Consorting with the ‘other side’

Last evening, EC and Flo Destroyer took part in a two-hour YouTube live-stream with Jason and Ade from “Raconteurs News”.

To be honest, EC wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was the same channel that had hosted ex-DC Jon ‘Dodger’ Wedger about a month ago—readers might recall this interview as the one in which he called this blog “cowardly and spiteful”, and told us to “sod off”.

However, our hosts were nothing but courteous, emphasising the importance of hearing both sides of a story. Granted, some of the regulars in the chat seemed a bit…baffled at this choice of guests, and some were downright hostile, but perhaps that’s to be expected.

A few committed Hampstead hoax believers turned up in the chat, including Andy Devine and Society of the Spectacled Bean. Devine in particular seemed incensed that Flo and EC were being allowed to speak—at one point he said, “You’re looking at the face of evil personified ask her about her companies coming out of 788–790 Finchley Rd!”

Um, okay, sure. Maybe we’ll get into that next time, and Andy can bring along his evidence. Any evidence will do, EC isn’t fussy.

As the four of us discussed during the live-stream, it’s not easy to hear arguments which contradict one’s preconceived notions. People are generally far more comfortable accepting information which reinforces what they already believe, but that is exactly why it’s important to engage in non-hostile discussion with people from “the other side”.

Sadly, on the internet that sort of opportunity does not arise very often.

It’s all too easy to slide into our own cosy, familiar echo chambers, populated by people who share our beliefs, values, experiences…and while it’s natural to want to spend much of our time with people who reinforce our own ideas, it’s also valuable to talk with—not at—those who are different from us.

It’s pretty safe to say that both Flo and EC fall on the sceptical side when it comes to conspiracy theories, whereas Jason and Ade are much more conspiracy-friendly. While it can seem that the divide between conspiracy believers and conspiracy sceptics might be impossible to breach, live-streams like this one offer an opportunity to try.

In the end, while there were definitely some points of contention, last evening’s video conversation managed to get past the childish exchange of insults which can so often characterise online discussions on these issues.

Like this, for example:

Anyway. Many thanks to Raconteurs News for hosting what proved to be an excellent discussion.

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77 thoughts on “Consorting with the ‘other side’

  1. Nice work, EC and Flo. I’m so pleased the Raconterus gave you the space to recount the Hampstead case in such detail and I’m so glad Devine was in the chat to hear it all for once. He was spitting feathers and attacking you, Flo and a protected witness like crazy and as you know, you only get enemy fire when you’re over the target 🤭

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    • Point of Order Chairperson:
      “I’ll name whoever I FEEL is guilty”?
      Feelings?. This is surely even more abstruse than “Truth” which Andy thinks is an “opinion”.

      # I must say our Chairperson on this board is not an unattractive sort (forgive any misogyny) and if I weren’t 93 I’d ask her to meet for a cup of Bovril.
      ## Mind you I see Catriona Selvester is more the fuller figure and I must confess I do find this something I would not reject. I was brought up around non-tiny ladies and I adored them. Before she passed away I got to work for a few months with Diana Dors which was my idea of Heaven ( I see she’s accused of being a fellow traveler with Satan as well- but she was the nicest person).
      Hows about it Cat !. You can wheel me in my bath chair any old day.
      Below: Heaven.

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    • He is getting a bit stalkerish it has to be said. All these people acting like having a handle online is something odd, I have been online since early 2000’s always used handles surprisingly that has been what most internet users have done for the past 2 decades.

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  2. “You’re looking at the face of evil personified ask her about her companies coming out of 788–790 Finchley Rd!”

    Mr Devine, with respect (yes I said that) – publish the evidence, but do keep in mind that when Jesus talked about it he had the wrong Karen i.e. different date of birth etc.

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      • I’m looking forward to it, really. As Fnord says, the person listed on Companies House has a different date of birth, not by days but by years. Not sure how they will overcome that hurdle, but I’m sure it will be interesting to watch.

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        • Hang on Jesus is still alive and making Youtubes??
          I thought he was crucified 2000 odd years ago???

          Whadda mean there can be more than one Jesus???

          (seriously do these clowns think that every single person in the world has a unique name that they and only they can have????)

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          • “Hang on Jesus is still alive and making Youtubes??
            I thought he was crucified 2000 odd years ago???”

            Yeah crucified, died, buried and came back to life……..

            HANG ON!! Dead then comes back to life? Is Jesus a zombie??? I mean, being a zombie does explain a lot about SRA followers and telling people to repent. Wonder if they believe in shares too?……….

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          • Out of interest I looked at a few websites to see how many people are actually called Jesus in the UK. You’d be surprised!

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          • I’m not going to dox myself, but I have never found anyone online or otherwise with my real world name and it’s not particularly exotic. There are a few “close but no bananas” but no exact match. This is both a curse and a blessing!


  3. Listening now, I see Devine is sticking his oar in as usual along with Mandy using syntax quantum bs which even Devine doesn’t understand! 😂 She uses that on his lives too & someone asked her one day to speak in English, she replied that she was learning quantum, totally taken in by Devine & Wanoa of course.

    Great show folks.

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  4. Have just watched the whole 2 and a bit hours with Skippy ( that’s ” M ” equivalent here in ASIO. ) Both EC and Flo are now seconded as fully badged agents. Congratulations!

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  5. Loved the live, Andy Devine put up a good argument lmao, I don’t know why he bothers to try and promote it anymore all he’s doing is making himself look sillier if that’s possible, defo can see the last nails being hammered into the hoax now good work snake aka el coyote your an excellent asset 👍

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    • I’m too old to be a handmaid. I’m going to be one of those poor sods in the kitchen dressed in grey aren’t I. It’s that or the colonies.

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      • Given the number of versions of that story Paterson has told, and the number of assailants he claims to have identified for reals this time, I can hazard a guess.

        Not saying this is the case, but the words “unreliable” and “witness” do spring to mind.

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          • Yeah but that’s only because he knows he won’t get any presents this year if he does.


          • Isn’t Santa an anagram of …………………….. SATAN!

            So……Santa gives presents to children in an effort to lure them to the North Pole so he can eat them.. He employs Elf’s, which is an anagram of Efl, pronounced E-full, which sounds like EVIL!

            Wow this joining the dots is easy…… /endsarcasm

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  6. Really enjoyed the interview, EC, great job!!!! Brilliant! You look great, too. Also loved Flo’s description of what happened to him down the rabbit hole, his journey since, the steps of action he has taken that have changed his life for the better now.
    Cat must be fuming and envious at missing the opportunity for the first spot with EC…but she knows she’d get busted.

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