Bearing false witness

Since Sabine McNeill received a nine-year sentence following conviction on four charges of stalking and six charges of violating a restraining order, public interest in the Hampstead SRA hoax has surged.

Writing in the Times yesterday, David Aaronovitch cited the Hampstead case as part of a disturbing trend toward false allegations of sexual abuse. He referred to her as a “respectable septuagenarian”, having presumably not been made aware of her previous activities, but quite rightly pointed out that

McNeill was part of a relatively tiny group of people creating mayhem around a set of such utterly ludicrous allegations that no part of the established media ever gave them credence. Even so, the suffering they caused was prodigious.

Referring to the video of the school playground which we recently noted on Richard Carvath’s blog, Aaronovitch said, “Others have taken up where the imprisoned McNeill has been forced to leave off”. 

Indeed they have, though the campaign has definitely lost the majority of its steam since Sabine’s conviction and sentencing. It’s no longer a coordinated, multi-pronged attack, but has been reduced to periodic skirmishes and hurled threats and insults.

What could be worse than Satanic baby-killers?

Writing on the Slacktivist blog, Fred Clark offers some fascinating insights into the motivations of people like Sabine:

Sabine McNeill spent years bearing false witness against her neighbors, but the purpose of those lies was to shore up her own self-deception. And now her entire sense of identity — of who she is and of what she is — is based upon the lies she’s been telling herself about herself for as long as she can remember. Those lies are a bearing wall. Admit that they are false and everything she is, everything she knows, will come tumbling down.

Clark points out that for those who promote false allegations of Satanic baby murdering, the lies they tell must be very, very big, in order to justify the bearing of false witness, and to allow the liars to believe that they are the truly righteous ones.

And that worst possible thing, inevitably, is Satanic baby-killers. It is ever thus when people of limited imagination who have been raised in Christendom try to slander others with the worst possible thing they can imagine. What’s the worst possible thing you can do? Murder. And who would be the worst possible victim of that? Babies — sweet little chubby-toed babies. And, um, they don’t just murder those babies, they also, like rape them. And then they eat them too, of course. And why would anyone do such unimaginably horrible things? For the worst possible reason: for Satan himself.

In Clark’s view, the liars—think Sabine, Angela Power-Disney, Belinda McKenzie, Charlotte Ward, Kristie Sue Costa, Thomas Dunn, Andy Devine—are aware that they are lying, but are able, in the moment, to convince themselves that they are the ones telling the truth.

They know that what they are saying about their neighbors is false. They know that those neighbors are not monstrous Satan-worshipping baby-killers. And they know that this bearing of false witness against those neighbors is wrong. But then the function and the purpose of the whole Satanic baby-killer mechanism kicks in and they tell themselves that even if that’s true, even if lying is wrong and bad, it’s Not As Bad As murdering sweet little babies and then cannibalizing them in service of the Dark Lord. What’s a little thing like lying compared to that?

Defining one’s self in opposition to the Worst Possible Thing, Clark says, enables those who push these hoaxes to not only lie about others, but to lie to themselves.

We would add that to lie to one’s self convincingly, it’s important to repeat the lies frequently and at high volume.

And it probably helps to gather around you a coterie of others who, like you, are willing to put their consciences on hold and their capacity for rational thought in neutral, in order to feel that they are pursuing a good and righteous path.

It doesn’t matter what I do as long as I define myself by my opposition to the worst imaginable thing. And there can’t be any greater priority than that of opposing the worst imaginable thing. So if I build my entire life and faith and purpose and identity on my opposition to that worst imaginable thing it doesn’t matter if I’m also lying about others in order to lie to myself. I’m still righteous and good. And if my righteous person’s righteous battle against the Satanic baby-killers requires me to continue bearing a little bit of false witness against neighbors I don’t even know, then that is what I must do because those Satanic baby-killers must be stopped by good and noble and righteous people like me.

Racing around that circle of reasoning over and over as loudly as she can to herself is all that Sabine McNeill has left at this point.

Even more tragically, it is all that any of the hoaxers have left.

