‘Child Protection Task Force’ conference coming up

Andy Peacher, an early and enthusiastic promoter of Hoaxtead, and continued purveyor of various conspiritainment acts (Neelu comes to mind), recently announced the ‘Child Protection Task Force’ conference, to be held 5 May in Glasgow.

Andy Peacher-conference 2016-03-18

You’re too late to get free tickets, but if you’re willing to fork out over an undisclosed amount of hard-earned cash (seriously, we couldn’t find a straight answer on how much this shindig is supposed to cost), you can settle in for a long, long day, listening to such luminaries as pretend journalist and professional bingo-caller Brian Gerrish, anti-vaccine loony Christina England, Leonard Lawrence the ‘Poisoned Air Pilot’, and many more!

When he announced the conference back in December, Andy noted, “The Children around the world are still screaming to be heard”. Now where have we heard that before?

Oh, right, that defunct charity that’s still pretending to be legit! It’s all coming back to us now.

In fact, if we remember correctly, Maggie Tuttle’s last ‘Children Screaming to Be Heard’ conference featured none other than Vicky Haigh as a guest speaker.

No, we are not joking.

We’re sure Andy’s freak show event will be just as illuminating.


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  1. I’ll be very surprised anyone turns up in sunny Glasgow. That’s some trek for Brian from Plymouth or is he getting a plane.

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  2. I live in Glasgow but I don’t really fancy listening to that lot. If McNeill and McKenzie were attending I would go with a camera although they would probably recognise me and my card would be marked….lol.

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  3. Is he not more likely to take to the high seas in one of the plastic margarine tubs he (supposedly) used to command? Or perhaps he intends sailing up the Clyde in a banana skin? – As I imagine most of his audience will also be planning to do just that! If he docks at the Finnieston Crane he might just get a warm ‘John Smeaton style’ welcome from off-duty staff in the two big sheds full of Journalists opposite.

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  4. Actually, I’ve just read the thing properly. It’s being held at the New Lanark Mill Hotel. – This is a small pretentious ‘travelodge’ type place ‘etched in’ to an 18th-Century Mill at New Lanark which is a preserved historical village some several miles from Glasgow. – Quite a pretty place. Built by Robert Owen IIRC. You can walk round the Mill, visit the Annie McLeod experience, buy some over-priced tat at the gift shop etc. But really not much of a conference venue (not all that accessible). – Still, the upper reaches of the Clyde run through it so Brian and his flotilla should be OK once they get up past Glasgow Green.

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  5. Anyone heard the video on Ange’s fb page, put up about 3 hours ago?

    I’m listening to it now.

    I wonder why she’s suddenly realised it?



  6. Yes, that was on another thread earlier, with her comment about deserving an Oscar if she’s part of a hoax, lol. She hasn’t just shared it, though – it was on her channel for a while but she took it down for some reason.

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  7. Lol i fell asleep to most of it.

    It was so depressing.

    I’m not sure what the point of it was really apart from Ange being on camera, yet again.

    Who said she was part of a hoax?

    I thought the point is, she’s been conned by the hoax not that she is part of it.

    I think the problem is Ange wants to stay in Belinda’s good books, she thinks the hoax gives her some “status” and the time she has spent on it, putting it before her own children.

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  8. I have my own suspicions as to why Angie jumped on board early and often. It should come as no surprise that I suspect money changed hands.


  9. I wouldn’t doubt that for a second. She strikes me as all about the money. – Was it really a MILION quid she had the tin out for to advance her career as a ‘Journalist’?

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  10. Just putting a post together, but I’ll give you a hint: it links back to our suspicions about Belinda’s early involvement in the case, and those whom she chose to launch it on the internet.


  11. Ah ha!

    Well Ange definitely stayed at Belinda’s, though after the hoax started i thought.

    Looking forward to your post.

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  12. A quaint operation it was. As if she was casually casting a redux of Sir Henry at Rawlinson End. – Angie seems to have landed the role of the wrinkled retainer. Possibly due to her Irish background. Or possibly because her features suit the character and she really is full of bollocks!

