to the satanist person who posts – I find his/her posts a bit concerning but do get what he is claiming true satanism is about (or isn’t about) but then again he/she could be trying to mislead. Many peoples idea of what ‘satanism’ is comes from the bible and movies I believe, and some may well be practicing this sort of stuff as ‘nowt as queer as folk’ as the saying goes.

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  6. Never fear: we’re very careful about staying within the law, as we’re determined to rise above the lawless folk we report on.

    As for SV, he’s a fine and ethical person, whose religious beliefs are outside the mainstream. He contributes a great deal to the dialogue here, and I’ve never seen any evidence of any attempts to mislead anyone.

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  7. Interesting post, but seemingly full of questionable comment.

    For example – “ex-police military officer” An ex policeman, an ex military policeman or both?

    “cyber crimes investigator” impressive range of skills.

    The author goes on to name a person in the same paragraph – highly unlikely for an experienced ex policeman.or a person employed as “cyber crimes investigator”

    “The courts have already made its judgement and the case has been put to bed. We do not need internet trolls damaging our names any further.”

    The damaged names in question are the people named in various judgments – its an interesting point about the damage to names.

    “Not that anyone reads his insane blog anyway! ”

    Why bother to write to the blog then?

    “We have a lot of financial might to take things further if the harassment and illegal activities of this blog and related networks continue. You may think you’re doing the right thing, but you are damaging our reputations”

    I have met many policemen, both serving and ex, military and civilian, its not a job that makes people rich.

    “it damages the reputation of innocent people around Hampstead who have been wrongly accused”

    It also goes towards exposing a number of people acting in a criminal manner, for example – by ignoring Court Orders, publishing highly malicious articles on the internet, by collecting money by seeking donations to a charity that has ceased to exist.

    “I could quite easily refer this for further investigation”

    That’s the most sensible thing you have said, an in depth investigation of some of what has been exposed would be an excellent idea. Perhaps starting with the following:

    Sabine McNeill –

    Benefits fraud?
    Online Harassment?
    Charities Fraud?
    Breach of Court Orders?

    Belinda McKenzie –

    Charities Fraud?

    Can someone please publish the “People Of Hamstead” IP address – it might deter others, especially if it is someone trying to get activity on this blog to cease so that their own nefarious activity can continue without challenge. If the poster was an upright and genuine person then I am certain that the people of Hamstead will thank them – If what was written really reflects their views


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  8. You’re right, the original post is full of internal contradictions.

    My favourite was the part where they allege that they have ‘a lot of financial might’ to take things further…this despite an alleged career in either the military or the police, or possibly both.

    Normally I would not reveal the IP address of any commenter, but in this case I think you’re right: it might be helpful for others to know this person’s internet location, should s/he show up on any other blogs trying to sound like a legitimate voice of dissent:

    Meanwhile, I think ‘The People of Hampstead/Jacqui’ have shown their hand:

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  9. As the only Satanist who posts here I try to offer an authentic warts-and-all version of Satanism as a contrast to the false claims of the Satan Hunter. The narrative offered by the movies and Christianity play to a false popular stereotype of Satanism. I won’t sugercoat Satanism, it is a hard-nosed religion with attitudes and viewpoints that people can find uncomfortable. I will say the Satanists value life as sacred and all the Satanist groups have a rule that makes it clear Satanists look after rather than harm children and animals. There will always be the mentally ill few who fall for the Christian stereotype of Satanism, claim to be Satanists and then do the very things that reinforce that stereotype, such people are challenged and rooted out quickly if they come to our attention.

    I will offer links to three of our better known Satanist/Luciferian international groups for background information.

    Satanic Temple

    Church of Satan

    Greater Church of Lucifer

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  10. So what’s the hold-up, “Jacqui”? All your military connections and it takes them two days to shut down a humble blog? Come on, lad – put yer back into it! By comparison, we don’t have one soldier among us on our team yet we managed to get your namesake’s blog removed in under two hours!

    By the way, any news on the answers to all those questions you were asked this morning? Whenever you’re ready, buddy…

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  11. Good question, JM, but personally I don’t think this blog owes anyone an apology for its humour. Satire can be a powerful and persuasive method of making a serious point. It’s worked for ‘Private Eye’, ‘Have I Got News For You’ and ‘Mock The Week’ anyway and I think that as long as we keep ’em peeled for any ‘Frankie Boyles’ overstepping the mark, things should carry on as they are.

