Jeanette Archer can’t keep her stories straight

What’s that old saw we’ve all heard about a million times now? “You only attract enemy fire when you’re over the target”, is it?

If that’s the case, it looks as though Shellie Mote’s video featuring Jeanette Archer’s phone message to Niki Cooper wasn’t just over the target, it scored a bulls-eye.

Yesterday, in a Facebook live which veered from maudlin to furious and back again, Archer vented her spleen, while providing further interesting details about the message she left Cooper.

She claims that she sat by Sam Zen’s bedside at the hospice for three weeks, and says she was administering her medications to her. Really?

She also claims that one of Sam’s fondest wishes was to support Archer in her endeavours, and that any claims that Archer extracted money from Sam in an unethical manner are obviously the work of trolls and/or Satanists, yadda yadda yadda.

But was Sam really in any condition to make an informed choice about where her money went while she was drifting in and out of consciousness during the last days of her life?

Interestingly, Archer’s claims in yesterday’s video do not mesh with claims she made in a video she posted the day after Sam Zen died on 22 October 2020.

Yesterday, she emphasised that she’d spent three weeks with Sam and her partner in the hospice.

Yet at 4:06 in the earlier video, we hear, “It’s been a really long week for me, but the love and support that came through for Sam…. And you know that Sam is at peace now. She passed over early hours yesterday morning”.

At 6:40, Archer says, “And I spent the week with her…well, it was over a week, but the last week of her becoming very ill”.

Funny that this would have expanded into three weeks in the interim, isn’t it?

Similarly, Archer emphasises several times that by the time she was sitting at Sam’s bedside, she had already realised that her ex-associate Niki Cooper was a wrong ‘un. She refers to Cooper having “gone to the wrong side” and “betrayed us”…yet her recorded message to Cooper sounded pretty darn friendly to us: “Hi Nik, Jeanette. Hope you’re all right, darling…” and “All right mate, see you later“.

If she really thought Cooper was up to no good, she did a truly masterful job of covering it up. Listening to her voice message, anyone would have thought they were best mates.

In yesterday’s Facebook video, Archer mentions that Sam Zen had donated £1,000 to Cooper, and another £1,000 to “another person not relevant to this conversation”. Interesting…wonder why she was reluctant to admit that the second wad of cash had gone to her dear friend Jon Wedger? She was certainly happy enough to tell Cooper about it in that voice message.

Archer’s casual relationship with the truth has already been revealed in the series of short YouTube videos released over the past month or so by Shellie Mote, a former associate who realised that Archer was not the person she claimed to be.

In Mote’s videos, Archer answers questions about practices of the alleged cult she claims abused her. See if you can spot the differences:

Easter, Christmas…what’s the difference really?

“The memory of an Easter ritual was boys, from around 10 to 13 let’s say, ages, so, sort of adolescent boys, being hung upside down from a tree, tortured…”

“The other thing on Christmas Day which was a big one, for the cult I was in, was that children are hung upside down, boys actually, certain age, hung upside down, and, erm, tortured and mutilated”.

To pee or not to pee

“You are not allowed to even use the toilet unless you are told to. One of the forms of torture would be not being allowed to pee. So I would have to sit wherever I would be, whether it was in the home, in the barn, or in other houses, one of the torture methods was you’re not allowed to pee. And as you know, if you need a wee, and you can’t, it’s painful, and it hurts more and more and more. I would get to the point of not being able to pee and it being so painful, I would black out! And then lose bladder control. So I would wet myself”.

Archer: “And their flat was set up for torture. They would leave me in the corner with a bucket, I wasn’t allowed to use the toilet, so if I needed the loo I would have to go in the bucket…”
Wedger: “Oh gosh, is that the time?”

Happy birthdays?

“Somebody asked me, was I allowed to celebrate my birthday? Yeah…yeah, because erm…I mean I don’t really have memories of it, but I’d say yes because I know we did celebrate Christmas and things like that. Because Satanic families behave normal to the outside world”.

“Children’s birthdays are celebrated by having a ritual”.

Satanic interior decorating

“There was a big room. And in the middle of that room, was a big, round, stone table with a star in the middle. So, specifically there”.

“And there was a big round table that spun round…[long pause, looks away, smiles to herself]…with a pentagram on it…”

Spinning giant heavy stone tables, folks. Get ’em while they’re hot.