On some level they know this, and that tiny glimmer of understanding, that sliver of awareness that they are fighting not to save children from non-existent baby-eating Satanists, but to shore up their own egos by telling monstrous and destructive lies, is part of what fuels their desperation.

As Clark says about Sabine,

She has spent decades doing real harm to real children in order to stroke her own ego with the fantasy that she is a heroic defender of (imaginary) children from (imaginary) monsters. Admitting that, after all these years, might well kill her. But it’s also her only chance to awaken from the living death she’s trapped herself in.

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  1. i remember those videos on YouTube with Sabine and Belinda together, looking very pleased with them selves by the River Thames, talking about being McKenzie Friends, and what good they were doing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Belinda is just as responsible as Sabine is for all this crap, she has lied through her teeth on several occasions, put children’ at risk, and given false hope to the vulnerable. She has also branded people paedophiles, when they are quite clearly not. Even Robert Green wouldn’t let her see the forensic evidence the the Hollie Greig Hoax, as she now calls it, but she was willing to spout lies about it at the Builderburg shite in Watford, even more like out side Edinburgh High Court, and more shit outside Aberdeen court, too. All these people know none of it’s true, but what beats me is, how can people like her call them selves children’s campaigners, when they are nothing of the sort.

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    • This is from an Australian tabloid TV show and the woman depicted recanted years later and said it was all fantasy. Yet time & time again these galoots reprise it.

      I was pondering on this whole matter today when I recalled for the umpteenth time an accident I caused 50 years ago when I drove through a red light and a motorcycle rider crashed into me (fortunately he was completely unhurt but his bike was a right-off) but the pal in the car with me broke his arm. I was devastated but he took 6 weeks paid sick leave and always said he got to catch up with things he’s been trying to do for ages ( I reminded him a few years ago about it and he had completely forgotten the incident).

      Which brings me to the Hampstead hoaxers and how they operate ( editor: for God’s Sake get on with it).
      I would be horrified if I knew I hurt someone really badly and more so if I knew I could have prevented anyone being harmed.
      Yet as we know the Hoaxers have never ever followed up on their claims, rather they live in the online world and seek out the like-minded to re-enforce their twisted beliefs.

      This has been exampled by very clever posters on here (me?) who point out how Neelu claimed she witnessed dozens of baby carriages being wheeled into a Hampstead school but failed, as one of the best IPhone camera persons to film the event. And did she ever go back on a Wednesday to gather further evidence? Did she f*ck. Others correctly said did one ever purchase a Big Mac and have it analyzed?

      I’m reading a fascinating book on how the group of journalists combined to expose the Panama Papers scandal. Their investigations were complex and exhausting but they plowed on.
      Compare it with Hampstead- has one hoaxer ever bothered to do as real investigate journalists do- chase up the claim courier companies like DHL deliver dozens of babies to Hampstead every Wednesday?. A proper journo would not let up on investigating these claims. They would stake out shipping terminals, check invoices for incoming goods etc etc etc. Incredibly boring & frustrating work but that’s how the job is.

      Yet the Hoaxers who claim to care about children couldn’t give a stuff that according to them, dozens of kiddies are consumed every Wednesday at a gala brunch for satanist cannibals. The nightmare Gen, Sands concludes that 100s of babies are murdered merely on hearing one baby cry out.

      And children “lie’ all the time or tell the truth as they perceive it. It’s part of their innocence and charm. They believe Father Christmas is real. I know I lied as an 8 year old when I was caught nicking coins from my mother’s purse (editor: I find that hard to believe- everyone says you were an angel).

      Ms Daisy-Power is a great example along with that US nutter Tere Joyce. They do f^ck all except surf the net to find anything that will re-enforce their weirdo claims (editor: go home. You sound drunk)

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      • That 1989 Australian 60 Minutes “investigation” going around YouTube was actually done by Roger Cook first and shown in the UK on the Cook Report, the episode was called The Devil’s Work. I saw it when broadcast in 1989, it then appeared in Australia.

