Trouble in Trooferland: Kristie Sue’s deputies have massive falling out

Well, that wasn’t predictable at all.

When Kristie Sue appointed Deborah “Mad Moo” Mahmoudieh and Kane “#BabyEater” Slater to co-moderate her Retrieve the Chickens Facebook page, she could not possibly have foreseen that the two professional wingnuts would be at one another’s throats within weeks.

While today’s pagga might have originated in the more private confines of the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™, it been going public over the past few days, commencing with arguments between Deborah and several American fruitloops who disagree with her stance on Donald Trump (she’s not a fan).

Yesterday we noted Slain Crater’s shot across Debs’ bow: “I can’t watch any of your videos because your accent is torture to me”…


Within hours, Debs had thrown together one of her rambling, incoherent videos, this time aimed at her soon-to-be erstwhile Canadian colleague and all his Trump-loving friends [Canadians like Trump? But they seem so nice!—Ed.]:

This one builds up to one of Debs’ trademark satisfying rolling crescendos, starting around 20 minutes in. The gist of the video can be summed up as “Fook off, the fooking lot of you”, repeated at higher and higher decibels for about 40 minutes.

A few hours later, apparently not content with her initial video response, Debs posted another clever riposte:

Ooh, “covert pedo-supporters”? Nice jab, Debs.

And an hour after that…yet another video, this one mercifully short but spectacularly shambolic:

Debs has had some time to think about the grave insults she’s suffered at the hands of the Troomp…er, Trump-lovers on Beseech the Chickens, and here’s where she lets it all hang out. There’s weeping! There’s shrieking! There’s desk-pounding! There’s dramaz!

Don’t let the smiling faces on the thumbnail shot fool you: this one is less like an everyday run-of-the-mill raging diatribe than Godzilla on a drunken rampage, hauling up skyscrapers by their roots and hurling garbled invective at anyone who’s ever crossed her. Ever.

And then the coup de grâce: Debs rage-quits Beseech the Chickens:

Phew! A short but dizzying ride, well worth the price of admission.

And all you covert pedo-supporters over at Besmirch the Chickens, we’ll bet you’re sorry now, aren’t you?


What’s that? Speak up, we can’t hear you.


100 thoughts on “Trouble in Trooferland: Kristie Sue’s deputies have massive falling out

  1. I always had an image of Debs as Deirdre Rachid, a Manchester accent with a husky voice from smoking for many years.
    I am quite disappointed to find out she is very pretty and good looking.


        • I think she’s beautiful and I feel a bit sorry for her. She lives in such hell. I hope she sorts herself out tbh and finds a bit of balance again. Mind you, I’m glad she’s not my neighbour. I bet they can hear all that shouting.

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          • Despite her outrageous and illegal behaviours, which clearly need to stop, I’m inclined to agree. Personally, I’m not so comfortable with mocking someone in such obvious pain/meltdown but it’s difficult when she is so out of control. Perhaps she should contact The Truth Project where she can vent her anger, share her story on those in authority who failed her. It may be cathartic for her, she will be listened to and perhaps get some help while helping to ensure that lessons are learnt.

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        • And that dame in the middle unfortunately has an uncanny likeness to Angie “‘Ello Kind Sir can you spare a Farthing for a Packet of Fags” Power-Disney.

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          • Bloody hell, it doesn’t take much to start Debs off, does it? I can’t believe she has gotten so angry about an internet slight from Kane(d) Slater.


    • Speaking as an ex-smoker, I must admit I feel sorry for anyone who has to go through that and wouldn’t wish COPD or any other lung condition on anyone.

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  2. It is a dimension as painful and annoying as root canal surgery and humungously pointless as something infinately futile.

    It is the middle ground between sheer incompetence and undiluted,flagrant bleedin stupidity, between Lalaland and planet Zog`s lunatic asylum “C” wing, and it lies between the very hole in mankind’s backside and the summit of ignorance.

    This is the dimension populated entirely by bottom feeding clowns who quite frankly make chocolate teapots look really damn useful. It is an area which we call the Hoaxtwat Zone.

    Der ner ner nah,der ner ner nah……….

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      • Mik referenced the Twilight Zone, and so….
        “This mind-bending TV series is hosted and directed by John Newland — your guide to the unknown! Based on true, supernatural events that defy scientific explanation, the show will appeal to fans of ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘The Outer Limits.’ “

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    • According to Legend, Krusty Shoe has a tattoo of a devil on her left bollock. Until this is identified and proven false by her local Police department, she is a suspect in a baby munching satanic cult operating out of Cape Cod.
      She may also be responsible for luring sailors onto the rocks by using her massive 6ft 2″ frame, and her giant gob holding a torch, as a lighthouse.

