Rupert who?

Yesterday we shared Angela Power-Disney’s meltdown hissy fit narcissistic rage explosion, apparently triggered by the news that the Gardaí had disobeyed her explicit instructions to identify and arrest everyone who has ever dissed her online.

Instead, the officer in charge of her case had the unmitigated rind to send her case to the Director of Public Prosecutions, and even Angela grasps the import of this news. It means that the police believe that she might have a case to answer, and they are now asking the DPP to decide whether to prosecute Angela for her relentless harassment of certain people who she claims are “Satanic paedophiles”.

Once she’d finished explaining that she was completely innocent, and her victims were guilty by dint of having carried on with their lives in express violation of her wishes, Angela calmed down a bit, and at one point she and Tere Joyce touched briefly on another topic:

Tere: I want to talk about this Ruben Quintana for a second…he went to work on Hampstead, got put in prison over there, right? You know, they incarcerated him…

Angela: Which one? Who are you talking about?

Tere: Ruben, Ruben Quintana. 

Angela: Oh, Rupert Quaintance!

Tere: Rupert! It’s Rupert, I’m sorry….

Angela: No, Rupert! 

After Tere explains that she was confusing Rupert Quaintance with Quintana, who bills himself as a Christian comedian, and is a dead ringer for Rupert:

Rupert Quaintance

Once they’d cleared up that little misunderstanding…

Tere: Right, he was put in prison, and then, you know, the videos that looked like he was unravelling, whatever what going on with him, he got put in the mental institution, right? They incarcerated him. 

Angela: Yeah, they did, yeah. 

Having thrown that titbit of information out there, they moved on.

Somehow, this brief exchange, casually tossed into the conversation and then just as quickly abandoned, seemed emblematic.

Rupert is just one of the many people who Angela has engaged, used, and ultimately tossed aside when they were of no further use to her. She recruited Rupert in early 2016, and in collusion with Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie among others, paid for him to come to the UK to “investigate” the Hampstead case.

He made multiple threats to the families of Hampstead, starting with threats to “kick down doors” and take blood from them, and they were justifiably very concerned.

We have not kept a close eye on Rupert since his release from a four and a half month stay at HMP Wandsworth, followed by his deportation back to America. He had been tried and found guilty of harassing a number of Hampstead families in August 2016, but once he’d served his time we felt that unless he reverted to harassing families in Hampstead, he had served his time, paid his debt to society, and should be allowed to rebuild his life in peace.

We’d heard rumblings that he had travelled to California at one point, and that he’d made at least one video in which he appeared to be having some sort of breakdown, but this was no longer our business.

However, hearing Angela and Tere so casually mention that Rupert had been sectioned, as though they were discussing a change in the weather, seemed somehow…inappropriate. In typical form, Angela waved the subject off, without so much as an acknowledgement that she and her friends had shared responsibility for bringing Rupert to these shores, nor that they had goaded and encouraged him to break the law.

Of course Rupert was responsible for his own actions, but would he have even considered actually coming here, had Angela & Co. not raised the money for him to do so?

Angela and Tere mention, offhandedly, that following his imprisonment Rupert’s mental health had deteriorated to the point where he required involuntary hospitalisation—but neither of them expresses sympathy or regret, much less responsibility, for this situation.

It seems that Rupert is now just another of their ruined lives. Move on, people, nothing to see here.

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  1. Tere’s posted a hilarious rant in response to people’s comments on her Angie interview. I can’t link it, as she (predictably) says the name of a protected witness in it. But here’s me trying to educate her on the law and child safety, which has (surprise surprise) fallen on deaf ears. Because hey, the First Amendment gives you the right to put innocent people in danger, right?

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    • Rather hypocritical of her me thinks…
      ‘I can say whatever I want!!!! Free speech !!! First amendment!!!’
      Actually there is a court order prohibiting what you are doing
      ‘WAAAHHH Cyber bully!!! HARASSMENT!!!! WE HAVE LAWS!!!!’

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      • She’s even saying she’s reported me for my two comments at the top of the page. First Amendment, Schmirst Amendment!

