Why was the JET report suppressed?

A couple of days ago we outlined the JET report on the UK’s first major case of allegations of Satanic ritual abuse. As we mentioned at the time, there’s much more to say on this important report—including the way in which was suppressed.

Yes, we know, usually it’s the SRA promoters who toss around accusations that critical information has been suppressed by the powers that be for their own nefarious purposes.

However, the JET report, which could and should have served as a valuable warning to social workers dealing with child sexual abuse cases, was suppressed by Nottinghamshire County Council, whose social work “Team 4” fared very poorly in its pages. Arguments for the documents suppression included that it was an internal document, that it might be libellous, and that the Council owned the copyright.

According to a 2002 article in the Daily Mail, cited on the SAFF website, one social worker in particular seems to have had a hand in suppressing the JET report.

Judith Dawson and the Shieldfield Nursery case

Judith Dawson, who had changed her surname to Jones, turns out to have also been involved in a scandal in Newcastle which began in 1993.

Two day nursery nurses had their lives ruined when Newcastle city council published a report claiming they had abused their charges at Shieldfield nursery sexually, physically and emotionally; used them to make pornography; and were part of a paedophile ring. The pair had been acquitted of sex abuse charges in a criminal court, and eventually won £200,000 apiece in damages in a 2002 libel case.

What the court did not hear was that one member of the team which produced the report had been involved 13 years earlier in the Broxtowe case, where she did not exactly cover herself with glory: Judith Dawson, now Judith Jones.

The SAFF/Mail article states:

When the then Judith Dawson led her team of social workers investigating child abuse in Nottingham, where she was then working. there had indeed been a revolting case of incest. But her team claimed to have unearthed a satanic frenzy that involved ritualistic murder. An inquiry into their report found the satanic claims to be utter nonsense, and Judith Dawson’s reputation should have been in tatters.

John Gwatkins was joint chairman of the Nottingham inquiry carried out together with police and yesterday he explained just why he was  ‘totally appalled’ when he learned that Judith Jones was sitting on the Newcastle panel.  

He says:

‘In MY opinion she is totally unsuited to do this kind of work. As soon as we started out inquiry we began to feel that she was totally ignoring any evidence that contradicted her preconceived ideas. 

For example, she believed a ten year-old girl who said her stomach had been cut open in the front room of a council house. We learned that the girl had previously been in hospital for an appendix operation. and her surgeon was contacted. He identified his scar and told us the girl was otherwise untouched.‘When we informed Judith Dawson of this, she replied that satanists were clever people and would cut along the same scar so that it wouldn’t be noticed. ‘We put this to the surgeon, who said   it was medically impossible as scar tissue heals poorly. But when we told her what he had said. she was dismissive. She didn’t want to know and refused to accept it. It was quite astonishing.’

Even more astonishing he says was some months later when he read an article about satanism by her in the New Statesman. She wrote about a girl who had described ‘how she was laid on a table and had her stomach ritually cut open’.

‘It was as though the evidence we  had presented to her never existed’. says Mr Gwatkin, who was director of social services at Newark Notts, but has since retired to Lincolnshire.

‘It beggars belief that someone with such a closed mind should be appointed to sit on a panel investigating alleged child abuse at a nursery school in Newcastle.’Retired detective superintendent Peter Coles, who was involved in ritual abuse investigations in Nottingham, also remembers Judith Dawson and her team- and a particular incident involving a child who had allegedly been microwaved.  

I was slightly mischievous and said to one of Judith’s team that I had checked this out and it couldn’t be right – because experts had told me if you did that, the baby’s eyes would explode and the door of the microwave would come off.  I was just kidding, but before long one of the team came back and said disclosures had now been made about babies’ eyes being taken out before they were microwaved.  These claims were pure invention.’(SAFF Ed:  Click here for more background on how Peter Coles took Team 4’s supporters to court for defamation and won an apology)
One is surely entitled to recall these bizarre incidents in relation to the libel judge’s comments about claims of the Newcastle panel that they ‘must have known to be untrue’

And yet, as we know, Judith Dawson’s career did not plummet. On the contrary, she lectures widely and is on the Law Society’s list of expert witnesses for ‘family child issues’ , including child abuse and lesbian or gay families.

John Gwatkin believes her career was saved because his inquiry report was never published by Nottingham council.  Judith Dawson is understood to have complained that it was sexist, because her team of four were all women.

Two years ago, when it (the JET report), suddenly appeared on the internet, she was no longer using her married name, but her maiden name of Jones – and he says ‘many people didn’t realise it was the same person’.

