Angela documents failure of case against her dad

Angela Power-Disney has broken the Office Tapir.

As we write today’s post, he is lying on the floor, holding an ice-pack to his head and emitting the occasional moan, then subsiding back into a mournful silence.

You see, we made the error of assigning TOT to Angela’s latest video masterpiece. (No, not the twitch, grimace, and fiddle one, that was covered in yesterday’s post.) She has blurted out another since then, and this time, against all odds, she actually revealed some moderately interesting material, though probably not for the reasons she thinks.

It seems that Angela actually reported her allegations of sexual abuse—though we don’t know the details, we can deduce that they were primarily against her father—to the Wiltshire and Somerset and Avon police.

In a video released yesterday, she shared related email correspondence between herself and two police officers.

This is where poor old TOT came in: his unenviable task was to a) watch the video (which he did, grudgingly, on 1.5 speed) and b) sort the screenshots into some form of chronological order. He tried, bless him. He tried.

In typical fashion, Angela presented her “evidence” (which is really only evidence that she told her made-up story to police, and that they entertained her for a brief shining moment) in fits and starts, and in no particular order. We feel TOT really went above and beyond last night: herewith, his best effort.

The email trail, such as it is

We should add that while TOT was vaguely aware of Angela yammering on during the video, he was more focused on the actual evidence than her ludicrous claims about MK Ultra and such. There’s only so much one tapir can take, after all.

We begin in September 2015, about a month after Angela presumably was interviewed by an officer named Helen Clarke. For reasons unrelated, Helen moved off the case.

Angela police 2015-09-30The “autopsy report” of course refers to Angela’s sister Fiona, who had died a few months previously. Angela has since publicly accused her father of murdering Fiona, but as we will see, that seems extremely improbable. Angela police 2015-10-01 1Angela police 2015-10-01 2The officer involved, Nadine Partridge (rank unknown) is following standard procedure here, laying out the groundwork for the case. Angela police 2015-10-03Angela police 2015-10-14 1Angela police 2015-10-14 2Basically, “Okay, thanks, you’ve done enough, we’ll take it from here. And for God’s sake, stop requesting medical records on our behalf!”

This next bit is undated, but TOT believes it fits here:Angela police 2016-01-20 1And now, dear readers, prepare yourselves. This is Angela’s own personal list of the men unfortunate enough to have become involved in her life:Angela police 2016-01-20 men 1Angela police 2016-01-20 men 2Angela police 2016-01-20 men 3Angela police 2016-01-20 men 4Why Angela deemed it necessary to detail her entire sexual history we may never know. However, it’s clear that anyone unfortunate enough to become involved in a liaison with her could expect the royal treatment: her exes are variously described as drug addicts, potential sleeper terrorists, borderline paedophiles, perverts, predators…you name it.

Either Angela had spectacularly terrible judgement when it came to the men in her life, or she is a lying cow. Or possibly both.

The next pair of emails seem to be in reverse chronological order, so read the bottom one first:

Angela police 2016-01-24 + 02-11Angela police 2016-01-24 2It seems that despite Nadine’s pleas to stop sending them stuff, Angie decided to send them a conversation with her eldest sister…and requested that they forward it to a potential witness in a criminal investigation. “Clueless” doesn’t really begin to describe it.

After several months’ break, Nadine sends another update, and yet another plea to stop sending them shit for the love of GodVideos, she assures Angie, are a waste of time, not admissible as evidence, and just basically useless.

From this, we infer that in the intervening months, Angela saw fit to deluge the officers with a bunch of evidence of her own devising, which they are attempting to spurn, as politely as possible.Angela police 2016-06-15 1In the next email, more than a year after the original police interview, Nadine tries to “manage expectations”: if Angela’s father is diagnosed with advanced dementia, and therefore will not be able to be interviewed, and the case will be closed:Angela police 2016-10-07 1Further, Nadine says, circumstantial evidence from Angela’s children or niece won’t be accepted either. Can anyone else see Nadine attempting to tiptoe away from this case?

In mid-December, the axe falls: Angela’s father does indeed have advanced dementia. Case closed:Angela police 2016-12-14While this next email isn’t dated, and by the time TOT got to it he was in no mood to work out where it fit in the story, so we’re adding it as a sort of postscript: Angela police undated 1Angela police undated 2Basically, no evidence has been turned up on any front, your dad is in no condition to understand or participate in an interview, and your so-called evidence isn’t, so please go away and stop bothering us.

