Send in the clowns

With his erstwhile friend John Paterson having pleaded guilty and now facing sentencing on two counts of stalking and one of malicious communications, Andy Devine is still flailing away, posting his bizarre screeds on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…basically anywhere that’ll have him.


Gosh, it’s almost as though he was determined to name-and-blame all the witnesses who were originally set to testify against Paterson, had he heeded Devine’s demand that he plead “not guilty”. Isn’t there a name for that? Something along the lines of witness intimidation?

Of course, as it turned out, none of the charges in this particular case involved the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner or the force’s solicitor.

But Devine has never been one to let facts stand in the way of a good rant, despite his claim that “only facts tell the truth because the facts is the facts and the facts is not the fiction”. Or something.

In a similarly bombastic vein, Devine’s racist pal Sylvia Osterreicher had a few things to say about Paterson’s current situation:

Aside from their general incoherence and misuse of ALL-CAPS, I find it disturbing that Paterson’s friends assume that he is in his current situation not because he did anything wrong, but because bad people told terrible lies about him and had him locked up for no reason at all.

They completely overlook the fact that Paterson had been about to plead guilty, was talked out of it by Angela Power-Disney, but then reversed that decision and pleaded guilty the morning the trial was to have started. I wasn’t there when this happened, but I do have some insight into the sheer volume of evidence which might have driven that decision.

Here’s a fact: Between mid-November 2016 and early November 2019, John Paterson sent me a total of 855 emails.

Here’s another fact: the vast majority of the emails he sent me contained death threats.

Like this:

Who on earth is “Dyke Pig Kleinblatt”? you ask. Oh, that was just one of his pet names for me. Because the main character in the mystery novels I wrote 20 years ago was named “Katy Klein”, Paterson assumed that this was my real name. The suffix “-blatt” was his own little addition.

Again with the anti-Semitism…ironic, as I’m not Jewish.

…and many, many, many more.

It’s disingenuous in the extreme for Devine to claim that Paterson is an innocent man: he was on the recipients’ list for the majority of these hateful, grotesque emails.

As for Osterreicher, she hasn’t just swallowed Devine’s lies—she’s invented a few of her own, and thrown in Divine (not Devine) vengeance for good measure. “IT WILL BE GOD HIMSELF GIVING YOU A TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE. LOL AND JOHN AND I AND EVERYONE ELSE WILL SEE THIS COME TO LIGHT…. OUR FATHER IS NOT HAPPY WITH ANY OF YOU”, she writes.

While it’s a relief that the Paterson trial was over before it began, it’s disturbing to see the amount of crazy it’s stirred up. Between them, Paterson and Devine have a great deal to answer for.

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22 thoughts on “Send in the clowns

  1. I think you’ll find that “Dyke Pig Kleinblatt” was the name for the rather unsuccessful revamp of the much hated Trebant car in Soviet East Germany, it was quickly realised that the addition of “Go-Faster stripes” did nothing to detract from its appalling build quality hence the name.

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  2. They simply seem incapable of learning, aren’t they…
    Despite quite a few of them racking up fines and even jail time over the years, they still insist on being mindless sheep themselves, endlessly parroting a delusional abusers claims, and losing every time they meet the legal system…
    Yet its not them thats the problem, noooo……

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    • Yes, it amazes me that even when they’re aware of huge steaming piles of evidence that contradict their views, they cannot seem to grasp the most basic of facts. (Now, if you’ll excuse me, I feel a Devinely-inspired ‘facts is facts’ spell coming on.)

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  3. You have my sympathies Karen, once the idiots latch onto someone they are incapable of any rational thought. Talking of irrational thoughts, who in their RIGHT mind would send a very clear violent threat towards you to police officers AND expect to get away with it? That one email you’ve exhibited would be enough for, at least, a malicious communications charge.

    In regards to witness intimidation, that’s another tactic “they” try, been on the receiving end there, worn the T-shirt etc and worse(!), once you’ve given a witness statement to the police [or to either prosecution/defence in a live court case] then, in theory, you have at least 1 year of protection from such intimidation.

    That applies not only to criminal cases but to civil ones too.

    Criminal Cases: Section 51 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
    Civil Cases: Sections 39 and 40 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001

    In practice, the bar for charging seems quite high and unless it wanders into direct threats, the police/CPS would be unlikely to get interested, however in your instance it would probably be worth highlighting to the court, if you’ve not already done so, especially given the alleged contempt of court by some of Paterson’s supporters already, that they are now turning on PROVEN victims of crime in the case. The judge in the case then may refer to such in Paterson’s sentencing and it could then act as a warning/protection in future.

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    • Yes, I’m familiar with a few cases where witnesses have given statements to police, and the statements have wound up in the hands of conspiracy theorists. As you say, the bar for charging is high, and some of those who engage in intimidatory behaviour live outside the UK, but the courts should be made aware when it happens.

