What really happened to the Yaohirou audio?

One of the longest-standing bits of ‘evidence’ that the Hoaxtead pushers like to spew about is the alleged ‘police cover-up’ of the recording that Abraham’s brother-in-law made at his home, the night Abe and Ella brought the children home from Morocco.

They point to paragraphs 107–108 of Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgement to verify this allegation:

107. It is a curious fact that prior to the launch of these proceedings, no police officer had listened to the audio recording made by Jean Clement Yaohirou or watched the film clips of the children. DI Cannon made inquiries at my request to discover that DC Rogers, the member of his team who received the film clips and the audio recording from Mr Yaohirou, had sent them to a property store in Chingford. The focus would appear to have been upon arranging almost immediate ABE interviews.

108. I say no more at this stage than that the police and social services inquiry could have taken an entirely different course if attention had been given to those recordings. At the very least, the questions asked of P and Q at interview would have been directed towards other areas of interest.

On the face of it, sending the Yaohirou audio to a police storage facility in Chingford does seem like an odd move. Why would the Barnet police have done such a thing? Was it incompetence, some sort of bureaucratic mix-up, or was there really an attempt made to cover up the content of the audio recording?

Mrs Justice Pauffley doesn’t elaborate much on this, and it’s been a question mark for some time.

That is, until DrifLoud cleared it up for us via one of his Twitter rants, brought to our attention by Dave, a regular commenter here: Dave-re Drifloud-Chingford 2016-03-29

Here are the pieces of Jean-Clement’s testimony, as published by Drippy (we’ve redacted some side-notes that identify the children):

Drifloud-Twitter-Yaohirou 2016-03-26

Drifloud-Twitter-re Yaohirou 2016-03-25

Drippy is contending that when Barnet police stated that they hadn’t listened to the recording, they were lying.

However, reading Jean-Clement’s testimony more carefully, the real picture becomes clear: he’d initially called Scotland Yard, since he took Abe’s word for it that Haringey police might have been ‘in on the cult’. Scotland Yard then recommended that Jean-Clement call his own local constabulary, which happened to be Waltham Forest Police.

Thus it was Waltham Forest police officers who came to his house the next morning, listened to the recording, and decided to remove the phone for further study. According to Jean-Clement, they were the ones who took the phone to Chingford.

This has quite a different implication than if Barnet police had originally listened to the Yaohirou recording as part of their criminal investigation, and had at that time arbitrarily decided to send it to the police storage facility in Chingford, which is miles away from Barnet.

In fact, while it doesn’t speak well for internal police communications across London boroughs, the real story sounds to us much less like ‘deliberate cover-up’ and much more like ‘left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing’.

What if Barnet police had listened the Yaohirou recording?

In fact, it’s a shame that the Yaohirou audio was not immediately viewed by Barnet police at the time when they were first alerted to Abe and Ella’s outlandish claims, and were investigating whether they were true, whether the children had been abused, and if so, who was responsible for that.

As Mrs Justice Pauffley intimated in her judgement, “the police and social services inquiry could have taken an entirely different course if attention had been given to those recordings” as part of the criminal investigation. It’s pretty clear from her statements that she felt that had the Yaohirou video been considered by Barnet police, charges would most likely have been laid against Abe and Ella.

Unfortunately, this did not happen.

The Yaohirou recording was used later, in the child custody fact-finding hearing, but not in the initial criminal investigation, where it could have been used as the foundation of a strong case against Abe and Ella.

If it had been, this entire hoax might never have gathered the momentum that it did; Ella might not have had the opportunity to distribute the videos she and Abe made to Sabine McNeill and Araya Soma; and both Abe and Ella might have been forced to face the full penalty of law for abusing the children and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Abe & Ella-2016-02-28

