YouTube pulling the plug on Hampstead videos

About a week ago we noted that indiscriminate conspiracy believer Nathan Stolpman was complaining that his YouTube channel, “Lift the Veil”, seemed to be on its last legs, having suffered multiple strikes and takedowns within a few days.

We decided to assist YouTube in its efforts to to a bit of tidying up, and within a few days several of our readers reported that they’d been successful in having at least one of Stolpman’s Hampstead-related videos removed.

This was encouraging, but one of Stolpman’s “best sellers”, at ~210,000 views and climbing, was a video featuring the names and recent images of a protected witness and two children. This video seemed untouchable, despite multiple reports.

Yesterday, that changed. The video, in which Stolpman not only named the children but offered viewers their contact details on social media, has finally been removed.

This video was a centring point for a great deal of heated discussion regarding the Hampstead hoax, and it seems likely that a largish proportion of its +/–210,000 views were from repeat offenders, as it were.

Shortly after we learned that the second Stolpman video had gone the way of the dodo bird, we learned that YouTube’s purge had extended as far as Ireland, where Angela Power-Disney was having a wee hissy fit:

We blame all those chemtrails.

Sure enough, we went and had a look at Angelas-Caches-dot-org-no-apostrophe, et voilá! There it wasn’t. The video, that is. Not the blog, sad to say.

This leads us to wonder: has YouTube finally decided to pull its finger out? Are they at long last becoming more receptive to complaints about these videos, which violate a court order that was served on them, oh, about four years ago?

We’ll keep an eagle eye on YouTube over the next few days, and will let you know if the Great Hampstead Video Apocalypse is, as we suspect, imminent. Prepare for much wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth.

62 thoughts on “YouTube pulling the plug on Hampstead videos

  1. About bloody time.
    By the way, am I the only one who senses an air of desperation creeping in to Andy Pandys’ voice and demeanor? I had a great time yesterday dropping shit on him on his first You Tube Live Feed. Haven’t got to the Pavement Tasters latest epic expose yet…..later today, what a treat to look forward to.

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    • Nice work, FS. He was frantically blocking people (including me on the second one) and deleting comments/awkward questions within seconds of us posting awkward questions and getting all tongue-tied ranting about them. The squirmage was a joy to behold.

      I’ve reported both of those, btw, as there’s at least one vaguely veiled death threat in each.

      He also repeatedly accuses the aforementioned “trolls” of being child abusers – with not a single scrap of evidence or logic to back it up. But don’t worry, folks – “The facts remove the fiction”, right? 🙂

      I’ve also reported the utterly repugnant new Hampstead rant from Thomas Dunn. He repeatedly names and attacks a protected witness and also repeatedly names his children. I’ve specifically reported his calls for any friends or ex-girlfriends of the protected witness to get in touch with gossip/info’. Oh and his lack of research into the case is still painfully obvious throughout, most notably when he talks about how the kids were driven to the home of “the headmaster of the school”. Jesus must be so proud of him 🙄

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      • And while Dunny continues to block any dissenting voices, here’s an example of the kind of comment he allows:


      • You won’t be surprised to learn that Dunn’s “utterly repugnant new Hampstead rant” is being promoted and cheered on by the equally repugnant Angela Power-Disney:


      • i put in mr Devines live feed yesterday ,Hemp cures cannibalism and mk ultra,, apparently it tastes like chicken ,,,Mr Christie swears by it ,how come none of these idiots get him on there shows if they believe this fool is innocent ,

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  2. These creeps don’t get it. There can be serious consequences posting these vile false accusations . The New Zealand tragedy has been a terrible wake up call for these social media giants with them allowing videos of a mass murdering terrorist to flourish as though it’s a video game which I believe is the intended purpose. And I’m not letting that awful John Wanoa of the hook. He posts videos threatening the sovereign and the NZ PM and insulting the victims of the Mosque murders calling them actors. I suggest everyone alert the Home Office of his impending visit. They may ignore our reports but should anything tragic happen because of Wanoa and his mob they won’t be able to claim they were not warned.

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  3. I know that I have and am sure EC has as well, reported his impending visit and his intentions to the UK Border Force together with links to some of his unsavory videos. Everyone should do it now. It’s not too late. The more the merrier!
    On another note, I have just had a quick gander at the Pavement Tasters latest rant on Andy Pandy ‘s You Tube feed. More threats of unleashing the ‘ard men, offing people, making people disappear etc etc. Reckons he knows all our addresses and our day of reckoning is coming. Just pathetic.

