Looking back on 2017: Pushing forward, consolidating gains

On this last day of 2017, it seems as good a time as any to look back on the year that was.

Coming into 2017, the Hoaxtead mob was still reeling from a spate of arrests, which had placed a serious chill on the Hampstead SRA hoax. Following a series of leadership struggles, by the end of 2016 Kristie Sue Costa had emerged as the Voice of the Hoax, and as predicted, her stellar combination of pigheaded self-righteousness, inability to reason her way out of a wet paper bag in a rainstorm, and vindictiveness toward any who cross her have lent the hoax a distinct Trumpian feel.

Rupert’s trial

In 2017, the clear winner for Event of the Year was the week-long trial of Rupert W. Quaintance, which ended in a guilty verdict on 30 August:

Rupert had been charged with five counts of Harassment 4; he was found guilty of two of them, and was sentenced to a nine-month prison sentence on each conviction, to run concurrently. In addition, he was given a criminal behavioural order which will be in force for five years; he was also assessed costs for the trial.

In his sentencing, Judge Griffith quoted U.S. president Harry S. Truman: “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen”, referring to Rupert’s complaints that he had been trolled and harassed following making threats of harm to the parents of Hampstead. He noted the growing impact of the internet on people’s lives, and emphasised the importance of self-regulation and thoughtfulness when making posts online.

Despite an appeal against both the verdict and the sentence, Rupert remains incarcerated; his earliest date for release, assuming good behaviour on his part, will be in early January.

Although Rupert was only ever a minor player in the Hampstead hoax, his trial was a watershed moment, as it demonstrated that the courts can and will take online harassment just as seriously as they do the face-to-face variety.

In addition, Rupert’s case set an important precedent for any future online harassment cases: it showed that although the hoax targetted a group of people en masse, individuals within that group now had standing to claim that they had been harassed and put in fear, even if they were not explicitly named as targets. The fact that a list of the “alleged abusers'” names was found on Rupert’s computer, even though he was not acquainted with any of them individually, was deemed sufficient to show that he had intended to cause them fear and alarm.

Sabine’s arrests

For many of us, Sabine McNeill’s arrest on 10 November, followed by her re-arrest on 9 December during which she was remanded in custody, were game-changing events this year.

Sabine has been charged with four counts of stalking causing fear of violence or serious alarm or distress, as well as 15 counts of breaching the restraining order which was imposed upon her in July 2016. Sabine spent more than a week in HM Prison Bronzefield while her friends scrambled to crowd-fund the £20,000 security required to grant her bail, and she will appear in court in early January. At that time we hope to learn the date of her 2018 trial.

It was felt by many that the court’s decision to impose a large security bond is an indicator of how seriously her current charges are being taken. We’ll certainly be following Sabine’s case very closely in the new year.

(We’re sure we need not remind our readers for the umpteenth time that it is illegal to speculate on the outcome of this or any other trial, but what the hell. We’ll say it anyway.)

Belinda’s arrest

The long arm of the law did not bypass Belinda McKenzie in 2017, either.

To everyone’s shock, including her own, the so-called “Teflon Lady of Highgate” was arrested on 16 March, and had her computers and phones seized for investigation by police. Belinda has made many dark references since her arrest, implying that she expects to be stitched up at any moment, and suggesting that “the shadow people” are out to get her. However, to our knowledge she has not been charged with any crime yet.

We believe that this was Belinda’s first arrest, and it does appear to have rattled her. Usually she manages to remain just barely on the right side of the law, while her minions take the heat—so while Belinda’s arrest may or may not lead to actual charges, we think it ranks up there among the year’s important events.

Ella’s admission that she made her children lie

If it weren’t for all the arrests and trials and such, Ella’s admission to California-based troofer Nathan Stolpman that she had falsely accused her eldest son, her ex-husband, and his current wife of being Satanic child-abusing baby-murdering cannibals would have been right at the top of this year’s “best of 2017” list.

In the course of trying to weasel out of one question (why did Ella not notice that her ex-husband and ex-partner both had gigantic “cult” tattoos in places which a sexual partner might be expected to notice?) Abe blurted out that RD didn’t get his tattoo until after he’d left Ella, thus back-pedalling on the children’s claim that the so-called cult was “generational” in nature, and that all its members received their tattoos when they were very young.

And even more important, Ella told Nathan that Mr Draper wasn’t actually in the cult after all:

(S)he mentioned that Mr. Draper, her ex-husband, was also involved with the cult, the Satanic cult. I’ve spoken with her now since and asked her about it and she says now she doesn’t believe that was the case and that was maybe something she was prompted into coming up with at the time when she was under duress.”

