Angie’s Skype call mystery

You know how it is.

You’re on a High Level Phone Call to a young feller you’re trying to impress, and suddenly MI5 or MI6 or the CIA or RD or some other Force of Darkness cuts in, and next thing you know, it’s game over.

That’s how it went for Angie during her last call to an American named Rupert…there she was, puffing away on a fag, patting her own hair and fluttering her eyelashes, when it all started to go terribly wrong.

Have a listen to this brilliant report from our own Mr Tickle:


26 thoughts on “Angie’s Skype call mystery

  1. I made the error of accepting a friend request by an associate of the Satan Hunters who referred the above image to Facebook, who removed it as against their T&C. I removed the “friend” and blocked them. I have no problem that Facebook removed this image, because I would be unhappy with my face used as a clown or ape image, though I am upset at the double-standards of Facebook, since they had rejected repeated referrals of an image of the face of RD asking people to kill him as not in contravention of their T&C.


    Satanists have many hackers in our ranks. Why bother reporting content when the social media accounts, e-mails and websites can be hacked into, taken over and destroyed? We can gather IP addresses and DDOS them so that the Satan Hunter cannot access the internet. We can DDOS an entire website putting it offline permanently. Whatever any hacker can do so can Satanist hacker experts.

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        • Satanicviews – Where is Satan when you need him? He’s unreliable, just like that knobhead they call god! I’m suing for negligence! Anyway. I’m going to unsubscribe from him. I’ve heard there’s a better retarded theory to believe in… Flat Earth. Not even Satan can take on a Flatearther! Fuck Satan. Bring on Eric Dubay. He’ll kick Satans sorry arse!


        • Let me get this straight. This blog is to prove that the children were not abused by a Satanic Cult. And your genius way of doing this is by getting James Hind, a Satanist, to be one of your main correspondence.

          And you wonder why people still think this blog is run by the children’s father as part of the named Satanic cult?

          May I also take this opportunity to remind you that threatening to commit [scienter] and or engaging in criminal acts, such as online bullying, hacking and DDOS attacks, is highly illegal and punishable with imprisonment.

          For more on the subject see the following acts:

          The Computer Misuse Act 1990
          The Terrorism Act 2000
          Malicious Communications Act 1988
          Protection from Harassment Act 1996

          As an ex-police military officer, I could quite easily refer this for further investigation. However; as a cyber crimes investigator, I am pretty sure Mr Hines does not have the resources or know-how to commit such offences and is just scaremongering.

          Not that anyone reads his insane blog anyway! He is, perhaps, in need of some professional help to combat the issues he faced as a child?

          I if this blog really does have good intentions, I strongly suggest it cleans its act up. As we see it, it damages the reputation of innocent people around Hampstead who have been wrongly accused.

          The people of Hampstead do not want to be associated with people that harass others and who support Satanists.

          The courts have already made its judgement and the case has been put to bed. We do not need internet trolls damaging our names any further.

          Consider this a friendly warning from various people around Hampstead that are being directly effected by this blog and the damage it’s doing to us.

          We have a lot of financial might to take things further if the harassment and illegal activities of this blog and related networks continue. You may think you’re doing the right thing, but you are damaging our reputations.

          Please stop. This is not a childish game!


          • May I ask in what capacity you represent the community of Hampstead? Because to date, we’ve received nothing but positive feedback from residents and parents there.

            And I’m going to assume that you’re familiar with the concept of a blog: we write posts, and a certain number of our readers comment on those posts. To assume that our readers’ comments somehow represent the views or policies of our team is either misguided or disingenuous.

            You are quite welcome to disagree with some of the commentary you read here; and you’re welcome to challenge or question any posts or comments you don’t like or approve of. So long as you maintain the standards of non-abusive discourse that we impose on all our commenters, please feel free.

            As for internet trolls damaging the name of your community, I’m going to assume that you aren’t aware of the anti-troll actions we undertake here, or of the massive efforts we’ve made to have defamatory materials removed from various internet sites. That’s been one of our primary mandates from the start, and continues to be an important part of what we do. We’re more aware than most that this is not a childish game, believe me.

