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We at Team HR were startled the other day to realise that this blog was coming up on a milestone of sorts; and then late last evening it happened—the view counter ticked over 750,000 views.

We were keeping an eye on the counter yesterday, watching it climb…and then we left the computer to see a man about a dog, and when we came back the magic number was already in the rear-view mirror. But never mind: three-quarters of a million, not bad for a small blog run on the free WordPress.com platform, and cobbled together by a group of volunteers.

When Scarlet Scoop started Hoaxtead Research on 2 May 2015, it was a gesture of defiance—in those days, it seemed that the Hampstead SRA hoax, which many had predicted would die a natural death, was instead getting larger and more powerful, propelled in large part by Charlotte Alton Ward’s sleazy, unctuous “I’m not saying they’re guilty, but they’re definitely guilty” blog, which we dubbed Hamster Research. But from the outset, Hoaxtead Research began upsetting the carefully engineered apple cart, with smart, timely reporting, hilarious memes, and a healthy comments section.

In August 2015, shortly after Scarlet Scoop’s 1,000th post, El Coyote took over as editor, and has remained in the post since then. We’ve covered so much ground, it’s hard to wrap it all up in a single post, but here are some highlights:

  • That first “Perps poster“, a true group effort, which was compiled via hours poring over videos from the demonstrations at Christ Church, and then regularly updated as we identified more and more Hoaxtead mobsters;
  • That time we outed “Jacqui Farmer” and “Video Man” as Charlotte Ward and Jacco de Boer;
  • Reporting on the arrests of Christine Ann Sands and Neelu Berry;
  • Covering Sabine’s arrest at the Royal Courts of Justice, mere hours after she’d returned to the UK from fleeing the cops to Germany;
  • Delving into the murky pasts of various Hoaxtead mobsters, including Abe and Ella, Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Araya Soma, Angela Power-Disney, and so many more;
  • Turning the spotlight firmly onto the hoax, and exposing each lie, inconsistency, impossibility, and hypocrisy;
  • Investigating Angela Power-Disney’s various financial (and other) irregularities;
  • Covering Sabine and Neelu’s week-long court case in July 2016, and tracking the fallout from it;
  • Reporting on the multiple arrests which took place last September and October…and following up with court coverage;
  • Having multiple blogs, YouTube channels, Facebook posts, and Twitter accounts taken down;
  • And along the way, having a rollicking good time!

We’ve been accused of all number of things, including but not limited to being MI5, MI6, GCHQ, CIA, Illuminati, cult members, cannibals, paedo-enablers; we’ve received death threats galore. We’ve also had dozens of people write in with tips, kudos, and expressions of gratitude for being (relatively) sane; and it seems that many of our readers now come to us from “the other side”, as they know they won’t get accurate news anywhere else.

Just out of curiosity, we had a peek at Google Trends the other day, as we wanted to check on the relative popularity of Hoaxtead over time. Here’s what we found:

While the Hampstead SRA hoax got the jump on us by a couple of months, since this blog went online, we’ve more than given the hoax a run for its money. And ultimately, we think the fact that we’ve attracted three-quarters of a million viewers in that time says it all.

Thank you to everyone, readers past and present, those who comment and those who just check out the daily blogs—you’re both the reason we do this, and the engine that keeps us running.

177 thoughts on “Hoaxtead Research: The little blog that could

  1. Well done, everyone! And especially you, EC 🙂

    And here’s your “birthday” present:

    This is part 2 of the latest Angie-Heather debacle.

    And what makes this one so special? The fact that at the start, Angie says:

    “I’m keeping this one private, though it could be hacked if GCHQ are on to us…I’m probably monitored already…Let’s keep this orderly, so we don’t come across like two crazy ladies…This part 2 for now is going to remain confidential…”

    Haha, good luck with that, Angie 😀

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    • OK, so Heather has issues with “Pikeys” – sorry, the Traveller community – and “Jamaican men”. I take it that tolerance isn’t her thing.

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    • Yep, I can’t deny it – I am stunned. it starts with uncompromising rants about Belinda and Sabine, inappropriate comments about Belinda’s daughter and racist comments about “Pikeys” and Jamaicans (the latter by both of them) and then Angela arranges for Heather to go round to Jockney’s house to confront her (and Heather says she’ll give her a “Glasgow kiss” if she argues). Oh and just before the end, Angie threatens to kill a certain American who’s in the UK awaiting trial. She back-tracks afterwards but the fact is she says it.

