Tracey Morris up to her old tricks

Since Hoaxtead Research moved from “daily come hell or high water” to “whenever something interesting happens” publication, this blog’s daily stats have declined from ~1,500 views to between 700 and 900.

Thus we were surprised about a week ago to note a sudden spike—1,700 views in one day. And nearly 900 of those views zeroed in on past posts about our old friend Tracey Morris, the Gob of the North.

“What’s she been up to now?” we wondered, and tottered off to her Facebook page.

There we found a live feed dated 18 September.

In it, Tracey stands in front of a poster of a young man—identified as Thomas M.–and spouts off about how he was a member of a “notorious family of English gypsies who are not very well liked and certainly are not very well respected”.

Worse, she accuses him of being a “perpetrator” and a paedophile, who “groomed young girls”.

“What this guy has done, and is still doing today, is disgusting…sickening”, she solemnly intones. “And it has to be stopped”.

Claiming to be a “good friend of [her] father”, Tracey asserts that when he was 20 years old, this young man began grooming a young girl named G., then aged 15. Tracey describes the young man as a criminal, and claims that following a stint in prison, he terrorised G. and her family.

When her father attempted to stop him seeing his daughter, Tracey says, The young man rammed his car into the father’s car, wrecking it; he then “drove himself into a lake”. Fortunately for the young man, G.’s father called emergency services and he was fished out.

Later, G.’s father came home from a three-day trip to find his daughter gone, her room empty.

“She was taken”, Tracey says grimly. “He had came for her. She was 16. Seventeen. That was a year and a half’s grooming, and he got her when she was 17”.

G. is now 23, and has had two children with the young man, Tracey says, claiming that he is very violent towards her: “He beats her a lot; he locks her in the flat, he locks her in the caravan”.

“This man, in the eyes of the law, is a paedophile”, Tracey says.

There’s more, but you get the idea. As of last night, this video had received more than 13,000 views.

So what’s the real story?

A day after Tracey released this live feed, it came to the attention of the people who run an anti-paedophile organisation called “Child Protection Awareness”.

On their Facebook page, they wrote, “This vile woman is Tracey from Belfast”. Strong beginning, we thought.

I was sent a live this woman done claiming to work closely with peadophile hunting teams, especially in Southern Ireland, obviously because we are the only active Southern Ireland team people messaged think she was apart of CPA.

I can confirm this woman has never ever worked with CPA, this woman did a live accusing a young traveller man of grooming and been a peadophile, over and over again, sent threats to him and as you can see had a poster of him on her wall, t-shirt with his picture on it also during this live, she also accused this young man of severely beating his now wife and mother of his children on a daily basis, with NO EVIDENCE of her claims…

I have spoken to this young lady (who’s husband was accused) who’s is 23 now and confirmed today to me that she did indeed run away with her now husband when she was 17 and he was 20, she doesn’t have contact with her family which is her own choice, police have also done welfare checks and shes also confirmed this to them, this young lady is very distressed because this woman she doesn’t know is accusing her husband of been a peadophile and as we all know once something is said on the internet it stays there and the effect that might have on her own children when they grow up.

This lady claims to be very good friends with this young ladies father, I’ve spoken to him and hes told me hes never even met her, he helped her by letting her stay in one of his properties when she became homeless as a favour to another friend of his.

I’ve asked this woman to come on a live with me to clear up the matter and shes refused to do so.

This woman has NO RIGHT accusing a innocent man of been a peadophile, people need to be warned about her.

Beneath this statement is a video of a phone conversation between Tracey and G., in which Tracey claims to know all about the young woman’s life.

“I don’t know who you are,” G. says. “You’re talking to me as if I’m a child. I’m a grown woman, I’m expecting another baby, and putting this stress on top of me…I’m married, it’s up to me what I do with my life…”

Tracey begins shouting: “Do you think I give a shit? Do you think I give a shit about…”

But G. isn’t having any: “You’re ringing ME!”

Shouting over Tracey (no mean feat), she informs her that she doesn’t want either her or her father interfering in her life. Tracey attempts to claim that the father has been victimised, at which point G. begins shouting that her father use to beat her mother, and that he had done time in jail for it.

It’s not an easy call to listen to.