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    • They’ll have to get the keys to the gate first as most of those ‘ard men are now residents of the Be-Bop-A-Lulu Retirement Home for Old Lags and if I know my retirement homes getting between a senior citizen and their favourite place at the dinner table or interfere with their afternoon tea time and you will have a riot on your hands.


      • The definition of threat to kill is: without lawful excuse make to another a threat to kill that other or a third person, intending that that other would fear it would be carried out, .
        Probably does fit.

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    • He’s like a toddler; ‘if you don’t…………I’m gonna scweam n scweam and bang my head on the wall, waaaaah!’……….. I’ll be doing some more reporting too.
      I’m sure whoever is called to judge Angie will have no difficulty in realising that not only has she no intention of desisting from her hate campaign, that until forced to, neither will she remove content or stop encouraging others to increase their campaigns………………Same goes for the Andys, Mattd or the Johns, the Daves n all their clickalotties n spamalot socks.
      So I’m really pleased that at long last YouTube are taking more notice of reports, I hope the authorities do also.

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  4. LTV about time to it was taking down ,they have these childrens videos hidden on facebook utube and any other web site they think they can hide them,just have to keep on them , i have seen lots of them getting taken down now ,just a matter of finding them,kane slater hidden vids flagged facebook,sherrill mcnellis hidden in playlist think it was either sabines or drappers ghost account ,they are deffo getting taken down well done all of you 🙂

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  5. Just had another dive into the Pavement Tasters diatribe. He clearly says he was until very recently totally broke but has just found out his private pension had not been paid in to his account for 10 months! Now he is ” quids in ” . Managed casinos on cruise ships for many years….. but did not know his pension wasn’t going in to his bank? He has eaten too much asphalt!
    Just said he has two ex SAS men on standby to do his bidding. What a twat.

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    • Ex-SAS eh?. What is he expecting a couple of chaps from Scandinavian Airlines to do?. Funny old thing he is. He was in travel himself wasn’t he? A steward on the ships. My pal Abigail Fotheringham-Clitheroe swears he was the one who nicked her underwear from her luggage on her recent Poseidon 2 cruise but she’s always pissed and probably didn’t pack any.

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  6. At 1.12.39 he clearly states that one of us is going to be mulched next week. He guaranteed it! Lock yer doors! He’s OD’d on Pavement!


  7. Sorry, i must stop ploughing through this. My sides are aching. Now we are ALL gonna get shortly. The ex SAS boys must be going on overtime! Andy pandy is sitting there enthralled! The sad twat.

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  8. I cannot help it, I did watch a bit more. Teddy Ellis is on his side so his future is assured. The Pavement Taster said so! Can you be sectioned under The Mental Health Act by a Magistrates Court?

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    • Yes, you can be sectioned by a magistrates’ court. There is a souped up section that only the Crown Court can do with more restrictions on release.
      I’m so relieved to learn that Mr Devine’s friend has no children (he has a gaming licence instead).
      I’m listening to it and it does sound like threats to kill except the definition is “causing that person to fear that the threat would be carried out” while obviously Mr Devine wouldn’t FEAR it, he would be delighted. There is also the other problem that these threats are being uttered by someone who has posted himself twice having been bopped on the nose so it would be easy to argue that no-one would actual fear that the threat would be carried out. I think there may be other offences though.
      He (friend I mean) is now reading a standard search warrant under PACE Act 1984 and asserting that the legal wording (and the year of the Act) has been devised personally for him.

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      • “causing that person to fear that the threat would be carried out”

        But issuing that threat in the course of an interview intended for public broadcast means that the “to another” who hears the threat (and doesn’t fear it) isn’t just the interviewer; it’s intended for a universal audience, including the targeted individuals.

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      • Hmm. Re the definition of death threats, what if the person were sending those exact same threats to his intended victim via email, as well as stating them in public videos? Just hypothetically, of course.


        • I would speculate that the person has no executive functions or self-control left (due to the combination of dementia and a career of frequent closed-head injuries), and blurts out his complete fantasy life without trying any more to conceal his fetid personality.
          But that’s more of a psychiatric opinion than a legal one.