Are they or aren’t they?

“And our Royals. Off the scale Satanic. And I speak from personal experience“. 

“I don’t know about this in particular, so I can’t comment on it directly, but what I can say is this: they are—that family are—what we’re insinuating in this, okay? they are. Erm, just trying to watch my wording, but yes, they are a part of where I come from. Hundred per cent”. 

This is just a tiny sampling of the inconsistencies and outright lies Shellie Mote has documented—we highly recommend that you pay her channel a visit for more.

We also recommend that if Archer tells you the sky is blue, you run outside to check.

96 thoughts on “Jeanette Archer can’t keep her stories straight

  1. Archergate saga continues with more recordings from Shellie Mote, she seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.

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  2. Oh my god, EC – nailed it! I am so nominating you for the 2021 Sleuthing Award 🎯

    I can’t wait to hear Jeanette’s squirmy defence. Her efforts to wriggle out of the Xmas/Easter thing alone will be worth the admission fee 🍿

    I’d ask her myself but last time I asked her awkward questions on Facebook, she blocked me from commenting/messaging.

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  3. The very notion you could stop children peeing. I’m sure even hard core Satanists are house proud enough not to want bloody great puddles of piss sinking into the Axminster

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    • Her claim is up there with Carl Beech’s “wasps in a jar” moment for ridiculousness. The Judge asked during his trial, “if you [Beech] were left alone with the jar who opened it”? Err… 🙂

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      • Yes, the similarities between Beech and Archer are fascinating. I think they might have different motivations, but the fantastical, often physically impossible claims are hard to miss.

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        • Both attention seeking fantasists, both with very sick and twisted imaginations too, in my opinion. What is more incredible are the number of people who blindly buy into that sort of stuff and actively promote it.

          Re Archer, Wedger etc: It’s very easy to manipulate people where things like “the children need us” is being used as a mantra, which is likely why they do it. It’s very USA “bible belt” tactics.

          Wedger made one almighty clanger in one video though where he was actively promoting a website which he claimed depicted abuse. Who in their right minds would do that on a live stream knowing that people would likely go and look? That one mistake of his should’ve raised major alarm bells with the cops and especially in regards to his “settlement” with them. Archer and Beech are no different in their versions of stories [usually lifted from elsewhere as well] and promotion of them, it’s like they get some kind of thrill out of it all. They should be nowhere near children nor indeed vulnerable adults.

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    • Some of what Archer claims can be seen in movies. If my memory serves me right there’s a scene in the movie ‘Sybil’ where Sybil isn’t allowed to pee and eventually wets herself. It’s a really frightening scene since the mother is completely bonkers and left in sole charge of Sybil.

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    • Wedgers face in that video is hilarious, he looks like he can see one of her boobs has fell out of her dress and he doesn’t know whether to say anything.

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    • It seems to me that “hot pokers” put inside a child would cause some very serious damage, and yet Archer has two children, doesn’t she? Ah well, I suppose that falls under the heading of “miracles and wonders”.

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        • Well I would debate the mental scratches- mentally, she looks like a car thats been through a hailstorm and the kids got let loose with wire brushes….repeatedly…
          (it does wonder what her true history is, I could easily believe she has been abused during her life- shame anything she says at this point if it was true would automatically be disbelieved unless there was multiple witnesses and video….)

          IMHO- this is the biggest issues with the fakers- they make any others coming forward with abuse claims less believable- many (myself included) wonder if this isn’t the actual point of their claims??? Many have noted that their ‘circle’ often includes actual molesters/abusers… promoting wild and unbelievable claims makes actual victims of abuse less willing to come forward, and if they do, less likely to be believed….
          Thus shielding their abusers and letting them get away with actual abuse- and as I noted before,many of these crew seem to have a LOT of abusers in their midst….
          I suspect not….

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          • It is probably true that Becki Percy has some sort of mental illness. As to what caused the mental illness, it is a matter of debate. There is no evidence to support any of the claims of Becki Percy. Her choice of getting locked up in jail for 14 months for illegally entering the USA; also, her choice of suffering the UK care system; both would leave their mark. Only a police investigation will sort out fiction from truth with Becki Percy. Her ride in fantasy land will be ended at some point.

