Jeanette Archer & QAnon: A match made in heaven

According to a reporter who once interviewed notorious American illegal withdrawals specialist Willie Sutton, when asked why he robbed banks, Sutton offhandedly replied, “Because that’s where the money is”.

On the same note, the big-tent conspiracy theory QAnon has attracted any number of false Satanic ritual abuse claimants, presumably on the basis that that’s where they’re most likely to find people gullible enough to buy their “child abuse porn fanfic porn”. Over the past year, QAnon has made its way across the Atlantic, infesting the UK, Ireland, and parts of Europe, and merging with the anti-Covid lockdown anti-vaccine movements in a series of marches and demonstrations.

And thus on 24 October 2020, we found faux SRA survivor Jeanette Archer marching through the streets of London in support of an anti-mask, anti-lockdown, pro-QAnon agenda. (Alert readers may recall that only 48 hours earlier, Archer had been at the bedside of her dying “long-time friend” Sam Lea, but as Archer said in a voice mail message, “Game on!”)

Archer began fulminating about QAnon’s God Emperor, Donald Trump, a few months into her career as a professional SRA survivor.

In this video, at 8:16 she laments Trump’s impending fall from power:

What I am fucking blown away about is that last video about Trump, I mean, fucking hellll, he was like the hope

In another video, she curses someone out on the basis of their working for the NHS and being “pro-Biden”:

What a bastard, I can’t believe she said that. Fucking sick c*nt. … Erm, she’s pro-Biden, she was pro- the 666 rule that came in… Yeah, she’s an NHS bird, I think. I went through one of her things and she’s pro-Biden, she was pro- the 666 rule that came in…If Biden gets, if the Democrats now get exposed for fraud, I think what happens is they just get eliminated out of the equation...

More recently, Archer attended yesterday’s “March for Freedom” in London, which seems to have incorporated not only anti-lockdown/anti-mask demonstrators and QAnon adherents, but protesters against the current Israel/Palestinian conflict.

Bit of a mixed bag, but was Archer deterred? She was not.

“Jeanette Archer exposing Satanic ritual abuse”. You don’t say.

Sporting a bright red sweatshirt announcing herself as an SRA survivor (just in case anybody failed to notice), Archer joined yesterday’s QAnon/Covid contingent.

At 13:08 in the above video, Archer addresses Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson! I want you to answer for all the children and babies that you’ve murdered in the name of Satanic ritual abuse!

Boris Johnson! I want you to tell the world about adrenochrome! I want you to tell the world about the children’s blood that you’re drinking! And the children that you torture! Before you drink their blood! I want you to admit to Satanic ritual abuse! Because I know! I know the truth! And I am never ever gonna shut up, until the world knows the truth! You are a Satanist! And I know what you are! I know what you all are!

And I know why you’re doing the Covid lockdown! Because you want the children’s blood! You want the adrenochrome! You want free access to the most powerful and addictive and dangerous drug on this planet! And if all you people in your civil servant outfits think they won’t come for your children, you’re WRONG! They will come for your children too!

Interesting how Archer has now incorporated QAnon talking points into her presentation, along with a nod to the hated Covid regulations. She’s clearly learned to shape her message to her audience, and the most likely audience for her particular grift is the UK QAnon crowd.

These are people who fully accept that a cabal of Satanists is kidnapping children, trafficking them into sex cults, and abusing them in bizarre and horrific ways. They also believed until quite recently that former U.S. President Trump was somehow going to put an end to the cabal and save the world, though these days it’s a bit harder to find QAnon believers who still make that claim. Still, Trump or no Trump, they want to hear alllllll about the horrific child sex abuse. The nastier the better, please.

And that’s where Archer comes in.

She’s ready, willing, and able to pander to the delusions of the UK QAnon crowd, tailoring her own story to mesh with QAnon doctrine:

I was raped! I was buried alive! You kept me in your underground tunnels!

Wait, what? Underground tunnels? Has she mentioned this before? Well, never mind, if QAnon adherents believe in underground tunnels, underground tunnels it is! QAnon’s wish is Archer’s command.

Wrapping up her rant, Archer throws in a plug for her next appearance, on 26 June. The crowd seems to have grown a bit restless, and people have begun shouting over her, but Archer won’t go down that easily.

I’ll be exposing the truth! Because I know what you are!

There, she’s got the crowd’s attention again. She leads them in a chant: “It’s time! It’s time! It’s time!…” though they don’t specify exactly what it’s time for. Tea, perhaps?

The moment passes, the crowd mills about a bit, Archer’s online fans rave about her amazing performance and promise to join her at next month’s march, where she plans to expose SRA…again.

Hey, it’s a crowd-pleaser, don’t judge.

57 thoughts on “Jeanette Archer & QAnon: A match made in heaven

    • ‘What a bastard, I can’t believe she said that. Fucking sick c*nt.’

      What a fitting epitaph to appear on Eyebrows’ gravestone.
      It could go where “Beloved daughter of…” usually goes…

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    • Yes, that did strike me. Though to be fair, until quite recently she did a lot of rather non-Christian things, such as Tarot card reading and “psychic” divination….

      I notice that these days she sports a little cross, just to let people know she’s a Real Good Christian Lady, but I suppose when she kicks off her shoes of an evening, she lets off steam by cursing horribly at people?

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  1. I must admit, I didn’t watch much of her yesterday.
    Thanks for breaking down her rubbish into readable material E.C.
    Her claims are getting more outlandish, tunnels for instance, 1st time I have heard her say that. Is it possible that she is adding more to her ‘story’ because her fan base is getting wise, thanks to Shellie.