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  1. Having just returned from a meeting with my own solicitor, one of the subjects we discussed was how police often get it wrong, are under a lot of pressure from all angles & how this is exploited by sociopaths like Cristie & Draper. My lawyer’s own matter regarded a former adversary of mine who he decisively defeated in a court case over 6 years ago now but who will not accept the Judgement. My solicitor has even obtained a court order banning this lunatic from coming near him but had to deal with the Fraud Squad a few weeks ago over a ridiculous claim from the same person. While he had his solicitor settle that matter with the police who said they no longer had interest in it, we calculated 100s of hours of police time had been wasted by a nutter- a nasty one just like the small time criminal Abraham Cristie. Sane normal people inhibit themselves from these sorts of actions. Fanatics / narcissists like Cristie are not inhibited by normal social behaviour. And it becomes a Perfect Storm when a bunch of them combine. It’s why I say to the Hampstead residents : these people will not give up until they are restrained by the courts. 2 are soon to be convinced of that, one may even do jail time. But we should all be agitating for Ella Draper & Abraham Cristie to be extradited from Spain to face a UK court. And that goes for their fellow travellers like Araya Soma etc. No matter how nutty they are.

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  2. Damn straight, Sam. And I think it’s inevitable that Abe and Ella will eventually do some jail time at least. Whilst their minions (I’m starting to like that word) are getting away with warnings and fines, Abe and Ella are known to the police as child abusers who fled the country when they tried to arrest them That won’t be taken lightly. And the fact that Abe has spent his time in exile sending abusive emails to and making slanderous videos about high-ranking police officers (among others) has only served to dig him (and his lapdog Ella) further into the doo-doo.

    By the way, one question: should your solicitor/lawyer be gossiping about other clients’ cases behind their backs, lol?

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  3. No the case involved me and my adversary who we defeated in court who then transferred his fixation onto the lawyer. That’s how these sociopaths work. I have actually aided my lawyer by compiling all the nutcases internet ramblings which he was able to use as evidence of harassment- and he’s a family friend. You bring up a good point though which has some similarities to Hampstead. The nutcase convinced another who was a co-plaintiff with me to feed him all our legal papers which of course are legally privileged. We haven’t even started on that but like Hampstead these narcissists / sociopaths do not think the laws apply to them just as Sabine thinks. They misread the law and most of them go on the attack and are too cheap to get legal advice. Not mentioning any names but Neelu comes to mind.

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  4. I do think that Ruperts london activities may well include him visiting a luxury establishment such as the one in the image below:

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  5. I’m afraid this just comes across as another example of where the ‘tail’ of statistics wags the ‘dog’ of public service. – I hear too-often that things have been reported to the police and disregarded, or that the police and other authorities will ‘turn on’ individuals who are making reports of things that are diffiicult to investigate and/or will impact negatively upon the stats for the area. – That even a Special Constable cannot access a proper level of service (SCs are very often resented by other PCs) is as unsurprising as it is sickening. The police are only interested in getting ‘low level’ reports of crime off their books, and they’ll do that by any means. – Including but not limited to simply ‘tucking up’ evidence on the assumption that the matter will ‘blow over’. I am aware of much more troubling examples that have resulted in individuals who went on to rape children (and were eventually convicted of the same) being left unfettered while those that ‘rocked the boat’ by reporting them were effectively bullied by local councils and certain Police Officers.

    And yes – the likes of Christie, McKenzie and a whole raft of others I could name DO exploit this sort of thing.

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  6. Are they going to be having a little activity together?

    Rupert seems to have jumped up from age 58 Angie to 71 Sabine very quickly.

    Anyway hasn’t Daddy got enough money to pay for his little booty calls?

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  7. Neelu takes legal advice from that great “common law lawyer” Patrick Cullinane.

    Ten years ago Patrick Cullinane was getting quite sympathetic press coverage from both left and right. I would have thought it would have been possible for him to engage a good lawyer (paid for by his supporters) and recover some of his losses. As it is he has followed the completely fruitless “Common Law” route and become nothing more than a nuisance.

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  8. Didn’t Rupert state in one of the videos with Angie that he had stayed with somebody in England before. He thought it was funny how he thrashed their car all the time and in the end the person he was staying with was more than happy to get rid of him. It appears he just likes to use people for his own gains

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  9. The more curious aspect is that Pauffley described there being no officer that listened to the recordings before the proceeding of the hearing. Yet the CRIS log describes at least one officer had listene dto it and seen the videos. I wonder if she had written that part early on in the proceedings when a few officers had testified to not seeing them. That she simply didn’t correct the statement, or something like that.

    There’s a small part of me that wants to donate and help Rupert come over for a visit, just to see what an ass he makes of himself.