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  12. @ Wacky Jacqui

    “And your genius way of doing this is by getting James Hind [sic], a Satanist, to be one of your main correspondence.”

    In what way have the owners of this blog got anyone to be a main correspondent? This is a public forum where anyone is permitted to comment. including you. Even I’m allowed to comment here, which shows how generous that nice Mr. Coyote is, lol.

    As for everyone here being RD, you sound as paranoid and incredulous as the hoaxers. Seriously, I’m not even going to bother to argue with you on that; I’m simply going to ask you to spend a few minutes thinking through the logistics of it and to ask yourself objectively whether it’s a remotely sensible theory.

    I agree with your point about hacking, though. None of us has ever advocated it on here and I’m pretty sure James was joking. He’s also a decent feller and totally harmless, as are the majority of Satanists. I’m not one myself (I’m an Atheist) but I know that they’re nothing like the cackling baby-scoffing witches portrayed by the hoaxers. Satanism is a recognised religion and this blog would do itself no favours by discriminating against people on account of their religious adherences. And last I checked, a hell of a lot more death and destruction had been perpetrated around the World by the larger, allegedly God-loving religions. Moreover, the vast majority of the death threats that I and most other HR regulars have received have been from self-proclaimed Christians! (Check out the ‘Trolls’ link above if you get a moment)

    “He is, perhaps, in need of some professional help to combat the issues he faced as a child?”

    Right, now you’re just cranking out internet trolling clichés.

    “As an ex-police military officer, I could quite easily refer this for further investigation.”

    Yeah – now you’re just sounding silly. I suggest that ‘ex’ and ‘military’ are the two key points there that cast serious doubt over whether you have any power over an internet blog. And even if you did, this is an above -board, law-abiding blog with no illegal content to report and you’re just going to have to live with that and put your (frankly embarrassing) bullying tactics on hold.

    And on a related point, may I ask who appointed you as a representative of the Hampstead community anyway? Some of us are in regular contact with the “accused” and they seem very supportive of this blog. And oddly, they’ve never mentioned you!

    “The courts have already made its judgement and the case has been put to bed. We do not need internet trolls damaging our names any further.”

    Firstly, the matter has not been put to bed, as there are a plethora of individuals and hate groups still out there and still active. If you took your head out of the sand for a moment, you might see some of them. Secondly, to many of us here, this isn’t just about Hampstead. This is about nipping SRA hoaxes in the bud before they spread in the UK like they have come close to doing in the US. In short, it’s not all about “you”. And thirdly, calling people trolls simply because they don’t share your agenda is farcical. The hoaxers do that a lot and it really devalues the term. I see it as on a par with incorrectly playing the race card, thereby running the risk of causing people not to take genuine racism seriously.

    “The people of Hampstead do not want to be associated with people that harass others and who support Satanists.”

    Again, who told you that, in what capacity are you representing them and where did HR support Satanists anyway? And what if it did? Even David Shurter admits that Satanists are harmless! (He makes a distinction between Satanists and Luciferians, but I digress.)

    “Consider this a friendly warning from various people around Hampstead”

    Well, if you don’t mind, I for one (though I am but a humble commenter) decline your warning and will carry on posting regardless, though I am intrigued as to what exactly you’re implying will happen to me if I do. In fact, I want to carry on commenting now just so I can find out , hehe 😉 Or perhaps you could clarify that for us, along with a breakdown of HR’s “illegal activities”. This blog prides itself on sticking to the law and I understand that this has been confirmed by the Police, with whom it is in constant contact.

    So it seems you have a lot to clear up for us there, if you’d be so kind. I look forward to your response.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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  13. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog since it began but have never commented in the past. Since all this nonsense started I have been on the receiving end of disgusting abuse and death threats over the phone. Despite my invitations to come see me in person they never have. Leading me to believe they are for the most part just pathetic cowards trying to feel powerful while hiding behind there computer screens. I have found this blog and the FB groups that preceded it very helpful and supportive. As an individual it would be almost impossible to keep track of all these nutters and there activities without becoming as crazy as they clearly are. I think you are performing a public service and I thank you for that. This idiot claiming to represent people like myself can go f#*k themselves.