        In the (recommended) book “Lure of the Sinister: The Unnatural History of Satanism” by Gareth J Medway she is briefly mentioned as Samantha and it states that the prosecution dropped the case due to the Satanism claims. I guess even at the height of the Satanic Panic in the UK, prosecutors thought it too ridiculous to put before a judge!

        David Aaronovitch mentioned Theresa/Natalie (aka Samantha) in one of his blog posts when he reported the idiocy of SRA claims by people like uber idiot Tim Tate and the rest of the morons like Valerie Sinason and others behind pushing the nonsense and therapy since the 1980s.

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        • As Tim Tate started out working on the Cook Report (not much if a recommendation) is it right that he was responsible for The Devil’s Work programme?


          • David Aaronovitch mentions Tim Tate’s involvement here. Just search for Natalie in the text but it is all worth a read. I’ve altered the URL in case it gets blocked.

            barristerblogger[DOT]com / 2015/07 / 05 / satanic-abuse-a-reply-to-believers /


      • Ghost of Sam, I don’t think conspiracy theorists (if the Hampstead hoaxers can be termed thus?) live in the same world as the rest of us. Aren’t real journalists supposed to have 3 independent sources before they take on a story? (Though I’m not saying some tabloids don’t bend the rules sometimes). I was ill a couple of years ago and used YouTube to keep myself amused when I couldn’t get out much and stumbled on some of those videos claiming famous people were part of the illuminati or secretly transgender or both. Nobody ever answered me if I asked questions about had they seen anybody’s medical records (which would be illegal of course) or seen receipts or deliveries for anyone delivering false baby bumps. (One conspiracy theory has it that some famous women are really men and use ‘moon bumps’ [prosthetics that actresses who are not pregnant use to simulate pregnancy] when they are supposed to be expecting a ‘happy event’). It’s loony tunes of course but I guess some folk are credulous – when Beyonce was pregnant with her first child her dress creased during an interview in Australia and some people interpreted it as being that she wore a ‘moon bump’ and it slipped.

        Some hoaxes have been fun – like certain April Fool stories but the Hampstead hoax has hurt people who didn’t deserve to be hurt.

        Some people don’t put much faith in mainstream media but fail to appreciate that some sections of alternative media are unreliable. (Still I’m preaching to the converted on this site!!!!)

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        • They say Michelle Obama is a man ( a joke I’m pretty sure was started by Joan Rivers) and Barack is gay (even if true these are meant to be insults as since the general acceptance of gay/lesbian/ transgender rights it’s sent some of these loonies bonkers).
          Where the Obamas got their beautiful children from is a mystery.
          It’s got so bad that some bloke in the pub the other day tried to infer our Governor General Dame Edna Everage is not all she seems!. Some people believe anything.


          • Obama’s children were made in the lab. It’s called IVF! M. Obama herself reported this and wrote about it repeatedly. “Beautiful” ? OMG !


    • Wasn`t it 60 Minutes Australia that did a documentary about Elms Guest House, who got their information from ex Exaro news who also got in a bit of trouble the other day over making fake reports about John Hemming. no one thinks it`s a joke Devine, least of all the people of Hampstead who now have to rebuild their lives thanks to dim witted fucktards like you.

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      • Indeed they did.
        And they had an exclusive interview with the chauffeur for the Oz High Commissioner who backed claims he ferried children on a regular basis to Dolphin Square in the Commissioner’s Rolls. The only problem is it turned out he was a relief driver who spent only two days ever working at the High Commission when the regular driver was off sick and the car at that time was a Jag.

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  2. They know that what they are saying about their neighbors is false. They know that those neighbors are not monstrous Satan-worshipping baby-killers. And they know that this bearing of false witness against those neighbors is wrong. But then the function and the purpose of the whole Satanic baby-killer mechanism kicks in and they tell themselves that even if that’s true, even if lying is wrong and bad, it’s Not As Bad As murdering sweet little babies and then cannibalizing them in service of the Dark Lord. What’s a little thing like lying compared to that?

    Fred is channeling Norman Cohn there, and “Europe’s Inner Demons”. In particular, the chapter where Norman wrote about the baby-eating libel, directed by Roman conspiracy theorists against their seemingly-virtuous christ-worshipping neighbours.

