Did Ella really want her children back?

Last week we took a look at a new-old audio recording made by Abraham Christie and Ella Draper back in the days when they still harboured a naïve belief that they might be able to salvage the Hampstead hoax dumpster fire and turn it to their advantage.

As with much of the evidence concerning this hoax, this audio contains layers of information. In our previous post, we discussed how in their utterly wasted state, Abe and Ella were revealing more than they might have liked to about the way in which the Hampstead hoax had originated.

On this pass, we’re going to examine what the audio potentially reveals about the couple’s motivations, and what their anger with Sabine could mean.

In the audio, Abe and Ella take turns ridiculing Sabine, who they blame for having released the videos of the two children made en route to London from Morocco. Just a quick review of the relevant segment:

Abe: I’ve got it…

Ella: No, come on…

Abe: No, I’ve told you, hemp gives you the…opens your third eye.

Ella: (flirtatiously) That’s riiiight!

Abe: See through all subterfuge.

Ella: That’s right!

Abe: See through Sabine McNeill’s motives…for releasing…for releasing the um…the videos. And the rest of the (mumbles)…

Ella: Yeah…it’s a great…the Sabine McNeill Show!


Ella: (laughs then sings operatically) Woowooowooooo……

Abe: Heh heh heh…but Sabine, you didn’t cry on this interview! She’s setting up another load of crying for the next interview.

Ella: (giggles)

Abe: Yeah, cos I’m going to be at the European courts of…whatever it is…

Ella: Mm-hmm…

Abe: Nah, she’s good. Sabine’s good. She’s a great performer…(lowers voice) yeah, she’s a bitch…releasing the video with the information, she shouldn’t have done it…especially after we explicitly asked her not to…’Oh, I emailed you twice, (inaudible)…’ Oh, so what? did that mean you asked me whether you could release the information or not? No. You released it because Abraham came back, and he said, we were going to pixelate the faces, we were going to edit the videos, (inaudible) because we had already discussed it three or four months later

Ella: That’s right.

Abe: Uh, earlier, which she was not party to, these discussions you were not party to…

Ella: No, but even, even later, it’s been discussed many t—…well, quite a few times, uh, between those guys, and everybody agreed that it’s not time to release that, any part to release

Abe: Riiight.

Ella: And to only talk about the abuse, the sexual abuse…

Abe: That’s right!

Ella: And so, everybody knows the case, and they can add more layers of information.

Sabine was disobeying Ella’s orders

During Sabine McNeill’s cross-examination by Miranda Moore QC on 5 December, Moore made it clear that in releasing the videos when she did, Sabine was going against the wishes of Ella, who had given them to her in December 2014.

From the summary of that day’s proceedings, we find:

Noting that she had asked Sabine previously about Ella Draper’s consent to publish the videos and other material online, Moore said, “You said that she had never told you to take it down”. She read an email from Ella, dated 8 February 2015:

Dear Sabine,

Following yesterday’s meeting and discussion of your decision to post the videos and other material online and share this information with parties unknown to me after I explicitly asked you not to do so on at least two separate occasions: during the Saturday meeting at 31.01.15 and also during private telephone conversation please be kind enough to return all my children’s case material, including all videos, documents. 

I much appreciate all the work and assistance you’ve provided for me so far and you are welcome to participate on the condition that you will consult with me and the group before making such decisions in the future. 

Thank you

Yours sincerely,


We’ve already looked at the likelihood that while Sabine’s primary mission was to blackmail Mrs Justice Pauffley into returning the children to their mother, Abraham and Ella were more interested in sprucing the videos up and using them as part of a concerted campaign to promote their hemp business.

But looking at it from a different angle, it struck us that there’s another interpretation, which does not necessarily contradict the first.

Ella initially approached Sabine in November 2014 and asked her to help her get her children back. They had been taken into protective custody after revealing that they had been abused by Abraham with Ella’s approval, and this was not how Ella had intended things to play out.

Sabine was excited by this, and began making all sorts of plans. She contacted somebody named Brad about making a trailer to go with the videos, and wrote on her blog about how 2015 would be a breakthrough year, a year of victory.

Clearly, she intended to release the videos as part of her strategy (ill-conceived as it was) to get the children back for Ella, and in the process make herself look like a heroine. Remember, Sabine fully believed that the “court of public opinion” was all-powerful, and could be harnessed to bend the courts of law to her will.

Why, then, did Ella seemingly get cold feet, and demand that Sabine return the videos just when the videos were about to go viral on the internet, the case was on everybody’s lips, and the court of public opinion was swinging overwhelmingly in Ella’s favour? Wasn’t this what she wanted?

