Neelu turns sister’s illness into spectator sport

Over the past several days, Neelu Berry has been turning her sister’s terminal illness into a spectator sport. Really, there’s no other way to describe it. In a series of live-streamed Facebook videos, she’s demonstrated a combination of paranoia, delusion, Freeman on the Land woo, pseudo-medical nonsense, and sheer madness that’s been hard to ignore.

Here’s a very brief synopsis:

Video 1

According to a Facebook live-stream on Tuesday, 5 June, (viewable in this Google Drive folder) her sister was rushed to the hospital and admitted to the resuscitation unit, where Neelu claimed she was being “poisoned”.

In typical Neelu fashion, she then launched into an incomprehensible stream of gibberish, touching on topics as diverse as the recent “Common Law Grand Jury” in Glastonbury last weekend, mysterious death incubators in the basements of hospitals, her belief that false teeth are made from the bones of the dead, and her plan to “keep her fingers crossed and pray”.

She did allow as how her “professional bit came in” when she was talking to the hospital staff, which made them “a bit tense”, but overall she seemed relatively sanguine: her sister had been given antibiotics, which she said she couldn’t fault, and staff was listening to the wishes of the family.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Neelu video without a healthy splash of paranoia: she said her sister was only 52, so the hospital would would have to do their best to help her—”She’s too young. It wouldn’t look good if they didn’t try”.

And there was the obligatory bash at the NHS: “The NHS is prostituted by the pharmaceutical industry, and all its professional bodies are pimps, profit pimps”.

Neelu ended the video with a discourse on how to sprout mung beans—”not the shiny ones”—and an exhortation to meditate and pray, as this would heal the world. For Neelu, this was pretty tame stuff.

Video 2

The next day, the gloves came off. In Neelu’s second video, she opened with her usual oddly girlish, “Hellooooo…” but then noted that while she was smiling, she should really be crying, as her sister’s situation was “not looking good”.

She read out a report she’d apparently sent to the hospital, in which she claimed that the anaesthetists in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) had given a “medical fraud DNR notice to end the life of her sister in two days, in an ambush using an ICU locum anaesthetist”.

She referred to the anaesthetist, whose identity she questioned (because of course she did) as the “death man”, and claimed that the oncologist and another doctor were acting as his “agents”.

Neelu disputed her sister’s diagnosis of stage IV breast cancer, claiming that it was only stage III and that it could be treated abroad. She noted that the anaesthetist had been unable to show her where the cancer had spread to the lungs or liver, and said that all her sister required was treatment for low potassium and sodium levels, which had led to the collapse that had sent her to hospital.

Her sister was heavily sedated, she said, and her blood pressure had dropped to dangerously low levels; Neelu claimed that her sister was about to become a victim of drug-induced assassination.

She began throwing about her usual Freeman on the Land gibberish, referring to “DNR frauds” and “sedation frauds”, and demanding that her sister be treated with antibiotics…for her cancer.

Neelu mentioned several times that she wanted to send her sister to a Mexican cash-extraction service (thanks, Smut Clyde!) called “Oasis of Hope”, where she could receive “alternative” therapies.

And she described a new-to-us theory of “DNR frauds being used when they want to launder patients to hospices”. Confused by this talk of patient laundering? You’re not alone. Turns out that Neelu believes that hospices use up patients’ assets, at which point they end the patient’s life. Not sure how this translates to “laundering”, but that’s Neelu for you.

If the NHS isn’t doing DNR frauds and sedation frauds, they’re laundering patients in hospices. Oh, and let’s not forget the all-important assassination frauds: on Planet Zog, apparently “cancer is an assassination fraud”.

Video 3

By Friday, 8 June, Neelu was under full sail.

Claiming that the hospital was “conspiring to continue to deny treatment, causing infections, refusing to treat new infections, not monitoring (her sister), not giving electrolytes, only giving local oxygen, and still under the kill plan”, she gave out the address at the hospital, and urged her followers to call and harass the ward nurses.

“They’re continuing with the DNR fraud, but as part of a ‘go home to die’ plan”, she said. However, she seemed most offended that the hospital was denying her as “next of kin”, even though later in the video she admitted that her other sister had been named as such.

“They have got internal surveillance going on against me,” she claimed, noting that the nurses on the floor had stopped responding to her harassing phone calls. “This is about the UK deliberately denying people treatment, so as to pump them with pharmaceuticals which kill the patients before the cancer does”.

Giving out the hospital’s number, Neelu said she wanted her friends and followers to call the hospital and tell them that her sister is being held hostage in a kill plan— she’s been injected with a bug that caused a boil or abscess on her right breast”.

