Hack Attack: You’re doing it wrong

We’ve been under attack by a hacker for the past few days.

Actually, that’s a gross overstatement. Let us rephrase: we’ve been watching some fool with the hacking skills of a head of cabbage attempt to find various ways to break into the blog, presumably because they want to take it over for their own nefarious ends.

It’s been pretty funny, actually.

It started a couple of days ago, with that fake ‘we’re from Hampstead and you are very bad people and please go away now because we said so’ post. It contained an email address to which we were invited to respond. Recognising a blatant phishing attempt when we saw one, we laughed and respectfully declined.

This, we presume, was intended to be the proverbial shot across the bow.

When we didn’t immediately pack it in and close the blog, we had a couple more comments from the same person, this time calling herself ‘Jacqui’. The last one was a bit telling:

Kris DaCosta talking out her arse

Extra points if you noticed the tell-tale blue wig: yep, our dear friend Kris, author of the hilariously awful DDH blog, has now followed us, and her pics have autofilled on her comments. Nice to know you’re on board, Kris. 🙂

“Goodbye blog. Your time is up! I’ve been told 48 hours and it’s gone!”

Told? Really? By whom?

Meanwhile, we noticed this note from Tina ‘Hillbilly’ Kachina to Gabriella Barney, one of our readers who posts on Facebook:

ELM-Kachina-1 2016-03-11

Hmm. So both Tina and Kris are singing from the same hymn book, presumably one they found lying around on the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™ where they hang out with the likes of Angie Fag-Ash Disney, Alan ‘Biker’ Boyes, Jim ‘Lalalala I Can’t Hear You’ McMenamin, Rupert ‘I’d totes join the CIA’ Q, and Wesley ‘Hacker’ Hall.

It didn’t take long to figure out who the brainstem of the operation was.

The next hack attempt was another try at phishing: this one was a shortened URL embedded in a comment that seemed intended to be friendly. Despite its manifest cleverness, El Coyote’s hand slipped while he was approving the comment, and the URL fell off. Oh, well.

Phishing attempt 2 2016-03-11

So. We weren’t falling for the old ‘click this totally believable link’ trick; so Wes…that is, our Totally Anonymous Hacker decided to up the ante.

He tried the trick of embedding some sooper-seekrit hacking code in a comment of ginormous proportions—like, three pages worth of this:

hack attempt

Sadly, that was another no-go.

For one thing, El Coyote didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. He knows a trojan horse attack when he sees one. Also: that trick doesn’t work on the latest version of WordPress.com. D’oh!

The latest attempt was even funnier: some amateurish code stuck into a comment, kinda like this:

Hack attempt 2 2016-03-11

Pro tip: as the proposed victims of this brilliant hack attack, we’re not supposed to be able to see the code.

That’s kind of a basic, actually. So Wes….that is, Totally Anonymous Hacker, next time you decide to hack a blog, maybe you should keep your cunning plan under your hat until you’ve actually succeeded, and then surprise your little friends with it.

That way, you’ll look like slightly less of a prat. (Not much less, mind. We can’t perform miracles here.)


77 thoughts on “Hack Attack: You’re doing it wrong

  1. Re. hoaxer hasbeen DDH following the blog:

    It’s ok, folks – Kris has cleared it all up for us now – his finger slipped!




    It must be catching, EC XD

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  2. Didn’t Rupert star in a 1998 The Offspring music video?

    Now he describes himself as a “comedian”. Owning a saw does not make you a carpenter. Rupert also appears to have a real problem with the British. Which is strange because he is a white skinny bald guy with a chip on his shoulder. Fuck, he’s more British than me. The only thing American about him is those teeth…i’ll give him the teeth,lol.

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  3. Ahahahahaha! Like it’s possible to follow someone’s WordPress blog without intentionally clicking the ‘follow’ button. She’s almost as good at her excuses as Rup…er, that Totally Anonymous Hacker is with his mad computer skillz!

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  4. 🙂 There’s nothing like a clever idiot is there ? Apologies for my badly put comments re hacking, the past days,

    I had read this….there is another big cyber wizard, who has devoted himself to fighting child abuse online, and trafficking, Andy K ….. I’ll find it, These were they types of people i was meaning, to try and find ways to either work with, or for them to employ people with skills to both clean the darknet, collect evidence and share with authorities, and help close networks that have spread with the help of the main players on this and other frauds/falseflags etc……especially regading child abuse…….