Perhaps, just perhaps, Ella really was not as eager as she appeared to get her children back. This sounds almost heretical, we know.

But consider: for Ella and Abraham, those videos represented something quite different—an opportunity to demonstrate to the world, through the use of two angelic-looking children, that the product they were selling could be used to eliminate the effects of “trauma-based mind control”. This was advertising gold.

When Ella engaged Sabine, it had been with the intention of getting the children returned to her, which would have been the ultimate poke in the eye for her ex-partner. She’d allowed Sabine and Belinda McKenzie to go through the motions of filing for a judicial review, attending court with her, and helping support her as a litigant in person.

But when push came to shove, and Sabine decided to use the videos as her nuclear option, she would do so without her client’s approval or permission.

Once Sabine had released the videos onto the internet, with her exhortations of “Share, share, share!”, they immediately lost their value to Abraham and Ella. The videos were now tainted—they would be forever associated with allegations of SRA, and had been rendered useless as part of the planned hemp-advertising campaign.

Sabine’s grand plan to leverage massive public outrage and protest into the return of the children, was of no interest to Ella. Her enthusiasm for having the children returned was far less pressing to her than her interest in using them to promote her and Abraham’s business.

After all, fun’s fun, but the other stuff’s money.

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  1. Nice summary, EC.

    Some people might also recall this from August 2015. It’s Abe & Ella announcing their disassociation with Sabine, Belinda and Charlotte ‘Jacqui Farmer’ Ward, because they’d had the temerity to share the Jean Clement recordings. They also lay into Gerrish, Maloney and Lou Collins towards the end:

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    • Devine’s mate Jason Warr said that Eddie’s coming to the “open air trial” tomorrow. I don’t know whether it’s THE Eddie, though.

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    • I like his ‘hotel’. it looks suspiciously like he’s camping out at the terminal…
      Oh how the mighty have fallen, he was expecting to be sleeping at Buckingham palace, and instead is sleeping on a bench at the airport in Hong Kong
      He is complaining that he can’t charge his laptop because it has different outlets (hint you couldn’t have charged it in the UK either, and the UK and Hong Kong both use UK style fused plug outlets rather than the NZ/AU style ones

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      • Strange. Airport terminals specialise in shops that sell overpriced adaptors.So I guess we can conclude that the King is impecunious whilst sojourning in his luxury HK hotel.

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    • Excuse my French but Jesus H.Christ- does anyone have a fucking clue what he’s talking about?
      The only thing I understood was with his ridiculous flag :” It’s a flag of war”!. Something to pass on to Immigration.
      I think what really annoys me about this loon (and Andy Devine) is his self assured arrogance.

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  2. Excellent reporting as always, EC. However, despite all your hard work, I doubt you’ll ever attain the dizzy heights of Matt Taylor’s blog…

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  3. Great reportage. EC. Abe & Ella have so much to answer for.

    And speaking of wankers, I see Robert ‘Fabooka’ Matheson’s still slithering around on Facebook, leaving a trail of slime wherever he goes…

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    • I would be willing to bet that his mummy would be very cross with him for using such language. She might revoke his computer privileges if he’s not careful.

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  4. Re. the question in EC’s blog title, I reckon it’s very telling that Ella failed to turn up to the custody hearing in August 2015. Her swivel-eyed supporters often bang on about how brave she is and how she’d go to the ends of the Earth to fight for her children and do whatever it takes to rescue them from the “evil satanic cult” that apparently gang-rapes them every Wednesday and forces them to kill and eat babies.

    Just as long it doesn’t put her out, that is.

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      • Ella made no secret of the fact that she found motherhood hard, eg picking up her children from school filled her with dread.I think the relief at not having the responsibility of looking after her children may have been a guilty secret benefit she felt behind the rage at losing the war vs her ex.The kids are much better off without her now. But their lives must be blighted by the sense that they could be ridiculed by others who find old material about them online….that people who profess to care about them have published and continue to do so.

        BTW on another note from another post, I question whether Ella called Sabine out of the blue for help with her case once she sacked her solicitors…..Ella knew Sabine from Bikram Yoga, was she influencing her further back than thought?


        • During the trial, it was stated that based on the forensic exam of Sabine’s computer, the first contact between her and Ella happened in November 2014. Of course they could have known one another casually before then, but there’s no evidence to support it.


