Devine’s Transferwise account frozen

Andy Devine is very, very, VERY angry, and he doesn’t care who knows it. Yesterday, in a live-streamed Facebook video, he announced that his Transferwise account had been shut down, and he is none too pleased.

Devine, who lives in Greece, originally set up the account to receive “donations” from people in the UK who wished to purchase shares in John Wanoa’s fake tidal energy scam—the idea being that since the shares weren’t quite ready to be issued, Devine would “hold” the money until they were. Devine claims that he placed some of his own money in the account as well.

The shares, which Wanoa, Matt Taylor, and Devine have been hawking relentlessly, are being advertised as a “two for the price of one” offer, a deal which we are quite certain would not meet the standards of New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority.

Some of the donated cash, Devine said, would go toward funding Wanoa’s historic 28 March trip to…was it London or somewhere in Ireland? We forget, as the Wanoa Looniverse shifts at such a great rate. In any case, he claims to expect to take over the monarchy upon his arrival. Or spark a civil war. Or something. Oh, and also: a magic flag features in there somewhere.

It will probably come as a shock to those who have decided to flush their hard-earned cash down the Wanoa/Taylor/Devine loo that people cannot just decide to sell shares in a non-existent product which has no chance of ever being built. There is a word for this type of cosplay, and that word is “illegal”.

You can watch Devine froth at the mouth on this video:

What is Transferwise?

Transferwise bills itself as a low-cost, easy, and fast means of transferring money between bank accounts in different countries, and has excellent ratings from its users. However, any money transfer platform must be extremely cautious about becoming involved in potentially dodgy financial deals.

So when they heard from a concerned citizen who reported that Devine was using his Transferwise account in the above-mentioned manner, they took swift action.

According to the person who reported the account, the company responded within 24 hours:

And 24 hours after that, Devine’s account had been frozen.

According to Transferwise’s terms of service, there are a number of reasons why they might choose to suspend an account:

Reasons can include “any breach of applicable law or regulation”, potentially fraudulent activity, money laundering, terrorism financing, or other criminal or illegal activity.

We’ll leave it to our readers to decide which, if any, of the above might be the case.

And remember they only start firing when we’re over the target. Also, keep smiling!

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  1. And lest we forget that Wanoa’s TW was shut down on Friday too 🤭

    By the way, may I take this opportunity to thank Denisa T. and anyone else who took the time to report Wanker & Devine’s scam to TransferWise. Looks like it paid off 🥇

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  2. Brilliantest. Post. Ever 😜

    EC, I’m recommending you for a Bacon Award for this. Mum’s the word, though – I hear the Hedgehogs and Koalas can be quite territorial.

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  3. Good to see how quickly this was actioned upon by Transfer Wise. Will be interested to see what reason Andy gives as to why they have suspended his account will it be because it has been reported for breach of conditions or that it is the new world order illuminati satanic government aided an assorted cacophony of security services . I know where my money is.

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  4. Well done on stopping this utter horrid scam. To anyone still believing in it, take a look at Wanoa’s YouTube channel & see how long he has been running the same rubbish. He is a racist, evil cretin. His hissy fits are OTT! His nephew is as bad if not worse. They shame their people’s majestic nation. Only fools would now carry on believe this. They believe him when he says that the Queen has left the country/sold everything off/not left the country physically, etc. His narrative changes depending on who he speaks to. I did feel sorry for them at one stage but not any more because xxx to there is lots of info out there about him. He has word vomit & repeatedly states the same thing, paramount Kings this & that. Andrew Devine pushing this stupid scam is a crook of the twunt of the highest order & will never show up in London on 28th March, he will sit in Greece & direct the whole sorry show of the rag with ten stars.

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  5. All these financial transfer services, banks etc are under scrutiny ever since 9/11. Authorities have cracked down on any hint of terrorism or illegal activity.

    On what planet does Devine think it’s OK to have funds transferred to aid a man whose specific aim is to use those funds to travel to the UK and “remove” members of the elected Parliament and the Crowned Head?. Not only that John Wanoa has repeatedly threatened them and demands people be killed for whatever reason.

    Whoever is responsible, well done to them and I reckon any Hoaxteader should be pleased with themselves if they did it. I don’t mind taking credit (wasn’t me though).

    One thing Andy- you may well be “over the target” but you are a lousy pilot who never seems to notice that while you are peering down thinking you are about to score a victory higher flying pilots are above you and it’s “bombs away” !.
    Just like Matt Taylor & Eddie IsaCock, these dills scream “we have them on the run !” as they are being carted off by the coppers.

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    • His biggest problem (to continue your analogy) is he thinks he is about to drop the bombs on those planes flying above him…
      Look up above you andy, that’s the ground up there lol
      (upside and back to front, that’s our andy….)

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  6. Not surprising that a person in Greece “that money was only resting in my account” (ala Father Ted) is not considered a suitable individual to be holding “donations” for “shares” for a company registered in the UK. Perhaps Devine was intending to support the ailing Greek economy from the “shares”?