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    • I’m hoping she’s going to reveal if The Freak from Wentworth gets out of the coffin in a tunnel she was placed in at the end of the last series. Only Satanists would have put The Freak there.

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          • Ghost, sorry to go off topic, especially as this is a serious topic, but is Wentworth wonderful as in wonderful or is it wonderful in so bad it’s good. There was a show in the early(ish) 2000s about a man who got himself imprisoned deliberately in the same prison as his brother with the aim of freeing him. It was called ‘Prison Break’ and to me it was terribly cheesy but unintentionally funny. I read somewhere that the leading man had been a Rhodes scholar – but paraphrasing something a critic said about ‘The White Queen’ TV show even good-looking people have to eat (and intelligent ones too I presume).

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            • Sorry – for clarity – the critic was saying good-looking actors (though in the original he was talking about a good-looking actress (singular) have to eat, the implication being that sometimes they take what comes along in the way of parts and can’t always be choosy.


            • Yes I know that show .
              Wentworth is too wonderful for words with mad characters and extreme story lines. It’s a straight continuation of prisoner (or Cell Block H ?). The Freak has been currently buried in a coffin by some naughty prisoners and the series ended with that cliffhanger. We know she’ll get out (she is The Freak) after all) and take revenge- bound to be murder and mayhem and with any luck, Satanism.


      • Of course.
        According to anti-Satanist campaigner Ms Barnett there is one long superhighway tunnel from Sydney to the mysterious American spy base Pine Gap in Central Australia- some 2800 KMs which must have been an engineering miracle especially as not a soul noticed (hypnotized ?) the 1000s of personnel needed to build such a project and not one road builder has spoken up (murdered and eaten? high on adrenochrome?).

        One might think it would have been a tad easier to build that highway above ground but the ways of the mysterious Freemason Baby Munchers are not for mere mortals like me to question. Or as Pine Gap has it’s own complete airport serviced by US jets weekly a plane might be a bit faster especially with a truck load of new kiddies but apparently (according to Barnett) there are 2 underground motels on the way so all the bubs arrive safely.

        She says there is also a tunnel from Sydney (where is not disclosed) to the very nearby Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor so Satanists dabble in nuclear energy as well. Apparently.


  2. Speaking of D.Trump and hope.the barstard has owed my $3000 since 2007 so no hope of ever getting that. My NYC pals laugh at me for not checking with them first. The 3 Trump employees I worked with for 3 weeks extolled his virtues by day but by 2 vodkas at night they were soon hating his guts. All said the same thing. They took jobs with him hoping it would lead to better jobs but found it actually closed doors to prospective employers. Archer is welcome to him. Griftrers R Us, like, water finds it’s own level etc etc.

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  3. Sorry to hear that Sam. There are many who have said the same also.
    I would think you had an interesting time there. That’s one of the things I missed about the blog, your very interesting life history told in comedic terms, although I can’t imagine there was any comedy about your experiences at the time. 🙁

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    • Many? 1000s upon 1000s from employees contractors, investors. Actually the job was great fun and Trump even sent word through (never met him) “tremendous !”.

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  4. I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with QAnon types for several years in the Becki Percy case. Most of QAnon are Christians, and Becki Percy plays that crowd like a finely tuned musical instrament: she is totally embeded with them, heart and soul; speaks their language; does everything they would do and say. In contrast, Jeanette Archer is a clumsy, loud, uncouth and unsuited bull in a china shop. There is a lot Archer is that I can play against her to cause trouble between her and the QAnon market she wants to enter, one issue is she is not a Christian, she reads tarot cards and messes with spirits as a medium and psychic. Hardcore QAnon Christians and anything occultish don’t mix. I will hit Archer hard with things like that. So, she will not succeed with QAnon crowd.

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  6. Jeanette is “privileged to have been apart of this moment” and wants you to join her in exposing “Lucifarians”, “satani ritual abuse” and crap spelling:

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    • This sort of hypocrisy seriously annoys me re: Jeanette Archer. It is a known fact that Archer is a tarot reader, and claims to be a psychic working with dead spirits. It is also a well known fact that Archer has major issues about Christianity. But, here we see a sham in motion: of someone playing being Christian; and condemning those dealing with the occult, which she dabbles in. I want that lady on camera being baptised as a born-again Christian before I ever take her Christian-like words seriously.

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    • What happens if someone confused accuses an innocent person. I’ll have to look it up but witchcraft hasn’t been against the law for quite some time. Not that it’s something I’d personally want to dabble in.

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  7. I know I’m on a hiding to nothing because it’s part of modern spoken language but I’ve never been keen on “You guys” as an expression though I have been told “guy” was originally a non-gender specific word. I find it annoying from JA. I also find the catchphrase “Passengers and Pilots” from the young woman with the Dare To Fly channel irritating. Not that DTF is as malicious as JA.

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  8. What happens if someone confused accuses an innocent person. I’ll have to look it up but witchcraft hasn’t been against the law for quite some time. Not that it’s something I’d personally want to dabble in.

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  9. Minor point in the context of this post but not minor overall: the Palestinian Solidarity protest happened at roughly the same time as this mess but was a separate event with different organizers.

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    • Yes, I think this particular shitshow billed itself as the “Freedom March” or some such, but at times it was hard to tell which was which, as the two crowds overlapped, and news coverage was confusing.

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  10. Hooray! You’re back, EC 🙂 I missed you.
    I would have starved to death, up there on the chandelier all this time…but I ate my own toes & fingers!

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    • No, that jumped out at me when she was bellowing: it seems like a new addition, but now that it’s part of the story I’m sure we’ll hear at least two or three versions of it.

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