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  3. Oh dear!

    I think “Heather Brown” is very upset with me and thinks she is going to bully me!

    I’ve just noticed she’s posted on fb about me on one of my posts and then I see another, so possibly there are others.

    HEIFER is blocked and has threatened me.

    Just thought I’d put it out here as she’s annoyed I’ve mentioned her in the past on here, so I’m going to mention you again Heifer.

    How’s Bidion doing these days?

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  4. We now appear to be moving into the Kane v Kris phase of the hostilities, if this attack on Kris by Kane is anything to go by 😀

    By the way, you’re not seeing things – Slater really did just say “Donald Trump eats babies” in a post telling Kris not to accuse Trump of eating babies.

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    • Great Moments of Irony #96 : Mr Vangelis castigates Kane Slater re “the sting” of being falsely accused whilst falsely accusing Hampstead residents.

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      • Debs loves dishing it out to all and sundry and yet she can’t take the slightest bit of criticism herself. She needs to develop a thicker skin because if you are going to dish it out then you have got to expect it to come back to you.

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        • Yep AP Disney seems to be very good at that, not taking much notice of what people say to her.

          Which reminds me that the only person I can see LIKING that Archi Ssan “hunger striker” on fb is now down to 50kg is Mrs. Power-Disney.

          Mind you I have people blocked and vice versa no doubt so could be more likes.

          The woman is a psychopath, she doesn’t give a flying f… the damage he could be causing.

          I just wonder if she’s tried to Skype with him?

          Probably, mind you I think he’s too old for her…


        • Indeed Hugh.As Judge Griffith sagely advised Rupert citing former US president Harry S Truman “if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen”.Similarly best not attempt a Quetzlzacatenango Chili pepper in public if you wish to avoid presenting yourself a complete and utter twat.


    • I still have questions for Moo re if she was abused from age 2 to 17 when did she finally twig to the fact that her abuse wasn’t kosher?

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    • I have to say I have some (limited) sympathy with Debs. Kane is just abusive to her from the word go. He clearly likes abusing people in crude terms.

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      • He seems to take advantage of the fact that he lives in Canada, where he believes the UK police cannot touch him. They can’t, but apparently the Mounties (yes, the ones in scarlet on horseback) take a dim view of online child abuse, which Kane has committed in spades.

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    • Lots of people are saying they sympthise with Deborah. But can I be the first (and only?) person to declare that I don’t feel the slightest bit sorry for her? Don’t get me wrong – I hope she gets the psychiatric and emotional support she so clearly needs – but she has repeatedly named innocent people and demanded that they show their genitalia, she has repeatedly published the names and faces of two vulnerable children (and their classmates), she has made veiled death threats and she has even threatened to carry out a suicide bombing. I do get where people are coming from but I’m ashamed to admit that any sympathy I had for Debs ran out about 20 videos ago and now I just want the police to go knock on her door and tell her to shut the fuck up.

      I hope this doesn’t make me a bad person.

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      • I can understand what you’re saying, I really can. I have sympathy with her but I don’t think she should be allowed to continue to do what she does. I’m hoping the authorities step in so she faces justice, but also that that involves some help for her. It’s a matter of balance.

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          • Debs doesn’t show any sympathy for any of the innocent people that she lies about constantly. She must know that the things she says are wrong as she knows she has lost friends and pushed people away with her actions. So i don’t think she deserves sympathy if somebody upsets her online.

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      • I’m going to stand with Spiny here, she has had problems (although I seriously doubt much of her story of her childhood quite frankly) and what is obvious is that she has had ample chances to get help, but actually doing so would deprive her of her primary aim in life,- she even admits it `How fookin DARE you IGNORE me”….

        Basically she has an ego big enough to swallow a small sun (actually probably quite a large sun), yet despite her best attempts- nobody even notices her….
        It’s not about the kids, its not about others- its gotta be HER and only her!!

