Neelu & Edward Ellis on the run after kidney diagnosis

According to a disturbing series of live-streams released on Facebook by Andy Devine and Neelu Berry yesterday, Edward W. Ellis has been diagnosed with kidney failure, but rather than accept the dialysis needed to keep him alive, he and Neelu are now on the run from the hospital.

In the following video, Devine plays a recording of Ellis’ and Berry’s visit to the hospital, where the Clinical Lead in Kidney Services tries to reason with Ellis about his kidney failure.

In the video, the doctor can be heard saying that he’s received correspondence from Ellis’ physician as well as from the consultant he saw in March 2019.

“Edward does have kidney failure”, the doctor says. “His kidney function is less than 10% of what it should be. We need to think about starting dialysis treatment….This is his creatinine level. His creatinine level today is 791”, up from 686 in March. “A normal level in someone like Edward would be less than 90”.

The doctor says he’d like to admit Ellis to hospital, in order to review the logistics of starting dialysis treatment, but Ellis says he “needs to give priority to communications with the Lord Bishops”. Uh, sure.

“What you need to know”, Ellis says, “Is that there are many doctors who are subject to Disclosure Restraint Frauds”.

Although it’s difficult to hear, at this point the doctor seems to suggest that a mental health assessment might be in order. [Oh, really?—Ed.]

This is when the shit hits the fan.

Ellis starts loudly accusing the doctor of “taking crime proceeds and…using them for medical purposes”, and “enforcing a mental health fraud, which itself was crime proceeds. That ends”.

The doctor says he’s going to get someone else into the room, at which point Neelu and Ellis exit, stage left. They leave the hospital, with the doctor following and attempting to prevent them from leaving.

According to a follow-up video from Neelu, she and Ellis were on the run in Romford, and are currently “going underground” to avoid “kidnap” due to a “mental health fraud”:

If Ellis’ kidney condition is as dire as the doctor made them out to be, this is ill-advised at best, and potentially deadly at worst. Ironically, their actions bear out the need for that mental health assessment.

Neelu, filming while on the run from the hospital with Edward W. Ellis

216 thoughts on “Neelu & Edward Ellis on the run after kidney diagnosis

    • Whoever Raya Vigor is they talk B/S. My brother who was a year old than me died 20 years ago of Kidney failure. I lived with him for the last 5 years.
      The symptoms are not as he describes and a person can remain just as mentally active as usual. The late Australian media billionaire Kerry Packer lived with Kidney failure for the last 10 years of his life. Being wealthy he was able to have virtually his own medical clinic set up at home with nurses and a dialysis machine and ran his empire from there.
      Packer was able to extend his life when his pilot controversially donated a kidney to him. But in the end that failed as well.
      The waiting lists for donated kidneys is extremely long and the young and healthier are at the forefront. Ellis, at his age (and attitude) would be at the end of the queue. Dialyses is the only way of extending one’s life at present.

      I don’t wish ill upon Edward Ellis and I doubt his physical problems have anything to do with his mental problems but these idiots like Devine and especially Neelu are now extremely dangerous and the law needs to investigate their activities. They are conspiring to prevent a accused wanted by the French from facing court and they are now encouraging a man who could be facing death from seeking proper medical help.

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  1. Part of me thinks there’s a case for sectioning not just Edward but also Devine, Neelu, Lee Cant, Matt Taylor, John Paterson, Anthony Pike, Kaley Einav, that ‘Jesus’ bloke, Kane Slater, Cat Scot, Malcolm Ogilvy… Actually, can I just list the ones who don’t need sectioning? It’d be much quicker.

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  2. Thanks for the update, EC

    By the way, I won’t link it but Matt Taylor has just used his own children to post death threats to a protected witness. Is that not child abuse? 🤔


    Thank you to Agent J for alerting me to this

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    • I hear a crack team of detectives has been dispatched to search for a single scrap of evidence to support Hopey’s claims about stomachs, butchers, buckets of pills and high fat diets that can cure, cancer, MS and epilepsy. The World holds its breath…

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      • “News just in, the human race is now extinct after holding it’s breath waiting for Hopelessgirls evidence to be presented…”
        And in other news- there is no other news now…

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    • “Trolling” = asking relevant questions or requiring evidence for claims or accusations made.
      A bunch of would-be dictators who brook no alternative views.

