Security theatre

One bit of fallout from Jeanette Archer’s stunning performance in front of 10 Downing St. on Saturday was a lively conversation about the identity of the bearded man in a grey sweatshirt who strode along behind Archer during the march.

He looked like a bodyguard, he acted like a bodyguard…but nobody seemed to know who he was. We put the question to the internet, and within hours were rewarded.

His name is James Zikic, and he is perhaps best known (to those who follow such things) as a former mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

[In case you were wondering, MMA is an extreme combat sport in which contestants are permitted to use the fighting techniques of wrestling and boxing but also those of martial arts such as kickboxing, judo, and karate. You’re welcome.]

As is so often the case, once we’d seen Zikic with Archer, we began noticing him everywhere.

Last September, he was one of Jon Wedger’s team of thugs bodyguards, who took exception to somebody questioning their boss, and roughed him up a bit.

Now granted, the victim in question was John Taylor, known to long-time readers of this blog as Scouser Fruitcake, and infamous for his threats to shoot the Hampstead dad, but still. There was some pushing and shoving, and Zikic does appear to have been involved.

Zikic has also guarded a woman named Hatun Tash, a Turkish-Christian evangelical preacher who works with an organisation called “Defend Christ Critique Islam” (DCCI) and who was assaulted during one of her provocative anti-Muslim rants at Speakers’ Corner. This prompted Tommy Robinson to attend Speakers’ Corner a few weeks later, where he was arrested for violating Covid-19 regulations.

Zikic guards Hatun Tash, ca. 2020

Tash herself was removed from Speakers’ Corner by police last month, as seen in this totally balanced and not-at-all anti-Muslim video:

Zikic makes no secret of his anti-Muslim beliefs. Here, he sports a t-shirt with the logo “Dweck Nawsha”, a reference to a Christian military organisation founded in Iraq in 2014 to combat ISIL. The militia, always tiny and rarely active, was disbanded last year according to the Assyrian Policy Institute.

What can we say? He liked the t-shirt so much, he got the jacket too!

Zikic is a principal in an actual honest-to-goodness security company, Halo Security Specialists, founded last year by Halsho Draey, who also seems to have experience as a “cage fighter”. It does seem logical that retired professional fighters would go into the bodyguard biz once their time in the ring and/or cage is done.

Certainly, Zikic’s professional description sounds impressive:

Yes, you read that right: Zikic has acted as David Icke’s bodyguard. In fact, here’s some footage of Zikic ushering Icke away from the crowds at a recent demonstration in Trafalgar Square:

As we say, this guy gets around.

But wait! There’s more…

However, Zikic is not the only security specialist at Jeanette Archer’s beck and call.

A couple of months ago, she posted a warning to those who might stand in her way:

In addition to Zikic, she named Dan Young and Jay Fernandez as part of her security/surveillance team.

Why Young should need this kind of weaponry is anybody’s guess.

Young, who seems fascinated with guns and pseudo-military paraphernalia, was named by Archer in a recorded message:

All right darling…the other thing I’d say is don’t tag Dan into these things because he is the worst when it comes to protecting me, and I want his focus to stay on what he’s doing, i.e. the surveillance stuff, all right? He will jump in if need be as you know, like he did with Louise Dickens, and he will cut the fuckers down. But all the other bits [inaudible] that me and you deal with, don’t tag him in, because he can’t be distracted too much like that. He’s a whole other kettle of fish, mate, that one. But I know how to manage our Dan. So erm, yeah, we will deal with these things. 

Well, that’s a roaring vote of confidence, isn’t it?

Jay Fernandez, the third member of Archer’s security and surveillance team, is a common-or-garden conspiracy theorist who refers to himself on Facebook as an “occult researcher”. He’s posted pictures of himself—at least it seems to be him—clad in surveillance LARPing gear, and toting what looks like a firearm:

Now, all of this raises an important question: why does Jeanette Archer require any sort of security or surveillance teams in the first place?

Actually, those are probably two separate questions, so we’ll look at the surveillance bit first.

Some of our readers might remember a conversation between Sharon Gale and Louise Dickens, in which Dickens related a story of being dragged out to a cemetery on Hallowe’en night by Wilfred Wong, to watch for the Satanists he was certain would be cavorting there. Or whatever Satanists do in cemeteries on Hallowe’en.

