Hey, remember that DDH blog?

Yeah, to be honest we rarely bother with that blog, but every now and then an interesting titbit gets thrown our way…in this case about the author of DDH.

When we do think about the site, it’s mostly to smile patronisingly at its author’s bizarre leaps of…well, you can’t really call them ‘logic’, can you? Essentially, according to DDH, pretty much everyone in the known universe, and a few entities beyond it, are RD.

Yeah, sure. Whatever you say.

For some time, we’d been operating on the assumption that the place was run by Jim McMenamin’s lovely wife Helen. We’d received a tip from one of Charlotte Alton Ward’s acolytes, and it seemed to check out.

However, it seems we were mistaken: turns out that the real mastermind is none other than ‘Kris DaCosta’, aka Kris Costa, aka the Wig that Walks.

Kris DaCosta-photos-FB 2016-01-28 at 5.16.30 PM

Yep, that cheap’n’cheerful blue mop, bottom row, is…well, actually she’s a model from China, where that interesting hairpiece is manufactured and sold. But the wig is Kris’s online avatar: apparently s/he has a hankering to resemble Cousin Itt.


Here’s where Cousin It….that is, Kris reveals all:

Kris DaCosta 2016-02-24Set aside for a moment wacky Kane Slater’s idea that a bunch of smart people would be even remotely interested in helping ‘expose and destroy the Hampstead cannibals’, or that his brilliant plan is to set Abrella up for a live Q&A, moderated by none other than, well, Kane (we put the odds of them participating in something Abe cannot directly control at approximately 1,000,000:1).

There’s Cousin Itt, right in the middle, claiming responsibility for DDH.

Funny, though. S/he states that this involved ‘100’s if not a 1000 hours of research’ (sic). And yet if you check out DDH itself, there are approximately 30 posts, the vast majority of which are factually wrong. A lot of time and effort to produce something this dismal:

Kris DaCosta-DDH 2016-02-24

Screenshot from DDH blog

My, my, would you look at this! S/he’s actually taken a screenshot from our blog. Perhaps that crack about the cheap wig hit home. And we definitely detect a bit of resentment about our suggestion that people might want to report his/her fake Facebook profile.

We were interested to note that while Kris was once a devoted commentator on the ex-Hamster Research blog, often earning a pat on the head and a ‘good dog’ from Charlotte, about a month ago we found evidence of a schism between Kris and Charlotte Alton Ward. Not to worry, Krisโ€”eventually everyone falls out with Charlotte. It’s kind of her thing.

So there you have it: another Hoaxtead pusher to join the ever-diminishing crowd.








31 thoughts on “Hey, remember that DDH blog?

  1. Kris DaCosta page seems to have vanished. Poor Kane Slater is moaning because he’s been telling the world about the Satanic Baby Eating Rothschild Cult ( every Wednesday lunch but not one single ”whistelblower’ has ever bothered to turn up to gather proof) and no-one can be bothered to even like his posts.

    Poor diddums doesn’t realise these truthers get burnt-out with each conspiracy and like a drug they need a new one – Flat Earth or something similar. Just wait until it dawns upon Araya the mob has bored with the Great Ice Wall surrounding the earth. Fireworks

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    • Well, to be fair to Araya, she does intersperse her flat earth stuff with “drink your own urine” and anti-semitism. She’s once, twice, three times a nutter. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • There was a reason the school had security guards, because some fruitcake could have turned up and tried to get in the school or get to the children.

      As far as I recall certain people were gloating about bad reviews including details about the case had been put up about the school. None of the parents who were concerned about those reviews, and not those named, have come out and said that there are strange goings on.

      I wonder why the FB profile has gone?

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      • Yes, the security guards were placed when kidnap and death threats started pouring in from the Hoaxtead mob. I can certainly see putting guards in place to protect my children if they were in this situation.

        It does strike me as very strange that none of the other parents have come forward to verify Abrella’s story. You’d think that once the veil had been lifted, at least a few might want to report the ‘cult’.


  2. I can understand Kris DaCosta wanting to keep their identity hidden so they don’t have to admit to the dogs ear of a blog that they had produced.

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  3. I understand that the information we have on Kris’s identity has been passed on to the Police on account of the high amount of illegal content on his/her DDH blog. They’ve been investigating that blog for some time, I gather, and they’ve just been handed a gigantic slice of the jigsaw!

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  4. On second thoughts, there’s no need for a picture. It may be the wrong man. Even if it’s the right one, can you delete? Keep the link though!


  5. Meanwhile, over at ‘Eaten Lives Matter’, the in-fight entertainment continues…

    It’s Taylor saying he wouldn’t respond again, then responding several times, that seals it for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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