Team 4 response to JET report: Satan-hunters strike back

Yesterday we looked at how the Broxtowe JET report, which debunked the Satanic ritual abuse claims of a team of social workers in Nottingham, was suppressed for several years before finally being shared on the internet thanks to the efforts of three journalists and the Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) organisation.

We noted that two of the social workers on Team 4, the team which believed the SRA claims, were in some part responsible for suppressing the JET report. At the time of the JET report’s suppression, Team 4 social workers Judith Dawson (later Judith Jones) and Chris Johnston were both founding members of the Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support (RAINS) group, which became instrumental in promoting the SRA narrative in the UK.

Team 4’s response to the JET Report

Many thanks to commenter YdychyncachuTracey, who pointed us toward a most interesting Freedom of Information request on

Rebecca Hemsley, who requested a copy of the Team 4 response to the JET report in September 2015, was initially told that the public interest would not be served by public release of the document:

It is clear from the information in the public domain that the JET report was critical of Team 4 and did not support Team 4’s view that organised ritualistic abuse was taking place.  It is to be expected, therefore, that the Team 4 response will include a very detailed rejection of the individual findings of the JET report which goes far beyond the details already released in the JET summary report.

In our view the passage of time means that there is little likelihood that either position could now be verified further and, therefore, releasing the full detail in the Team 4 response will not significantly further the debate.  But it could, on the other hand, cause considerable harm to the individuals involved.

On balance, therefore, we believe that the public interest does not justify the release of the full report.

However, Ms Hemsley persisted and was eventually able to convince Nottinghamshire County Council to release the 220-page report, along with appendices, albeit in heavily redacted form. Even so, it’s a very interesting document indeed.

Reading through the Team 4 response, we were reminded of Mrs Justice Pauffley’s words in the 19 March 2015 judgment which concluded the fact-finding hearing into the Hampstead SRA hoax.

Referring to Dr Hodes’ odd reliance on an out-dated and discredited diagnostic tool for determining child sexual abuse, she said, “The court must always be on guard against the over-dogmatic expert, the expert whose reputation or amour propre is at stake, or the expert who has developed a scientific prejudice”.


Team 4’s response starts with a shot across the bow, accusing the Joint Enquiry Team of “discrediting individuals” and adopting a “dogmatic, fixed position, the very charge laid against members of Team 4”:

Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 1

Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 2.png

In particular, Team 4 objects to the JET’s “hypothesis” that the social workers themselves had helped to create the children’s disclosures of SRA. They go so far as to state that the JET report implies “abuse of children which in itself is a serious charge which would require a considerable amount of evidence to support it”.

Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 3The Team 4 response then hauls out the old “we’re the only ones who really care about the poor abused children” card: Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 4It’s an accusation which will be repeated in many forms throughout the document.

The Team 4 report cites 158 “factual errors” in the JET report, ranging from “Ray Wyre didn’t give the foster parents a list of Satanic ritual abuse indicators” to “Person X’s home was not visited on the dates specified”. The social workers also took issue with the suggestion that the weekly meetings with foster parents created cross-contamination of stories.

Team 4 takes particular offence at the idea that their activities could be construed as a “witch -hunt”: witch-hunts, they claim, are by definition “carried out on behalf of the establishment and established opinion”. Because Team 4’s opinion ran counter to the established understanding of child sexual abuse, therefore, their activities could not be construed as any sort of witch-hunt:Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 5The sheer disingenuousness of this argument gave us pause, as did the social work team’s dismissal of comparisons with the then-ongoing daycare panic in the United States:Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 6What, right-wing evangelical backlash? No, no, none of that here!

And yet, curiously enough, as we mentioned yesterday Notts Assistant Director of Social Services, Andy Croall, appearing on After Dark with Judith Dawson’s partner Beatrix Campbell, agreed with her that the JET report had been discredited, and then said, “as a Christian I believe it’s God time for it [satanic abuse] to be revealed….. it’s a time when, in God’s plan, it’s going to be revealed.”

As for the idea that should Team 4’s approach of “believing whatever the children say, no matter how outlandish” be adopted, innocent people would be charged, and lives ruined, the writers of the Team 4 response paper seem to accept this as the cost of catching the bad Satanists: Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 7Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 8So much for that inconvenient “innocent until proven guilty” thing.

As for the JET report’s assertion that no corroborating evidence had been found to support allegations of Satanic ritual abuse, Team 4 dismissed this by claiming that since they had not been party to the investigations, they could not comment one way or another: Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 9They stated that there were indeed tunnels under Wollaston Hall as well as in a graveyard in Nottingham. Why, then, could the children not have been taken there to be abused? After all, the Team 4 writers claimed, Satanists like to hold their rituals in tunnels underground, so as to be closer to Satan.

Yes. They actually said this:Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 10Besides, say Team 4, they happen to have in their possession a “copy of a Black Mass translated from French which was used by a group of French priests who became Satanists in the 18th Century:Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 11.pngDoes “Diablos Domini” really refer to drinking of urine or blood, or of eating faeces or sexual activity within a ritual? Last we heard, Diablos was Spanish (not French or even Latin) for Devils, and Domini was Latin for “master”. How this translates into alleged Satanic practices, we really don’t know.