      The remarkable thing here is that a small community of mentally ill people have successfully conspired over a number of years to make numerous lives miserable as in the Hampstead hoax, cost the authorities (and taxpayers) a fortune in wasted investigations while exposing how tenuous the law is in protecting innocents (North London residents and their children).
      Wars can start like this when you get a number of them together in the right circumstances.

      Sabine with her 9 year jail sentence is basically the Fall Guy as she only got as far as she did by the the encouragement of the others. And there is always some who walk free after being main instigators of the insanity, No names but Bellender comes to mind.

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    • “…even epilepsy”

      She is correct on the one bit she sounds incredulous about, some doctors have used a Ketosis or modified Atkins diets to treat seizures. However I understand that generally staying in ketosis for a long time without medical supervision can cause liver and kidney problems.

      Cutting down on sugar is a pretty good idea for numerous reasons. I don’t know what “GMO” wheat has to do with anything, ketosis diets would just cut out wheat of all kinds, genetically modified or otherwise. Judging by her photographs Hopegirl is on a “see-food diet” … [do i really need to provide the punchline?]

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  3. Scary, his life at risk, the doctors push him up the list to try and save his kidney function (and possibly his life) and all neelu can do is babble on about her fantasy BS about ‘medical fraud’

    The pair of them should be in adjoining cells wearing those nice white wraparound coats- they’d look very fetching in them…

    Not that I would wish anyone death, but if his condition is as bad as it sounds, (and from what I read online, 791 is astoundingly high- people have been on permanent dialysis at 650!)

    If he continues to refuse treatment, then I dare say that his days of playing pretend lawyer may soon be over

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    • And if he does die of kidney failure due to doctors having been prevented from helping him, Devine and Neelu will of course be screaming from the rooftops that he was “murdered by assassins dressed as fake medical staff to shut him up like they do to all whistleblowers”.

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  4. You really couldn’t make it up, I’m flabbergasted by this turn of events! I hope the Police are looking for Edward Ellis if his health is at risk, he could be causing irreparable harm to his kidneys by this foolish act.

    They’re a bit like the hen & the egg with their paranoia, which came first…..did Neelu put her delusions on him of did he put his on her whenever they met, maybe they met on a dating site. It would have been an interesting ad!

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    • They’re a bit like the hen & the egg with their paranoia, which came first…..did Neelu put her delusions on him of did he put his on her whenever they met,”

      I’m fairly sure they both developed independently, EE was flakey 20 years ago (his first suspension from practicing law was back around 2006 or so if I remember correctly) and Neelu was flakey from day dot apparently, even before her nieces tragic death, she had issues

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        • Ta T.O.T.- the first link was the one I was referring to of course ie his suspension (I couldn’t be bothered at the time going and looking it up again), second link is his disbarral where he was permanently struck off

          Note that it was going back to a case in 2002!… and even then he was rabbiting on about judicial corruption etc etc)

          He’s been at this for a VERY long time…
          (I hadn’t seen the third link before- I had a bit of a giggle at the the findings/third column….)

          (I can just see abe and ella dancing around crowing ‘SEEEE…. We TOLD you that SRA exists!!!)


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      • Neelu’s descent into madness was documented by her posts in the uk legal newsgroup around 2001, but her persecution complex was well in place before then. It started with reasonable case against compulsory redundancy but she kept picking at it and went too far!

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      • I just know I am right about Neelu and she owns several properties and uses devices like putting one in her son’s name to avoid an awful lot. I’m sure her mother’s house is hers as well. This post of hers last year is very telling- she basically admits she would gouge people to live in one of her properties. Her entire attitude about losing her house, apart form her bat shit lunacy, is just not the way people who have been evicted from their only home behave. She’s a bloody Rachman landlord. I just know it. All this mob are hypocrites and losers and use their phony Freeman claptrap to avoid obeying the laws yet are the first to try and use the courts by cherry picking laws to their own benefit. Utter lowlifes the lot of them.

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        • Ah… Well… If she has a Common Law Court land Registry Notification and Jury Decision that’s final and not subject to appeal so she’s WON!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!.