To everybody’s utter shock, absolutely nothing happened, except that Louise got mightily cold and bored.

Worst. Date. Ever.

But we were reminded of that story when we saw these photos of Zikic:

It looks as if Dickens and Wong weren’t the only people lurking about on Hallowe’en, hoping to intercept wrong-doers and stop them in their tracks.

And who else remembers Jon Wedger passing the hat last year, trying to raise money to buy night vision goggles? Is this what they were for? If so, are these people playing spy on public land, or are they attempting to invade the privacy of those they suspect of having Satanist leanings?

The more we looked into this, the more questions we had. What we do know, though, is that Archer and Wedger seem to be in control of a small group of people who are armed and ready for a fight.

It’s not a comforting thought.

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  1. Military grade.

    Wedger’s required night vision scopes were to be military grade. None of your cheap Chinese knock-offs for Jeezus in the “Great Battle Between the Forces of Darkness and Light”, not when taking on The Darkness in the darkness itself anyway.

    Archer’s army, locked ‘n loaded (with a silencer too by the look of it).
    How will Dixon of Dock Green cope with this lot?

    Fab write-up EC

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      • Very important & scary implications, you wove in there. Growing ranks of quasi-paramilitary, seriously dangerous (potentially) goons. And the SRA Deluded Club has already graduated from online harassment to kidnapping (attempted?). Hmmm…
        Let’s hope no Joan of Arc wannabes incite them to graduate into assassination squad, directed to folks she believes “must be involved”, out of sheer delusion.

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        • That’s my thoughts- like all the right-wingers, they have been encouraged by the last four years of ‘public encouragement’ to be more ‘open’ about their delusions without discouragement (in certain places) and now they feel ’empowered’ to act out their puerile fantasies… regardless of the risk that means to others…
          Scary times….

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        • To me they just look like little boys playing with guns and trying to look hard. If they were really the way they say they are, they wouldn`t need any of that. It looks a bit like, Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me. Just sayin

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          • Yes, the obsession with guns and ammo and night-vision goggles etc. reeks of “little boys playing soldier”. I note that Zikic seems less interested in that sort of thing, but the other two are very eager to show off their weaponry. This might be why Archer states that Young is not her bodyguard of choice?

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          • Well said, Windy.

            And there’s also the fact that guns are mostly illegal in this country. And it’s certainly not legal to be carrying assault rifles at protests (not that I know for certain they’re doing that, of course). These people would be more at home in the Trumpanzee army in the States.

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    • What on earth did he need those for?.
      I’ve read his claims about Britain’s canals ridden with pedos at every turn of the waters and narrow boats allegedly hosting orgies of Satanic Baby Eating shindigs with entire local villages attending but all this is in Plain Sight according to Our Man Wedger ( and Mr Patterson too).
      It make me ponder on my time many moons ago, living and working at a pal’s little restaurant on the Shropshire Union Canal. It was a fairly dullish time but now I think about it a famous local Aristocratic family were regular customers. Co-incidence? I never spotted anything untoward but I’m pretty naive. There was an axe murder at a nearby farm where a husband did away with his wife’s head after one too many telling offs when he arrived home after the pub. In hindsight I bet it was Satanic Pedo related.

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    • Dixon may have to enlist some help…

      OPEN, one two three, OUT, one two three, BANG, one two three, IN, one two three, CLOSE, one two three….

      As Corporal Jones was wont to say about his favourite weapon (the bayonet)…”Them Archers- they don’t like it up ’em!, Sir…”

      ‘Mannerings Mob’ should be able to handle the ‘Archers Army’ easily LOL

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  2. Excellent exposé, EC 🎯👏👏👏

    Watch your back around these psychos, mind. They won’t take kindly to being exposed, bless ’em 🤭

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  3. Agreed about John Taylor. It’s hard to know who to root for in a Taylor v Wedgehog kerfuffle, isn’t it. The phrase ‘a plague on both your houses’ springs to mind.

    For the uninitiated, this is him (⚠ trigger warning):

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  4. “Why Young should need this kind of weaponry is anybody’s guess… Now, all of this raises an important question: why does Jeanette Archer require any sort of security or surveillance teams in the first place?”

