Why Rupert just can’t get no respect

So Rupert may or may not be in the UK at the moment—hard to say, as he seems to have finally realised that he’s likely to receive a less-than-rapturous reception when he makes himself known in Hampstead.

He does seem to be taking this rather personally: Rupert-getting picked onThat’s so sad. Really, Rupert, we feel for you, really we do. You must feel so unloved…and yet, dear, you do seem to bring it on yourself.

You see, Rupert, here’s the thing: you can be a real asshat at times. Well, okay, fairly often. Fine, let’s be honest: the vast majority of the time you act like a complete dingleberry.

There. We said it.

Don’t believe us? Well, here are just a few examples.

Let’s call them…Rupert’s Greatest Misses.

 British cops are no match for the stupendous Rupert

Rupert: If they don’t have guns they’re gonna have a hard f*cking time arresting me.

Angie: Yeah that’s the right attitude. We need to not be scared.

Rupert: I’ve seen these British dudes trying to fucking arrest people. I’ll fucking box their fucking ears. I’m small but I’m scrappy and I don’t go down easy. You can’t f*ck with me. YOU CAN’T F*CK WITH ME.

Angie: That’s the attitude we need.

Rupert: I’m ready to die. I’ll do it….Y’all can f*cking slit my f*cking throat. Go ahead. You can only do it once. You better jack off while you’re doing it too mother f*cker. I wanna see it.

Erm…beg pardon? What an odd thing to say!

As they say in Rupert’s part of the world, “kinda a dick move, bro”. (Our interpreters assure us that he will understand what this means.)

Rupert thinks he’s He-Man

Be sure not to miss 34:01 in this video, as Rupert demonstrates his awesome muscles. More like knots on cotton, but hey, he’s proud of them, so try to be polite. (Psst: we’re pretty sure the British police don’t have a lot to be concerned about.)

Let’s talk about sex with children

Rupert: You know what. Y’all do it so much you kinda make me want to try it out. There’s something to this. And then once I say something like that everybody’s like…

Angie: [cringes]

Rupert: Yeah…see what you just did…how you reacted?

We hate to say it, Roopie ol’ buddy ol’ pal, but on this one we’re with Angie. That was a seriously cringe-worthy moment, and for some reason you didn’t even seem to notice. D’you see what we’re saying here?

Rupert stars in his own blockbuster

“This sounds like Indiana Jones and the mother-f*cking Temple of Doom. Jesus Christ! This is what I want. I want the hat and the whip. You’re going to play the blonde and we’re going go and we’re gonna swing around….” [trails off]

Rupert cares, he really does

“I don’t give a f*ck about some British kids to be honest, like f*ck it, we’ve got our own problems here”.

Rupert fails geography class

Angie says she’s in Ireland.

Rupert: Is Ireland connected to…ain’t y’all stuck together?…that’s an island…that’s an island…Scotland…[mumble]….[something about a leprechaun][no, we’re not joking][we wish we were].

Rupert has just a few tiny family issues

“When I actually got knives out, like that basically it’s not pretty. My parents are scared to death of me”.

“I have this problem with being taken seriously by my family. They just seem to pity me more than…you know…you got the one kid with the mind-control programming who got the awesome like famous job now and what am I some f*cking asshole in some f*cking basement”.

“I’m awake!” [while looking stoned and about to fall asleep]

“My mother abused me because my grandmother wanted me to be successful. I should shoot myself in the head in front of her”.

Oh, don’t do that, Roopie. She might stop sticking up for you every time someone disses you on Facebook. Like this: Rupert's mother 2016-07-07

Uh, Roopie? We think we might have isolated your problem….Rupert 2016-07-07

55 thoughts on “Why Rupert just can’t get no respect

  1. Gawd he really is just pathetic. I reckon this joker spends all his time watching action adventure videos and playing video games all the time while puffing on pot and now thinks he’s a combination of Sylvester Stallone ( Rambo !) Jean-Claude Van Damme and Arnold Schwartzanegger but in reality, he’s more like that right-wing nutjob and bald-as-a -badger Chuck Norris who minces around advertising his exercise machines in his bad toupee.

    Indiana Jones with Angie as the heroine !! On what Hell Planet would that film take place?


    • Well Angie is an actress, so she should be well up for it.

      Not sure she’ll get paid though.

      Rupert really needs to grow up and mature, it’s about time.


    • Bizarrely, Chuck Norris was one of the people falsely accused in the McMartin preschool case.


