Oh, those devilish details!

Jeanette Archer has a problem, and it’s a rather large one.

Until fairly recently, she had been doing pretty well: lionised by Jon Wedger and Shaun Attwood last year; shot into the public eye with her support of Wilfred Wong and friends, who stand accused of conspiracy to kidnap a child; and all the while, building a loyal army of devoted followers, who hang on her every word.

What could possibly go wrong, you ask?

Well, she has run into the problem which ultimately faces just about anyone who attempts to construct elaborate stories of Satanic ritual abuse out of thin air: sooner or later, the details will come back to bite you.

As we mentioned recently, Archer has told multiple whoppers during the past year, but we have done a bit of research, and have come across the Big Lie which goes to the very heart of her story. (And it might just explain why two police investigations ended with the cops throwing up their hands and telling Jeanette to get on with her life.)

Buckle up, kids, it’s about to get bumpy.

Names redacted to protect the privacy of innocent family members

It came to our attention last week that ‘Archer’ was not Jeanette’s original surname. She was born Jeanette Crawley, the middle of three girls, in Luton in 1967. Her father and paternal grandparents were all born in Bedfordshire; her mother came from Edmonton, in Essex.

In January 1963, Jeanette’s parents married in Wandsworth, where her older sister was born in 1964. Shortly afterward they moved back to Luton, her father’s home town, where they had Jeanette in 1967, and her younger sister in 1969.

At some point during the 1970s, her parents’ marriage ended, and in 1980 her mother moved to Hounslow and remarried, to a man with the surname Archer. Jeanette and her sisters seem to have taken on their stepfather’s surname at this point or shortly afterward. We don’t know for certain when they began attending secondary school—either in Luton or Hounslow—but we do know that in their secondary school in Hounslow, they were using the surname “Archer”.

We don’t know how long that marriage lasted, but eight years later, when Jeanette was 21, mum remarried once more, again in Hounslow, to a Mr Swift. This was Mr Swift’s second marriage, and he had four children of his own, all adults by the time he remarried.

With us so far?

Okay, now let’s go back to Archer’s interview with Attwood, which first aired on 29 June 2020.

Here’s a snippet of their conversation, starting at about 00:05:20:

Archer:  I would say my father was taught, maybe, to put rage into those situations. Because it was part of—part of Satanic ritual abuse is to keep instilling that fear. So I think—because it was his father, my grandfather, that ran the show, I think this was maybe just something he’d just learned to do. 

Attwood: When you say that your grandfather was running the show, what do you mean by that?

Archer: So my grandfather was the head of this cult. 

Attwood: Did the cult have a name or anything?

Archer: Not that I know of. … So he was definitely the top dog. You know, the man in charge, that everybody obeyed. Wouldn’t dare disobey. 

So, to be very clear, Archer names her father’s father as the head honcho of the Cult with No Name. Throughout the past year, she has repeatedly stated that he was the Big Kahuna, and that all the other adults in the cult did his bidding.

Only one problem: Archer’s paternal grandfather died in 1955, 12 years before Archer was born.

At first we wondered whether she might have accidentally misspoken, and named the wrong grandfather…but no: she is quite clear that she’s talking about her father’s father.

Later in that interview, she confirms that she might have forgotten to check that one little detail before she started spreading lies about her family telling her incredibly interesting story.

At 00:47:10, she describes the Surrey police coming to her house to let her know that they were not planning to continue investigating her allegations:

Archer: …And they gave me the most ridiculous reasons, and walked away. Actually their leaving comment was, ‘You need to draw a line under this’. 

Attwood: What were the reasons they gave you?

Archer: That my grandfather didn’t have a driving licence, so how could he possibly drive children around from one venue to another?

Attwood: So they’re saying you can’t drive if you don’t have a driver’s licence. You’re incapable of driving. 

Archer: Exactly. Like he would have cared about that. 

(Fair point: dead people don’t usually worry too much about driving licences.)

Archer: They also said that I’d got his date of death wrong, when I’d said to them right at the beginning, when they asked me to do a family tree, I’ve no idea when he died

Jeanette, we think we see where you went wrong.