          I’m going to get on to the bank and ask if I can rent the upstairs bedrooms out. If she can rent out rooms in a house she doesn’t own I don’t see why I can’t.

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  5. The dangers of that arrogant creep Andy Devine as he endlessly pontificates are now shown for what they are- dangerous and deluded.

    His “surrogate king” is now homeless and living in his car with his pension stopped. He encourages the mentally ill to put their lives at risk with his idiotic claims the “authorities” are conspiring to section a basically complete non-entity with no power or influence except the fact he’s associated with Devine so therefore must be important.

    As each and everyone of this fools hits rock bottom Devine will be there encouraging them that it’s because they are “over the target and getting enemy fire”. It’s all “win win” with Andy..brief successes ( a meeting of 12 fools in a park unfurling a flag) are portrayed as great victories while failures such as the downward spiral of “Lord Wanoa” are even greater victories because they must be doing something right and have the “Establishment” on the run.

    Neelu’s idiotic claim, encouraged by Devine that a doctor has “suddenly” made an appointment available as a trick ignores a doctor’s obligations to immediately inform a patient when their life or health is at risk. The only positive here is that Neelu, yabbering into a phone as she crosses roads, is at least providing evidence that the Doctor did his duty to the best of his ability.

    When you get a bunch of mutually attracted mentally ill people there is always one who appears the sanest and can wield power at the top of the heap. That is Andy Devine.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen… and Satan Hunters.

    I personally 100% support Neelu Berry and Edward Ellis on their position.

    Neelu and Edward are NOT on the run, because they are under no legal obligations and have broken no laws. Edward Ellis has not been sectioned, and has every legal right to leave the hospital as he did.

    Edward Ellis is eccentric, not mentally ill.
    Edward Ellis is an adult, aged 18+.
    Edward Ellis has the 100% right to decide what happens to and with his body.

    Nobody, no doctor, none of us have the legal or moral right to tell or judge Edward Ellis about what he does to or with his body. It is his body, and an individual’s body is sacred to themselves. Thus, it is perfectly right and good that Edwarad Ellis with the support of his friend Neelu Berry rejects the medical opinion and offer of assistance from the hospital and its staff. If it is the choice of Edward Ellis to reject assistance, and he dies, that is his personal choice, it is not for any other person or expert to force their will upon him in this matter.

    Edward Ellis and Neelu Berry have my support in this matter.

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    • Oddly enough this Christian was thinking the same thing. The complication is whether EWE has capacity to make that decision. He is clearly delusional. If he was in his right mind would he reject treatment? There is a difficult philosophical question about the point at which odd views are classified as insanity and it varies over time and culture.

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    • It’s not about worshiping the sanctity & Temple of Edward Ellis’ or Neelu Berry’s bodies (oh purlease – perish the thought)’s about their lies and promotion of dangerous and phony “cures”.
      We don’t really know what influence Neelu had in her sister’s treatment but she accused a hospital, doctors and nurses of attempting to provide false medical treatment to her.
      They’re also participating in preventing a wanted woman from appearing in court with obvious false claims of illness- a woman wanted in France for serious frauds in connection with fake cancer cures.
      They’re part of a mob who promote false medical cures to desperate people and false claims of easy cures (at even greater cost than traditional treatment that works).
      If they just kept all this claptrap among themselves no-one would give a stuff about them seeing they are such obnoxious dills but they draw other mentally ill or naive people into their dangerous web.
      Thank you.
      Debate over.
      I’ve just been informed by the judges I won said debate (there were no other entrants) and will receive a coveted Gold Koala Award for Debate.
      (editor: you can put it on your shelf with your Koala Award for Sheer Pomposity. You will receive it in due course at a glittering Debutante Ball event thingy where all winners will be presented to Hiz Highness The Surrogate King Lord Wanoa with his Aide De Camp and loyal Handmaiden Andrew Tick Tock Devine.
      # Not sure of the venue but it will be at one Easter Island’s more fashionable 5 Starr resorts)

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      • There is also the question that if there is a massive conspiracy to “silence whistle-blowers” with extreme prejudice as Neelu believes… why did EWE even attend the clinic to have his ceratinine levels measured in March? I mean, if you knew that there were NHS assassins waiting to bump you off you would just avoid the place wouldn’t you?

