‘New’ video from Abe & Ella

When we learned that John “Butlincat” Graham had put up a new video featuring that greasy scum-sucking little weasel Abraham Christie pontificating about the magical mystical super-drug adrenochrome, we really weren’t expecting much. And for the first couple of minutes (of a nearly six-minute-long video) we were not disappointed.

And then, things suddenly got more interesting.

We won’t link the video here, as in classic hoax-mob fashion it names a child, but instead we’ve transcribed it in full, and edited out the child’s name. The video, which purports to contain “new material” gleaned from a recent conversation with Christie this past week, comprises two brief audio segments, both recorded before Ella kicked Abe to the kerb last year.

Part 1: ‘Adrenochrome is, like, heavy, man’

In the first segment of the video, a seriously baked Abraham Christie drones on about yet another subject of which he almost completely ignorant. Here goes:

Abe: Yeah, that’s what they’re doing, they’re harvesting the organs of the infants that are sacrificed. (Child P) told us how they cut. How they cut and disembowel.

And she puts her arms in underneath and she pulls out the entrails. Yeah. And these organs, yeah, they traffic these organs all around the globe, highly lucrative. But it would seem that the…the cherry on the cake is the, the, erm, adrenochrome, which can only…the source of it, has to be, erm…

Ella (in background): Mm-hmm…

Abe: …has to be harvested from live donors. Adrenochrome, the most powerful drug in the universe…has to be harvested from live donors.

[At this point, Abe’s voice sounds like he is riding a roller-coaster…in what passes for his mind.]

Abe: Erm, the effect…of taking it…ummmm…microscopic doses, taking it, is akin to…DNT in adrenaline…or mescaline and methedrine…this is how it’s been described. Um…some people…um…attempt to peppenate [does he mean ‘perpetuate’?] that it doesn’t exist…that adrenochrome doesn’t exist.

We’ve mentioned in um…was it mentioned in Aldous Huxley’s um…Doors of Perception? Mentioned also in uh…

Ella: Yeah…fear and loathing…

Abe: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson…and also in Clockwork Orange, in the milk bar, there was a scene in which there was adrenochrome-flavoured milk.

So yeah, it exists…eh, knowledge has come to us that this is part…of the whole…Satanic hoax, because they may not even be Satanists. They may just be doing it purely for money and power. (long pause) Woooow…..we’ll get back to you as soon as we know more. 

Yeah, you do that, Abe. We have an opening in our schedule on the 15th of Never, m’kay?

By the way, for the real story on adrenochrome, check out the post we wrote about it a couple of years back.

Part 2: ‘I know, let’s incriminate ourselves!’

Surprisingly, and to our great relief, the second part of the video contains nothing at all about adrenochrome.

However, both participants are utterly polluted, and attempting to hold a serious conversation about how they conspired with others to pervert the course of justice.

You can just imagine how well that went.

Ella:(laughing)  It’s so safe, it’s so safe…

Abe: I’ve got it…

Ella: No, come on…

Abe: No, I’ve told you, hemp gives you the…opens your third eye. [Oh, is that what they’re calling it now?]

Ella: (flirtatiously) That’s riiiight!

Abe: See through all subterfuge.

Ella: That’s right!

Abe: See through Sabine McNeill’s motives…for releasing…for releasing the um…the videos. And the rest of the (mumbles)…

Ella: Yeah…it’s a great…the Sabine McNeill Show!


Ella: (laughs then sings operatically) Woooooo……

Abe: Heh heh heh…but Sabine, you didn’t cry on this interview! She’s setting up another load of crying for the next interview.

Ella: (giggles)

Abe: Yeah, cos I’m going to be at the European courts of…whatever it is…

Ella: Mm-hmm…

Abe: Nah, she’s good. Sabine’s good. She’s a great performer…(lowers voice) yeah, she’s a bitch…releasing the video with the information, she shouldn’t have done it…especially after we explicitly asked her not to…’Oh, I emailed you twice, (inaudible)…’ Oh, so what? did that mean you asked me whether you could release the information or not? No. You released it because Abraham came back, and he said, we were going to pixelate the faces, we were going to edit the videos, (inaudible) because we had already discussed it three or four months later…

Ella: That’s right.

Abe: Uh, earlier, which she was not party to, these discussions you were not party to…

Ella: No, but even, even later, it’s been discussed many t—…well, quite a few times, uh, between those guys, and everybody agreed that it’s not time to release that, any part to release

Abe: Riiight.