    There have been many campaigns over the years to retain free speech, internet freedom, choice etc….i have signed them for years with comments, asking them to yes, keep freedoms, but, to please help, and there are real signs that that has happened, and is growing.

    That was where my head was….Hacking is a tool, it can be a weapon, it is being used, that is reality……there are tho, teams that hack with integrity, purpose and send evidence to authorities of crime.

    There have been real signs, not least the Laurence Coughlan recording, on John Brown’s account, that really helped to wake up some more cyber experts, There are real signs that under the guise of opdeatheaters and paedohunters groups, crimes are being committed……. They have been using threats of and hacking as well as other disgusting tactics, and there are signs of a shake up coming,

    I hope this helps clear up confusion……… I don’t judge any group as a whole….good/bad

    This case has also become to be used to bring false memory syndrome to the fore……again.

    But it is a subject that i will be writing and linking records, of the growth industry, that needs rooting out, as do other professions,

    Also potentially that cases all fantasy, There are levels of child abuse, it happens in all levels……the more power and influence a child abuser has, or the more it helps them in some way, for it to profilitate……..i reckon it’s pretty obvious that when policy, laws, decisions, training policies, etc are decided, their influence has helped to keep it going…………. The internet can also reveal the truth of this.

    Or i might not bother doing anyof that, What i read about the Peoples’ Tribunal is really disappointing, but, it didn’t get much traction online…….I warned them they were being infiltrated, ……..i’m not surprised, i wasn’t sure of it, or very keen that we had an american therapist, etc….but sometimes it takes outsiders,….. as far as i could see Cheryl Corless was the only person, promoting it, and maybe a few others, no one, bar me, seemed to share it, ,,,,,,,,i know some campaigners were upset, seeing it as a diversion from the real IICSA, i thought it gave a choice, anyway the hoaxers and saboteurs or gormless troofers who think they are helping, like the film makers, butlin cat, baloney, angela power disney quotes them as being there, all these so called whistleblowers…………. I’ll see who put the press release out, But again, see how it is being used, what were the other stories and why only 20 people, given all these people give allegience to those on my blacklist, ……how come ? …..how come they were not widely publicising any of the inquiries in ways that encourage engagement,……….as Sabine is still doing, they are attempting to attract survivors, and draw them away from the real deal ……. That is where i still think there are powerful, dirty hands maybe way in the background, helping these people, depending where they are on the chain………

    It is sad, they are grooming, controlling, handling survivors, where possible, and hence, i was never gonna make their inner circles…..lol…… I have had some hostility while pointing this all out, some are so loyal to brian gerrish lately, for some reason, and unless i remove him from my blacklist i was told, then it would upset Nottingham too much……. I shared more evidence, and my reasons for including anyone, still promoting these fakes, but they think i’m being nasty….. they’ve heard things…… bla bla.

    I stand by what i am saying. It hasn’t helped at times here, that harsh comments regarding some surivors, caught up, i know more of the real and whole stories at times, i can’t always say much,

    But that they have convinced some survivors that i work for the ‘other side’, whatever that is for the day, then i’m getting some sick venom, and hate……..

    That is encouraged too…….. I’m going to be working with people more so that can channel anger into action, release the negative poison, left behind for us, to either let grow or change……….

    It doesn’t help when the comments regarding people, especially damaged, ill, hurt, manipulated, get personal, low level….. I totally understand the fury, i can feel, and the fear they attempt to create…… the need to vent…… but it is helping polarise and divide, I have recieved messages of deeply felt apologies from some people who really bought that the experts and go to people UK, were those that spoke and shared their vids on the rally platforms………. I’m going to spend some time, cutting vids and info, to paint a clearer picture, and for the survivors who spoke at any rally, any time, from your personal truth, i applaud you for so doing, and do not include any who did that,…….for those who were then groomed to channel their info or their links, and fell for it, not least if they have given you some attention, air time, i get that you think you are being helped by them…… In the coming months, i hope you will all see that there are some really good things being made possible now, mainstream, we can now access more recognition, let’s make sure we keep it real……… That’s my responsiblity as a survivor, to tell my story, the truth, without embellishment…… To help others do the same…..There have been clever people at work encouraging the opposite, and then making sure those survivors with fantastical sounding stories are then disbeilieved, smoke and mirrors style, Some really bad stuff happens, i’m just listening to another news release involving peace keepers…. Despite this case, there is alot of serious work going on, by sanctioned hackers, …… i’ll try and remember to be more careful, but that is why just that word, or any group of itself doesn;t hold the same fear or judgement from me,

    I think it’s all going to unravel this year, and we must make sure that some really good/different/better sources of support are accessible….