    Shares don’t get issued in the way described by these three individuals to start with and there are strict rules on how a company does issue them and also how such monies are handled. The Companies Act explains most of those rules in “legaleze”. One would hope Mr Devine is registered as an offshore/overseas branch register for example. Or the serious “conflict of interest” that arises from personal use of company funds.

    Regardless of Wanoa’s intentions, re: other matters such as the alleged criminality described in other comments above, the mishandling of share issues, mishandling (not for share issue or company purposes) of funds and outright misappropriation of funds in relation to such are in themselves criminal offences. I think such matters would normally be classified as “fraud”.

    In this instance, the reported movement of “donations” to allegedly fund a personal trip to the UK by Wanoa would not be considered use of monies for company purposes.

    Taylor, in particular, as the UK based “secretary” therefore may find himself in trouble with the UK authorities for such actions. Perhaps the Serious Fraud Office should be (or potentially already are) looking at not only the share issue, umm, issues but also the criminality of the physical threats that Wanoa has allegedly made and what he, Taylor and Devine are really intending the share issue to fund.

    Now that would be a shame if the SFO did so.

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    • At some point, Wanoa’s shenanigans with his company – using it to promote the pretend sale of imaginary shares – becomes grounds for deregistration.* I need to find out what that point might be.

      Enquiring minds are wondering why his earlier companies “Platina Seaweed Farm” (regd. 2002) and “Platina Tidal Electric Bridge Construction” (regd. 2008) went tits-up

      * He can sell as many imaginary shares as he can find suckers for, but it has to go through channels, with formal share transfer.

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      • If Wanoa wants to register a company with no assets except his intellectual property of PDFs seemingly drawn from a collection of Outsider Art, with 99 trillion shares which he values at £25 each, that is probably legal.

        If he were to transfer formal ownership of some of those worthless shares to numpties around the world, in exchange for £25, that would be their problem, not the Law’s.

        If instead he persuades those numpties to *give* him £25, with a vague promise that some point in the future he’ll let them buy those worthless shares when he works out how it’s done, that is probably legal, but it might not be the kind of good, businesslike conduct that the NZ Company Registry is designed to encourage.

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  7. Does anyone know if the UK has an extradition treaty with Greece?

    My time as a legal secretary which is some years ago now was (as I’ve mentioned before) mainly concerned with conveyancing and probate – it would sometimes happen that a deceased person whose estate was being “wound up” had owned shares and if he/she had a reasonable number sometimes the heir(s) would opt for selling the shares rather than keeping them. They were sold through a broker but sadly I have now lost contact with most of the people from that stage in my life and I don’t know/can’t remember the rules for selling/issuing shares off the top of my head. trollexposure and Owl appear to have more relevant knowledge than I have.

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  8. I appear to have lost a post (unless it’s being moderated). I was wondering if the UK has an extradition treaty with Greece.

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    • I’ve been having the lost post problem too. Sometimes they show up later! It’s either a wordpress or they keyboard warrior lizard fighters. Watch yer back EC! (and your front!)


      • Heck, see what happens when you type on an unfamiliar keyboard. I’ll repeat that.

        I’ve been having the lost post problem too. Sometimes they show up later! It’s either a wordpress glitch or the keyboard warrior lizard fighters! Watch yer back EC! (and your front!)


    • Yes, but it has to involve a crime with at least a 12 month sentence. Most are skirting around 6 months. However, now he’s venturing into financial crimes he could be in trouble.

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  9. If Andy’s account has been shut down and he can’t get access to his money perhaps the account is being investigated? I would think everyone would get their money back eventually but the transfer company can’t do that right away because that money is evidence?

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    • Standard protocol would be to freeze all funds while an investigation is carried out if the account is found to have broken the Ts and Cs it will be dealt with according to the companies own policies in accordance with law, if the account has not breached it will be restored to the best of my knowledge from the website :
      How do I reactivate my TransferWise account?
      There are a number of reasons why we might need to close your TransferWise account. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the specific reason why and that’s because of how we’re regulated.

      We know it can be frustrating to have your account closed. You can always appeal our decision, and we’ll review your details incase we can reactivate your account.

      To appeal our decision, email us at using the email address you log into TransferWise with. Let us know that you’d like to reactivate your account. We’ll review your request and get back to you.
      In other words snowball’s chance in hell, good luck Andy.

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  10. If you stick it out to about 4 minutes and 1 roll up you will hear the good news that Transferwise has transferred the £££ back into one dupe’s account at least, so it sounds as if the victims’ money is (against their will) safe. It’s all GCHQs fault, apparently.

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  11. john wanoa i am sending all sorts of videos of his hate speeches against the uk and the Queen to a few people in authority ,well thats what mps are for emm i think i could even get a response from mi5 or 6 he does do serious threats ,there was an assassination attempt in new Zealand on the queen (Christopher Lewis) i actually think they would already be watching this mob of crazy people.refusal to the uk would be the icing on the cake for me and his scammer friends

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