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  13. Was ‘Old Scrotum’ Disney not involved with the AMMACH project? Some of the so-called testimony for which was recorded at McKenzie’s lair.


  14. I’ve spent a few relaxing breaks at the New Lanark Mill Hotel, I like it there. At least I know to avoid it on the 5th May. Thanks for the warning. 🙂

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  15. There was a playlist I was looking at earlier which I can’t find now, I’m fairly sure there was something where she was being interviewed by Joanne Summerscales, filmed Miles Johnston at the Highgate Hub – as a few of these things were. – A very quick search reveals this nonsense:

    Which certainly links Johnston to her.

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  16. @inchambers@acourtnearyou.com.. Have you ever been there? I wouldn’t describe the hotel as a small pretentious travelodge. My room was huge with a 4-poster bed!


  17. Yes; I have been there! Many times! – It’s about 30 minutes away. I’ve had the misfortune to have to attend many a function at the place. And I’m afraid it left me rather cold. – I find it quite bland and, as I suggested, pretending to be something it simply is not.


  18. “CHILD PROTECTION TASK FORCE” is this yet another play on recent announcements by the government, surely not people hoping to exploit the real thing (perhaps with a collecting tin?)…..

    Below are THE REAL CHILD PROTECTION TASK FORCE ANNOUNCEMENTS by the Government (in the middle of last year)

    The reality is that its set up by Freedom Talk Radio rather than the Government and is using the name to attempt to get credibility…

    The address registered with Nominet is for Andrew Peacher

    Its not exactly a high value house

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  19. “Gather FREINDS work mates and neighbours listen to some impressive speakers full details below.”

    I hope they’re better speakers than spellers!

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  20. Freedom Talk Radio – Andrew Peacher, a past supporter of Sabine McNeill, yet shes missing / absent from the list of his conference speakers

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  21. Oh Joy! This has just been passed to me.



    “University of Warwick
    1978 – 1981

    Co-wrote THE GENIUS with Howard Brenton, playwright, Tony Howard Professor and Barbican Director and another student…Howard toured Europe with it ending up at The Royal Court Theatre London. It metamorphosed into GOODWILL HUNTING with the lead role changing from female (I played the original alongside Ben Gibson, Rose de Wend Fenton and others)….

    So, now she basically wrote “Goodwill Hunting”? That explains the line – “Nail them while they’re vulnerable, that’s my motto. “

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  22. Rather strange – no mention is made anywhere I could find (other than APD’s own claim) of APD “Co-writing” the play with Howard Brenton

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  23. LOL! Regarding her time at La Sainte Union, Bath..

    “Got busted for running a LEVITATION and POKER club in the basement at lunchtimes for which an EXORCISM was arranged.”

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  24. A thought… His wife is Scottish? Allegedly a victim of the Nazareth House scandal. And they’re living in England? – A cynic might think this curious location for a conference is chose because it might provide them with a nice wee break in the auld country. – funded of course by the mug punters in attendance.

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  25. Effin hell. I have to say I’d rather go to the ‘alternative’ task force meeting than have to attend a real one. I’d be positively ill sharing a room with that many Conservatives. In fact I feel sick thinking about it. (Runs for bucket)

    At least he ‘alternative’ Child Protection Taskforce would be amusing and have no real impact…..

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  26. I co-wrote King Lear with Shakespeare but it was a good few years ago so it’s neither here nor there. Old Will had some awful habits and I’ve still got one of the socks he chewed through.

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  27. I suspect Mr Brenton might find the claims surprising too. Perhaps there might be a way of checking the situation with him?

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  28. I was looking online about 10 mns ago and there was a site which listed all plays written by him. The Genius was mentioned in that list. Below that was a list of plays he’d co-written with people and she wasn’t mentioned.
    Considering The Genius wasn’t in the co-written list, then I guess he wrote that one on his own. 🙂

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  29. About 20-grit fitted to an air sander by the look of it! – If you told me she was born in 1954 it wouldn’t surprise me.