    And Rupe if that is what you did……well, i did give you some very big hints and nudges in the right direction.

    John Browns’ video caused a storm, and alot of light shone on this network/s…….

    I’m waiting for news of Angela’s Disney evidence, pretty serious stuff, which should be checked out by the FBI, Interpol, etc, i think i did enough to instigate that, but if anyone knows her local police, let me know, i’ll give them a ring 🙂

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  5. Thanks, Sheva–please don’t worry about having brought up the hacking thing. I know your heart is always in the right place, and I understand what you mean now. I think it’s so important to clear up the false allegations like Hoaxtead, so that the real survivors can have their stories heard properly, and get the services and respect they need. To my mind, both the falsely accused and the real survivors have a lot in common, and it would be great if some way could be found for them to work together toward real truth-telling.

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  6. Presumably Hoaxted backs up the blog so that in any event it can always resurface. Hacking is a crime (FBI certainly take it seriously and as my lawyer always says : report every illegal event to authorities so it’s on record for the future) but I know it’s pretty hopeless these days reporting something as we have seen how difficult it is getting Youtube / Facebook to act. Time is coming when the law will crack down on various aspects of the net especially the defamers & false accusers – yesterday’s o;d Poison Pen Letter & Green Ink authors.

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  7. Re: “Bullshit” attempted post

    So the IP was

    An IP originating from Germany, not the normal typical IP range of “hobby” hackers –

    More often they appear from the Ukraine or Russia.such as or (these are the IP’s of two hackers who attempted an attack on another site)

    Even Sabine would not be so silly – would she?

    It could of course have been via a proxy – but wordpress tends to filter and block proxy IP’s out


  8. Oh God yeah, in pretty much all of his videos, Rupert states that he’s a comedian! As you’ve said yourself, EC, self-awareness just isn’t in a typical Hoaxtead hawker’s skill set.

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  9. The attempted post of “nona” shows an IP of and shows the typical profile of the bored Eastern block kid, playing on the Internet and trying to cause some upset – but is rarely effective.

    The IP resolves to an ISP in Moscow and is well known as a source of crap from kid hackers.

    Its not uncommon for a blog / forum to have 20 -50 attempts per day from such idiots, the firewall and filters tend to stop them dead.

    At home, my IP tends to get DOS attacks every now and then, but so do many others, sadly its part of the modern internet. Most don’t even realise and the built in firewall (and antivirus / malware software) stop it ever being a problem.

    The only time that I ever see a problem is when a person has failed to take basic precautions such as using antivirus software or the router has been left in its default admin password state

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  10. Thing is, it isn’t difficult to shred me to pieces, just as Satanic views is obviously another easy target for them, i think i share with him/her a ‘don’t care’, resistance to prejudice, awareness of hypocrisy, and all the other low depths the people spreading this case are operating in, yet they will hurl everything at us……and it really doesn’t matter who us is……..and that is a major key point, and why i hope to work with any effected and surely allowed free speech ????

    I have heard people from all sides of this, the problems i think preventing quicker change are when we rally around only what suits our story, which becomes an agenda…….

    We share some common ground……. i argued all over facebook and the world about this, but always could only give a solution, that is simple……Be honest, act with love, remember your children were made with love, release that hatred, that hatred might go back way beyond this person in front of you right now, that because of some belief of their evil ness…..you will now relentlessly hunt them down, and make them pay………..that’s for general purpose, spouse revenge, triggered hate, etc…….and that is what is being encouraged, manipulated and pointed towards me, you and others that have been onto Belinda for years, or for the innocent parents, including RD, and i have known of real cases where false accusations have occurred, one was boasted about to me, and i know a few people who have been fitted up….. it all goes on……….hence, i try not to encourage poloarisation, for any reason, we can’t judge others only by our own experience, my dad was a sadistic torturer towards me, to others they thought he was so fantastic, they really honoured him from the north london bus depots he had been in charge of,……… i love witnessing the dads i have gotten to know online, i have no problem with men just cos, or anyone, just cos, therefore i will keep in touch with what Satanic Views is doing, and collaborating, if it seems right or at least giving people the option, to go see and make their own minds up……….isn’t that what these people keep suggesting, yet do nothng of the sort…….. I’ll try and release some stuff about what happened in the run up to the hollie hoax meeting in london, but loads of people will remember recieving very threatening and manipulative emails, beforehand, as well as the mass gang stalking during the meeting, intimidation, and also afterwards, how it really did begin to fall apart, i know there was a big ah ah in the room as i spoke and explained my theory and experience that led me to figure it was meant to sabotage………. they changed some of their tacks, but most and more were at the Bilderberg festival, where i was seriously shunned, and ignored, There was a hunger strike in Ireland, that i published about, to help them gain recognition, they rocked up with the hollie banner and it was on wearechange, and then the scottish conference attended by charlie vietch happened,