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      • Angie makes a point of saying she travelled to London in December to see Rupert in court. Is she trying to get Rupert in trouble by making it look like he still is part of the hoax? It wouldn’t surprise me if he still was.

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    • Congratulations EC, and the wider team. I read this blog everyday and come back for comments here and there, and am always eager for news, good writing and laughs. Your dedication to our cause will, in time, be remembered as this case will be remembered for a shift in police practice to what has unfolded as a new phenomenon in our age.

      The new Angie video above was stunning, in so many ways, and had my jaw on the ground throughout. But the best bit was the end, where APD reveals that everyone that is coming in contact with the police re this case are being offered deals for providing evidence that APD was one of the highest level organisers and offerders associated with the case, and the continuing stress to all the innocent named people that were dragged into this fiasco.

      Many thanks EC and all the others for your writing and art.

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      • I think Angela is lying.

        I don’t believe the Police have said they will give people criminal CAUTION convictions if they say Angela put them up to doing her dirty work.

        It’s a figment of her imagination to try and convince people she is important.

        The police won’t care if person A. or person B. is convicted, makes no odds to them.

        It’s bollox as usual from Power Disney, most of what she says is just her opinion and not even logical.

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    • This video with Angie and Heather is unbelievable, shocking even by Angie’s standard. Heather appears to want to kiss Angie’s arse at every opportunity. They sound like 2 school girls bitching about the other girls in their class.

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      • I don’t know why Heifer looks up to Angela?

        Heifer will be in for a rude awakening when Angela turns on her, but hey she was warned that Power Disney is not to be trusted but then neither is Heifer I bet.

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  2. In dedication to EC, Scarlet and everybody’s wonderful work Imgive you the full wrath of Heather Brown aka Prudence Halliwell.

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      • Cheers mate, we seem to be dealing with a lot of people who are half a pint short of a full beer, maybe being sectioned or locked up would help give them a top up, if not they need to ask for a refund from God.

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  3. Many blogs belonging to the hoaxers have come and gone.. but this is definitely the little blog that could. 🙂

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    • A big big congratulations to Hoaxtead Research. Well done and thankyou Scarlet Scoop and El Coyote for starting this blog in the first place and then building it up to what it is now. I look forward to reading the blog posts each day and also the comments left by a great bunch of people.
      Thankyou also for providing a platform for like minded people to come together and share knowledge and also have a laugh at the same time. 🙂

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  4. “…the free WordPress.com platform…”

    Ha! Suck on that, Spivey, Angie et al! Hahahahahahahaha! 😀

    And thank you to EC and all the regulars for your hard work and contributions 🙂

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    • Well done indeed everyone. Big up Hoaxtead Research. Amazing blog that has great posts and great comments from a variety of people. I am sure this is where a lot of us come as soon as we get online each day.

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    • A round of applause for Hoaxtead Research. Thankyou for existing and for your tireless efforts to bring the truth out to people. Well done indeed Scarlet Scoop & El Coyote & everyone that contributes to the blog.
      P.s I’m loving the Hoaxtead poster guy image, i’ve got that one saved.

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      • Thanks, WW! The poster guy is one of SV’s many excellent images; I’ve been saving a bunch from various contributors. Amazing the amount of talent around here! 🙂


    • Ah, I was wondering! Didn’t see anything on her Facebook, so I thought perhaps she’d fallen out with the gruesome twosome. 🙂


    • What is this nutcase on about ? Do they ever touch reality at any time?
      This bizarre obsession to try and prove the that the entire world who didn’t accept this cruel hoax is RD is so odd.
      Even if everyone they claim is RD, was (how could he possibly have the time or energy ?) he would have every frigging right to challenge their horrible lies and libels.
      In what fucking court does this slapper think a new judgement will be made? As far as courts go it’s over. Finished.
      The only courts where Hampstead may be mentioned is the next time one of these vicious obsessives is dragged into on an harassment charge or worse.

      And WTF is this AUDI advert all about? Even if the model was who they claim so what?