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  10. Yes, I’m puzzled by this inaccuracy too. It seems odd to me that she’s so precise in every other respect, but there seems to have been confusion about the Yaohirou recording. (I’m avoiding calling it a ‘video’, as it’s audio only–and I want to distinguish it from the 16 videos that Abe and Ella made of the children en route back to the UK.)

    As for Q*Bert, I feel he’s already distinguished himself as a prime ass-clown. I don’t know that I need to see more.


  11. Yes, if there’s forensic evidence (blood? semen? fingerprints? hair samples? actual secret rooms that could have been used for the alleged purpose?) no one’s found them so far. If Angie knows about something and isn’t telling, she should step forward.

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  12. This comment has always concerned me. If Mr Allman “watched the children being tortured” on video or otherwise, surely he had a legal and moral obligation to report this to the police immediately, whether or not he felt obligated to protect a source.

    If the material came from forensic examination of Abe’s phone–not an unlikely scenario, given that I’m sure Abe put the children through multiple rehearsals before their ‘big performance’ in front of Jean-Clement–then Mr Allman has no business mentioning it at all, as it’s privileged information.


  13. Agreed 100%. Frankly, I’m not convinced of Mr. Allman’s credibility. I think that at the time, I – and others – were sucked in by his status and intellect but those qualities don’t exempt someone from being a bullshitter!

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  14. Today is the first day that I have read the “part transcript” that appears to be quoted at the start of this post.

    Most special’s are resented by regular police officers. The reason seems to be that many have an ego which they wish to prove and use their uniform as a method of doing that.

    It’s not a surprise that Yaohirou took the recording almost as soon as the perpetrators had left to the most senior police unit that he could think of – Scotland Yard.

    Imagine how much quedos he would have earned had it be taken seriously and suddenly he was a hero for exposing everything (it would seem to have been an attempt to feed his own ego, rather than a genuine effort to do the “right thing”)

    In my mind there is the question of why he felt it necessary to record a meeting he had with family… I have no doubt the investigating officers asked the same to themselves when they considered the content of the tape.

    They will of also asked at the local station as to the character of the Special…. If he was the type who would give someone a parking ticket for being 5 seconds past the expiry time of their parking ticket then that would have been taken into the consideration of the value of his evidence.

    I can understand the Judges comments, in reality she is critical of the police, but also respectful as to their judgment with regards the importance of a certain persons contribution to what evidence they had at the time.

    I do think the police are incompetent, but I also think that many parties tried to stage manage the whole sequence of events, each with their own agenda – and that includes Special Constable Yaohirou and surmise that the evidence he provided was ignored at an early stage, and this was due to regular police officers past experiences of working with him. Perhaps a true case example of a person crying wolf just once too often.

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  15. A friends wife has been in contact with Angie via Facebook – she sent me the Face Book message exchange (copied below) earlier – I understand she has also forwarded it to the police.

    Needless to say NO DONATIONS will be going through Angie or any of her scams, but a donation will go direct to David Chisoli (providing he replies to her email to him)

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  16. Wow…many thanks for this, JW. It’s pretty clear that Angie’s trying to pull the old ‘bait-and-switch’ scam here, isn’t it? She tries very hard to get ‘Karen Johnson’ to donate to her personal funds…keeps sending wrong info…what a crook she is.

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  17. I can say with some surety that there are many valid reasons for someone to join the police as a Special Constable – perhaps they are young and intend to join the regular force when studies are over for instance? Perhaps they might wish to gain some perspective before making that life-changing move? Possibly they feel ‘crushed’ by their community facing inadequate policing and have the sense to realise that vigilantism is not an appropriate response? Many rural areas would have no local constable if not for volunteers.

    I’ll concede though that a great many wind up wishing they really hadn’t bothered their arse trying to act in the responsible service of their community thanks to the mentality of some regulars! I’m afraid there are a great many individuals of all ranks and styles walking around with warrant cards today that 25 or 30 years ago would have been (and should still be) considered psychologically unsuited to the office of constable. – And this ‘attitude problem’ many regulars seem to hold has cost the police service quite a few good recruits over the years; as well as much support!

    Factually, Scotland Yard is not really as you describe; it is simply force headquarters for the Met. – And I cannot see anything irregular in Yaohirou’s actions as he thought officers in his own service division may have been involved, where on earth else would he go?

