Video share: All About Angela Power-Disney

Just kidding.

Telling everything about Angela would require a couple of full-length documentaries, or perhaps a season’s worth of soap opera episodes (note to self: get on this).

So think of this video more as “the story of an outsider who managed to insert herself into the Hampstead SRA hoaxers’ mob, clawing her way to the top of that particular dung heap whilst tossing various ex-friends and former allies under the nearest passing vehicle”.

Whatever one might think about her, Angela is certainly one of a kind. Just ask Rupert.

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  1. A year or two ago Angela Power caused an old man to completely withdraw from assisting others by misquoting him in some of her videos. He did not even know that he was recorded. Fortunately he stuck by his original view of coercion and pathogenic parenting of the children, as was observed by this page.
    The original post by this page was removed and corrected but the damage was such that the old man refused to help any future person. He also suffered serious abuse by people that took note of the original not corrected posts.
    I am also convinced that her so called “help” in another case, caused the parents of a new born boy to permanently loose their child to forced adoption. The father of the child then committed suicide on 04 September 2017 (i think). (In camera – I can not mention the names).
    APD profess to be a Christian, but she caused such serious damage to the Christian community that she can only be classified as a satanist professing….
    Apology for my ranting…

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  2. Thank you for exposing this lowlife lying hate-mongering harridan, EC 👍🎯🏆

    And tick tock for seeing her dragged into court to answer for her actions.

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  3. Speaking of lowlife lying hate-mongering harridans, the latest from Hoaxgirl is that everyone who’s ever questioned her on YouTube is Karen Irving in disguise, James Hind is a “lost soul” and stalking people’s kids is ok now. She’s a charmer, isn’t she.

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    • Also, did you see how quickly she went from “Karen’s made hundreds of videos about me” to “Karen and [protected witness] have made hundreds of videos about me”, after I called her out on it? This woman changes her stories as often as Angela!

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    • I think Hoaxgirl is trying to give the impression it’s only Hoaxtead pointing out her dodgy ways but the net is full of exposes of the phony QEG machine and some are by real scientists and engineers. In fact she draws more attention to herself as peole’s natural inclination is to Google.
      * That little blue Mexican style skull is becoming like an old friend. In the Philipines families have picnics at the tombs of their deceased loved ones which is a Spanish influence. God only knows what these accusers would think of them.

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      • Yes, many nationalities seem to incorporate commemorations of the dead into their lives, without any apparent ill effect. In Poland, for example, All Saints Day is celebrated on 1 November, and the entire country shuts down so that people can go to the cemeteries to clean and decorate the graves of their deceased family members and loved ones. It’s quite beautiful to visit at nightfall, as people leave long-burning candles in special glass jars on each grave; the collective effect is visually stunning and very moving.


  4. Regarding EC’s comments about how Angela routinely falls out with or alienates her friends, here’s a handy list of those she’s driven away (and in most cases turned against in the most vicious ways imaginable):

    Also worth noting is the abuse, hostility and fingers-in-the-ear reactions many of us have received from fruitloops she’s latched on to when we’ve kindly tried to warn them about Angela and how she will eventually stab them in the back as she does to everyone. It’s given us some great told-you-so moments, though, and plenty of opportunities for sweepstakes on how long until each inevitable fallout 🙂

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  5. Ooh, I see you mentioned Angie’s crush on Rupert in your video, so for anyone unfamiliar with that, check these out:


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    • The Chesoli email makes me howl with laughter. Rupert comes from a ‘powerful’ family in America. No he doesn’t, that’s Angie for you, making things up as she goes. (Note to Angie – if he came from a ‘powerful’ family he wouldn’t have needed legal aid and I doubt he’d have spent four and a half months in the nick.)
      “We were kind of falling in love with each other…” Yeah, in your dreams. But then one thing I’ve noticed about Angie is her grip on reality isn’t too firm. All my sympathies were with Rupert on this one. Imagine Angie thinking you were in love with her! :O Then again, as he made such an effing nuisance of himself, maybe it was karma.

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  6. Regarding EC’s comments about Angie’s ever-changing views on Abe & Ella…


    From April and August 2018 respectively

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  7. Regarding how Angela constantly mutates her backstory to fit whichever fruitloop she’s trying to win over, another great example would be how she suddenly became a “satanic ritual abuse survivor” when she was interviewed by Bible-thumping hate preacher Daniel Lee (aka DNAJLion) last year. Funny how she’d never mentioned it before. Must have slipped her mind.