Had she bothered to put together a proper family tree, poor Jeanette might have realised that dear old Grandad Crawley couldn’t possibly have been the villain of the piece, as he was, how shall we say, otherwise occupied. [Cue the celestial harps—Ed.]

But! we hear you say…maybe she really meant her other grandad, her stepfather’s father? Maybe she just got her grandfathers mixed up?

Ah, but you forget: Jeanette has stated she was molested practically from birth. She says her first memory was of her father sexually abusing her when she was but a babe in arms, and that he learned this behaviour from his own father. She was very emphatic on this point.

We know that her parents, the Crawleys, were married at the time the abuse was alleged to have begun, because Jeanette’s younger sister was born when she was two years old, and her mother didn’t remarry until Jeanette was 13. Oh, plus her parents show up on the electoral register in Luton until the mid-1970s, by which time, according to Jeanette, her torture at the hands of her deceased grandfather was drawing to a close.

Now, will any of this information—which can be independently verified—discourage Jeanette’s Army?

Pshaw! Of course it won’t.

As we all know, this is not about rational thought or logical argument, and like Fox Mulder, Archer’s crowd “wants to believe”.

However, it does give the rest of us something to think about. Such as “exactly how twisted does a person have to be to invent a fantasy childhood of torture and abuse, then sell it to a pair of gullible slack-jawed idiots in videos full of simpering self-contradiction, in order to claw her way to the top of the SRA-Pushers Club, UK Division”?

Edited 24 May 2021: An earlier version of this post contained an incorrect version of Archer’s family tree, showing her father as deceased. This has been corrected. Sorry for any confusion.

Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

128 thoughts on “Oh, those devilish details!

    • p.s. For those who have not followed the Adventures of Archer over the past year or so, at one point she invented a sister named Catherine, who she claimed was murdered by the Cult with No Name. She’s even managed to manufacture tears about poor Catherine’s fate.

      Luckily for Catherine, she never existed, so a) she wasn’t murdered by members of her own family, and b) she never got to meet Jeanette.

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    • I think it’s in the interest of people like Wedger and Attwood for people to come on their shows and tell the most outrageous and gory stories; I don’t think they care much whether it’s true, so long as it brings in the clicks and views (and £££).

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      • I knew Shaun Attwood fairly well and we were friends until he disappeared down the rabbit hole. I think he has gone off in this direction solely for publicity and therefore money, which is a strong motivator for him. Whether he actually deep inside believes any of this bs I’m rather sceptical. Anyway, I blocked him sometime after he and I parted company over SRA.

        As for Jeanette, Surrey police asked me to investigate a massive historic SRA claim about 10 years ago. I did all my due diligence but when I discovered that the allegator (new word which I rather like) was able to find all her blocked memories from, wait for it, Michelle Remembers my blood ran cold. I phoned the Chief Super and told him that by all means he could go and dig up the wells to find the buried baby bodies etc. but that he was almost certainly wasting precious police time. I told them she was a fake. To give them their due, they paid attention. Unlike dear old Mike Veale and Wiltshire police 😉

        (Cue the conspiracy trolls who will now doubtless have another go at me. Nutters!)

        Richard Hoskins

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      • Which has given me an idea for a Baldrick level of cunning plan of infiltration EC… what if someone went on there pretending to be a certain sort and then during interview revealed their true intentions… imagine the face on Attwood for example when his interview turned to dust. Imagine the problems for Attwood after he’d bigged it all up [as he would].

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  1. So many massive holes in her story… if it were a piece of Swiss cheese I’d be taking it back to the shop!

    She was living in Luton until she was 12 or 13… 65 miles away from the “horror farm” where she was at “hundreds of rituals”.
    Nope. In the 1970s 65 miles was a very, very long way to drive. Most people’s holidays weren’t that far from home.

    The fire has spread from her pants to her entire wardrobe now.
    Ooops! You should have thought it through Jeanette!

    Somehow I think there are yet more holes for the finding El Coyote!

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  2. She has experience of counselling for CSA I take it……..
    Just seen this on her FB supporters page:

    “| will advise if I can, although my advice tends to be before it gets to the stage of family court involvement. If it’s child sexual abuse or similar I will always try to

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  4. Excellent work EC. Reblogged on “Spin vs Truth”.

