Angela goes over the edge in new video

It’s been some time since we heard anything from Angela Power-Disney, but her recent interview with American “comedian” Tere Joyce is a humdinger. There’s pathos, there’s bathos, there’s narcissistic rage, there’s victim-blaming…all fuelled by a burning and unwarranted sense of entitlement.

We’re not linking to the video, as she deliberately names a protected witness in it, and it contains images of children who are protected by a court order.

However, we hope you’ll find these highlights as interesting as we did.

‘I have such righteous anger rising up in me’

I think part of the reason I want to do this is because I’m not giving in to the fear, and sometimes under the fear is anger, and I have such righteous anger rising up in me.

And sometimes I get myself in trouble, if I broadcast when I’m angry, it’s like, you know, “Yaaaaaah! Why did I say that?”

But it’s like someone once said depression is anger turned inwards, so it’s anger you don’t feel you have a right to express so you make it just all about…you know, I’ve been suicidal, I’m not afraid to say it. And the thing I’m…you know, most truthers say, ‘I am not suicidal, I will never be suicidal’.

I have mental injuries. I don’t have mental illness, I have mental injuries from being targeted, and being put into no-consent medical programmes, and traumatized from birth, and I’m mostly resolved, except for when I’m severely, uh, traumatised. …

For instance, it can be as simple as having surgery and going under general anaesthetic—that can just take me a month to recover from. My body doesn’t like the trauma. You know. 

‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more’

And similarly, I’m just furious…I don’t think it’s just that we’re getting backlash. I think this stuff is ramping up. And I think these guys want to kill us!

I’m a hundred percent with you, you know…I’m just going to jump in, this is no holds barred, because I’m angry. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more! If we’re gonna die, we all have to die somehow, and I’m going to go down fighting, that’s how I feel. 

‘How dare you come after me for harassment?’

When I said to you, ‘Steve Quail was saying they’re ramping up the attacks on the A-listers, and I don’t mean that to sound big, but people that are a thorn in their side and speak too much truth, they want to kill us. It’s as simple as that. They want to kill us, and it’s only the grace of God that we’re still here, you know.

And if they’re gonna kill me—and I said to you in a message, and I want to get this loud and clear, I’m sorry for venting but I knew you’d let me vent—if I die, even by my own hand, because this is torture to somebody who’s been tortured from birth, to be waiting on a court case, um, getting messages from trolls saying, ‘Oh, your jail cell’s waiting, cunt, you’re going to prison, cunt!’, this that and the other…for the police to send a file to the Director of Public Prosecutions, and then tell me, ‘Could be three weeks, could be three months’, you know, and for me to see, it’s like a predator, it’s like a stalker coming after you. 

So even if I die by my own hand, which by the grace of God I won’t, I want it listed as death by targeting. And my prime assailant is [a protected witness].

And I’ll say that in any court. How dare you?

How dare you come after me for harassment? Evil, evil man! You put your children back in the limelight when I had stepped down from the Hampstead case. You chose to put them in an international eBay video.

I had stepped down from the Hampstead case until you did that. And then you cry foul, and fly to Ireland, and call on a few ‘contacts’…‘Now we’re going after Angie, we’ve got Sabine for nine years, we’ve made a nice example of her, now let’s do the same in Ireland’.

Well, fuck you. I’m going down fighting if I’m going down at all. 

Let’s pause on that, shall we? Angela is actually saying, with a straight face, that it is her victim’s fault that she has been harassing him, because he had the unmitigated gall to appear in a video that was completely unrelated to Hampstead, in which he and the children were all using assumed names. Are we the only ones who think this is seriously fucked up?

Does not play well with others. Blames Satan.

But the thing is, it’s absolutely true what you said about…because  behind all these Satanists you know and these evil people covering up with great contacts and connections, behind them is the darkest entity called Satan.

You know, and so it’s not enough to just say ‘I hate…’, like Julian Vayne, he goes by James Hind [no, he doesn’t], and he goes by Satanic Views, and he’s a Satanist and he’s an open Satanist like Lucien Greaves, he said in his James Hind avatar, ‘I hate Angela Power-Disney more than any other person in the world, other than Abraham Christie. I hate her! How could one woman cause so much havoc?’

You know, so what I’ve done, the havoc I’ve caused, is I’ve interrupted their Satanic agenda. You know, and so there’s no point in me returning hate for hate, although sometimes I do feel rage, there’s no doubt about that, but they’re being jiggled around.