Ella: And to only talk about the abuse, the sexual abuse…

Abe: That’s right!

Ella: And so, everybody knows the case, and they can add more layers of information.

Abe: Absolutely. Because as we began…as we were able to process it in our own minds, and we start to, you know, look at it objectively, we realize that the thing that was fucking…that was noticeable to all of us was the fact of how shocking the Satanic element…the difficulty one had in sort of like accepting that that was actually happening. That was the shocking part for me. You know, I believed it could happen and I knew it was happening…

Ella: Once (inaudible) is hard…

Abe: …to accept it…

Ella: …is doing the things for Gerrish.

Abe: Okay.

Ella: What we’re saying, then, to what it was…

Abe: (talks over her) what should we do with the time, I recall that we’re saying.

Ella: We’re recording him. So what you were saying it was, um, difficult to, um…?

Abe: To, um, to assimilate. To accept that the Satanic element was…

Ella: Well, except that now, now is all in open, is really like, accept, not accept, it doesn’t really matter. It’s better for those who accept and go down to reality and understand what’s going on behind you, or next door, next-door house, where you maybe saw something strange but you never bothered to look into it. And you wanted to keep your eyes shut.

Abe: Eyes wide shut.

Ella: Mm-hmm. And until look once what’s going on next door to your house, it’s still going on.

Abe: Which is why it’s been able to grow.

Ella: That’s why. That’s why the scale of it.

Abe: This rather secret…

Unknown Male, talking from another room: …very good sound quality…

Abe: Same in here.

Male: So you get a HD view of the avocado pits…it shows what our lifestyle is all about.  [Uh, sure. Whatever you say.]

And there the audio ends.

It’s difficult to translate all of what Abe and Ella are mumbling about, but whether they intended to or not, they did manage to reveal a few interesting titbits here.

After slagging off Sabine for releasing the videos of the children before Abe and Ella were ready, Abe confirms what we’ve known for some time: that the videos were meant to have been released in a planned manner, and that the plan had been some months in the making.

Abe refers to “conversations you were not party to”, and Ella confirms that “those guys” had discussed it with them: “it’s been discussed many t—…well, quite a few times, uh, between those guys, and everybody agreed that it’s not time to release that”.

In other words, when Sabine released the videos, she was not only going against Ella’s wishes, but against the will of the group.

Who was in that group? Well, Ella mentions “doing things for Gerrish”.

We know that the first thing Abe and Ella did the day after they’d gone home from Jean-Clement Yaohirou’s house is fire off an email to Brian Gerrish and Bill Maloney, listing all the salacious things they had been able to force the children to state on video.

“They”, Ella says, “could add more layers of information” to the raw material she and Abraham had beaten, kicked, burned, and tortured out of the children.

A problem with the children’s videos was the “Satanic element”, which Abe and Ella realised would be hard for a lot of people to buy.

Is this why in late 2015 Abe introduced the concept of “state-sponsored trauma-based mind control“—a more generic term, which lacked the evangelical Christian overtones of “Satanism”, yet still played into the conspiracist belief system?

It’s important to remember that while Ella’s primary agenda in creating the hoax was to ensure that the father of her children never had access to them again, Abe’s motivation was all business: he wanted to hold up two children as examples of “trauma-based mind control”, which could only be cured through the magic of hemp (which coincidentally enough, he happened to be selling).

The role they envisioned for Gerrish and Maloney, then, was promotional: they would have the resources to get the videos out to the right audience, to ensure they went viral. As anybody in advertising will tell you, it’s all about controlling the message.

When Sabine shared the videos in an effort to blackmail a judge, as was revealed at her trial, she really put her foot in it as far as Abe and Ella were concerned.

Updated 21 March to include corrections to transcript.

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work on this, EC.

    Loving Abe’s insistence that something must be true because he saw it in a movie 😆

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  2. You mentioned EC that they thought that the public may find it hard to swallow the satanic part of the story. I am sure I remember an interview with Belinda that was made after the hoax had been going for a few months. Anyway Belinda made a point of saying something along the lines of having ‘to downplay the satanic ritual abuse part of the story’.

    I will see if I can find it tomorrow when I’m not laying in bed using my phone.

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  3. When Abe is talking about Adrenochrome and says “akin to…DNT in adrenaline…” I think he may be referring to the drug DMT otherwise known as either the Spirit or God molecule.

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        • They are really quite nasty about Sabine. Awful as she is, I still think it is rather tragic that she has ended up in prison. This interview just highlights how nasty Abe and Ella are. I really hope that they will end up in court one day.