Old colleagues in Nottinghamshire remember Judith Dawson as one says ‘a rather sloppy person dashing about with files under one arm and shopping bag in the other’  At that time Judith seemed to be a typically busy, ordinary working woman with children ‘ with too much on her mind to be very jolly’.

Then suddenly, ritual or satanic abuse became a talking point; and says one former social worker colleague, ‘it seemed to take her over and she became quite obsessive about it. She became a very different person’./

More different, perhaps than colleagues realised. For at about that time journalist Bea Campbell who had been writing about the alleged satanic abuse in the Orkneys – where social workers arriving at dawn had taken children away from innocent parents- arrived to write about what was happening in Nottingham.  Judith was able to tell her. (SAFF Ed: Click here to see background on Bea Campbell’s media campaign to try and convince the public that Satanic Ritual Abuse exists)

Precisely at what point Judith Dawson left her husband Brendan whom she married in 1972 is not clear. But before very long the two women were not only fuelling each other’s fixation with ritual abuse – and collaborating to produce articles discussing its presence in Nottingham as proven fact – but were being talked of as an ‘item’.

Judith Dawson and RAINS

Judith Dawson, as she then was, was one of the four founders of the infamous Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support (RAINS) group; her colleague Christine Johnston was also a RAINS co-founder.

According to RAINS founder Joan Coleman, writing in “Satanic Cult Practices”, published in Valerie Sinason’s book “Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse”, 1994, RAINS was founded by Joan Coleman, Eileen Reeves, Christine Johnson and Judith Dawson in 1989. This would have been during the time when Ms Dawson was leading Team 4.

RAINS historian Dr Sandra Buck backs this up:

Two social workers, a psychiatrist, a psychiatric nurse and a lecturer in social work met to discuss how to respond to the needs of people like themselves, who were coming across ‘ritual abuse’ for the first time. The social workers were Judith Dawson (Child Abuse Consultant for Nottingham Social Services) and Chris Johnston (Leader of Team 4, a specialist team set up in 1987 to work with children and families in a complex multi-generational child abuse case in Broxtowe, Nottingham). Dr. Joan Coleman was the psychiatrist and Eileen Revvens the psychiatric nurse. In 1989, Joan and Eileen worked in Surrey, and had supported two adult survivors since 1987.

The JET report suppressed

Following the report’s publication in 1990, it failed to see the light of day for several years. According to David Aaronovitch’s 2015 post on Matthew Scott’s Barrister Blogger site,

That, in late 1990, the Director of Social Services of Nottinghamshire appeared – if only by omission – to disown the Report that he would not publish even in summary form, may say more about the state of that Department than about the Report. To (Beatrix) Campbell’s clear annoyance a few months later a fellow guest on Channel 4’s March 1991 After Dark programme dealing with the aftermath of the Rochdale affair was the Nottinghamshire assistant Director of Social Services, Andy Croall. Agreeing with Campbell about the existence of satanic abuse and not correcting her on her entirely spurious accusation that the JET report had been discredited, Croall then said that, “as a Christian I believe it’s God time for it [satanic abuse] to be revealed….. it’s a time when, in God’s plan, it’s going to be revealed.”

So on the one hand, we have Judith Dawson/Jones, a founding member of RAINS, complaining that the JET report was sexist; on the other, we have Nottinghamshire’s Director of Social Services Andy Croall, a devout Christian who believes in SRA. Small wonder that the JET report was not made available to the public.

According to the ReligiousTolerance.org website, Nottinghamshire County Council kept an iron grip on the report for several years:

[Tim Tate’s 1997 TV programme “Death of Childhood”] allegedly was the trigger that prompted three reporters (Nick Anning, David Hebditch and Margaret Jervis) to publish the suppressed Nottingham “JET” report on the Internet in 1997-MAY.

The copyright holder, Nottingham County Council, obtained a High Court order to force the reporters to remove the report from their web site. However, by then, many mirror sites were carrying the JET report.

A mirror site operated by Jeremy Freeman from British Columbia, Canada was closed down after threats by the Nottingham County Council. Their solicitors even demanded that he remove a hyperlink that he had installed to a functioning mirror site! They Emailed him (in part) “This is still publication on your website and for so long as the hypertext link remains it will continue to be an infringement of Nottinghamshire County Council’s copyright by you.”

