What’s the Attorney General got on Paterson?

Well, it’s just like old times again—after a few weeks of relative radio silence, Neelu Berry did a live-stream from her old stomping grounds outside the Royal Courts of Justice a couple of days ago, waffling on about David Noakes and mass remedies and corruption processes and whatnot.

Frankly, we didn’t pay all that much attention to most of the video, but we did note her comments about our old friend Pavement-licker Paterson (one t, no sugar):

We’re here to file the paperwork for John Paterson, for a contempt kind of trial I guess, where the Attorney General has been caught out…erm, is going to get caught out, has been caught out prosecuting whistleblowers and people who are meant to be protected by the Attorney General, by the state. and this has been going the wrong way for all the whistleblowers, they’ve all been falsely prosecuted, because the corrupt state sees…deems all good people who are anti-corruption as enemies of the state.

So we’re going to change all that here on that hearing, I think 14th of May, so because we’re going through the massive publicity stage of this corruption, the mass remedy process, it’s in the unfitness test. So all judges are on unfitness tests, all councils are on unfitness tests, the whole Parliament is on unfitness tests for the mass remedy process. So we’re at the stage where we have 200 corruption claims …

….wibble wibble wibble kazoo. Repeat ad nauseam.

It’s the part about “Attorney General” which interested us: by “contempt kind of thing I guess”, Neelu seems to be implying that Paterson is facing a contempt of court hearing.

What sort of contempt? Which court? The Magic 8 Ball says: “Reply hazy, try again”.

And by “the Attorney General has been caught out…erm is going to get caught out”, we presume she means that she and her wacky gang of friends believe that Paterson’s upcoming hearing will offer them another opportunity to arrest judges and generally make nuisances of themselves.

All Neelu-isms aside, though, it seems reasonable to infer from all of this that Paterson will be facing some sort of legal action by the Attorney General—generally considered a fairly serious matter by those of us who are not complete wackadoos.

If we come across anything which offers a more informative view, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Meanwhile, Paterson has been on another hate-mail rampage against this blog, sending us subtle missives like this one:

Hey ho, all in a day’s collection of death threats.

p.s. We liked Neelu’s choice of background here; the wrought iron antennae are rather fetching, don’t you think?

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  1. In the course of his time in the Cameron Highlanders, my grandfather was once promoted to the rank of Attorney-Lieutenant-Major, but it turned out to be a clerical error.

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    • LOL wut? We tried to extort him by threatening to put his social security number online? When did this happen? Also, I don’t think he knows what “defamation per se” means.

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      • They genuinely believe (or do they?) that all who dare to criticise them or point out their inaccuracies or blatant falsehoods are are all connected in some way and in the employ of GCHQ (it’s now even spread to Donald Trump claiming GCHQ have meddled with him) or MI5 or some secret society. As in the way they call anyone with the temerity to demand proof of their accusations a “troll”.

        They just cannot perceive that disparate people all over the world either in groups or singularly can arrive at the same conclusion after viewing this arrogant dill’s videos: that Titus Frost is a creepy fuckwit obsessed with child abuse and The Devil and has a worrying one-track mind and it’s clearly obsessional.

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  2. the wrought iron antennae are rather fetching, don’t you think?

    It would be more apt if they were over-wrought.

    Perhaps someone with Photoshop skills can turn the photo into an animated GIF, with the flowers spinning around like little buzzsaws.

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  3. Paterson’s contempt allegation is about filming in court and recording the action which is a big no-no. I don’t think he denies he filmed rather claims he has the right as courts are “a court of record” even though they career from claiming said courts have no jurisdiction over them to at other times, saying these are real courts that will provide Remedy.

    Not only that his recent videos on YT are of him in the court precinct filming (I think that might be illegal as well ?) and then boasting of how he slipped the camera to a pal (Lee Cant can be seen lurking nearby) when a guard approached and they smuggled the camera out of the courts.

    Members of This Mob not only think as a collective when it comes to their bizarre interpretation of the law they often offer themselves on a platter to the prosecution by kindly presenting them evidence of their own malfeasance.
    All we need is for Edward Ellis Equity Lawyer to present himself to the court as Paterson’s defending counsel and the Comedy Capers will be complete.

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    • Ah, that makes sense, thanks GoS. I wonder whether this had to do with Matt Taylor’s trial last year, as Paterson is constantly claiming (falsely) that someone from this blog was there. He “proves” this by stating that he asked some poor bystander whether they worked for us, and noting that the fellow looked startled.

      As one would, perhaps, if some stranger got all up in one’s grill and demanded to know who one worked for.

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  4. From Devine’s channel – Wanoa calling for war veterans to hang people at 42:15. Reported:


    • I suppose it would be futile to point out the irony of Wanoa (now the Son of the King – surely will be Son of Man soon them Son of God and ultimately Jesus?) giving Veterans permission to execute people willy nilly when the whole reason they recently demonstrated was because one of them is accused of murdering an Irish civilian?.

      I’m no fan of Benjamin Netanyahu but summary execution without trial was surely not in the power of even King William when he was responsible to Parliament ?. Perhaps it’s William’s views that slavery was a wonderful thing that maybe attracts Wanoa.

      Wanoa seems to believe writing something down and making a nice little folder of his rantings gives them credence but can anyone explain what crimes the Post Master General is guilty off that means he is to be shot at dawn?

