Grudge match of the week: Angela takes on Jon Wedger

It had to happen. In Angela Power-Disney’s ever-intensifying effort to win the heart (and the page-views) of ex-boy-band member and former teen heart-throb Brian Harvey, she decided to take on current SRA-pushers’ heart-throb and ever-boyish Jonathan “Puppy Eyes” Wedger.

Wedger, who recently completed a bicycle ride from London to Penzance on a rusty old clunker salvaged from the canals (geddit? he even saves old abandoned bikes, he’s that dedicated!) had the utter temerity to mention Angela’s unkind cuts in a video which he livestreamed to Facebook.

After a typically maudlin start [needed violins, I thought—Ed.] the good bits begin at around –1:43/2:53:

We’ve done this all on the backdrop of this horrendous campaign of disruption and discord, it’s just been absolutely unbelievable. And there was even like I mentioned earlier, some woman put some video out, I mean, woman looked like a witch, I mean I’m not here to knock anyone, but she’s saying, “Oh, what Jon’s doing is the same as what Jimmy Savile did”.

Well oh my God, I mean, I could scream but…this is how divide and conquer works, it’s exactly how it works, and you know what, I’m not listening to it, I’m ignoring it, it ain’t nothing to do with me, and I know in my heart I’ve done good and I will continue to do good, and all those victims and survivors out there, I’m doing it for you, and I’m doing it for all the whistleblowers that have been persecuted, I’m doing it for you.

But I don’t care about these ex-celebrities what they say, really not bothered. Worries me not, I’ve taken on the might of the establishment. Yes, that has been a battle, but all these other, these second-rate media gurus that pop up, d’you know what, go away, leave me alone, if you want to fight someone, go and fight someone who wants to fight, and leave the rest of us to do our work. And that is sorting the system out, which is rotten to the core, but I hate to say that, and that’s the end of it.


If that wasn’t waving a red flag in front of a mad cow, we don’t know what was.

Angela, to nobody’s surprise, threw together a response.

Yes, it was typical Angie fare: long, rambling, and self-referential.

For some reason, she seemed to find it necessary to show us her YouTube comments section, while claiming that her alleged trolls have been making up fake profiles in the names of her children, which had rendered her daughter hysterical at one point. We’ve never seen any such profiles, but would be grateful if anyone could point them out, should they happen to exist.

In her “Sucking Up to Brian” portion, she managed to make excuses for Brian Harvey thinking that Reggie Kray was just a nice old feller who liked his band’s music, not a brutal mobster who along with his twin brother Ronnie shared a reputation for wanton cruelty.

Angela strikes back

The real fun, though, starts at 13:08, when Angie turns her attention to Jon Wedger:

I will just address the Jon Wedger thing. He made a nasty comment on one of his live-streams when he was 15 miles outside of Cornwall [15 miles from Penzance, but who’s counting?—Ed.], referring to a video I made where I talked about a commenter saying, ‘Doesn’t it remind you of Jimmy Savile doing all these long-distance whatevers for charity?’

And I immediately afterwards said, ‘I’m not saying Jon Wedger is a Jimmy Savile, I’m saying I don’t trust charities’. I think there’s more useful ways that he could employ or he could use his position of influence, and one of them I’ve harped on about in a few videos, which is the ITNJ International Tribunal for Natural Justice that was held in London, crowd-funded sixty grand to hold it, and put out some good videos. You know, I thought Jon Wedger’s was cracking at the time, there was Christie Allen, MK Ultra survivor from America…I didn’t watch them all, but there was some good information put out there. 

But there’s a saying in the Bible, if you build on a crooked cornerstone, how’re you going to make the house stand? And Jon Wedger should know full well that Special Branch visited the organisers of that conference and said, ‘If you have any Hampstead reporters there, or campaigners, or you make any reference to Hampstead, we will shut you down’.

And so, they backed off.

Special Branch? Srsly?

This is not the first time Angela has made this bizarre claim, and we think it needs a bit of clarification.

Prior to the ITNJ “seating”, one of our commenters did get in touch with the Metropolitan police to let them know that Sacha Stone’s spurious organisation was publicising the Hampstead case using pictures of RD’s children.

As we have stated countless times, this is illegal.