This created a gigantic gaping hole in the hoax, as both RD’s children had clearly claimed on the videos they were forced to make that their half-brother was “in the cult” and had abused them, and that Mr and Mrs Draper were cult VIPs, Mr D being the “cult financier”.

Ella’s admission has been studiously ignored by all the remaining Hoaxtead mobsters, but it’s clear to anyone with a functioning cerebral cortex that even she has begun to give up.

Our New Year’s resolution for 2018: we plan to remind the Hoaxtead mobsters of Ella’s admission at every possible opportunity. Please feel free to join us.

What’s next?

If 2017 was a year of legal breakthroughs and the final debunking of the hoax, we fearlessly predict that 2018 will bring further rounds of arrests and charges, as police and courts begin to realise that “do nothing, cover our ears, and wait for the nutters to go away” isn’t a realistic approach to protecting innocent people from the wackadoos online.

Sabine’s trial may bring the case back into public view, but to the chagrin of people like Deborah Mahmoudieh and Kristie Sue, it won’t win the Hoaxtead mob any new fans. Rather, it will underscore some of the issues which have been created by social media and the viralisation of false information, along with questions such as exactly where “freedom of speech” becomes harassment.

And through it all, we’ll be keeping close watch, keeping our readers informed, and encouraging lively debate…because some things don’t change, new year or not.

We’d like to wish all our readers a happy, prosperous, and healthy New Year. We think it’s going to be a good one.

82 thoughts on “Looking back on 2017: Pushing forward, consolidating gains

  1. Thank you for reminding us of these monumental events, EC. What a great year for the hoaxbusters!

    By the way, I am sooo hoping Kristie Sue reads tonight’s post. Please don’t hate me fore my Schadenfreude 😀

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  2. Meridith should ask Kristie Sue why, by Ella’s own admission, the children said things that were not true? So far, I haven’t been able to get any coherent answer from Kristie Sue about that, nor about the tattoo question. But hope springeth eternal that some day a question will penetrate that thick American skull of hers.

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  3. Congrats to all, on a magnificent year of triumphs, across all platforms & offline!

    HOORAH! for Hoaxtead Research 🙂

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  4. Plus isn’t this the same woman who’s run an illegal blog under an alias for the last two and a half years? No hypocrisy there, then.

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  5. Angie and Yolande can’t stand the site of each other, Kris, but please don’t let the facts stand in the way of a good hissy fit. Why break the habit of a lifetime?

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  6. “I could teach you a lot about this case”..yet she cannot get even the basic facts correct such as ..the mother NEVER went to the police and has said in interviews the videos were never intended to be viewed by the police, rather the “special constable” relative of Abe’s is the one who correctly alerted the cops.

    As for the mother in “exile”- this is self -imposed after she fled when the police wanted to interview her.

    I’ll say it yet again: my experience with my late mother which I reckon examples the majority of mums- is that she would fight like a tigress for her kids and NEVER abandon them even if it meant a jail sentence. The bond is too strong for 99% of mothers to flee and leave their children and even Sabine clearly had a mother who protected her during the dreadful bombings of Dresden.

    My belief is that if Ella returned to the UK she may face a court but probably receive a suspended sentence if found guilty of anything. Why she keeps hiding in Spain with that man who has tried to destroy so many lives is a mystery but we know of many women who get into an abusive relationship and cannot seem to leave.

    Congratulations to El Coyote for a brilliant job of sifting through the chaff and putting the details, evidence and facts into an always readable tract.
    I feel 2018 will be a fascinating year.

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  7. Yes the plastic bins are left because the Aliens will be living in them as they remind them of their homes on Planet Bongo Wongo.
    What’s this Agenda 21? A new band?

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  8. lol..how dare an Englishman try and teach a Scottish court how it works. Sounds very reasonable to me and is certainly not racist.
    Poor man thinks Daily Mail readers may be shocked by something. Only if the article is too tame.
    What a goose.

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  9. Was watching a UK Column video last night when the You Tube advert appeared just under Gerrish’s face. It said ‘Still looking for a Social Work job?’
    Still laughing this morning. 🙂

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  10. Thanks, GoS. I wonder what keeps Ella away, as well. One possibility is that she knows she could be charged with something more serious than child abuse—my guess would be attempting to pervert the course of justice, or something similar—and is aware she could face more than a slap on the wrist. Of course it’s also possible that she’s simply one of the minority of mothers who just really doesn’t much care about her children.