However, we do know that Team 4 believed that they had some heavy hitters on their team. At one point they refer to having consulted the “Bishop’s advisor on the occult”:Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 12At one point the Team 4 report mentions that adults who’ve allegedly suffered SRA “corroborate essentially what the children say”. However, apparently these adults are “usually rather vague about the philosophical base of these groups, describing them variously, as satanic, devil worship, and witchcraft”:Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 13Team 4 interprets this vagueness as due to trauma or perhaps just ignorance of the primary goal of the group.

However, this flies in the face of what’s known about any known religious or cultic belief system: those who belong to it very quickly learn its precepts, beliefs, taboos, and rituals. Otherwise, what would be the point of being inducted into such a group?

Oddly, the Team 4 report contradicts itself a few pages later, noting that “progression within satanism is well defined through a series of grades”. Team 4 response to JET 2018-06-11 14The report is full of this sort of nonsense: what, for example, is the “corruption of a clergyman”?

Overall, the report reads like one very long, very aggrieved and sometimes petulant defence of the faults found by the Joint Enquiry Team when they examined the emergence of an SRA narrative from what had begun as a very serious multigenerational child abuse case.

We recommend that you read both reports; they paint a vivid picture of the tensions between unquestioning belief and logical empiricism, and provide a unique insight into the self-justifications and dogmatic beliefs of those who continue to promote the SRA narrative.

For further information on the Broxtowe SRA panic, including a timeline, see the SAFF website.Witch_Burning

80 thoughts on “Team 4 response to JET report: Satan-hunters strike back

  1. Great stuff, thank you!
    Hilariously ignorant, because their sources of information are adult SRA survivor claimants, and their narratives are a mish-mash of traditional-popular myth & legend seasoned with personal delusions.
    “satanic groups are attracted to underground places because of their proximity to ‘the underground Hades’ ”
    Har-dee-har-frickin-har! Too funny 🙂 That’s right, 20th century satanic groups are actually 12th century German peasants! who think that God can’t see them “doing the nasty” with their kin if they do it underground. Wow.
    And proactive investigation…ok, well you could run random, unannounced medical checks on all UK schoolchildren with teams of RAD specialists, every three months – then you’d be sure to find ALL of the abused children. Great idea.

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  2. Saturday Night at the Bagleys – a satire (and no disrespect intended)

    Lord Pervo: “alright you lot! Strip down and get your robes on. There’s some important ‘cult members’ coming tonight- yea – so you’d better put on a good show”.
    Lady Pervo: “we’re out of candles!”
    Lord Pervo: “what! for the luv of Christ!…”
    Lady Pervo: “I couldn’t pick them up last time at Tesco, you didn’t give me enough cash ya cheap git”
    Lord Pervo: “none of your guff! well, we can’t do it without candles…what have we got? anything?
    Girl: “there’s the Holiday candles…”
    Lord Pervo: “eh? the little…angels and snowmen and such? they’ll have to do – fetch ’em and be quick”
    Lord Pervo: “ok there’s a cult lad now”
    [answers door]
    Man: “uh…hi…I’m “hot4yungones23” from the swingers chat? is this “cult headquarters?”
    Lord Pervo: “yea, yea, come in. you got the cash? ok, get your clothes off, put this on and go in there”
    Man: “I’m not wearing no dress!”
    Lord Pervo: “its a ROBE ya fool! just do as told or…get out!”
    Man: “ok, ok” “say – you really go for old Frater Perdurabo, eh?”
    Lord Pervo: “who?”
    Man: “you know. 666? The Great Beast? Al-ee-ster Crow-ley?”
    Lord Pervo: “yea, yea, whatever” “ok everyone, we’ll now have the reading”
    Boy: “shouldn’t you do a banishing first?”
    Lord Pervo: “a what?”
    Boy: “a banishing. you supposed to do a banishing at the start”
    Lord Pervo: ” says who?
    Boy: “Crowley. Its in one of your books”
    Lord Pervo: “shut yer gob” “proceed with the reading”
    A Martian: “the khabs is In the khu, not the khu in the khabs”
    Lord Pervo: “ooh. chilling, that. sorry”
    A Martian: ” These are fools that men adore; both their Gods & their men are fools”
    Lord Pervo: “amen”
    A Martian: “The Perfect and the Perfect are one Perfect and not two; nay, are none!”
    Lord Pervo: “truly profound. ok, that’s enough. get yer robes off. and put that tape on…’Servants of Satan’. That one gets me SO HOT!”

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  3. “The social workers also took issue with the suggestion that the weekly meetings with foster parents created cross-contamination of stories.”.
    Any genuine investigator would be appalled by that statement and the copper they quote should be ashamed of himself if he endorsed that statement.

    In fact if such meetings between potential witnesses occurred in a criminal investigation the case would most likely be tossed out of court.
    Who are these “Team 4” fanatics?. Don’t they even understand normal court procedures where witnesses must await their turn to appear so as not to be influenced by previous witnesses?. Disgraceful report.