So it’s certainly not beyond the realm of possibility that a Metropolitan police officer let the ITNJ organisers know that the privacy of those named in the Hampstead case is protected by court order, and that discussing them in a public venue could result in prosecution for contempt of court.

But “Special Branch“? Seriously, Angela?

For one thing, when it existed, Special Branch dealt with issues of national security, not hateful hoaxes perpetrated by bitter ex-partners and their loony new boyfriends. And secondly, Special Branch has not existed as such for about a decade. Do try to keep up.

Okay, back to the Wedger-slagging:

And I’ve had people say to me ‘oh well, for the greater good, you know, if they had to sacrifice talking about that, but at least other people got their story out’, and you know, whatever, but as an ex-policeman, and I’m still kind of half-wondering, are you ex, Jon, because I watched Brian Harvey’s reporting Jon Wedger video, and it seems you were active duty till last year. 

And I don’t understand how you could have been doing activism with Bill Maloney for years, including getting thrown out of Parliament, you know, and driving people around and what have you, how could you have been on the activism scene if you were still active police? I will possibly review your testimony on the ITNJ and you might explain that, and that might have led to you getting sacked, I always try and think of the best reason…

**cough** Excuse us one moment, would you?

…right, as you were:

but it’s a bit iffy to me that you were active police up until last year, and yet you were…it sounds to me like double agent, or something? You know, running around being an anti-child abuse campaigner and still active police…that was a bit worrying to me.  

This from a woman who hasn’t worked out that Special Branch no longer exists…sure, completely plausible, Angie.

So I made it clear that I don’t think Jon Wedger’s a paedophile…

Very big of you, we’re sure he appreciates it.

I do think he’s told a few porkies, and done some undercover work and been around some stuff that’s very shady, so I personally am not, you know, cheering on the sidelines. 

But the personal thing I said that was probably a bit naughty was how come two weeks ago you were saying you were stepping out of the scene because your children needed you, and then you go away for a month, riding bicycles and swimming and stuff?

Probably the same reason that Angela claimed a few months ago that she was stepping away from the Hampstead case, but then threw herself back into it when she realised she wasn’t getting the public attention she so desperately craves? Just a guess. Could be anything, really.

Probably, it’s not really a good idea to bring our kids into it, grown up or not. [Ya think???—Ed.]

But then in response, Jon Wedger—and I have the video, and it’s downloaded, backed up and everything—calls me second-rate, he’s like, ‘Oh, she looks like a witch’ and ‘second-rate media people’ and ‘ex-celebrities trying to get in the way, just go away and let us get on with the work’.

You arrogant son of a gun…You showed up like a copper right then and a Freemason. That’s what you showed up to me like. And if you were or if you are still active, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear you say, ‘She’s annoying me – go and sort her out, boys.’

You know? So that was not a good move and I’d be very open to an apology.

And an apology would be nice, but what would be nicer would be to say, ‘You know I’m out of order, saying I won’t consider engaging with Brian Harvey”. You know, stop throwing personal insults around, stop trolling survivors, and support them. 

Uh-huh. There’s a thought: wouldn’t it be nice if Angela were to take her own advice? We’re sure many of those she’s attacked over the years would appreciate it.

And the other point I got confused from, or sidetracked from, was that when you found out that ‘Special Branch’ had come down on the ITNJ three-day conference, and put a caveat that nobody could mention Hampstead, you know, what would be wrong with you investigating that?

You know, you did the ITNJ thing and you upped your profile and you got some funding and stuff like that, what’s wrong with saying, ‘D’you know what, it was a bit strange that my colleagues or ex-colleagues have said…it’s like John Cleese, ‘Whatever you do, don’t mention the war’. 

What’s the deal in England, that whatever you do, don’t mention Hampstead? I mean, even American CIA have said, ‘We can’t go near Hampstead, it would take the British establishment down’.

Really, Angela? You’re sure the CIA said this? Who in the CIA? When? Could we have a link, please? And not just to some QAnon-obsessed nutter mumbling into their soup about being mind-controlled, if you don’t mind.

Even David Icke, you know, and I have this in a message from somebody that was working with Jamie… 

So much for not bringing kids into it.

David Icke said, ‘My career wouldn’t be worth it to touch that case’, you know? So that would be a useful way for you to campaign.