They’ve all got a hierarchy. They’ve got higher-ups, and higher-ups, and higher-ups, to the invisible ones. They’re only minions on some level, but even the ones that think they’re the puppet-masters, they’re being used by Satan, and what I find so true what you said, that suddenly you fall out with your niece, and you fall out with your daughter, and then you fall out with your friend, and then you’re like, ‘It must be me! There’s something wrong with me!’ But what I find is that the devil always overplays his hand.

‘All I’ve done is be a voice for the children’

Right, for people that don’t know, I got raided last August and had all my tech taken, on foot of a harassment allegation made by [a protected witness]. And I’m going to say your name, [protected witness, protected witness, protected witness], flew over to Ireland.

I stepped down in May last year!I made a public video saying, ‘I’m done with Hampstead, I’ve given it three years, my family have been targeted, I’ve been targeted, I’ve done everything I can, somebody else needs to pick up the baton. And then, [a protected witness] appears on a video for eBay, with the children, the only one with children at the fucking event, right? The only one with children on camera. 

And so I did a blog, I didn’t name…I used their false names, and I just put it out there. Because so many people, millions of people pray for those children still, and find it hard to fully relax and sleep, knowing that they got no justice in the UK. Absolutely no justice in the UK.

So I did that blog and then you know, Nathan Stolpman picked it up, and SGT Report picked it up, and it went. But I didn’t name anybody, I had his addresses, I had phone numbers, I had emails, I didn’t put any of them out there, or their real names, but the minute that happened he flew to Ireland and placed harassment allegations against me.

I’ve never tried to contact the man directly, I’ve never spoken to the man, I’ve never sent anonymous letters to the man, all I’ve done is be a voice for the children. A voice for the children, and speak out against injustice.

WARNING: Extreme irony alert ahead

So then that was August, so last week I ring the Detective Sergeant, because the targeting has escalated, and this is what I mean about the devil overplays his hand.

So this person, who I think has been recruited by the dark side, she puts out on her Facebook, ‘I’m on my way to Kells Garda station to report Angela Power-Disney for charity scamming and a GoFundMe with €300,000 in it’, right? Crazy shit. I’ve got €23,000 in there, €10,000 was my inheritance, €10 is a gift in kind of a beautiful piece of art, I’ve had about three grand in donations, very much appreciated, and no shame whatsoever in that, but she said that, and then she escalated, saying, ‘I’ve just been assaulted by Angela’s sons, and they’ve knocked my teeth out, and it’s all been caught on video, and the police have been to the house to try and get her, but she’s missing, but don’t worry, it’s all on video, and I won’t be able to comment on this for a while but believe you me, she’s going down’. Something like that. And it was complete fantasy! …

But then of course the trolls ran with it. ‘Oh, she sent her sons to assault an old woman, and blah blah blah, and that’s when I recognized: this is the devil going crazy. These people are just…they’re to be pitied pawns, you know? 

Wow, imagine that. Someone making up a ridiculous story about your family committing a violent crime, and putting it out on the internet where a bunch of people you didn’t know started making horrible comments about you based on no evidence?

Whoever heard of anything so foul? <eye-roll>

‘He just wants it to stop, Angie…’

But then I called the cop and told him about this allegation and he said, ‘No report was made here, and no assault took place outside here, and I’ll stand by that’, and he said, ‘Your sons should take legal action’, based on that, you know, that’s totally unacceptable. 

And then he just happened to drop it, that oh, a file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions last week to see if you’re going forward for trial.

And I’m like…I don’t know about you, but when I am under stress, I have a delayed reaction. And I always think later, ‘oh I should have said this, or I should have said that’, or whatever. I’ve tried to establish email contact with him, but he’s not an email kind of guy, he’s a detective and he’s mostly just out in the field and he’s not an email kind of guy, or maybe he just doesn’t want to do email because then I’ve got written records, I dunno. 

But I was shocked that they’d sent a file to the DPP, and then he said oh, it could be three weeks, it could be three months, they might come back for some more information.

But he did a bit of NLP on me, even though he’s been very supportive, and he said my sons should take legal action for that false allegation and he knows what a decent person I am, and he hopes I know I can trust him, and that when all this is over he’ll be happy to work with any survivors that I put in touch with him…

But the NLP bit was, because you know [a protected witness] is ringing that station every week, you know. I can’t get a call back for 10 days, or a response to an email, but he said, “Oh, he just wants it to stop, Angie, he just wants it to stop’.