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      • In the videos I was watching yesterday Neelu used her status as a ‘highly skilled pharmacist’ (neglecting to mention she was struck off) to claim that EWE had slightly elevated creatinine levels caused by exercise and dehydration. The level given is 791mml which is not slightly elevated it is massively elevated and the sign of advanced kidney failure.

        Make no mistake. If he doesn’t get treatment soon he will die. Not might… Will. If nutty Neelu is pouring poison in his ear by telling him this isn’t a life and death matter she will be responsible for his death. Morally if not legally.

        EWE’s behaviour in the audio recording of the consultation shows he is clearly delusional and does not have the mental capacity to make an informed decision about his treatment. The mere fact they recorded the consultation is good evidence that both of them are paranoid to an extent which is best explained by severe mental dysfunction.

        Yes he does have the right to make an informed decision about his care but he obviously is not capable of doing so which is why we have the various provisions of the Mental Health Act. He needs to be treated, against his will if necessary, to save his life and then to restore sufficient mental functioning to allow him to either give or withhold informed consent.

        As for Neelu. I think this incident is sufficient evidence to show that she really is a danger to other people and on that basis alone she needs to be either sectioned or jailed.

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        • I had to try and maintain my brother’s health regime in the last 2/3 years of life and it was exhausting. Having Diabetes didn’t help either as he would often get his medication wrong and become quite nutty at times.
          Dialysis is the only way to prolong life and it’s like a full time job and the worse it gets your life is built around daily hospital visits. And the patient cannot cope on their own.

          Once the kidneys completely fail it’s just a matter of time. Neelu is being quite evil be encouraging Edward as at his age and the seriousness of his disease time is of the essence. She’s aided by those who encourage her in her madness. All those who listen to Andy Devine and encourage his broadcasts all play a small role in Edward Ellis’ decline.
          A pox on them. This is a prime example of why mentally ill people must be treated not just for their own sake but for the general public’s sake.
          Those who surround the Neelus of the world and ignore their antics are dangerous. What on earth are her family up to?.
          Remember this lot encouraged the Australian guy in his antics until he himself reached out to authorities- twice- for help.

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      • I agree with you EC. I like the idea that we should be in charge of our own bodies and lives, but none of us live in a vacuum. If we are constantly bombarded with bad or malicious advice then we are going to make bad decisions. I really don’t think anyone deserves to die of untreated kidney disease – being sectioned might be the only way to get Edward Ellis out ot Neelus orbit and will possibly save his life.

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      • The debate… continued.

        What is normal? What is crazy?

        Many Christians would consider me crazy to follow the great Lord of Evil, risk my soul to eternal burning. Many Satanists like myself think Christians crazy for following what we consider a fairytale, where adults are making decisions and deeds built around such stories that have no empirical evidence in support of it whatsoever.

        Yet, here we are debating if Edward Ellis, because he holds beliefs that might impact his health, is crazy for holding and acting on those beliefs. Plenty of people distrust experts and doctors, quite rightly, because far too many people have come to harm in the NHS at the hands of medical staff, the newspapers are full of such horror stories.

        I personally consider Edward Ellis is eccentric. a firm believer in ideas that he will die for, which is neither crazy or wrong to have. None of us have the right to play god, superhero or judge upon what others believe or do, as longs they do no harm to others, this is why this world is being screwed up.

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        • “None of us have the right to play god, superhero or judge upon what others believe or do, as longs they do no harm to others, this is why this world is being screwed up.”

          I disagree. We don’t just have the right we have the moral duty to care for people who cannot care for themselves and sometimes that means making decisions for them.

          We don’t let young children make all the decisions in their life and we don’t let the mentally ill make all the decisions unless they have the capacity to do so. Ellis is clearly not mentally capable to make decisions and Neelu is encouraging him in delusions which will kill him very quickly unless he gets urgent medical help. It may even be too late as I write this.

          he needs to be removed from Neelu’s poisonous influence and treated until such time as he has capacity. Then he can choose for himself.