  30. So at 58 she would have been born in 1957 – seems strange that she has such vivid memories of her first year of life…

    Babs – any idea in what area she now lives – a rough area is enough to confirm or deny what I read earlier


  31. Then I should say at this point that all Beatles songs should really be credited to Lennon/McCartney/Blake.

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  32. Maybe. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had a base in the UK – If only to dodge the road tax!


  33. Funny that they’d use the exact same name as the official government version, isn’t it? I honestly don’t know whether to credit Peacher with that brilliant idea, as he seems a few bricks short of a load to me most of the time. However, that’s not to say it didn’t come from someone else in his camp, and it’s the sort of thing Belinda or Sabine might do. Recall, for example, their lame attempt to piggyback their ‘Force Adoptions’ event on the visiting MEPs last fall.

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  34. I once heard Neelu doing a phone-in advice segment, with people calling to find out how to use ‘common law’ to get themselves out of debt. It was horrifying.


  35. A friend has mentioned to me tonight that the picture of the ‘young’ Angela on one of her Facebook accounts is very familiar; but he cannot quite place her. He suspects West London (Baron’s Court/North end Rd) circa early-80s . And is tempted to make an association with Andrea Davidson’s crowd of the day. – But equally well fears this might just be his memory playing tricks on him.

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  36. ‘Researching Reform’ needs to be on your radar. Alarmingly, the author of this blog appears to have some credibility in mainstream family law circles. This is despite recently offering to send Maggie Tuttle a ‘prize’ for being her Top Commentator.

    She was plugging this conference and managed to persuade a serious organisation for Independent Reviewing Officers to advertise it, until I suggested via Twitter that they might want to look a bit more closely at the backgrounds of those organising it.

    Its been a sobering lesson to me that still too many people are blissfully unaware of the full extent of these people’s activities.


    note the ‘interesting’ tone of some of those annoyed with my comments who wish to ‘meet’ me.

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  37. Some of the names commenting are ‘interesting’ enough. – It’s important to expose these frauds. Many people – a majority perhaps – are yet to assimilate the extent to which the internet facilitates cooks, crooks and the downright derranged walking freely as if they were ‘real people’.

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  38. Shows what a liar she is. I happened to know because I worked in admin for 2 years in an LA studio in the early 80s. Despite the tales and movies you may see about sharks in Hollywood the entertainment industry in California is strictly policed by some of the toughest union rules and laws in the world developed out of the decades of show business production to ensure everyone is correctly treated and paid for their efforts.

    No film ever gets made without the provenance of it’s original creation being first secured (by law) and then payment of royalties and such are governed by laws that prescribe exactly when people involved in the creative process.

    For instance anyone involved in the writing of a screenplay- say Good Will Hunting which may well have been developed from a book. a play, a song etc with input from numerous people… is paid a strict percentage on the very first day of filming which is when a film production is deemed to be in actual production.

    Power-Disney is a crook but then there is one aspect of Hollywood : sometimes reported in more sensational cases but you rarely read about the numerous people who come along and claim they are the real author of a film etc. And that is why the laws are so very strict- to protect genuine artists from the plagiarists like Angela Power Disney.

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  39. Rubbish. I am actually Will Shakespeare and created King Lear on a napkin in a coffee shop and I’ve never heard of you.

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  40. some of Angie’s claims : “I am a comedienne laughing at myself and with others in the face of tragedy or absurdity”

    “My older sister Kathy was sadly expelled for rebellious behaviour the final straw being caught with white filtered CONSULATE ciggies which the nuns thought were drugs! ”

    my favourite : “Got busted for running a LEVITATION and POKER club in the basement at lunchtimes for which an EXORCISM was arranged!”

    “MRS EVANS changed my life & academic path by taking an interest in me including bringing me to dinner in a French restaurant to meet her graduate daughter and taste ESCARGOTS!!”

    What a full life Angie has led.

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  41. Yes, I’ve posted this link before. I asked Angie for evidence of her alleged contribution to said movie (which was from an original script by Damon & Affleck) but answer came there none. Quelle surprise!