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  14. Thanks for all your efforts; even your simple act of maintaining this has retained my faith in human decency against those that seem to be a mix of BSDM (Bad, Sad, Deceitful, Mad) whilst the damaged children get a chance to get back on track.

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  15. As an ex police military officer perhaps they should be more concerned about the accusations made by Z86, than the content of this blog. As a Hampstead resident they should also be concerned that pretty much everyone in Hampstead has been accused of being a member of the cult, and that those accusations are still on going.

    This is bound to be a new tactic by one of Abe and Ella’s supporters. The timing would suggest one of the ‘secret’ group members recently exposed. They should really take that up with Bronny.

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  16. Mr Or (Mrs) “The People of Hamstead”

    A challenge for you -No doubt you could gain a lot of credibility if you published your real name?

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  17. LOL, too true, Dave. I was thinking it’s awfully peculiar that we received a bunch of comments directed toward SV a couple of nights ago, and now this. Almost seems like some sort of concerted effort…but naw. I’ sure those lovely compassionate Hoaxtead pushers would never stoop….right? 😉

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  18. Very well said, Anon. I find it hard to imagine the anxiety and distress this must have caused all those targeted over the past year, but I feel this is the least we can do.

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  19. @ Mr Gubbins Blowhard,

    “As an ex-police military officer, I could quite easily refer this for further investigation. However; as a cyber crimes investigator, I am pretty sure Mr Hines does not have the resources or know-how to commit such offences and is just scaremongering.”

    An ex-police military officer (or is that ex Royal Military Police Officer?) wouldn’t issue threats to do this or that on a blog, they’d just DO whatever it is they thought needed doing. But, seeing as you yourself as an ex RMP Officer say it is just scaremongering, ie an idle comment that you know comes accross as bluster rather than a threat. Saying mean things isn’t a crime is it?

    “We have a lot of financial might to take things further if the harassment and illegal activities of this blog and related networks continue. You may think you’re doing the right thing, but you are damaging our reputations”

    Always nice to hear someone threatening legal action mentioning money. You might need a lot of financial might if you have to pay the other side’s costs for taking some sort of court action for someone saying something about someone else. 99 times out of a 100 if money comes up in a legal dispute right at the outset, the person is clueless. Use that financial might to see a solicitor.

    “Let me get this straight. This blog is to prove that the children were not abused by a Satanic Cult. And your genius way of doing this is by getting James Hind, a Satanist, to be one of your main correspondence.”

    As Abraham Christie posts again and again and again, the children never said the words satan or
    satanic. It is a masodomite Babylonian paedophile MK Ultra illuminati death cult run by lizard aliens from outer space and the cure is cannabis for children’s school dinners accross the planet to overcome the elite programming of children and awaken the third eye that is being blocked by adrenochome addiction and anal stimulation of the pineal gland that is in the brain. Keep up at the back.

    To bring a court case you’ll need to put your name and address down and turn up at court. I have a feeling people in Glasshouses (geddit?) shouldn’t throw stones.

    If there is anything you feel is libellous or harassing, there is a method to contact the blog owner. You could also speak to your lawyer, see what they actually suggest as far as legal action goes and good luck with that.

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  20. The more people that know about Belinda McKenzie’s scams and can avoid being fleeced by her the better. I wouldn’t want anyone else being bullied into giving thousands to who knows what cause, or loosing contact with their children through catastrophically bad advice. I was once a victim and I want to see her shut down for good.
    I think we have been very careful not to name any of the people libelled by the hoaxers, and have been pretty good at not drawing in the identities of the hoaxers children.
    I have also found this site very useful for advice on how to report videos of P & Q, which I have done regularly.

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  21. Thanks, FS–I agree, it’s important for people to have a place where they can get information that counters the prevailing narrative online about ‘St. Belinda’ and her various ‘good works’.

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  22. Anybody making a comment regarding MKUltra is a YouTube conspiratard. Nobody outside of the conspiratard community would know what MKUltra was and therefore wouldn’t make a point of commenting on it.