      • Rupert – you’re not hard. You’re a pussy who boasts about hitting girls and wanting to have sex with children, cries when his peas are placed next to his carrots, takes down videos when the heat’s on, makes threats (to innocent families) that he never carries out, spends an old lady’s inheritance money on weed and hookers and calls his mummy to stick up for him when someone’s “mean” to you on Facebook. So yeah – I wanna find out. Name the time and place…

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  2. Aww, poor old Rupert. Everyone’s picking on you? My heart bleeds for you, it really does. But don’t worry, your mummy will come and stick up for you again, I’m sure. Unless even she’s sick of the sight of you, of course.


  3. Ach nein! Zis lying fruitcake absolutely did not say he “felt like kicking down doors”. He clearly, categorically and unambiguously stated zat he voz GOING TO Hampstead to do so. He also said zat he voz going to “get some fucking muscle together”, zat he has beaten up vimmin in ze past (and vould do so again) and zat he vonted to try anal sex mit children.

    Tellingly, he has now removed ze “kick down the doors” video from his channel (klucken klucken); but don’t vorry, folks – said clip also exists in various MK Ultra 666 and McKenzie Devils videos. Das tee hee XD

    Bottom line – zis man ist ein lunatic of Hannibal Lecter-esk proportions. He has broken ze Protection Harassment Act and should be placed in a stray jacket immediately and put in a cell mit mein auntie.

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  4. If this loudmouthed pussy thinks he can beat up a load of coppers, he’s in for a big surprise.

    Hey Roopy – I know you’re reading this. Listen, son – the reason we Brits don’t wander around with guns is because we don’t fuck*ng need them. Capeesh? They’re for pussies who can’t fight like real men. Which brings us back to you…

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    • As you know some British cops do carry guns but not the average policeman. But they wouldn’t need pistols to take down Rupert. i reckon a couple of WPCs could take care of this goose. Just ask the Lotus Princess.

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  5. Rupert, you’re embarrassing yourself my dear.

    You’ve just jumped on the bandwagon, enticed by the ravishing blonde damsel in distress, Ms Angie Power-Disney.

    I don’t know why you think you will change anything?

    Please explain what your bring to the table.

    Gap year is over 20 years ago for you.

    Time to get a proper job.

    Don’t think your Nan would call swanning around in Italy, Holland or wherever really successful.

    Another nice holiday for you…

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  6. Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, the name suggests class, but the creature that holds the name is so base and revolting, how anyone could stand next to it without throwing up would surprise me. Everything about Rupert is cringe worthy, he is as horrible as finding an icky slug in your cornflakes. He is an attention whore that will instantly attract intense dislike in a British person, and probably a punch in that smarmy face of his.


    • Actually, the name suggests the delusional faux-heritage and position that many Americans seem to crave….. Unearned ‘entitlement’ not much different from purchasing a ‘title’ off Ebay. Class, like respect cannot be bought, it must be earned.

      Unfortunately, the niminy-piminy-named little mummy’s boy has worked hard to earn nothing but contempt… An non-educated waster and loser who running headlong towards middle-age with nothing gained and dignity long-since abandoned.

      I’ve pointed out before how ‘odd’ it is that these ‘manchildren’ dress and act like slow-witted teenage boys. It seems that not only are they ‘maldeveloped’ emotionally and physically; but they are also quite predatory. – I’m afraid even the crossing-thought of abusing a child is indicative of a pervert, it’s just nowhere near normal. And one can only reasonable assume they dress this way to attract their prey.

      Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV – Based on his behaviour, and expressed wish to sexually abuse a child, I have NO hesitation in expressing the considered opinion that the man is a Paedophile, sexual predator, drug addict and the absolute scum of the earth…. Vermin, just vermin…

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      • He reminds me of when i was on my first forays into Europe, Paris etc in the 70s and you met Yanks who were so unenlightened as to the rest of world. They really thought Europe was some ‘quaint” place that always must be compared to the USA.
        The problem was they were always from Middle America and not the sophisticated cities like New York or LA which had huge European communities.
        Rupert is like some throwback to that era except I’m not sure he comes with Amex which we impoverished Brits zoned in on a and put up with their mindless rubbish only to find they were generally tight as a fish’s arse.

        I’ve never in my life heard someone say they would like to “kill someone” or “rape a woman” or ” abuse a child” just to “see what it was like. Not in jest or under any circumstances and I’d run a mile from them if they did. It’s so Freudian it’s not funny. As for that old Irish ratbag he confesses these fantasies too : she probably has a Little Black Book in which notes everyone’s peccadillos for future use, you know like Mae West – “keep a diary and one day it’ll keep you”. APD has probably already checked out whether the Quaintance family are well-heeled or not.Just remember that bloke in the hotel that fled in a cloud of dust after an Upright Citizen warned him.