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  4. Didn’t the lady in the 60 minutes programme later say the stuff wasn’t true. However what I came here for was to pop in a link to a video a lady had made concerning collection of a donation – the conversation was allegedly between Jeanette A and Not so Nice Niki. I can’t vouch for its accuracy but if the methodology for obtaining a donation was as alleged – just WOW – but I have to throw ‘allegedlys’ about. It’s also mentioned on the FMC YouTube channel.

    There are several videos featuring the wacky Wedgehog on YouTube today too.

    Getting back to the subject matter of the above article, well I know it’s tired and hackneyed to state it again but Mr D may be emboldened by the fact he lives overseas currently.

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      • That would be the “the children need us” campaigner Jeanette Archer who has a criminal conviction for naming a child under court protection, and that child who her friend(s) allegedly tried to kidnap? Rhetorical question btw.

        If the Wedgehog has broken his alleged settlement agreement with the Met in any of those interviews it would be a shame if he were sued to hell and back. That would be the Wedgehog who was more determined to expose supposed CSA coverups than be silenced by a settlement but then made a settlement anyway? Still rhetorical btw.

        The number of individuals connected to Wedgehog who have recently been charged/convicted/cautioned or are awaiting trial seems to be growing. I have to wonder whether the police have worked out the one of the common denominators yet? Yep I went for the hattrick of rhetorical questions in one post. Sorry.

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      • Shellie has posted a video which clearly shows Archer doing one of her “lives” straight to camera [last August] WHILST driving with 4 passengers in the car. The car wasn’t stationary at the time. Arguably she wasn’t in control of the vehicle at the time. There are clear laws about when drivers can use a phone and hands free etc. Wonder if Surrey Police are aware?

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      • I’ve started watching her videos from the beginning. She’s clearly done a lot of work, identifying the places where Archer has been caught out lying. I’d love to see someone (perhaps Shellie herself) stitch these together into a longer-form video, as it’s pretty important stuff.

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        • Totally agree thats why I’ve been pushing people to follow her, she needs to know there are plenty of people who would support her.

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  5. What a world, sorry you have been threatened like this EC… it’s really horrible and can take over your life…

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  6. The Satan Hunters have no respect for justice, truth, liberty, privacy, reason or individual rights. Neither do the Satan Hunters care anything for the English language: two thousand years of evolution of spelling, grammar and punctuation, sent back into the dark ages of prehistory by their mind-numbing internet posts.

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  7. So with Praterson out of the picture, is Devine now vying to be head clown? If so, he has big shoes to fill.

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  8. Paterson is a one-man refutation of the popular wisdom that the best way of dealing with trolls is to ignore them, and they’ll just get bored. Paterson takes a lack of response as proof that his campaign of terrorism is working, and he should redouble his efforts.

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  9. This is me thinking aloud – if threats are made via email is it possible to complain to the entity carrying the emails –, Granted some folk would just create a new email. There was a time in the early 2000s (before I even had the internet at home) where I got things like did I need viagra (bearing in mind I’m female and the email I was using then made it obvious I was female and I did sent a complaint form to the carrier company.

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      • So the email providers are similar to FB, only naming the platform which I have dealt with btw.
        How many times have Facebook been informed over the years of the videos, still circulating btw.
        Facebook were informed in 2018 about the lack of training for moderators in a damning undercover report by Dispatches.

        The actual tv programme is linked below.
        It’s on the app for anyone who has it btw.
        They were up (Facebook) before an inquiry in Ireland where their International HQ’s are based.
        Following that programme, I emailed Niamh Sweeney, Head of Public Policy, Facebook, Ireland, to no avail.
        Excerpt from the inquiry:

        “It emerged in the undercover investigation that Facebook moderators were instructed not to remove extreme, abusive or graphic content from the platform even when it violated the company’s guidelines.”

        Ms. Sweeney said:
        “We should not be in this position and we want to reassure you that whenever failings are brought to our attention, we are committed to taking them seriously, addressing them in as swift and comprehensive a manner as possible.”
        Link to the government committee hearing:
        However, still it goes on today as are well aware of.
        Scarlett Scoop & Karen are instrumental in getting justice for two children in particular & many other children in the same case, instead of being applauded by the very same people who say, ‘save the children’ Karen in particular was & still is being targeted by Andrew Devine & his followers. Some have left his group, not because if this case, oh no, they still firmly believe it, but because they got fed up waiting on the gravy train from John Wanoa.
        Sorry, I couldn’t resist that.
        Lost my train of thought now, oh yes, Sylvia O, a crazed supporter of Devine’s, who has continually posted the most horrid & vile comments on her FB page, that is one woman who I would personally consider dangerous with a tendency to real violence because of Devine’s continued harassment & witness intimidation leading up to JP’s case.
        Btw, Devine has told Facebook 48 mins ago that they will rot in hell for what they do. He is aware & has been aware that he was not allowed to share posts but still tries & is not a happy bunny. 🤭

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