    i do though applaud those who have done just that with say the vatican scandals, relentlessly working on against such gross re abuse, negligence, fraud, coverup, and i do think John Brown has a point, how can they continue to have any power when it is based on something unproven……….. God….. ????
    Now that will offend many, but he is right, imho……. But i do believe myself in somethings, unproven 🙂 too.
    It’s kinda a funny position for me to be helping defend a christian church and their goers, btw……. but it is not about any of that for me, As i say these types will attack any, for any reason, at disgusting depths, that cannot be allowed or justified, by any for any reason….

    If only Rupe had thought of Tim Minchin and done the right thing, for the right reason, with the right outcome, which really was impacted, i believe by the eyes suddenly on the Royal Commission Sabotage……linked to the UK players, quite a bit has now begun to unravel and be uncovered, so i am not surprised that i might get a bit more shit…… ..

    The reason survivors are being listened to more, and we are, hence the UN Report today, which Matty McVarish of Road to Change eu……. i think overshadowed by bill’s dodgy ben fellows walk for justice, and cos hollie flag was on Sids Walk for justice, then was both pretended to be supported, but not online, Matty’s i shared consistently, they didn’t, not at all, yet had infiltrated his groups and teams a bit, from the signs and indications….. Matty spoke to power, the pope and the UN, he spoke to every european council or gov’t agency that he could across Europe and he also had alot of media across europe…..yet they never mentioned him, nor his progress, nor his successes, hardly shared at all, by any of these ‘helper’s that so easily viralise other things, it seems………

    For those molested catholics who have just kept on, many now, are able to do even more, with care, some of us, with much to yet reveal have had to wait until our children grew enough to be safe……… There are many reasons, for survivors needing to remain shctum, and others in other precarious legal or family situation, or professional…..I am noticing changes in language on news reports and chatshows mainstream, while still the ‘troofer doofers’ attempt to keep this one going..

    There really are too many being taken seriously now, for the old labels and games to work, but, it seems to me, that the SRA & False memory tango has been allowed to develop and effect so many people over the last few decades,

    I will also have to say that i admire me and others who have had the courage to speak out, but some of the cruelest treatment towards me has been by other survivors, i can also say that until i excorcised the hatred i carried within, the poisonous shame, guilt layed on, and mislabels, and began reclaiming my being, soul, i didn’t always see things clearly, or behave in ways i would now, i couldn’t, and i was unconcious of that, i too fell victim to many manipulators,……..blaming the victim, is a common default still, it seems at times…..

    But hey, you should hear me, on a day when someone has got me ……:) especially devils water inside me,…… 🙂 I hope that made sense, i’m so tired ….,


  11. if you give that 4 chan link a read, you might understand me being upbeat, there is a long history of 4 chan, and we were challenging them for along time, to get a grip, he and others have got that ! is what it seems like to me, they know so much about how these groups can work…….

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  12. Re: Peoples’ Tribunal
    One good principle : look for the hidden agenda.
    The People’s Tribunal is a marketing ploy to get useful publicity for a bunch of lawyers involved in child abuse personal injury claims.

    Re: Hacking
    Hackers are useful for testing the security of a system. If a hacker knows how a system can be hacked, they can also produce counter-measures to improve the security. Hackers are being recruited by governments to test their own security, and also for information war purposes against targets such as Islamic State.

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  13. I am disappointed that Rupert Q has finally committed himself fully to the cause of the Satan Hunter. I had hoped that my efforts at appealing to reason, asking him to look at all sides of this hoax would persuade him to abandon these nutters. It appears Rupert Q is as brain dead as his clumsy hacking attempts on this site.

