News flash: Rupert likes cannabis!

Here’s a fascinating fact: stoned people are far more interesting to themselves than they are to pretty much anyone else in the known universe. They can drone on and on, amusing themselves to no end, while putting the rest of us to sleep.

That’s actually a fairly accurate summary of Rupert’s latest: he’s still in Amsterdam, where—you’ll never guess!—it stays light until late in the evening, and gets light early in the morning!

Like, whoa, man. Heavy.


Seriously, he spends the first 15 minutes of this American Freedom Radio transmission waxing poetic (not really) about how late the sun goes down in northern Europe.

Oh, and he goes into some detail about the astounding fact that one does not get arrested for smoking dope in Amsterdam. Wow.

He manages to rally his thoughts at one point to mention that he’s planning to come to the UK…erm…at some point. To, you know, fight paedophiles. And stop old people from doing bad things to kids’ bums. Or something.

(He does conveniently forget his own expressed wish to try having sex with a child some time just to find out what all the fuss is about, but perhaps his memory is better when he’s not…what were we saying? Oh right. ***pfffffffff*** A little bit…you know, stoned.)

At about 19 minutes, he admits to some nervousness about the next leg of his journey. He says he’s about to get on a plane to fly off to an ‘undisclosed location’ (Angie’s place) for a ‘long briefing’ (oh, is that what they call it now?), where he’ll create a ‘visual representation of some of the things that he’s been hip to’.

Yes, he actually said that. Apparently marijuana does not cure pretentiousness.

He complains that he’s been trolled, mocked, derided, and generally just not treated at all nicely by the bad, bad people of Hampstead, and it hurts his feelings that people are being told to call the cops if they see him doing anything he shouldn’t. But will he let that stop him?

Wait, what was he saying?

Frankly, he’s put off the UK leg of his trip so often now that we’re not even going to bother to try predicting when, or even if, he’ll show up. If he wants to waste time trying to get non-existent cult members to ‘squeal’ about a fantasy that exists only in the alleged minds of the Hoaxtead pushers, let him fill his boots.

He does allow that he’s a little annoyed and possibly just a bit nervous about all the attention we’ve given him, but then he drifts back into more rambling about marijuana and how it should be legalised. He throws in a bunch of wibble about gun culture and how Europeans just don’t understand Americans’ need for hardware that kills other people, because…that’s just how it is, man.

And…um…yeah, so if everyone could just donate to his GoFundMe, that’d be great….

Honestly, if Rupert’s goal is to create the perfect soporific in audio form, we think he might have hit on the winning formula. And now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off for a wee snooze.

Wake us when he’s done, would you?


37 thoughts on “News flash: Rupert likes cannabis!

  1. I think the daylight hours thing is something to do with the way the sun moves over the flat earth. It sticks to the edges hence more sun.

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      • I get the feeling that Rupert is having a jolly at the donors’ expense. A bit of a holiday.

        When people who are serious do this sort of stuff, get crowd funded, they go to some trouble to show their work, provide updates, travelogues, short pieces, with the final piece of work at the end.

        I think it’s quite funny. Also shows how gullible people can be funding him.

        How long has he been in Europe now? It’s coming up to the school holidays and those ferry and plane tickets aren’t going to get cheaper.

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  2. Did Rupert really take all that money off Angie?

    I’m not a fan of hers but if he did, then sounds like he’s a bit of a gigolo to me.

    Poor morals imo.

    Angela must be seething.

    She doesn’t seem to have gotten anything off of Rupert for the money and doesn’t even mention him now.

    However, now Angela’s a professional (as she states on CCN radio, which she hopes people will think is CNN), then I’m sure she can afford the donation. Mmm…

    As for a bit of a holiday, it’s a very long holiday if you ask me.How many months now? At least 2.

    It’s blatantly obvious that Rupert is scared of coming over to England or perhaps even Ireland for that matter. I don’t know what he’s worried about. Hey he’s a big guy with all those muscles.

    Rupert just better hurry up, as it’ll be winter before he knows it and it gets dark at 3.30pm.

    Has he been told that?

    What a plank. Though hopefully it’s the result of the cigs he’s been smoking.

    Time Rupert or is it Wilson grew up and did something useful with his life.

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  3. Bloody hell, EC – you managed to sit through all two hours of this mind-numbing snoozefest?! Blimey, the things you do for England! Your valour is much appreciated. Personally, I zoned out and lost the will to live after 19 minutes; and I was proud to have made it that far!

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    • I admit that some fast-forwarding was involved. And coffee. I didn’t want a replay of the unfortunate situation with Angie’s CCN video last week.


  4. Sniffer dogs at Britain’s airports have been alerted and Rupert may find his reception into the UK is heralded by an awful lot of barking.
    I think we can say his Cecil B deMille career is as dead as poor Cecil. I must say on my European jaunts at a young age to Amsterdam and so on I expected someone a little more interesting than batshit crazy Angela to be waiting at the other end.

    And still no word on those hungry Rome protestors ?. They seem to have vanished from Rupert’s life. was there a falling out?

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  5. It’s ironic that that someone who promotes weed as a portal to peace, love and harmony should be such a rabid promoter of America’s gun culture.