And I said, ‘He doesn’t want it to stop! Otherwise he wouldn’t have put himself and his children on an international video’!

And I repeated to him, ‘I had retired from the Hampstead case, until he did that’.

But I thought about it afterwards, oh, and then he said something about, ‘Didn’t you put something up first?’

Well no, I didn’t!

Not unless you count four years of non-stop harassment, you lying cow.

‘I’m such a stoic, I’m such a Christian’

I did a blog in direct response to [a protected witness] going public again, with the children. In DI-rect response, I did a very careful, legally sound blog. 

But [the DS] did a bit of NLP. You know detectives, they’re kind of, they’re trained to question you quick, so they catch you off guard. And if you’ve got dissociation of any kind, even if you’re telling the—which I am—the full and utter truth, when somebody does little mental gymnastics and you’re already stressed, it’s like whoa! whoa! whoa! and you don’t realize till you put the phone down, wait a minute, that was a bit of a fast move there. 

So he’d said to me, ‘Oh, he just wants it to stop, that’s what he said, he just wants it to stop’, and that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

The man is trolling still, in my opinion, and I pray that forensic analysts on my technology, they promised they would also look at my technology to look at harassment against me. And the level of harassment that my family and I have suffered since we started exposing the Hampstead coverup, it’s off the charts!

I’m such a stoic, I’m such a Christian, I’ve gone, ‘Oh, I’ll do some spiritual warfare, oh, i’ll get some counselling, oh, blah blah blah’. It’s unacceptable, it’s murderous, and it’s not okay! It’s really not okay, and I’m finally, finally…[wipes eyes]…So I put a call back in to the DS, and I may email him, because the other thing was he said, ‘Would you not let somebody else take up the baton of Hampstead, would you not let, you know, other people? You’ve done your time on that case’, and I said, ‘I told you that I would not cover the case unless he escalated, and he and his minions escalated in the targeting. And they have escalated, they have escalated, like I said with that crazy ‘Oh, her sons have just knocked an old lady’s teeth out and all that shit’, they’ve escalated, the messages I’m getting through, I try not to read, except to keep them for evidence, but they’re diabolical. They’re brutal.

And it’s…they deserve imprisoning, just for that, never mind what the allegations from the children were. 

Oh, sorry, probably should have put up another Irony Alert there.

By the way, it’s worth noting that this blog has never endorsed or promoted the story that the lady in question was assaulted by Angela’s sons. At the time, we decided there was not enough evidence to say whether it might be true, so we took a wait-and-see approach. You’re welcome, Angela.

‘They want to make me a national example’

So I wanted to say to [the DS], first of all, because he said to me, ‘Can you just not mention his name or the case?’ And I was almost ready to comply, and I just sort of said, ‘Conditionally, only if he doesn’t escalate against my children or I’, but then I stopped to think about it, and I thought, ‘That man flew to Ireland, he’s been targeting me, him and his minions have been targeting me, mercilessly, for three years, he flew to Ireland, went to police, and filed a charge against me which lost me all my tech, and if I had been somebody to be in high anxiety permanently, I could have been stressing since August’.

So nine months of my life, it’s in the background, they’ve just given Sabine nine years in jail, outrageously, and now they want the same in Ireland, from me. They want to make me a national example.

So I just wanted to say to him, because the other thing—if somebody is attacking me like that, that I could, you know, worst-case scenario, die, or die in jail, or you know, whatever—have my life destroyed, and you want me to not say his name? What?! What?!!

What kind of a crazy world are we in, that somebody—like the director, or the person that seduced you off to Louisiana, or whatever, the person that fed you drugs, or you know, the person that switched the script, or whatever, and you’re not allowed to say their name? I’m going to say an expletive. 

‘This is not about me’

So I just feel much better for getting angry, and placing that anger where it belongs, which is not swirling around in my head, hating myself, when this is not about me.

All I did was have the audacity to try and speak up for children that made extensive disclosures which were never properly legally investigated.

And for that, I’m being put through hell, and for that, Sabine McNeill is doing nine years in jail in the UK. She’s 74 and disabled. She got NINE YEARS. You get paedophiles, or murderers, get less than that. They can get like…there’s a cop who just got 90 days for paedophilia, and somebody got five years for selling weed!