The case against the three journalists was scheduled to be heard in June 1997. However, Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) organised an internet “mirror” campaign which seemed to stymie Nottinghamshire County Council:

The Council issued a press release which stated that “bringing this action was the right thing to do.” Tim Bell, the Chair of Social Services stated that: “We have been faced with a technology running at a pace which exceeds the law’s ability to adopt to deal with it and the best interests of Nottinghamshire people would not be served by running up large bills in difficult areas of law.” The JET report was re-installed at its original site.  Yaman Akdeniz, founder of Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) stated that: “There are currently 35 mirror sites and every time the County Council tried to stop the publication of the JET Report, their action spawned another dozen mirror sites.

Ironically, it seems that the same strategy which has ensured that RD’s children will probably never be completely free of the images and videos detailing their abuse in the Hampstead SRA hoax was used to ensure that the JET report would be available to the public.

Although it’s now available to anyone who knows to look for it, though, the JET report’s suppression meant that the Satanic panic was able to run unchecked across the country for a number of years, causing unnecessary alarm and destroying lives as it went. Judith Jones Beatrix Campbell 2018-06-10

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  1. Fascinating (and disturbing) stuff, EC.

    There’s some interesting stuff about the Broxtowe case from 41:31 to 1:01:51 in this Keelan doc:

    It seems Beatrix Campbell tried to bring the case back into the public eye in a 1990 episode of Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’. It also features some insights into how the children were manipulated by social workers and a clip from the aforementioned ‘After Dark’ episode. The JET report is also covered.

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  2. Excellent article, EC.

    It’s so sad reading about the antics of Notts council. I don’t know how much things have changed in the last 20 years but it must have been hell for SENCos and other professionals who have to work with a range of council departments on very sensitive issues on a daily basis.

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    • Yes, I’m sure this sort of thing spreads its tentacles across various disciplines. And we’re watching it happen again with the Scottish FSF making every effort to revive what should be a very dead horse.

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      • What gets me is the number of SRA supporters/promoters who are still in the industry of promoting it even now, many with what should be valid credentials attached to their names
        Not oddballs like APD or Neelu, but actual licensed medical practitioners

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        • It’s not easy to be cashiered from the “therapeutic professions”. Professional bodies exist to preserve the incomes of their members. From the perspective of Psychology and Psychiatry associations, if members are making money from past-lives / recovered memories / alter-personality-integration / SRA-recovery, it is ipso facto a valid form of therapy.

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          • Quacks like that belong in tents neighbouring toss the hoop experts and goldfish in plastic bags aplenty.


          • I telephoned the UKCP in 2011 as I was concerned about their accredited members combining psychotherapy with astrology, past life regression and various supernaturally themed quack “therapies”.

            The UKCP employee in the Fitness to Practice section who answered my call actually laughed out loud at my concerns and told me that “We don’t mind at all if they use unconventional therapies that they find helpful with clients. Unless a client makes a formal complaint is it none of our business”.

            The UKCP complaints procedures are opaque to the point that they offer no protection whatsoever to the public. According to the UKCP this is because the procedures are “confidential”. How can it be appropriate for such processes to be “confidential” when people are being abused? Secret more like.

            I know of a UKCP accredited organisation that provides training and counselling / psychotherapy to hundreds of people that many, many people have made complaints about to the UKCP.

            This organisation bases its therapeutic model on new age pseudo-scientific principles, teaches students about, for example, alchemy, as part of their professional training. Many of its staff are involved in sinister cults. I know of one person who, after therapy with one of the senior therapists and supervisors at this organisation, recovered memories that her family was a multi-generational satanic sect.

            Not a squeak from the UKCP about any of the many complaints about this centre of quackery. All “confidential”.

            Absolutely sickening.

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      • Inspired, to some extent I would think, by the Batley case – and Insane Clown’s continuing false SRA allegations & slander campaign which he links to it.

        Well, I’ve convinced myself that Batley and his pseudo-Crowleyan sex cult were actually a genuine example of a deranged person being inspired by and copycatting a satanic panic fantasy. The “multi-generational ‘satanic’ abuse cult” fantasy, specifically. RAINS special obsession, and the primary fantasy driving early UK false investigation cases.
        I can “prove” this, to my own satisfaction. Probably not much beyond that, and I wouldn’t want to make a “cause celeb” out of Batley in any case. I’m certain the victim’s sexual abuse allegations were genuine & valid. Nevertheless, there could potentially be an opportunity to expose the other side of the dangers posed by satanic panic fear-mongering. Not just false allegations against the innocent, but also inspiring the very same criminal behaviours they claim to be campaigning against. Hmmm. Have to ponder on this.