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          • @The “People of Hampstead”

            “And your genius way of doing this is by getting James Hind [sic], a Satanist, to be one of your main correspondence.”

            In what way have the owners of this blog got anyone to be a main correspondent? This is a public forum where anyone is permitted to comment. including you. Even I’m allowed to comment here, which shows how generous that nice Mr. Coyote is, lol.

            As for everyone here being RD, you sound as paranoid and incredulous as the hoaxers. Seriously, I’m not even going to bother to argue with you on that; I’m simply going to ask you to spend a few minutes thinking through the logistics of it and to ask yourself objectively whether it’s a remotely sensible theory.

            I agree with your point about hacking, though. None of us has ever advocated it on here and I’m pretty sure James was joking. He’s also a decent feller and totally harmless, as are the majority of Satanists. I’m not one myself (I’m an Atheist) but I know that they’re nothing like the cackling baby-scoffing witches portrayed by the hoaxers. Satanism is a recognised religion and this blog would do itself no favours by discriminating against people on account of their religious adherences. And last I checked, a hell of a lot more death and destruction had been perpetrated around the World by the larger, allegedly God-loving religions. Moreover, the vast majority of the death threats that I and most other HR regulars have received have been from self-proclaimed Christians! (Check out the ‘Trolls’ link above if you get a moment)

            “He is, perhaps, in need of some professional help to combat the issues he faced as a child?”

            Right, now you’re just cranking out internet trolling clichés.

            “As an ex-police military officer, I could quite easily refer this for further investigation.”

            Yeah – now you’re just sounding silly. I suggest that ‘ex’ and ‘military’ are the two key points there that cast serious doubt over whether you have any power over an internet blog. And even if you did, this is an above -board, law-abiding blog with no illegal content to report and you’re just going to have to live with that and put your (frankly embarrassing) bullying tactics on hold.

            And on a related point, may I ask who appointed you as a representative of the Hampstead community anyway? Some of us are in regular contact with the “accused” and they seem very supportive of this blog. And oddly, they’ve never mentioned you!

            “The courts have already made its judgement and the case has been put to bed. We do not need internet trolls damaging our names any further.”

            Firstly, the matter has not been put to bed, as there are a plethora of individuals and hate groups still out there and still active. If you took your head out of the sand for a moment, you might see some of them. Secondly, to many of us here, this isn’t just about Hampstead. This is about nipping SRA hoaxes in the bud before they spread in the UK like they have come close to doing in the US. In short, it’s not all about “you”. And thirdly, calling people trolls simply because they don’t share your agenda is farcical. The hoaxers do that a lot and it really devalues the term. I see it as on a par with incorrectly playing the race card, thereby running the risk of causing people not to take genuine racism seriously.

            “The people of Hampstead do not want to be associated with people that harass others and who support Satanists.”

            Again, who told you that, in what capacity are you representing them and where did HR support Satanists anyway? And what if it did? Even David Shurter admits that Satanists are harmless! (He makes a distinction between Satanists and Luciferians, but I digress.)

            “Consider this a friendly warning from various people around Hampstead”

            Well, if you don’t mind, I for one (though I am but a humble commenter) decline your warning and will carry on posting regardless, though I am intrigued as to what exactly you’re implying will happen to me if I do. In fact, I want to carry on commenting now just so I can find out , hehe 😉 Or perhaps you could clarify that for us, along with a breakdown of HR’s “illegal activities”. This blog prides itself on sticking to the law and I understand that this has been confirmed by the Police, with whom it is in constant contact.

            So it seems you have a lot to clear up for us there, if you’d be so kind. I look forward to your response.

            Thanks in advance 🙂

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          • I note in the last few days the emergence of a disinformation campaign against this blog site and its supporters. The poster known as “Don’t Say Tan” might be part of the disinformation campaign, though I am not totally certain of this.

            I personally have no connection to this blog site beyond commenting on it. My comments are my own and do not speak for this site or its other contributors. I am a Satanist, I run my own blog sites that comment on this hoax. To my knowledge there are no other Satanists commenting or contributing to this site. My interest in this matter is that my religion is being defamed and dishonestly associated with the harm of children. I have a personal interest to challenge these untrue allegations and offer a honest alternative viewpoint of my religion.