      ## Wanoa’s published documents always come out backwards on the internet (why does this happen ?) but has he pondered on the thought that his pronouncement that 2 cleaning workers in the Royal Courts of Justice- nice chaps who I know : Uleen Yrreb and Ydna Enived ( African immigrants I think) may well escape summary execution and others could well find themselves in their place because of a Wanoa clerical error? (think about it)

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      • LOL
        would be a true crime…
        I know a nice lawyer that would get them off quick smart, Mr D.W. Sille
        True master of the art
        Has never lost a case that he won!

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  5. i use John Wanoa vids to help me sleep nothing has ever worked as good as him at hypnotising me, ty to king crusty keep those sleep aids coming

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  6. I’m not sure Neelu being outside the RCJ or ‘filing the paperwork’, means there’s actually a court case coming up. I suspect she turns up, hands a load of rambling, incoherent, pseudo-legal gibberish to the receptionist who then places it in the round file on the floor.with all of the other gobbledegook from nutters.

    She’s subject to a civil restraint order anyway so the courts are not going to even let her file papers without permission of a judge.

    This is the same shit she’s been making videos about for years…. Blah, blah oath to god blah, blah protect god’s children blah, blah treason.

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    • When she put that video up, I did wonder whether she meant it was her and Praterson trying to prosecute the attorney general for contempt, rather than the other way round.

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  7. every action Neelu takes seems to be to her own detriment. If she is as mentally ill as she appears to be she needs to be taken into care. If she isn’t mentally ill then either she is incredibly stupid to the level of self destruction (unlikely given her former occupation as a pharmacist) or she just enjoys being an irritant to the legal system.
    With the house repossession saga it did briefly look like she could turn the situation to her advantage and walk away with a decent sum of cash. She didn’t do that. Eric Berne would have had a whole chapter on her behaviour: Neelu goes to court to get “stroked”.

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    • I know for a fact she has been sectioned at least once for assessment and the mental health services decided she was delusional but not mentally ill enough to be held for treatment. Unfortunately the state of mental health provision these days means you have to be a credible risk to yourself or others to even get treatment as a voluntary patient and you have to be pretty bat-shit (to use the medical term) to be held on a section.

      I wouldn’t say she’s mentally ill in a medical sense. I’d say she’s just an unrestrained egotist who thinks the world should run according to whatever moronic principles she’s embracing that day. She has a massive sense of her own importance and she’s very, very gullible which is why she believes all of that Swiss Indo crap. But ultimately she’s pretty harmless if very annoying.

      Being determined to throw your life down the toilet is not *necessarily* a sign of mental illness.


  8. For anyone who missed it, this is Neelu’s bizarre interview with Devine from last week (go to 3:31):

    She’s being pursued by bailiffs again, it seems, this time over her congestion charge fines. She’s saying she drove through several London councils and got fined by each one. That’s categorically not how it works and it’s not even councils who impose the CC fine anyway.

    Oh and she’s once again saying that those two security guards lifted her up and carried her out of that auction. Her own footage shows clearly that that didn’t happen.

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  9. Oh dear, Fatty Catty appears to have missed the fact that in this video (and in previous ones) Brian calls the Hampstead case a hoax (go to 3:53) 😂


    • He also likes to make videos about comments cherrypicking a couple of lines and not the real meat of the comment his waste of mental health resources with it being stretched to the bone as it is has done it for me he is an e-begger nothing more everything he says is tainted he’s lost all credibility

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      • Oh I know but what I mean is Cat has a rabid hatred of anyone who calls the Hampstead thing a hoax, yet recently she’s been promoting Harvey with gay abandon, blissfully unaware that he’s repeatedly called it a hoax, even in the very videos of his that she’s sharing (proving once again that she doesn’t actually watch the videos she promotes 😂).

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    • Pardon my dimissitude but I’m three and a half minutes in and I still haven’t got a clue what he’s banging on about.

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      • It’s mostly freeman on the land woo. (Strawmen, statutes, flesh and blood man, common law etc) . He doesn’t believe in kings and we’re all kings and we should live in a kingdom, which is nicer than a queendom, and that’s what the jurisdiction is We are in the kings domain.
        (He really does sound ill.)
        People should act in correctness and have philotemon (what?).
        (Is he driving while he’s talking to the camera? Which he says he can’t see as he’s not wearing his glasses.)
        Finally the great insight he has to risk the life of everyone on the road: that it’s mindset and stepping out of the jurisdictions, the ones that “they” (who?) trapped you in which is the corporate jurisdiction. “They” are in power and enforce their law (true dat). But if we were in the king’s domain we’ll have the military to enforce it (a military dictatorship hooray).
        He is perfecting himself and then perfecting everyone else he sees. And he finds it hard to be polite, or nice or kind (true dat too) when he sees what’s going on. I think he says something about goats balls, but I’m not sure.
        We can have paradise on earth. We can beat these people. Very easily. “They’re thick as anything really; they’re very clever”. (No he really said that.) But they’ve lost, and God bless John Wanoa as he’s given us all the opportunity to make this world a beautiful place.
        Roll call of the usual people, Paterson, Brian Harvey etc.
        FINALLY a summary of his insight: “Get that mindset like mine, just be coming, the realisation is it’s there, we need to start making it happen, but it’s there, we’ve got back our common law, it’s up to us to take it and make this world a beautiful place.” And his followers made him what he is.

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      • Because you are watching a man whose mental abilities are slowly deteriorating over time and we are watching it in real time. He’s filming his own self destruction. In decades to come Psychiatric schools will use these videos to teach students how the visible signs of the barking syndrome can be seen by watching the patient over a long period of time.
        Much as they use the famous cat paintings of Louis Wain who sadly had schizophrenia and it began to be seen in his paintings as in the first 2 in this triptych.
        (The last one is the passport photo of my puss when she’s the worse for wear- for comparison.)

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