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  42. Angie being of course a fine upright and honest person will be keen to dispel any possible rumours that her hard earned degree is fake, and verify her claims on her CV to hold one.

    Such verification would go towards establishing that she is other than a liar, scum bag (and very delusional)

    It needs her consent to verify, but the University offer verification for free, Perhaps one of her face book friends might contact her and get that consent from her and then email the University (via the link below). Hopefully they can then publish the results so we can all be reassured of her honesty and integrity.

    I for one have just turned slight shade of blue, holding my breath in anticipation of her response.


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  43. that would be fascinating. Certainly the old fraudster Andrea Davison has a dodgy memory and now thinks she was an MI5 agent while defrauding pensioners. forging credit cards & passports, forging her mum’s signature on her house deeds to get a bank loan and money laundering for the infamous 1980s franking machine gang who ripped off the Post Office for a small fortune. Many went to jail for long periods but the coppers always said they only got a handful of members of the gang.


  44. It isn’t much different here. – My job (in part) involves tracing, collating and checking the sources of materials used in various types of audio-visual presentation. Everything from films to 10-second local radio ads. It’s all strictly policed. Our ‘problem cases’ generally come from rank amateurs playing at pro.

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  45. Given most of the so-called truthers are old time con merchants and small time criminals who have resurfaced as ex-Mi5 /MI6 agents, spooks, it’s worth delving into the past of these ghastly creeps.

    The vast majority seem like sociopaths in the way they have nil empathy with those who they falsely accuse and whose lives they try to destroy, Hampstead being a prime example.

    I reckon each and every one has a past they are hiding. Apart from some who are obviously mentally challenged like the Lotus Princess. Bellend being a prime example of an opportunist grifter.

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  46. You’ve just forgotten because you were pissed. I was the waitress who gave you all those clichés and said ‘just throw them in as padding…’.


  47. The more the activites of all these grifters becomes common knowledge the better in my opinion. One of Davidson’s scams involved a fake council official who would take a substantial bribe (about a grand I believe, which was a lot of money then) to get you a council house. Of course once the money was handed over there was no house – and I believe it was common for there to be multiple marks for the same property. They were particularly fond of targetting foreigners and seemed to hang around the gay community. – It’s been pointed out to me that some to those young gay kids were pretty vulnerable as were many second generation Asian kids torn between two cultures. They operated for a short while in a patch just off the North End Road which unfortunately for them happened to be an area favoured by Thames, LWT and the BBC to billet their younger technical staff who were just finding their feet in the city. – So very quickly they found were being watched! Apparently they bailed and moved on before an expose could be done.

    Oddly she re-appeared on my associate’s ‘radar’ as few years back, contacting him directly. She was being ‘Tara’ by this time, and looking for an independent journalist to take on her case. – Claiming she was destitute and living out of a car in the Welsh hills or some such fairy story. Sadly the penny eventually dropped that the now tubby middle-aged bald Scotsman she was talking to had previously been a wee skinny laddie with long black hair that was lost in London – and had been part of the team trying to gather the good oil on her scam. – She dropped the line! – And has been spinning the odd line about him with the conspiritard comunity ever since. – He’s a bully apparently, and she’s as pure as the driven snow! – Driven-over by the manure wagon that is! Neelu also figures in that ‘crowd’ too as do various other ‘relatively innocent’ faces of the day – The rather unfortunate Dawn Cante-Ha (Smith actually! – Born 1951) for instance (She/he of Pendragon films and the Sweetwater fellowship) and her sidekick ‘Minwah’. ‘More to be pitied than scorned types’ who seemed to be sucked into the grifter’s world. – I’m happy to speculate that this was fuelled by a lot of white powder! There is, I’m sure a common thread of ages, places, dates and types of ‘scam’. – Is Angie just another one that has been caught up in that mix? If you’ve been around scam artists all your life and you’re watching life’s buffers approach as you reach the end of the line… What’s an old moll, well past her sell-by date to do?

