Wedger’s campaign of self-glorification

Yesterday’s post about Jon Wedger’s recent interview with Lou Collins generated a good deal of discussion, both here and on Twitter. Further concerns were raised about Wedger’s reluctance to answer even the simplest of questions about his activities—including why he persists in referring to survivors of child trafficking as “prostitutes”, and their traffickers/rapists as “pimps”.

We also heard from Julian King of the Independent Police Support Group (IPSG), who reiterated his belief that Wedger does not qualify as a genuine police whistleblower:

I have personally met Mr Wedger on 3 occasions initially to try and help him as a whistleblower and it soon became apparent that he is not a genuine whistleblower, did not want any help wishing to go solo and did not care about or show any concern for other police whistleblowers.

He did also not seem to care about the victims he talks about and I found a nasty side to him supported by vile messages he sent to me recently.

Reading this blog post there is mention of people picking up on discrepancies in Mr Wedger’s interviews; these are not discrepancies [but] down right lies. Everything he says is either false or embellished.

He was not on pay for 3 years, he served 23 years not 25 years and only a small proportion of this time on child abuse.

He has lied about Maggie Oliver’s and my own case to try and bolster his own case.

As King points out in his own blog, this makes it difficult to distinguish truth from fiction in anything Wedger says:

Mr Wedger has provided false information in video interviews relating to other whistleblowers seemingly to bolster his own cause; this has not helped him because it has become difficult to distinguish what is the truth and what is not.

The most important thing missing from our perspective in the video interview with Anna Brees today is that there is no mention whatsoever of any discussion with the MPs concerning protection for police whistleblowers, which was apparently the main aim of the visit by Mr Wedger.

He mentions his campaign however; you could be forgiven for thinking that this was all about Mr Wedger. [T]here is again the noticeable absence of any other police whistleblowers, which is consistent with our contact with him where he declined help and wanted to go go it alone. Whilst saying that he could not do this on his own in his video, he is asking for support for his campaign from the public and not other police officers. 

The campaign in question, as King says, appears to have much more to do with promoting Wedger as some sort of credible public figure, and much less to do with helping either police whistleblowers or abused/trafficked children.

Yesterday we pointed out that a key message in Wedger’s interview with Collins is that survivors of child sexual abuse ought to bring him their “testimonies”, so that he can “bravely make them public”.

We expressed concern that this sounds an awful lot like exploiting the experiences of survivors for his own gain. Commenter Flo Destroyer pointed out that Wedger and his publicist Anna Brees appear to have already begun this process.

Under the auspices of “Brees Media”, they have published an ebook titled Meat Rack Boy by Michael Tarraga.

The book, in which Tarraga tells the story of his childhood abuse, may be an example of what Wedger meant when he said he had a platform on which to share survivors’ “testimonies”. We have no quarrel with Tarraga’s decision to go public with his story, though we note that in the book’s preface he expresses concern about the impact this may have on the rest of his life. We hope it brings him peace, and that he finds that the benefits of telling his story outweigh the risks.

However, the idea that Wedger and Brees plan to begin a wholesale publication of survivors’ stories, with no plan in place to assist these survivors with any fallout which might result, is alarming.

As with Wedger’s various treks last year—walking from Parliament to Manchester, cycling from Parliament to Penzance, swimming round the Isles of Scilly—this book comes with the claim that “All the proceeds of the book will be spent on helping other survivors….finally have a chance to tell their story and get it heard”.

We expect that if asked exactly how these proceeds will be used to “help other survivors”, Wedger will respond in his usual fashion: he’ll block the questioner and delete the question.

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  1. In the upcoming Australian General Election one party (Labor) is proposing extra protections and even financial rewards for genuine whistle-blowers.
    The emphasis is on “genuine” of course. Many real whistle-blowers, especially in the USA have really suffered because of their actions and reading Julian King’s very interesting website it’s obvious whistle-blowing can be risky in the UK.

    But where are Mr. Wedger’s facts or evidence?. It’s all vague talk about cover-ups and so on but nothing concrete. He re-hashes stuff we’ve heard a zillion times such as his Mike Veale / MI5 rubbish which is pretty insulting to intelligence officers as it accuses them of covering up child abuse. Veale was clearly an accident waiting to happen and there was no need for anyone else to help him on his way.