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        • https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2015/06/02/an-response-to-bbc-radio-4s-analysis-programme-by-tim-tate/ just been looking into this timothy tat character. Most amused to find you at work in the comments. Assuming there’s not 2 Justin sanitys at large. I saw his book on amazon for £235. Won’t be buying that in a hurry. How I tittered reading that a copper 🚓 sued him and had the thing pulped into near extinction. No doubt a court fraud to discredit the crusader.

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        • Re the Batley case: It is my understanding that genuine sexual abuses, including rape, against at least one minor were woven into a satanic myth via the involvement of a certain notorious SRA believing psychotherapist who claims to specialise in trauma and DID.

          Also I was extremely concerned to speak to a highly reputable psychotherapist who had a very good reputation for working with survivors of abusive cults and learning that he had become a believer in SRA as a result of working with Batley’s victims after this notorious quack had had a go at them.

          He had fallen into the trap of mistaking “survivor” testimonials as evidence.

          Again, this is one of the areas in which SRA true believers really hurt genuine CSA survivors and make a thorough mess of their testimonies and narratives.

          When Sinason et al get hold of real survivors of child sexual abuse and implant false memories it harms the credence of survivors and casts aspersions over their experiences.

          Speaking on the telephone to a well intentioned and previously reputable psychotherapist to whom I had previously referred cult survivors and who was insistent that SRA exists because “the victims say so” was an extremely disturbing experience.

          It was also very disturbing to speak to SRA sceptics who doubted that and kind of sexual abuse occurred because of the clearly deranged layer of SRA narratives that served to camouflage the real abuses.

          Batley had raped and impregnated a minor who had subsequently given birth to his child. There was evidence of real child sexual abuse. All of this became obscured by the SRA narratives.

          If one day, some perverted sexual predator decides to start a real sexually abusive cult and uses the trappings of satanism in order to scare victims, the shenanigans of Sinason et al, the ISSTD, The Bowlby Centre, Confer, the Trauma and Abuse Group, The Lantern Project, First Person Plural, RAINS, Izzy’s Promise, Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors, The Willows, and all the other SRA promoting individuals and organisations may very likely result in real victims not being believed.

          The other truly horrifying fact is that when one examines the beliefs of the various quack therapists that promote SRA many of them are involved in the same new age cultic beliefs as the Hampstead hoaxers.

          Even the ones who identify as Christian believe in unproven theories about repressed memories being held in the body at a cellular level and being released through massage, Emotional Freedom Technique / tapping, energy therapy etc.

          They do not help anyone and they do so much harm.

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          • Exactly. These therapists also line their own pockets quite nicely. And unlike most therapy clients who work through their issues and leave. People who are induced into believing that they were victims of SRA are very unlikely to recover or leave. If anything their mental health would suffer greatly. If these so-called “therapies” were ever critically examined and held to an evidential standard, they would fail miserably. And all I can say about the “therapists” who use and promote belief in SRA is that they are either cynical charlatans or nutters who should not be let near vulnerable people under any circumstances.

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          • Very sorry to hear that your acquaintance was “converted” to a True Believer 😦

            “If one day, some perverted sexual predator decides to start a real sexually abusive cult and uses the trappings of satanism…”
            Well, I would argue that has happened, that is exactly what Batley was. But Crowley wasn’t his inspiration for this, only his rationalization for it.

            People who are involved in a cult group don’t think that they are. The term “cult” is applied to them by outsiders. So, for Batley to state: “I’m in a cult” to his victims, he must be consciously aware of acting out the role of an abuse cult leader. And he couldn’t have gotten the idea of a “multi-generational abuse cult” from reading Crowley. That concept didn’t exist during Crowley’s lifetime and certainly is never described in hs writings. Academic experts like Peter Koenig could confirm that, but I don’t think that’s necessary.

            I’ve pointed out to fools like Jason Horseshit, many times, that Crowley should be and would be nothing but an obscure footnote in the annals of British Eccentrics Through The Ages, if it were not for his obsessive CRITICS. Crowley’s fans, especially organizations like OTO, are not typically evangelical or populist. That would be contrary to the inherent elitism of their hierarchical, initiation-based structure. Such structures depend on the idea that you can only gain a true knowledge & understanding of Crowley and his works by joining them (being initiated), and that the people above you in the structure have access to greater knowledge than you, that you can’t buy at the local bookshop.