      • Any time, any place, Goofy. You’re not hard. You’re a pussy who boasts about hitting girls and wanting to have sex with children, cries when his peas are placed next to his carrots, takes down videos when the heat’s on, makes threats (to innocent families) that he never carries out, spends an old lady’s inheritance money on weed and hookers and calls his mummy to stick up for him when someone’s “mean” to you on Facebook. So yeah – any time, any place…


  7. There is a petition online about 2 ladies who are facing charges, Someone must know Rupert quite well and has signed it. I quote :
    “name not displayed
    United Kingdom
    Free all pedos from jail and torture them until they reject Satan and Satanism. Start bonfires with the witches and all gays as well and force lesbians to renounce female love. Make the new PM of Britain confess she is a Lesbian Satanist and make Boris Johnson admit he is a transgender hippie (proof-he rides a bike) Free all hypos on this planet & demand MI5 admit that the Planet of the Ape’s films are documentaries. Barack Obama must admit he wears ball gowns in the White House. Force Donald Trump to admit he is Hilary Clinton in drag and free Neelu and Sabine or make them just eat potatoes only for the rest of their lives. Make a law that Rupert Quantance can only smoke one joint a day.”

    Maybe it’s roofietroofie or whatever his goddamned is

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  8. What a dickhead Rupert is. He thinks he is Jason Bourne and that he is so great because he can stay on his feet in a mosh pit. Wow some accomplishment Rupert.


  9. The patient’s early life has clearly been dominated by a number of strong women. In an act of rebellion he has run away to another continent, but his repressed Oedipal tendencies have drawn him to spend many hours talking to a much older woman.
    He has other inner demons which he seeks to suppress with drink and marijuana, yet his strange desires are often brought unconsciously to the surface. Note his monologue on the penises of statues in Rome, his desire to “grapple” with British Policemen and watch them “jerk off”. His stated desire to penetrate small children is a classic instance of projection and deflection. He has deliberately shed the pretty boy image of his youth in an effort to mask his essential femininity, however he himself has documented his occasional transvestism.
    The patient’s whereabouts are unknown, but he is currently believed to be cruising the red light district of Amsterdam attempting to pick up sailors.

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  10. I am a Management Consultant, I investigate, record and report. It is up to others as to what they do with what I report. This email is copied to the Royal Courts of Justice Complaints Officer/Queens Bench Operations Manager who I hope to see when I am in London on Monday. My Elections Bundle will hopefully lead to the arrest of Yannis.

    So Yannis will be arrested because Yolande failed to become a prime minister.
    shame on You yannis,

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  11. Dear Belinda

    Thank you for clarifying your position so publicly.

    The reason that I did not reply before is that there was an attempt to section me at 11.59am yesterday. Unfortunately I am not sectioned and so I can reply to your disgusting and publicly undermining email. Moreover both Dave Eden and Daniel Finkelstein of the Times have asked to come out of this group. I will of course oblige after I have answered any slurs to my name. Moreover a Jewish reporter needs to be exposing corrupt fellow Jews.

    I am a Management Consultant, I investigate, record and report. It is up to others as to what they do with what I report. This email is copied to the Royal Courts of Justice Complaints Officer/Queens Bench Operations Manager who I hope to see when I am in London on Monday. My Elections Bundle will hopefully lead to the arrest of Yannis. When I am at the RCJ I want to discuss getting a Court Order so that the complete list of female masons is published; I am also going to ask the Duke of Kent to publish the complete list of male masons in Maidstone too, in the public interest.

    Today’s Kent Messenger is certainly a “goodbye” edition. I attach the 2 KM on-line articles that show what is going on with the vile sisterhood. Theresa May wanted to celebrate her victory yesterday – in Kent – what a surprise. The “sisterhood” runs Maidstone – and all Kent’s elected MPs are complicit in covering up for Kent’s scandals that I have been exposing in my Election video. You need to buy the KM to see what is in it, but I will be copying relevant articles and sending them off to the Duke of Kent and to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, whilst taking a bundle to the RCJ Elections Officer.

    A selection of today’s KM articles – Page 2 “Mayor takes cruise to count his swans”. There is serious corruption in Maidstone, shops lie empty and elections complaints from myself and the 2 losing Tovil candidates – so what does the Mayor of Maidstone do? Prioritise the counting of swans!