        And like any other six year old that doesnt get its way, it chucks a big tantrum, throws its toys away and screams and yells and then storms off

        Most kids learn this doesnt work young in life, Debs simply hasnt managed to get past the mental maturity of a five or six year old

        (I wish my nan was still around and could visit her- fifty years old or not, she would still get her mouth scrubbed out with soap LOL)

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        • That was me obviously, dunno why the D disappeared
          I know I copped flack for wanting the old asylums back before, but seriously, care in the community has its weak points and the revolving door approach to mental health care simply isnt working for far too many people, you can hear in her voice that this whole thing is pushing her into a increasing spiral which isnt going to end well

          IMHO we have some people that simply need to `get away from the world’ until their mental state is returned to a better frame of mind, she’s going to snap one of these days and it wont be pretty

          The sad thing is it neednt happen, but she is so unlikely to get the help she so obviously needs that its a dead on cert it will happen- unfortunately

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          • When I visited Sydney my friend told me the local Minister who successful pushed for Care in The Community so the government could sell off 2 large Psychiatric Hospitals (that just happened to have nice water views) eventually came to bitterly regret his decision when both his sons suffered severe depression and could find no mental health, with both committing suicide.
            Now they are building mental health units attached to large hospitals.
            I reckon it’s an epic failure.

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          • I do think that we need a better medium- to long-term mental health system, Steve. When “asylums” were first conceived, they were a noble enough idea—the intention was to give those with severe mental troubles a place of refuge, where they could rest and recuperate away from the stresses of the rest of the world. Unfortunately, like many good ideas, over time this one was warped and perverted into “dumping ground for people no one wants to deal with”, which eventually led to de-institutionalization, which led to our current highly unsatisfactory set of cobbled-together solutions.

            I do think that a measured and cautious return to the ideal of the asylum might help certain people with long-term issues which need more care than we can provide in the community. That said, there would need to be strict provisions about their use, preferably worked out in collaboration with the community of mental health service users.

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          • “El Coyote
            January 5, 2018 at 2:37 pm I do think that a measured and cautious return to the ideal of the asylum might help certain people with long-term issues which need more care than we can provide in the community. That said, there would need to be strict provisions about their use, preferably worked out in collaboration with the community of mental health service users. ”

            Oh certainly- I am in no way wanting the `mad houses’ of yesteryear reopened as they were, I seen and read about some real horror stories about some places that were literally blood chilling.
            But in some cases (many??) the current system is simply not working and when care in the community fails, there should be a usable (and SAFE!!) alternative
            In way too many cases these people end up causing distress for many others by their behaviour, which should have a total range of responses from visits to a mental health care practitioner, up to and including long term custodial treatments- not just the `lock em up and forget about em’ approach of the old ones, but for those deemed necessary, isolation from the `real world’ until their worst issues are addressed- with FULL and independent monitoring as a must, and when they have progress, a slow and measured reintroduction into society, with professional monitoring of their progress.

            In many cases, what currently happens is simply a revolving door into short term care, with rerelease often in no better shape than they started with, and in many cases ending up with criminal incarceration instead when they finally step over the line, with no care at all while incarcerated…
            Not by anyones standards a better solution I would think…

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          • I agree completely, Steve. The short-term care revolving door just doesn’t work for a lot of people (though there are many who are helped by shorter-term treatment). Unfortunately, those who design mental health care programmes seem to be ruled by a combination of dogma and funding cuts, when what’s needed is a full-spectrum, pragmatic, carefully thought out system which leaves no one out.

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          • Until she is an imminent danger to herself or others she won’t be sectioned.
            I am in a similar position with my own mental health, to the point I no longer want to be here.
            Ringing the crisis team many times and not made much progress.


    • Heads are rolling as we speak at the BBC Centre after a senior manager noted Manuela’s damning comment on Twitter.

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  5. Some Russian scientists were trying to clone Donald Trump, but when the cloning chamber opened they saw that the Trump clone’s head was permanently wedged up it’s butt. Well, this one can’t be President – they said – but it can still be a Republican!

    (For the record, there are some Republican federal representatives that I do hold in high regard)

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    • An amazing and quite sick article on that website that demonstrates what utter liars this mob are.
      It claims an Australian Archbishop said he would rather go to jail than report pedophile priests to police.

      He said no such thing.

      What he said was that the Confessional was sacred and that he could not tell what was said to him by a parishioner confessing (quite apart from The Pope has said the same and he makes the rules).

      The Royal Commission stated they would like priests- if told of a crime during confession to report it to the police. This seemed a mealy mouthed statement among some excellent work when they know full well it wasn’t going to happen and Australian priests had no power to change such a rule.

      Nor has it been shown that any parishioner confessed to a crime during confession so basically everyone is just speculating. But logic tells you if someone has committed a crime that could carry a life sentence and they knew a priest would tell the police, they wouldn’t confess it.

      But that shows how Robert Green and his co-horts lie so easily and twist the truth to fit their agenda.