“I would like people to say they’re (Neelu’s sister’s) cousin, brother, aunt, uncle, nephews, nieces…” she said. “Say there are a million supporters, she doesn’t want to be there, she wants alternative treatment and antibiotics. The CEO has been put on notice to cease and desist the kill plan on my sister, and I would like people to call the  ward and the main hospital number”.

Enough is enough

At this point, HR commenter Tinribs decided it was time to take action:

OK, I just couldn’t sit back and allow this harassment to continue without doing anything about it, so I’ve just called the ward and had a conversation with a senior member of staff. Forewarned is forearmed and all that. I’ve alerted her to Neelu’s video and posts calling for people to phone the ward pretending to be relatives of Dolly and harass the staff; I’ve given her Neelu’s three most commonly used pseudonyms in case she tries calling under an assumed name; I’ve told them about the allegations of attempted murder; and I’ve told them about Michael Evans’ threat to go to the hospital to confront the staff and Sucheta Kumari’s vow to call them pretending to be Dolly’s cousin Sue. Oh and I also told her that nurses and other hospital staff do a brilliant job and shouldn’t have to put up with people like this. She was very responsive and took down notes, names etc. and seemed very appreciative.

We’d like to offer Tinribs our heartfelt congratulations and thanks for taking the initiative on this. We’re sure the hospital appreciated his warning, and we hope it helps them stave off Neelu and her band of loonies.

A letter to the CEO

Not satisfied with merely harassing the ward staff about her sister’s care, Neelu wrote to the hospital’s CEO:

Neelu to CEO 2018-06-09 .png

To his credit, the CEO responded quickly and firmly:

Dear Neelu
Thank you for your email.
I understand that your sister, ******* *********’s next of kin is fully aware of the treatment plan for [her], so I would politely ask that you discuss your concerns with her.
As you are not [her] next of kin I cannot comment further, other than to say that we always aim to provide the highest standard of care to all our patients and their families.
I do wish ******* a full and speedy recovery

Best wishes
[Chief Executive, BHRUH NHS Trust]

Meanwhile, Neelu’s friends have been quick to offer medical advice and moral support:

Doesn’t this just warm the cockles of the heart? It’s so good to know that when Neelu goes careening off the deep end, her friends are there to support her with common sense solutions and messages of hope and comfort.


Neelu in happier days

79 thoughts on “Neelu turns sister’s illness into spectator sport

  1. Bet there’s no one out there who’s sick and twisted enough to compare this to the Alfie case.

    Oh wait…

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    • But…Neelu through her outpourings on social media is deliberately directing people to draw that exact comparison. To me, it’s quite natural to learn that a susceptible person such as APD would fall into the trap of accepting Neelu’s version of events in the way Neelu wishes them to be understood. Neelu has worded her complaints against the staff at the hospital where her sister is being cared for in such a way that it would be impossible not to draw comparisons with the Alfie Evans’ case (sorry for taking your name in vain Alfie).

      E.G. : part quote from El C.’s post

      “Video 3
      By Friday, 8 June, Neelu was under full sail.

      Claiming that the hospital was “conspiring to continue to deny treatment, causing infections, refusing to treat new infections, not monitoring (her sister), not giving electrolytes, only giving local oxygen, and still under the kill plan”, she gave out the address at the hospital, and urged her followers to call and harass the ward nurses.”

      Neelu, that dreadful woman, is using/exploiting her sister’s current situation to gain attention for herself and whatever bizarre cause she wants to promote – the cause being something to do with the usual nonsense she spouts.

      Most of us who have experienced the upset of having a seriously ill close relative would be concerned with not just their quality of care but also very much their dignity. It is unnatural to be anything other than protective and private during such a time but Neelu with her personality disorder (I’m not convinced she’s mentally ill) is guilty of disabusing her sister and her family of their proper hour of need and the respect it should be afforded all in the interest of how El Coyote describes it so well creating a spectacle.

      It’s a fvcking travesty and Neelu’s a fvcking bitch!

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      • P.S. APD does not get a pass for being a seeming brain-dead moron incapable of critical thinking and accepting of any direction towards whatever narrative spun her way….she’s seized upon this outrageous slanderous condemnation of the NHS to suit her agenda too.

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  2. “She weighs about 47 kg (lost about 8kg in four years)”
    Sounds like “four years” is how long the dumb lady has been persuading her sister to avoid medical treatment. Stage IV breast cancer doesn’t just happen out of the blue. It particularly doesn’t break through the skin as a fungating ulcer without warning.