Another would be for you to examine the link between police and Freemasons. You know? What’s wrong with doing a project instead of riding a bicycle 300 miles, why don’t you ride a bicycle to each Freemasonic Lodge that has coppers in it, and start asking your copper friends to come forward, you know? 

DC Steve Martin is supposed to have said to somebody else he arrested that he only joined the Masons to get on in his career. 

Again, evidence, Angela? Who claims Icke said this? When did they say it?

You know, use your position. If you are a good person, and you’ve got some stuff to admit, and come clean about, and then you want to make a difference from being totally honest, look into why ‘Special Branch’ made that caveat and why the ITNJ caved to it. 

Answer to Question 1: see above re “Special Branch” does not exist.

Answer to Question 2: ITNJ caved to a police warning because they were only interested in scamming as many people as possible for as much cash as possible, and the actual content of their so-called court was completely meaningless. Simple as.

Or look into the connection between Freemasonry and the police. Or do a project on all the cover-ups, you know, you say you’re part of a group of 300 police whistleblowers, and that can only be a good thing for survivors, but let’s start getting some testimonies, you know, those of us that research have seen plenty online where…you know, I was privy for a while to a policemen’s sort of chat room, where they would all talk about how they’d been closed down, and how [redacted] was involved, and how [redacted] was involved and so on, and all of a sudden Special Branch come in…

What, not them again? They. Do. Not. Exist.

…and any notebooks that have been written by the regular police shut down….There’s a policeman who was working in Brixton I think wrote a book! You know, why don’t you promote that? 

Yeah, so thanks for calling me, you know, looking like a witch. I’m 61, doing my best. You know. Maybe I’ll grow a bit more granny. Maybe that’ll please you, I don’t know. You didn’t look too hot covered in sweat and sharing about washing your shorts out nightly. So I don’t wanna fight with you but don’t don’t don’t diss survivors.

Er…perhaps this would be a good time to ask some survivors, like Sheva Burton for example, about people who “diss survivors”?

That said, yes, point taken about attacking people based on appearance rather than on  their actions.

Angela could look like next year’s hottest supermodel, but it would do nothing to erase the fact that she has made a career of smearing and harassing innocent people. From her own father to RD to an entire community, she seems to take delight in making the most disgusting claims in as public a way as possible, neither knowing nor caring whether what she says is true.

Time for the wind-up, Angie:

And please, engage with Brian Harvey.

Or don’t be surprised at the pushback, as you call it. You’re not getting pushback because you’re doing a good thing—you’re getting pushback because you’ve got a platform and you’re still dissing survivors and you’re acting trollish and arrogant.

FUCK OFF! FUCK OFF! Sorry, sorry, it gets personal.

But really, with Angela, is it ever not personal?

It does occur to us that one reason she’s so spitting angry at Jon Wedger is that he’s stealing her thunder, and doing a better job of grabbing the public eye than she’s been able to do in three-plus years of slagging, smearing, and lying about innocent people.

Perhaps the real problem is that he’s getting the beer money, and Angela is not?

96 thoughts on “Grudge match of the week: Angela takes on Jon Wedger

  1. I suspect the only reason she’s spitting angry at Wedger and dissing Maloney, is to please Brian Harvey. She’s desperate to get him to agree to an interview.

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    • Absolutely. And if that should ever happen, I’ll be taking bets on how long before she decides that Harvey is “complicit” in something or another, and therefore a Bad Person worthy of badmouthing and smearing ad infinitum.

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      • Agreed. Plus, she’s gained some new subscribers from people searching all things relating to Brian Harvey’s story, so she’s not going to give up talking about him anytime soon either.

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      • So let me go on record now as saying I’ve warned Mr. Harvey about Angela, none of which he’s acknowledged, so when it all goes moobs up he won’t be able to say he wasn’t warned.

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        • Yes, I should say that I do feel sorry for the guy. There’s much more to be said about how Maloney seems to have used and abused him, and he makes some very good points about that and other issues. Unfortunately, Angela can come across all sweetness and light until one knows her better, and I fear Brian may fall for it.

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    • Bradley Whittingham at 21:39 and 24:32 in the first video talks about Hoaxtead. He says he’s a follower, though he’s quite vague and ambiguous and it’s hard to tell what his take on it is.

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      • Interestingly, Flo Destroyer is a follower of ours too.

        At some points he asks Angela some quite tough questions but perhaps could push a bit harder on some stuff.