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  11. The other thing…..do you have to be devoid of charisma to get a job at UK Column or do they remove it after you join? Watched three of them delivering the ‘news’ and nearly fell asleep.

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  12. LOL Mrs. O.

    I’m not going to say who, but when I need to sleep/nap I put on a certain person’s YouTube videos and before the first one has ended I’m asleep. When I wake up I’ve missed at least a couple of hours worth. Works a treat every time.

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  13. “As for the mother in ‘exile’, this is self-imposed after she fled when the police wanted to interview her.”

    Someone needs to explain that to Costa’s minion Deborah too, as she has repeatedly stated in her videos that there was no attempt to arrest Abe & Ella. In fact, she’s presented this as ‘proof’ of their innocence, saying that if they’d done all the things the children stated in their retractions, they would have been arrested, “so why weren’t they?”

    Then again, in other videos she’s stated that “Ella had to flea the country or she’d have been facing 7 years in jail”, so go figure.

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  14. I have hardly interacted with Yolande but have somehow been targetted by her for no reason whatsoever, following attempts by her to offer me ‘help’, ??? I have wondered whether she is Sharon Zaki/ whatsername who wrote all that crap about me, but also nearly everyone else with some presence online, and always ends on deep biblical warnings or prayers …. I can never work very far for long to read that site…… but there is a common style and divisiveness……

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  15. Kudos, Sheva – it seems you’ve really been ruffling some feathers lately. As well as Yolande, both Holliegreigjustice and Spidercatweb put up posts about you last night 😀

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  16. Ah to be 18 and doing spring break in the Florida Keys again……it brings it all back…..
    I remember the spoil sports too. Kristie – It’s probably just a bunch of kids having FUN!

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  17. What an amazing year 2017 was so many victories to celebrate and here’s to many more during the course of 2018. Thank you both EC and Scarlet for keeping us all informed of every move throughout the year.

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  18. Oh i think she is much worse than just silly, i think she is a mad old bint that needs to give her head a wobble.

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  19. Suck on it, Moo 🙂

    By the way, nice to see her accusing us without any foundation, yet again.

    Oh and if she really did have a strike, FB would tell her which post it was for, so no bullshit there.

    Restrictions are usually the result of spamming or over-posting, if I’m not mistaken. And again, she would have been told that by FB. Lying bint.

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  20. A good idea: we should all keep copies of our complaints. Some work, some don’t and I’ve had complaints about the videos of the children rejected (I don’t believe they even watch the videos given those employed are in Third World countries being paid poverty wages and over-worked)

    A dossier should be prepared and given to one of the politicians who are sympathetic to the terrible problem that FB and other social media ignore complaints about videos depicting child abuse victims. It should be sent to CEOPs and the NSPCC , any organization who expresses dismay how social media fosters child abuse images & videos and most importantly the media who revel in such stories.

    And indeed all the directors of Facebook and if possible, some of the biggest investors.
    Remember: this is case tested in the High Court twice with a damning verdict against the promoters of the hoax.

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  21. I wish everyone a very happy new year! All the best of health and happiness to all!

    Next year I will stop engaging with conspiracy theorists on any topic. I don’t tend to talk to village idiots, so will take that into account next year. It’s a pointless exercise.

    I will be engaging in conversations instead with brick walls. Both modern types and older and see where that get me! I call that process!

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  22. No we are friendly with the Zogians : their Ambassador on Earth Princess Neelu has declared that we are allies. But we are in hock to them for $$Trillions in liens issued by Neelu.

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  23. Just wanted to pop in to offer huge congratulations on your tireless and top quality reporting this year. I don’t know where you get your energy from, and I remain astounded by it. Thank you.

    All the best to everyone who writes, reads and lurks here for a healthy and happy 2018 🙂

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  25. Ah the same people that run/ran? Pedohuntersdownunder and Opdeatheaters NSW. The people that UK Opdeatheaters like Wesley Hall and fakes like Angela Power Disney & Sabine McNeill, Cathyfoxblog and Fresh Start Foundations’ Andy Peachers lot promoted….. On my list of things to do, but any help with timestamps appreciated, Michael.
    The first video features Laurence who sounds like the same Laurence Coghlan who made death threats to an advocate downunder after their group colluded to smear advocates involved in the Royal Commission and also steal money from survivors going to Rome and steer it to Fiona Barnetts website. My blog has more on what I witnessed with evidence & links.


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