    The slightly less obvious problem for Archer as a result of all of this, apart from the obvious discrediting from the lies she has told, is that her lies have directly influenced people to donate money. Whether that was through official crowdfunding for her own benefit or to third parties like Wedger/Cooper, there is a clear case for a fraud investigation into her activities [at the very least].

    Richard Hoskins’ comments above [or at least from someone saying they are Richard] demonstrate another problem looming as well. Remember what Carl Beech did? Lifted other people’s stories for his own benefit and lied to the police. If Richard’s claims are accurate then Archer did/has done the same and continues to do so.

    At what point does it then become in the wider public interest to put a stop to the lies?

    People getting ripped off, encouraging so called “rescues” of children, encouraging violent individuals to act as vigilantes etc..

    At what point are the authorities going to realise that the likes of Archer aren’t just a bunch of fruitloops but dangerous to others both mentally and physically?

    She has no accreditations to even get near to qualifying for setting up “safe havens” either and who decides whether a child is supposedly in danger or not? Any child could be targeted incorrectly or out of revenge against a jilted partner/spouse. Children don’t need these morons, the exact opposite in fact, the fact that Archer etc claim different is in a way a form of child abuse. Ironic in the extreme.

    Freedom of Speech does not stretch to threats, fraud, child kidnap or committing any other offences. If Archer etc had their way it would do so. Ultimately that’s what the QAnon brigade really want: anarchy.

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    • I agree, I think it’s pretty clear that Archer has at least attempted to pervert the course of justice. She has made allegations against her grandfather (who was dead all the time and probably didn’t care that much) but also against her father and mother. Along the way, she has defamed at least one of her step-fathers that I know of (not a criminal offence, but still not a nice thing to do).

      As you say, she’s made money from this, and continues to do so. I think there are grounds for some serious police investigations concerning her activities.

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      • Absolutely spot on EC. Again.

        Perverting the course of justice, assisting in other offences, fraud, wasting police time, arguably harassment by the content of some of her voice messages, malicious communications too.

        There are elements of what Carol Felstead did and how she was influenced too by “recovered memories”.

        She is a charlatan of the worst kind in my opinion, a female Carl Beech, however Carl at least had the common sense not to put his face all over videos and lie on camera. Hopefully North Wales Police are all over the wider associations with Wong etc and are digging much deeper in the network that would appear to be in place. Not least why an ex-police officer in Jon Wedger was so prepared to promote what are clearly a load of lies and carry on assisting in such by the material on his own website promoting Archer.

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    • “Any child could be targeted incorrectly or out of revenge against a jilted partner/spouse.”

      This is the cross-over in the Venn Diagram between the SRA griefers and the Sovereign Citizen clowns. Both draw a lot of their income-stream / client base from parents who regard children as property, and are trying to win access or custody or the removal of those pesky restraining orders. In SovCit scamming, it’s all about knowing the One Simple Trick (lawyers hate it!) that will make unfavorable court orders just go away. SRA scammers promise to deliver the same result by fabricating SRA accusations against a custodial parent (if necessary, abducting children and coaching them in what they’re supposed to remember).

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  5. That was some nifty research EC. A heavy duty torpedo straight into the HMS Archer SRA narrative.

    Everyone knew that the Jeanette Archer SRA narrative was stuck together with bits of old string, chewing gum and a prayer to the spirits of the tarot world. It only took a closer examination at some of the key details, such as the grandfather, the house of cards comes tumbling down. Despite being a psychic medium, a talker to the dead, Jeanette Archer still has no ghost of a chance holding up a story that requires her grandpa to be living. We all know Archer is no necromancer, a Satanic raiser of the dead, but a mere communicator of dead spirits, remover of hauntings, a medium of contact for deluded followers to the dead. Whilst it is possible that people can drive illegally without a drivers licence, it is a serious disability being dead whilst driving, a terminal condition. Insurance companies simply won’t insure dead people to drive, unless it is in those new Tesla self-driving vehicles.

