Angela takes a break?

Nearly a year after her last alleged “retirement” from stalking and loudly defaming a person involved with the Hampstead SRA hoax, Angela Power-Disney has once against announced that she is withdrawing from the fray.

The news came first from Anthony G. Pike, who announced it yesterday:

News just in from our beloved ‘X-Girl’, Angela Disney, 61, in Oldcastle, Co Meath is that she’s finally throwing in the towel after previously throwing in the towel and then being dragged back into the ring again and this time with head satanist [redacted], in Hampstead breathing down her neck and threatening to throw her in the nick until death do us part. So, voila, Angie is now going to disappear for at least 3 mths with no one knowing quite where she is or what she’s doing. However, as [redacted] is working with the Irish Govt to bring Angie to book, the easiest thing to do in the circumstances is to hop it like Ella Draper did to Spain and in Angie’s case to her beloved Lanzarote. However, if Angie sits it out in Ireland the sword of Damocles will always be hanging over her head, but in Lanzarote she’ll be SAFE.

Angela, possibly stung by the implied criticism, almost immediately replied via her own blog. (We’re not linking to either blog, as both contain illegally shared names and images.)

This time, Angela says, her absence will be only temporary. Unlike her last “retirement”, which lasted approximately a week before some juicy news came up and she felt compelled to jump back in, this time she is being uncharacteristically cagey about exactly what she’s up to, and states that she will be back.

She announced that she would be taking three months off “to take care of some pressing health issues”:

For a perpetual “blurter” such as Angela, this is a remarkably unforthcoming announcement, but alert readers might have noticed that a couple of weeks ago she did refer to the possibility of leaving for a bit of a rest cure:

I’m thinking of running away to a convent for 12 weeks lol! Rehab better than psych unit or prison tho I didn’t plan it as strategy!

Am drinking more and chain smoking since the file got sent to DPP and figured some respite would be good and a break from social media?

Considering all of Angela’s bluster about how the gardaí are really on her side and are actually scouring her computer for evidence of wrong-doing against her, this was quite the admission.

Stories of Angela’s troubled relationship with alcohol have been rampant amongst her former friends. Long-time readers will remember her ill-fated visit with Jockney Rebel one Christmas, during which she enraged her host by her elbow-bending behaviour, which culminated in her falling asleep with a lit cigarette in her hand, burning holes in Jockney’s belongings…three times.

Once could be excused as an accident; twice begins to look like carelessness; three times sounds suspiciously like a drinking problem.

If Angela’s proposed break from spreading lies and hatred will involve a three-month spin-dry programme, we can only applaud it as a positive step. Alcoholism is a serious problem, with both long-term and short-term health impacts, and it cannot have been an easy choice to make. We don’t know the circumstances of her decision, or whether it was imposed upon her, but we hope it will have the desired outcome.

Tom Dunn done?

Meanwhile, back to that whole “blurting” thing…according to Angela (who has never been known to make shit up), last week FBI agents visited the avaricious evangelical Tom Dunn at his home in Ohio.

Strangely enough, just like the Irish gardaí who raided Angela’s home last August, these FBI agents were remarkably sympathetic to Dunn, and seemed to be on his side.

We’re sure it will come as a huge surprise to both Angela and Dunn, but it’s no longer the 1950s, and cops these days don’t generally interrogate suspects whilst beating them with rubber hoses and threatening them with the electric chair. It’s a much more civilised process, designed to obtain maximum information with minimum smacking about.

Besides, if Angela really is so confident that the gardaí are on her side, why is she heading off to rehab? Just asking.

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  1. I think it’s very simple EC…Angie is bricking it. She knows that the next knock on the door could be the one she is dreading. Hope she takes Andy up on his offer of board and lodging in Greece!

    Back to yesterdays momentous happenings. Let me see if I have this straight…nary a gunboat or armoured car or squaddie or jolly Jack Tar in sight… a few coppers bored shitless…..28 or so fruit loops enjoying a day in the park…..Andy Pandy giving a lecture on law enforcement ( to no avail )…..The Pavement Taster and Lee C#nt pissing off early…..Matt Taylor did not even turn up…….many messages saying I would be there but ( put excuse here )………..some great filming of areas of grass……. His Highness spouting a few words of bollocks from Hong King and calling it a proclamation…….a statement that “the ayes have it ” and it was all over bar the shouting. Did I miss anything? Well, guess what….nothing has changed. HRH is still safely ensconced in Buck House, Parliament is till standing, Andy Pandy and The Pavement Taster are still nut cases and life goes on just like before. Just as I and many, many others on here said it would.
    Piss off back to Greece you slimy little shit and lick your wounds.

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    • Spot-on, mate. There was one really exciting moment in the second live stream, though, when the rebels couldn’t find a pen. Nail-biting stuff.

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  2. The FBI only investigate internal crimes unless they suspect Dunn of being a spy for a foreign country. They would however act on behalf of a request from another police force, say Scotland Yard.
    And they are renowned for the very courteous manner when visiting “suspects” who they may consider not dangerous but perhaps breaching a law.
    Has perhaps Ms Daisy Power finally had legal advice and been told to cool it?.