    Then on Page 8 & 9 of the KM we have an article “On 20th anniversary of Russell Murders sister of killer tells of her battle for justice I’ll never give up fighting for Michael” . Michael Stone was put on trial for the Chillenden Murders, then Paul Carter had me put on trial for the same crime cover-up. Kent Police have the killer’s DNA so why don’t they arrest him? Indeed both Michael Stone and I have been to prison as part of Kent’s “cover-up”.

    Then we have KM Reporter, Alan Smith – also Vice-Chair of Tovil Parish Council doing an Exclusive Story”County Council in talks over the future of education centre”. This article reveals that Paul Carter’s KCC has been in talks for some months with my son’s employers, Markerstudy. I want to make it clear publicly that my son does not condone any Chillenden Murder cover-up, and I am sure that his employers don’t want to be dragged into this. Moreover it makes me angry that Paul Carter has been manipulating my daughter so that friends at my bowls club told me yesterday to disown my disloyal daughter and that they see her as a cruel woman for barring me access to my/Paul Carter’s granddaughter for no reason since 20 May 2016.

    Alan Smith “forgot” to report on the Tovil Parish Council Elections or seeing my Election Petition File on Monday or saying that I had made a complaint about this election – is that because he believed that good old Will Parsons of Maidstone Mental Health Services would have had me sectioned by now? Would that have intimidated the other 2 candidates from pursuing their Election complaints too? They can come to London too on Monday. To grab my interest Will Parsons told me that Paul Carter had instructed Kent Police to get me sectioned. A mediation meeting yesterday with my kids?

    If I am not on the court list of defence witnesses today for Sabine’s fake trial on Monday to undermine her work for children in Brussels, then I will turn up at the Blackfriars Court on Monday and insist on being heard.

    I attach a Referendum Petition that I am working on that will be finished today, I am doing a similar one for the Tovil Parish Council Elections.

    Sorry Belinda, but you and Auxilia may think that you can intervene in what is going on in politics at the highest levels in the UK aided by myself, the Duke of Kent et al but you both need to butt out. I am following up the letter that I received from the RCJ Elections Complaints Officer/Queens Bench Operations Manager. My complaints now include the rigging of the Tory Leadership Elections too. I am not prepared for the British taxpayer to subsidise the Tutu scandal cover-up any longer. David Edmond was the other donor for their illegal flights, what he does next is up to him.

    As I move forward, Belinda, it will not be with you.

    Yours sincerely


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  12. “Why doesn’t he go after convicted child abuser Abe Christie who started it and is on the run”.

    Now that would have been much more worth while. I would have quite enjoyed a video of Rupert doing a Roger Cook style track down and confrontation with Abe and Ella. Asking them all the tough questions that other interviewers have refused to do.

    Instead, I think we will get a number of videos with Rupert trying to charm a bunch of raging cougars and not much else. The only interesting part is whether he can charm them enough that they feel he hasn’t wasted all that money

    Was that really his mummy coming in to stick up for him. surely not? lol.


  13. Angela’s FB page is a hive of activity. Yannis is kicking serious arse on there (no, really) and Tracey Morris, by her own admission, is flagrantly breaching her gagging order by posting libellous comments about Ricky Dearman.

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    • So I see! And it includes an intimate photo of Angie that no one should have to see!

      Rupert has posted a new video and it is hilarious! Apparently the recent reforms at the Vatican are all down to him and Kevin! Well Rupert, your ambition to become a comedian is coming true. The earnest voice over where he describes himself as a “political dissident” over video of himself pratting about and drinking Budweiser had me in stitches.

      He has included a clip of himself being arrested and thrown out of the Sistine Chapel. Should he make it through customs I look forward to seeing videos of him being thrown out of lots of other locations.


  14. The police seem to manage to arrest people despite normally having no guns. They manage to arrest violent criminals, even violent criminals trained in martial arts, big dangerous criminals trained in martial arts, big aggressive dangerous criminals trained in martial arts….

    They have friction lock batons, pepper spray and tazers. Batons are offensive weapons.

    I imagine they have plenty of experience arresting people who don’t want to be arrested.

    If, Rupert, you end up arrested and taken to police custody, you don’t have the right to a phonecall, only to have a person notified where you are. Don’t piss off the custody sergeant. If you are reasonable they will let you make that call yourself.



    • I am having a waking dream.