    Indeed, EC. It’s not a good look for Archer, Wedger et al, is it? I mean, what children’s charity fundraisers need hired thugs? You don’t see Esther Rantzen or Lenny Henry parading round with far right musclemen at their beck and call.

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    • Exactly. One possibility is that it really is security theatre, emphasis on theatrics: having bodyguards sends a message: “we are important, and there are people who would like to harm us, so we need some hired muscle to accompany us in public”.

      After all, they’re constantly going on about how the “Satanists are after them”, etc. So the bodyguards are most likely just part of the look; I think the true test would be whether their security details accompany them when they’re out doing the groceries? Or is it only when they’re in the public eye?

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      • “I think the true test would be whether their security details accompany them when they’re out doing the groceries?”

        Well, if we go into lockdown again, things might get interesting in Archer’s local Tesco when the fight for toilet rolls heats up 😱

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  5. Yes, I must admit I raised an eyebrow when Lou Dickens expressed reluctance at her witch-spotting antics. It’s a nice little reverse ferret now that she’s trying to distance herself from Wong, Wedger et al. But some readers may recall this footage from around the same time, when it seems no one needed to drag her into a park to hunt for Satanists, witches and evil spirits:

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  6. It felt surreal all the stuff coming out these last two days once James Zikic was identified. What we have got is a type of Mafia group backed with some armed heavy muscle. Lets also be clear here that this entity with the public face of Jon Wedger, Jeanette Archer and Samantha Baldwin are predating on children, child abuse victims and the terminally ill.

    We all know these people fully support an alleged kidnapper of a child; some of them have been convicted in relation to naming and harrassing such a child witness in the coming trial of that alleged kidnapper. These people have no problem about kidnapping children, they call that a rescue. We also now know they are well organised, highly motivated and with the resources to go and “rescue” more children. What concerns me is that they are all talking more about the Baldwin children, and are getting more vocal about it by each passing day. So, the Baldwin children could be a growing target for this group. Just saying.

    My position is that I do not want any more children kidnapped. I do not want any more child abuse victims or terminally ill people being harmed by these people. I don’t care about their thugs, it is those vulnerable people who need champions to protect them from this evil group.

    If these people break terms and conditions of social media, report them. If they break any court order, or do anything illegal, go to the police. Make sure potential victims know what they are dealing with. All survivor groups need to be made aware of these people, and also to warn survivors about them. None of these people must have any contact with children, schools or activities where children are involved.

    Well done on a great write up, EC.

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    • Thanks, SV, and yes, absolutely: any violation, whether of the law or of the terms & conditions of social media, should be reported. It’s the only way to ensure that these people are unable to continue with their vile agenda. We all need to take responsiblity: if you see something, say something.

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    • It’s amazing isn’t it once one tiny thread is unweaved- just how long it can spool out for- and what dark corners it unravels in it’s doing so….

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      • In fact there are even more alarming dark corners as one continues to follow the unravelling threads. But they don’t pass Hoaxtead’s high verification standards (yet) so are absent from EC’s report.
        More may yet come to light…


  7. “What we do know, though, is that Archer and Wedger seem to be in control of a small group of people who are armed and ready for a fight. It’s not a comforting thought.”

    Yup. And Archer-watchers may have noticed that more and more in her videos, she’s calling this – whatever this is – a war. “It’s time, guys – this is war.”

    Disturbing indeed.

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    • Yes, I’ve noticed her language becoming more belligerent, and while her “It’s time!” chant at the march on Saturday was kind of hilarious, it also had ominous overtones.

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    • I think theyre rank amatures.If i was armed and ready to cause trouble,id be well under the radar and not plasterd all over the interwebb.

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      • It may be sabre-rattling, Luna, but I still have the memory of the crowd that orange-wiggy one worked up in America in January this year and the attack on the Capitol building there so Archer’s merry men do freak me out rather.

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        • Don’t forget the ‘lone wolfs’ like the moron that shot up the pizza shop in the US- looking for kids that were being held in the basement of a building- with no basement….

          (but thats only what they ‘wanted you’ to believe- it really has a basement- just that it exists on no plans, and no ones ever seen it- ‘bUt iT eXIstS!!!!- they got to him before he actually uncovered it!!!!)