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  48. Neelu’s story IS a sad one. But she was sucked into that vortex a very long time ago, and she still had her marbles back then.

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  49. Thanks for confirming, DG! I was sure the Good Will Hunting connection had come up here before but I couldn’t remember on which post or when.

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  50. She really is quite a sick piece of goods. Claiming she is now looking for a Graduation photo (so the scumbag reads this site) from her University days. Just show us the diploma you fucking liar as everyone I know always has it framed and on the wall even if it’s on the kitchen.

    But she’s also inferring that Harvey Proctor is guilty despite the lunatic ‘Nick’ now shown to be a liar and fraud who will not face prosecution for his outrageous fabrications because he would have had to have been charged within 6 months of going to police.

    So Power-Disney, the pathetic fag smoking fabricator is another moron who is lead by the nose by media reports. And when those media reports turn out to be false as they have been in the shocking demolition of a man who helped save us from the Nazis- Lord Bramall (Angela Power-Disney is like a cockroach compared to this man) she chooses to believe the bits that re-enforce the darkness and horror within her mind.

    It cannot be said enough times: these self appointed vocal so-called child advocates are not only dangerous but highly suspect.

    Rupert Murdoch has become a billionaire pandering to the cretins of the UK like Angela Power-Disney. She and others lap up every bit of sewer talk he prints- truth is incidental- and they lap it up because their minds are like sewers.

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  51. Of course it is as you would know. It would be utter chaos if it weren’t for no other reason than plagiarists Like Power-Disney come out of the woodwork and try to claim credit.

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  52. what a fantasist. Howard Brenton’s has had a highly distinguished & prolific career but sadly his play The Genius did not fare well. The notion that a playwright like Brenton would not credit a co-writer is laughable.

    Moreover Brenton has also produced numerous screenplays and the very idea that a Hollywood production company could rip off his work without credit is laughable considering film producers like Affleck & Damon rely on input for ideas from talented writers like Brenton.

    To steal his work would be like shooting themselves in all feet and risk destroying their reputations considering there is nil benefit. Certainly not financial as writers are generally on a percentage- if a movie is a hit they are well paid if it flops then bad luck for all involved bar a film crew who get paid weekly.

    Clearly Angela Power-Disney has attempted to meld 2 productions that have only the most minuscule in passing similarity and attempted to gain credit vicariously. She probably passed Brenton in a corridor and a career was born.

    Moreover if this liar had ever bothered to follow the careers of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon she would know they took enormous risks with Good Will Hunting as then they were by no means big stars. Thinking they may never get the film off the ground they produced a fly-on-the-wall documentary (filmed by 2 film school pals) charting their efforts with everything included- meetings with high powered studio bosses,rejections, arguments with agents and lengthy script developments from the very beginning which also includes the one page outline the pair wrote when they were at film school. The big surprise was that Good Will Hunting got made and became a mega hit for the pair.

    So we now know Angela Power-Disney is a proven plagiarist. What more shall we uncover?

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  53. Some months back, i warned Researching Reform of Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzies fake claims and pretence at spearheading campaigns, which Angie is now trying to also style out….. I don’t think my comment was allowed and i recieved a tart response, telling me to not use Natalies’ blog for a personal disagreement, and that she was allowing them to comment in the spirit of free speech…… I waited months and also warned her again in the meantime, yet she is still supporting and promoting very ineffective people, who make claims to fame, undeserved……… The Screaming to be heard conferences, held in Holloway Rd, have run a few years, Andy Peacher has always promoted them for years, but was really upset when banned from, the 2013 one, yet still, they have kept him onside, to use his channels as a link to seemingly prove credibility or reach people, and suck them in to their rabbit holes, hoaxes……. Angela Power Disney has never been on the radar of CSA campaigning until Hampstead……… Cathy fox’s blog is in the comments which promotes Fiona barnett, downunder, more evidence of plans, conspiracies and co opting of the real issues and survivors of child abuse, and our attempts to change things.

    I’ve had some time out from posting, online, but have been following links i normally steer clear of, such as Ammach.