The end. malayan_tapir_tapirus_indicus_at_bronx_zoo_cropped

118 thoughts on “Angela documents failure of case against her dad

  1. I think Grobnob has hinted on what I suspect is what’s really happening. Angela is bent on becoming a Famous Romance Novelist as her evidenced by mentions of numerous love affairs where her lovers are wrenched from her arms by evil family members and sisters, not unlike the infamous historical Cinderella case. In fact, my spy at Romance Novels R Us has spotted this dust jacket being prepared. All the clues are there and like all good novels, a tall (?) dark, handsome (?) hero has entered the scene to whisk Angela off in wedded bliss in Lebanon.

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  2. Wow, lots to get our teeth into there, EC.

    For starters, is she saying this army sergeant proposed to her when she was 11-12 years old???

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    • The army Sergeant needed to stay in the hospital for 3 months with a broken wrist? I don’t believe a broken wrist would buy you 3 months in a hospital bed. Surely the wrist is usually put in a cast and sling and the patient is sent home and visits the doctor as an outpatient?

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  3. When Angie says her ‘Chasing Rainbows’ book is “soon to be published”, she means it in the sense that the QEG machine is “soon to be completed” 😂

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    • I reckon that it is more of the case that Angie’s partners could only stand being with her and listening to her lies for a year before driving them mad.

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  4. “Why Angela deemed it necessary to detail her entire sexual history we may never know”

    Good question but I bet it was an utterly riveting experience for DC Partridge.

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  5. “The burden of proof required in a criminal court is to prove beyond doubt that a particular offence has been committed and the evidence presented to the court must be relevant to the offence that has been charged.”

    Any chance Nadine could pass that on the Hampstead hoaxer fraternity?

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  6. It’s been pointed out by people here before that Angie was all love and lightness towards her father (see her Facebook timeline for 2009-13) right up until the moment he declined to give her his farmhouse. Well to be fair to him, she’d already kidnapped his dog, so asking him to give her his house as well may have been pushing her luck a bit.

    And here are some samples of how Angela now treats/talks to Daddy (and it’s not for the fainthearted):

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          • @Jack is Jack Patrick Dorsey the Twitter CEO. He pointedly refuses to block high profile hate speech tweeters because they drive traffic, whilst chucking the kitchen sink at low level miscreants.

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        • Twitter hides behind freedom of speech for the reason it does nothing about toxic accounts, those such as Trump, Alex Jones, Drifloud and Becki Percy because its crap moderation system and focus on money making regardless of toxic content has made it vulnerable. Twitter is built on so much toxic content and accounts that it would suffer major financial consequences if it were to remove it. Look at the millions of bots Twitter allowed onto their platform, removing those caused Twitter to take a heavy financial hit in its last financial report to the market.

          The other social media platforms are diverse enough to be able to afford to remove Alex Jones without suffering, but Twitter is vulnerable if it loses people like Trump and Alex Jones.

          I tested Twitter T&C by reporting six porn accounts, it did nothing.

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          • Oh Twitter is worse than that, It’s not freedom of speech. It’s the bottom line. I’ve seen very anodyne accounts suspended for misinterpreted satire, yet threatening thermo-nuclear annihilation to millions of people does not violate their terms and conditions.

            “Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets, would hide important information people should be able to see and debate.”

            So why doesn’t that apply to all? Some people are more equal than others, especially if it drives traffic.

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          • It’s extraordinary with the hyperventilated attacks upon Jeremy Corbyn at the moment and that he has never exhibited or said racist or antisemitic words in his Parliamentary career, that the UK Jewish community (as in Board of Deputies etc) have never uttered a single word about the vile and endless antisemitism that oozes out of Youtube and Facebook.
            Not a single plea from one of the 3 UK Jewish newspapers (where those making comments on articles call other Jews “kapos” & the comments are allowed to remain) to Mark Zuckerberg to control the viciousness. It’s all there for millions of young people to read and soak up. Even with the latest statement from Zuckerberg about allowing Holocaust deniers to remain, they largely stayed silent while the rest of the world’s media (including Jewish publications in the US, EU etc) expressed their revulsion.

            Patterson is just one of the 1000s who make racist videos and they are allowed to remain
            I’ve always said this will backfire on the Jewish community if they cherrypick their targets and ignore others.
            In some ways, it almost confirms my mother’s decision to remain quiet about her East European Jewish background. The circumstances she came from probably naturally made her incredibly paranoid but she often said words to the effect:” we may be OK now but society can change very quickly and turn upon us in a heartbeat”.

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    • I notice on Arthur’s long lists of tags (mercifully cut out by that nice Mr. Braynsell) that he’s always tagging Teresa van Lieshout – and that she’s also on his friend list. Maybe he’s blissfully unaware that she’s a raving Islamophobe.