It’s a crazy world, and when we start to adapt to the craziness, and say, ‘Oh yeah, well I won’t mention his name then…oh well, you know, I’m really sorry, I’ll say sorry and oh yeah, I’ll take everything down about it, and scrub it from the internet, you know, no! No!

It’s a crazy world, and if I die, and we all die sometime, and I don’t mean to be dramatic, I am feeling dramatic, I’ve had a really bad week, but if my life ends…but if I go, I want to leave my children an example that I didn’t go compromising and settling. I didn’t go saying, ‘Oh, they were scary so I had to forget about the children, you know. I can’t stand up for children if there’s scary grown-ups around, no, that’s too scary!’  So you know, anyway…I don’t need any professional, solicitors or anybody telling me they’re my friend, if they’re not going to fight for justice. 

‘I have never doxed anybody from the Hampstead case’

Now I don’t dox people. I have never doxed anybody from the Hampstead case. I’ve said some names that were named by the children, but I don’t do this email address and home address and that kind of stuff, I just…I’ve doxed myself, I’ve put my stuff out there…

Oh, so we were just imagining that video Angela made last year (in collaboration with Charlotte Ward and Cat Snot) in which she published the names and addresses of a number of people—and made disgusting insinuations about the elderly parents of one person, while publishing the name of the small community business they run—she believed were associated with this blog.

Sorry, our mistake.

64 thoughts on “Angela goes over the edge in new video

  1. Sounds to me like she`s feeling left out again, Angela Attention Seeking Plop Plops Disney. no one cares about you.

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    • I think she’s probably being truthful (I know, strange but true) about the file being sent to the DPP, as she’d be kicking up even more of a stink if she’d been arrested. However, I think the reality of the situation may (finally) be sinking in: Angela is not special, she’s ordinary like everybody else, and she will be charged if she commits a crime. I’m sure that’s a bitter pill for her to swallow.

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      • Like Sabine, Angie could have stopped herself from breaking the law, breaching the court order and saved herself from the inevitable consequences now catching up with her. I wish it hadn’t taken so long for her to be questioned and investigated. She has no one to blame but herself and her latest disgusting display of defiance is sickening and I hope that the strongest possible action is taken by the protected victim/s.
        I have zero sympathy for her, if she is feeling bad, so she should and hopefully will have a long time to review and regret her merciless torture of innocent people and attacks on those who’ve exposed her vile behaviour.

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      • It goes without saying that the Republic has a completely different judicial system to the UK. I also believe that, unlike England & Wales, the Garda can initiate prosecutions themselves as well as a referral to the DPP, This could all be wrong so happy to be corrected,

        What I do know is that, in the case of a decision not to prosecute by the Irish DPP, the victim can ask for a request for reasons. They can also ask for a review if it is made within 28 days.

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  2. There’s pathos, there’s bathos, there’s narcissistic rage

    Is this going to be another reboot of The Three Musketeers?

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  3. You couldn’t make something like this up as a novel or movie- they would say it was too implausible…

    Sadly she has no one to blame but herself, the evidence is all out there, she and her partners in crime decided to ignore that and continue on with their campaign of hatred and she will likely see a similar result as Sabine, the tide has turned and people are getting sick of these online sickos spreading lies about innocent people, people who have had their lives destroyed by these clowns actions…

    It’s taken a while (far too long imho) but it’s happening, even twitter and facebook are starting to feel the heat where it hurts them the most, their pockets, they are only taking baby steps atm, but the pressure from the public and governments is starting to be felt….

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  4. Meanwhile, it’s good to see her treating a condolence post with the respect and reverence it deserves:

    Footnote: she posted several posts after this, so she was lying about being banned from posting.

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  5. Facebook suspensions latest:

    Neelu Berry – 30-day ban (graphic violence)
    Lee Cant – 30-day ban (hate speech)
    Andy Devine – suspended from three accounts, restricted on his fourth (hate speech)
    Christine Ann Sands – 30-day ban (hate speech and sexual explicitness)


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    • What nonsense!

      I was recently speaking with someone about this….re:Facebook

      If someone gets found at a football match in the UK shouting racial abuse etc, they get banned FOR LIFE!

      How can a company like Facebook ban someone for 30 days!

      It’s insane and totally inappropriate.

      AND….some of these loons get banned for 30 days then come back on and continue their crap and get banned again and again!

      Is it not clear that Facebook ONLY cares about money?


      • “If someone gets found at a football match in the UK shouting racial abuse etc, they get banned FOR LIFE!”