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          • Some Christians would say that I should be taken into custody and subjected to some Christian therapy to save my soul. Other well meaning Christians long ago, would have offered treatment to my Satanic condition by burning me to death in fire, a cure they believed would help save my soul.

            When any individual or group takes upon themselves a belief that they are right, and the position that they are judge, jury and executor of those beliefs upon others, then history shows that such people become monsters and sources of the worst abuses ever known to humanity.

            “Need” and “should” are words often followed by tyranny and suffering. Edward Ellis is no child, he is an adult holding beliefs people disagree with. Martin Jury, there you go, making a statement of a god, “he needs to be removed,” in the same manner as Neelu Berry might say “James Hind needs to be hung from a lamp post.”


          • I like how when there is a ding-dong on these pages it basically hinges on deep philosophical matters of personal autonomy. You get a better class of row here.

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    • @22:43 Paterson proposes to arrange for Wanoa to go on a “free cruise” with Cunard liners to offer power point presentations to holiday makers about how everything works in Lalaland. JP clearly has it in for Cunard big time.

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    • Lord Wanoa now reporting from an internet cafe. In some of his YT videos (so prolific-there’s 100s of them) he shows he is quite proficient at cooking fish in the back of his car so this form of residence may be something he is used to.
      He also claims he is an expert in real estate so no irony there.
      Also says Donald Trump has claimed he will execute many people (namely those who crossed Wanoa) but in all his wacky statements I haven’t heard The Don say that.

      However Andy Devine says many who don’t believe him or dare to question his “facts” will find themselves swinging from lampposts.
      So no tendencies towards tyranny there or delusions of becoming a dictator.
      Even the Nazis promised trials (rarely delivered) so at least Andy cuts straight to the chase and dispenses with the necessity for such formal foolishness.

      So much power invested in this boring flag. Madness.

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      • He also claims he is an expert in real estate so no irony there

        Wanoa’s career as a real-estate agent may have been truncated by his habit of stopping while showing potential owners around a property, to explain to them that the house was so nice that it really belonged to him.
        “Realty” is not his strong point.

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  7. Can we all sing Happy Birthday to Neelu Berry (unless you want a mass remedy action against you, sing.) Last month, Neelu Berry celebrated 60 years of inflicting pain and suffering upon the world. Here is to another 10 years of liens and remedy actions.

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      • As did Lee Cant !. GCHQ have many teams out masquerading as Mental Health experts. We took tips from the old USSR and decided incarcerating them in a fumy farm was the way to go.
        They’ll believe this as well. Poor things.

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    • Neelu and Praterson are calling for Edward Ellis to be made caretaker prime minister. And they’re saying the New World Order’s underground bases were wiped out by angels who came to Earth in 2011 armed with atomic bombs; and crop circles show where they landed. Oh and one of the nukes that was meant for the underground bases went astray and hit a warehouse in Daghenham. (Seriously, it’s all near the start of the 4th video.)

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    • Devine’s proof that the paramedics who visited Neelu and Lyn were there to “assassinate” them…?

      They were wearing gloves 🙄

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    • LOL, go to 9:33 near the end of the first video (the RCJ one). Praterson snaps at Cant and starts making veiled death threats to the judge and Neelu panics and and says, “I’m gonna hang up now, because I think we need to go. I think we need to go.” She looks sheepishly off camera (security guards approaching, I’m guessing) and then the video suddenly stops 🤭

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    • The comments are enlivened by the presence of CM Gutma (Clarice), previously Faceborging as ‘Serinity Mission’. Still seeking to live permanently in the UK while claiming Trump as her own personal president.

      Cm Gutma · 8:06 I am sending this to Trump and our #Enforcements and #Navy in US.

      Ah, Daryl Payan is there too… proud American, partisan for FREEDOM in California, and “King’s Sheriff”.

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      • Sadly for CM Gutma (Clarice) her pleas were being carried via the Serenity Mission Drone to her Personal President Mr. Trump but the Iranians have shot it down over the Gulf.
        GCHQ were not involved (or so they claim).

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      • And he starts the video by filming some passing female’s behind and says, “It’s alright – I’m just testing the zoom. That lady who walked past me had a rather nice bum.”

        And we’re the pervs?