    To this now obvious fiction of a dead grandpa Jeanette Archer nails upon the most graphic and sadistic of sexually violent fantasies of child sexual abuse: along with that Cheshire cat grin of hers; with no trigger warnings to the section of child abuse victims who stupidly follow her. I posted one video of Jeanette Archer claiming how being tortured by suffocation to the point of death as a child, she found it pleasant. And in another video section (yet to be posted) she talks along the lines that the torture was enjoyable and helped her connect with the spirit world. It is a narrative of a sadist. Archer is somone who says she would like to practice her hypnosis skills on someone “rescued” from SRA in her safehouse, likely a child; someone with these Sadistic leanings. All Satan Hunters such as Archer seem to gain enyoyment from sexually violent narratives involving children.

    Returning back to something a little more light spirited, this excellent piece of research must be promoted through every medium as possible, so that it haunts Jeanette Archer until she is exposed for the fraud that she is in the minds of the many. Then she can go back to reading tarots for a living, and communicating with people’s dead grandpas as a pyschic medium.

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    • “….stuck together with bits of old string, chewing gum and a prayer to the spirits of the tarot world.” I thought that was Mr Kirk’s plane!

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    • Thanks, SV. Actually, this makes me think of something: as a psychic medium who claims to be in contact with the dead, how is it that Archer managed to miss communicating with the spirit of her dead grandfather? If they’d met in the ether (or wherever you meet dead people, I’m not sure), would he not have told her, “Hey, knock it off, I’m over here and you’re over there and you’re making yourself look like a complete tit”?

      Her glorification of child sexual abuse is a very serious matter–it reminds me very much of Abraham Christie, who claimed that children enjoyed anal rape and could become “addicted” to it (because: pineal gland yadda yadda wibble).

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  6. I guess there must be many campaigners out there working against CSA whithout plastering themselves all over social media,spining yarns and asking for money at the expence of victims regardless of consequences.Surely this self gratification is in itself satanic.

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    • I know for certain that there are a great many qualified, dedicated people working to prevent CSA, and to help those who’ve been victimised. For some reason, none of these people have seen fit to invent stories about dead grandfathers controlling Satanic cults. Very strange, can’t understand it really.

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    • Sorry, I realise I didn’t fully answer your question! No, she was quite specific that her father, who she claimed had sexually abused her from infancy, had been “taught” to do so by his own father. She also went into some detail about the “Satanic bloodline” of her family, and claimed that her paternal grandfather was a Senior Satanist (or whatever).

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  7. Great work EC!
    And another cult with no name, eh? As we know…that’s a load of poop! They must have a name that they call themselves, otherwise they’d just be ” a group of pervs”.
    I’ve been through the worstest
    from a cult with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain….

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      • I think Sam Browne has been through hardships but it’s possible her pimp used the ‘Illuminati’ and ‘satanism’ as tools to terrify her, especially if she was heavily addicted to drugs.

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        • Yes, she’s certainly been trafficked, and the person responsible was convicted and sentenced. I find it odd that last year, after she came into contact with Wong et al., suddenly all the criminal acts she’d suffered became “Satanic rituals” instead of plain old ugly trafficking. It’s sad, as I think she could have been an excellent “influencer” on behalf of trafficked young people. As it is, she’s flushed her credibility down the loo.

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        • She said she had a normal childhood, went off the rails at 16 as many teens do but grow up eventually. I think she got herself into drugs, went on some ‘babe’ channel, got involved with unsavoury people & has tried to claw back respect. I can’t remember the name of the ‘babe’ movies or channel she was on atm.

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          • “Babestation”… Browne gives a good account of her sorry story and its very bad end period with the abusive psycho pimp in an interview with Alex Rose Betts on Betts’ new YT channel. There’s no “satanic rituals” involved just a manipulative psycho, a lot of drugs and a very sordid lifestyle.

            Betts was building a “video interviewer” profile based on her work for the Wedger/RIGnation network making their new “SRA documentary”. Now hopefully the news of there being proof of Archer’s fraud will put a spanner in the works of that.

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          • She said she was on Babe Station bit i cant find any history of that but if you trawl around for long enough you might find her on a dvd cover dressed as a school girl.I cant remember the name of the film.