      As for Ella, I’ve only just watched her video. Not only does she exhibit cult-like behavior she really oozes evil. She hasn’t been ‘turned’ by Abraham Christie- all he has done is draw out the real Ella, one of the coldest humans I’ve seen.
      Thank God those kids will never be near her again while they are children. I can’t imagine what they will think of her when they are adults but I hope they drag monsters like this Kristie Sue through every court they can.

      And yes congratulations to EC, Scarlet and anyone who had given this website life. The big difference between the lowlifes who promote their putrid fantasies is that their audience continues to dwindle. When they aren’t turning on each other like jackals, the believers of this hoax are like drug addicts- they move onto another insanity like “pizzagate” asap whereas the fact the audience for Hoaxtead grows all the timeand clearly shows that the real world of normal, sane people are seeking out the truth.
      Justice Pauflley’s judgement settled the matter legally for all time. Hoaxtead provides a very valuable service by demolishing each every new lunacy these creatures invent.

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      • Sometimes I think Kristie Sue isn’t all that stupid, and then she goes and says something eye-wateringly dumb, like “most parents don’t have ‘illegal’ videos of their children”. Of course they don’t. First of all, the comment was a hypothetical one, and secondly, the “illegal” part refers to the fact that there is an court order outstanding against publishing images or videos of the two children. Ergo, it is “illegal” to do so.

        And yes, GoS, I fully agree: Abe didn’t “turn” Ella, he merely facilitated her inner evil coming to the surface. That video is truly chilling to watch.

        Thanks for being here, and for all your witty and genuinely insightful comments!


      • It would take a dozen Freuds to delve into the pit of Power-Disney’s sewer-like mind and stay sane. She goes through her confederates like a dose of salts and the madder they are, like this new Heather fruit loop the quicker they fall.
        Soon it will be just her and Tracey and what fun that will be when they are at each other’s throats. Unless Angie had the same MKUltra training like crackpot Fiona Barnett who was “combat trained” and ready by the age of 5 she faces a formidable foe in Tracey who can seen off the IRA and 2 Loyalist units before afternoon tea.

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        • Is there a list of words we have to recite in certain order to activate Angie and Fiona? You know: “Flip-flop, caramel, badger, teaspoon, anthracite…” and then they instantly become deadly assassins and go out and kill Kim Jong-un?

          Actually I do know one word that gets Angie activated: MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY …

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        • I’m just imagining Angie’s shnozz after a Glesga kiss from Heather. Slap a pair of sunglasses on her, and you won’t know her from John “Oweee!” Paterson.


  5. Here’s my achievement award:
    “A Mind-fuck Interview Revisited, feat. 2Circles and Aug”

    ME: Hello and welcome!
    2Circles: Stop trying to manipulate and disrupt!
    Aug: Yea, stop trying to silence us and cover-up!
    ME: O-K…

    ME: In your own words then? What do you want us all to know? 2Circles?
    2Circles: Aliens, raping, torturing, murdering, cannibalism!
    ME: And…
    2Circles: Aliens, raping, torturing, murdering, cannibalism!
    ME: Yes, you mentioned that. Is there more?
    2Circles: Aliens, rape-
    ME: Without using those 5 words, if you could please..
    2Circles: Urgh…gurgle…aggle…gack…
    ME: That’s what I thought.
    2Circles: YOU”RE AN ALIEN!
    2Circles: I know its hard to accept!

    ME: Ok, Aug? Your turn. What do you want everyone to know?
    Aug: I was in the secret bases, I know about everything, I was in Bluebird, and Artichoke, MILABS, Millbrook, Operation Monarch, Operation Windbreaker, Operation Kissyface…Solar Warden! Illuminati! Secret Societies! The Unveiling! Hidden Knowledge! I was there with Donald Marshall! I was there with Fiona Barnett! CIA! CIA! CIA!
    ME: Are you having a stroke? No? Can we continue then? Many of these things you reference took place in the 1950s or 1960s. You seem a bit…young…to have been involved in them…?
    Aug: [blank stare]
    2Circles: YOU’RE AN ALIEN!
    2Circles: I know its hard to accept!