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  3. “What’s the worst possible thing you can do? Murder. And who would be the worst possible victim of that? Babies — sweet little chubby-toed babies.”

    The truth is stranger than the fiction. There are MPs seeking to legislate for the complete decriminalisation of “abortion”, up to full term, even after the baby has started breathing. This has already been passed in New York State.


    • I was married to Irish Catholic for many years. We didn’t have children (she couldn’t) and despite her being a feminist progressive activist she still retained many influences from her Convent days despite claiming she rebelled against the Nuns.
      She was horrified by the idea of abortion- but she still fought for the right for individual women to do with their own body what they wished. She considered any laws that determined the State had a control over an individual’s body an abomination.
      It’s what I believe also.

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      • “She considered any laws that determined the State had a control over an individual’s body an abomination.”

        I consider the Abortion Act to be an abomination, precisely because it empowers those who set out to lord it over the bodies of the individuals who don’t survive abortions performed on their mothers, the human individuals who are still in the foetus stage of their individual lives, whom the abortionist sets out to kill. I was one of those myself. So were you, although you seem not to have forgotten your humble origins since, and wish (to to speak) to pull up the ladder that you have successfully ascended, preventing others like you were once from achieving what you take for granted.

        The vice of being pro-abortion has the same root cause as many other lethal evils in the world, a lack of imagination, the regarding certain other humans, for one reason or another, as sub-human, less important than oneself, or (in this case) their mothers. In other words, a lack of empathy, a failure to recognise oneself, or at one’s equal, in the victim.

        Abortion is elitist. To oppose abortion, is egalitarian. Abortion is a blind-spot of the modern age. People think its okay for the same sorts of reasons as they thought it’s okay to buy African slaves in Africa, transport them to the Americas, and sell them there. The same reason that it was seen as okay to gas Jewish people and others. It’s a failure to recognise the humanity of the victim, or a feeling that there are degrees of humanity, and that one is one of the superior humans oneself, because of birth, or wealth, or (in this case) age. Abortion is the ultimate age discrimination, and it is philapnthropy not misogyny to want it re-criminalised.

        Anatomy Lesson For Feminists


        • Hey John Allman, just because you were a foetus once doesn’t make you the spokesperson for every foetus hence.

          Perhaps you should be aware that your foetus self was female once too…again, that does not entitle you to speak for all women either.

          Speaking as a woman there’s no way I’d allow any aul’ god-botherer to subjugate me on the basis of my sex and my magical powers of creation and blessed gift of being naturally nurturing.

          Egalitarian? Empathic? My foot!


        • I am 100 % with you on this John. Thank you for this your comment sir. Children are full human beings inside and outside the womb !


          • Yes, yes, yes to both of you… but how do we, the simple-minded folk, come to terms with your knowing and wisdom….do we, our stupid selves, need you, your higher selves, to dictate to us with your ability to inform us of the word of God and from your position upon the highest of horses?

            Your expectation that we should fall into line with your thinking behoves upon us to automatically turn into women hating bigotted sexist types or egalitarian empaths who are conveyancers of God’s truth…..I’ve seen the light! I agree! I should hate myself.


            • You seem to be reading an awful lot that simply isn’t there, into what I said, with which Ren agreed.

              I see parallels between your straw-man rant and some of the rants I’ve witnessed on Youtube, in videos of their “activism” posted by the Hampstead witch hunters.


      • That’s odd, because elective abortions aren’t just something that has happened in the modern age.

        No one will ever make you have an abortion. This is something people feel strongly about. I get that.

        I have decided I am going to report my friend for murder for having the remnants of an identical twin removed from her abdomen as an adult.


    • I’m as Catholic as they come. My views on abortion would probably horrify some of my liberal friends. But (1) Catholics are comfortable with our hypocrisy as you can tell from the Irish constitution vote last year which I, and quite obviously many other Catholics, concurred with (2) you are, for whatever reason you may have, misrepresenting the purpose of the NY legislation.