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    • This was my thoughts too, a friendly ‘cut it out NOW or we will nick you’ put forward as “I need a break” rather than “I was told to cut it out or join Sabine in the slammer”
      Especially as she has REALLY ramped it up over the last couple of months, and certain people may have had enough and complained?

      (of course she would never want to go inside- she would have to give up smoking for starters, and can you imagine her horror at THAT!!!! Smokers can ask permission to smoke, but there is no guarantee that they will be allowed to, and it would be a privilege that could be taken away at any time if the prisoner misbehaves)

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  3. Interesting, EC. This is the same Angie who’s repeatedly denied being a drinker? I’m no expert on this sort of thing but am I right in thinking that denial is quite a common barrier for people with drink problems? One of the “12 steps” is admitting you have a problem, if memory serves.

    Either way, whilst part of me wants to revel in Angie’s woes, I do genuinely hope the rehab works out for her.

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    • I predict…
      Angie will not stop. She cannot help herself. As much as she may want to (allegedly! we would be foolish to trust anytihng she says) back off somehow or take a break, she is utterly addicted to this. She feeds off it like a vampire. That last video with Dunn was a shocker.
      The only thing that will stop her is jail and she is inexorably heading that way by her own actions.
      She really is her own worst enemy. (Ongoingly! 8-))


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  4. I wonder how much of Angie’s erratic, irrational behaviour is down to the drink. It must at least be a factor.

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    • Alcohol is a fairly potent depressive drug, and it does decrease inhibitions, but I doubt that it is wholly responsible for her behaviour over the past four years. If one looks back further than early 2015, one sees a pattern of using malicious gossip and a healthy dollop of fiction to terrorise family, friends, and neighbours. That said, it’s possible that without the alcohol she might wake up and smell the coffee vis à vis her current legal situation. Anybody with common sense knows that she’s in a precarious position, and it seems she has been trying to drink that away.

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    • Cat’s another one who I’d put money on being arrested by the end of the year. She’s just put up yet another blog post in which she names, slanders and attacks a protected witness. The only consolation is that almost no one actually reads her shitty blog. Or watches her (often illegal) videos, some of which actually have zero views, meaning that even her arse-kissing supporters can’t bear to watch them.

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  5. Tom Dunce is another one who belongs behind bars. A seriously repugnant and dangerous individual who’s repeatedly breached court orders, named a protected witness, shared the names, videos and images of those two vulnerable children and made disgusting threats to innocent people.

    And don’t get me started on his ignorance of the Hampstead case. His lack of research and gaps in his knowledge are embarrassing. Yet he feels he knows enough about it to publicly name individuals and state with confidence that they’re child rapists, baby-murderers and cannibals. Disgusting little man.

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    • And how sad how he’s brainwashed his own daughter into following in his footsteps and becoming a fanatical hate-spreader herself.

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    • His interview with Hellbound Heathen was fecking hilarious—it was quite clear that he had absolutely no idea of the facts of the case, but had only been told (probably by Angela) that it was true and he should just stick to that talking point.

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  6. It could be that she has seen the light. It could be that she has just found out that she has stage 4 inoperative cancer and needs palliative care. But I’m pretty sure we would have heard about it if it was the last one. And I don’t hold out much hope for it being the first one.

    She’s hedging her bets. A narc like Mangela would be on it like a tramp on chips to tell you what her ailment was if she had one. It’s an excuse. I might be wrong.

    We’ve danced around the whole personality disorder thing, and it’s fun, but the reality is that only someone who knows what they are doing can have any authority with this.

    But I think it’s fair to say, whatever Mangela is suffering from, there is a disconnect between ego and super-ego, and all that fluff. She’s not quite sure why she’s about to do what she’s about to do, but she feels a need to do it anyway. She even knows it might be wrong. The sub-conscious is calling. Along with prison time.

    It’s been a while now since Sabine was banged up. That takes time to process. They did nazi that coming! 🙂

    APD has had her tech taken. Who knows what was on it. At the very least it just contains the malicious communications that she has been spreading. But maybe there is more! Who knows.

    It’s laughable that someone like APD could jump ship. I mean, where would you hide the old heffer? In Morocco with Beauty Queen Ella and Camel Herder and Third Eye Opener Abe? I don’t think so. She’s on her own with this one. Trying to hide Mangela would be like trying to put lipstick on a pig, but I repeat myself.

    I don’t think she’s going anywhere. I think it’s more cover for just taking some real time out to cool her boots and calm the fuck down while she considers her options, and comes to terms with the fact, that yes, she might actually be going to prison.

    She may use this in mitigation. She may just be sticking her fingers in her ears and covering her eyes and hoping it all goes away if she imagines it out of existence. She may even have had a personal epiphany. It’s not like she would admit it if she had.

    But I’m new to this game, even though I’m old to Mangela. She’s just doing what she always does: buying time, manipulating, playing the game on her terms. Pretty soon she will have to play the game on other’s terms. And I think she knows that. Narcisstic injury is about to come down in a mighty wave.