G. has her say

In a video on the CPA page, dated 25 September, G. quietly and calmly gives her take on the situation:

She states, “Tracey Morris, this is to you, who’s put a 40-minute long video of my husband on Facebook, saying that he’s a paedophile, and that he groomed me from a young age, which is just lies”.

G. says that she and her husband ran off and got married when she was 18 and he was 22. Before that, she says, they were together for about a year and a half.

She says her father was not happy about the relationship. In a complete reversal of Tracey’s story, however, G. states that it was her father who rammed his van into her boyfriend’s car: “[He] ended up getting rammed into the river, nearly lost his life in the river, it’s all over Google“.

G. says this is why she and the young man ran off together.

Following further violence, in which her father and “three dangerous men” broke her 70-year-old father-in-law’s arm, the young man told his father not to press charges. Despite efforts on the young couple’s part, they seemed unable to win her father’s approval, and so they have now chosen not to have contact with him.

According to the woman who posted G.’s video on the CPA page, G.’s father denies having claimed that his son-in-law was a paedophile.

Tracey, meanwhile, continues to assert that he is, claiming that G.’s father had “evidence” of this claim. The father has denied saying this.

The Hampstead hoax connection

Long-time readers of this blog will hardly be surprised at Tracey Morris making unfounded allegations against innocent people—it’s who she is and what she does.

However, we were startled last night when we learned that G.’s father is none other than Leigh Ravenscroft.

In our early attempts to identify the protesters outside the Hampstead church, we affectionately nicknamed Ravenscroft “Baldy Fruitcake”. He participated with some enthusiasm, and along with Neelu Berry and others, he was captured on video chasing an elderly female parishioner down the street, howling abuse at her.

He is an enthusiastic Freeman on the Land advocate, probably best known for an incident involving a boat which was removed from his custody for non-payment of fees to the Canal & River Trust. Interested readers can find the judgment on that case here.

Leigh Ravenscroft, Freeman on the Land

Somehow, G.’s decision to have no further contact with her recalcitrant father makes even more sense now.

Meanwhile, Tracey Morris continues to insist that the young man is guilty. A recent post seems to suggest that at least part of her motivation might be his’ family background:

But as we have seen on countless other occasions, Tracey’s prime motivator seems to be her all-consuming desire to big herself up and come across as an outspoken heroine, rather than the pathetic scrounging attention seeker she really is.

Some things just never change.

37 thoughts on “Tracey Morris up to her old tricks

  1. That’s truly some weapon’s grade batshittery right there. To use a locally appropriate expression… Feckin’ Jaysus!

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  2. Nothing Tracey does surprises me. You could have knocked me over with a feather when Baldy Fruitcake came into it though. Blimey!

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    • I think that Tracey just doesn’t like seeing people be happy. She has fecked up her own life and i doubt that she has any true friends of which to speak of. She is just a nasty, poisonous evil woman.

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    • Yes, it all seemed like Tracey’s usual MO until I realised who she was talking about. One thing that struck me is that the allegations his daughter makes against him are not trivial.


  3. ““This man, in the eyes of the law, is a paedophile”, Tracey says.” . Err no you nitwit. In the eyes of the law they are both legal aged persons when they met and ever since and their personal activity is nothing to do with Morris.
    Of course in the eyes of Tracey Morris anyone who incurs her displeasure is a peedeofile. Sort of devalues the whole meaning of the word,

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    • She is given to making these broad pronouncements as though we should all just take her at her word. As you say, they are legal-aged people who have chosen to marry and start a family. As to why Tracey is targeting them, I expect it will all come out eventually, but I suspect it has something to do with them being Travellers.

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      • On the same page as this story is another in which her daughter speaks out about her lies and another family, who have gone through hell with Tracey and her accusations. Apparently involving a court appearance and theft. She allegedly stole money from a family member and the wake of their brother. Also that she was into hard drugs. Her daughter further makes
        More accusations of thefts. This daughter states that she hasn’t had contact with her mother in years and also that theirs a lifetime ban on her this daughter and all her grandchildren.
        Tracey has also blamed the caretaker of a women’s refuge, for the death of her daughter. Full on saying that he murdered her, he was supposed to move the body after her “murder” but couldn’t because he’d always had a crush on her. These are very serious accusations to make, though she intends to bring it all out on court. On that note she has said if she doesn’t feel her solicitor and barrister are doing enough In court, she will dismiss them and be her own counsel! That should be fun 😱

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  4. Will Tracey Morris ever stop. She was quiet for a long time but was dropping the odd post in other people’s conversations. This is her 2nd ‘big story’s recently. That didn’t go far either.