    None of my web using IT colleagues would have the first clue about MKUltra and they, like me, have the browser open every minute of their day! I’ve been using the Internet since long before the WWW and browsers existed and hadn’t heard of MKUltra until browsing YouTube conspiratard videos in amazement that there are some really mental people out there.

    In addition, no “ordinary” person would pick up on Satanicviews either, as only SRA conspiratards would get hysterical about a name like that, it wouldn’t even register on Joe Public’s radar.

    Their language is one of a conspiratard, if it looks and sounds like one, then it is one.

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  23. And have Mr ex-Policeman ( earth to Mr ex, you no longer have powers, that’s why you are “ex”) and Jacqui been campaigning on all the REAL harassment websites and Youtube , Twitter, Facebook that routinely post illegal material that has been banned by that High Court Judgement?. You know the stuff that has caused grief for so many in Hampstead and their relatives elsewhere ?

    No thought not.

    What a juvenile. pathetic attempt to silence critics but this demonstrates how these vicious,nasty and highly dangerous creeps operate. Their illegal harassment shifts and mutates into different courses of action.

    That’s why it is important to pursue them : as an example : the recent Facebook incident where a group began to plot the kidnapping of the children in question. Let alone the numerous that call for the murder of an innocent father.

    These posts show why this website is a such a positive force. My Hampstead friends – not directly named but friends of residents who were – find comfort in this website and especially enjoy the humour which lightens their mood. There is still a lot of frustration over the way this hideous matter has spread worldwide and because of the nature of the net, will most likely stay there forever.

    Do not be intimidated.

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  24. The last ex-policeman I tangled with in a (civil) court matter was roundly condemned by the judge as a ‘liar’ and as an ex-cop, someone who should have at least the most basic knowledge of the law.

    This shows how these creepy nutters mutate their campaigns and are in the end, quite dangerous as you never know which way it will go. (kidnap plots on Facebook? advocating the murder of an innocent father?))

    As for the Hampstead residents I know, they find this website informative and enjoy the often funny posts as some sort of light relief and a constant reminder that someone is opposing the 100s and 100s of vicious nasty false accusers that roam Facebook, Twitter and who create blogs calling them murderers and rapists.

    The feeling of impotency often felt by them when some ghastly accuser in New Zealand or Tennessee continues their vicious campaign & finds another way to accuse them of baby murder is often tempered by knowing they are not forgotten here.

    You must be doing some right as you are stirring up the nest of rattle snakes.

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  25. LOL, that’s our assumption too.

    If it’s any consolation to your Hampstead friends, we’ve found that the number of Hoaxtead pushers has been in steady decline, and it seems we’re down to the dregs at this point. However, those who are left are the most dedicated to spreading their foul message, and so we continue.

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  26. I find it offensive. I was ABUSED / RAPED / MOLESTED and almost KILLED by my ABUSERS from the age of 3. I’m now 16 and have only just managed to get away from it.

    They were SATANISTS. Just like your Satan guy. they pretend to be nice. they play mr nice guy, then over time, they get creepier and creepier… Then before you know it, they are rapping you. then it’s time for their friends to join in, then you are being sold for as little as £50 a go.

    I might be safe now, but the PAIN never goes away. I will be in a metal prison forever, being TORTURED by my own thoughts. Then I find this disgusting SELFISH blog that think the whole thing is a joke. This is not Have I Got news For You. This is a SERIOUS issue.

    I’ve looked in to some of the people you’ve bullied. There are some nut-cases, don’t get me wrong. But there are also many are ABUSED like me, that are trying to do the right thing with GOOD REASON.

    You have no idea what it’s like to be ABUSED. You sit behind your computers looking for attention. Trying to take the MORAL high grand, pretending you are doing something helpful. YOU ARE NOT. YOU are doing something very BAD and you know it.

    It’s obvious that MOST if not ALL of these comments are the SAME person. No parent would WASTE their time with THIS silly website.

    THIS site hurts me. If you care about people, TAKE it down. It’s HURTFUL.

    But everyone knows this is a COVER UP site to try and DISCREDIT people that have uncovered a VIP paedophile GANG.

    THIS is how the DO IT…


  27. Hi Amy. I’m very sorry for whatever experiences you might have had. However, I’m afraid this blog is probably not the correct target for whatever you might be feeling.

