Becki Percy follows a well-worn path

Yesterday’s post about false SRA claimant Becki Percy attracted a lot of very interesting comments and sparked a great deal of discussion.

One thing which struck us very forcefully was that while Becki managed to incorporate certain well-known tropes which have been used by other adult SRA claimants since the early 1980s, she also managed to keep her descriptions just vague enough for her audience to fill in the details themselves.

For example, in one of her early videos, she begins several times to tell her Tale of Unspeakable Horrors, but then trails off into “you could just imagine” or “it’s really hard to remember”:

At one point I was staying with [Xxx]’s friend Charlie, who was involved with the trafficking….He had a room that was black walls and red lights, with two doors across from each other. I would be locked in for half an hour or so, and I would hear children crying or men…well, you could just imagine.

When they opened the door, the room had a black floor and a red circle on the floor, and it had lights, er, candles around the circle. I’m not going into detail because it’s really hard to remember, but I know now that it was Satanic. I’m not going into detail, but I’ve done a lot of research into Satanism, I mean, Catherine told me it was Satanic, everything they did to me was…so I know that they were Satanists, it’s just really hard to remember.

So really, all we have is a room with two doors, black walls and floor, and a red circle, with lights or candles, and the sound of children crying.

Becki knows her audience: all she needs to give them is the setting, and they will make up the rest of the gruesome details on their own. It’s a neat trick.

As commenter Liz Lowery pointed out, in the following video at about 22:55, Becki admits that she researched the topic of SRA, but then realises that this might be a tactical error:

I did my own research into it, and as I was looking into Satanism…I mean, I still haven’t looked into it fully, but as I was looking into it I realised that the things that was described was the things that I experienced.

‘A Ritual Fabrication’

For some time, Becki seemed to have the #Pizza/pedogate crowd eating from her hand. Lately, however, some have begun to wonder out loud whether they’d allowed themselves to be played, and have begun demanding answers, which she seems unable or unwilling to provide.

As we’ve watched this play out, we’re reminded in some respects of the sad case of Caroline Marchant.

Caroline’s story was detailed in a 1990 investigative article titled “A Ritual Fabrication”, by David Hebditch and Nick Anning, two of the three journalists responsible for releasing the Broxtowe JET report online.

We highly recommend the article, which shows how a young woman desperate for attention created a house of cards based on false allegations of Satanic ritual abuse. Eventually, the pressure of maintaining the lies, in the absence of even the slightest evidence, became too much for her. But the broad outlines of her story bear a great deal in common with Becki’s story, though they are separated by more than a quarter century.

In the broadest of brush-strokes, Caroline Marchant claimed to have been initiated into a Satanic cult at the age of 13. Like Becki, she claimed to have been made pregnant, though instead of the foetus being miscarried due to a beating, Caroline’s first foetus was used in a Satanic ritual, while her second pregnancy was carried to term, and the baby given to Satanists to rear as their own.

Both Caroline and Becki claim to have been involved in slaughtering new-born babies, though Becki excuses her role in the alleged murder of her baby sister Lily, saying she tried to feed and nurture her, before digging holes in which to bury her dismembered body.

Caroline and Becki both claim to have been ritually abused by the Satanists for several years, and both were miraculously “saved” by conversion to born-again Christianity. But this wasn’t the end of things, oh, no! Becki and Caroline both claim to have been relentlessly pursued by their former Satanic abusers following their respective come-to-Jesus moments, and allegedly believe that when they were caught they would be murdered for betraying them.

The similarities between Caroline and Becki go further than their claims of SRA: both young women were placed in care, and following this seem to have drifted from home to home; both seemed to crave the attention and love of father or mother figures; and both told fantastical stories which ultimately did not bear up under scrutiny.

The difference—so far—is that eventually Caroline realised that her web of lies had become a burden she could no longer bear. However, giving up her stories would have meant being cast out from the Christian community in which she had found some form of refuge.

In the end, trapped by her own lies, she took her life.