          (and yes I have seen that on Qwankers forums…)

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          • Steve, the chap who shot up the diner in Oklahoma a few years ago was a conspiracy theorist too. In a way it was sad because he was relatively young and had stopped taking his medicine but he and his victims wound up dead. He had a YouTube channel – apparently he was one of those people who thought the majority of famous people are secretly transgender (some of the folk making those videos do it for clickbait I suspect but he was likely so far down the rabbit hole that he really believed it). He ratcheted it up because he believed in demonic possessed squirrels. There is always a danger that a rogue armchair warrior will take matters into their own hands.

            Thinking about sharp or blunt knives in the box (another of your comments) intelligent people go down the rabbit hole too. The young woman who does the ‘Dare to Fly’ channel has a first class degree in journalism but unfortunately she’s limiting herself to (in my opinion) shoddy reportage. Her fans comment things like “Brilliant research” and dissenters are largely shadow banned. I think she started off as a normal and pleasant young woman and I’m not saying she’s nasty now but she does promote some (to me) strange ideas.

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            • Sorry, you must be thinking of another one- the one I was referring to was in Washington (PingPong Pizza) that Hilary Clinton (and other prominent Decorats) was accused of eating babies in, and they were kept in the basement (of a building with no basement)- this was 2016 if I remember correctly- that the guy shot it up while trying to find the basement (from memory, he shot through a closet wall trying to find a ‘false door’- luckily nobody was on the other side….

              Of course there are so many shootings (mass and otherwise) it is hard to keep up with them all- maybe there was another in Oklahoma as well…

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      • I agree, the two of them who put their guns and ammo on display were foolish to have done so, and I think they’ve been reprimanded by Archer, as many of their public photos had vanished when I went back to check. As Archer herself pointed out in her voice message, at least one of them may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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        • “As Archer herself pointed out in her voice message, at least one of them may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.”
          PMSL- the whole lot put together make a plastic butter knife look like a samurai sword!!!

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  8. Another thing: Jeanette Archer has recruited a loyal attack dog called Lydia Lowe. This person named the father of the Baldwin children and the father of the Hampstead children in a recent FB post. Lowe is a person worth monitoring.

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  9. I’m having a restless night tonight – hope it’s not this disturbing stuff online getting to me. What I wanted to post was that this movement (can it be called a movement?) reminds me of the Posse Comitatus from circa the late 1960s in the USA From whence sprang the weird and not so wonderful types who’ve been doing the rounds of the podcasts of Twitwood et al, I wonder. And why? A need to feel important or putting up stooges to discredit/deflect from genuine survivors, a grift for money, a desire to cause civil unrest – it’s a mystery to me.

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  10. Top piece EC as always.
    We have possibly seen more protests since the Pandemic than ever before, correct me if I am wrong. How many of them needed this type of protection & what for? Any Sunday at Speaker’s Corner would be more volatile than a protest surely, a run of the mill protest which J. Archer tried to appropriate with personal security! The mind boggles! One has to ask, is that what the GoFundMe funds allegedly being collected for ‘victims of SRA’ is being spent on? Surely not I hear you say! J. Archer could not be that much of a crook! Or…..could she? Shellie’s recordings show a completely different side to J. Archer’s personal video countenance. Worth a listen to find out what she is really like. It shocked me hearing how twisted she actually is.

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  11. Sorry folks – I don’t mean to ‘spam’ the comments, really, really I don’t but I hope none of my posts sounded as if they were disrespectful of mental health issues. I try to look at mental health issues the same way I look at a physical illness. It’s not someone’s fault. That said, if a person who has mental health issues is becoming a danger to him/herself and other people I feel some sort of intervention is needed – hopefully to help the person with the issue(s).

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  12. Who was responsible for separating children from their parents and disappearing them? Donald Trump’s ICE. Who was the only congressman to oppose the US sex trafficking bill? Matt Gaetz. Who have been the only people so far indicted for election irregularities? Republicans. Who was found guilty of CSA crimes? Senior members of the EDL. Who was actually guilty of paedophilia? Carl Beech. Who makes death threats? Paterson (obviously) and AP-D yet they accuse others who haven’t of making them.