    I hope you are getting the support you need, and I wish you the best.

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  28. Amy, if you are just sixteen, and have only very recently got to a safe place to live, it might be a bit much for you to start using the Internet to read stuff like this.

    Why do you think this site is run by a parent? Has someone told you it is? It is run by El Coyote.

    This isn’t a VIP paedophile gang allegation debunking site. There is an enquiry at the moment, and ongoing police investigations. I’m not prejudging the outcome of those.

    There’s no reason to believe you will be in a mental prison forever tortured by your own thoughts. Things do get better surely and as you posted, you have only just got away and you are 16, not even an adult.

    Step away perhaps and see you when it isn’t so raw. I’m sorry to read that you’ve had such an awful time. There are support services out there and I hope you can use them.

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  29. Satan is our all powerful divine spirit. He will come down hard on anyone using his name against us.

    Satan will show no mercy for those people that try to discredit us.

    We will hunt you.

    We will find you.

    We will use the powers Satan grants us, to punish you.

    Hoaxtead Research is a friend of Satan and Satan always defends his friends.

    Satan is powerful. Do not cross him.

    Satan has chosen his target: [phishing link removed]


  30. ‘Amy’ – with all due respect, how do you know that none of us has been abused? It’s an interesting claim, as I can state categorically that there are some here who have and a few have shared their harrowing testimonies. And those I believe to be genuine. In your case, forgive me but my inner jury is still out on that one.

    Also, if the thousands of comments on this blog are from the same person, as you allege, then I take my hat off to him/her for their apparent ability to frequently post several detailed comments simultaneously.

    By the way, if this site ‘hurts’ you, as you claim, then feel free to stop visiting it. It’s like people who complain about TV shows they hate. I’ve often wondered why they don’t just press that big red button on their remote that says ‘OFF’.

    And perhaps if you did stop reading these posts that apparently cause you so much pain, you could then find time to go and remonstrate with the people who continue to promote the Hampstead hoax, slander good people and issue daily death threats to various members of the Hampstead community. I assume you’re just as angry with those people as you are with us, if not more so. In fact, I’d be very keen to see the comments you’ve posted on their blogs/pages, which I assume to be similar to the one above. Do you have some links?

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  31. Yeah, Kris – sorry, ‘Satan’ – everyone will sooo believe that that is a genuine comment from an ‘HR Satanist’. You’re not at all obvious or transparent. I think the common internet parlance among ‘da yoof’ in these instances is: cool story, bro.

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  32. I’m far removed by geography but am an interested observer when it comes to the recent obsession of certain minded people to believe the fantastical over observable fact. This case in particular riled because of its affect on children and an entire community. I also have family members who have worked in social care settings and have seen the damaging effects of scurrilous accusations first hand.
    Keep up the good work. The tone may not be to everyone’s taste. But given the subject matter, the alternative to laughing isn’t particularly appealing.

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  33. To all you people who keep claiming that ‘The People of Hampstead’ is a pseudonym of Kris DaCosta from the tragically overlooked ‘Dearman Does Hampstead’ blog, that’s a scurrilous and totally unfounded allegation.

    Oh wait…

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  34. Wow! Some of the comments are very sociopathic.

    “Hi Amy. I’m very sorry for whatever experiences you might have had.” Now fuck off!


  35. “Satan always defends his friends.”

    LOL, really? Which Bible chapter is that from? XD

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  36. Hi EC

    For the record, I’m one of the wrongly accused and I’ve never been remotely offended by this blog. I do, however, find Jacqui/TPoH’s comments highly offensive and s/he certainly doesn’t represent me or my family.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

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  37. Really? That’s what I said? You seem to be reading in implications to suit yourself. If you like, though, I can tell you to f*ck off. Just say the word. 😆

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  38. Thanks, WA–I know they don’t represent you. In fact, they’ve outed themselves in this comment thread as all being Kris DaCosta, a known Hoaxtead-pusher.