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    • Yawn. Another sad pathetic death threat from that creepy bloke who’s not allowed near his own daughter for her own safety:

      And Christ knows what the BO-addled weirdo’s banging on about here but it sounds like Sam’s touched a raw nerve, so well done mate:


      • Great Moments of Irony #97: “your guilt by association”. Oh where to start on that one! None of us have enough time on the planet to do so. But what I said is factually correct.

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      • Is that website run by that Olgivy creep?. Like most of these Troofers they think repeating something they found on the internet means it must be real.
        Even APD admits some websites posing as news sites are just publishers of Fake News but she still cherry picks articles that re-affirm her prejudices.

        Oh hold on- Angie doesn’t really believe anything, she just posts crap that she thinks the Troofer Mob will like (hoping they will send her a fiver)

        Her hero must be the so-called Dutch “financial whistle blower” Ronald Bernard who claims to be an ex-banker (yet no-one has been able to track down the slightest proof he ever worked for who he claims, details are vague at the best, or even that his name is real) and who reckons he is exposing the evils of banks (Illuminati controlled of course) and claims the discredited Protocols of Zion are real.

        And on his website..he urges believers to..wait for it..send him 100 Euros ( or preferable 1000) to join his very own bank.

        This is the classic long con game where you create a scenario by spouting stuff that will attract 1000s of believers, people who are already convinced the claims are real, spin a tale and weave a web and in the end, ask those people to send money so you can “change the system”.
        Angie, eat your heart out.

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  6. In a café this morning and the guy next to me is holding court and telling everyone about chemtrails. Then his mental health carer said they had to leave. Bit of a silence after that then one of the older ladies said ‘I bet that’s why my glasses are always so dirty.’ 🙂

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    • Amazing how they can use these Chem Trails to infect the great masses but the Truther Mob remain untouched.


      • It’s a good job David Seaman is around to explain it to all of us.

        It seems that once a person has success with a conspiracy and develops an audience, they then embrace many more conspiracies to keep their audience happy.
        Now it’s the Satanic child trafficking, globalist, illuminati, Rothschilds behind the deep state, poisoning our water, our air, enslaving us all with their fraudulent fiat currency. I imagine the solution is to invest in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Etherium via Seaman’s commission links, become a monthly patreon and subscribe to his newsletter. Simples

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        • While some truthers, freemen on land etc may be cynical, I think in general they are gullible people. They don’t accept anything the government, broadcasters, Citizens’ Advice, their mum, etc tell them, which sets them free to believe anything anyone else tells them, particularly people of their own kind. Take for example Elizabeth Watson, who was commited to prison for contempt having sent to to Sabine McNeill confidential papers in family court proceedings and who made life considerably more difficult for herself by trying to fight the President of the Family Division with the weapons of a freeman on the land. Well, I learn from Quatloos that she is now launching a similar fotler assault on the County Court, having lost all her money in a ponzi scam. And look at Neelu’s embracing SwissIndo. The motives are the same – both ladies want to make some money but their method of doing it requires an immense level of credulity. It’s misleading to think they’re cynical just because they are out for £££, mercenary yes, but quite astonishingly trusting. Elizabeth Watson is still convinced the villains of the piece are not the scammers who took all her money, but Evershed’s the (highly respectable) firm of solicitors who represent the mortgagor to whom she is now in debt.
          By the way, does anyone know what’s happened to Chris Spivey, his website is down? Perhaps he’s decided that EVERYONE is Madeline McCann and Jimmy Saville and he’s actually the only other person on the planet?

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          • I heard he was taking time off to do an introduction to human anatomy module. First lesson facial anatomy, major muscles of face and underlying bone structure with bonus free read-n-keep handout on structure of auricle and discussion of lobes of ears as evidence of recessive genes in a classic Mendelian inheritance kinda way. Sort of a sub GCSE level course.


          • Maggie Tuttle was also the victim of a scam.

            There may be something to this theory of yours.


      • She could at least specify what bloody case she’s talking about. I think it’s just some directive that’s been passed that she’s read way too much into. And she seems to think that people having a meeting is a sign that they’re guilty of something.

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      • @Spiny Norman Glad you said that because I thought it was me and I was being stupid. I was sitting there thinking ‘wtf is she on about?’


    • LOL, am I reading too much into this or is “but if you do I understand” a subtle brush-off? It makes the first half sound half-hearted to me and I get the feeling Kris can’t wait to see the back of her.


      • It does come across as half-hearted to me also. KSC hasn’t put in any effort at all to try and convince Debs to stay. I would have thought that KSC needs all the friends she can get.

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