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    • My local newspaper had an article in it today saying that the numbers of children having their vaccines is down across the county and they are blaming it on the false information online and in Facebook groups.

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    • It was pretty clear during her trial that she shared those videos for her own egotistical reasons—basically, she was angry with the judge who was refusing to return the children, and used the videos as a weapon.

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  4. Ella sounds every inch the mother who believes her children are in the hands of Satanic paedophile cannibals doesn’t she. (giggle, flirt)

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    • Ella always did come across as a stupid bint that couldn’t care less about her children. She would rather be living the life of a younger woman getting stoned with her new criminal boyfriend

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      • Stupid bint seems about right, She’s not unique. Met too many ladies who throw everything away including their kids for a ghastly bloke. I can’t understand the syndrome. And Abe is Ghastly.

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        • Sounds not unlike a member of my family. Fortunately she wasn’t anywhere near as stupid or vindictive as Ella and didn’t get led into anything criminal. She still lost the substantial settlement she had from her husband is now living in a rented bungalow.

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    • Yeah, I doubt she ever gave much of a shit about her kids. Allegedly leaving them locked out of the house in only their underwear, leaving them to rummage around bins for food, letting a convicted violent criminal loose on them, then abandoning them and fucking off to Spain the moment the shit hit the fan. Or as the hoaxer fruitloops put it, a wonderful, loving mother who needs our support.

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  5. I note with interest that Butlintwat has now disabled comments on said video. Is that that “YouTube censorship” that Angie and Devine are always banging on about?

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  6. i was on Mr Devines live stream i put up Hemp cures cannibalism and mk ultra ,i have it recorded will put it up ,i just wanted to see what his audience thought ,i did intend to put in the papa but he slowed me down so only got a few posts in ,i have been leaving messages all over there fake accounts ,so i think they are getting worried i also mentioned all the places i was posting wanted on the 2 of them ,Spain,south France ,Morocco,not Russia ,his 2 biggest followers are mr x and APD ,I have to go look at this video ,told Mr Christie just a matter of time ,tick tock ,,oh and one of his christian followers said human flesh tastes like chicken ,ughh as if we will ever know.i seen this clowns agenda thinking cannabis cures all garbage and he done this to these 2 poor children whos tortured faces i will never forget or forgive the 2 of them ,if there is such a place as hell i hope the 2 of them rot in it

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    • Cannabis has never been proved to cure anything.

      However as someone who had 3 months of Chemotherapy early last year I had plenty of time to sit down and speak to other patients about their use of pot. It’s quite a hoot to talk to an 80 year old who has suddenly taken up smoking pot.
      All reported very positive results from minor to major.

      The Oil seems to relieve symptoms (depending on what sort of cancer one has). Smoking seem great for younger people who face enormous stress (unlike ancient me) and who are quite fearful of the future. Probably beats things like Valium.
      So overall it’s obviously a very positive drug and that’s why various governments are coming around to legalizing it albeit painfully slowly. But of course they are obligated to do it this way.

      I think those who think it’s a miracle drug that cures everything just like smoking it an awful lot.

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  7. Dear EC,
    I have just listened to the audio a few tmes to see if there are any bits I can decipher which were difficult.
    I have a few small corrections, (of course may be wrong but I am pretty sure) – which may indeed be very interesting in context.
    In part 2:

    “Abe: See through Sabine McNeill’s motives…for releasing…for releasing the um…the videos. And the rest of the (mumbles)”

    and later:

    “Ella: No, but even, even later, it’s been discussed many t—…well, quite a few times, uh, between those guys, and everybody agreed that it’s not time to release that, any part of it to be released…

    Abe: Riiight.

    Ella: And to only talk about the abuse, the sexual abuse…

    Abe: That’s right!

    Ella: And so, everybody knows the case, and they can add more layers of information.”

    So, it’s pretty clear that they are definitely referring to a much earlier (i.e.way before Sabine) plan presumably between them and Gerrish and Maloney and possibly others?

    Let’s think about this clearly…
    This means that they definitely were not thinking about apparent abuse of any children. No concern whatsoever. No normal parental reaction to finding out about alleged horrific sexual abuse of the children, never mind crazy additional “satanic” stuff.

    They had fucking meetings!!! What the fuck!!
    And at these meetings they devised a plan and that plan was to reveal the sexual abuse narrative of Ella’s children and then add layers to that narrative bit by bit, to big it up as a story.