            Crowley’s critics are evangelical, in fact many are literally Evangelicals. And it is the critics who evangelize a fraudulent perception of Crowley as a satan-worshipping pederast who practiced “black” sex magic with boys – a leader and founder of sex cults. Crowley’s fans wouldn’t teach people to perceive him that way.
            The inspiration for searching out the most obscure passages in Crowley’s writings which could conceivably be misinterpreted as endorsement of or rationalizations for child sex slavery, and stitching them together into a “perp code”, could only have come from anti-Crowley propagandists. And indeed, the hallmarks of pro-Crowley inspiration are entirely absent from the victim’s testimony. The group don’t call themselves Thelemites, they don’t perform Crowley’s Gnostic Mass – the ‘religious’ manifestation of Crowleyana – and they are entirely ignorant of genuine ceremonial ritual, the true focus of Crowley’s life work. That could be tested by asking the victims what a “banishing ritual” is and how to perform one. They won’t be able to tell you, and that’s the first thing genuine Crowleyites teach the newbies in their circle.

            Nope. Batley isn’t “the real thing”, he’s just a copycat acting out the paranoid fantasies of people like Sinason & Tate.

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          • @ Justin Sanity re Crowley

            Justin I knew lots of people involved in Thelema and other magical orders including IOT, OTO, chaoists, wiccans, druids and various other groups. This was back when Talking Stick was happening in central London, late 80s?

            I didn’t get deeply involved in any of the magical / magickal orders. I had imagined that I might do as I had studied various esoteric texts and systems since childhood and couldn’t wait to actually meet magicians in real life.

            Unfortunately my experience was mostly of meeting a lot of extremely troubled people, some very sweet and vulnerable, some with very serious drug and alcohol problems. Also a disturbing number of individuals who expressed and enthusiasm for German National Socialism, although these were mostly involved in Odinist groups. The experience I remember with the OTO was one of women suggesting to me that I might like to have sex with their boyfriends. I didn’t have any inclination to do this, however these invitations were fairly above board and open. At no time was I pressurise or coerced into anything as happens with many cults. I made it clear that I wasn’t interested and that was that.

            I don’t buy that Crowley was a satanist, he clearly wasn’t. I believe that he was an abusive cult leader who drove many of his followers, including various sexual partners, quite mad. He used his system of initiating “Scottish Knights” in order to fleece affluent disciples of sizeable sums of money via fees for fake / worthless initiations. Similar grifts are operated by various cultic scammers to this day.

            If you really know about Thelma you will know that it is a system of sexual magick and that the various initiatory levels relate to sexual acts undertaken during magical rituals.

            I believe I am a fairly broad minded person and I have a live and let live approach to life but I do not have much time for sex cults, whether Crowleys or anyone else’s. Having your sex life dictated by a guru / godman / spiritual leader is always a mistake in my opinion. Whether it is celibacy, polyamory, swinging or whatever, I just do not believe that something as delicate and personal and a person’s sex life should be dictated by a cult leader.

            So, I’m saying that Batley’s use of Crowley related props seemed to be a piece of theatre that was created in order to scare his victims into compliance and to boost his own ego and status.

            The media’s depicting of Thelema as devil worship seemed as ludicrous to me as it no doubt did to you.

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    • Toxic man made sciences ? I suppose that would include computers and the internet as well ? And as for local antibiotic drugs that only address a single limb or organ ? I feel genuinely sorry for anyone ill in hospital and their friends and family and hate to see any suffering, but the manner in which this personal drama is weaved into conspiracy theories as a public meme is disturbing. Have these people nothing in their lives but paranoia and contempt ?

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      • Couldn’t agree more. With a brother who died over 20 years ago from kidney failure that sounds very serious if she was actual in the renal ward. The prognosis doesn’t sound good and there is every chance they allowed her sister to go home because there isn’t a lot more they can do until she suddenly needs to go back to hospital for the inevitable.

        I must say, how vindictive and nasty of a hospital to put someone on oxygen..so sinister (not).
        Has Neelu convinced a woman who really sounds not just incredibly ill but also in a very confused state of mind that doctors and nurses (bless them) are out to do her harm?.
        This seems like a sad example that Neelu’s rotten state of mind is actually dangerous and not really a laughing matter.

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  3. There are two topics I’d like to see made into comedy dramas. One would be the video nasty panic with the halfwit graham bright sent up like a buffon. Another would be a hatchet piece on a demented social worker causing havoc by willfully inventing a satanic panic. She should have been sacked off years ago and left to argue about demons and microwaved babies with an employment tribunal for being dismissed on mental health grounds.

