A new ‘war on terror’ taking shape online

It’s been a bad week for conspiraloons online, what with Alex Jones’ InfoWars having been given the old heave-ho from Apple, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube (though Twitter hasn’t removed him and claims it has no plans to do so).

When asked about the decision to remove InfoWars, Facebook and Apple cited concerns about hate speech, which they have apparently only just noticed now. It’s speculated that the mass removal of Jones’ conspiraloon fodder stems from his claims that the 2012 Sandy Hook mass murder which killed six adults and 20 children was faked from start to finish. This has led to the families of murdered children being harassed both online and in person, and has resulted in three defamation lawsuits against Jones.

Note that Jones made this disgusting direct claim in 2014, though he had hinted at it previously.

So it’s really not as if the various social media giants are acting in a timely and appropriate manner: the families of the Sandy Hook victims have had to endure this outrage for more than four years.

Writing on Gizmodo yesterday, Brian Menegus said,

A variety of companies, all of which knew exactly what Jones’s brand was and the sorts of claims he made on air, finally caved to years of public pressure in recent days, starting with Spotify pulling episodes of his podcast from their service. Once Apple joined in, the rest of big tech, not to be left holding the bag, marched in lockstep to remove Infowars. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even Mailchimp all put the kibosh on Jones’s groundless war for your mind, in favor of their own battle for more money and less public outrage.

Predictably, Jones did not react well to having his money-making machine access to social media channels shut down. These days he can be found bellowing into the void on Google+, which has a reputation as a social media gulag. Menegus called Google+ “the platform which, like YouTube, is owned by Alphabet, and which the company itself may be unaware it still operates, let alone that Jones is on it”.

And of course Jones is still using Twitter, the one big channel which will still have him, in a desperate attempt to amplify his hateful message, which these days seems pretty much limited to, “The powers that be are censoring me!!!1!”

Hardly predictable at all.

Meanwhile The Onion reports,

Cautioning against the devastating effects of abandoning the daily regimen of essential vitamins and minerals, radio host Alex Jones warned his fans Tuesday that quitting his supplements cold turkey could lead to homosexuality and Judaism. ‘Folks, if you miss even one day of your Anthroplex or Survival Shield X-2, you’re immediately going to start feeling Jewish, gay, or worse,’ said the beleaguered InfoWars founder and staunch male virility advocate, emphasizing to his loyal followers that if their bodies were deprived of certain vital testosterone-enhancing products, dangerous symptoms of Deep State–adjacent illnesses could manifest just 72 hours after one’s last dosage.

‘Remember, your body requires these supplements in order to function properly. Without them, it will begin to completely shut down—the globalist levels in your bloodstream will shoot up, your tolerance for other people will skyrocket, and soon you’ll be attending a trans visibility march with a college-educated platonic female friend before lighting a menorah to kick off a gay orgy at Barack Obama’s house’.

The horror, the horror.

Battle of the Anons

Meanwhile QAnon, the cultish monster Conspiracy Theory to End All Conspiracy Theories, may be facing an unexpected challenge: Anonymous.

Last week at a Tampa, Florida “MAGA Tour” rally addressed by Donald Trump, several QAnon enthusiasts went public, waving posters and sporting “Q” clothing to indicate their support for “Q”, a person whose posts on 8Chan have kept troofers enthralled since last October.

The Tampa rally marked one of the first known public displays by “Q” enthusiasts, who exemplify the late Hunter S. Thompson’s maxim: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”.

‘The craziest theory of the Trump era’

What is QAnon, exactly? In The Daily Beast a few weeks ago, Will Sommer explained:

QAnon springs from a series of cryptic clues that started to be posted online in October 2017. Starting on 4Chan before migrating to the even more fringe 8Chan, the anonymous person behind the clues  goes by “Q,” a reference to a high-level government security clearance. The “Anon” in “QAnon” refers to both Q himself, and to Q’s nameless supporters, the “anons.”