        I feel that a hobby horse is about to be ridden. Apologies!

        Football fans in England are held to a higher standard than the general population. It is an offence to be drunk to and from a designated sporting event. Note, this is not drunk and disorderly, breaching the peace or any other anti-social behaviour you might want to consider. Just drunk. I am a criminal every other week.

        Whilst you maybe the subject of a Football Banning Order, this a a civil offence. The MAXIMUM an order can be given for is 10 years. LIFE bans are commercial decisions made by clubs. Racism at football matches is prosecuted under laws which, if you can bring matters to the attention of police, pertain to Facebook as well.

        That is not to say that I am averse to Facebook et al. making commercial decisions, but please do not try to confuse criminal law, civil law and commercial decisions, It helps no-one.

        For my part, I deleted my Facebook account 2 years ago I do not like their business practices. I would recommend others did the same/


    • It is like a Battle Royale with that lot. They will keep on fighting each other until there is only one man/woman left standing. King of the dung pile.

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  6. But the NLP bit

    I take it that “NLP” has become another of these “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra” slogans among the incognoscenti, and they know what they mean by it, and it has nothing to do with neurolinguistic programming as actually practiced.

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      • I know I have been a strong proponent of the theory that these morons are delusional rather than mad and don’t trigger the mentally incompetency threshold (and I include Neelu and Sabine in that categorisation) but APD really has her brain wired differently most folks.

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  7. “they’d sent a file to the DPP”
    So will they arrive one morning at 5am with a 27 man Swat team, weapons drawn and with the local TV crew in attendance? Or will there be a phone call asking her to present herself at the police station for arrest?

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  8. “This isn’t about me” Oh sweet baby Jesus – it’s always all about you Angela. You’re a pathological narcissist – the pain and discomfort of others is your meat and drink. You talk about demons all the time, why don’t you deal with your own?

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  9. “I don’t do this email address and home address and that kind of stuff, I just…I’ve doxed myself, I’ve put my stuff out there…” I beg to differ Angela I think you will find that asking people to do it on your behalf is exactly the same as doing it yourself. Also just because you are incompetent and freely broadcast your personal details does not make it OK for you to obtain others details…..Thanks for saving me the trouble of watching this whinge fest.

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    “Does the DPP prosecute all criminal offences?

    The DPP prosecutes all serious crimes and sometimes less serious crimes. The most serious cases are heard before a jury in the Circuit Court, Central Criminal Court or Special Criminal Court.

    The Gardaí may prosecute less serious crimes. However, the prosecution is still taken in the name of the DPP and the DPP has the right to tell the Gardaí how to deal with the case.

    How long does it take the DPP to reach a decision?

    Each case is different and must receive careful consideration. If a case is straightforward, the DPP will generally make a decision within two weeks. Other cases may take longer because:

    they are more complex;
    there is a lot of material to consider;
    there is more than one accused person; or
    the DPP needs more information before he can decide.”

    Sooooo, Angela has finally realised that this is reality, welcome back into the world Angela, where people are actually kind & caring & do not make unfounded accusations against innocent people nor dox an elderly couple who do tremendous work in their community. Shame on you, you nasty pathological liar.

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    • Yes, I think it’s amazing that it’s taken her a full five months to grasp that they didn’t take her tech and interview her at the Barracks because they sympathised with her terrible plight. I reckon another week before she starts to decide that the officer in charge is “from the dark side”.

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  11. “And then, [a protected witness] appears on a video for eBay, with the children, the only one with children at the fucking event, right? The only one with children on camera. ”

    I’ve pondered on whether this was advisable and concluded that not only should [a protected witness] celebrate what was a really nice win for he & his family after so much B/S, that they should not feel intimidated in any way and hide away as The Mob would have them do.

    This sentence to me sums up the really bizarre thought processes of Ms Daisy Power and her inability to feel any sort of empathy with her chosen victims/enemies no matter what the truth is.

    I reckon [a protected witness] has demonstrated a great strength of character (it must have been so hard) to have guided those kids through this ordeal.

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  12. Why would someone who wins an award have to hide away and not appear on the awards video? And if he does why does it bring Angela out of retirement? And how was she ‘retired’ anyway since she wasn’t employed in the first place?

    All this ‘they want to kill us’ is histrionic rubbish. I want to see her in Court and justice to be served. Nothing more. If she’s anxious about legal developments she only has herself to blame.

    Re the allegations against her she says the Police Officer said ‘Didn’t you put something up first?’

