Kane Slater’s YouTube channel gone…again

A couple of weeks ago we reported that finally, YouTube seemed to be cracking down on Hampstead SRA hoax-related videos. At that time, we noticed that certain previously unassailable videos had been removed from Lift the Veil, as well as from Angela Power-Disney’s YouTube channel.

It seems that we missed one: Kane Slater’s channel, Hampstead Cover-Up (not to be confused with Abraham Christie and Ella Drapert’s Hampstead Cover Up, unhyphenated) disappeared completely on 20 March, and it seems he’s none too pleased about it:

This is not the first time Slater has lost a YouTube channel for violating community guidelines: about two years ago some of our readers went on a reporting spree and had his first channel removed. To add insult to injury, his Vid.me channel was reported and removed at the same time.

As Slater mournfully noted at the time, “YouTube is taking them down faster than I can upload them”. Cue the violins.

Slater’s most recently deleted channel contained the usual illegal videos of the Hampstead children, along with the usual common-or-garden conspiranoid gibberish:

Good riddance to bad rubbish

And while we’re on the topic…

…it seems that a Twitter channel belonging to a semi-literate stalker from somewhere up around Kincorth has also been suspended. Of course this isn’t the first time, and it probably won’t be the last. Still, it does bring a certain small glow of satisfaction.

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  1. Great news, EC.

    Did you also see this second one? Seems that to add insult to injury, he’s had a 3-day Facebook suspension too… 🤭

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  2. And on top of all that good news, the following Facebook accounts are currently on 30-day suspensions… 🙂

    Alan Alanson
    Susan Baker (main account)
    ‘Nattalie Stubbs Bradshaw’ (aka ‘Jesus’)
    Ved Chaudhari (Neelu Berry)
    Andy Devine x 3
    Andrew Devine
    Eddie Hatt
    Michelle Lawson River
    Trina MacDonald (Cat Scot)
    ******* ****** ****** of Kincorth (as well as his Twitter!)
    Angela Power-Disney
    Christine Ann Sands

    Apologies if I’ve missed anyone.

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  3. Speaking of ignorant muppets, I see the Wedger & Wong comedy duo is back in town:

    The inevitable Hampstead/Hoaxtead lies start at 40:37.

    Thanks to Agent L for the link and Anent J for the timestamp

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    • Jon: “I was even warned, you know, speak about anything but you talk about SRA you’re in a world of trouble. And I did speak about SRA because in what I’m doing and in my previous work it would crop up.”

      In the past he’s stated that he was warned about the lack of police care re children’s home kids who were being trafficked on the weekends. Never heard him mention being warned about SRA before. Never heard him mention coming across SRA when he was policeman. Is this a new thing? Has the story changed? Perhaps it was someone in the conspiracy world warned him? As usual he’s not clear enough to understand and doesn’t give details.

      They talked about the Audrey Harper book ‘Dance with the Devil’.
      Here’s what an Amazon review said about this book:

      ‘As Peter Jackson’s version of Tolkien’s Gandalf would say in The Hobbit, “All good stories deserve embellishment”. Audrey’s story is no exception, apart from that it appears to stem from her imagination after watching Hammer Horror’s version of Wheatley’s The Devil Rides Out (a cracking film!).

      Audrey suggests that satanic ritual abuse and child sacrifice was going on at a large house in Virginia Water, Surrey, to which she was party, even becoming a “brood mare” for unborn babies to be sacrificed.

      She then gives account of lots and lots of juicy, lurid details that went on there twenty-five years earlier, yet somehow is unable after publication to be able to recognise the house or lead any investigative teams, police or otherwise, to the place. Could it possibly be because it never happened in the first place, and is a figment of her imagination, or something psychological which occurred through any contact with drugs and psychosis?

      When reading any alleged testimony from someone purporting to have left Satanism, Witchcraft, Paganism et al, and they start talking about performing or witnessing human sacrifice, ask this simple question… Why are they not being held in custody by police if they are either partakers in or witnesses to murder? Of course, the conspiracy theorist / believer in “the devil around every corner” would hold that the police are all in on it and would not prosecute, but, really? Seriously?

      One loves to hear the testimony of someone becoming a follower of Jesus – it’s the best thing in the world I believe – but when one hears testimonies which relish in the dark and are not provable, one has to ask, are they actually not true and indeed are bearing false witness against a fellow human being in the process.’

      The above more or less says what I want to say.

      I suppose Jon would see me as one of the ‘wretched bunch’. I just see myself as someone who wants the truth. And I’m a Christian too, but that doesn’t mean you have to suspend all logic and accept what is obviously BS.