    Translation: The dumb lady killed her sister (or persuaded her to perform a slow painful form of suicide), and she knows it, which is why she is desperate to blame the doctors and nurses who are trying to make the sister comfortable.

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  3. Yeah. Hospitals kidnap well people to kill them as an assassination fraud. Fortunately me and everyone I know has luckily evaded this conspiracy and only retrieved actual medical treatment. Guess it’s because I’m a satanic GCHQ troll working to cover up satanic state business.

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    • Melon sized infection ? Weight loss monitored over 4 years ? I think this person got to the hospital very late in the game

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    • They’re more likely to pull a mental health fraud and have the daft cow sectioned, because she’s a threat to the Jew world order

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  4. So cancer is an “assassination fraud” that can be cured with antibiotics? Hmm, I just can’t imagine why Neelu was struck off of the pharmacy register by the General Medical Council.

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  5. For any newcomers to the blog who may not be aware of this, Neelu is bound by a lifetime restraining order, filed in April 2004 by the staff of two separate hospitals. Is she planning a hat trick here? Surely if she and her army of swivel-eyed chimps continue to harass the good folk of her sister’s hospital, this is the minimum that will happen and there’s also a good chance that she’ll be arrested too, cries of “You have no authority to arrest this woman and I should know, bruv, because I’m William Edward Ellis, equity lawyer to the fucking stars, mate, and I ain’t taking no prisoners – capeesh?” (or words to that effect) from her fancy man notwithstanding.

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    • I’ve also seen posts claiming Harvey Weinstein put a hit on Bourdain.
      Conspiraloons try to join dots here, there and everywhere until it suits their reasoning.

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      • I’ve also just read that Bourdain’s mother has stated that he seemed to be in a “dark mood” days before his suicide.

        The Prosecutor also said that a “medical expert had concluded there were no signs of violence on Bourdain’s body”.

        I noticed some of the conspiraloons are putting a Satanic spin into the mix as well just because Bourdain’s girlfriend was Asia Argento, daughter of film Director, Dario Argento. This is due to the genre of movies he makes!

        Honestly, you’ve got to laugh at these conspiraloons sometimes..

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  6. Kudos to Tinribs.
    I know a little about chemotherapy and all I can say is: thank God for those who develop these fabulous drugs that save so many people from this bloody awful cancer scourge. And thank God for the doctors and nurses.
    As an aside:
    I did NOT post this comment anywhere and it’s a real mystery.
    Does anyone know where it appeared?.

    I’m really concerned about this as I’m very worried that people will finally realize that I am not just the CEO of All Broom Closets at GCHQ but in fact, I am Mr George Soros (future Ruler Of All Europe) himself, a descendant of Adolf Hitler ( a Rothschild via the downstairs Chamber Maid) , a member of the Cryptic Order of Freemasonry (not Scottish though), a lapsed Illuminati founding member (they kicked me out but fuck them!) former Landlord of the Elm Guest Hose and lessee of a flat at the Dolphin Square and a close friend of the late Leon Brittan plus all my “business interests” are based at an accommodation address No 788-790 Finchley Road and the former “life partner” of Sir John Patterson (now you know why the antagonism).

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    • I feel like it is incumbent upon me GOS to recommend regression therapy to you. I hear it’s all the rage and as someone who is not alive anymore (i.e. you), it might be useful in regaining those all-important memories which were wiped when your hard drive was reformatted upon your entry/re-entry to the spirit world from whence you originally came and currently reside in.

      I’m interested in knowing why you, at one time, were commanding people google various individuals’ polygraph tests.

      I suspect that you were messing.

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      • Is it something I posted on Hoaxtead?.
        Perhaps it’s me messing with my own mind as I’ve forgotten doing it but I’m sure it was highly relevant at the time. It threw me because of the new avatar I just posted which I took with my web cam (after a late night hence the eyes).

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        • AFAIK, if you change your avatar, it will change on every post you have ever made, not just the ones after you made the change

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          • Yes, that’s right.

            GoS, I do remember you putting up that comment, as it made me laugh at the time. It was on the post about Captain Polygraph himself, David “Helluva Man” Howard.

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        • Hehe….you should know that I’ve got a lot of years of blog posts to catch up on here but should I come across a post of yours being all authoritative and commanding amongst my travels through this marvelous site to behold I’ll be delighted to let you know.

          That’s if I remember.

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  7. As always, the bastards didn’t even have the decency to wait until the body was cold before spouting their bollocks:

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    • The website she says she got that from doesn’t appear to actually give a statistic (I suspect Cat may have made that up as usual) but it does say this:

      “Although it is sometimes hard to believe that someone we know or love is capable of sexually harming a child, we must remember that children rarely lie about sexual abuse. It is highly unlikely that a child would deliberately make false accusations about adult-like sexual behavior.”