Becki’s dilemma is different: for her, the lies have paved the way from Hull to “new families” in California, and now Texas. They’ve given her an opportunity to beg for money from strangers, many of whom have given willingly to the waif-like “survivor”.

However, the net is closing in, as her precarious immigration status, soon up for appeal, depends upon her ability to convince the 9th Circuit Court (similar to our Court of Appeal) of the veracity of her claims.

‘Satan’s Underground’

In the article ‘A Ritual Fabrication’, David Hebditch and Nick Anning point out that Caroline’s allegations did not spring from her own fervid imaginings.

Caroline’s satanic past may have been a figment of her imagination, but the question remains: where did she get the idea?

The details of the story – ritual sacrifice, breeding foetuses, prostitution, sexual abuse, pornography – echo an American book called Satan’s Underground, which has been accepted by anti-occult campaigners as a definitive account of long-term satanic abuse.

First published in 1987, it has sold 100,000 copies. Its author,Lauren Stratford, regularly appears on US television and radio shows and at seminars as a credible “adult survivor”. Until recently, her book was sold in Britain by the Reachout Trust.

Satan’s Underground has, however, been utterly discredited. Late last year, a small Christian magazine in the US called Cornerstone published an extensively researched article in which three co-authors concluded that the book was a fake.

“The hard evidence we have uncovered,” they wrote, “and which we present here, speaks for itself. The story of Satan’s Underground is not true. And the same exploited children it may have been designed to help have been cheated of the truth.” Most so-called “adult survivor” books like Satan’s Underground owe something to an earlier book called Michelle Remembers, sold by Reachout and also subsequently discredited. But even Michelle Remembers, published in 1980, was not the first of the genre.

And one of Caroline’s friends, who never believed her Satanic allegations, said that Caroline had begun to claim involvement in Satanism after reading a book called From Witchcraft to Christ in 1986.

From Witchcraft to Christ was written by Doreen Irvine in 1972. It has gone through 18 UK editions and is readily available throughout the country in the Church of England’s SPCK bookshops. Like other adult-survivor books, this 188-page paper-back includes no dates, names or places which might be used to verify the author’s claims of involvement in the occult. …

In 1987, shortly before she wrote her unfinished “life story”, Caroline had met the author of From Witchcraft to Christ. She spent some time being counselled at the Zion Christian Temple at Yate, near Bristol. One of her tutors was Doreen Irvine.

We don’t know the inspiration behind Becki Percy’s allegations. It’s certainly easier today to find lurid descriptions of SRA online, as false victimhood has become something of a tradition amongst the conspiracy-minded.

And some of Becki’s stories have a distinctly derivative ring to them: her claim to have been chased through the woods, attempting to evade rape by Satanists, who would steal pieces of her clothing until she was completely naked, is almost iconic amongst adult SRA /MK Ultra claimants these days. We’ve heard the same story from Angela Power-Disney, Fiona Barnett, and Cathy O’Brien. It seems to be de rigeur amongst a certain set—you’re nobody until you’ve been chased naked through a forest. Apparently.

Of course, Becki adds the unusual touch of “dead children hanging from trees”, which raises more questions: where did the children come from? Why hang them from the trees, other than for gruesome effect? What did the alleged Satanists do with them afterward? Is there a warehouse somewhere, where dead children are stored to be brought out for such festivities? Why has no one else ever reported seeing this? Surely a forest full of dead children must have attracted someone’s attention? And why have these children never been reported missing? Or their remains found?

Aside from this Hammer Horror touch, though, Becki’s stories are remarkably vague and unimaginative, drawing as they do from tales which appear to have been passed down to would-be SRA LARPers since the bad old days of the 1980s Satanic panic.

Both Becki Percy and Caroline Marchant can be said to have used the mythology of SRA to their own advantage, though Becki has turned her stories into monetisable commodities, whereas Caroline used them to gain bed, board, and companionship. And just like Caroline before her, Becki is due to come crashing down, probably some time soon.