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      • “He was convicted for what he did to me and a minor”….well that’s not strictly true is it Samantha, he was convicted for what he did to two other women and a minor. When she said she got away from him she was so concerned for the welfare of the other girls left behind that she did absolutely nothing about it, his arrest came from one of the other girls reporting him to the police two weeks later…. crocodile tears.

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  8. You gotta have a good memory if you tell fibs. Imagine bringing your family into disrepute by lies to go after some supposed fame!! Sean Attwood knows that all too well. He got caught out telling whoppers too. What a sad world when your own grand daughter will capitalise out of lies!! And all because he is not about to defend himself. Good for you El-Coyote nailed it 100%!!

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  9. Another one bites the dust! Is the world filled with fantasists who want their 7 and a half minutes of fame? With EC on the trail they don’t get the full 15 mins!

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  12. “I’m so overwhelmed and grateful Today guys Diamond

    You Projects will be working alongside the nhs.uk with their recovery college and giving people the tools and techniques they need to recover from their trauma.

    I’m so happy and grateful for this opportunity we will be running a 6 week programme for people at the college and will be leaving them with some great insight into how they can heal and restore themselves from any trauma they have endured in their life and most of all give the students everything they need to know.”

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      • In fairness to Browne, having watched her interview with Betts (on Betts’ new YT channel – https://youtu.be/NQtbDCFT3dk ) I think she is probably a pretty effective youth advocate and communicator based upon the reality of her history.
        The whole “SRA” thing is a recent tack-on since she got groomed (I think by Sam Baldwin) into the Wedger network. I don’t think she really understands what the words actually mean and she’s certainly still under the spell of the Wedger con artists.

        There remains a risk however that she would indeed be introducing the Archer-Qanon type “satanist rituals” language she’s picked up into her youth advisory work and perhaps the NHS ought to at least be made aware. There’s an email & website link on her poster for the upcoming project on her FB:

        Also worrying, from the NHS’s perspective is that she’s a dedicated covid-sceptic conspiracy theorist and publishes all kind of dangerous bunk on her FB about that as well.
        She’s not so much planning a business and career for herself as revelling in all and any attention – in my opinion.


  13. Great that troll exposure and Barth’s Notes are mentioning this. I’ve left a question under one of Shaun Attwood’s interviews with JA asking if he’ll remove the video now that Ms Archer’s backstory seems iffy. I’m not holding my breath and I think the ‘sock’ I use there is shadow banned anyway.

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  14. If anyone is in need of a good chuckle then check out the latest gobbledebollocks fest from Neelu “Nutcase “Berry, Anthony “Perry Mason ” Badaloo and Andy “Cowardly Bastard ” Devine via the link below. EC gets a mention of course but the best part is towards the end where the Cowardly Bastard makes all sorts of threats about what will happen if the Pavement Taster is not released on Thursday.

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    • The irony is that he might be released. By my reckoning he’s been behind bars for 18 months on remand, so anything less than a 3 year sentence will see him released on licence and having to report to probation, but it will still be “released”. No doubt the loons would claim that as a “victory”.

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        • And if he does he will be back inside before you can say “Watch out for the pavement.”

          There will be conditions. It would take just one posting of him repeating his offences in a Devine video to be sent to the police and his feet won’t touch the ground. Of course, Devine will egg him on safe from his Greek bunker, but it won’t alter the fact that he is responsible for his own actions and his own probation conditions.

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          • True enough. Yes, Devine would do that, he really doesn’t see that he contributed to J.P.’s crimes.
            He regularly does the same with Matt Taylor, calling out & making posts about the ladies & the Dad even though he knows Taylor’s bail conditions.

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      • Likely depends on what the shrink says. If he’s not behaved whilst on remand or has been making more threats etc or is considered a danger to the public at large from such behaviour especially if he has shown no remorse then it’s entirely possible that he will be looking at an extended stay in a secure unit.

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        • Need to manage expectations. His lawyers (the one that Devine tried to get rid of) have done a good plea deal and so far as I can see the most serious charges have been dropped. He’s been in custody for several months so as the Owl says he’ll need a sentence of well over 2 years not to be immediately released.
          My god, I’ve just heard Devine deliberately NOT naming the father.
          Just heard Neelu reporting that there are assassins with guns rampaging around. And yet, she still lives, how is that?