    “in my mind there is the question of why he felt it necessary to record a meeting he had with family… I have no doubt the investigating officers asked the same to themselves when they considered the content of the tape.”

    – Yaohirou is Christie’s brother-in-law? I’m fairly sure that if I had a weed-sucking piece of sewage like that married into my family I would be VERY cautious about anything he might disclose, especially if the conversation had tended towards (as it often does with these wastes-of space) anything unhinged such as the justification of his ‘druggie lifestyle’. Given that Yaohirou is most likely to have had the ‘phone on him and to hand anyway, hitting ‘record’ seems like a natural action given the nature of what was about to be disclosed.

    Have you any evidence – anecdotal or otherwise – that suggests anything of concern in Yaohirou’s behaviour either in or out of uniform? Beyond reporting matters, where has Yaohirou ‘popped up’ in the case? Where has he attempted to seek attention or aggrandisement?

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  18. I have no evidence to support my superstitions with regards Yaohirou. It is as I stated – superstition. I base it upon my own observations of a number of people I have known who worked as Special Police Constables.

    I do agree with your observation with regards regular police officers and the deterioration in standards ( To quote you – “’I’m afraid there are a great many individuals of all ranks and styles walking around with warrant cards today that 25 or 30 years ago would have been (and should still be) considered psychologically unsuited to the office of constable”).

    With regards my previous comment – “in my mind there is the question of why he felt it necessary to record a meeting he had with family… I have no doubt the investigating officers asked the same to themselves when they considered the content of the tape.”

    Had Yaohirou concerns over what might have been said in the meeting, then he could have always refused to meet. In a similar way he could have also alerted his senior officers to his concerns and let them arrange for surveillance of such a meeting – at least then it would have been treated as evidential from the offset

    With regards escalation of any concerns with regards his colleagues at a Police Station Yaohirou was stationed at then I am reliably informed that the police do have in place a confidential method of raising those concerns – which does not involve ringing up the telephone operator at the forces head quarter but allows reporting in a secure confidential manner.

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  19. EC please delete the link to the FB page on the previous post- unfortunately it opens the header on here – which was not the intention

    The correct link has not got :0 at the end of the address string

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  20. Thanks EC – the whole content of that Facebook page was deeply disturbing. Do you have any thoughts on who is behind it?


  21. Yes… Police Officers have a confidential means through which they can raise direct concerns about other Police Officers or suspicions of corruption, but that’s not exactly what he was reporting. It appears to me that he was unsure of how to procede (understandable for an SC) and so contacted force HQ for guidance; which he seems to have got!

    Presumably Yaohirou lays no claim to psychic ability. I’m sure the police service would be in chaos if every officer called for assistance every time they might meet with someone they didn’t like or even were suspicious of. – What indication is there he met with Christie forewarned as to what was about to unfold? It appears that Yaohirou tried to raise his concerns with the MET as soon as he became aware of the allegations.

    ‘Superstition’ – and the manipulation of it – is really what’s at the heart of the debacle. Again; beyond reporting matters, where else has Yaohirou ‘popped up’ in the case? Where has he attempted to seek attention or aggrandisement?

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  22. Angela Power-Disney’s classic Freudian slip in the truest sense : “I am looking to find a new way to make an *honest* living as a journalist. ”

    She really is a small time grifter & sociopath and that explains her complete indifference to criticism & what are well deserved brickbats from here & elsewhere. I’ve met many con-men /women in my lifetime & they share one trait : when a lie is exposed their mind goes into a sort of survival mode & automatically seeks a further lie to cover their tracks. Whereas a “normal” person (and we all lie at some stage) who is exposed in a lie, they are embarrassed, angry- they exhibit real emotions.

    This is a woman who has been on the fiddle her entire life & it’s become second nature. They really should be teaching children at schools : How to Spot a Sociopath.

    ## I’m fascinated by Power-Disney’s alleged association with the career criminal Andrea Davison. They are very similar and Davison was a cheap crook for most of her life with over 20 convictions for fraud (and they still let ehr be a MI5 agent lol). How ever Davison had a unique talent : she was an expert forger which eventually wa sher undoing.