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  4. Thanks for posting this, EC, and for the amount of time it must have taken to go through and analyse a 220-page report.

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  5. Can i put across another point of view??

    Can i ask the posters on this website to consider that Ritualistic and satanic child sexual abuse IS and has been happening in hampstead. Before you jump down my throats lets consider what it is;

    Ritualistic. Simple means part sof ceremony or religious organisation. Abuse carried out by many clergy around the uk was certainly ritualistic.

    Satanic simple means ” extremely evil”

    Most child abuse by definition is satanic.

    We are not talking about the type of rubbish spouted by certain persons that regularly appear on this site. Their claims were hoax and untrue and false and damaged many people.

    There are court cases in progress against individuals that were in hampstead and surrounding areas that carried out, it is alleged by the courts,” horrendous and substained ritualistic evil sexual abuse of children”.

    I would simply ask people to be carefuk with words. This site overall does not show support for the true survivors of horrendous abuse, and worse still it could lead to people NOT reporting current abuses and so endanger children. Can we have a littke more balance please.

    One does understand that the hoax victims are rightly angry and upset. But lets look at the bigger and long term picture. [Redacted] will be dealt with by the courts. [Redacted] is paying the price for what she has done in a prison and rightly so.

    The hoax has been rightly exposed.

    But lets not forget that REAL abuse is going on.

    My suggestion would be a header on each page of how to report suspected abusw to the police.

    A simple message of ” if you suspect a child is being abused 🔨 in danger please ring 101 and contact your local police without delay”

    That would restore the balance.

    Hope my comments are fair.

    God bless all of you


  6. “Satanic simple [sic] means ‘extremely evil’. Most child abuse by definition is satanic.”

    That is indeed the tertiary definition according to the OED. However, the first and second definitions offered by the same source are “of or characteristic of Satan” and “connected with satanism”. I think it’s fair to say that the latter is where the ‘satanic panic’ fallacy lies.

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  7. Chris, I respectfully disagree with your assessment of this blog. If you take some time to scroll through the posts, I think you’ll find that it is very balanced and has frequently shown support for abuse survivors.

    And I for one am always carefuk with my words.

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  8. “Abuse carried out by many clergy around the uk was certainly ritualistic.”
    No. The fact that abuse has been committed by clergyman does not mean it was carried out in a ritualistic way. It’s just that clergyman were trusted to be alone with children so for those few who were that were inclined it provided an opportunity.

    ‘Satanic simple means ” extremely evil”’: No it means more that that. It means worship of Satan, the devil.

    “There are court cases in progress against individuals that were in hampstead and surrounding areas that carried out, it is alleged by the courts,” horrendous and substained ritualistic evil sexual abuse of children”. ”
    Courts don’t ‘allege’. People present allegations *to* the court. What trials are ongoing? Which court?

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  9. No, Chris. I’m sorry but that’s not ok.
    The term “satanic ritual abuse” was invented in 1980, by Lawrence Pazder. It has a very specific meaning:
    “repeated physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual assaults combined with a systematic use of symbols and secret ceremonies designed to turn a child against itself, family, society and God…“the sexual assault has ritualistic meaning and is not for sexual gratification”.

    Being uninformed about this subject doesn’t justify what you are doing, which is called “special pleading”. As there is provably NO satanic ritual abuse happening in Hampstead, you want to make up your own definitions for the relevant terms, so that you can continue to falsely claim that “satanic” and/or “ritualistic” child sexual abuse IS happening…even though you can’t prove that of course.

    Nor is their justification for your other ploy – as we all agree that child sexual abuse is a terrible problem in our society, you ask us to be “open-minded” and agree to acknowledge hypothetical child victims. No, there are enough Real Victims – historic & current – there’s no need to imagine theoretical ones. It’s actually very disrespectful, to all the real CSA victims, to distract people from the reality of what they have suffered, with tales of victims who cannot be proven to exist.

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  10. ‘There are court cases in progress against individuals that were in hampstead and surrounding areas that carried out, it is alleged by the courts,” horrendous and substained ritualistic evil sexual abuse of children”. ‘

    If that’s true then please provide evidence.

    God Bless you too.

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  11. “There are court cases in progress against individuals that were in hampstead [sic] and surrounding areas” – references please, where are these court cases taking place and who are the defendants?

    Also Chris, some of the people supporting and writing here are survivors of child sexual abuse themselves. This blog has always made it very clear that child sexual abuse is real, and sadly, commonplace, and has always supported survivors and the police. What is at issue here is the use of demonstrably false slanders against decent people and their families who have been accused of crimes which are not only improbable, but actually impossible.

    And while cynical sociopaths and their useful idiots are tying up valuable police and social work resources on this, those resources can’t be spent on investigating real abuse of children.

    Can I urge you to take a few hours to read through the blog and dig down into the details?