  5. BREAKING NEWS….Reports are coming in of strange sounds being heard from HMS Belfast as her guns mysteriously begin to train in the direction of The Palace Of Westminster. Witnesses say that they swear they could hear a peculiar North Midlands accented voice saying “The flag will protect you, the flag will protect you ” over and over again. Further news comes from Aldershot where alarmed residents report hearing convoys of military vehicles heading towards London. No one has actually seen any, only heard them. Our intrepid reporter Reginald Boozinget is on the scene. A spokesperson for the RAF said “All of our aircraft are safely snuggled down for the night so whatever is happening is nothing to do with us or we weren’t invited “.
    Meanwhile, New Zealand has banned all exports from Hong Kong from entering the country.

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  6. I sometimes wonder if I’ve led a somewhat sheltered life – I never realised Reggie Beaujolais (love that nickname) liked the booze. I’ll give E—– the benefit of the doubt that she did want her children back but the dialogue quoted in the post above does reveal planning.

    I looked at a comic video appertaining to Reddit posts before looking at this site today. (I sometimes need my spirits lifted because of the problems in real life – and I’m not just thinking of the Hampstead Hoax). In the first story in the one I’m linking a parent accused a non-religious child of being a Satanist because he beat her child in school work (to be fair it seems that the child who was pipped at the post was very gracious about it). I wonder if there are some people who are predisposed to see black magic where it isn’t. Of course some of the early settlers in America did come from Puritan sects. https://youtu.be/uh__BR2cnPg

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  7. Old Reggie Boozinget was a well known lush CAW, also as bald as a coot and wore an “Irish “as well. Bloody good newsreader though.

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  8. As the day of the 28th draws to a close where I am, I hope that an informed soul will post what happens when the King in Exile makes his proclamation, Andy Pandy goes into fits of ecstasy as all his dreams come true, cloaked in his flag and maybe the Pavement Taster gets another smack in the gob ( accidentally of course )
    I don’t know how I will sleep tonight.

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    • I’ve peaked already being a day ahead of you lot.
      The wait to hear Court Functionary Andy Devine make the King’s much anticipated announcement that the Coup Has Begun has been unbearable.
      To tell the truth I’m a tad underwhelmed.

      With Britain having such a wonderful history of glorious ceremonies and parades with streets awash with colorful bunting and 100,000s of excited cheering citizens lining the streets,1000s of kiddies waving little flags and marching bands every few minutes, there was something lacking with Mr Devine’s presentation.
      A cheap loudhailer and a tacky old flag strung between trees (quickly removed on orders of P.C Plod) didn’t do it for me.

      Has King Wanoa considered that Mr Devine whose countenance could be accurately described as A Miserable Git is perhaps not the right front man as Head of The Royal Household?.
      Why not someone with vast experience like the well known showman and Hollywood fillum producer Matt Taylor?.
      Reuters sent out this snap of Mr Devine’s arrival but I’m not convinced it ‘s real.

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      • I’ve been looking forward to this. II haven’t watched it yet but I gather he opened with an instant fruitcake quote classic: “We’ve certainly caused a presence” 😆

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      • Painfully pathetic pillocks but Andy kept on smiling as he gave his name as ‘Full Colon’…after having pissed behind a tree (in a park! pervy as & I wish the cops had seen that !), but his name giving was hilarious. The police as usual were more than patient & accomodating.

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          • Glad to see he’s finally admitted it…
            His name is ‘Full Colon’ and we all know what a full colon is full of….

            Hi my name is Full Colon…


  9. Off topic but….

    …from Pike’s blog.

    “Angie Quits!

    March 28, 2019

    From: cosmicrf@hotmail.com

    To: hampsteadgroup
    Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2019 08:05:30 +0530
    Attachment: angeladisney.jpg (42.3 KB)

    Xtraordinary Men Int’l

    ‘Stop crime, satanism and child abuse – lock up the police, judiciary and the govt’ St Anthony

    News just in from our beloved ‘X-Girl’, Angela Disney, 61, in Oldcastle, Co Meath is that she’s finally throwing in the towel after previously throwing in the towel and then being dragged back into the ring again and this time with head satanist [redacted] in Hampstead breathing down her neck and threatening to throw her in the nick until death do us part. So, voila, Angie is now going to disappear for at least 3 mths with no one knowing quite where she is or what she’s doing. However, as [redacted] is working with the Irish Govt to bring Angie to book, the easiest thing to do in the circumstances is to hop it like Ella Draper did to Spain and in Angie’s case to her beloved Lanzarote. However, if Angie sits it out in Ireland the sword of Damocles will always be hanging over her head, but in Lanzarote she’ll be SAFE. Now, the other little point I reluctantly wish to make is that as you all know I am anti-womens lib and anti-LGBT ie. I’m against women trying to be men and men trying to be women which is the current fad nowadays. In other words, can women ever realise that they can’t be men, period? Well, apparently not from the general response of women today. However, there’s no question that women who try to be men crack up far easier than if they tried to be women. So, my advice to women is to let MEN take the strain and fight the battles, but when I say men I mean REAL men not a bunch of effeminate poofters!! Anyway, as always, I wish Angie all the best in whatever she decides to do and in the immortal words of the late Irish comedian, Dave Allen (1936-2005), may your God go with you!!