Q is supposed to be revealing this top-secret information via the clues, which QAnon fans have dubbed “breadcrumbs.” They’re written in a short bursts, in a reference-heavy style that’s part poem, part ransom note. …

Since Q could be anyone with internet access and a working knowledge of conspiracy theories, there’s no reason to think that Q is a member of the Trump administration rather than, say, a troll or YouTube huckster. But incredibly, lots of people believe it.Since Q’s “breadcrumbs” are so vague, it’s impossible to nail down exactly what the storyline is supposed to be.

[T]he general story, outlined in a pro-QAnon video…is that every president before Trump was a “criminal president” in league with all the nefarious groups of conspiracy theories past: the global banking elite, death squads operating on orders from Hillary Clinton, deep-state intelligence operatives, and Pizzagate-style pedophile rings. In an effort to break this cabal’s grip, according to Q, the military convinced Trump to run for president.

Since then, the story goes, Trump has been fighting nobly in the background against the Deep State. He’s been arresting paedophiles by the truck-load and sending them, along with Hillary Clinton and the Podesta brothers and pretty well anyone else the loony Right doesn’t like off to Guantanamo Bay to await trial.

Oh, and that whole Mueller investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia and its oligarchs? Totally a smokescreen. Mueller is actually just claiming to be investigating Trump and his cronies. In reality, he’s giving them cover so that they can do their important work. Which, we should add, “Q” would be placing in extreme jeopardy if any of his stories were actually true. But they’re not, so oh well.

So what about Anonymous?

Oh right, Anonymous.

A couple of days ago The Hill, a political website which covers U.S. politics, broke the story that Anonymous, the anarchist hacking collective known for launching DDOS attacks on the Church of $cientology, among other targets, has vowed to expose the people behind QAnon.

According to The Hill‘s Brett Samuels,

The anarchist hacking group slammed the QAnon conspiracy as potentially dangerous and driven by a “brainless political agenda” in a video posted Sunday to what is widely considered the most reliable Anonymous Twitter account.

“We will not sit idly by while you take advantage of the misinformed and poorly educated,” the group said in the video, which was posted with the hashtags #OpQ and #OpQAnon.

While it’s impossible to predict at this point what, if any, effect Anonymous’ “War on QAnon” will have, it may signal a turning point in online conspiracy theories.

With mainstream social media channels suddenly realising that it’s no longer cool to let people like Alex Jones hang out on their virtual street corners spewing his special brand of poison, and “underground” collectives like Anonymous deciding that enough is enough when it comes to QAnon, a new “war on terror” may be about to begin. Stay tuned. Anonymous v QAnon 2018-08-08.png

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  1. Wierdly the Hampstead Hoax is a small but very real footnote in the whole Wikileaks, botfarm, extremist, psychological disinformation milieu. People don’t realise that they are mere pawns in someone else’s game.

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  2. Ran a search and I don’t think this has been posted before. ReligionForBreakfast does some very good videos on various aspects of religion, but this one seemed to be of interest here.

    Skip to 3:17 if you just want the Satanic Panic bit.

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      • My thoughts as a Satanist:

        DEFINITION OF RELIGION. Definitions can vary, but to me religion is another word for “worldview.” Worldview or religion answers three basic questions: what is self? what is the world? what is the relationship between self and world? Thus, in answering these questions, the individual has forged a mental structure in how to proceed in choice and deed in the world.

        DIVERSITY. Nature loves diversity, it is natural for any thing that is healthy to move, change and evolve in different directions, so every religion, language, tree or butterfly tends to become differentiated into many different forms. Satanism is no different than Christianity and other religions in having many forms.

        REVERSE CHRISTIANITY. Harm to people and property in the name of Satan is a form of Christianity where the individual makes their choices and deeds based upon a simple reversal of Christian definitions of Satanism. Satanists such as i reject Reverse Christianity as having anything to do with Satanism.