    ME: Well, I may be an alien…but you, 2Circles – you are a loony POS who encourages other loonies to rape, torture and murder children by telling them these atrocities are the source of supernatural and psychic powers. And you, Aug – you are a pathological liar, and the most blatantly obvious con artist since Anton Mesmer.
    Aug: I was there with Jesus Christ! I AM Jesus Christ!
    Me: I think that’s enough…

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  6. Great achievement EC and everyone.

    I do hope the death threats to the American are dealt with appropriately and Angie learns she can not behave like that.

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    • I hope RQ reports her.

      This could finally be APD getting herself arrested if he does or someone else does.

      If the Police tie in all the other “crimes” she has allegedly committed, could this be the last we hear from APD?

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    • Thanks for all the hard work bring us the fruitloops facebook rants Liza.
      Jesus christ is Kris Costa an absolute bellend, apparently Angela is at least 35 years older than her ex Yankee lover. WRONG. Angie is 60 and the man in question is pushing 40 so I would say around 22-23 years age gap. Sorry sue your a facking twat.
      The Yank is also not a Known CIA Operative, unless you believe Angies Nonce-sense.
      Kristy poo is the worst researcher the world has ever seen.

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      • Spivey says there are 70 minutes between 1:20 and 2:10, Angie believes that 1996 was 20 years ago and Kristie Sue thinks a 37-year-old man is 35 years younger than a 59-year-old woman…

        Ah, Maths Hour wiv da Troofers. Admit it – you’d miss it if it weren’t there.

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        • Lol its so mind bogglingly out that you’d think they’d learn to think before they type.
          I thought Ange had turned the big 60 already, those alien child hunts really took their toll on her, no wonder Costa thinks Ange is 72 at least, lol. You couldn’t make it up.

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      • She really is, Barchon. Hard to fathom, especially as she claims to be one of those who have “awakened” to the truth. Sounds to me more like she latches onto every bit of flotsam on the internet that happens to match up with what she believes, and then just throws it around uncritically. Explain to me again who the sheeple are?

        As for Arthur’s friends, they are all missing an important point: Arthur was showing clear signs of going into a manic episode quite a while before his interview with APD. As anyone who’s ever had to deal with a person in that state will tell you, the paranoia and sudden rage attacks go with the territory. No one was “tampering” with Arthur’s mind; but many of his friends, including APD, were discouraging him from seeking help at a time when he badly needed it. Fortunately for all concerned, Arthur was apprehended and sectioned before he could do himself, or someone else, any real harm.


        • I agree 100%. I knew a guy who I used to drink with and everytime we went out he thought everyone was giving him “the stink eye” as he called it. Had to talk him down everytime from getting himself in trouble and because i’m a biggish sort he expected me to sort it out. Above my pay grade I’m afraid.

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    • Crikey Van Gelder actually showing some sense.
      For Pete’s Sake (who IS Pete?) Sydney is like a bloody war zone with murders left right and centre and gangsters murdering each other every day and a terrible spate of infanticide incidents. (Perth is like a quiet village by comparison) As if cops have got time to stitch up a poor sod like Arfur.

      In fact Arfur was reaching out for help from a copper he seemed to trust and that cop did the right thing by him. He’s getting the help he needs. And doctors & nurses are not fools and would have read Arfur’s rantings on-line so are well aware of creepy APDs trying to meddle in his health care.

      I feel a tad guilty having tried to (successfully) wind up Arfur but S.Norman egged me on so a Big Boy DID do it and ran away.
      Apologies Arfur.

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  7. Hmm mp3 link of applause doesnt seem to want to play ball,it must be them pesky Archons up to their old tricks,drat foiled again.


  8. At this landmark, these are areas I like to explore, building on the good work of Hoaxtead:

    1. Creation of AI.
    In a case like Hampstead. Can track down any illegal content. Can keep a record where the illegal content is, and what actions were taken to remove it. Can keep track of evidence for potential criminal and civil court cases.

    2. Regulation of social media.
    Creation of a UK regulatory body paid for through taxation or licensing fees of social media companies such as Facebook. For any social media company to do business in the UK thay must be a member of this regulatory body, and must abide by its rules. The regulatory body becomes the point of contact rather than social media companies for the public to report hate, harrassment and other issues. The social media companies forced to remove any content brought to their attention by the regulatory body inside 48 hours or be fined.