    This is not the behaviour of normal people/parents to finding out about alleged mass sexual abuse. It is so patently planned that is sick.

    If that is not seriously fucked up then I don’t know what is.

    Anyway, hope that helps.


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      • you’re welcome, EC.
        Don’t forget the
        Ella: And so, everybody knows the case, and they can add more layers of information.
        instead of
        Ella: And so, they didn’t know the case, and they can add more layers of information.

        This is very pertinent as it shows that they are 100% all in on a secret plan to do something dodgy.

        I am sure that reminds me of something. What’s that called again? oh yes its a feckin real (drumroll!!)

        “Conspiracy (kən-spîrˈə-sē)

        noun, plural con·spir·a·cies.
        the act of conspiring.
        an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
        a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
        Law . an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
        any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.”

        Bet the “chemtrails”, “Mind Kontrol of the Ultra variety ” “it’s the joos” “masonic overlord controllers” etc mob don’t see that one for what it is.

        PS Great work as always EC

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    • I listened to all of the early videos which were once on You Tube. The lack of care expressed for the children was zilch. Same in the above video. Not a mention of the kids welfare. She’s not worried about the kids because she knows it never happened and they’re safe.

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          • Neelus on @1hr 17mins briefly, Lee Can’t says it’s going out to 10million people live lol……. according to Neelu John is basing an appeal on utter rubbish. Earlier in the video Andy repeats the false claim that Hoaxtead must have contacts with police otherwise no one could have released Johns video, cos it’s on the hard drive……. as if it wasn’t uploaded by him and copied at the time….. lololol

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          • Its been quiet on the Neelu front for a while, mostly as she only just got off a month long ban herself…
            Isn’t it funny how they all seem to get bans, maybe it’s a conspiracy against them, or maybe …. they re just all a..holes that can’t be civil???

            Nah, must be the Illuminati/reptilians/overlords/the gubbermunt….
            Must be….

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            • Ah yes, it must be a conspiracy against them all or maybe they are people that love accusing people of the most nefarious (Angie word) crimes while standing up for child abusers…..


              It might be planet Zog is crossing the moon spreading chemtrails! Oh horror of horrors! 😱


          • Actually her FB suspension finished on 1st March. She put up a few posts but then disappeared until yesterday. She’s just done one of her live feeds from court, which I’ll share on the next post.

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    • Thanks for the heads-up, Lucca.

      We all need to keep reporting Devine’s videos, if only to see his hilarious meltdown when his channel gets taken down 😀

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      • Sorry you had to endure this disgusting abuse, Sheva. If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. He kept trying to make it sound like you were and that your views were odd but actually you were spot-on with everything you said and he’s the one in the minority.

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    • I was surprised I lasted so long, lol. On Facebook a while ago he blocked me after a couple of comments. No worries, Lucca he is a coward and he really showed himself up…… the kind of questions he threw at me, asking me about whether I was abused in the way he did, will serve as a good example of how creepy and pervy he and his mates really are and that they have nefarious reasons for being involved in child abuse issues.

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      • I’m sure they might do that Angie, but in fact others exposing your and your mates lies also downloaded it for the purpose of showing John and Matt, Babs up for what they were doing to waste yet more resources and proving their targetting of women in particular.

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  8. It starts from about 50mins where he talks about DC Savage and I refute it in chat, then I mention the death threats I’ve recieved from John P, Andy reckons I deserved them ! yeah. Then he starts in on me, asking if I was abused then how I’m all the usual suspects……… MI5 bla bla, he got really triggered 🙂

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      • What Andy displayed even moreso today and Angie with pals has proven lots of times, is that there are connected groups of people who purposely pretend to be CSA Survivors with fake accounts and infiltrate groups, to observe and then mock, sneer at survivors that they cannot groom or take over or mirror groups they cannot own……………….. They are really damaging and dangerous to vulnerable people who are trying to gain support online and open up within what they think is a safe group. Then on top they push and spam their chosen people and fake cases….. Alot of strong groups lock down, kick em out, or don’t let them in to begin with, but newer groups are vulnerable if not aware, which is part of my reason for sharing their vile attacks on me.

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      • Angela wasn’t ‘disabled’ when she was entertaining her American visitors this week, what did she say about driving to Dublin frequently was it!

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  9. I see Brees & Wedger (they seem to be a double duo, like Dempsey and Makepeace) have attracted the attention of Private Eye.

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  10. I haven’t had much joy with third party harassment complaints. I’m hoping reporting Devine’s video for race hate speech might stand more of a chance.

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