    Also, I don’t think anyone on this blog needs to be told to report child abuse to the police. It’s people like Abe Christie and Ella Gareeva who tried to prevent the police from investigating their own abuse of two small children.

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  12. “Abuse carried out by many clergy around the uk was certainly ritualistic. ”

    No it wasn’t.

    “”Satanic simple means ” extremely evil””

    No it doesn’t.

    “Most child abuse by definition is satanic. ”

    No it isn’t.

    “There are court cases in progress…”

    Evidence please.

    “This site overall does not show support for the true survivors of horrendous abuse, and worse still it could lead to people NOT reporting current abuses and so endanger children.”

    Utter nonsense.

    “But lets not forget that REAL abuse is going on.”

    We don’t forget it, the hoaxers do.


  13. I actually agree with Justin’s definitions, CSA (child sexual abuse) is real and unfortunately happens
    SRA (satanic ritual abuse) doesn’t and to date we haven’t seen a single case in recent history- arguably ever)
    All recent SRA cases (recent being in the last 50 years) have been hoaxes or worse, witch hunts in the literal sense of the term, resulting in the incarceration of dozens of innocent people, some who have spent most of their lives in jail, and costing the community millions in compensation payouts, simply because these SRA proponents literally threw the rules for collecting evidence out the window and did it ‘their’ way, and some continue to this day in official ranks still doing it, a couple of decades after being discredited

    In some cases I suspect there may have been abuse (sexual or otherwise) but the issues have been so clouded by the SRA proponents that it is unlikely the true abusers will ever be caught, or the truth ever known in its entirety…

    That is the true harm that the SRA people do, in pushing their literal ‘witch hunt’ garbage into the mix, it can literally let real offenders off the hook (something that many here suspect is their real agenda, considering the number of actual known and convicted offenders in their own ranks…)

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  14. Chris Hernandez

    One of things that concerns me very much about the Hampstead hoax, Pizzagate and all the other satanic hoaxes is that they create a smokescreen that may obscure real child abuse and / or abuse of vulnerable adults.

    In the previous blog post I posted details of an alleged Christian psychotherapist, Vanessa Clark, who, when not working as a therapist around issues of “ritual abuse” and training therapists on the “therapeutic use of touch” was busy sexually assaulting vulnerable female patients. She coerced vulnerable women to suck her breasts claiming that they had regressed to childhood and needed “mummy’s milk”. She also pushed her foot into the pubic area of a vulnerable patient. Her crimes were exposed when she wrote a letter confessing to what she had done to her then lover. Her lover was already concerned about Clark’s fascination with narratives around torture and extreme abuse, something the satan hunters all share. Her lover contacted one of the victims and they went to the police with the letters and Clark ended up in jail where she belongs.

    I do not think that Vanessa Clark was satanically abusing vulnerable clients. Her actions may be described accurately as ritualistic, or even possibly as ritual abuse but not satanic ritual abuse.

    If you are claiming that real, ritualised abuses of children and vulnerable adults are occurring on a massive scale I would agree with you. My understanding, based on years of research, is that, as with the Vanessa Clark case, many of the perpetrators of these disgusting violations claim to work with survivors child sexual abuse and sometimes ritual abuse. Their methods of “psychotherapy” include massaging people’s genitals, because this, apparently brings memories of sexual abuse to the surface.

    A few posts back EC shared information about a disgusting individual who has long been on my radar, the notorious Mal Weeraratne. He offers to cure women of trauma relating to sexual abuse and child sexual abuse by massaging their vaginas. He has criminal convictions for sexually assaulting 2 female clients at his London beauty salon. He also has convictions for brothel keeping (living off immoral earnings).

    Just like Team 4 he has created a long and impassioned defence against his convictions and, just like Team 4, it is a giant crock of shit. Just like the Team 4 rebuttal of the Jet Report, Weeraratne’s video defending himself against proven allegations against him is of much more use to his critics than his friends.

    You can watch it in all its glory here. You may need a sick bag.

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  15. Note that at 6.11 minutes in to his risible video he starts to waffle on about elite / Westminster / BBC paedophile rings and cover-ups as a way of deflecting attention away from his own crimes. He then claims that by training women to perform lingam (penis) and prostate massages on men he is preventing rapes, child sexual abuse and domestic violence. Because nothing stops rape, child sexual abuse and domestic violence like a finger up the bum and / or a happy ending massage. Well I am so pleased that we sorted that out. *irony*

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  16. If you’re a child brought up in a religious cult you know the liturgy/practices of that ‘church’. You’ll believe what you’ve been told about God, the devil etc.
    In not one of these cases have I read about children being afraid of the actual devil or demons. If you’d been brought up in this you’d be brainwashed and scared half to death thinking Mr Satan was coming to get you for disclosing. Does anyone know where this has ever been the case?

    In not one case have I read that children were able to reel off a ‘Satanic’ prayer or say anything vaguely recognisable that might be used in some kind of ceremony. (i.e. when latin words are mentioned what is said usually makes no sense) As someone who was raised in the Church of England and who went to Sunday school I knew the basics of my religion and at six and could recite a fair bit of the service including the Creed. And yet some of the ‘Satanic’ children (including the Hampstead children) who’ve allegedly grown up in multi generational cults seem to know nothing like this and, as said, show no fear of the supernatural. It doesn’t make sense does it….