      They too haven’t specified their source for that claim and I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts on how trustworthy the site (Stop It Now) is. Sheva/OMG, are you familiar with it?

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      • I would say that if the child volunteered this information without an adult obtaining it via leading or badgering questions, there’d be a very high likelihood that it was true. However, I think a large number of false allegations arise in the context of custody disputes, or “panics” like Hampstead or the various daycare panics in the USA during the 1980s.

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        • According to my personal experience and completely accurate sampling, 100% of claims are lies.

          When I was 10 a girl in my class unprompted told people I’d “touched her boob”. I hadn’t. I’d been nowhere near her the entire day, yet even at that age I soon realised that the more I protested my innocence the more guilty I looked.

          Of course, whilst the events I mention are true, I’m being deliberately facetious to demonstrate how dangerous such an approach is. Some children lie for no apparent reason. It’s why any investigation needs to be left to professionals.

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      • In case you’re wondering, she doesn’t clarify who her source is in the video either. In fact, she apparently couldn’t be arsed to cite any sources for any of the data she “quotes”:

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        • “When I made this video I knew I was erring on the side of caution. I didn’t want to be accused of exaggerating”.

          Pity you didn’t err on the side of caution when you posted a fake photo of Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell kissing in one of your videos, stating it as real, eh Cat?

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      • Sorry, I don’t understand Gibberingfuckwitese.

        Best guess is some numerological NWO racist shite. The illumunati like the number 11 or something. Cat must stab to death anyone who is aged 77 or born on the seventh of July?

        Whoever has picked these numbers and for some reason double G is number 11, did it out of this string. I have added in 1 for first, EE is 55 etc. Boredom will have effected my accuracy.

        2012119771936201312014197777201619353110520092003112320061011111141412320061011177141419192200818181212155774227522013201414141414119861112015131111391818552211062010 and sorry bored now.

        This is a person who wants to help adult survivors of sexual abuse? Get out of here! She likes the old numerology pareodolia stuff. It is just a quirk of how our brains work.

        I have a little secret. Objects that look red, aren’t really red as such, they reflect light in the visible spectrum that we (colourblindness aside) call red. In the dark they have no colour. Mind blown. Booooom.

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    • As demonstrated in the Hampstead case where the children accused their foster father of telling them vile sexualised stories while torturing them.

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  8. I’ve been letting Ogilvy be lately, as he’s been having a rough old time of things, to say the least. He recently revealed that he’s a recovering heroin addict, plus he has a sick elderly mother to care for, he’s in a violent feud with his brother (who’s been making uncomfortable allegations about Ogilvy’s past), he has severe insomnia and and he’s on prescription meds for both pain and anxiety. But he’s just posted a photo that can only be described as child porn (again), which is hard to ignore. Sorry, I’m loath to share the link, for obvious reasons, but I’ve reported it to WordPress (for what good it’ll do).

    Meanwhile, I see everything else is back to normal on his “blog” and he’s happy to deal with his own fucked up life by bullying, abusing slandering innocent women.(using the same 23-word lexicon of playground slang – yawn):


    • He also appears to have switched sides (either that or he’s very confused about what the word ‘hoaxer’ means):

      No idea who Dom Lohan is, btw (if he even exists).


    • I’m gonna go back to ignoring him now, btw, as the guy gives me the creeps.

      He’s still threatening to have his mates pay Spiny and Scarlet a visit, by the way. I’m sure they must be sh*tting themselves (not).

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      • Yeah, I asked Ogilvy a question about that once which he was unable to answer – and it’s a question I think applies to a lot of these so-called child protection campaigners who give out people’s addresses etc: what’s the plan if you or someone you’ve directed arrives at someone’s house to kill/main/beat/torture someone and their kids are there? It doesn’t bear thinking about.


        • That doesn’t bother the likes of Ogilvy. There actually ARE people living with direct dial numbers to the police thanks to that animal, as I suspect EC could verify. Some of us have heard the phone calls! REPENT is it Malcolm? Aye, so ye should ya scummer! Stalking and terrorising people, especially wee lassies, gives him a buzz. As for grains of sympathy? Save them for people who live and work with disabilities they’ve been afflicted with through no fault of their own and who have to live on meds, but still somehow manage to pull their weight in the world; plenty of them about. Nothing wrong with Ogilvy he didn’t do to himself through his own laziness and selfishness. I wouldn’t give him the used litter out my cat’s box if he was starving!


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