        SATANISM IS ALIGNED TO CHAOS. In nature everything is good, the notion of good and evil is a subjective construct of the human mind, an opinion that has no basis in reality. Nature and thus reality spins between two basins of attraction: order and chaos. Too much order or chaos leads to misery and ruin. Satanism is a reaction to too much order, thus it is aligned to chaos, In their reaction against order Satanists naturally move to a state known in science as the edge of chaos, which is a type of natural harmony between self and nature. Being a child of chaos, Satanism is unable to be labelled, put into neat defined boxes or its participants controlled, enslaved or pushed into conformity. The recent troubles in the Satanic Temple, where a dozen or more chapters have broken away to follow their own path, is a product of the natural chaotic nature of our religion.

        SCAPEGOATING. Humanity is naturally tribal, they are naturally hostile to opposing tribes, perhaps an effect of the hormone oxytocin, which encourages bonding between members of a similar group. Where there is a major difference between tribes, each invents and believes narratives that places the other in the worst possible light such as eating babies. Certain individuals encourages these false hostile narratives to leverage power, money and fame to themselves and their cause. Satanism has always been on the outside of the established tribal groupings and thus are painted with the worst of narratives leading to persecutions and and killings of our kind. After two thousands years of fiction writing against Satanism, our religion has become a useful tool along with the fictions to paint any group with in order to justify destroying them: Jew, Muslim, Freemason; Goth; Gay; Royalty; Democrat; Pagan; Roman Catholic; Doctors; Self-employed.

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  3. Great article, haven’t gathered my thoughts on the censuring of Alex Jones yet, but I definitely enjoyed your take and collection of opinions from other sources.

    I mentioned the Qanon phenomenon to a son of mine the other day who said he wasn’t aware of it but as I described it to him he immediately thought of Q from the Star Trek series.


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  4. Some intriguing developments there, EC. Thanks for the updates.

    And to any passing Jewish homosexuals, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Jones’s vitamin supplements.

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  5. I must admit that both Gizmodo and 8Chan are new ones on me. But at least I knew the Onion and the Daily Beast, which is a relief 😀

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    • 8Chan is sometimes called “InfiniteChan”. I became interested in some of their shenanigans during GamerGate, which I followed quite closely for a while.


  6. The vagueness of Q Anon’s ramblings to which Will Sommer refers, making them open to adaptable interpretations that fit prevailing events, reminds me of tricks used by clairvoyants, “You know someone whose name begins with ‘S’. Sa..St…Se…” – and then the listener jumps in and fills in the gap for them. “Oh yes, you must mean Stan. Ooh, she’s good, in’t she.”

    By the way, now that the whole Q Anon thing is coming crashing down, there’s a poor dejected lady in Massachusetts that’s gonna have to find a new hobby. Like spending time with her kids, perhaps?

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  7. Is that definitely the real Anonymous attacking Q Anon? There are so many copycats out there now that I’m always cautious when anyone claims to be them.

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    • Would a couple of cases of Gin and a few cartons of Rothmans be OK Angie? Are these “according to your needs ” enough ? Will you pay the cartage or do you want me to pay that as well?
      FFs, it’s brazen cheek knows no bounds.

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    • “Help spread the word”. Indeed we shall.

      I’ve long said the day will come when the law has to step in by necessity to throttle the sickening messages of these vile conspiraloons.
      Alex Jones is just the beginning. One of the great joys of the US legal system is that there are lawyers willing to take on spec creeps like him who has caused untold damage to those poor parents of Sandy Hook.
      But these keyboard warriors are many and some are foolish enough to be upfront about their identities. Power-Disney is one but she also uses GoFundMe and other forums, as so many do, to spread what really is a form of terrorism for innocent people and their families.
      This puts GoFundMe in the frame as well if they provide her and the like-minded support. Just as Google has been increasingly found to be legally liable in some countries (Australia, Italy, France) for providing links to defamation.

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      • It’s been striking me for a while that Neelu’s recent written messages have all sounded like EWE, the distinctive synthetic conjunction of nouns “power boast” “identity perjury” “corruption remedy” “remedy denials”. This one I think is up front in being written by him, but earlier stuff apparently from her sounds just the same. Probably because of her illness, she does tend to be naive and prone to fall for con men. Ironic that having taken over other people’s quarrels, she’s had hers taken over by someone else.