    She says: Well no, I didn’t!

    Is she serious?

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  13. I don’t want to see Angela dead, although if she isn’t careful all those fags will one day catch up with her.
    I didn’t particularly want Sabine, or Rupert, to go to jail, or Neelu loose her house – or other people to end up in mental institutions. All of them have unfortunately chosen to keep on paths of self destruction despite numerous warnings.

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    • Just listened to a BBC podcast about a poor man who killed himself after being made bankrupt over unpaid Council Tax and was about to be evicted. He had let a 7 ground debt escalate to 70 thousand.
      There is much that is wrong about the housing situation in the UK and I feel sympathy for this chap even though he brought upon himself. But it’s an unfair system and ever since Maggie abolished rent controls (ludicrous- even New York has had rent controls for decades that allow 100,000s to live there and take the lower paying jobs) it’s been an up hill battle for many.
      But Neelu?. No sympathy and I still maintain we’ll eventually find she has other property. She is so not like a person who has found themselves on the street.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t a horrible landlord.


  14. Angela Power Disney, get it in your slow witted brain that I have no connection to Julian Vayne. Angela, I am looking forward to seeing you carted off to prison, a fate you deserve. I also observe that your soul Angela is as black, sick and decayed as your lungs.

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  15. Tom Dumb has a new video out. It’s a good one where he waves his arms around a lot and gets passionate. Down ladies down! I won’t post the video here because it includes a picture of children. I don’t believe it’s right to post pictures of other people’s kids but Tom apparently has no such concerns and thinks what he’s doing is righteous, despite being so ill informed about the Hampstead case that he regularly talks out of his arse about it.

    For example, Tom talks about people pimping the kids out on Wednesdays and how some got ‘slapped on the wrist’ by the Courts. This is a blatant lie because the case never made it to criminal court, having been recognized as a hoax by both the police and the family court. He likens the Hampstead case to the Dutroux case in Belgium which probably makes some sense to him but seems ridiculous in the extreme to normal people.

    It gets better though. He gets louder and more animated as he ramps up the fear by mentioning Satanists, baby killers and rapists who are apparently ‘surrounding’ us. Anyone would think he was manipulating his (gullible) audience! He then spends some time promoting his movies. His new film is ‘Fire and Brimstone’. The first 100 orders get a free book called ‘The Emperors New Gender’. I bet that’s an interesting read.

    Strangely, he never mentions the lizard people but he does say he’s done an interview with someone about ‘the black-eyed kids’. I can’t wait for that, and would suggest a follow-up – The Black Eyed Kids Meet Godzilla. There’s a movie in there for you Tom. You go get it!

    And then there’s his Patreon which is being improved so those who donate will get exclusive information that ordinary mortals won’t get. He doesn’t say so but I think he wants us to believe he does all this out of the goodness of his heart and it’s nothing to do with business at all. In the meantime, send your tithes and offerings to…..

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      • Devine appears to be falling apart in front of our eyes. His long droning talks are becoming more crazy by the day.


    • “You probably already have a reservation”

      WelI, I can’t vouch for Promethius but I have lots of reservations about you, Angela.

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    • Regarding her sister’s cause of death, alcoholics have been known to drink antifreeze when their standard tipple isn’t available. While it’s relatively non-toxic, ethylene glycol metabolises into glycolic acid, glyoxylic acid, and oxalic acid. Those can definitely kill a person. And a fall can cause the temple injury Angela describes.

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      • Ethylene-glycol-induced cerebral edema is an unpleasant way to die. There is ‘coning’ – because the skull won’t expand, the brain is forced out downwards through the foramen magnum, like toothpaste.



      • I thought she has said she has disassociative identity disorder and “alters”. Last time I looked DID was definitely a mental disorder best treated by a psychiatrist. No shame in mental health problems which happen to a surprisingly large amount of the population in their lifetime.

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          • Comorbidity is it called?

            I have some thoughts about BPD. Hysteria/troublesome woman in another name? There’s a lot of stigma about BPD. Matthew Scott/Barrister Blogger has explained about his daughter’s diagnosis of BPD, she’s open about it too.

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            • Yes, BPD has definitely been misused and misunderstood, and has been stigmatised in popular culture (think Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction), as well as the medical/psychiatric field.


          • DID, BPD, PTSD, COPD, ASD, ADHD, dyslexia…

            To be honest, it would be easier to list the conditions she doesn’t claim to have.


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