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  4. I have heard that a recent conclave is also publishing a report. The Grand Inquiry Team are reviewing their own investigation into hoaxtead and their GIT report could lift the lid on matters and bring down the government. Be ever vigilant about GITs at work.

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  5. There is a theme developing here of adults in legal, but professionally questionable, relationships, accusing people with otherwise unblemished reputations of hideous child abuse. First it was Dr Pazdar and Michelle, now we have Bea and Judith. I saw a reference somewhere to a policeman having relationships with more than one mother of children involved in a case of false allegations (possibly Cleveland, but I can’t find it at the moment). Is a lot of this folie a deux?

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    • The prosecuting policeman who made it his mission to sleep with every participating mother was part of the “Christchurch Civic Creche” witch-hunt in New Zealand.

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    • FS you are quire correct to notice the theme.
      Examples include:

      Fleur Fisher, Sinason et al and their disgusting and horrific abuse of Carol Felstead resulting in false memories of SRA against Carol’s completely innocent family

      Lori Galperin and Mark Schwartz and their abuses of vulnerable patients at Castlewood Treatment Centre – also resulting in accusations of SRA against innocent families

      The unprofessional relationships and therapies used at the Lantern Project – resulting in SRA allegations

      Another real corker is the case of expert in “ritual abuse” Vanessa Clark, an interesting example of an allegedly Christian psychotherapist, involved with a number of linked Christian counselling and psychotherapy projects, who was very keen on the use of touching clients as a form of therapy. She and an associate Mike Fisher also worked with survivors of ritual abuse according to this PDF file (cashed link for safety)

      “Willows Workshop Programme at Harnhill Centre of Christian Healing

      On Saturday 13th July, Vanessa Clark and Mike Fisher will run a workshop entitled The Therapeutic Place of Touch. This will look at the significant place of touch in our growth and development, and its place in our healing and recovery.

      Vanessa has been a psychotherapist for twenty years in London and Oxfordshire.

      Mike, Director of Willows and also of Kingsway Consultation Services, has an extensive background in social work.

      Both work with survivors of sexual and ritual abuse and with those suffering from the effects of early life trauma and separation from their mothers”


      It should come as a surprise to nobody familiar with reading this blog that Vanessa Clark was jailed for sexually assaulting vulnerable clients using the guise of touch therapy and regression therapy.

      If I believed in “trigger warnings” I would put one here – the Vanessa Clark case was truly horrific

      note, in the above link, Clark had confessed her violations to her then lover in a letter that included the text:

      “It was entirely deceptive and manipulative. I made them envision extremely violent visualisations of torture.”


      “When [the victim] wanted to stop I insisted on going on. I gave no thought to her or her vulnerability. I exerted great will and domination over her.”

      Yet again, as if we needed more, we have a prime example of a perverted, sadistic psychotherapist actually ritually / ritualistically abusing a vulnerable adult whilst, in her “professional” career working with vulnerable adults who she claims were the victims of ritual abuse.

      The truly horrific thing about the Vanessa Clark case is that there are plenty of psychotherapists abusing vulnerable adults in the same way, via twisted, perverted, quack body psychotherapies, many generating false memories of ritual abuse / satanic ritual abuse.

      As the Carol Felstead case so clearly demonstrates, it is easy for these sadistic quacks to convince vulnerable people that their families are satanists / sexually abusers and then spend months, years or even decades abusing them through quack therapies, many of which, if examined carefully, could themselves fall into the category of ritual / ritualistic abuse.

      The Vanessa Clark case is a very clear example of why therapists who claim to treat ritual abuse / satanic ritual abuse pose an extreme danger to the very same vulnerable adults they claim to be helping.

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      • Willows Counselling Service links page is interesting

        It includes SRA promoters such as:
        Trauma and Abuse Group (TAG)
        First Person Plural
        International Society for the Study of Dissociation (ISSD)

        There are other services on their list I am not familiar with but that are worthy of research
        The Harnhill Centre of Christian Healing is, I believe, closely associated with the Willows

        Also I only just noticed but Trauma and Abuse Group (TAG), who have been on my radar for some time, is located at the Willows Centre, Swindon, so is likely connected to Willows Counselling if not the same entity.

        If my memory is correct someone fairly high up in the BACP is very involved with this group, will try to find old files

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    • I believe the time is coming when everyone working with children (and it will spread) will need to wear body cams and all institutions will need CCTV in every single corner and that may include toilets.
      How this will play out legally I have no idea but how else can someone prove their innocence (and it may deter genuine offenders)?.