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  39. Hi Amy, it is very troubling that the promoters of this latest hoax, and who claim to be spearheading campaigns on CSA are triggering, bullying and trolling, grooming survivors….. given your repeating of their main mantra’s, it seems that you may be a victim of them……be aware, be warned and please be careful, and check out my whitelist for sources of support that see the whole and bigger picture, and who also know how best to empower survivors……….i’m glad you got away…..i escaped at 16 too, to then be on the streets and vulnerable….. at 38 i organised the first ever rally against CSA UK, it was massive, and when i returned to make it massive again, the promoters of this latest hoax, got busy, planning to take it over and misteer people. I’m 58 now, yet they have still bullied, attempted to trigger and upset me in various ugly ways, so be careful and draw support from sites that are nourishing and empowering.


  40. and it has been ‘really nice’, to recieve the various abusive, triggering and slurring, defaming blogs, comments aimed at me, once they realised that i couldn’t/wouldn’t be sidelined and ignored anymore, but given that and the very serious treatment of real whistleblowers downunder vis fiona bearnet and shitty dave and paedohunters downunder, as shown on John Brown’s videos, essentially it has really helped to show the hypocrisy of those claiming to protect children or vulnerable people or champion for survivors….. they should f#ck off from infiltrating and sabotaging our efforts,

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  41. So now we have Angie identifying snuff movie links and forensic proof, which apparantly anons might be enlisted to sort out, and they might, it does happen…….. but in the meanwhile i for one, will be reporting this to Angies local police, and any other agencies like the IWF, and asking her, sabine and any others making these claims of forensic evidence of ‘child porn’ sites a term not used by choice by those of us, tackling child abuse for real, but her term, Angies that is…….. So did they report this anywhere ? if not why ?

    By the way, i was a bit sad at the treatment towards Rupert, i can’t explain why, but i quite like him at face value and instinct…… i’m hoping he is actually going to push them to keep their word, and really engage anons who knowhowto, and show up their sham, scam evenmoreso, but in the meantime…….this forensic evidence needs to be shown to the authorities, immediately, unless they want to be shown to be perverting the course of justice…… we are all different people here, with differing perspectives, likes, beliefs….. Anglie leaping onto him like a leech is comical of itself, i don’t quite believe he is falling for it……. we’ll see 🙂


  42. “Amy” I hope and pray that you are getting the help that any person deserves if they have been abused in the way that you claim.

    Unfortunately your style of writing is very similar to a rather notorious internet publisher called Sabine McNeill. You might have come across her, its hard to avoid her as she is a very prolific internet publisher.

    Her use of capital letters to highlight certain words is well known, in fact its a style that does not happen very often and it seems strange that its a style that you seem to use.

    Forgive my scepticism, but Sabine has previously wrote and published documents that she has claimed were written by people even younger than what you say you are.

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  43. Hi Sheva. Rupert stated in one of his videos, “Let’s go to Hampstead and kick down some doors.” And over the last few weeks he’s posted two hate videos about British people, trolled several of us on Twitter and joined forces with Angela to post a video laden with slander and threats to track us all down via our IP addresses. With all due respect, forgive me if I don’t join you in feeling sorry for him.

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  44. No there was no uncovering of a VIP paedophile gang and the High Court issued a judgement saying as much. That same judgement identified serious child abuse and child torture by Abraham Cristie and Ella Draper and until they answer in a court for their crimes it is important websites like this point out the truth.

    Many of is have been through our own private hells. If what you say is true it is unfortunate but victims do not get dictate to other people what they should write or read as long as it’s legal.

    You should direct your efforts to the 100s of websites that continue to abuse the 2 children in the Hampstead case by publishing their images, names & videos and so on. If you are a genuine victim you should understand how serious it is that these false accusers maintain their dangerous campaigns of hate.

    ## Not related but I think the sudden sustained attacks indicate a frustration from the Hoaxers that their bullying is not working or that many are prepared to stand up to them.