            To my knowledge I have stayed within the boundaries of the law in fighting the Hampstead SRA hoax. I am fully aware that this site is being monitored and occasionally contributed to by police, lawyers and journalists. If I have said or say anything that others feel inappropriate it is within their ability to moderate, suspend or challenge me in comments on this site. If an individual feels that the law has been broken then I invite them rather than making threats, to refer that matter to the appropriate legal authorities.

            Let me remind the poster that everyone who has been opposing the Hampstead SRA hoax have been reasonable and within the law whilst the Satan Hunter has been orchestrating a relentless and intimidating campaign against named and targeted individuals. The innocent father of the children P and Q has been the particular recipient of the greatest hatred, people who post his name around the internet inviting others to kill him. In other cases Satan Hunters have been orchestrating and conspiring to kidnap children P and Q.

            Satanism is a religion, it is my religion, and the vast amount of content that Satan Hunters have dumped onto the internet associating Satanism with the rape, killing and eating of children is a hate crime. This dishonest narrative that Satanists harm children is a serious threat to my well being, since if people start believing this, they will kill Satanists, take our children away from us, burn our homes down, and other terrible things based upon ignorance and deceit. Satanism is a positive religion, it might carry viewpoints that people disagree with, but it contributes in a constructive way to a diverse and healthy culture of many points of view that is the UK.

            The Satan Hunter and their fictional narrative that Satanists are harming children in Hampstead is steadily and relentlessly being defeated. The battle will last perhaps another year, but for some individuals such as RD and his children the harm done might last a lifetime.

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          • That linked site could be very helpful to me and some others who have been bullied, defamed etc online for showing the case in hampstead and those behind the scam, to be fake……. Thankyou.

            Are you an ambassador or representative of the Cybersmile site ?

            Have Hampstead residents used it ? Found it helpful ? To stop their names from being smeared along with RD ?

            Are there any hampstead residents who would like to proceed with a class action ?

            Have you also written to the real offenders….ie those promoting still this case and still naming and quoting other children as being still victims, and that people should still be made to prove innocence etc ?

            Here’s the link, which surprised me, i was just expecting an avatar profile….

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          • I’m a Hampstead resident. My family have been affected by past events. I find this blog and its related sites disrespectful. I’ve seen the linked profiles on Youtube and Google Plus with names like MKUltra 666. It’s very immature and very hurtful. It doesn’t help. You DO come across like a group of Satanist. I concur with “The People of Hampstead”. Would be interesting to know who you are. Maybe I can help out? Drop me an email at


          • Hello, Jacqui.

            Interesting that you and ‘The People of Hampstead’ share a single IP address. Considering his/her claims to be a ‘cyber crimes investigator’, I should think s/he would have the skill and/or smarts to at least use a VPN to disguise that.


          • Readers: We strongly recommend that whatever your feelings, you not write directly to the email address provided by ‘Jacqui’. Unscrupulous dealers have been known to use incoming email information to determine a person’s location and identity, and we have no evidence that the person involved in this correspondence is in fact scrupulous.


          • @ “The People of Hampstead” / “Jacqui”

            Instead of changing names and essentially posting the same rant as the last one, do you think perhaps you could respond to any of the counter-arguments and questions that 4 people have so far put to you?


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    • Those quotes come from my blog site. I wish to stress that neither I or other Satanists have at this stage deployed hacking techniques against the Satan Hunter. Angie’s skype call problems was down to her daughter, if Satanists wanted to disrupt Angie’s communications her entire machine and internet connection would have been obliterated.

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  2. Sometimes I forget that some of these people have kids. It makes me wonder what they think of their mothers activities. I’m reminded of Belinda’s daughter who apparently asked Belinda to stop with the conspiracy nonsense, but Belinda ignored her pleas.

    It’s hilarious that Angela’s paranoia makes her believe that dark forces are at work, when in fact it was just her daughter doing normal daughter stuff. You would think that at some point they would take time out to consider if maybe they really are as crazy as people say.

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