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  17. Well put.

    I am one of the posters here who was sexually abused both as a child and as a vulnerable young adult.

    Like all the regular posters here I am very concerned to make sure that people who experienced child sexual abuse or abuse as a vulnerable adult are properly supported and that our legal and judicial system works as well as possible.

    Speaking for myself, one of the reasons that I spend so much time on this blog and also writing my own material is that I live with a constant feeling of rage about how perpetrators get away with the abuse of children and vulnerable adults and how innocent people’s lives are ruined by false accusations.

    It seems to me that our current NHS mental health services have been infiltrated by satan hunters, our counselling and psychotherapy services are full to bursting with quacks and cults and our judicial system is broken.

    I fail to understand how anyone could spend time reading this blog and not understand that lots of activists, for that is what we are, struggle against oppressive, scammy, criminal networks of grifters who really couldn’t care less about the abuse of children. Their repeated publishing of the photographs of the 2 children at the centre of this vile hoax proves it.

    Anyone who studies this hoax properly will find, when they scratch the surface, a network of grifters, scammers, antisemites, racists, Islamophobes and paedophile protectors who exploit vulnerable adults, many of whom have serious mental illnesses, in order to further their aims. This is what we are fighting. This is our struggle.

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  18. @ Chris Hernandez

    “Ritualistic and satanic… Hampstead”

    There is no evidence of this. Ignorant fantasy.

    “Ritualistic… clergy”

    Every Sunday Christians partake in the ritual of eating Jesus body and drinking his blood. This has nothing to do with Satanism nor does it have any connection to abusing children.

    “Extremely evil”

    Good and evil is a subjective judgement based upon rules. If the rule is go to church on Sundays, and the individual goes to church, they are good, evil if they do not. Satanists are better described as aligned to chaos in that they follow their own rules rather than that of society, and therefore often go against the norms of society. This rule breaking has nothing to do with doing harm to others. The Satanist follows the ideal of doing to others as they like to be treated. Woe to those who do us harm, lex talionis applies.

    “child abuse”

    Bull shit. Child abuse is child abuse, it has nothing to do with Satanism or Satanists.

    “There are court cases in progress…hampstead”

    The only court cases in progress is against Satan Hunters. Nobody has been arrested, charged or convicted for any of the fictions alleged by the Satan Hunters such as Angela Power Disney. One by one all the Satan Hunters will answer for their parts played in this fantasy.

    “more balance please”

    Hypocrite. Those that promote fictions such as the Hampstead Hoax have stolen away resources from the police, social workers and courts that could have been better used investigating and prosecuting real crimes of child abuse, as well as safeguarding children in need. Hoaxtead blog does a great job killing off the hoaxes so that everyone can get on to protecting children from real child abuse. The process that the Satan Hunters have followed promoting the Hampstead Hoax has been a form of child abuse that has done huge harm to innocent children, especially the Dearman children.

    “contact your local police without delay”

    I think everyone knows how to contact the police or social services if child abuse is going on. In the case of emotional abuse and neglect it is better to contact social services. Hoaxtead does not need to put on every post a request to contact police if child abuse is suspected, most people know what to do already.

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  19. Mal has Jake Clarke on his Facebook friends list. Jake – step away now before you end up in a ‘situation’. Love, shambhala, clouds, diddle diddle dum dum.

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  20. I’m betting a lot of social workers who were around in the 80/90’s and are now embarrassed as feck about believing in all this Satanic crap. I know a few of them. They’ve learned from it and moved on. I can only hope those involved in the above case have too.

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  21. He’ll be as effective at this as in his promotion of Gordon Bowden’s “788 – 790 Finchley Road, Pandoras Box etc etc” exposure.
    Is “Sir” John Patterson the only person who revels in being fined in a court?

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  22. I am a core participant at iicsa. I have sat and listened to all the evidence as well as give evidence.

    I am a CSA survivor of satanic and ritualistic abuse.


  23. I don’t like to be unkind but..just fuck right off.
    How dare you falsely claim: “This site overall does not show support for the true survivors of horrendous abuse and worse still it could lead to people NOT reporting current abuses and so endanger children.”

    Give evidence of these alleged cases currently before the courts. And do it now.

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  24. It will be in all the papers shortly depending non how they plea. Expecting to know [date redacted] if there are guilty pleas or if it will go to trial. [Redacted] crown.

    I’m hoping in a way they plea not guilty as the full details will then emerge.


  25. I think you have all jumped to conclusions that in some way I was against you.

    Indeed I’ve given statements against [redacted].

    I am a c.p at iicsa and am a survivor of REAL abuse in Hampstead, all be it historical and my abusers have been charged last month and will face trial.

    Maybe I just have a different view. I shall respect yours.

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  26. No. I never said that.

    It has nothing to do with any of those falsely and wrongly accused.