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        • He’s been remanded in a secure unit for over a year now. This is why Devine has been ranting about him being “destroyed” by medications. We’ll find out tomorrow what the judge thinks.

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  16. Perfect – finally someone has come out and put it together!! What’s the next step her army are growing :@ What is grandfather Crawlers name?! we don’t need to protect her family they need to know what lies she is spreading about them surely they must be mortified at their lying conniving money grabbing excuse of a daughter

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    • I understand how you feel, but I’m aware that both her parents are still alive, and Archer has falsely accused them of SRA, trafficking, and other crimes. They are already aware of the allegations, as apparently they were interviewed by police in 2012; I don’t see that there’s anything to be gained by subjecting them to further pain and humiliation.

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  17. Slightly, but only slightly, unrelated, have become aware today of new posts by Owen A Lucas, one of Archer’s confidantes and within the posts Lucas has effectively jigsaw identified the child at the centre of the Wong case again and also incites violence and vigilantism, effectively inciting other child “kidnap” cases too meaning that no child would be safe, within two specific videos he has posted of himself talking to camera.

    It is very clear now that there is a co-ordinated effort to try and derail the Wong trial, with Lucas etc behaviour online and Archer’s stupidly timed “protest”.

    Unfortunately for Lucas he is already awaiting trial for allegedly offences related to the Wong case and is now likely to find himself facing some more difficult questions.

    Lucas has also been claiming, wrongfully, that Wong has been unlawfully detained and that there is been a breach of Wong’s human rights.

    Unfortunately again for Lucas he seems blissfully unaware that at least two of the charged individuals involved in the Wong case have already pleaded guilty to charges of child kidnap which debunks at least one of his ridiculous claims. His rants to camera are looking increasingly desperate.

    However, what he is effectively doing is messing with the course of justice i.e attempting to pervert it and act in contempt of court. Regardless of what people believe happened or didn’t happen in the Wong case, it is not up to them to interfere with the course of justice nor to decide or try to tamper with the outcomes via the pending trial.

    Rather predictably, I’m also assured that the relevant authorities know about Lucas’ latest idiocy.

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    Blood money

    WOMAN who claims she was born into a satanic cult in south London and then witnessed the ritual sacrifice of “thousands” of babies and children on a farm in Surrey has launched a social media campaign to expose high-profile satanic paedophiles. In a megaphone tirade during a protest march to Downing Street on 15 May, Jeanette Archer loudly accused the prime minister, no less, of raping, torturing, murdering and drinking the blood of babies. She was accompanied by a burly bodyguard and a gaggle of supporters who chanted: “It’s time!”

    “Boris Johnson!” she yelled through the Downing Street gates. “You are a satanist. . . And I know why you are doing the Covid lockdown because you want the children’s blood, you want the adrenochrome.” In conspiracy circles, blood extracted during the torture of a child contains a drug known as adrenochrome, which supposedly gives the consumer special powers and benefits including eternal youth.

    Eye readers may recall that Archer, 55, came out as a self-proclaimed victim of satanic ritual abuse in May 2020 in several lengthy YouTube interviews with fellow conspiracy theorists Jon Wedger, a former detective constable and “whistleblower”, and YouTuber Shaun Attwood (Eye 1528). In the videos, Archer related events in gory detail and said she reported them in late 2012 to the police, first in London and then in Surrey. No action was taken, she claimed.

    Promoted by Wedger’s YouTube channel and other social media outlets, during 2020 Archer urged supporters to bombard police and MPs with letters demanding that Inspector Knacker reopen the investigation. But as the Met and Surrey Police both told the Eye, they had investigated her allegations over two years. They had also viewed the recent videos but found no new evidence. Sceptics on social media have offered to fund operations to excavate the Surrey farm where Archer claimed thousands of babies were buried; she has not taken up the offer.

    Archer’s ambitions have now widened to “saving the children” by ridding the UK of satanic abuse. She has built a cult-like following via YouTube videos and Facebook posts. She calls on these fellow “warriors” to help her take children away from satanic groups — and, crucially, raise money to set up safe houses for the “rescued” children. She is seeking donations to finance materials and equipment for a planned march in central London in June. She met her initial target of £1,500 within a few days.