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  4. I just watched that video, why is Wedger so interested about what tools were used? Bill Baloney used to ask questions like that. Also, this all sounds very Carl Beech to me, Beech said he was burnt, bitten by a snake, and all the rest of it, the mistake he made was to take a selfie, no scaring what so ever. Why do people make this stuff up, it`s almost like they all have a very unhealthy interest in child abuse, in what evrer way. They all know it`s not true, but they keep adding to the story

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    • If you watch Wedger’s rants on a rooftop he’s all TOO interested. Beech had an active interest in child abuse, thus the various CSA charges he pleaded guilty to, he was offending, in that regard, in the same time period he was bleating to the police.

      Archer’s graphic descriptions of abuse in almost every video she puts out are a major concern, not least because of her inconsistencies.

      Genuine survivors don’t WANT to be re-triggered by such graphic detail, that issue alone is a big red flag about her behaviour.

      Many of her descriptions are lifted straight out of horror films and books anyway, mostly depicting torture in the medieval times. Without ANY hard evidence of her claims she has to be taken at face value – i.e. making things up. Also have to bear in mind she’s already wasted police time investigating something which clearly didn’t happen.

      In those terms alone she is VERY similar to Beech and at least one of his close online friends. There is a clear difference between initially speaking out and obsessive repetition. Any psychiatrist worth their salt would say that constantly re-triggering yourself or asking others to retrigger you is harmful to both self and others. It’s totally sick, twisted and in my view downright dangerous.

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      • I knew Carl Beech for quite a while, on line only, i might add, in a survivors group, he was constantly asking for sympathy from real survivours, i still have some of the posts he did. it was about the time he was giving statements to the Police. At one time, he said he was nervous, but what i think he really meant, was he was nervous of getting caught out. Wedger will keep going and people wil keep going to him with their more and more outragous allegations, as if to out do each other, they tell it, he listens, but you can tell by his face, he`s not really interested in who ever tells it. As long as it`s bad. There is something really sick with these people.

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        • Beech was the ultimate attention seeker, devious, manipulative, lying and prepared to go to extreme lengths to get money even manipulating his own mother it seems. Those who state that he wasn’t money orientated are daft and overlooking that had he managed to secure even charges against any of those he had falsely claimed abused him he would’ve been submitting another CICA claim like a shot. He only got away with the first one because those he accused were dead, however that revealed another issue with CICA [for another time].

          It was always his clear intent to get himself pensioned off, to use his stories as a platform on the international conference circuit [he even had one session booked in October/November 2014 ffs], to put enough of his stories into the public domain to attempt to rig outcomes, to get an escape route in Sweden [who else would’ve used it?], to manipulate and encourage other fantasists, and to try and do most of it anonymously. He failed at the latter very early on because his real identity and most of his history was somewhat of an open secret. He also was, I believe, attempting to disguise his own sexuality and issues. It’s arguable that the Hampstead bunch gave him ideas from the timing of their activities too.

          There is evidential material that isn’t in the public domain about some of the other stuff Beech was getting up to as well – why not public domain? Because it wouldn’t be fair on those he was using – let’s just say there was a reason he could be so “specific” about his “e-fits” and it had nothing to do with missing children and everything to do with his own obsessions.

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      • Speaking of inconsistencies I was reading accounts of people who said they were victims of SRA on a Facebook page who encouraged people to tell their stories, one women said when she was 14 in 1991 she had a sleepover on Halloween with a bunch of her schoolmates at one of their houses, she’s said they watched Most Haunted Live on TV then they all fell asleep, during the night she said that she saw her friends father in the room naked and performing a sex act on himself, this was her abuse and everything about that night was burnt into memory she said, as as not being able to see where the Satanism part came into it I checked to see when the first episode of Most Haunted Live started, it was in 2002 a full 11 years later.

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        • When I hear things like this, I wonder whether the alleged victim “recovered” their memories with the assistance of a therapist. “Memories” which are developed in that way often have strange incongruities, but may seem very real to the person involved.

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          • Which is why the “therapy” sector desperately needs to be regulated.

            Using Carl’s story again: Beech deliberately chose a “counsellor” who wasn’t a specialist in child abuse. I believe that he did so because he knew that he could manipulate that person and she grossly overstepped the professional boundary by going with Beech to visit supposed abuse sites. Her very poor record keeping was exposed during his trial.