      Rupert in a custody suite in London somewhere. He’s been sat in the cage waiting to be booked in for ages. Gets to the desk. Asked the questions. Health. Mental health. Self harm. Tries to be cocky. Sarge has seen it all before. Rupert, when asked about self harm, makes vague attempts at comedy. Sarge not amused. Tough cuts used to cut everything dangly off his clothes. When asked if he would like to read the code of conduct, says yes. Carying it to his cell he realises it isn’t the victory he hoped getting this particular reading material. He’s on constant watch due to his attempts at comedy when asked about self harm. That means the old lags in the other cells don’t get given extra cig breaks in the yard. They get noisy and agitated. Someone will be screaming or singing all night. Thoughtless Rupert.

      Rupert feels like a boat without a rudder in the face of the old bill’s utter determination to take every stupid comment he makes at face value. The only food left is microwave curry. Halal lamb or veggie. He wants a shower. He makes a fuss. He gets one. He doesn’t get one alone. The custody officer couldn’t be less interested in his discomfort, or his physique.

      Immigration come on shift. They want to speak to him too. They ask Rupert about his work. The officer Rupert gets is the fattest immigration officer in the service. Rupert sneers, not realising this officer has interviewed genocidal war criminal generals, thieving presidents doing a flit, rapists, murders, you name it, and he thinks Rupert is a complete tosser. The immigration officer doesn’t even attempt to hide his amusement. He retires in six months anyway. He’s also hungover. Rupert brags. This isn’t going to go well.

      Rupert still needs to be interviewed by police. He is.

      Police let him go.

      Then put him back in a cell.

      Bastard immigration. They detain him at the police station. For, reasons.

      Poor Rupert.

      — I imagine that, in reality, Rupert will make a lousy video and visit the sights of London on the gofundme money.

      I can dream.


    • We asked some of his peers – members of a local media group – for a considered assessment of Rupert and his film-making skills…

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      • Thats a bit unfair to compare ruperts videography with weeman, weemans funny,clever and lots of people watch his videos, he’s also talented which is four strikes against ruperts mind numbing soporific diet videos, unless of course you want to get to sleep then rupert wins!

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        • ……Oh I wasn’t comparing; simply highlighting his place in society and reflecting on his inadequacy even relevant to that. 😉

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          • I havent seen any weeman stuff in years, i checked out his youtube stuff out and he’s still at it! still funny too, i just subscribed to his channel


    • Sounds like the voice of Bill Maloney in that video of Rupert’s.

      Did he get permission to use it?

      It’s totally ridiculous.

      “Resting” lol before he comes to the UK!

      It’s one long rest.

      He’ll be wasting his time visiting if he actually thinks he’s going to accomplish anything.
      Though I suppose it’ll be another nice holiday.

      I wouldn’t fancy staying at Belinda’s.

      I’ve heard too many creepy things about her and she’s the type not to put on the heating when it’s freezing outside. Mmm…

      Don’t reckon he’ll fancy Angie’s place.

      3 bedrooms, 1 son in each only leaves one bedroom and bed to sleep in.



      • …….That one made many of us smile here too Sam. ‘International Amateur maker of shitey wobbly home-movies’? ….And he thinks this gives him status why? Rupert, you might as well be boasting that you’re an ‘international toast-eater’….. Clueless, spineless middle-aged-mummys-boy parasite.


        • This video is probably the funniest piece of work Rupert has achieved!

          Is Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV the American version of Giles Wemmbley Hogg?


          • I see to recall Giles was a ‘nice but dim’ type. Rupert is just an ignorant, pig-shit-thick druggie cunt; differing only from ‘Wee Man’ (see video above) by dint of his accent and the mount of dosh he’s able to syphon off other folk.


    • What a pile of shite! with the massive leaps in property prices since the 80s a lot of people are worth more than 1million on paper, some ex council houses are worth close to that


      • And fact is : we live in Capitalist societies (with good doses of socialism like universal healthcare) and Sabine etc (including me) benefit from that as the taxes paid pay our pensions and so on.
        Therefore everyone is in the grip of Satan according to then unless they go and live in a cave somewhere and exist off air.


      • And that million pound figure seems rather arbitrary and completely overlooks inflation and regional fluctuations. Still, she “was once told” about it, so it must be true.


    • Well Belinda is definitely “one of them” what with her inheritance, the £5 million Iran Aid or was it £75 million and all the property she owns with her 3 sons’, including the house she lives in with the bunker rooms, etc.

      And then I remember Angie saying Belinda drove a battered old car and shopped in Tesco…la de da loopy lou

      Yes Ange, she’s tight!


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