      Last year I watched (BBC or ITV?) a reality program filmed in a UK school about daily life. Can anyone recall it?. It was fascinating but at one stage a female student accused a teacher of touching her (on the shoulder?) not sexually, when he admonished her. The Headmaster viewed footage and it was clear no such thing happened as he informed her of the terrible consequences that could have had for the Innocent teacher.
      In true Vikki Pollard style she sort of shrugged with a “not bovvered ” attitude.

      Last year a lady driver backed into my car at a fairly fast speed and crumpled the entire front section. I was so lucky- she immediately admitted it was her fault and reported herself to her insurance company when she could have easily lied. Now I have one of those cameras on the dash just to be safe (sadly no incidents to put up on Youtube like those Russian drivers..just the cat meowing hysterically on her way to the Vet.)

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      • I had the joy of working under a boss who regularly lied to clients about delivery times, then used me as the scapegoat to his bosses (I wasn’t driving directly there, taking time off on the way etc etc) so I bought my own dashcam and recorded every trip I made, plus I ended up recording every conversation I had with him on my phone to boot. Ended up leaving as the toxic work conditions started affecting my health.

        I found out later he had been fired after complaints by my two successors as well as my complaints, I was offered my old job back, but had found a new job and was much happier there than I had ever been at my old place of employment so declined.

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  6. Sabine covered – somewhat misleadingly – from 13:57

    Not sure I’ve come across this fruitloop Michel Trimm before. Anyone?

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  7. That story about Judy, Judy, Judith – from John Gwatkins of the Nottingham inquiry – was a great illustration of what I’ve said before with respect to RAINS and their associates. The little girl might have said her stomach was cut open in the front room, or Judith might have intuited that and then reported that “she told me…” In any case, having intuited that this story was true, no evidence to the contrary changes her mind. Like the rest of them, they only believe what their magical powers of intuition tell them – not evidence, facts or testimony – and they will even lie,or generate fraudulent records & reports stating their intuition as fact when everyone else agrees that its false.

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  8. The likes of Bea Campbell and Penny Pullen are the reason I left the Green Party.

    Being ‘radical’ didn’t stop Beatrice accepting an OBE and I don’t care what reasons she gives for taking it. I’d have told them where to shove it.

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    • I find various Green Parties to be totally different in various countries. In the UK they seem to be fairly useless under the electoral system ( first past the post nearly always gives a minority government).
      The US Greens seem decidedly dodgy to me and can split the vote. The German Greens seem to have faded into obscurity while in Australia they often hold the balance of power in the Senate and can be effective in negotiating when allowing bills to pass.

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  9. The Worm Turns:
    Long chat with my pal in Sydney re: allegations the late Aussie writer Bob Ellis was a paedophile.
    He tells me that when he questioned a so-called “news” website Independent Australia about their ludicrous promotion (they were the first to publish her allegations and Ellis was a major contributor) of the ghastly Fiona Barnett they became quite hostile with the editor emailing him and telling him to basically “wake up to himself” and that he had no understanding of these things.

    Further more he says when he questioned Bob Ellis on his own website as to why he contributed to that website after the ridiculous Barnett allegations – seeing that Ellis was a former Labor Party speech writer and Barnett falsely accused only former Labor Prime Ministers and identities of despicable crimes such as child rape and murder- Ellis banned him from his website and removed other comments that agreed.

    And he asked another contributor – a staunch Labor Party advocate why he also contributed to the ‘Independent Australia’ website making shocking (but ludicrous) allegations about revered Party figures, the writer claimed he had not read Barnett’s claims but my pal pointed out that he was Tweeting links to Barnett’s claims. Subsequently that writer and the editor of the website blocked him on Twitter.

    Now one of their star writers Bob Ellis is accused of crimes and this will become a huge scandal in the coming days.
    I wouldn’t have a clue about the truth of these claims but …that saying comes to mind..”he who is without sin etc etc..” (or words to that effect !)

    ‘Our home was a brothel without the payment’: How the daughters of a playwright were forced to have sex with famous Australian artists as part of a bohemian paedophile ring’

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    • If I were a conspiracy theorist I’d say that looks a lot like one of the Louis Bourgeois sculptures of an acrobat in Tony Podesta’s collection.


  10. This very recent news article is extremely distressing and demonstrates how innocent people can be murdered by angry mobs who falsely believe that they are paedophiles and / or attempting to kidnap children.