            And then there are the likes of Lee Moore, who is still connected to ACAL, who effectively “coaches” witnesses for court cases. And outfits like Lantern who were effectively, although they denied it, putting ideas into client heads and confirming client stories [by saying that the counsellor(s) had been through similar] without any real evidence and doing so ahead of court cases taking place. Such things are then fraught with issues for the judiciary and especially when supposed clients go on international news and broadcast allegations before the police have even had a chance to investigate the claims first.

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            • Don’t even get me started on incompetent, poorly trained therapists. I’ve known some brilliant, caring, effective ones…and some who’ve ranged from incompetent to downright abusive. I blew the whistle on a couple in my day, and I know there were more running around loose, convincing clients that they’d been victims of SRA, that they had multiple personalities, and all sorts. The whole field is a mess, and really needs cleaning up.

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              • There’s a lot of really dodgy characters in that field- which makes me wonder why those dodgy types are so prevalent- not saying that ALL are- but far too many are….
                Its almost as if they can ‘get off’ by convincing actual abuse victims to describe their abuse, and some get mentally unwell people to ‘please’ their therapists by making up stuff for them
                ‘on the spot’ child porn so to speak…

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      • “Many of her descriptions are lifted straight out of horror films and books anyway, mostly depicting torture in the medieval times.”

        In one of the clips that Shellie Mote has put on YT, “Jackanory”, Archer gives contradictory answers, at different times, to the question of whether she participated in harming/murdering children.

        At 1:10 – from a FB live in the blue hoody – Archer describes how she stabbed a child to death.
        It looks to me like this is directly lifted from Abraham Christie’s videos of Ella Gareeva Draper’s kids performing the stories he’d beaten into them – where the girl describes how she holds the dagger and then another hand is over hers guiding the action. Archer produces an identical performance.

        Just as with Abraham Christie, the “scenes” in Archer’s fake story are derived from videos, maybe movies, recycled tropes from 80s-90s “satanic panic” testimonies, and yes, medieval torture, the Vatican Inquisitions – documentaries on that would be a good source.
        And of course her own very sick imagination.

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    • I think you’re right that many of these people are far too interested in child sexual abuse. In Beech’s case, it seemed as though he was fantasizing DIY child abuse porn, and inserting himself into the story as the “young victim”. I really couldn’t say what Archer’s motive is, though.

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    • I’ve said before that a lot of this stuff, including the original Hoaxtead hoax, are a version of paedophile fan fiction, stories people make up and like so much they want it to be true.

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    • Either way her family/estate could (and should imo) contest them if they were made whilst she was (a) slipping in and out of consciousness and (b) under the influence of medication. Especially as it clear they were made so close to her death. Archer has basically admitted to coercing someone in that position to “donate” and it’s entirely possible it was the ONLY reason why she was at the dying woman’s bedside. The legal implications from such are damning if so.

      Police should be investigating those donations and the methods used to get the money. There is other proof of the donation to Wedger for instance in that JustGiving shut down his page whilst he was on one of his canal walks.

      The question really is: how many more have been subjected to such alleged undue influence to make “donations”?

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  5. I just watched Archer’s video. Not very Christian was it. All that talk of people being ‘vermin’. Sounded more like an angry Nazi to me.

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  6. Wow, this is an interesting one from Shellie Mote. Archer’s drive to convince people that the late Sam Zen was a long-standing friend is rather undermined by a previous video in which she didn’t even know she was a woman 🤦‍♂️

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  7. From the Law Society pages “what is financial abuse?”

    Section 42(3) of the Care Act 2014 in England and section 197(1) of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 in Wales define ‘abuse’ as including financial abuse, which covers:

    having money or other property stolen
    being defrauded
    being put under pressure in relation to money or other property; and
    having money or other property misused

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    • So it’s a ‘freedom’ protest but as usual, Archer tries to turn it into an SRA demo, shouting through the Downing Street gates that BoJo is a baby-murderer, Satanist and blood-drinker 🙄

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      • Public order offences right there. As well as the obvious defamatory issues. Much as I don’t like Bojo, no-one should have to put up with that level of stupidity by Archer.

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    • “I know why you’re doing the lockdown – because you want the adrenochrome. You want the children’s blood” 🤦‍♂️

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  11. JA has continued to lie profoundly through out her ”brave year speaking out” – the lies needed to unfolded and i am glad they have been. Hats off to Shellie Mote

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