    3. Paid activist focussed upon fighting SRA hoaxes.
    Formation of a company, perhaps a Community Interest Company. Employing one individual for around 20 hours a week, plus providing them with the equipment and tools to do their job, purely focussed upon fighting SRA hoaxes in the UK.

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    • I agree and I’m very angry that entities like Facebook pay such lip service to safety on-line when they reap such huge profits for creating an entity which might be clever but is piggy-backing on the work of 1000s of other techies who came before them.
      I hope politicians keep up the pressure.

      It would be so easy to nip this stuff in the bud : for instance keywords on Youtube, Facebook etc could easily set an alarm where a team of researchers could be alerted as to content. ‘Hampstead’ being one such word. Instead the lengthy delays just encourages hoaxers when it would take less than a minute to check if a post or video is legal.
      Instead we have seen such long delays that 10,000s get to download content – how many real pedos are now relishing 2 blue-eyed blonde children discussing intimate sex?. The Judge was so spot on in her statements re this. And quite frankly, I’m not buying that 98% of those who keep posting this stuff and fanning flames are “child protection activists”. I think many of them play a psychological games with themselves to cover their true desires.

      These same people almost to a tee, scoop up the ‘false flag’ claims about absolutely everything.
      I’ve never heard one single creepy Spiv like Spivey express a thought that a gunman walking into a pizza joint in Washington and firing a gun may have severely traumatized the young children who were there.
      Every war zone is a “Jewish NWO” plot but do you ever hear one of these lowlifes express a concern for Syrian children who may never recover from the horror?

      And even in highly publicized deaths like that little drowned boy lying on a beach or the children murdered at Sandy Hook- they are not even allowed dignity in their death (let alone the relatives) as it’s a deemed a ‘false flag’. Can you imagine being told your murdered child (and the extraordinary unimaginable grief that accompanies that) didn’t ever exist?

      I have a terrible feeling that there is going to be a major calamity caused by Youtube, Facebook or some similar do-nothing entity. And it sickens me that the only reason they now take notice of ‘false news’ is because of a bloody election in the USA when 1000s of like-minded souls have been telling authorities ‘for God’s sake use the laws that are there”. It’s an outrage that Ella Draper and Abraham Christie are wanted for suspected child abuse, have fled the UK and are probably easily located remain free while $Millions are spent pursuing claims about some long dead politician !.

      # Nursie told me to get down off my soapbox so rant ends here.

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      • One AI solution would be to create a fairly simple program to “crawl” sites like YouTube, creating a database of videos that match certain keywords. It would be an imperfect system, as some uploaders can be deliberately tricky when adding keywords to their posts, but it would be a start. I’ve seen such a system in operation in another context, and it works quite well.

        I’ve been informed that the only large-scale automated system Facebook currently has in place is a tool called DNA which flags and removes known child sexual exploitation images from that platform. Otherwise, they leave it all up to “user reports”…and we all know how effective those are.


  9. Well done El Coyote!

    Been doing a lot of looking into ARG’s and find there is a link between them and these hoaxes, especially this Pizzagate stuff. Many i find are only supporting these stories are just a chance to play a game. The first to get one clue of sorts and post videos of found information as a means of proof. So in the same way one might play an ARG and find the next video or clue, the mob watching get off on it. Some of these ARG’S turn nasty it seems, such as the Wyoming incident. As we know it has also happened due to the official narrative of Hampstead and Pizzagate. Death threats and as far as Pizzagate goes, a man turning up at a pizza restaurant with a live gun.

    From the very beginning, people have been very candid in the way in how they speak about the allegations the children made, to wish it all to be true. I believe its the case these people think this way, in order to play a game. Hampstead has been hell for those named as abusers, from the moment a list was written up and pushed out in the public domain. PIZZAGATE/PEDOGATE, for me is the next stage in this game. No one cares about who they hurt or the death threats they warrant. The difference in those who are good at playing ARG’s is the amount of vast knowledge one need, in order to break the codes, Cicada 3301 for example in which you had to be close to genius to work it all out. Sorry, but those following Pizzagate are none to smart. Many facts have come from photoshopped images and plain out there, lunacy. Finding a edgy art groups website and finding what they thought was John Podesta shouting at a child. This one fact had been looked at before Christmas and was already found to be one of the guys from this band, shouting at what sounded like a young girl, no evidence to proof it was a girl. I won’t bore everyone with what we all know about the shoddy detective work of the Pizzagate mob.