    That is wrong. But equally saying that there was on satanic abuse in Hampstead is also wrong. It happened to me. Didn’t involve anyone mentioned on your site.


  27. Core participants are under each inquiry as a notice of determination and we are not named unless you waive your right.

    Guys. I am genuine. I’m not against you. But being told to fyck off really isn’t nice.

    I hope you all have a genuine pleasant day.


  28. “We also have in our possession a copy of a Black Mass translated from French which was used by a group of French priests who became Satanists in the 18th Century.”

    I have in my possession a copy of ‘Là-bas’ translated from French, with Huysmans’ personal account of a Black Mass. It has the twin advantages of being well-researched, and not being a recent forgery.

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  29. But your definition of “satanic abuse” is a fairly broad one isn”t it? You seem to be saying that all child sexual abuse is satanic, which I believe is incredibly unhelpful given that a myriad of satanic ritual abuse hoaxes have proliferated for decades (millennia even).

    By your definition I could claim to be a survivor of satanic abuse. I wouldn’t dream of claiming that I am though as it would feed into the narratives of the SRA scammers and hoaxers.

    Your own definition of satanic abuse is so broad as to make the term meaningless.

    Also, if a real criminal trial is scheduled for 20th June you had better not post about it here or anywhere else so as not to compromise the trial. Perpetrators of vile crimes can evade justice if people post about their trials on the internet.

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  30. I suspect that the reason why people are not being especially supportive of you is because your claims to be a survivor of satanic abuse, given the broad definitions you give, are unhelpful in combatting the fake CSA activists who you admit are hoaxers.

    You say you have given evidence against [redacted], great, I think that is wonderful.

    What I do not understand is why you insist on claiming to be a survivor of satanic abuse when your definition of “satanic abuse” is so meaningless. Why not just claim to be a survivor of sexual abuse?

    Can you not understand how your claims to be a survivor of satanic abuse give credence to the hoaxers, scammer and paedophile protectors such as [redacted]?

    Not having a go at you, simply struggling to understand why you are defining yourself and your experiences in such an unhelpful way

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  31. I agree with almost of you say but i will dig into your site deeper. It was the first impression i gave and maybe that was unfair. . so sorry

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  32. Thanks Chris

    I think we are all probably pulling in the same direction.

    Take some time to read what has been going on here and how a community has been terrorised by a group of scammers and grifters who ruthlessly abused 2 innocent children.

    I would suggest taking some time out to dig deeper, as you say, and then, once you have had some time to reflect, come back and share your thoughts.

    Take care

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  33. I am unsurprised by this. Vulnerable adults like Jake can easily fall under the influence of predators like Mal. The likelihood of Jake getting the help he so badly needs will be constantly undermined by his new age grifter friends who will do their best to deter him from seeking help and lead him further down the rabbit hole.

    Vulnerable adults are effectively human assets and useful idiots for new age criminals. It is a much under-reported problem.

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  34. Ok, Chris. I was sexually exploited by pornographers as a teen, 1970’s, and I’m happy for you that you’ll be getting “your day in court” and perhaps some measure of justice from which you can derive a lasting peace.

    But your evident desire to play games with terminology is disturbing, enough to make me question your sincerity. “Ritualistic”, if defined as “involving a ceremonial setting or paraphranalia” is quite meaningless with respect to CSA, as is “evil”, or even “satanic”. Your abusers have not been charged with “ritualistic” or “satanic” offences – there are no such statutes as I’m sure you understand – they have been charged with sexual offences.
    “Ritualized” abuse is another matter, as there is a specific psychiatric definition for that: – making sexual abuse into a ritual by following an obsessive pattern of actions or behavior – which could be relevant to an abuser’s motivation and “state of mind”.
    You certainly are free to interpret your experience however you wish, if you wish to call it ritualistic, satanic or evil as you define those, that’s ok – unless your motivation for doing that is trick people into agreeing that “satanic ritual abuse” “ritual abuse” and “satanic abuse” are real & valid sub-categories of CSA – because that would be used to validate claims that secret satanic abuse cults are real and not mythical.

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  35. @ Chris Hernandez

    People can claim and say anything they like on the internet, its the internet. If you are a victim of a crime, and a court case is pending, talking about it risks prejudicing the case, and also puts you in risk of contempt of court. Also, [redacted] is innocent until proven guilty, so making comments as if she is already convicted of something, is legally dangerous. The moderators here need to look at your comments carefully and edit if needed for legal reasons.

    Coming here Satan Hunting, attacking my religion, and making bold unsubstantiated claims will predictably result in hostile feedback. On balance of probabilities I call bullshit on your claims. Satan Hunters are always writing fictions and falsehood in support of their fantasy worlds and twisted ideology.

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  36. Satan means the accuser, look it up in a dictionary. Satanic would mean one who makes accusations. Try reading the book of job and you’ll find out satan was a high ranking angel who tested god and man alike.

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  37. For the satan hunters child abuse is just a banner they march under as a topic to garner attention. They’re far more interested in th attention and anger that surround the issue, not actually helping anyone.