      There are many moral arguments to be made, but crimalising women is never appropriate.
      To try to tie a genuine moral maze conundrum to fictious SRA “murders” is bizarre.

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          • 🙄

            [Chris P. – I’m assuming a lack of “reply” to a message sees this nested in the correct place rather as a reply to your message. Mr Obstreperous appears to have some women’s issues!]


          • Thank you for clarifying that Sabine is a woman, John (seriously, I don’t know where we’d be without you), but obviously my point was that Sage was saying women shouldn’t be criminalised for having an abortion, not that no woman should ever be criminalised for anything. Moreover, I’m pretty sure you knew that when you were building your silly little straw man.

            Or as you yourself would say, “Whatever.”

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          • Yeah but that’s probably because the point was obvious in the context of the discussion and he didn’t think he needed to spell it out for you.

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  4. “She has spent decades doing real harm to real children in order to stroke her own ego with the fantasy that she is a heroic defender of (imaginary) children from (imaginary) monsters. Admitting that, after all these years, might well kill her. But it’s also her only chance to awaken from the living death she’s trapped herself in.”

    Sabine told me that she had been pulled alive from the rubble of bombed Dresden as a baby, so the metaphor is poignant.


    • Sabine claims a lot of things, it would not surprise me to find that she lied about her childhood experience in Dresden.

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      • That’s the first time I’ve heard about the “pulled from the rubble” claim. She usually says she was pushed in a pram by her mother to escape the fires. People who my mother knew, who lived in Germany during the war, told her that they went out at night and slept in the forest when bombing raids were likely.

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    • She must have been only a year old baby during the Dresden bombing but I guess she was telling the truth. She couldn’t have any memory of the terrible events but it’s highly likely her mother was severely traumatized by the events and for years after Sabine picked up on the trauma and was affected as well.
      It may even have been the beginning of some odd ideas that landed her where she is today.


      • Since the main cause of the dreadful Dresden firestorm, rather than a conventional bombing aftermath, was the sucking up of oxygen and death by asphyxiation of many of the victims, and by her own testimony she was in the rubble, perhaps you are not as far removed from a coherent narrative of why she is completely doo-lally as it would first appear.


  5. Andy Devine must reply to this on his next video diatribe. His world is crumbling around him and he refuses to accept it. This post by EC clearly and explicitly explains why. Once his other totally bonkers ” absolute faith ” in limitless Tidal Energy bollocks is discover by him ( as it will be eventually ) what will he clutch at next? He will probably descend in to ” Ickedom ” and tell us we are all lizards.


    • Mr Divine does look like he is on the Decline. When people are mentally deteriorating their physical appearance can be a first indicator.
      I feel a tad sorry for him.
      Anyone who seriously thinks an aging New Zealander living in a council flat in a far flung NZ town and who survives on a Disability Pension (very generous in NZ) is somehow going to storm the Citadel and take control of the British Empire is seriously living in a fantasy world.

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  6. Very informative post EC & makes for interesting reading.

    Tere Joyce is having a wobbly………….

    “Autocorrect caused me to make a typo and now I have been reported the FBI for threatening a protected witness. That’s f#cked up Dude.”

    Just one of her many ramblings with Angela chiming in.


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  7. Just wanted to share a news article that really demonstrates the ironic nature of the Hampstead hoaxers

    As I have posted about here before, the Brazilian “psychic surgeon” and cult leader beloved of hoaxer Araya Soma, John of God, has been accused of sexual assault by hundreds of women followers of his cult. His own daughter has accused him of raping her when she was between 10 and 14 years old.

    Araya Soma’s youtube channel features a number of videos of her at John of God’s “casa”

    This is breaking news and not yet verified but some news channels are reporting that former cult members are alleging that John of God was involved in baby trafficking and murder.

    The allegations are that hundreds of young women were enslaved at various locations, raped and forced to deliver babies that were then sold. After a life of 10 years or so of being kept as what the SRA hoaxers would call “breeders” these young women were murdered.