    There are more but I didn’t want to go on for another few pages and some might be sub-judice, but there appears to be a pattern here. I think the word we are looking for is “projection”.

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  13. Angela Power Disney on Baron David Wards death….”he died alive”, also describing him like “King Lear railing against the ocean, why won’t the waves stop coming in?”……..errrrr shall I tell her or what ?

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  14. Pro-tip for Ms Archer: That smile of smug self-congratulation makes you look like Neelu. Is that really what you want?

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      • Expressions can be misleading, of course, and I would hate it if anyone put too much credence in my own habitual expression (a blank stare of baffled perplexity). But someone really needs to warn Ms Archer that in the image above, she is displaying the self-satisfied smirk of people who think they’ve successfully gotten away with doing something appalling.

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  15. This landed in my inbox. Updated Youtube terms. I had no idea it was already a breach to identify people without their consent but it looks like they may be getting tougher. Surely applies to videos identifying the children (teenagers by now).
    # I hope when they reach age 18 those victims may choose to sue the buggery out of a whole bunch of people. It’s pretty clear they have engaged in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, breaching court orders etc:

    “Facial recognition restrictions: The Terms of Service already state that you cannot collect any information that might identify a person without their permission. While this has always included facial recognition information, the new Terms make that explicitly clear.”

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    • Good luck to them enforcing such. I can understand it if someone is being doxxed but in most videos the identity of individuals is bloody obvious from the fact that words are coming out of their mouths.

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  16. Re Dan Young: there is a post on one of his friends page in which around a week ago Young made a violent threat towards Surrey Police threatening to use C4 explosives against them. Supposedly he also wants to “take a few paedophile heads off”… ISIS style?

    Given what Archer shouted at Boris last weekend and her close connection to Young it is little wonder that there may be repercussions for both.

    Zikic, Young and Fernandez are all into “guns” and other weapons of violence. That much is very clear from their facebook pages, their content is clearly designed to intimidate anyone from confronting them. Bear in mind that Archer’s video outside Mold Crown Court, one of the reasons for her criminal conviction btw, also made reference to “James” and “Dan”…

    Far from being retired from “fighting” Zikic actively seeks violence out. His Facebook page’s public posts make that very, very clear.

    Zikic is a Serb [he posts pictures of his alleged former Serbian home on Facebook] and came to the UK in 1999 “looking for a fight”. What else was going on in Serbia in 1999? NATO were bombing militia targets…

    This lot are dangerous and should be not just under active police investigation [if not already] but also the security services should be looking into their conduct. Some of the bios on “Halo Security” are clearly fake too, that would be “Halo Security” that isn’t really operating as a CIC and should be a limited company. CIC’s are meant to be the trading “arms”(!) of charities.

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  17. Old pals keep reappearing:
    Mon 10 May 2021
    “Former vet stalked Somerset MP for more than a year, court hears
    Maurice Kirk allegedly sent letter containing white powder to government minister Rebecca Pow”
    “A former vet stalked a Conservative MP for more than a year and sent a letter containing white powder to her home, a jury has heard.
    Maurice Kirk, 76, was apparently upset at what he regarded as Rebecca Pow’s failure to help him in a legal battle against South Wales police”

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  18. I must drag myself away from the internet. I’m interested to see where this tale leads to though. If a person reports a video to YouTube does he/she have to reveal his/her real name? There is a channel called DiLinda Adams that has a 6 year old video showing the Hampstead children’s faces that I’d like to report.

    I suppose it’s just possible that law enforcement could be keeping a watch surreptitiously on Eyebrows and letting her dig herself into a deep enough hole. Who came up with the nickname Eyebrows, does anyone know – it wasn’t me, Miss/Sir.

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  19. Not directly connected to Eyebrows but there is a link between her and WW. WW was supposed to be a satan hunting (or was it a satanist hunting) expert. How on earth does somebody become an expert in hunting satanists? Does the local WEA/college/university run courses in how to hunt satanists? I’ve never seen one advertised in my neck of the woods. I’m an oldster and in my local U3A (where all meetings are currently held by Zoom) I haven’t seen a satanist-hunting group. Local history, languages, bell ringing (hand bells I think) but not a course or group on hunting satanists.