    © Private Eye

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  19. This does not appear to be a closed session:

    For Sentence
    T20210116 PATERSON John 01EK0377419 CLONM Crown Prosecution Service
    Defendant to Attend. Counsel via CVP. Linked to
    T20210117 PATERSON John 01EK0377419 NESXM Crown Prosecution Service

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  20. A petition by Archer’s support page.

    “Stop Misinformation and Attacks on Survivors of Trauma and Their Helpers by The Satanic Temple’s Grey Faction
    Historical Information
    For over a decade Lucien Greaves (also known as Doug Mesner – both names are aliases) has harassed groups helping child abuse, rape and trauma survivors. He has also harassed groups providing research in support of child abuse, rape and trauma survivors.”

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    • How pathetic, set up a petition because “those mean people are talking about us again”, and what happens if they get the 500 signatures, who do they give it to ?

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      • Yes, it is mean & petty. It’s not as if it’s a political petition lol.
        She used to name anyone who spoke out against her on FB at one stage, people who had seen through her & there were quite a lot.
        She would make a post with names in it & tell her followers to block the people she named saying they were, ‘Satanic’ or evil people. A few swift reports getting her blocked for 30 days, soon put an end to that nonsense. 🤭
        Meantime Devine can’t find the court case online. He is blocked already on his new FB page from replying to posts, liking & sharing, even though he did ‘nothing wrong’. I reported that post in the hope that he gets blocked so that he isn’t able to announce J.P.’s court outcome today.

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    • The irony and hypocrisy of that bunch of complete misinformation merchants setting up a petition against misinformation is glorious. It’s really all about them controlling the narrative, same reason for the blocking dissenters tactic as pointed out by McGregor – the underlying tactic is very “bible-belt” stuff (“Demons out”). The only surprise really is that they haven’t setup a petition targeting Hoaxtead, Spin v Truth and Barthsnotes etc for reporting on the “issues”. Oh sh!t they probably will be dumb enough to do so now. Good luck in that though, they’ll need it.

      Perhaps Archer and co will now attempt to take on Private Eye too, that should really be good for a laugh! Imagine the scenes at a potential Archer v Hislop… 😉

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  21. Wasn’t there a case back in the day when someone tried to sue Private Eye and were told to f… off? I can’t remember the exact details and Google is not being my helper.

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      • Thanks Owl. I don’t like to be judgemental and maybe JA seemed plausible to a part of the population when she first came on the scene but when people still follow her after all that has been revealed I can’t help thinking “You can’t fix stupid”. That said there are some intelligent people who go down the rabbit hole – I listened fairly recently to an episode of Tales from the Rabbit Hole (presented by the man behind the Metabunk site) where a young woman said she was in danger of losing a friend because the friend was coming to believe conspiracy theories – but this friend had a Master’s Degree!

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  22. We’re probably being a little harsh on the lying liar that is Jeanette Archer.

    WASHINGTON — Washington, we have a problem — politically, informationally and societally — when 15 percent of Americans agree with the QAnon statement that the U.S. government, media and financial worlds “are controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who run a global child sex trafficking operation.”


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  23. Has anyone seen the rebuttal videos by JA and Lydia Lowe (‘it’s low not lau’)? JA says that ‘the admin team’ had a good laugh over the ‘fake’ family tree and that the names were wrong. Well, this is awkward, EC didn’t name any of the siblings. Oh and if you refute anything they say you’re a satanist. She also says that EC named Catherine as one of the siblings but Catherine was registered as a miscarriage – no, EC didn’t reveal the names of any of the siblings and expressly said that Catherine wasn’t the name of a living sister of the lad in question. Lydia I’m not sure about – she might be a dupe of JA’s. If not, she’s in on it.

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    • ‘lady in question’ not ‘lad’ – if I’m a paid government shill then I must be a very poor one because I’m managing on a secondhand laptop with a bit of a manky keyboard. I might be able to get a separate plug-in keyboard as a workaround.

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      • Thanks, CAW…I did finally watch JA’s rather odd video last night. Will be writing something up today. But I’ve stated several times that I’m open to being proven wrong about her grandfather…if she can show me his actual data, I’ll gladly amend my stance.

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