    At this point these stories are just allegations and I very much hope that they are not true, however, it is ironic that a prominent Hampstead hoaxer and one of those intimately involved in the architecture of the hoax is an admirer of a man facing trial for sexual offences whose former followers are now accusing him of baby trafficking and murder.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out

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    • I’m not sure it is ironic anymore, it is almost to be expected that when the light is shone on them, some very dodgy connections come to light.

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      • It’s pure and simple projection….”J’Accuse…!”. No innocent is as guilty as the person pointing a finger at them. An old adage…“Remember, When You Point a Finger at Someone, There Are Three More Pointing Back at You”


      • Agreed, it is a mundane reality when dealing with the hoaxers to discover that they have friends and associates involved in the exact crimes of which they accuse innocent people.

        Allegations of slavery of teenage girls as baby breeders, murder and trafficking infants takes things to a whole new level though it has to be said.

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    • Terrible news in relation to these very serious allegations against cult leader John of God

      Sabrina Bittencourt, the anti-cult activist and whistleblower who claimed to have collected witness testimonies from former cult members alleging that John of God was involved in murder, slavery and baby trafficking has committed suicide.

      She had been recieving death threats and according to her son she took her own life to save the lives of her family.

      RIP Sabrina Bittencourt

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      • Sabrina Bittencourt’s final message to the world is published in Marie Claire (translation via google)


        From her message it is clear that Sabrina was collecting evidence about a number of extremely dangerous criminal cults.

        A very brave woman RIP


      • I came across John of God in 2005. It didn’t take me many minutes to conclude that I wanted nothing to do with him. However, surely caution is needed, before believing (and repeating) far-fetched allegations, even against a controversial cult leader.

        Of course, there is a conspiracy theory that staged, hoax witch hunts (like Hamptead) are psyops used by real witches, in order to give witch hunts in general such a bad name that reports of witchcraft that are true remain uninvestigated, allowing real witchcraft to go unpunished.


        • “surely caution is needed, before believing (and repeating) far-fetched allegations, even against a controversial cult leader.”

          I believe I have used the word “allegations”.

          I have not claimed that the crimes have been proven to be true. However over 600 women have reported being sexually abused by JoG including his own daughter who claimed that he started raping her when she was 10 years old.

          The enslaved women were allegedly held captive at compounds alongside emerald mines owned by JoG. The police have seized significant quantities of cash and emeralds from JoG’s estate. We will have to wait and see how this story develops.

          The allegations about baby trafficking sound incredible party because they resonate so strongly with the false claims made by SRA promoters. In my personal experience they also resonate with personal testimonies I have heard from cult survivors, although not in relation to JoG.

          I don’t see where “witchcraft” comes into this at all.

          Abusive groups generally considered to be cults that have been involved legal problems in relation to human trafficking and / or baby stealing include

          MISA (Romanian tantric yoga cult)
          The Children of God aka The Family International aka The Family
          The Family aka *The Great White Brotherhood (Sarah Hamilton-Byrne’s baby snatching cult)
          The Rajneeshees aka Osho

          There are other cults I know of due to cult survivors sharing personal testimonies with me. One testimony involved a cult related to the late fraud and cult leader Carlos Castaneda, another related to a Brazilian yoga school.

          Whatever actually happened Sabrina Bittencourt was a survivor of child sexual abuse within an abusive religious setting and campaigned tirelessly and at great risk to her persona safety to expose such abuses. It is only proper to mourn her as a courageous activist.

          *There are other religious organisations (cults?) using this name


          • The impression I got when I met one of those who marketed package holidays to JoG’s resort in 2005 was definitely one of witchcraft, as understood within orthodox Christianity, albeit of a “white” shade (as some put it), rather than “black” magic or witchcraft.

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        • I would say that these hoaxes are smokescreens created by real pedophiles to divert attention from their own activities.


          • Unfortunately there is a long and disgusting history of criminals, traffickers and child abusers using religion as a cover for their activities.

            an important example of child theft, sexual abuse and trafficking using the guise of religion – in this case Christianity (contains distressing scenes)

            also see Colonia Dignidad – there are various documentary videos on youtube

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          • I cannot think of a way of finding out or expressing to what extent your generisation corresponds with the truth.
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          • Almost all the hoax cases, not the real cases, so far have either been either created or promoted by people who are personally involved in the abuse of children, or who are closely involved with people that do. Real pedophiles like to play for time by sending the Police and media on wild goose chases. The remaining hoax cases are usually the result of mental illness.