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    • There are many links from Eyebrows to WW… not least her turning up at his initial court appearances, broadcasting from outside the court and getting herself into trouble doing so. Same video mentions “Dan” and “James”.

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    • Are you talking about Archer here?I think the eyebrows thing was originly jumped on by the satanic followers of Trouser Mouse who dont miss a trick.Sataism of the Wong /Archer varity can be gleaned from library books and cheap B movies.Also helps if your a pervert with an over active imagination.Hope this helps.👍

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      • I was being facetious about the satan-hunting courses which I’m pretty sure you realised, but thanks for the info about the nickname. Is the Mouse behind ‘The Weird World of Jeanette Archer’ – it has a mouse logo. If I could do videos I might try to make a joke one about how to become a satanist hunter course but I can’t (and I’m not forking any of my pension for one of Scamma Brees’s courses!

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        • TM did loads of vids on Archer so its likely.I would love to see a spoof (how too)be an anti satan warrior.Im suprised nobodys done that yet.Wish i could.

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          • Edit ‘run a……… ……..course’ not ‘become a …………. ………. course’. Of course if I say it was a deliberate mistake people won’t believe me … yet folk believe Eyebrows.

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        • It is easy to work out who the Satanists are, just leave around a bag of jelly babies, then watch from a safe distance. You will quickly identify the evil creatures, because they cannot resist jelly babies.

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  20. In other news, Vicky Ash has been announced as the fourth SRA-pushing nutjob to speak at Archer’s upcoming rally:

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            • Oh I got a ‘sextortion’ email some while ago – one of those messages about ‘You video’d yourself doing naughty things and pay us two thousand quid in bitcoin or we’ll release it to your Facebook friends’ – LOL, I’m in my 70 and I don’t have a Facebook account. What happened was Yahoo was hacked some considerable time ago and they had referenced an old password. Yahoo did mention they’d been hacked and I changed my password – I’m not that silly that if I was to do naughty things (wish I had the energy!!!) I’d tape myself doing so. I think the scammers use crypto-currency because it’s not so easily traceable as other methods of payment. Mind you, I had someone ring me quite recently saying my broadband was going to be disconnected because I hadn’t paid – I pay by direct debit, LOL. I’ve even had someone try the ‘this is the computer company and your computer is infected’ scam not too long ago – I thought that scam had been worked to death, though when the U3A still had in person meetings (so pre-global pandemic) someone made an announcement that somebody had fallen for such a scam and to be watchful though they didn’t say which person. If people ring about releasing equity in the house I usually say I’m the lodger. Rather a long way of saying – yes crypto-currency can be used for bad purposes.

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    • Nope not whilst someone is in care and under the influence of medication that causes them to be unconscious for long periods. Care Act is in play… look it up. And the term “financial abuse”.

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      • Basically it boils down to whether someone is in a fit state to properly manage their “affairs” [not sexual], whether someone is in a condition where their mental health is in question. Any finances which are mismanaged in a situation like that can fall under the Care Act under the topic of “financial abuse”. Thus Surrey Adult Safeguarding need to know because Lea/Zen was clearly in a hospice when this all happened re donations and clearly under the influence of medication which caused unconsciousness for periods of time. It is also likely in such situations that the person MAY have given power of attorney [poa] to someone else to manage their “affairs”, if that was the case then anything not done by the person given poa should be treated as suspect. There is also the additional problem that the hospice were apparently, according to Archer, allowing visitors [non-relatives] in during lockdown. There is another problem for the hospice too if Archer’s claims of administering drugs to Lea/Zen are true… because that could be very illegal as it could also lead to possible overdoses of patients.

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    • Quite likely I imagine JEM.

      I just had a look to see what Shaun Twitwood’s channel’s latest content included, In among the stuff about Epstein (how come some people who have become experts since J Epstein his death weren’t talking about him before?) and the old lags he has an interview with Samantha Browne, the one that has some association with Eyebrowes not the 1980s/90 singer. To be honest I’m not familiar with Sam (not the singer) Browne so I don’t know how true or not her story is. There’s another podcaster, James English, who perhaps has slightly more varied content than Twitwood but he has given a platform to Scamma Brees an Wedgehog in the past so I’m uncertain what to think of him.

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