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      • Oh blimey, that’s a whole other murky corner of Angie’s twisted mind. Yes, she suddenly invented child sexual abuse allegations against her father after he supposedly refused to leave his farmhouse to her in his will. Up until then, she’d been all love and light towards him but she turned utterly vitriolic towards him after that. There are some really nasty sound clips and videos of her slagging him off, including a phone call that starts with her saying, “When you and Mummy are dead…” She even turned on her sisters for not siding with her and there’s one recording of her telling one of them she should be horsewhipped! Oh and then there was the family barbecue where Angie and (allegedly) her daughter caused a scene by kidnapping Dad’s dog!

        Anyhoo, what I meant about the Daniel Lee thing was that on top of all the above allegations (and the MK Ultra ones), she suddenly also invented a SRA narrative to win him over.

        By the way, does anyone remember her saying that her MK Ultra conditioning included her and one of her sisters being thrown into a pool of sharks? 😆

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  8. Another classic example of Angie’s mutating friendships is Heather Brown (aka Pru Halliwell, aka Suzy Jones). She fell out with Heather big-time after Heather turned on her and threatened to have her kneecapped by the IRA. Then about a year later, when Angie was desperate for allies (having alienated all her existing ones), she hooked up with Heather again! Dignity? What’s that? LOL

    (From June 2017)

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    • The “Wanoa Mint Collection”? Is this like the Franklin Mint? You send money to Wanoa the grifters raising money on his behalf and maybe they send you a commemorative signed banknote?

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      • You haven’t ever seen the Wanoa Mint Collection?. Gawd talk about philistines.

        This is one piece I purchased many years ago and it beautifully (if not artfully) depicts the struggles of The Great Wanoa AKA The Surrogate King of The King’s Bench.
        He is helped in his travails by his loyal Hand Maiden known as “Andy Devine” or DevineBar who carries The Great Wanoa on his back which as you can see is some feat. Gawd bless him.

        I always wanted to get the entire collection: some feature Lord Wanoa cooking fish in the back of his Royal Station Wagon (in a humble Auckland council car park) that perfectly illustrates the humanity & humbleness of Wanoa The First and others feature the Great Warrior John Alex Paterson of Sarf London ( apparently to be featured in an upcoming episode of Game of Thrones..or was it The Handmaid’s Tale ??) as he battles the Demons of Israel single-handedly with just a clapped out Wood Chipper.
        ## The best thing is- you can now get Two For One and the entire collection for a mere £25!

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  9. RE: Angela Power Disney.
    It must be something significant to have silenced the online activities of this internet addict for 3+ months now.

    RE: Naima Feagin aka Hope Girl.
    Typical Satan Hunter trait to go after the families of targets. I am surprised five years later that nobody on both sides of the fence have not come to serious physical harm as a result of this Hampstead Hoax. It must reflect the culture and nature of the people of Hampstead community that nobody took up machetes and machine guns to go after Satan Hunters who threatened mothers, children and partners… in other parts of London I know they would have gone after Satan Hunters in this way.

    I have been told Naima Feagin is using radioactive material radium in her products, which is dangerous. We had interesting discussions about this on Twitter last night, many important questions were raised about the business processes and network Feagin is a part of… money laundering supporting her business?

    RE: Becki Percy.
    Becki Percy is now mainly active on Facebook. She has moved to a new small appartment with her dog. I am unsure if she is living with Wendy McAvene at her apartment. She has openned a new business involved in cleaning, continues to push a huge range of products such as bibles, candles and slime as merchandising. Loss of a storage fcility suggests money is tight, her website was down yesterday. Her Twitter is not so active. Her gofund has stalled at $420. As usual, her business branding has the horror stories of rape and murder attached to it via her Facebook page.

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    • I would like to be certain of any allegations we might make about Hope Girl using radium in her products, before asserting that it’s true. I assume this would be in regard to her shungite and orgonite doo-dads? I’d like to see some evidence, but if it’s true, these products would have to be reported to the product safety authorities wherever they are being sold.

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  10. Actually, you get a Murray, a Polo and a Foxes Glacier Mint all in a beautiful presentation case with the Royal Seal…a true collectors item!

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  11. Even more unbelievable about Angie changing her ways when she back from her …….break is that John Wedger is doing real work
    ..£200 per day. It looks like one of those fixer up videos though…..from this – kitchen tiles, cupboards broken (much like my accommodations in my early twenties) to this – a sparkling new kitchen. Who would have thought that he acquired excellent plumbing, carpentry, electrician skills since he left the Police force, must have fast tracked on a magical mystery course.