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      • 13:24 – “But watch out for Hoaxtead… fucking Zionist-controlled like the rest of ’em. Karen Irving is a fucking Zionist. Jewess. She’s got a page on Wikipedia, which is Zionist-controlled. This whole fucking system is Zionist controlled… They’re communist Jews… GCHQ are behind Hoaxtead. I fucking told you years ago.”


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    • In the second video he throws a massive hissy fit about Hoaxtead and calls us “a bunch of yellow shitbags that are working behind GCHQ” and “high level satanic child-murdering paedophiles” 😂

      He also names, slanders and viciously attacks a protected witness. The butt-hurt is palpable.

      Oh and he’s going to “rip all your filthy throats out” 🤣

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      • Really don’t get it do they????

        The reason they keep getting account locked out, and visits from ye old merry policeman- isn’t because of some nebulous ‘they’ conspiring against them…
        It’s because every single one of them is a bloody A.hole…

        The entire concept that when you call people baby eaters and murdering pedophiles- those people tend to get a trifle peeved with you- and go looking for things to get you shut down…

        Keep it up long enough, and start doing things like- oh say illegally naming protected witnesses etc, and ye old policeman WILL be a knock, knock, knocking at your door…

        The very concept of – say- not breaking the law- and they don’t come- seems to continue to elude their feeble intellects…

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      • I wish he’d make his mind up. Are we working behind GCHQ or inside it? The back of the bike sheds is quite pleasant this time of year but I’m thinking of putting in for a transfer to Tel Aviv before winter sets in.

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      • Fearless centipede goes beyond the call of duty and surely in line for a gong?

        Meanwhile Devine cult acolytes form an orderly queue to receive the next wave of diarrhetic outpourings from the G̶r̶e̶e̶k̶ ̶l̶a̶u̶n̶d̶r̶y̶ ̶r̶o̶o̶m̶ inner sanctum.

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      • Cyril the Centipede is GCHQ’s new Top Secret weapon and was deployed against Tock Tock Andy earlier this week and his mission has been deemed a success. Sadly for Cyril he knew it would be a one-off mission but bravely gave his life in the full knowledge that biting the bum of Devine would of course mean instant death (suicide even at the thought of it) .Devine will mentally deteriorate even further (it that’s at all possible).

        Beware John Paterson: GCHQ is taking possession of a new batch of Jewish centipedes supplied by Mossad and your name has been etched on one, Be warned -it could strike when you least expect it- in your caravan, in the bog- even in the Royal Courts of Injustice.

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      • I’m impressed at the forebearance of everyone (except me) in not pointing out that Mr Paterson can’t spell centipede. Or is it a different creature with its feet in the middle of its body which hops along?

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  8. Can we also wish happy birthday to Angela Power Disney, who turned (70?) on 18 June. Can we ship Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV over to Oldcastle as a birthday surprise dressed as the Bishop of Bath and Wells or Lord Percy?

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  9. As I said before I feel a LITTLE sympathy towards Rupert though that’s tempered with the fact that he’s an adult and should have been able to sift out the baloney.

    I had a look down the Twitter entries here although I don’t “do” Twitter myself. I was never a fan of Harvey Proctor (his politics – don’t know him as a person) but he hasn’t aged well if those photographs of him are accurate. He did used to be good-looking so I wonder if the stress of being accused falsely has had an impact on his health.

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  10. I don’t know if GCHQ would deem the people who keep pushing the Hampstead Hoax to be worth investigating (well maybe if they are threatening to depose our present government in the UK*) but if they do feel thus they would they not be keeping their heads down and pretending to go with the flow? (I.e. anybody planted in the hoaxer community wouldn’t say anything against that community but acquire information from within). That’s only my surmising and they (GCHQ) probably don’t think that community is worth bothering about.

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    • GCHQ are communications monitoring, they don’t actually investigate but work with the other agencies providing intelligence. MI5 (officially the Security Service) are responsible for keeping tabs on domestic security threats. MI6 are responsible for overseas intelligence. Counter Terrorism Command (the merged Special Branch and Anti-Terrorism Branch) deal with domestic threats that are more of a policing nature. It is more likely that it would be CTC keeping tabs on our domestic terrorist “friends”.

      Of course, they all answer to MOSSAD, the Freemasons, the Jesuits and the lizard people.