    She’s sensing something changing in the water. But remember, she is two steps ahead of us all. Don’t think she’s not. Dumb she may be, but highly manipulative she is also.

    Anyway, not long to go now.

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  7. Epic hissy fit from Cat Scot & Robert ‘Fabooka’ Matheson, saved for evidence and posterity:

    Includes Fabooka repeatedly attacking and threatening a protected witness, butt-hurt attacks on “typical Jewess” Karen Irving, several rants about how (yawn) everyone else on here is the aforementioned witness, several warnings to stop breaching copyright by posting screenshots of his comments, and Cat both disingenuously saying this blog is finished (despite currently approaching two million hits) and hitting a new low by giving out the supposed location of Flo Destroyer’s mother.

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    • “…several warnings to stop breaching copyright by posting screenshots of his comments”

      Yes, the slimy little twat seems very upset about that and has warned me in no uncertain terms not to re-post the screenshot that prompted his mammoth hissy fit.

      So here it is again for anyone who missed it:

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    • “Typical Jewess”? LOL Where in hell did they get that bit of nonsense?

      And attempting to dox Flo Destroyer’s mother must be a new low for that pair of nitwits.

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  8. Another epic lie from Cat Snot. If the smell of booze weren’t so strong, she’d reek of desperation…

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  9. I followed the links to Devine’s gathering of loons in the park and now realise he”s just another Freeman of the Land idiot. His smugness is quite unbearable and cannot stand how these passive agressive creeps speak to police officers insulting them and trying to belittle them. Devine also infers the officers will face retribution at some stage.

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  10. Going to a convent?


    You get to Court and your barrister says ‘She’s now living with the Sisters of Mercy and is thinking of joining the Order’. It’s Ireland. Who’s going to lock a nun up for long?

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  11. ‘….no longer the 1950s, and cops these days don’t generally interrogate suspects whilst beating them with rubber hoses and threatening them with the electric chair….’

    True, but they’re right good at throwing people like Based Amy out of parliament. Am I a terrible person for enjoying this?

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  12. A little birdie whispered to me in passing that Angela allegedly may be going back to rehab where she allegedly spent time a couple of times through the years.

    For her family’s sake, I hope that’s the case.

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    • Lucca, I had an ex-neighbour (deceased now) who used to drink too much and he had strange ideas sometimes and I think he did have delusions occasionally. It was a shame because he was Jekyll and Hyde – could be quite nice when he was sober. He was eventually put in a care or nursing home where he dried out but he couldn’t look after himself by that stage. Mind you, if he had come home he might have gone back on the booze. My ex-neighbour never thought the world was ruled by Satanists though but he could be paranoid.

      I’ve been looking on the web on King John’s back history (I won’t link the sites because I think they have already been referenced on other threads and one was definitely in conspiracy theory land though most just reporting on when he tried to take over an office in New Zealand. I may have been wrong when I thought he didn’t know his history because he had written King William IV “Silly Billy’ out of history because apparently he is referencing the Treaty of Waitangi when William IV was the British monarch. His (King John’s) ideas are still whackadoodle though.

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      • John Wanoa isn’t the mild mannered would-be Regent he tries to come across as.
        He belongs to a tiny corp of extreme right-wing Maoris who are appalling racists with quite perverted views who the vast majority of Maoris see as an embarrassment to their race and will have nothing to do with.
        The white New Zealanders addressed the plight of that countries original inhabitants decades ago and have tried to make amends far sooner that Canada or Australia did including giving them political power.
        New Zealand is possibly the least racist country on earth which is why Wanoa’s ugly racism sticks out. A good example is how the quite powerful and nationalistic biker gangs have rallied around the Muslim community in their moment of distress unlike Wanoa who insults and degrades the recent deaths in similar manner to how those ugly people have been telling the Sandy Hook parents their children never existed.

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        • Do you think “King” John has a bit more grey matter in the top storey than he appears to have in his videos? Like, did he know full well he wouldn’t be admitted to the UK the other day (I know this point has been addressed in other threads)? When I looked at accounts of his 2015 shenanigans (from NZ outlets) it did seem he’s been “trying it on” for some years. The tidal scam has been a constant factor (though with different “marks”) over the years. I still don’t understand how some of my fellow countrymen (and women) were deluded enough to think there would be a change of government yesterday. If I were planning a takeover of a state (for the avoidance of doubt I’m not!!!!!) I certainly wouldn’t blab about it all over Facebook and YouTube. BTW the conspiracy theory site that mentioned King John (in 2016) said that the UK monarchy would be going down in 2016…three years on and it’s still there.

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      • Yes I heard him mentioning Jake, what a fool Jake is to get mixed up with that lot. It sounds as if he has been keeping in touch with Paul Rogers. That will not end well. I haven’t seen Araya Soma yet, not sure I want to. 😷 It was hilarious Devine making up that a Police Officer had charged at him when he was just walking past him & didn’t answer him about a similar camera.

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  13. Sometimes we reach far and wide…….I believe that King John will not be getting a ” Kia Ora ” when he steps off the plane in Auckland……Morris will be without him for at least a day or two….lets see if he lets us know!

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