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          • Look back through posts on this website and you will find Belinda McKenzie has close associations with a number of people with criminal convictions related to child abuse.

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  8. Can’t link because she names a witness, then blanks out the witness’s name in the original, but then goes on to name & swear about the witness. One step forward & 3 back.


  9. I understand UK based posters incredulous shock that Americans post material that would see them in court in the UK at the risk of significant sentences. And as an education for those not understanding the 1st amendment consequences, I’m not going to link to the story abut a 14 year old rape victim who has been “rescued” but here’s an important reminder to those upset about Tere Joyce’s failure to admit to being a child abuser, a national broadcaster has seen fit to add the following message to a story.

    “NBC does not report the names of possible victims of sexual assault.”

    This is a voluntary policy on the behalf of NBC. They would face no sanction in the US for breaching this undertaking.

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    • Hilariously brilliant!

      Would be cool to add some Monty Pythonesque animation to that video too.


    • You know the way the interweb provides us with the echo chamber/hall of mirror’s experience….Prison will be exactly that for APD – a living hell of reflected images of herself held in the faces of madcap impulsive reckless irresponsible ne’er do wells whose sins have caught up with them (of course there are people who don’t deserve gaol and it’s the system which let them down…not APD though).

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    • Funny how her’ ‘free speech’ ethos doesn’t apply to people who question or criticise her 🤔


    • No matter how hard I squeeze my nose – sorry, dose – I just can’t make myself sound like Tere. I’m kinda jealous.


    • “I also am a comedian”

      Hahaha, that’s the first funny thing you’ve ever said, Tere 😂


    • “I don’t know what you’re smoking”

      That’s ok, Tere – we know what you’re smoking. It’s called potkettle black.


      • I’m just disgusted that her surname is Joyce…she’s letting that name down big time. I hope it’s a misspelling of an obscure name the gang at Ellis Island couldn’t make hide nor hair of in the translation.


        • I had a neighbour called Joyce once. She stole my purse and the washing off the line. Oh….you mean surname?


          • Listen, you’re probably more a ‘Joycean Scholar’ than I’d ever pretend to be, especially given the less than neighbourly interaction you’ve suffered from Joyce.

            But I like it when simply being the same ethnicity (huh?) as a famous Irish literary genius elevates me to the giddy heights of native lyrical writer/natural born composer of beautiful singy-songy verbiage…..Tere Juice ain’t gonna take it away from me….the misguided misapprehension of the snobby elites who tell me my lyricism is stereotypical of a native Dubliner is cool with me and tere needs to meet terra firma if truth be told before she wrecks our good impression on the snooty snobs.


        • Perhaps she’s related to another Joyce – William Brooke Joyce. He was hung in 1946 for spouting Nazi propaganda and spreading baseless misinformation and lies. She does appear to have something in common with him!


      • In case this reply doesn’t ‘nest’, I’m responding to Chris P Bacon’s comments about accusations of visitors to this site casting spells. Chris P, I’m a Jeannie-come-lately to this site but if I could cast spells they would be ones to get the housework done …. unfortunately I have to use duster, broom and vacuum (mind you witches did ride brooms according to legends – not that I’ve ever tried!!!)


  10. Interesting, but it is a shame the mainstream press didn’t touch on her past activities to demonstrate her delusional history.

    McNeil is straightforward. She displays behaviour that is quite indicative of a serious personality disorder – which is a range of disorders of perception and thinking – not a mental illness. This will stem from her childhood where some dysfunction has been present and affected the way she thinks about the world and her perception of the reasons for her own problems, resulting in her delusional thinking. It wouldn’t be surprising if she has had problems with personal relationships for most of her life. The same could be true of a few of the clan from the way they present themselves.

    Even so, that is no excuse for their actions. What they need is a very sharp lesson in reality.

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