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  38. Satan – the evil one. A fallen angel who defied god and created all of the ills in the world. He is bright red, has enormous horns and lives underground in a firey inferno. He dedicates his time to having messages put onto vinyl records that trigger suicides and high school shootings, assisting hollywood producers who make violent movies and keying peoples cars. Also see Claus, Santa his opposite number on the side of good.

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  39. Yes, for that reason I have had to redact the information Chris just gave. I’m sorry, Chris, but our readers are quite correct: this blog supports survivors of child sexual abuse, as we know the incredibly damaging effects it can have. We started this blog specifically to combat a case of “Satanic ritual abuse” which we knew to be a hoax, just like all the other SRA cases which have been seen to date, none of which have ever turned up any evidence whatsoever. We discuss other cases than the one which took place in Hampstead, but our primary goal is now and has been since our inception to support child sexual abuse survivors whilst opposing SRA hoaxes which can only hurt real survivors by robbing them of resources and making their stories seem trivial or less believable.

    We also do our very best to adhere to the law, to ensure that anyone accused of any crime, even in the Hampstead SRA hoax context, receives a fair trial. Any information which might prejudice a trial will be removed.

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  40. Yes, I know a few who believed at first as well. Some have become quite vocal in opposing the SRA fraud now, perhaps in an effort to stop others from falling into the same trap.

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  41. Chris, I am aware of your contributions, but I’ve had to redact the specifics to avoid putting this blog into contempt of court. I’m sorry about that.

    I know you are on our side, but I believe a misunderstanding has arisen around definitions. As you’ve heard from some of our readers today, many who contribute to, read, and comment on this blog are child sexual abuse survivors themselves. We are all here for a common reason, which is to oppose a case of Satanic ritual abuse in which an entire community was accused of horrific crimes they never committed. Along the way, we have tried to ensure that we remain a safe place for survivors of CSA, as we believe they are among those damaged by cases like the Hampstead hoax.

    None of this is to say, however, that cases of child sexual abuse don’t happen in all communities, including Hampstead. We know they do. That’s why we have tried to have the SRA hoax shut down–so that survivors of real abuse can get the care, counselling, and justice they deserve. I know you share our commitment to justice for CSA survivors, and that you’ve worked hard toward that end. I have a great deal of respect for the work you’ve done, and I wish you well.

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  42. Why on earth are you inferring that because your alleged abuser may have come from Hampstead that somehow means there is truth to the Hoaxtead matter?. That is what you did in your post and it’s not just ludicrous it’s bizarre.


  43. People like Jake are a means to an end for true sociopaths who have no thought for the damage they do to their victims and will discard them eventually.


  44. I’ve said before on this blog that I don’t dismiss SRA and having worked in the Courts I’m aware that there are all kinds of people out there who do terrible things. I just don’t see it in the David Icke sense that the world is ruled by Satanic baby eaters and that 1000’s of children are being sacrificed on a regular basis. (Too big a conspiracy to cover up.) I think this is nonsense. I also think the MK Ultra reports are nonsense. I’ve said before that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if sometimes paedophile rings used Satanism (or something similar) to frighten children and/or that some of these people might take Satanism (or what they imagine is Satanism) on board as a belief system. So far though all we’ve seen evidence of, in a few court cases, is a sort of Hammer horror type cult activity in deviant families.

    Incidentally Team 4 report that the children they worked with showed appropriate affect i.e. they demonstrated emotions that were congruent with their suffering. (Remember, it had been shown that abuse HAD taken place.) We never saw that with the Hampstead children. They were matter of fact and this was explained away by hoaxers who said the children were so used to the abuse that it had been normalised, or some such rubbish.

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  45. It might just be a cry in the wilderness, but I want to second that Shillelagh.

    Jake, if you are reading this get away from these people now. They don’t have your best interests at heart. Talk to your parents, your mental health worker, anyone sensible, but keep away from Angela Power-Disney and all the other hoaxers.

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  46. Yes, I have to admit I got a laugh out of the “underground” theory. They actually went on about it at some length, citing Buzz Aldrin’s quote about feeling closer to God when he was in space, etc. Just a guess, but I think he meant that as a metaphor, not that he could see the hairs of the Big Guy’s beard up there, LOL.

    The entire report is full of this sort of thing, along with a distinct sense of injured professional pride (they go into very great detail about all the protocols they follow in an investigation, for example). They speak of the JET as though it were composed strictly of police officers, not (gasp!) fellow social workers, and they fail to mention that the JET explicitly approached the case from the outset as though it were true, only to find masses of evidence to discredit it.


  47. Rain on the way Troy, get your Brolly out! ☔
    Be careful though or too much will wash your ‘seeds’ away. 😉

    Btw, I didn’t know Wesley Hall had been in prison, nor that he had such a chequered past. What a nasty person. Perhaps he will stay in Barcelona! 👏

    This link is from someone on Angela’s page, (ironically Angela has shared someone’s post who is being vilified by Hall, exactly what herself & Heifer did to Sheva)!