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  23. She is clearly being baited in that exchange but is too bloody thick to realise or…the lure of some cash has made her continue to the bitter end. Like all grifters – they will pursue a ‘mark’ until that mark either pays up or goes away. Then they simply seek out a new one. I think it is very useful to concentrate on Power-Disney as there will be something in her past that comes out.

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  24. I agree there is no evidence that Yaohirou has sought any further (that is beyond his first revelation that he had recorded a meeting lasting two hours) attention or aggrandisement.

    However the fact remains that he must have felt sufficent caution with regards his meeting to have felt he needed to make a recording of it? – or was that what he did with each and every meeting he had with ANYONE? He also decided that he needed to call the forces head office switchboard to seek advice at 1.00am, rather than waiting until the start of morning business to seek advice. To me, that seems indicative that he felt the matter deserved great urgency. Did his brother-in-law simply use him thinking that was how he might react?

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  25. It’s becoming another Internet Round Robin where they are usually propping each other up with their conspiracies but in this case it’s a small group of grifter / con merchants conning each other. Or trying to piggy back on each other’s delusional powers.

    What we have is a nutcase Yank funding his UK holiday by claiming his will cure all child abuse (by making another Youtube video). Others like Power-Disney are clambering onto the bandwagon. All we need is Maggie Tuttle to surface.

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  26. Here’s how desperate these idiots are to keep this thing in the spotlight: they’re seriously considering using Q*Bert to rev up the hoax again. They’ve exhausted all other options, right down to David Sh!rter, and now…this is all they can come up with? Sad. Really, really sad.


  27. My understanding is that he’s employed by the Home Office, and is a special constable on his off-hours. If anyone can confirm or contradict, I’d be grateful.


  28. Why donate for Rupert to come to England?

    It makes no sense at all.

    Rupert knows very little about this case, he’s not been following it since last year. Angie has been filling him in…

    They may as well find an American, any American in London and get them to do these gigs.

    It’s a totally ridiculous idea and makes them even more of a laughing stock than they already are.

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  29. The most likely scenario is that Yaohirou has simply hit ‘record’ on his phone once he realised what was bing disclosed to him. On finding himself out of his depth and alarmed he simply sought further guidance… And once he had handed the matter over his involvement pretty-much ended.

    Paulfrey’s criticism seems to be more about the direction the police took the investigation… And there does indeed seem to be some confusion as to how much attention Yaohirou’s recording received. However, much as it is revealing and relevant, in terms of standing up in a criminal court it’s not of the best ‘quality’. Therefore I can see why the police would take the direction they did in attempting to gain better evidence in respect of the alleged abuse. – As is (in effect) observed, a distinct lack of ‘joined up thinking’ is observed. and the judge’s scolding seems as appropriate as it is measured…

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  30. Maggie will be.

    Saturday, 23rd April at her Children Screaming To Be Heard Conference in Camden.

    Perhaps we can have a whip round and bring you over for it Sam.

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  31. Angie’s a journalist like I’m a prima ballerina. (Slugs down another pint of real ale and reaches for the pork pies….)

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  32. Nooooooooooo not the rambling nonsense with squillions of hyperlinks. Printed out on paper and the links go no where. That just isn’t fair to provide references to extraneous material that actually isn’t provided to the court. Is Sabine supposed to be some sort of McKenzie friend who tries to help people with their legal woes? Tell me it isn’t true.


  33. Time for tonight’s Bible class, guys.

    15:46 – “I used to pray…for women that were unable to conceive for whatever reason…and something like 70% of them conceived against the odds.”

    Wow, is there no end to Angie’s talents?! 😮

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  34. 22:05 “And if you can help, there’s a little GoFundMe [sic]. Feel free to throw in. Nothing’s too small and nothing’s too large and everything is spent transparently and with integrity to the best of my human ability.”

    Phew! What a relief to know that we’re free to donate as much as we want to her. That’s really thoughtful of her.

    I do wonder what she means by “transparently”, though, seeing as she’s never once published any info’ on how the money’s spent, despite innumerable requests for her to do so.

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  35. Well, to be fair, neither can I. I think he’d be smiling out the other side of his face if he spent a night or two as a guest of Her Maj.


  36. I think Yaohirou is the unsung hero in this case. There may be facts that have not been aired….


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