    The bravado of Bill Maloney got people interested in something they hadn’t been bothered about before. Some information given to Bill by the likes of Chris Faye even made its way into the mass media and started several police investigations that have been a waste of tax payers money and no matter how tied up an investigation is in which the Politician named is found to be innocent, people will still go along with it being a stitch up. That gives light then to the likes of APD, who is willing to fleece the public for money for nothing. No one person can put a end to child abuse, and i really question what APD is doing to try and stop that?

    I search youtube most days to see what has been posted about Pizzagate and Hampstead. The issue with every video is a term in which i borrow from a good friend “measure twice and cut once” That for me has been why this blog is key. We can look back at how the hoax has been broken down by this blog and go back to see no mistakes. No speciation, only good investigative work, El Coyote and every member. That is a real credit.

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    • Thanks GBD! You’re so right about the hoax promoters latching onto anything that backs up their own weird ideas, and that for many of them it amounts to a game.

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  10. Congratulations, it’s amazing how Ricky Dearman finds time to write this blog, make all the comments on this blog and view it 750,000 times,lol.
    I think you nailed it the other day when you commented about Abraham and Ella completely underestimating the amount of people who take interest and fight back against their child abuse and false claims. This ‘little blog that could’ is testament to that alone.

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    • I personally would like to say well done to all those dozens of people who won their exclusive place in the “Je suis Ricky” club after being accused of being RD by Abraham Christie. The t-shirt alone should be a prized collectable in years to come. I hope one day all the members of “Je suis Ricky” can get together for a KFC chicken dinner celebration when all this is over (Christie is fond of KFC meals.)

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      • That is weird you mentioning that, SV. I had a dream last night where we had all decided to meet up in London (I don’t think we were all in KFC though) and everyone was trying to guess usernames and match them to faces. It was a good laugh, the person who was you in my dream said “Can anyone guess who I am?” and I said “I think you’re Spiny.”, then Fnord said, “No, I think you’re Justin Sanity!” … and so on.

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          • Why not simply go the full hog including the postage and all turn up at Mulligan,Old Town,Lanzerote to celebrate the millionth view.We could set up a surprise “This is yer feckin loife” spectacular for the one who never bothers will this little trolling blog RD runs in his spare time.

            Obviously the police,benefit cheat squad and Maurice McCabe can bring the curtain down at the end as a grand finale all set to live Cuban music,fireworks and KFC all round 🙂 Jolly japes.

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      • I think the “Je suis Ricky” club is a big one now after the amount of people who’ve been accused of being RD. Lol i remember the famous photo of Abraham and his piece of chicken, he sure wasn’t happy when that photo hit the light of day. 🙂

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    • Some of those “new” vids could be old vids re-posted with new titles. Like, one vid posted several times under different titles. I’ve noticed the same trick on Aug’s channel, some with new intros as well.


      • Yes, they do appear to be cobbled together from that first video and he likes to put a slo-mo close-up of young girls licking their lips, which says a lot about him…


    • That was obviously Heather and Sabine in happier times. Whereas now, she’s telling APD she “would’ve left the fkn bitch in prison.” She said she had dirt on Sabine and her and Angie were going to be chatting again tonight.

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  11. Complete and utter lowlifes. Morons. Witches (the evil kind).
    Fantasists and I cannot think of enough choice rude words to describe these creeps. Posted on APD’s timeline but I’ve been around long enough to remember the day The Beatles got their MBEs.

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    • Awaiting Angela Power-Disney’s correction re The Beatles.

      Evil witch APD moans about people mentioning her kids on-line (while telling the world she beat the shit out of them) and then gossips with that old crow Heather about Belinda’s daughter who is OFF-LIMITS you vile pair of creatures.
      Quote Of The Year : Angela Power-Disney : “I don’t watch negativity it hurts my psyche”. Jesus Fucking H. Christ.

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  12. Thanks to ‘Big Girl Pants’, who sent me this link:

    21 March 2012

    A computer has been seized from a woman who received personal details of every Belfast city councillor.

