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While it often feels to us as though the Hampstead cult abuse hoax looms large, we’re keenly aware that this is far from the only case of false allegations of sexual abuse on the British landscape these days.

The Met recently declared the demise of Operation Midlands (and none too soon); and of course Justice Lowell Goddard’s report on the inquiry into historic sexual abuse is ongoing.

As Anna Raccoon put it in her blog yesterday,

The media are waiting for Goddard so that they can report rumour and speculation as ‘fact glossed with official blessing’  – to wit, the headlines we will surely see along the lines of ‘The Goddard Report states that’ (quotation marks) “MPs were witnessed consuming headless rabbits laced with strychnine for breakfast after ritual satanic abuse” – pace the NHS reports.

The police are waiting for Goddard so that they have somewhere to send the legion of fantasists who have besieged them ever since they said they would take each and every allegation of satanic/sexual abuse, preferably by a newsworthy name, as being ‘credible and true’. ‘Care in the community’ scattered these people to the wind, Goddard offers an opportunity to get them all into the same building.

There is a faint hope that it might leave the police with sufficient resources to help protect the truly vulnerable in society rather than act as a grotesque public relations outfit for some truly deranged ‘social justice entrepreneurs’.

‘Social justice entrepreneurs’: we like the ring of that.

It’s almost as compellingly descriptive as ‘fear porn merchants’ and ‘conspiritainment moguls’, especially when describing the pack of hyenas that pushed Hoaxtead into existence, and then kept it there as long as they possibly could.

Social media isn’t waiting for Goddard for they know in advance that ‘it will be a whitewash’. Particularly the ‘social media entrepreneurs’. They are the keyboard jockeys who always have a ‘donate‘ button on their site. ‘Justice for Maddie!’ – donate here. ‘Justice for Hollie Grieg!’ – donate here. ‘Justice for Robert Green!’ donate here. ‘Justice for the Hampstead victims of Satanic Abuse’ – donate here.

Oh, so you’ve met Sabine and Belinda, then?

As it turns out, the answer is yes:

Belinda MacKenzie is another name that becomes yawningly familiar. Belinda lives in leafy Highgate and had ambitions for her home to become an “in-house charity” for impoverished activists supported by “some kind of international fund“. That information was gleaned from an injunction taken out by one of her many tenants. An injunction which also revealed that her other tenants included David Shayler and girlfriend Annie, ex-MI5 defector, who subsequently preferred to be known as ‘Dolores’ and declared he was the Messiah. Curiously, he started work with MI5 as a result of an advertisement entitled ‘Godot isn’t coming‘. Bizarre that I should have had Godot on the brain as I started to research this!

Belinda also gave board and lodging to Sabine McNeil, of whom we shall hear more later. So many mouths to feed, no wonder she needs a donate button. Belinda would tell you that Iran Aid, a charity that she was closely involved with for many years, along with her ‘is he/isn’t he’ husband, Esmail Vafa Yaghmaei, and which managed to ‘misplace’ £75 million pounds,  resulting in the charity commission closing it down, is NOT the source of the millions which allowed her to buy into leafy Highgate – she says her father left her millions.

Sadly she is now reduced to penury, buying her clothes from charity shops as she begs for donations. Allegedly.

There’s more, much more, but to do justice to the piece we really think you should read the whole thing.

Ms Raccoon offers a fascinating overview of a chilling problem: our tendency, as a society, to allow ourselves to be enchanted by gruesome, lurid, and expensive investigations of ‘VIP paedophile rings’, whilst allowing our neediest and most vulnerable citizens to wither away unnoticed.

Belinda McKenzie, Terence Ewing, Sabine McNeill


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  1. “It was always my intention to work full-time for the benefit of humanity once my children were grown up and had left home. This moment for me coincided with my having received a substantial inheritance, £4 million to be precise from my wealthy landowner father on his death in 1996. ”

    If anyone can get me Bellender’s maiden name or her father’s name I would be more than happy to spend the tenner required to get a copy of his will…. One has to ask why someone with 4 million has a mortgage?

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  2. Very nice to see the exchange of compliments & promotion of blogs between here and there 🙂
    I’m sure that Ms Raccoon et al., were on the small list of potentially supportive folk that I posted here, way back when the Scarlet Scoop was in charge.

    Chris Fay has been responsible for SO MUCH BS, lies and public slanders in the UK. I detest him. He is a genuine Grima Wormtongue. There must be some way to prosecute him for something related to all of this -? How about “promoting hatred” – that surely has been one of his objectives.

    Here’s a riddle: what’s the difference between an All-day Super-sucker and Zac Goldsmith?
    Answer: NOTHING! har-dee-har-har!

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