    Wedger’s path for all intents and purposes looks like a manufactured crusade to build a career in a crowded field. His audience always accept claims at face value as they are with him- make the cover-up claim & state your “whistle-blowing” status enough times and the audience simply accepts it and your status is established.
    I think I prefer ex-coppers who go off to the Philippines or Spain in retirement and open a bar.

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  2. The whiff of panic and desperation…


    And the whiff of throwing her friends under the bus to save her own arse:

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    • “See calamiticat for on twitter for photo confirmation lol”

      Hmm, just wondering what’s funnier – the fact that she can’t spell her best mate’s Twitter name or the fact that that account was taken down by Twitter over a week ago anyway.

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  3. I think Wedger is cleverer than we give him credit for.
    I think that my claims he has blown no whistles demonstrates a deliberate course of action whereby he names no names, names no alleged crimes, just insinuates.

    With the fanatics who follow these types that’s all that is needed. The term “whistle blower” is repeated ad infinitum because they live via the internet. Repeat something enough times and they absorb this “fact” and it becomes The Truth. Sabine McNeill is similar- never having exposed a single crime yet her followers sort of assume she has.

    And of course, Angela Power-Daisy is another. But this Irish case from 2016 should ring alarms bells but it won’t.
    And note it followed a civil case for libel (that can always come after of course)

    Court cases show online abuse has serious consequences
    Defamation and harassment cases show existing laws are working, say legal experts
    Mon, Aug 1, 2016, 01:00
    “Last week, a self-described whistleblower was sentenced to five years in prison for the online harassment of a Garda sergeant. Judge Patrick McCartan said he was imposing the five- year sentence on Sean Carraher to “send out a message to any other that thinks of spreading information that is grossly defamatory”.

    Carraher, of Stradbrook Hill, Blackrock, Dublin, had “all the attributes of a bully”, the judge said. He used “the anonymity of one-way traffic of the internet” to make the allegations of corruption, despite not having “one whit” of evidence to support them.
    The sentence follows a defamation case in the civil courts last month, in which a Co Monaghan man was ordered to pay €75,000 in damages after he posted comments on Facebook.”

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  4. Ok, just so I am clear how despicable all this accusing ex prime ministers of rape and sex offences could be, if it wasn’t true.

    Anjem Choudary, the convicted terrorist, you know the one, leader of banned groups, supports a groups who butchers communities and then captures girls to rape and sell. His very last twitter tweet, before it was taken down, after his conviction, was about the allegations that Ted Heath abused children. This becomes part of the mythology that people who like to rape little girls use to justify their actions.

    I don’t find the idea that a certain police chief was paid a visit, at some point, by the squirrels surprising. Having a “Our Politicians are Paedophiles” narrative that isn’t true is harmful to a country and harms people. I find it harder to believe that they told him to quit.

    Of course, so does covering up or not investigating allegations against politicians.

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  5. His doing the same thing as bill moloney he will make his cash and run off into the sunset. His a fraudsters and a fake. He pays his bills with the donations. This come out his own mouth on his video. Just hope all his donators know this. How many go fund me pages does he need I’ve counted about four then his got his shop. We’re is all the money going there needs to be scrutiny when your collecting this amount of money for child abuse. His made two small contributions as far as I’m aware and both them was dodgy. The Leigh community two thousand that had a massive lottery grant. Then the Jesus army a organisation that’s got a history for abusing children. Jon wedger has a lot to answer for promoting SRA hoaxes that’s been through the court and found to be nonsense. Also his contacts that connected to padeophiles. And what’s with
    Him seeking out the most vulnerable of survivors with mental health issues to get there stories the whistle blower with no whistle who’s named not a single person.

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  6. Tom Dunce live now, banging on about “evil heavy metal music”, the Satanic Temple, baby sacrifice, “UK whistleblowers” and other crap:


  7. I don’t know anything about Mr Wedger other than what I have read here. I have qualms about people who seek to blame the “elite”* or “them” – are they entirely well balanced themselves? I’ve never been in the position (and hopefully never will be) where I’ve suspected there might be some unreported child abuse going on amongst acquaintances of mine but if I were ever to be in such a position I don’t think I would start shouting outside a primary school to try and make a point. Surely even if the “other side” really believed that something untoward was going on at the school/church shouting and frightening children attending there was hardly (in my opinion) a sensible way to try and stop things (I know there wasn’t really anything untoward going on).