    Yours in the battle for planet earth,
    Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
    Cosmic Research Foundation
    Markapur, A.P. 523316, India
    E-Mail cosmicrf@hotmail.com
    Tel 91-8596-224312/9959-684635
    Date 28th March 2019″

    I know she has been hinting about “taking time off” and “going quiet” (don’t laugh!) lately but here is one more indication from Pike.
    Do the Irish police dealing with her impending harrasment charges know that she is (thinking of?) absconding and evading her likely appointment with lady justice?


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    • Spain will be the safest place for a British ex-pat to be post-Brexit? I’m not sure he’s thought that through 🙄


    • I bet Andy was bound to be peeved to see Angie destroying Ray Savages cred, tho she said not a word about it during the vile live stream that Andy tried to humiliate me on. Innocent protected witness name completely redacted, with difficulty as Andy said it so many times, whilst ‘safe’ in Greece. I hope that the authorities are aware & that it’s not allowed to be ignored as long as he doesn’t repeat it whilst in UK…… Manipulative, sneaky pos.

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  10. Abe: “Yeah, cos I’m going to be at the European courts of…whatever it is…”….Human Rights Abe, it’s Human Rights. Says it all really.

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  11. I’m not a member of the Twitterati but I clicked through to Finchley Road Irregulars twitter stream. I wasn’t sure if the timetable with King John “live from…Hong Kong Airport” was an actual timetable or FRI “having a larf” but it made me chuckle.

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    • ‘Far from persecuting him, the FBI agents were very keen to learn more about the case….’

      Some people just don’t know when they’re being humoured do they. 🙂

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    • Sure, they were listening to every word he said and nodding (thinking ‘keep talking clown, when in a hole, it’s best to stop digging’)

      It’s amazing how she deludes herself into twisting everything around 180 degrees- FBI is now ‘helping in any way they can’, when they confiscated her kit, she was ‘helping them to bring (wont name) to ‘justice’
      No angie, they were looking for evidence to bring charges against YOU, and now I suspect old Tom might be in the same boat…

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      • I predict…
        Angie will not stop. She cannot help herself. As much as she may want to (allegedly! we would be foolish to trust anytihng she says) back off somehow or take a break, she is utterly addicted to this. She feeds off it like a vampire. That last video with Dunn was a shocker.
        The only thing that will stop her is jail and she is inexorably heading that way by her own actions.
        She really is her own worst enemy. (Ongoingly! 8-))



      • When he takes his spectacles off you can sort of see how fucking crazy this dude is.
        What’s with all these films of him walking along the street, traveling on the tube a’rambling and a’muttering away with his arrogant nonsense?. His bizarre superiority complex clearly covers a man who is riddled with insecurities as he dictates to the world in which he has absolutely not an iota of power and never will.

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    • Oh we been exposed, I’m quaking (NOT)
      LOL, old andy really has a high opinion of himself hasn’t he (well I suppose ‘someone’ has to), but the facts don’t support him at all, shame about that andy…
      He really is a twat isn’t he LOL


  12. Just catching up on hilarious goings on today with Larry, Mo & Joe. Never have I ever seen such disorganisation, even as kids we organised our little shows better! Between the Police arriving, Scamedy trying to explain ‘the flag’, getting his collar felt, his arguing with the Police, his ignoring his wife, Wanoa speaking & not being heard, the whole thing was pure comedy. I’ve not finished watching them all yet but really had to take a break for a sanity check on myself. 😂

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    • Yep. I think that when in the second video these would-be revolutionaries couldn’t even find a bloody pen was the moment I realised the coup might not happen (despite Andy saying he was still hoping for the military turning up to support them).


      • Imagine a puny pen could I have stopped a revolution but in the end the Ayes had it, the Ayes had it. The only thing missing at that stage was John Bercow. John the Con really does not the unique rich timbre of his counterpart. 😂


      • Oh no, fleetingly I forgot that John the Con is King in waiting or something like that, if he ever moves out of Hong Kong airport.


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