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        • I was trying to ask questions that she would answer willingly this is the 1st engagement i have had with her it was in response to me posting the picture of her with Saville from here ,Angela engaged with me so i asked her if she would consider a hangout and she agreed. I have no experience with interviewing hence why i was probably not as cutting or direct as other may have been or was warranted however i am not researched enough to probe to deeply..
          As far as this blog has been concerned has been invaluable for information in the short time i have been researching.I hope in the future i will be more researched and will push towards more telling questions as i hope to have future engagements.

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          • Welcome! I’m just about to go listen to Angela’a Hangout, so it’s good to know your background and understand where you’re coming from. Thanks for taking her on, and hope we’ll see more of you.

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          • FD, I’ve just noticed that in the second video Angela once again claims that we’ve threatened her. I’d just like to reiterate for the record that that is categorically untrue.

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          • Hi Flo, I assumed you were a woman too, lol…….. I lost my channel, which highlighted some vile videos made by Angie with her friend Heather about me, plus others that showed her colluding with others to smear and attack or humiliate me……….. Another friend of hers; Hopegirl QEG free energy scammer, copyright struck a couple of videos that featured her, describing everyone on Hoaxtead as trolls, but also she managed to take the third down on behalf of Angela…….. She has hated on me for 3 years, now….. I’ll post clips in the next few days……. The videos are still up on her channels, as far as I know, but they are often longwinded….. I’ve lost count of the lies she’s told about me, including casting aspertions on whether I was abused, whether I campaigned in the 90s plus some vitriolic crap that she encouraged and was delighted about when Heather called me a crack head and other personal insults based on nothing but their determination to either upset me or smear me so that I would either shut up or be discredited.
            So her calls for Jon Wedger to stop dissing survivors, was pretty shallow after all of that, tbh.
            There are lots of screenshots collated in Google Drive, too.
            From another of Angies pals, I have recieved credible death threats which were reported and Heather has insinuated that she is trawling around my old and current neighbourhoods looking for dirt on me…..
            You may not know about what happened when Rupert Quaintance came to the UK at Angies request with her funding, but he ended up in jail for harrassment and Angie was described in court as ‘Not a very nice person’…
            The reason though that I comment and add my twopenneth here and share the information widely, is because of the appalling hoax that followed on the back of the Hollie hoax and the amount of harrassment and harm caused to innocent people, falsely accused.
            Needless to say, Angie calls me a Government shill, troll, GCHQ funded operative, etc, etc, etc,……

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          • In Crown Court Angie was referred to as ‘not a nice person’ by Rupert and he agreed with the barrister’s comment that she was ‘dangerous’.

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        • Yes, I did wonder whether that was what she meant. That’s where the FSF are very crafty with the language they use, making themselves sound like some officially recognised, reputable body. Which is particularly irresponsible when they’re claiming to be carrying out a child abuse inquiry. It’s very unfair on genuine victims, epecially if they’re duped into giving them information about their abuse.

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          • Have noticed this is the modus operandi of a lot of “scam” support groups have not looked into that specifically Im just a nub who has barely scratched the surface.

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      • Given that she’s talking about Cathi Morgan, who also appeared with her on Miles Johnstons channel, it will indeed be the FSF, that she meant, but of course wanted it to sound official.
        Jon Wedger and more recently Brian Gerrish also appeared on Bases Project, so it seems clear that collosion is happening between these channels.
        It is not fair on genuine victims, to be perhaps fooled into trusting them.

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    • LMAO! Angie reckons running her FB page and groups is akin to a Journalism job worth £100k a year.


      • “Nobody makes any money on YouTube unless you’re Tweetie Pie or somebody like that”.
        LOL! PewDiePie will love that…


        • She’s lying about first being aware of Wedger from the ITNJ video, we mentioned Wedger waaaay before that re Hampstead and we know she’s an avid reader of the blog.

          I knew she wouldn’t give the blog the credit of bringing him to her attention though..

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  2. Imagine that, Jon Wedger had the darn cheek to tell Angela she is……..a nobody! Oh dearie me, I’ve had to clean my screen after spluttering all over it.

    Then he calls her a second rate media guru, she should take that as a compliment, even a “second rate media guru” if there is such a person would be out on the streets getting something to write about unlike Angela who copies links from like minded lazy arses who copy them from other idiots that have no clue about life other than to try to get people to believe they have discovered another cover up & ask for donations to finance their “truth”.

