Why we use fake names

Over the past three years, people who contribute to or comment on this blog have received a fair bit of flak over the fact that many of us prefer to use pseudonyms when we post here.

We thought it might be useful to take a look back in time, to the heyday of HR’s namesake “Hamster Research” and its owners, Charlotte Alton Ward and her partner Jacco de Boer—formerly known as “Jacqui Farmer” and “Video Man” respectively.

Unless you’ve been following us from the very beginning, you might not be aware that one of the many vile tactics Charlotte used was bombarding supposed “cult members” with threatening and harassing emails.

Charlotte’s one-time ally, Drifloud (aka Alan Wrightson), was also notorious for sending long, droning emails to everyone he could think of, though frankly his were so overtly deranged that they were a bit easier to ignore.

And then there were the videos: every couple of days, “Jacqui” and “Video Man” would post yet another defamatory video, accusing parents, teachers, clergy, business owners, and their extended network of family and friends, of all manner of horrific and vile crimes.

We’re sure it won’t have escaped your notice that all three people we’ve mentioned so far went to some lengths to disguise their real identities, while they relentlessly mined their victims’ social media accounts for anything which might seem even remotely “incriminating”.

A father walks hand in hand with his small daughter? Clearly, he is on his way to sell her into sex slavery.

A few teachers and friends meet for drinks on a Friday? Obviously they are getting together to discuss cult business.

One parent is Facebook friends with another whose child attends the same school? Well duh. CULT MEMBERS. Obviously.

Charlotte, Jacco, and their friends didn’t stop at posting this material on their vile blog, either. They began emailing their targets’ employers, social contacts, even their tennis clubs, in an attempt to cause irreparable damage to the reputations of those they’d already decided were guilty.

Charlotte Ward = jacqui farmer-Oct 7 2015This example is one which doesn’t name names, but there were plenty more that did.

Threats and blackmail

Once Charlotte Ward and her friends had successfully terrorised the Hampstead community, they began directly targetting individuals.

We were told of one episode, which would have been funny if it hadn’t involved direct threats to the person in question.

Shortly after we’d uncovered “Jacqui Farmer’s” identity (not via hacking, but through good old-fashioned detective work), one of the people she’d targetted wrote to Charlotte using her real email. Turns out that Charlotte wasn’t too happy about this:

June 10, 2015
Dear Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx:

As you are probably aware from the Hampstead Research blog, today I received an email from your work email address that had been sent to my private email address.

As I make clear on the blog I use a pen name because I mention an ex lover in my book (which has been on sale at Lulu for around 7 months now) and do not wish to embarrass him as he has done nothing wrong.

This is why I prefer to remain anonymous.

[Not because what she was doing was highly illegal, shurely? –Ed.]

These people have illegally hacked my Hotmail. They are releasing into the public domain details about my private life which they could only know had they had hacked my Hotmail.


Charlotte Alton email-on screen

Screenshot from one of Charlotte’s pre-Hoaxtead videos, showing her real name and email address

So it looks as if you are an accessory to the crimes of hacking and harassment. …

The fact that you are demonstrably complicit with these people only adds weight to the children’s allegations that you are an active member of a paedophilic death cult.


This was accompanied by a short but vicious blog post:

Jacqui Farmer-Charlotte Ward threat to parent

And this is only one small example.

Keeping our heads below the parapet…for now

Those of us who eventually came together to produce Hoaxtead Research learned very quickly that discretion was the better part of valour. Painful as it was to watch an entire community terrorised by a gang of online thugs, none of us wished our families and friends to meet the same fate.

Nothing that we’ve seen from the Hoaxtead mobsters since that time has persuaded us to change our minds. While we’ve been lambasted for our choice to remain anonymous by the likes of Alan “Not my real name” Alanson and Kristie Sue “I’ll just hide behind my daughter” Costa, most of us have opted to put personal safety above online heroics.

Perhaps once this vile hoax is behind us, and those responsible have been properly dealt with, it will be time to remove the masks. But that will be a choice for each individual to make, when the time is right.

anonymous mask


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  1. [looking shocked] So, then…am I the only person on here using their fullandreal name? I did buy a fake name awhile back, a cheap chinese knock-off…Sum Yung Gai…but I thought it might be offensive for a non-asian to use an asian name. So I’m sticking with the name given to me at birth, on the planet fullandreal, 9000 years ago..

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  2. Thanks for this post, EC.