  9. Well done on getting those videos down, perhaps now those idiots will learn that it is not ok to name children that suffered abuse, any type of abuse to be spread all over the internet! Of course the protected witnesses & other children & families also. I haven’t succeeded with you tube myself but did get another of Devine’s post taken down earlier, of his wife’s account
    He is such a sad pathetic loser that he does not care if her account gets a ban.

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  10. Jon Wedger has been exposed in Private Eye :
    Comments under the video may help newer people to this blog or just waking up to the vile hoax being played out, or investigators digging a bit more into the connected nefarious cohorts of Jon Wedger, too.

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  11. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve subscribed to Private Eye for 30 years and the current issue turned up this morning. This story is in the In The Back pages, so I hadn’t got there yet.

    Thanks to Microsoft Lens and Word, here’s the article in text form:

    It’s a Brees

    NEATLY timed to coincide with the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) opening its hearings into historical allegations of a Westminster paedophile ring, a social media campaign has been launched to promote a new book by a 69-year-old man claiming he was sexually abused by former prime minister Sir Edward Heath in the early 1960s.

    Michael Tarraga’s Meat Rack Boy was rushed out last month by Brees Media, a firm run by former TV journalist Anna Brees. It’s a revised version of a misery-memoir previously self-published in 2017 as The Successful Failure: The Life of an Uncouth Lout — but in that edition Tarraga didn’t mention Grocer Heath at all.

    How so? “I knew this would draw attention to his story and it has,” Brees tells the Eye. “As a journalist I knew what the ‘headline’ would be for others, so pursued this in my interview and added it to the book.” The Heath story is now being trumpeted fortissimo on Twitter and YouTube by Brees and her chum Jon Wedger, an ex-cop who presents himself on social media as a whistleblower who was hounded out of the Metropolitan Police for trying to expose an establishment cover-up of child prostitution.

    In a chapter titled “Uncle Teddy”, Tarraga says that while he attended Chafford approved school for boys near Harwich, Essex, the deputy headmaster gave him half a crown to go to a sailing club in neighbouring Suffolk. “Uncle Teddy and I went swimming. I was taken to the boat… I just spent an afternoon with him sailing and swimming.” What did Uncle Teddy do? “Dry my naked body, play with me and make me do something to him. We gave each other oral sex.”

    In a promotional video for the book, Tarraga and Brees date this to the Easter or summer holidays of 1962 or 1963, though they can’t be more precise. But Tarraga’s care records show that he was admitted to Chafford approved school on 31 July 1963, so it can only be that August or September.
    Heath was Lord Privy Seal at the time, and the Eye has checked his day-to-day movements for the rest of that summer through his ministerial appointment diaries: crammed with official meetings and lunches in London, a five-day trip to Russia, a week’s holiday in Islay, visits to Stockholm and Helsinki, and so on. It’s hard to see when or how he could have fitted in a lazy afternoon swimming, sailing and sexually abusing in Suffolk.

    Asked by the Eye if Tarraga had taken his allegations concerning Heath to the IICSA, Brees replied: “He went to IICSA and was offered counselling, which he declined. I don’t believe he mentioned Edward Heath.”

    If anyone wishes to contact the In The Back team, Private Eye’s email address is:

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    • Wedger and Anna Brees must be getting a bit concerned at all the negative attention they are receiving.


    • The above actually tells you how Lenny Pozner started to get things taken down off the internet.

      The latter part is about Alex Jones and well worth listening to!

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  12. This is a direct threat to execute the Monarch.
    He also says the Mosque murders were faked. How can this man be allowed into the UK?. He is ramping up hatred for a senior citizen (The Queen) and threatening her life.

    People may think this John Wanoa bloke is some harmless nutter but he and his like-minded are like the thirsty crow who sees water in an inaccessible location and keeps dropping pebbles into it until the water finally overflows.
    That is how the New Zealand terrorist monster is created. They soak up all this hatred. Then they act as in the murder of MP Jo Cox.

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  13. I suppose the “Uncle Teddy” mentioned upthread could be a different Uncle Teddy to the one whose identity is being implied.

    I’m posting a link to a series of podcasts I like which looks at the origin of conspiracy theories, why they are believed and so on and so forth. There aren’t thus far an awful lot of episodes (12 direct episodes and about 4 supplementary ones in a little over 2 years) but I found them quite interesting.

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