    I think stories about Jews sacrificing Christian children were spread in medieval times (and if anyone of the Jewish faith or Jewish heritage reads this I don’t believe such speculation). Now things seem to have moved to saying something similar about Catholics (not at the church I attend but then I am a vegetarian!). I did some looking on the internet to try and find out the provenance of that idea and saw the name Jonny Cirucci. He was possibly a Gulf War veteran – maybe he saw things out there which left him with PTSD. Some other visitors to this site have more knowledge of conspiracy theories than myself – have they any idea where the idea that Catholics do awful things spawned from. I know there have been verified cases of priest who have done untoward things with children and as I’ve said before one such is one too many. I think anowlcalledsage is a bit worried I might be going down the loony route myself – Owl, I have looked at a cookery** video on YouTube today but hope that won’t lead me down any rabbithole…I do get recommendations for some strange videos from YouTube still though.

    * I’m not saying we don’t live in an unfair world and that money can’t buy privilege but one doesn’t choose the stratum of society into which one is born and having money doesn’t inherently make a person evil.

    ** Ordinary cooking not spirit cooking!

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    • Always amused by this claim about the “elites” and “establishment” as though world wide they are one huge homogeneous entity that moves, works and thinks as one when mostly they are at each other’s throats most of the time.

      Not sure about elsewhere but I’ve noticed a similarity with Oz & the UK where opposite party politicians can be best pals with each other while their real enemy is sitting on the benches among their supposed comrades. Which if course was the great joke about Heath & Proctor allegedly indulging in child rape together when everyone knew they loathed each other and couldn’t stand to be in the same room together.
      As for getting 2 Jews in a pub and getting 3 opinions The Mob show such ignorance with their assumption they also act as one when there is no religion with more diverse sects with fiercely extreme opposite beliefs such as some of the huge Hasidic sects in New York with 100,000s of followers who vehemently oppose the creation of Israel and who hold regular anti-Israel demonstrations

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      • The elite it seems can be anyone you disagree with who is more educated than you. Hence the targeting of school teachers and other people who are notionally “middle class” but don’t really have much wealth or influence.


    • I think anowlcalledsage is a bit worried I might be going down the loony route myself”

      Who am I to cast the first stone? My confirmation name is Jude for a reason – the Patron Saint of desperate cases and lost causes. 😁

      I’ll readily admit to drinking blood and eating flesh in a ritual setting. Transubstantiation is one hell of a drug 😜

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    • This week: IICSA Roman Catholic Church Investigation – Ealing Abbey & St Benedict’s School – Day 1 04/02/2019

      The Catholic Church has also been investigated by The Royal Commission; Australia and other inquiries in Ireland and Scotland.
      Cases have been brought to light in many institutions run by them, across the world.

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  8. I am sure that most people sexually abused as children, do not want their testimonies spread across the world. Many of us that do speak out or campaign for changes do it to bring awareness to the issue in a general way because we want for children to be better protected from predators and for child abusers to be brought to justice. We also want better support to be available for victims/survivors. Most do not forego their right to have their identity protected and many do not wish to ever talk about it at all.
    Jon Wedger and others like him have no regard or understanding and are really harmful, taking advantage of vulnerable people.

    Those that do tell graphic, luiridly detailed stories eg: Angela Power Disney, Fiona Barnett and the hoax promoters have given a false impression of the whole issue.

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    • “I am sure that most people sexually abused as children, do not want their testimonies spread across the world”. I can’t think of anything less helpful to their recovery.

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      • Some choose to, usually to raise awareness and prevent future generations from being abused, but what is vile is when so called advocates share private information shared in confidence which Fiona Barnett has consistantly done, causing much distress. Others have too.


  9. The crime is committed the moment an adult speaks more than 3 times to a child online at this point it becomes a legal issue and should be reported and followed up at this point. CEOP etc are the best ways of reporting these things not untrained well meaning members of the public


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