    Anyone who reads Private Eye (Sam will know what I’m talking about here) will know that a number of their journalists use fake names (Remote Controller, Bio-Waste Spreader, Old Sparky, MD, Lunchtime O’Boulez, Piloti, Dr B Ching, the late Squarebasher…). So if it’s good enough for Private Eye…

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    • Numerous authors use pseudonyms for all sorts of reasons like the late Ruth Rendell who wrote under another name as well. Some female authors use male names and visa versa. Many journalists on newspapers use pseudonyms like on the Daily Mail where a hack may not want to be associated with the tale so becomes “Staff Writer” but it’s been a common practice for a hundred years and is not unusual. Famous newspaper columns like ‘Cassandra’ or ‘Justinian’ can be authored by unknown (by the general public) writer.
      But given the sheer hatred and vitriolic defamation’s dished out be the hoax creeps that includes naming their children and addresses, privacy is warranted.

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  3. The fruitloops frequently rant about us using pseudonyms, call us cowards for doing so and declare that it’s “proof of guilt” blah blah yadda yadda. Sadly, however, the following appear not to have received the memo:

    Code 2222 / Guidance 2222
    Jacqui Farmer
    Video Man
    Dearman Does Hampstead
    Windi Greens (Hi Asher)
    Cat Scot
    Douglas Formaldehyde / Jason Streatham / CGI Plains / IBtHC / Power-Crazed Transsexuals Exposed / British Republican Brotherhood 44th Anti-Gov Troll Brigade
    Hoaxtead Satanists Exposed
    Q Anon
    Hope Girl
    Atya Sca
    Araya Manna
    Peter Green
    Cannabis Cures Cancer / Hampstead Cover-Up / Theresa May Eats Babies
    Eaten Lives Matter
    Alan Alanson
    Biddy Baboon
    Tiny Magical Creatures
    Iowa Girl
    Echo Truths
    George Greek Trucker
    Kevin Wearechange
    Mark Ceylon
    Pru Halliwell / Suzy Jones
    The Voice of Treason…

    …to name but a handful.

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  4. May I just point out that the tennis letter above signed by ‘Jacqui Farmer/Charlotte Ward’ was sent AFTER she was outed as CW? Up until then she went to great lengths to disguise her real identity. Ditto Kristie Sue Costa, who posted her vile, slanderous attacks on RD and his family under a pseudonym on her atrociously written blog right up until she was exposed as KSC.

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  5. I grew up wih the interwebs, and we were always told- never ever give your real name or location
    I am the member of a group, and we actually had a real life stalker turn up at one of our members houses, he was following them around (caught on camera at a servo) until finally legal action had to be taken against him in the form of a restraining order. All his family then decided to up the ante and started hammering our group with abusive comments, trying to get our profiles deleted with fake complaints etc- however two of them (friends of the family- what is in the water in that town???) accused us of stalking them- um no, you are posting using your facebook account- one click and we knew everything from where they had breakfast to what you just bought at Woolies to your latest dozen pictures of your cat sleeping….. lol

    They seriously thought that we had done some ‘super secret squirrel stalking’ when they themselves were the ones giving us all their details- in excruciatingly detailed posts on their facebook wall…..

    All this over one guys paranoia about a job he hadnt worked in in over twenty years was mentioned in a post about the ‘good old days’ (he wasnt very good at it, and was the butt of one of our groups jokes about people that couldnt find their backside with both hands and written instructions- his name wasnt mentioned but we all knew who it was we were talking about

    The family and their friends still surface from time to time and try to start it all up again (normally late at night on the weekends, after we suspect a few ales have been consumed)

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    • You’re quite right Wesley, the last thing Sabine needs is a load of lunatics turning up to support her in court.

      [Attempts to keep face straight].

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  6. Anyone who cries over folk using fake names deserves to be trolled until they are so butthurt they waste yet more police time by calling 9/11 and demanding to be put through to the cyber police department.


    • What gets me is that they are all butthurt over her being in jail…
      She was charged over breaching previous court orders (multiple ones!!)
      She was given bail, met it (by dubous means imho, but she did pay it)
      She then proceeded to break her bail conditions and was remanded in custody

      She is a serial offender with a very long history, one of the reasons her bail was so high to begin with!

      All she had to do to avoid going back to prison, was simply dont talk about hoaxtead!

      Yet she simply couldnt do it….

      (I wonder if these nutcases realise in that making a nuisance of themselves either at the prison or by phone/email whatever, they are actually putting themselves on the authorities radar?)
      Be interesting to see if a few more of them dont get a visit from the authorities resulting from this…

      We can only hope…

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        • The money isn’t rendered forfeit by failure to comply with conditions, only failing to surrender. That means it is now repayable to the defendant. So whether the donors get their ££ back is up to her.