    I was unaware until very recently, that the UFO abductee groups were being held, and troubled to see that.

    There are some similarities in the subjects…………. It is in groups like this, that survivors of CSA, are told that they have either been programmed, abducted, etc, but don’t really know it, and are taken into a world of treatments, therapies, that i hadn’t realised had been encouraged in this way, by the people that co opted our rally 2010…….for some of us, this is a red flag, and a manouvre to help coverup child abuse, obvious to some of us, yet for people new to speaking about abuse, a dangerous trap………and clearly people are getting seriously damaged, where was belinda when that child went into care ???? perhaps it is one of their cases ? the McKenzie Associates ? i havn’t worked out who that might be….

    I’m going to be mashing up some videos to try and paint the picture a bit more clearly, from my perspective, now that this piece of Belinda’s work has become clearer to me……

    Malcolm Ogilvy is still very busy online, as is Butlin Cat…… I watched the ‘Confessions of an alien abductee’ video on Discovery TV, as that came to my attention, and Butlin Cat uploaded it, you see that right at the end……… that was Miles Johnstone & Joanne Summerscales’ break up time, but amongst the videos are shots of Angela Power Disney, at least as far back as 2011/12. Some of it has upset me quite alot, as people being promised support and let down, have had some very serious problems, including losing a child to care, for one young mum, because she reported being abducted by aliens to the police, and then again another young woman who died, and is reporting abductions,

    Personally i don’t believe in the Alien Abductions, but i know quite a few who do, and i can agree to disagree…… My sorrow is that here again, are people being handled, groomed, used, abused, thrown onto the system and then used some more, as people are making a living off of their misery.

    Ammach looks as tho it begun in Highgate, Lord Pye did an interview there, on youtube, and belinda and Joanne are in it, along with Miles who we know has also interviewed APD.

    i watched some other various interviews including one with Nina, where she tells Miles he was entranced by Joanne…… Nina started to stalk me on Youtube a while back, probably at Angies behest, but i think i nipped it in the bud.

    I am watching with interest, to see how long it takes Rupert to callout APD……..he is clearly frustrated at the lack of evidence, which Angies latest bible yawns and self aggrandising waffle is meant to distract everyone from……. She is desperately including any big CSA name in her videos to try and get views and hence donations, she was originally listed to speak at both Scotland and London Screaming to be Heard conferences……….only as Angela, but under other recognisable, now missing names like Belinda, Sabine and Araya……… i probably didn’t take a screenshot but i think it was on another site or this one, a while back………..

    I find it pretty easy to imagine the convos’ as they cooked up this story…….. I think Ella may have been sucked in, suckered to believe them pre Morroco, made pliable, and that’s not an excuse, just a reason that makes sense to me…………for what followed……i think they thought with something people usually can’t, won’t do, ie have children talking about abuse, current abuse, if they could somehow make that happen, …….. internet coup of the century, and the pounds would roll in….as well as all of the fringe benefits like sabotaging the inquiries etc, which i still think is part of their raison d’etre.

    I know some of the names Angie mentions, and one of the is Alan Lorenz of Herbalife fame…….I got into it for a couple of years 86 onwards…… I mentioned it before, when MLM came onto the radar with Sabine’s attempts to raise funds that way, and had quite a few times, recognised MLM tactics amongst the tricks employed by these charlatans, if he was involved in training courses, ……that tells me enough, lol….

    I’ll collate the links for the trail i followed, , next and i will try and make this even clearer.

    Quite alot of this spooks me, and it’s not because of their kind of spooks, it is the way that people have been so misteered, mistepped, and suffered, while they carrry on, still, regardless, Angie is making me feel sicker and sicker, with her attempts to rally yet more gullible people, or fan internet flames that should by now be ashes and the few embers left, i hope will be stamped out………….i will do a bit of stamping soon…… It’s my birthday tomorrow, i find it easy to spot discrepancies with dates and Angie LOL……

    Given that i was born in Holloway, 57, i knew that Angela’s press release was intended to trigger and upset me, cos i knew it couldn’t be true in her case…..and there have been many such coincidental actions by them and then i think, nooooooooo, why would they keep trying to do that to me, ???? I think i can show a possible case for that too, and will try to, but i’m not the issue here, nor do i want to be….. i know why i might be a danger to them, and anyone who wants to keep the CSA movement in disarray, chaos, confusion, vigilantism, projecting fantasised cases, employing therapists who do implant false memories, or encourage false beliefs, all mixed in with a sprinkling of truth and the odd genuine person…… .