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  12. I saw something – on a gossip site of all things (yes, roll your eyes that I looked at one!) and a commenter (not the blind itself) was alleging that T____ H_____ ) think famous American film star had raped “Sarah Ruth Ashford” whomsoever she may be. Has anybody heard of that lady and has she any credibility. I must admit I thought of Fiona B________ Mark 2 and was inclined to think it might be someone fantasising. This is what happens when people make “out there” allegations – I find myself sceptical and would hate to think had brushed off a case of somebody who ever really was abused. It’s never dustmen or people on the dole that host these alleged “satanic” events is it? It’s always someone famous.

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    • Yeah, if memory serves it was the late Isaac Krappy who started (or at least popularised) those allegations against said film actor. And naturally every passing fruitloop – including Cat Snot, Nathan Stropman and the aforementioned Fiona Hairnet – were scrambling over each other to get on the bandwagon. And surprise surprise – there wasn’t a scrap of evidence or desire to check the veracity of the accusations among them. Shameful

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    • Christ, where to start with this one?!

      1. It was Angela who claimed she was going into rehab at a Catholic nunnery (and Cat Scot and Anthony Pike who shared it), not us.

      2. “Protestant Evangelicals forbid pictures, statues and so on because that is idolatry.”

      Er… no they don’t.

      3. “I knew someone in Ottawa who knew her when she was a social worker.”

      Er… no you didn’t.

      Typical Heather Brown, that one (as are the mentions of the IRA and herself in the third person). Oops! Did I say that out loud?

      4. “Just how she behaved when dealing with children and families”

      Er… nope. Where’s the evidence for that? A non-existent friend told you, did she, Heather? Well, that’s not garden fence gossip at all, is it? 🙄

      Oh and way to go on just regurgitating these serious allegations without checking them out, Hopey. Very Christian of you and I’m sure it will really really help restore your dwindling credibility 🤭

      5. “She’s got a very bad reputation for lying and making stuff up.”

      Er… nope.

      You have, though. Jusayin

      6. “…where she went and took away peoples [sic] kids on some whim of her own…”

      Er… nope. (See 4)

      7. “Many people there would like to thump her.”

      Er… nope.

      I’ll resist the obvious flip-around, though. I’m too much of a gentleman 🤭

      8. “Yes your [sic] right and I bet a lot of people in Canada would like to get her, no wonder she left.”


      Now why don’t YOU explain why YOU left the USA, Hopey? Hmm…?

      Oh and by the way, I’ve already explained to you how to spell you’re on several occasions. Get it sorted, dear

      9. “Karen has made up lots of stories about everyone she talks about including me.”

      Er… nope. Everything she’s ever said about anyone has been backed up by proof, often said person’s own comments/posts/videos. And in your case, Hopey, she’s just one of many, many people exposing you, your scams and your hate-mongering. Deal with it. And don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy/self-projection aspect of your above remark!

      10. “Her latest is that I’m selling nuclear waste that gives people cancer.”

      Er… it is? Link please, Hopey? I won’t hold my breath. Wouldn’t surprise me if you were doing that though, tbh. I certainly wouldn’t put it past you.

      11. “Obviously, none of this is true about me…”

      Er… yeah, lol. Obviously 🙄🙄🙄

      12. “I assume everything she writes about everyone is false…”

      Oookay, lol – good luck with that, Hopey 😆

      13: “Obviously there is not one shred of proof that any of these accusations are real.”

      Well, this is awkward:

      Now let’s see YOUR proof of all of YOUR allegations about Karen, me and [protected witness], Hopey (94th time of asking)…

      14. “…her sock accounts…”

      Oh, for Christ’s sake, make up your mind! One minute they’re Karen’s socks, then they’re [protected witness]’s socks, they they’re my socks, then they’re James Hind’s, then they’re Karen’s relatives…. You’re making me dizzy!

      15. Go fuck yourself

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      • I categorically deny being a sock!

        (By the way Karen, wash me at 30C next time please, and don’t get me mixed in with the whites again, that always ends badly!)

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      • Forget any satanic hippy woo, Hope Girl can at best be described as a thief and a fraudster. And I had that impression of her way before I first visited this blog. QEG – solid gold bullsh!t! Over unity x 6. Ha ha ha!!!

        Oh, and the idea of the SRM was established in 1839 so any patents would be about any particular implementation of the switching circuitry rather than any sweeping principle.

        She might be right about me being a paid government troll though. Just this morning I was presented with the “Most You Tube Dislikes of the Month” certificate for May from Jeremy Fleming for down voting Flat Earth videos.

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  13. I won’t link it but Matt Taylor has just used his own children to post death threats to a protected witness. Is that not child abuse? 🤔


    Thank you to Agent J for alerting me to this

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