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          • I hope Belinda, who I think organised the crowd funding, has told all the supporters this. We wouldn’t want anyone to think there was some kind of scam taking place where the money mysteriously vanishes now would we? I’m sure there is a pile of envelopes ready to be posted out in the Highgate Hub, containing nice thank you letters and cheques for the amounts loaned, all ready to be posted out sometime next week. All regular and above board I am sure.

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    • I think EC thinks “Terry” is a bit suspect but he’s not denying you are a Fuckwit.
      Sorry..couldn’t resist it. You walked straight into it.

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      • None taken, Sam. I am indeed a Fuckwit. We Fuckwits go back to the Battle of Bosworth of 1485 and we’re proud of it. The name was bestowed upon my distant ancestor Lord Fuckwit of Twatt for his noble antics at said battle. And let me tell you, sonny – history might have been very different if he’d got on his horse the right way round.

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    • From the Samaritans’ web page:

      “If you’ve told us that a child is in danger, we may need to get them help. Sometimes the only way of doing that will be to contact you and ask you for more details. It may be the police that help us with this”

      So if someone did phone the Samaritans’ and say they had knowledge that children were being abused it wouldn’t be irregular for the police to get involved.

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  7. I am aware of people who felt they had to move to the other side of the British Isles because of the harassment they were subjected to in London. Others live with panic buttons and police protection, they’ve had property damaged and their children stalked. Away from the glare of the publicity sought by these attention seekers, there have been persons arrested and charged for stalking innocent families. – You would need to be mad to use your own name openly when standing up against these nutcases!

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    • Yes, those who have been promoting this hoax for the past three years seem to think that anyone who responds in any way—by denying the allegations, by moving away, by complaining to police—is showing evidence of guilt. There’s really no way to get through to the nutters, it seems.


    • As one journalist pointed out re: “split personalities” & “recovered memories” etc from the alleged suppression of terrible events- he can’t recall ever hearing of a Concentration Camp survivor, child or adult, who “suppressed” memories of that time.

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    • I have a strong suspicion that a cause the occupational (not clinical or forensic) psychologist Dr Rainer Kurz has taken up involves a mother who believed a passer-by on the street sexually assaulted her child who was fully dressed and strapped into a pushchair. She gave a pretty strange incoherent account. Was found to be paranoid and have delusions. For other reasons too. An incredibly sad situation.

      For some reason my research skills have failed me and I cannot find the judgment.

      Also, Rainer Kurz should ask what the best before date is on the Red Bull can that someone picked up and put in a bag.


  8. I need to be very serious for a moment.
    My initial interest in this Dr Michael Salter, a Criminology lecturer at Western Sydney University, came from his being a friend, ally and apologist for some specific fraudulent “ritual abuse” claimants that I’d been “watching” for a long time. His apologetics were so over-the-top that I felt compelled to ridicule & mock them.

    But as I’ve delved deeper & deeper into his subsequent career as an academic, supposedly conducting and publishing serious research, my bemusement has shifted into real concern. Here’s why:
    Salter uses something called “qualitative” methodology, based on soliciting a subject’s life history narrative. In other words, he records and then “analyzes” what they tell him about their life experiences and how those have affected them. He makes no effort to objectively verify anything they tell him. He takes them at face value and assumes that what they say is valid and true.
    He claims to be researching “organized abuse”, defined as: “where multiple adults conspire to sexually abuse multiple children”, but the people he uses as his subjects are drawn exclusively from the ranks of patients being treated by “trauma” therapists, and are all either self-identified as Ritual Abuse victims or “diagnosed” to be by a therapist . Salter never solicits, as subjects, people whose CSA experiences as victims of such perpetrator conspiracies is validated & documented through the conviction of their abusers. Obviously, there is no lack of those in our society…there have been numerous pedophile & pederast rings prosecuted between say 1970 and 2000, in North America, the UK and Australia, so there could be hundreds of PROVEN “organized abuse” victims for him to interview if they were willing to participate.

    But Salter isn’t interested in them, and doesn’t try to include them in his research. His subject pool is deliberately restricted to persons whose claimed childhood Ritual Abuse experiences are unproven and unprovable, and are similar in nature to those of persons whose RA claims have been proven to be fantasies saturated with demonstrable falsehoods.
    Which would be neither here nor there to me if this was simply a personal hobby, but Salter is presuming to generate “a body of knowledge” about Organized Abuse crimes, their victims and their perpetrators, including suggestions about mental health treatment of future child victims, that is based on & derived from fantasists but will be applied to genuine, documented victims of conspiracies where multiple adults conspire to sexually abuse multiple children”, as well.
    This is very serious fraudulence, in my opinion, with potentially disasterous, permanent corruption of our understanding of CSA, its causes, prevention, prosecution and treatment.