We only hope that her landing will be less final than that of her predecessor.Satanic-Abuse-Scare

101 thoughts on “Becki Percy follows a well-worn path

  1. She can barely keep her eyes open and speaks super-slow. Stoned I’ll bet!
    What a Scammer! “Imagine” ? NO THANKS!

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  2. “I did my own research into it, and as I was looking into Satanism…I mean, I still haven’t looked into it fully, but as I was looking into it I realised that the things that was described was the things that I experienced.”.

    That happens to me when I look up a headache, a sore back, leg, tummy, etc. on Google. I realise then that I have every known illness in the world. I get it Becki, but I always come down to Earth.

    What happened to someone so young that she started this fantasy in the first place I wonder. She doesn’t seem to have any feelings for her parents at all. How broken hearted they must be.

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    • Precisely Rosie. I cannot imagine how much hurt she must have caused her family with her cruel lies and evil accusations. I certainly would not welcome her back with open arms.

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      • Nor would I Arthur. I can only imagine the furore she would cause. Her parents must have been looked upon with suspicion when she started with her terrible accusations & probably still are by a lot of people. It would be hard to get over the hurt she has caused them & wondering what she would come out with in the future.

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          • That is truly terrible for them. It’s must awful for them to think that they brought a much loved child into this world & look what she has done to them. I’m sure they still love her & want her back but they would want the child they knew & loved, not this person with a whole new persona.


  3. the lies have paved the way from Hull to “new families” in California, and now Texas. They’ve given her an opportunity to beg for money from strangers, many of whom have given willingly to the waif-like “survivor”.
    However, the net is closing in, as her precarious immigration status, soon up for appeal, depends upon her ability to convince the 9th Circuit Court (similar to our Court of Appeal) of the veracity of her claims.

    “We are adamantly opposed to asylum-seekers and refugees from violence and persecution entering our country. They should be arrested and their children kept in cages.
    “However, this young lady is white.”

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      • Would love to hear her formally state she was involved in a pedosadist version of the hunger games with hooded rapists hunting her through a forest adorned with child corpses. Yeah, they’ll change their minds over their initial decision.

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  4. Thanks for these insights, EC.

    I was also intrigued by the comments yesterday about Becki’s Facebook page being full of photos of her being a happy, normal young person (Year 11 prom, 18th birthday party etc.) during the years she claims she was being dragged around the World by sex traffickers!

    And yet people still believe her and even give her money 😮

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    • The bailiff does grab hold of the door as she tries to get into the van but I’m not seeing any assault. And her legs don’t appear to be pinned in any way.

      Bottom line, though – just pay the bloody fine, Eddy!

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        • I think she is having a breakdown – or rather she had a breakdown some years ago and her sister’s illness is making it worse. All this obsession with reincarnation is a fear of death. She is placing herself into a the centre of a manichean struggle where parking tickets have mystic significance.


          • She just needs to learn to break down somewhere that doesn’t have yellow lines on it.


    • Why on earth don’t they follow the appeal process and challenge the charge before it gets to the enforcement stage.

      How did the ‘Bailiff’ know where the van was, unless the registered keepers address is the same as Neelu’s?

      As always bloody great holes in their stories.

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    • I’m sure Sacha will be delighted that the cave-dwelling nutter has approved his application to become an X-man. Bet they were popping champagne corks in Earl’s Court over that news.

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  5. It will be fascinating to see what the eventual court judgement brings in her case. It’s a very odd time in the USA under D.Trump where it seems millions are prepared to accept @pizzagate as being real merely because of politics and an intense irrational hatred for certain people.

    This is encouraged by Trump who I believe is the real evil stalking the land given he has riven the country apart with his continued demands for blind loyalty.
    Just yesterday he began spouting bizarre claims in a TV interview that he had “the best”, the “most intelligent” etc supporters, bikers, truck drivers and so on. In other words if you don’t support him 100% you are the opposite. No other president has gone out of his way to divide the people of his own country.

    Thus the religious hard right is flying high as they bizarrely support the most irreligious president in history. So a con artist like Becky has a huge potential support base as she spouts all the things they wish to hear. The fact she blindly throws her support behind an oaf like “Tommy Robinson” , as do the millions of Evangelicals is an example of how she is walking in lock step with the US lunatic hard right. Will she get a judge who believes all this?.