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  45. I’m actually sitting here now, with tears running down my face, taken back thanks to that post intended to make survivors feel guilty if they dare to disagree with the hoaxers……….they have been at this for years, i havn’t been tech savvy enough to capture it all, but this is something that has gone on for years and years……I need to really tell my whole story now, but i also need to be helped, so many have witnessed my online presence, that maybe i can just say so….so far it seems so…..but i also do know that some i spoke to over the past years have done some background work too, and found my words true, There is something very personal to me going on with this……….but it isn’t ever and hasn’t been about me, if that were true, i would happily have remained silent, about what my dad did to me…..for ever… it was my silence cost me so dear, and then i realised it cost other’s too…..and then i got punished for speaking by others’ who coudn’t speak,couldn’t break free, and then for the way i wanted a free platform, not for any group, not for catholic victims, nor for only women, nor for only any… for all….it worked, only once, i wonder if the bbc will ever release the video of our first humoungous rally ? i wonder why the people involved in this case took it over when i thought 2010 could be amazing, and would have been if not co opted by belinda mckenzies’ crew, i only recently found even more signs that i was right, back then, but each time i tried to question for example, Truth and Hope about why they had deleted my video which was beautiful btw of the 94 rally, filmed by a bbc freelance japanese reporter, who came over from ireland especially, i had the only copy, and not only did emma’s husband delete it from his youtube channel, but my vhs was wiped…..why ???? cut to 2010 and ITV allows bill maloney to say the rallies began that day……. ? BBC 2 tho filmed the whole ’93 event, i want to challenge them to show it, with obviously needed blurring or visits to people that were involved.

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  46. If that guy was linking to me, I would reject the request. Why would a random individual in the US military wish to connect with you? Go with your gut instinct, if you feel nervous about them, reject the request.

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  47. People such as Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill are parasites who will seek to hijack any event or campaign, subvert it to achieve their own aims, and in consequence undermine or injure the people, case or campaign they became involved with.

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  48. Amy…

    There are over a billion websites on the internet now. If this site upsets you, why visit it, especially if you say you are deeply impacted by the contents?

    This site is fighting a sustained attack by a pack of dishonest unjust and malicious people making false allegations of Satanic abuse against innocent people. The actions of such Satan Hunters are hurting innocent people, and the greatest tragedy of all, the minds and lives of two innocent children who will read all the content they post on the internet, children these Satan Hunters are using as pawns in their own sick fantasy and personal agendas. This hoax has stolen away valuable resources of police, court and support services time, money and energy that could have been used to investigate and support genuine victims of sexual abuse. The Satan Hunter has seriously damaged the credibility of McKenzie Friends causing the Government to start changing the system, people who have helped victims of sexual abuse. The Satan Hunter has also undermined the ability of genuine survivors and victims of sexual abuse to be taken seriously. This site is part of a critical campaign to support genuine victims of sexual abuse by defeating those that are guilty of a massive fraud and injustice, parasites such as Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie that deserve a long spell in prison for what they have done.

    You say you have suffered and continue to be haunted by sexual abuse. You say you are 16-years-old. This site is not suitable for you. Get help. Speak to your doctor, who can provide you with the appropriate support. Contact ChildLine: 0800 1111

    ChildLine is designed to help people aged up to 19-years-old who have suffered sexual abuse, or have other concerns.

    You unfairly and ignorantly make a lot of claims about this site and its contributors. Firstly, you cannot claim knowledge or be so cruel to deny the possibility that some who support this site have not suffered some form of abuse. You claim you have been abused, you desire others to take your claims seriously, then I ask that you don’t deny that possibility in others that they have been sexually abused. Again, you cannot possibly know that all the contributors to this site is one person, it is a statement of truth that you cannot make, you do not have access to the IP addresses, nor at your age the skills and experience to differentiate between an authentic and a sock puppet account.

    With respect, your post is impressively mature for your age, which is unusual for a 16-year-old. I suggest you seek the help you need and try and avoid sites such as this.

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  49. It is another obvious attempt to intimidate me, alongwith the recent comments on google by a jason streatham, who looks remarkably like miles johnstone or johnson ? only recently have i realised that people connected to this hoax, were around me, in the mid 90’s, it’s a bit irksome

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  50. ahh but i got a lovely inbox telling me i was beautiful and enquiring as to my marital status 🙂 the military connection thing tho just made me post it here, cos of the implication in jacqui’s attempt to flex nonexistent muscles lol, they sort of throw out tentacles without realising that they create a net to catch them with, lol

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  51. “It’s obvious that MOST if not ALL of these comments are the SAME person. ”

    Like the MKUltra comment, an “ordinary” person would not make such an observation. That is exactly what Abe and his conspiritard supporters say.

    It’s obvious that one or a few of you are trolling this blog, we are not naive idiots like you.