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  14. Well, whoever the mystery hacker was, it wasn’t Melanie Shaw. She was taking time out from trying to burn down houses with sleeping children inside to add to her racist doll collection:


  15. They all laughed when I told people I was going to become a comedian. Well, they’re not laughing now!


  16. The picture of the two children on the “Eaten Lives Mater” facebook page – is that in any breach of a court order not to publish the children’s identity?

    If so will facebook close the page down?

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  17. ahh, thanks there are some real racist streaks embedded and some using child abuse to also exploit or ramp up britain first etc……. melanie would only need to see my first sons photo, to decide i was a wrongun then, probs….. and can’t abide racists, sooooooooooo…… goodluck to her, i warned her, explained and she became pretty vile towards me, she is not the first racist to get evil towards me, of course…. my eldest was born 40 yrs ago…

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  18. Now reported to facebook, including a copy of the Injunction against Draper and Mcneill

    That includes the warning

    Any person or body who knows of this order and breaches its content may be imprisoned, fined or have its assets seized.

    The order specifically bans the publication of the photographs

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  19. It was his last 4 sentences that made me chuckle:

    “I am blowing this case wide open. Nowhere to run or hide any longer. The dirt will come out in the wash. You can count on it.”

    To say them without wearing a cowboy hat or maybe a 70s detective’s badge would be a travesty 😀

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  20. The most recent post on Lemony’s page is a rant against homosexuals in positions of power. And how did I discover it? Because Angela Dizzy-Powder has shared it on her page!

    The Truth Movement should be renamed the Bigot Brigade.

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  21. Jimmy, that was so close to poetry that I thought I’d have a pop at finishing it off for you:

    These numpties come and go,
    Persistent on arrival.
    Rattle those wronguns’ cages!
    Here’s to the blog’s survival!

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  22. Nice one, JW. How did you manage to attach a file to your report? I didn’t know such a facility was on there.

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  23. If you go to https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/274459462613911 and click report a concern – I dont have an account,

    Click report other abuse or harassment

    You will be offered a form to fill in. CLICK I DON’T HAVE a Facebook account, the form that opens will then allow you to attach a file and any links as appropriate links.

    What is the best way to post images in with these comments – I can then show you a screenshot of the reporting page

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  24. It’s a breach of two BASIC points of law! It’s illegal to identify a child who is involved in a court case. It’s illegal to identify a victim – or alleged victim – of a sex offence unless they’re an adult and have given their (preferably written) permission. And that latter rule stands whether the abuse happened or not – the mere allegation is enough to trigger protection. The fact that there are court orders in place further strengthening that protection only adds fuel to the fire.

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  25. or cheers, btw Sandie Francis on facebook shared janet sharenthe borgs blog with a comment about how evil i was and bla de blah a slight skirmish ensued, which disappeared as i reminded people of the links, crimes etc, but despicable i am, and not human either according to her, oh and damaged so many survivors, too, according to her….. anyway, i was about to report it as putting me in danger to my care team, when it disappeared, i expected a backlash or two, again, again…….. 🙂 i do think they are running scared now though… so i should care what she thinks, cos why ?

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  26. Lets see what I know about RupertQ so far.

    His Twitter

    His YouTube Channel

    I now know this:

    His Instagram Account

    I now know his name is Rupert Wilson Quaintance.

    I know his father is also Rupert Wilson Quaintance.III
    Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/rupert.w.quaintance
    The father lives in Culpeper, Virginia.
    The father might have a military background dealing with intelligence information and IT based upon the business he is associated with as mentioned on Facebook.

    A photo on the instagram account of RupertQ is connected to Miller School of Albermarle
    RupertQ may have been a student at this school, which is a private fee paying school for boarders and day pupils.

    RupertQ lived here, and may still live here. Link below is circa 2010
    “Rupert Wilson Quaintance, IV is an artisan / businessman living life as a human in Charlottesville, Virginia. In his column you will find all manner of activist coverage for the City of Charlottesville, as it pertains to local and national citizenry.”

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  28. for someone who says he is a radio chat show host his 39 twitter followers doesn’t bode well for an audience. In a country of 320 million.

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  29. Likewise, and thanks for the welcome.

    I have been aware of this site since it’s conception, and my gut instinct told me that there were/are good people involved with it’s running, who want nothing more than to shine a light on the parasites and ghouls that thrive on and attempt to profit from the abject misery of others.

    I shall if I may, comment as and when I have something useful to contribute.

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