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    • Harassment laws relating to children in the US are just as robust as elsewhere, all the father in this case has to do is report him in that jurisdiction, given he travelled to Ireland to report APD there’s no reason why he shouldn’t report this person in whatever state he resides, or to the FBI who are responsible for international child protection cases – although it must be exhausting dealing with these people instead of being allowed to try and make his children’s lives as normal as possible given what they’ve already had to deal with.

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  2. The arrogance of that Joyce woman.This appalling mis-use of the “free speech” mantra is why a lot of people can’t have nice things.

    Speaking of Ruben Quaintance: whatever happened to his friend, that man who was fasting on the steps of The Vatican in the hope the Pope would step outside and announce his retirement?. Perhaps he melted away into a little pile of fat and was trampled into the footpath.

    And speaking of the Pope & The Vatican I can announce the Vatican Coup organised by ‘Nobel prize Nominee’ (for it is he) Kevin Annett and the officers of International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State or ITCCS (Doris Brimble- Kevin’s housekeeper) has been suppressed and His Holiness reigns supreme. News has been suppressed by MI5/6 CIA. Mossad, Freemasons, La Cosa Nostra etc etc.
    Keep up with the Vatican news..

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  3. Another hilarious round of whingeing from Devine:


    He says he doesn’t like being slandered and bullied. Presumably because dishing it out is much easier.

    He starts on us at 11:51, btw 😀

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    • Also, is her memory really that bad? Angie repeatedly stated that the Hampstead allegations were true in that video. And Tere repeatedly agreed with her and egged her on!

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  4. Troll Hunting:
    I’ll be winging my way to a bookshop to get this book by a journalist who herself became the victim of online trolls. She made contact with some for 1/2 years and maintained a relationship with them. Very illuminating and it really touches on the mind set of the Hampstead hoaxers.

    And a really good lengthy interview with her on ABC radio (not up as I write but will be by the time Hoaxteaders wake up in the UK) with interviews with some of the worst trolls.

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  5. I’m not sure what people expect. A couple of deluded fruitcakes with You Tube channels. You’re not going to hear common sense are you.

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  6. Out of interest, has there ever been anyone who originally believed that there was truth in the allegations made about the school/church in Hampstead in 2014 (or whenever) who has changed his or her mind?

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    • There have been quite alot over the years, one of the reasons Angie hates us so much 🙂
      Remember, given that 4million people viewed the videos in the early days, it has largely failed in terms of being a vehicle for scammers to use at will to pretend that they care for/fight for children to help them promote their schemes, scams or to further abuse children whilst feigning/signalling that they can be trusted.
      The venom spewed by Angie, Andy & co is, I think largely because they cannot get away with their vile attempts to proceed without being exposed………………. thanks largely to this blog and those who are logging all of their dastardly deeds online.

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    • Woo cards are strongly indicating Ms Disney may need to prepare herself for more than a microphine. The omens fortell captivity,restriction,enclosure and desultory desperation. Oh wait,whats this prophecy emerging in my crystal ball?

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    • “IRA ???? Gimme a break”?

      Hmmm, Didn’t she once claim to be in with the provvos, and had a hand in an assassination?

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    • I’m torn between desperately begging APD to consult with an Irish lawyer, and hoping she doesn’t consult with an Irish lawyer!

      “And on the pedestal these words appear:
      ‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
      Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
      Nothing beside remains.
      Round the decay
      Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
      The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

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  7. Interesting news articles.
    Whatever one thinks about the horrific Bulger murder (tabloids ramp up this case for their own benefit every now & then and in doing so must stir up terrible emotions for the parents) the important thing here is the law and that is should be adhered to. As the judge says, innocent people could easily be harmed through mistaken identity.
    I note one of the offenders said they had mental health issues. I don’t doubt it but we find that with the Hampstead hoax- people agitating & encouraging those with mental health issues to do something.
    Who can forget Power-Daisy & Ruben Quaintance’s attack upon a mental health nurse for refusing them admittance to see a patient and the encouragement of Aussie Arthur in his delusions.

    “Pair narrowly avoid jail after ‘sharing photos of James Bulger killer online’

    Child-abuse fantasists are not going away
    David Aaronovitch
    “Despite discredited claims of satanic rituals and VIP paedophile rings, there’s still a tendency to believe any accusers”

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