    I don’t know how or why she has started on this young family, I could be a conspiracy theorist & guess that it could be because her former friend Linda has nothing to do with her since she went in & shouted at the judge in Sabine’s case & ran, (correct me if I am wrong) & Linda is well in with the travelling community, helping families with cases. But…..I am not a conspiracy theorist….

    Why she is harassing this family doesn’t make any sense to anyone except herself. Leigh Ravenscroft doesn’t seem to have answered her or been active in any of Neelu’s posts.

    Shame on Tracey Morris.

    Shillelagh, is that Cant?

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      • Angela, the smoking chimney, is also involved in this. She went live with the young girl, but as usual, Angela talked over the young girl the whole time. Angela also brings in the young father who took his own life, a few years ago. Saying what Tracey had put the young family through. It would seem the vultures are circling Tracy and ready to pounce!

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  5. “’s ok to take our kids from them, marry them and keep them as salves all their lives..”

    Now I have heard of some strange things in my life but to marry somebody just so you can keep them as a “salve” is a new one on me. According to the dictionary, a salve is ‘an ointment used to promote healing of the skin or as protection.’
    What a strange thing to keep and use another human being for.

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  6. I had been thinking that we had not heard from Mighty Mouth for a while and then BANG, old gobby shows up again. If she has any sense(doubtful) then she will be keeping a very low profile as people don’t take kindly to false accusations.

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    • Yes, I doubt that Thomas’ family will have taken kindly to this. Nor should they—it’s very nasty, and while we’re used to Tracey’s antics, they must wonder who in hell shat on her cornflakes!

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  7. According to Tracey there’s an ongoing Court case which involves Mr Ravenscroft.

    This wouldn’t have anything to do with that would it?

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  8. I had a quick look at that young girl’s social media, they’re a gorgeous young couple with happy looking, well dressed, well cared for children, everything Tracey Morris isn’t in fact. Big gob’s children were either raised in care or are on the at risk register, she destroyed her own family and now wants to destroy everyone else’s as well. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a person so narcissistic, she is desperate to be the big I AM, when she’s just a disaster zone. But what I’m really baffled about is the T-Shirt and the poster, why? Just why?

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  9. On a serious note this young lady and her husband should contact the police and make a formal compliant as this is clearly criminal harassment and there is a possible 3 year prison sentence. As we know (APD) it doesn’t happen quickly but at least the police will visit this appalling Morris woman and put her on notice.
    I wouldn’t mess about- she is bloody evil as once she gets her claws in she doesn’t let up.
    Of course she’s another who would drive other prisoners nuts and probably get put in solitary confinement fro her own safety.

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      • Traveller families are, I suspect, particularly disinclined to bring the police into things, not without reason. I think any parent of young children would find it hard to contact the police and say the words “my husband, who lives with me and our children, is being accused of pedophilia.”

        Given that Travellers — quick note, Travellers and Romany are different groups though they have many thing in common — have a long history of difficult relations with the police, largely not through their own fault…

        In Georgia and Thomas’ shoes I would NOT want to bring my children to the attention of the authorities; the police might be amazing and supportive and sensitive or … they might hear the words “Traveller”, “pedophile”‘ and “children” all in the same sentence and decide that what this situation really needs is to have the kids taken into care while they investigate. It’s probably still the best call if Morris and Ravenscroft are going to keep kicking off and bringing hostile attention down on them, but I’d be petrified in their shoes.

        Which makes what Morris is doing even viler.

        I’m reassured to feel that the Hoaxsted community would go to bat for this family; they may yet need it.

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  10. Leigh Ravenscroft was involved in a legal battle with the Canal & Rivers Trust a few years ago in which he used a man called Nigel Moore as a McKenzie friend.

    Some interesting details about Mr Ravenscroft’s character come out in his defense case:

    i) He is largely illiterate and therefore has difficulty reading and understanding the statutory and other background material;
    ii) His emotional involvement with the issues make it impossible for him to deal with the matter calmly;

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