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    • Wilfred: ‘Unfortunately as one SRA survivor pointed out at a meeting I organised in 2001, she said that in her view every town and village and city in the UK has a Satanist coven and
      unfortunately she’s probably right because in my experience I’m getting reports of SRA occurring
      all across the country and its not getting any smaller its getting bigger, it’s growing, its being
      helped to grow by the general environment of denial of SRA….’

      Wilfred: ‘There is this problem of SRA locations across the country. Some of the open SRA locations, the open air SRA locations – parts of the country which are regarded as being very beautiful, scenic but as they often do the Satanist abusers take what is beautiful and scenic and they try and turn it to something dark and ugly and evil and we’re going to see more of this unless we do something about SRA but some of our most scenic parts of our country are being destroyed by these people going out there at night to do their rituals…..’

      Notice that Wong never mentions any locations so you can’t go and have a look.

      Wedger sits there and listens to this bollocks and nods every now and again.

      They’re both barking.

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    • The bit where they demand that everyone on this blog takes a polygraph test (which they claim are “99% accurate”) had me in stitches 😂

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  4. Wong and Wedger blatantly libel people whose names they know post on Hoaxtead.
    Both are no better than Power-Disney (who has again posted the images of child abuse victims on FBI) and all the others.
    Again we should watch the Alex Jones case closely as the time is coming where it’s not just those who defame and falsely accuse innocent people but social media platforms who may soon be facing legal action.
    As evidenced by Mark Zuckerberg now actually asking the government to control FB.
    Wong seems deranged but Wedger seems downright nasty and obsessional.
    Both aid child abuse by encouraging fanatics to keep exposing victims and protected witnesses to ridicule,

    I’ve always said it will take a major tragedy for social media to be hauled into line. I think the NZ killings were it. But there have been so many in the USA and elsewhere but I think the major difference here is New Zealand is a small country with a strong leader with the populace united behind her.
    They will make laws and I reckon social media platforms are nervous.
    # One point: the lawyers acting for plaintiffs in the Alex Jones case are doing it on a “no win, no cost” basis which means they must be confident of winning seeing Jones will have expensive lawyers.
    ## And as the Hulk Hogan case demonstrated it’s social media who can be bankrupted as well.

    Note how the ghastly John Wanoa lashes out in his last video, full of vitriol. Not the rather charming bumbling monarch he would have us believe,

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  5. I think both Wanoa are Devine are showing ‘Arthur K’ behaviour, they both remind me of him lately & his uncontrollable tirades. May they be sent somewhere nice & secure for a few or 10 years! Wanoa would get all the food he wants & Devine would have an audience who would soon realise they’re quite sane compared to him.

    No disrespect meant to anyone with mental health problems btw.

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    • He rally lays into Den Tarragon in the first one and is threatening to take him to court, lol.

      Oh and he’s not too pleased with the Scots either. Mind you, he’s never been keen on them (something Devine’s Scottish followers don’t appear to have noticed).

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    • 8:59 – “Hoaxtead Research are attacking me because I’d exposed Yolande Kenward”

      WTF? Where does he get the crap from? 🙄

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    • In the second one he falsely announces that Theresa May’s resigned and he and the pavement-kisser discuss the chances of Jeremy Corbyn taking over as Tory leader, apparently unaware that he’s the head of the Labour party.

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  6. Depressingly (I haven’t checked for at least a year) Youtube is still full of Hampstead videos.
    It’s like wack-a-mole or cockroaches the way no matter how many are removed, they keep appearing. And many have 10,000s of views and there are some hosted by idiots I hadn’t thought were involving themselves: that creep Brian Harvey who I no longer feel sympathy for, Brian Gerrish discussing the matter: Edward de Vere talking to that Labremonte Webre creature. Wedger’s videos appear if you type in ‘Hampstead cover-up’.

    When one shithead like that insane American woman in the country fades away 3 more just like her appear as they “discover” the matter. The cretinous “Yellow Jackets” (UK variety).
    It seems so unjust that these fanatics face no sanction (any previous sympathy I expressed for Sabine has vanished: she deserves every day she serves in jail).
    Ella must be as insane as Abe.
    I suppose 1000s of those who view these videos could just be curious. I look at many videos for a few minutes before I disagree with the matter and switch off.


  7. For some reason Mr Wanoa’s tidal possible swindle made me think of the old Vincent Price film (not a horror one) “The Baron of Arizona” which I was surprised to learn was based on an actual case. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_baron_of_arizona The advent of the computer has launched many scams – someone rang me today (recorded voice) to say my broadband was being cut off – I didn’t even listen to the end of the call. Of course today has been April 1st so we’ve had the usual pranksters up to high jinks in ordinary life.

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