    Something i havn’t said too much about is the way that they seem to have purposefully triggered and upset me for years, and i will make the case that i have indeed been a TI, Targetted individual, by these people who sell the idea, but employ all of the tricks themselves to help coverup the real truthers out there, and the truth itself, especially regarding the topic, i organised the rallies to facillitate bringing right out into the open, unavoidably……. Which i can also make a case for a targetted and group plan to sabotage, co opt from before the 2010 Rally……….

    I’m just going to paint that picture, as i can, i don’t care whether they have or havn’t purposefully triggered me, but the few people i’ve ran it by, think they have……it could be true, but the links between them is of itself strong evidence perhaps of a real conspiracy, of such disgusting proportions that it is hard to imagine anyone would……….by now tho, many of us are under no illusion…..the main promoters of the hampstead case will sink to ever more low depths, have done, are proven to have, including bible spouting hypocrite Angela, who really needs to come up with that forensic evidence………pronto………..of serious and federal, world offences such as sharing links or making snuff movies involving children…….. The world is waiting Angela Power Disney, so are Internet Watch Foundation, FBI, Ceop, Interpol ?…….. perhaps you can prove that you at least attempted to report it to the authorities ?????? or answer as to why you witheld this evidence ? As Rupert is also now wondering, this is a massive key…..and will be the ultimate make or break for this case, perhaps ?????

    You know, Angie the ropes, being that you’ve been an activist on child abuse or an advocate for so long ??? you know that you can’t just make an announcement of having forensic proof without doing the right thing now, don’t you ?????? or you can always admit that there is no such evidence ????

    or did Charlotte Ward, Jacqui Farmer ???? Anyone ??? show us the emails and confirmation from the agencies that you provided the evidence to ? or admit that you concocted it, and if you were in the UK, would have been arrested by now.

    And i know that Rupert is waiting too, and maybe you don’t realise, but watching him, and who some of his mates are,,,,,,,,,,you must know that when Rupert realises the whole truth, he may blow this sky high, but not at all in the way you imagine…

    Is this helpful ?


  54. I know what you mean about the curt reply! I had a very interesting twitter exchange with her about Vicky Haigh – she certainly has a shaky grasp on the rule of law and what a fact finding means…

    But it has been quite illuminating for me, that I need to constantly be reminded that people believe what they want to believe. Whilst googling polygraph use in family courts this morning (don’t ask) google directed me to one of her posts from October 2015 which was a very sad letter from a woman alleging violence and abuse in a relationship and saying that the corrupt family courts gave her child away to the abusive father etc.

    Maybe it was true. Maybe it wasn’t. I can’t possibly know from just that letter. It was well written but so what? However, Natasha stated that because it ‘seemed plausible’ that it was therefore plausible. A male commentator stated (fairly enough I thought) that would she also think his account of female abuse ‘seemed true’? He got short shrift.

    I think the major, major problem is the legacy of this ‘we believe you’ approach when anyone says they are a victim of abuse. Which is fine and great if you are that victim’s friend or family member. But pretty disastrous if you are a police officer or a lawyer. Our response has to be – we will listen to you respectfully but we will investigate impartially. Otherwise, the consequences are obvious and severe.

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  55. YES. I fully agree–it’s critical that people in the justice system listen respectfully and carefully to all who allege abuse. It’s also critical that they investigate, until they find that the allegations are either plausible or not warranted.


  56. Oh, these are very dedicated people, you know. They don’t worry about trivialities like food, drink, or even oxygen.

    It’s all about getting the message out, and putting up the all-important ‘Donate here’ button.


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