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    • As far as I can see, most real sexual abusers are opportunists and don’t want to be discovered. When they have the opportunity to be alone with a child they commit their crimes quickly to avoid detection. The whole idea of elaborate Dennis Wheatley style rituals at certain times on significant days is ludicrous as it would involve a lot of preparation and make the risk of exposure much greater.

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      • An analogy might make my concerns more clear.
        Child abductions (stranger & parental) are a statistically rare thing in our society, but lets say you wanted to study adults who had been abducted at some point as a child. You want to analyze, from their life histories, the motivations, characteristics, and methodology of the kidnappers – commonalities in their experience of the abduction and their life “in hiding”, as well as the emotional & psychological impact as a child and later as an adult survivor.

        You could research cases where someone was convicted of abducting a child and interview the victims as adults. But there is also a pool of adults who think they were or may have been abducted by aliens, or whose therapists believe they were probably abducted by aliens.
        If you were to study ALL of these people, that might not taint your analysis very much. But if you ONLY study the alien abductee claimants, and then publish findings supposedly applicable to documented victims as well, calling them ALL “abduction survivors”, then…what?

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    • I think Salter is extremely dangerous as he crouches his fanaticism in an (superior) air of academia. But he also often gives himself away which is why I was interested in his quite pathetic attacks on SAFF.
      Apart from trying to insult the website as the work of “one man” which it’s not, he makes sweeping claims that they they protect abusers.
      Asked to provide proof of these claims he can not. And one of fanatical supporters, another psychologist infers they are abusers themselves which he fails to question.
      They both proudly state how they have ‘blocked’ SAFF on Twitter because SAFF posed very reasonable questions to them.

      I believe there are many like Salter who have a fanatical belief in organised Satanic abuse with covens etc (he uses the term “ritual abuse”) who set out to become professional psychologists (not that hard) to give imprimatur to their pre-conceived beliefs.

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      • Interesting. It seems that Angela has a back-up Vimeo account. As you’ll remember, a number of people complained about her “Angela Power-Disney” one last week and had it removed. I wonder whether Sgt McCabe and family are aware of her false allegations against them?


      • Hmmm…odd that a responsible adult i.e. film studies tutor would assist/supervise a 15-year-old child editing that video. It’s simple, quite unbelievable, claims like that which kind of clue you into how much of a bullshitter she is.

        APD’s time would be better spent setting up a self-help group for all the other disenfranchised and disgruntled family members out there. A session with her leading would soon have you cured of feeling bitter about any unresolved family disputes because you’d be scared to end up like her….obsessed and deluded… Oldcastle’s very own Blue Jasmine who’s preferred version of her life is as tragic as the Black Dahlia.

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        • And I’d love to know how Angie reckons helping her make an amateur Vimeo video fits in with the GCSE Film Studies course specifications:

          “Subject content: GCSE specifications in film studies must enable students to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and skills in the exploration and analysis of film and to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of film by creating a genre-based extract either from a film or from a screenplay.

          Knowledge and understanding: GCSE specifications must require students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of at least six critically recognised, culturally and historically significant feature-length films and the contexts in which they were made. The six films will be selected from the following:

          • at least two films produced within the US, at least one of which will be a Hollywood studio film produced between 1930 and 1960 and one will be an independent film
          • at least two English language films produced outside the US, at least one of which will be a British film
          • at least one non-English language film”

          Click to access Film_studies_GCSE_subject_content.pdf

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          • Sally, are you saying that Angie’s videos are not “critically recognised and culturally and historically significant”?
            Philistine 😮

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          • Nor the sequel, ‘Angie Would Do Dublin If Only She Could Get Someone to Give Her a Lift or Lend Her the Bus Fare’.

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      • I don’t think so. Let’s see what the transcript is like.

        I have always thought it makes more sense as Hoax-stead by the way. Because of the way the phonemes work and -stead having a meaning on its own. There I said it. I am now resigned to being taken outside and put out of my misery. Just the one bullet should do. X

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    • I recall SN saying it came close to not being ‘Hoaxtead’ at all and that he almost went with ‘Scamden’.


  9. Another angle for Dearman to nail KSC is to “joinder” aka “hop on” a stateside case as a Plaintiff vis a vis Injunctive Relief and Damages…I’m sure the other potential Plaintiff will welcome him with open arms…

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