    Lol@Special Branch, anything to sound important, she couldn’t simply say, “a few coppers turned up & gave the ITNJ crowd a warning about the Hampstead case”, nope that doesn’t sound very impressive really for her. 😂😂😂

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  3. This is my personal opinion. I believe that all the “Troofer “dingbats from Spivey on down ( he really is the King Dingbat when it comes to hanging out the begging bowl ) know that there is only so much moolah that can be milked from the easily deluded pool of like minded fruitcakes who hang on their every word. These dingbats know that this pool of fruitcakes willing to part with portions of their benefits to keep them in Gin and Cigarettes is actually quite limited so, when they are no longer getting sufficient funds to keep them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed they turn on each other in the hope of “poaching ” some of the others generous benefactors.
    Please note I said “benefits “as I doubt if many are actually working for a living.

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  4. 🙂 My thoughts, lazily copied and pasted from what I posted at the time:

    Bollocks ‘n’ Butt-Hurt: A Selection of Quotes from Angie’s Wedger Video

    – “Wherever I comment on YouTube, they must have some GCHQ or hacker type thing where they get an alert the minute I comment on anything”
    – “This is their latest trick is making fake names in the name of people…including my children”
    – “That’s one for the police…That had my daughter hysterical last time, so that’s one for the police”
    – “The other Brian Harvey video – I wasn’t trying to jump on anyone’s bandwagon”
    – “I’m gonna keep doing evidence videos instead of sharing every detail of my life”
    – “The ITNJ tribunal…Special Branch visited the organisers of that conference”
    – “Jon, it sounds to me like you’re a double agent”
    – “You arrogant son of a gun…You showed up like a copper right then and a Freemason. That’s what you showed up to me like. And if you were or if you are still active, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear you say, ‘She’s annoying me – go and sort her out, boys.’ You know? So that was not a good move and I’d be very open to an apology.”
    – “Stop throwing personal insults around. Stop trolling survivors”
    – “Even American CIA have said we can’t go near Hampstead – it would take the establishment down”
    – “DC Steve Marin is supposed to have said to somebody else he arrested that he only joined the Masons to get on in his career”
    – “Yeah, so thanks for calling me, you know, looking like a witch. I’m 61, doing my best. You know. Maybe I’ll grow a bit more granny. Maybe that’ll please you, I don’t know. You didn’t look too hot covered in sweat and sharing about washing your shorts out nightly. So I don’t wanna fight with you but don’t don’t don’t diss survivors”
    – “Don’t be surprised at the pushback, as you call it. You’re not getting pushback because you’re doing a good thing – you’re getting pushback because you’ve got a platform and you’re still dissing survivors and you’re acting trollish and arrogant”
    – “FUCK OFF! FUCK OFF! Sorry, sorry, it gets personal”

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  5. Clash of the Conspiraloons
    Episode 94

    Poor old Catriona Selvester of the FSF. There she was, minding her own business – i.e. rampaging across the internet (with her creepy mate Anthony), yelling abuse at random strangers, calling David Bowie a child rapist and pretending to know what the f*ck she was talking about – when up popped an MK Ultra conspiraloon and started questioning Cat ‘n’ Ant’s incoherent ramblings…

    Cat’s screenshots in full:

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  6. Debs is on vintage form.

    Deborah’s Persecution Complex
    Of particular interest in this one is the revelation that another landlord is evicting her on account of her online activities!
    Oh and she also reveals that she’s “never been convicted of possessing decent images of children”. Thanks for clearing that up for us, Debs.

    And I’ve been looking forward to her mentioning this 😀
    Debs on Her ‘Little Fookers’ Facebook Ban

    And for this one I’ll let the title speak for itself:
    Debs – ‘You Stupid Twats’

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  7. Happy Birthday Brian……….. So glad that you have made it clear, I’ve been concerned for you re: both Angie, of course and I groaned after you did the interview with Christine J Hart, too……… Who’s she gonna blame for this though ?……. She sure gets a few mentions 🙂 She won’t be happy, the stars just went out of her eyes…….again !

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    • I see that Fresh Start director Catriona Selvester has a raving Jew-hater for an ally there. Desperate much, Cat?

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