    If her appeal is successful it could open up the floodgates and although she is advantaged, despite whatever people will say, because she is white and elfin looking, you can imagine that those fleeing Africa will be able to seize upon her case as an example. There are plenty of documented real cases of witch craft in various African countries. The pursuit of Albinos being just one example.

    So the right-wing “Christians” will be in a fix: will they support the surge of asylum seekers who claim to be victims of witch craft but have black skin?.
    My guess: Becky will find a husband very soon. That of course creates it’s own problems. If a marriage is found to be false and just for residency purposes it can lead to serious jail time.

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    • My guess, Becky will do a runner, show up in a different state with a new name and back story and try to restart the cycle of sympathy. But we shall see, I’ve been wrong about things before.

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      • Presumably if not detained she will be let out on license with the ankle bracelet and her current “parents” would end up financially losing out if she did a runner. So yeah, she’ll probably run. 🙂

        If not, can we find out the flight number so I can be at Heathrow arrivals to point and shout haha!

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    • The best people, until he tells them they’re fired. All he does is 1. Insist he’s the best. 2. Claim the media is lying and ‘fake news’ 3. Fire people. It’s the biggest reality tv hoax of all time. Only nobody’s laughing.


  6. What amuses me is the usual comment from idiots that a persons claim must be true because it matches the claims of other SRA “victims”.

    It never occurs to believers that all these “victims” get their stories from the same Internet/books that they have read too!

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    • And from each other, in a long line stretching back 30 years to MIchelle Pazder Joan Christiansen & Lauren Stratford. There were victim claimant “support groups” already in the late 1980’s, in US and Canada that I documented, probably in the UK too. Newsletters, exchanging narratives and working on expanding, modifying and correcting the collective Master Narrative. Academics in various fields have also participated collecting, disseminating and interpreting victim narratives to smooth over proven falsehoods, including Sara Scott, Steven Kent, Colin Ross and Michael Salter.

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      • Yes, it would be very interesting to trace the development of the Master Narrative from its origins to the present. Would be good to have that all in one place, as a reference.

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        • **BLINK! BLINK!** yea, that would be great! Could be a humungous task though, which is why I haven’t done it 🙂
          I did have a flow-charty thing tracking the earliest developments, but after Steve Kent opened the floodgates with his Deviant Scripturalism loophole, it became anything goes! and it seemed pointless to continue.
          The original core of it was the 5 points from the 20/20 broadcast:

          plus Pazder’s definition and elements of Michelle’s story in the book or Pazder’s lectures.

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        • I’d love to trace the patient zero. Or Mitty zero at the heart of these modern claims. I think Beatrix has a lot to answer for.


          • 1972 satan seller by mike warnke is the earliest book I know of, and all proven to be fake. Earlier today I watched 2 docus from 1982, revival of evil and rock, its your choice. Full of dungeons and dragons bashing. Backmasking satanic messages on records and asserting rock acts perform ceremonies backstage and Richie blavkmore astral projects around the stadium while playing. This was just before the explosion of child murder, breeders and blood drinking stories that mark the climax of the panic.

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  7. So…how does what she described compare to the vid I posted here recently? Not at all, correct? They can’t describe the real thing ’cause they’ve never experienced it. Just the mythical stereotype from cheesy horror movies.

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  8. I do wonder how, what appears from her FB page, a normal young woman like millions of others ends up in the USA fleeing alleged SRA.

    Simply being a scammer doesn’t seem to cover it.

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    • I suspect it’s a combination of things, Captain M. Something like “desire for attention” mixed with “got in with the wrong crowd”, “discovered she got amazing feedback from those who wanted to believe her stories”, and “found she could easily raise money whilst playing on others’ sympathies”. Like Caroline in the 1990 article I cited here, I suspect that she started lying, found that it worked for her, and then kept doing it to ensure a constant stream of sympathy and admiration. Stopping, on the other hand, would be pretty much unthinkable at this point.