    By the way, can we make a concerted effort to keep Rupert away from guns and Batman costumes while he’s in London? He’s just the kind of guy to snap and go on a mad shooting spree (especially if he orders a meal in a London restaurant and they let his peas touch his carrots).

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  6. Jake seems to be promoting growing plants that Rupert likes outdoors.

    Source=His fb page just now!

    Perhaps the 2 suitors will meet when Rupert visits England.

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  7. “I don’t want to play favourites in terms of activism”. That’s good. I have a long history of activism going back to Greenham Common. Now it seems I’m fighting nonsense. Ik vecht onzin! Ya hear me ik vecht onzin!

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  8. Rupert on Brexit:

    “As far as I’m concerned you couldn’t really spend anything put pounds there anyway which kinda stinks…can’t spend anything but pounds…..they’re part of the Union but don’t really do the Euro thing so much. They were doing it when I was younger…..when I came to this part of the world when I was younger they were doing the Euro thing a bit more.”

    Would someone explain what the eff he’s on about please? I’ve never noticed the UK doing the ‘Euro thing a bit more’. Did I miss something?

    I used to believe cannabis should be legalised till I listened to Rupert.

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  9. I used to smoke cannabis when i was in my twenties and it certainly made my mind foggy so i couldn’t concentrate on anything not to mention how damn lazy it can make you.

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    • I think many people have done that, AF. They problem with people like Rupert & Jake is that they haven’t grown out of it, and don’t seem to notice that it’s turned their brains to mush.


  10. Rupert is complaining about being mocked…etc on the internet, but pales in comparison to the allegations being made about the innocent people in Hampstead. Something he has chosen to involve himself in. If all he was doing was fleecing a few flat earth and chemtrail conspiraloons of their money, i would have no problem with him. I would be happy to go on a holiday with their money too.

    However, it’s not some faceless large cooperation, government or vatican that he is accusing, it’s far more personal and direct. I think that maybe the reason he is a bit nervous, because the response he may face by kicking up trouble in Hampstead, may also be far more personal and direct.

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    • I think this is something all the Hoaxtead mob fail to realise: the people they are attacking are real. They have children, friends, families. They have been attacked out of the blue for no reason, their children have been named and are now being targetted in some cases by online paedophiles. These people have done nothing wrong but are being forced to defend themselves against people who claim they’ve committed terrible crimes. It’s hardly surprising that they’re angry at being attacked again, this time by a know-nothing stoner who wants to play superheroes.


    • Part of me would like Rupert to come over so that we could see the truth slowly dawn on him that the Hoaxers are all scammers and loonies and that there is nothing, and never was anything, sinister going on in Hampstead’s primary schools.
      As it is I hope all the local schools have a photo of Rupert on the staff noticeboard with instructions to call the Police if he appears on the premises.

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      • Do you think he’d realise that his trip was wasted? I have the feeling that like most of the other Hoaxtead nutters, if he couldn’t find what he was looking for he’d make shit up. It’s the Hoaxtead Mob Way.

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        • Christine Sands certainly saw what she wanted to see – even if it was in the clouds! She was barking mad, I’m not sure that Rupert is. He is naive, arrogant and has problems with substance abuse, but is he stupid or malicious enough to just outright lie?

          Well Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, if you are reading this and you probably are, do you still believe you can convince anyone apart from your Mom that you are a serious journalist and documentary film maker? You better be big enough to admit Angie has lured you across continents under false pretences.

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  11. Frances would like to share this bit of correspondence she found outside her doorstep, in the sewer:

    Dear Rupert,

    How many sleeps have you been away? Too, too many, my darling.

    Little Bob Marley Bear misses your hugs each night, and says “where’s my Wupie? Wiffout him, Marwee can’t go sweepy-byes”

    Touching, isn’t it?

    He looks so lost and alone, on your pillow. I know you wanted us to kiss him each night for you, but he’s getting tired of us. He wants only YOU.

    He told us the other day that he’s getting so depressed he’s thinking of flying out to see you. Perhaps we should set up a GoFundMe site for his travel (and weed, haha) expenses?

    We miss you as well, of course. Although no one in the family has actually mentioned your name since you’ve been gone, which seems a little odd, now I think about it.

    Anyway, as I’ve always said, Thinking is for Amateurs. The world is better off without it, right? Haha.

    Come home soon, I can’t wait to hear all about the fast you filmed (did the guy die in the end? Enquiring mothers want to know, haha!), and I’m absolutely panting to know how it goes in London. Between you and me, I’m sort of surprised you missed summer solstice at Stonehenge – that would have been an awesome way to start that leg of the journey, don’t you think? Think of the cool robes you could have worn! Still, missed opportunities and all…

    Oh, well. So, drop us a line with your travel dates. We’ll meet you at the airport if we can. Well, actually, it’ll probably just be me and little Bob Marley Bear, as I heard Daddy say the other day “I’m not picking up that little asshole, someone else can be his goddamn slave from now on”.

    A little harsh, perhaps?

    Missing you, my little drug-addled bean pole!
    Mummy xoxoxo

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