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  48. Yes, Wesley really does have a knack for making friends and influencing people, doesn’t he. I’ve been marvelling at that particular thread myself and have screenshot it and archived it here:

    I think my favourite quote is “You’ve got bigger bollocks than Wesley’s shrivelled up little walnuts”.

    And yes, Angie has leapt at the chance to stir the shit and get back at Weaselly for hurting her pride a short while back. And as you’ll see, Tracey’s made an appearance too, no doubt also motivated by a bruised ego.

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  49. You’re welcome! I feel it’s important to have a record of how the SRA narrative found its way into the UK. I was very glad that YdychyncachuTracey pointed it out to me, as it helps make the record a bit more complete.

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  50. @ Big Earl

    I would never say that satanic ritual abuse never happens. It is simply an issue about which there have been countless false allegations that describe a particular pattern of events, many of which seem impossible and fantastical.

    There has never been any evidence for such cults, despite countless hours of police time investigating such reports over the decades.

    I believe that the La Fontaine report was spot on when it contrasted the current and recent satanic panics with historic accounts of the blood libel and witchcraft accusations.

    Crowds of humans, when stressed, instinctively blame some “other” (often vulnerable) person or group when awful events happen or when resources are scarce. Perpetrators of witch hunts typically avoid engaging their cognitive processes around obvious reasons for witch hunting (land grabs, financial disputes, revenge over some real or imagined insult, the list of reasons is endless), and instead split the world into good and evil, “evil” being the scapegoated person or community and “good” being the pitchfork wielding mob filled with righteous indignation and dispensing mob justice via kangaroo courts.

    Innocent people in poor rural communities are tortured and murdered every day by mobs of witch-hunters. People are beaten to death, lynched, burned alive and all by people who believe that justice and right are on their side.

    It seems to me that false accusations of being a paedophile are the new witchcraft accusations. There is such hatred for people suspected of being paedophiles that it is relatively easy for mobs or even small groups or individuals to whip up sufficient hatred for people to take the law into their own hands.

    People who are different, especially people with disabilities, are disproportionately on the receiving end of false accusations of witchcraft in poor countries and of being paedophiles in developed countries.

    The horrific case of Keith Philpot, a vulnerable man with learning difficulties, who was falsely accused of being a paedophile by people he considered to be his friends, who then tortured him to death comes to mind

    As does the horrific murder of Bijan Ebrahimi who was beaten to death and set alight by a baying mob who had falsely accused him of being a paedophile

    These murders are not isolated cases and unless the large social media companies and the police start to take the issue of stalling and false accusations seriously things will only get worse.

    Very good piece in the Guardian re this issue

    It may be that there is an evil cult that resembles Hammer Horror / Dennis Wheatley depictions of satanic cults, but if such a cult does exist, and I very much doubt it, then the constant flow of fake reports and hoaxes would only serve to obscure its existence and result in any victims / survivors experiencing incredulity when they tried to alert others to what was happening to them.

    As for MK Ultra, it really did exist and the problem with talking, or even thinking about it is that the narrative has been so thoroughly appropriated and twisted by various conspiratards that most rational people hear the words “MK Ultra” and immediately zone out into a mode of bemused disbelief.

    The Guardian published an interesting piece about MK Ultra just a few days ago

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  51. @ omg. I can’t argue with you.

    I know that MK Ultra was a ‘thing’. I just don’t believe that people like Angela were trained via MK Ultra to be super soldiers on the astral plane. That’s clearly ridiculous.


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  53. Thank you, I had him down as a sleaze after putting the cannabis on food in a cafe but wasn’t aware of his history. I know however that people can turn their lives around, but sadly he does not seem to have done that. Long term cannabis abuse has not done him any good has it, yet he is very intelligent.


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  55. I disagreed with your initial post, for the reasons others have explained well. But I admire your ability to reflect on the responses. Nobody here needs your apology, it’s fine. The Hoaxted team* are brave and funny champions for children’s welfare, they will wish you well and invite you to stick around.

    (* I’m not one of them, I’m a drive-by sympathiser from The QuatPack)

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  56. It was judge Jamie Tabor QC that used the words ” satanic” ” ritualistic” and ” horrendous”.

    I was using the judges words and not mine.


  57. All abuse is wrong. Putting it into categories is wrong.

    My point is still missed.

    One poster said ” there was no satanic abuse in hampstead”.

    I think they meant that the allegations made by sabine et all were completely false. They were false. The allegations thenselves were abusive.

    BUT. And this is the BIG BUT….. Considering that sabine was helping the defendants of the REAL abuse, ( ableit they now have proper councel), does this not make anyone else even slightly suspicious that the motivation behind the whole of the hoaxstead was to HIDE THE REAL ABUSE.



  58. This line of thought is definitely something we’ve talked about here. The fact that so many of the hoax promoters are friends with or supporters of convicted paedophiles, in addition to pushing a patently false Satanic ritual abuse narrative is very odd indeed, and the term “smoke screen” has been used many times.


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