    Heather M Brown surrendered the computer at her home in England under the terms of an order secured at the High Court in Belfast.

    The personal information was mistakenly emailed by a member of staff at Belfast City Council following a request for contact details.

    It contained private phone numbers and bank details.

    National insurance numbers, car registrations and some passport details were also disclosed.

    A judge also authorised the recovery of electronic storage devices or any hard copies of the spreadsheet.

    Experts are now to examine the computer, delete the information from it and attempt to trace any location it may have been forwarded on to.

    It was claimed in court that a copy has already been sent to Justice Minister David Ford’s office, in breach of an injunction against further disclosure granted earlier this month.

    The court heard Ms Brown used the pseudonym of Prudence Halliwell – also the name of a fictional witch in the television series Charmed.

    An Anton Piller order permitting council representatives to enter Ms Brown’s home – believed to be in the London area – and seize relevant material was granted last week.

    However, details could not be reported until enforcement was carried out.


    It involved a supervising solicitor retrieving the computer for inspection by an IT expert.

    During the application City Council barrister Keith Gibson acknowledged: “It’s a draconian order granted in fairly limited circumstances where there is a very real danger.”

    The judge who heard the request, Mr Justice Stephens, stressed that Ms Brown must be fully informed of her right to participate in the proceedings.

    He added that she should be offered a substitute computer while her own equipment is being examined.

    In court on Wednesday Mr Gibson confirmed that Ms Brown surrendered her computer on Tuesday.

    “Thankfully it does not appear that there was any enormous resistance to the order,” he said.

    “She wasn’t terribly pleased, but (there was) nothing that would cause any public order concerns.”

    The council’s legal representatives are now waiting for a report on the computer’s contents before deciding their next move.

    In a statement, the council said it regretted both the release of personal information and having to take action to prevent its further use.

    “The council attempted to recover the data on a voluntary basis but was unable to do so,” it said.

    “It was therefore compelled to take legal action to prevent any further dissemination given the personal nature of the data in question.”

    The statement added: “The protection of personal data is very important to the council which is reflected in the steps taken in this case.

    “The council is currently reviewing the systems and procedures that already exist to ensure as far as practicable that the risk of human error is minimised and that security is maintained.”


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    • Heather Brown with some involvement with terrorists gaining access to personal information of councillors in Belfast is going to create panic from the legal authorities. It was not surprising that they gained an Anton Piller order. However, the Anton Piller order does not have search warrant powers, an individual can deny agents access to their property. The legal authorities can pursue the penalty of contempt of court for anyone denying access to their property via Anton Pillar orders. It is a horrible legal power.

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        • That’s ok EC, I don’t expect you to keep up with all the comments on here and I’m surprised you manage at times.
          The blog now generates much more interest as time goes on and with that comes more comments than ever before.

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          • I see them go past, but when I’m at work I don’t always have time to go and see what’s up…which means I miss some from time to time. 🙂


  13. I would like to say the Jamacan man at Speakers Corner that day wasn’t stupid, he could work Belinda out for him self, because she was coming out with so much rubbish, like wanting to put paedophiles in a zoo. Also he was told about the back ground to what she was doing. No conspiracy there at all. Even though Belinda had banners all about Hollie Greig, blah blah blah, poor Hollie wasn’t even mensioned that day. The Thing about Belinda is, she latches on to things, like The Mussa stuff, Hollie Greig, Melanie Shaw, and Hampstead, but drops it like a hot conker when, she can’t get any more mileage out of these totally fake conspiracy’s, or other people start getting arrested so she doesn’t need to be. don’t think for one minute that the powers that be arn’t on her tale, because they are and she knows it. One day she’s going to push some one under a bus once too often, and she’ll end up in. Cell next door.

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  14. “I’ve never begged..the worst I’ve ever begged for is a cigarette”
    Beam me Up Scotty. 2 old crows spitting bile about some poor woman needing money for the meter.
    ” I’ve never begged…”

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        • Plucked up the courage,several deep breaths,sick bucket in reaching distance…Ok I`m going in…..