    Others are being far too polite, I don’t believe a word of what you say, I don’t believe that you have “ABUSED / RAPED / MOLESTED and almost KILLED by my ABUSERS from the age of 3” by “SATANISTS”.

    I on the other hand have been abused as a child and not a single person other than I and the abuser know. So stick your claims where the sun doesn’t shine, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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  52. Yes, but they won’t allow Bronny into their Sooper Seekrit Facebook Group! LOL

    Naw, this one had its genesis in that group; heard all about it from a couple of people last night.

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  53. Kris DaCosta has been sniffing around Hoaxtead for quite some time; she commented (favourably) on some of Sabine’s early posts about it. Kane, on the other hand, is a toked-up Johnny-come-lately from the unlikely-sounding Canadian city of Etobicoke. He runs the ‘Cannabis Cures Cancer’ page on Facebook, where legitimately suffering people have been begging him to please, please stop posting rubbish about cannibalism and get back to the whole curing cancer thing. I always thought Canadians were supposed to have a reputation for being kind and polite, but apparently Kane is the exception.

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  54. Well said.
    Interesting ‘Jacqui’ and ‘People of Hampstead’ having the same ip address eh?

    In my own personal opinion, it’s probably one of the hoaxers attempting another tactic.

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  55. Yes, they went on an all-out offensive yesterday. Fortunately they’re very obvious and have all the subtlety and grace of a brick, so it was easy to spot them and shut them down.

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  56. An ‘ex-police military officer’ and a ‘cyber crimes investigator’ slaps head-on as being a most unlikely, and highly suspicious amalgam.
    Add to this the fact that Wesley’s Cafe offers free Wi-Fi access and we not only have a ‘disingenuous brew’, but a deceptive one.

    And may I just add, satanicviews, that your endeavour is much appreciated by those with understanding.

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  57. It does seem an odd combination, doesn’t it? But I suppose when Kris and her friends from the Sooper Seekrit Facebook group were trying to concoct something that would sound scary, it was the best they could do. Ah well. Sic transit gloria mundi.

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  58. I have several friends living in the heart of Hampstead with whom I shared this blog months ago. Only one has a young child (who doesn’t go to the school plagued by the ludicrous allegations, but one that was mentioned as being associated with the hoax). But they are completely supportive of the important work you’re doin here. They absolutely love the blend of sharp analysis and great humor (needless to say, they’re highly intelligent, funny people themselves.) I don’t think they’ve ever commented, but are extremely grateful to you. I have no doubt that’s the prevailing sentiment in Hampstead !

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  59. I don’t belong to any religion and probably never will, but find the tenets of the Temple of Satan the least offensive I’ve seen among ‘organized’ religions. And the mere idea that you’d attempt to proselytize (unlike reps of many other major religions) us is laughable.

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  60. Yes, and THE wrong words ARE frequently capitalized for emphasis, WHICH suggests that the author IS either A non-native English SPEAKER ( regardless of HOW long she’s LIVED in England) – or JUST a very poor WRITER…

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  61. Not only is this blog supported by the vast majority of Hamsteadians but also by the hasbeen bloggers from over the Hoaxtead border. Even DaCosta Does Trolling knows where to come for the truth!

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  62. :>


    Upon reading a few Twitter feeds, I realise someone doesn’t know what merkin means. Funny as f***. Especially considering that it is recognised by a significant minority of U.S. immigrants to the UK that in some U.S. accents ‘American’ sounds to a British ear like ‘merkin’. Muff mats to the rescue!

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  63. The name Kris Da Costa is also the name of a real person, a man, in Plymouth at least until recently. That could be a coincidence. But there is an actual Kris Da Costa. I don’t know if our Kris is the actual Kris. I’m sort of hoping it isn’t and the actual Kris just carries on with a blameless life and nasty Kris has chosen the name of a real person as an alias by accident.

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  64. There are a lot of Kris DaCostas on Facebook, I notice. It’s more common than one might think.

    The one who runs D******* Does Hampstead is in fact a woman and I know it’s real because I tested this by reporting it as a fake name on Facebook and she passed muster. Death threats and libel are fine on Facebook but woe betide anyone who uses a fake name, lol.

    This is the ‘lady’ in question, by the way:

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