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    • Ah! The Lebanese Looney comes out right on cue! A dozen schooners every day in the Rooty Hill RSL and then back to the keyboard to spew it all back. Predictable isn’t he? He is so full of shit you can see the high tide mark.
      Mark Zuckerberg must be pooping his pants!
      Nice work Mr Bryncell ( sic )


  7. And in medical news, the revered Dr. Selvester, previously known for her discovery that there’s no such thing as Lyme disease, has declared that brain death is a myth:

    And a special thank you also to Dr. Christine “Polygraph testing is 99.9% accurate” Gow, without whose wisdom I don’t where we’d be.

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    • Nah she’s not a nymphomaniac or (as suggested above) a ‘prostitute’ and I tbh I don’t like such slurs since there is no evidence to back them up.
      What I find odd is that she’d publish these letters so her children can see them.
      I would die of shame if my kids knew about what I got up to in the 1970’s and I’m only glad the internet didn’t exist then. I’m told there’s still a pair of my knickers stapled to the wall in one of the pubs in Swansea and an old chap who goes on pilgrimage there to worship them and cries into his beer. Would I write to the Police about this and accuse said old fella of being a member of the Illuminati Freemason Lizard People because he was in the army once? I’d expect them to assume I was a sandwich short of a picnic.

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  8. Arfur’s second wave Tuesday assault. I don’t think he loves us any more (and he still owes us for all those English lessons)…

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    • We still do! Chester is alive and well and living in the staff lounge, where he thrives on a steady diet of jammy dodgers, coffee, and jelly babies. He prefers to be referred to as “He Who Must Not Be Trifled With”.

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  9. Butt-hurt and diddums latest…



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    • So Malcolm admits he was lying out of his arse when he stated that he wasn’t using his mum’s FB account; and he will presumably now do the Christian thing and apologise for being abusive to us when we said that it was. Hey, it could happen 😂

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    • Bollocks ‘n’ Butt-Hurt: A Selection of Quotes from Angie’s Wedger Video

      – “Wherever I comment on YouTube, they must have some GCHQ or hacker type thing where they get an alert the minute I comment on anything”
      – “This is their latest trick is making fake names in the name of people…including my children”
      – “That’s one for the police…That had my daughter hysterical last time, so that’s one for the police”
      – “The other Brian Harvey video – I wasn’t trying to jump on anyone’s bandwagon”
      – “I’m gonna keep doing evidence videos instead of sharing every detail of my life”
      – “The ITNJ tribunal…Special Branch visited the organisers of that conference”
      – “Jon, it sounds to me like you’re a double agent”
      – “You arrogant son of a gun…You showed up like a copper right then and a Freemason. That’s what you showed up to me like. And if you were or if you are still active, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear you say, ‘She’s annoying me – go and sort her out, boys.’ You know? So that was not a good move and I’d be very open to an apology.”
      – “Stop throwing personal insults around. Stop trolling survivors”
      – “Even American CIA have said we can’t go near Hampstead – it would take the establishment down”
      – “DC Steve Marin is supposed to have said to somebody else he arrested that he only joined the Masons to get on in his career”
      – “Yeah, so thanks for calling me, you know, looking like a witch. I’m 61, doing my best. You know. Maybe I’ll grow a bit more granny. Maybe that’ll please you, I don’t know. You didn’t look too hot covered in sweat and sharing about washing your shorts out nightly. So I don’t wanna fight with you but don’t don’t don’t diss survivors”
      – “Don’t be surprised at the pushback, as you call it. You’re not getting pushback because you’re doing a good thing – you’re getting pushback because you’ve got a platform and you’re still dissing survivors and you’re acting trollish and arrogant”
      – “FUCK OFF! FUCK OFF! Sorry, sorry, it gets personal”

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      • ‘The woman looked like a witch.’

        He’s showing himself up more and more isn’t he. Whenever a woman upsets someone men like this pick on the way she looks. I don’t like it no matter who does it. It’s too much to focus on what the woman says isn’t it. In Angie’s case what she says is outrageous and ridiculous and you’d think that’d be enough to chirp on about, without noticing that her looks aren’t pleasing to him.

        We’re spoiled for choice here when it comes to choosing who’s the more silly, Angie or Jon.

        I suppose he has the edge since he’s got a whole load of gullible idiots to pay for his cycling holiday. It’s not heard work you know, cycling round Cornwall. People do it for fun all the time.

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        • Where on Earth did you find this, JB? It’s not showing on her Facebook page, which I check regularly.


  10. Oh, for Christ’s sake…

    Hey, tell you what, Cat – let’s make this easier. Why don’t you just list all the celebrities in the World that you don’t think are paedophiles? There must be at least three. Oh and don’t worry about proof or anything – your word is good enough for me.

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