          • You will need it mate. First time I watched all of a long Angie video rant, and she gives Heather less than 1% of the screen time. I kind of feel for Heather, all she really is crying out for is a platform to get back in contact with her son, and so far Angela has ranted about Jockney on the last video and just goes through her facebook messages from last year in this one, gives Heather no time at all, a bore fest and ego trip for Angela if ever I have seen one, all to get back at Kris Costa and Hoaxtead.

            I wish I could have my hour and a quarter back.

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      • Oh FFS! Just started watching and within 10mns, Heather is saying that MKD have hacked her computer.
        Nasty bitch.


          • BASEMENT DWELLING,PARANOID OLD BATS WITH COMPUTERS :Troubleshoot all annoying interference and “remote access” issues by simply disconnecting your heads from your toxic arses.After which proceed to concern yourselves with the unenviable task of locating a legal firm worth its salt prepared to represent you in a court of law.

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      • Yes, SV is watching it just now.
        i just noticed a message from Heather on APD’s screen when she ‘shared screen’ it said “I told the sperm donor about our vids but he blocked me.” LOL!

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      • Yeah, lol – even Heather disagrees with Angela on that. To hear Angie blaming it on diisnfo’ from “agent Kristie Sue Costa” is hilarious! As for admitting to having been “completely fooled”, she has no excuses, as we repeatedly told her it was bollocks. Now that terminally dull frootloop Pray for the Children is banging on about James being Julian round the clock on Ella’s video page. LOL


    • “Aaron Duvva…Sylvia Mayer…Lisa Rizley…”

      A lot of new people being introduced into the Hoaxtead story here. Thanks for the update, Professor Disney. Perhaps you could fill us in re. Nelly Berry, Belinda McKentish and Sandra McNeill too.


      • And what’s all this bollocks about Sylvia attending all the Hampstead-related court cases? She hasn’t attended any!


  15. Finshed watching APD’s video now. It made me furious. She talks about trolls? She’s one of the biggest trolls on the internet, pasting, linking and commenting outright lies about RD and his children.


    • “I know who you are and where you live”

      She doesn’t even know how to email a link to Angie, yet she’s managed to track us all down. LMAO!

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    • It’s Heather who can’t keep away from it. Angie said she didn’t even know about Neelu’s house being repossessed, but I find that hard to believe.

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  16. What do we know about Bridie Lavery? That’s Angie’s next video guest, apparently.


    • Also.

      “hi it took 4 garda to arrest me on monday last this week on a beench warrent, they burst through my home, put my 16 year old son in a care and put me in a garda van. this is how they treat my home for years, in the court the judge said i could post away on face book, put not name names, he ajourned it till 11th april. i told him i was a victim of child abuse, covered by garda for 32 to years, and the judge ajourtned it so i could get a solicitor i had no legal representive as i have sacked 4 solicitors and 2 barrasters. for corruption. i cant wait to challange the judge in april on naming names of offenders and pedophiles. plus i have free speech. i will give the judge a real challange on victims rights.”

      Sigh…and oh that grammar..


      • Thanks for looking into her, Jake, and for passing on the info’. Should make for a bizarre video. A potential new Heather, by the sounds of her.

        By the way, I’m pretty sure her name has come up before. It’s not new to me, though I can’t remember anything else about her.


  17. Hi Heather. I know you’re reading this, so feel free to tell your boss Angela that Dunblane was 21 years ago, not 20. Her “20th anniversary” post is embarrassing.

    Oh and that whole trusting-Angie-with-your-personal-information thing? Good luck with that. Seriously, ask around.

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  18. Well I just spent an hour and a half getting my internet working again after watching Heather Brown the witch from Charmed and Angela video and I know they hacked me, never had an interuption like that before. Rang the help number, no answer, unplugged absolutely everything, went to my broadband ip address on the router and logged in and some dodgy activity.
    I believe allegedly without prejudice those two are government informants who hacked my broadband connection. Heather is the step daughter of a former councillor, has access to a database with passport numbers, bank accounts of government employees along with their car registration numbers and personal details that cost the Irish government £65,000 to get that information back, and Angela has contacts with High level Police and Government officials along with CIA and Rothschilds.

    Please get this info to Kris Costa, as I fear we are all in danger now, I will pray to Jesus, the son of god to stop Angela is here tracks.

    Please help Kris, we need you now more than ever.

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