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        • Yes, a lot of her posts are ‘ghost-written’ by either Edward Ellis or Lee Cant.

          Is EWE an acronym for something?

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          • Edward William Ellis, Equity Lawyer, Neelu never neglects his middle name or his home made title. Quite a party game interpreting the acronym. Extremely Weird Ex-solictor. Equity Wasn’t Everlikethis.

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  8. “Q,” a reference to a high-level government security clearance.

    A clearance with no relevance or access outside the Department of Energy.

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  9. I see that Angie’s jumped on the Charles Seven bandwagon:

    And this is Seven in action under the above video:

    So great vetting of who you promote there, Angie.

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    • Going by previous comments posted here, Seven (aka Wendy John-Charles) has a reputation for dishonesty and was a pet project/scam of Belinda’s at one point. She also reputedly has links with Ray Savage.

      And this comment from Ghost of Sam from a few months ago is pretty interesting:

      “God give me strength.Tony Farrell calls Charles Seven ‘the Rosa Parks of our generation’. Seven claims 7/7, Charlie Hebdo and the Boston bombing tragedies were deliberate attempts to silence her (she didn’t shut up, though). This bunch of fantasy merchants would be best ignored except for their vicious and nasty accusations against innocent people who suffer because of their delusions.”

      And this was from OMG/Surreal Hustle:

      “I was enduring watching a video of a certain Charles Seven, who now wishes only to be known as Seven. Apparently she was named this as she was the seventh child in her family. Did her family name the other children one to six I wonder?”

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      Guess whyAngela is suddenly interested in that tired old scam? Go on, just guess.

      If you guessed “because Brian Harvey mentioned her a few days ago”, you’d be right on the money. Yes, it’s all part of APD’s desperate attempt to weasel her way up BH’s arse. 😂

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    • Really quite sad that he has been caught up in all this conspiracy nonsense from which there is never any relief or settlement or even an exit. It’s never-ending. A shame he can’t just get involved in music again in some way.

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      • Yeah. I like Brian a lot. I really hope he gets stuck into something creative and not getting involved with knobheads who are below him. He should be the cockney bez and be having fun, not getting bogged down with all this crap. I’m gutted he couldn’t enjoy a birthday.

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  10. But…but…I thought RD was Tom Cruise. No, wait – Gerry Mcann, wasn’t it?

    By the way, I had to Google Mr. Graham to find out who he is and it turns out he’s a 66-year-old evangelical preacher. I would ask Kimberley why that makes her go “hummmm” but I’m not remotely interested.

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    • So by Hamphoaxer logic RD, Franklin Graham, Tom Cruise, Gerry McCann and Spiny Norman are all the same person. I’m scared.

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  11. According to Chris Spivey the late Jimmy Saville and the Duke of Edinburgh are the same person, so by conspiriloon standards this is quite tame; to match that she would have had to compare Mr Dearman to the late Billy Graham (whose looked quite similar at that age).

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  12. Angie’s latest interview and she’s really pushing her MK Ultra agenda. Brian will love it, lol:


    • This one won’t download due to its settings so I’m having to record it in real time at normal speed (I usually listen to Angie at x1.5 just to get through it). The things I do for England, eh.


    • Bullshit throughout. This is painful. She singlehandedly brought down BCCI…She was hunted through forests…Paul McCartney was killed and replaced by a clone…Jersey is populated by cannibals…Yadda yadda yadda… All the usual boxes ticked.


      • Yep. Her bullshit is a lot more animated in this video as she has a captive audience. Goodman’s video chat contributors lapped it all up too. Some of the chat comments are ridiculous.


  13. Neelu’s latest eviction video:


    This time she’s actually gone onto the premises at her old home and confronted the guy working there, who subsequently calls the police on her. Surely it can only be a matter of time now until she’s arrested for harassment.


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