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  9. OK, folks – try not to wince but here’s Cat Snot’s latest bit of ‘dot-joining’. And it’s a doozy! It takes in imaginary “paedos”, Margaret Thatcher and, er, Coronation Street….

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      • Also, he didn’t become a grocer until 1979. Until then he worked as a sorter (and later supervisor) for the Royal Mail. I wonder if Cat would be so kind as to explain how that was a cryptic reference to Margaret Thatcher’s dad being a paedophile. I feel I’m missing something.

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          • It’s getting depressingly easy to debunk the conspiraloons these days. Can’t they at least try to come up with something more challenging?

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    • Isn’t the real scandal about Margaret Thatcher attached to her mother – who was rumoured to be the illegitimate daughter of Henry Cust MP? Apparently that is why the Cust family lent her the silver from Belton Hall while she was PM.

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    • That is one of the dumbest posts I’ve seen for a while, which is saying something. What sort of logic does Cat operate with?

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    • Shocking revelation: actor who played Mancunian character in Manchester-based soap that was filmed in Mancheser…had links in Manchester 😮

      We’re through the looking glass, people!

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  10. My position on Becki Percy.

    Becki has made serious allegations against members of my religion and the people of Hull of crimes against children. To my knowledge Becki has not been to the police in the UK about these allegations, but instead is wanting to claim political asylum in the USA and benefit from the generosity of US citizens for her apparent abuse and PTSD from her alleged experiences in Hull. Because these allegations have not been tested by a proper police investigation in Hull, then many children who have allegedly suffered a crime against them have been denied justice, and other children are now vulnerable to crimes against them by alleged abusers. Even if SRA is unfounded, there might still be elements of truth amongst the allegations of Becki of child abuse. Hull is also a major stronghold of Satanism with the Church of Rational Satanism strongly represented there.

    Becki has recently stated on Twitter (before she blocked me) that she needs funding for an assistance dog for her to cope with life. I think this has reached the point for me that I require Becki Percy to come back to Hull and speak to the police. I do not wish these allegations to be untested by a police investigation if there is a remote chance someone is being harmed.

    I am going to give Becki all the support she will need to come back to the UK and have her allegations properly investigated by the police. I shall organise a Fundme campaign to raise money for Becki to get her assistance dog, which will be given to a police station in Hull. If Becki has been telling the truth, she gets the dog, if she has been telling fictions, the funds will go to ChildLine.

    I shall give Becki Percy the justice she seeks, but if she has been telling fictions it will backfire on her in a massive way. It is clear what Becki must do, she must come back to Hull UK and speak to the police. I shall make sure everyone that is a stakeholder in this end state will be asked to make sure that this happens.

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    • I’m trying to think of any woods in the Hull area where her story would be plausible. You could run through most of them in five minutes. It is about as credible as dozens of people cramming into one disabled changing room or a two month long ritual being held in a public cemetery in the centre of a residential area.


  11. I’ve finally got round to reading Mike Warnke books I’ve had lying around, lying being the ideal word. Schemes of Satan is hilarious stuff. As for Jackie Nory and her blagging immigration scam ? I really hope she gets educated on how nasty genuine abuse is and how feigning it for attention is really just kicking real victims in the teeth. It’s sick to emotionally blackmail people with what amounts to a Walter Mitty fraud case. I think someone once threw me a link to her on twitter and she’s an obvious grief thief.


  12. Oh puppies are cute, I wish I could afford one.

    Hint, hint . . .

    I’d need a service dog trained in PTSD . . . .

    Hint, hint . . . .

    She’s a real milker, her twitter is just her slating Killery, bemoaning low candle sales and saying how much she wishes she could afford a puppy trained to assist SRA survivors of the hooded pedos in dead child ridden trees woodland rapathons she endured.

    Emotional vampirism at it’s worst.


    • Shocking that Green would write to Mrs Payne about a hoax.

      Mrs Payne held that post for one year from 2009, so for him to try and tug at her heartstrings like that after what she had been through regarding her daughter was extremely distasteful.

      I’m disgusted at that.

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