    Although these murders happened in India they could occur in any part of the world where people believe conspiracy theories regardless of the lack of evidence.

    One day the hoaxers are going to be responsible for some poor innocent person being murdered if things carry on the way that they are now.


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  11. Two new videos from Neelu

    In the first one she’s on her way to the Court of Appeal at the RCJ, dropping off paperwork for tomorrow’s “Spivak vs the State”, which is apparently one of “40 corruption cases” or something. It won’t surprise you to learn that Edward Ellis will be there, and naturally he’ll be “seeking remedy”. And apparently, “You can tell from my giggly voice that we’re winning.”

    Oh and there are no chemtrails in the sky over the RCJ today because the crystal teams have been in and asked the angels to get rid of the skidmarks. (Why they don’t just use Persil like everyone else i don’t know.)

    By the way, check out who she runs into a few minutes from the end!

    In the second one she talks about Edward Ellis’s upcoming court appearance (saying “he may be going to jail for helping people”). She says she’s “in a silly mood” and slams all people who attend church/temple/mosque services. This fine blog gets get a mention at -26:29/10:50. Apparently she’s upset that we’ve mentioned her again and that she’s been unable to get us closed down (because apparently YT, which has nothing whatsoever to do with WordPress, are our “agents” – go figure).

    Oh and she’s calling for Big Ben to be moved. I’m not making that up.

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    • And what about all the suspicious deaths and child abuse by baby eating satanist gangs around Angie?. Her timeline on FB and her scribblings on her website are full of it.
      Is she connected? Join the dots.

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  12. This made me laugh.

    Firstly, here’s you-know-who saying there’s no way he’s gonna take a look at the video that FG linked:

    And this is him now promoting the same video 😂

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  13. Interesting. TimTate’s 1991 book “Children for the Devil” was all about “the ritualistic abuse of children in satanic ceremonies” and specifically cited passages from Crowley’s writings as inspiration and rationalization for these alleged crimes. From the original publisher’s promo:

    “The ritualistic abuse of children in satanic cermonies is increasingly coming to light as children in the UK, USA and Europe disclose identical experiences involving torture, cannibalism, animal sacrifice, live burial, murder and the use of drugs snakes and insects in sexual abuse. This investigation defines satanism as opposed to “black magic” – with its roots and traditions in Aleister Crowley and the Third Reich – organized satanism and satanic crime, examining case histories and interviewing victims, their families and specialist therapists around the world”.

    I think we have a winner, in our “who inspired Colin Batley” contest. There may yet be a better candidate, but this will do as an illustration for now. And there couldn’t be any better “advertisement” for the idea of multi-generational incest abuse families with satanic cult overtones, the all the hoopla about Nottingham-Broxtowe from satanic panic campaigners between 1990 and 1996, when Batley moved his harem to Kidwelly.

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      • Yes, thank you! Lots of Jerry Simandl references, naturally. This is very progressive treatise, for its day though. The authors are not Satan Hunters.

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      • That is a thorough and erudite analysis. The authors misspell Norman Cohn’s surname, and they call Margaret Murray the witch-cult theorist an ‘anthropologist’ when her expertise was in Egyptology. But these are minor cavils.


    • Justin

      I do not know whether you have had the chance to read the autobiographical account written by Leah Hirsig’s sister, Alma Hirsig under the nome de plume Marian Dockerill, My Life In a Love Cult- a warning to young girls?

      It makes for fascinating reading, even if the narrative voice is not 100% reliable, I say this as Hirsig frequently refers to Crowley as a satanist, which he was not. She clearly was not happy with his treatment of her sister. Understandably.

      Possibly the most valuable element of the book is that it describes, in great detail, the development of a tantric yoga cult in early 20th Century USA, along with fairly detailed descriptions of a wide range of psychic / new age scams,, long cons and grifts.

      You should definitely try to get hold of a copy if you have not read it already. I think you would find it very interesting for a number of reasons. I think that the book probably influenced the public’s perception of Crowley’s being a satanist.

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    • I imagine you already know about this book Justin
      I have not yet had time to read it myself, it is the memoir of one of Batley’s victims

      How much is true memories and how much false I cannot say but I think it could make an interesting, if highly disturbing, read

      Reading it is on my “to do” list


    • Agreed.. and she’s always been a danger to anyone who seeks help from her for their clinical depression.
      She’s nothing but another twisted scammer and crazy cult-leader.

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    • She has said in the past that “death is delicious” and suicide is simply “pressing the reset button” that’s what I meant when I said she was a danger to her followers.

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