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  11. * I didn’t explain my asterisk before posting. What I had intended to say was that the UK government seems to be doing a good job of getting itself in a pickle with the Brexit fiasco without any interference from overseas.


  12. I think Kaley has gone in over her head, she’s searching for something, security, love, who knows…..but she won’t find it with that bunch of crackpots, besides encouraging others to ring 999 is not a good idea in anyone’s world. She is putting herself in the scope of the law & social services by her behaviour & giving out her address publicly. She did say she had been doxed which I don’t agree with but I haven’t seen that anywhere.

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    • No, I haven’t seen that. Not sure how that would work anyway, seeing as she gave out her name and address herself in the video, lol.

      By the way, does she remind anyone else of Echo Truths? They’re both from the same town as well.

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  13. I presume Lee Cant’s hearing, as reported by Princess Sparklebrain, is in front of a magistrate? I can’t find any listing for it in the usual places.


  14. Harmless assassination is a common feature of querulants – Maurice Kellett always insisted that the Masons were planning to assisinate him even though he was always there to tell us about it. He almost had his chance when Durham police had to send a marksman to deal with an incident when Kellett holed up in his end-of-terrace house and threatened to blow it up. However the police rather unkindly refused to prove him right and he lived to tell the world that Durham Police employed assisination squads. Presumably graduates of the Imperial Stormtrooper school of marksmanship.
    So here is Neelu, the victim of goodness knows how many assassination attempts, most recently yesterday, telling us all about it, and apparently from this side of the grave.
    Perhaps this is a special FoTL meaning of assassination? The word does derive from “smoker of cannabis” after all.

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    • In one video Neelu claims the British government was sending a rocket to wipe out the entire Gold Medal winners at the London Olympics but it was diverted to a warehouse in Dagenham where it exploded and took 100 firefighters over 3 days to put out the fire. John Paterson remembers it well.

      Struggling to think of a reason why the Establishment wanted to murder the world’s Gold medal winners including their own.

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      • Oh there will be plenty more from the wretched old fraud rambling away with his incomprehensible rubbish because it’s bloody cold in New Zealand at present and the old duffer is probably spending all his time in heated libraries, McDonalds etc while he plans his UK take-over. With Edward Ellis as PM and Neelu as Hone Office Minister and possible Devine as Ambassador to Greece.


    • This latest transmission for me ended any feeling that this is amusing. She describes a delusional and obsessive man, working away over a “long” document which he truly believes is going to solve everything and make him prime minister. But the knowledge that he’s dying makes it really painful to imagine.
      Neelu has completely bought into it, it seems a clear case of folie a deux. But destruction does seem to fall on everyone she attaches herself to, she’s like Sauron’s ring, and like the ring, completely oblivious to the suffering around her.
      And as for Devine, after a litany of woe from Neelu – EWE dying, Thyer hospitalised and pursued by police – he chirpily says “excellent … so that’s all good news then … I daresay there’s gunna be a film made of this one day, this is amazin”. The callousness of narcissists is horrible.

      Liked by 4 people

      • I think she is thoroughly evil and so is Andy Devine and his followers who are encouraging her delusions.

        Neelu claims the current political crisis has been the work of Edward who has forced a general election and Ellis will be PM.
        Add Wanoa, a man living in his car in New Zealand is shortly taking over the role of Britain’s regent and the madness is complete.
        Neelu has added videos of health officials arriving twice to seize Edward- looks more likely to me they are ensuring they have done everything they can legally but utter nitwits are commenting how sinister it all is. All they do is knock and receiving no answer leave. One viewer chortles at the state of one nurse’s shoes.

        This is a prime example of where mental disease unchecked can end: this man will undoubtedly lose his life if Ellis doesn’t have dialysis and sure as hell this bloody bitch will, even if they manage to get him treated and his health fails in hospital, begin blaming nurses and doctors.

        Satanicview’s theological question does come into play here but the claim Neelu & crew should be freely allowed to operate as they do is flawed as their madness seeps out in ever increasing circles sweeping up the clueless, the mad, the vulnerable and many probably lonely and sad people who are seeking a cause, any cause, where they will be willingly included into a “club” no matter what the rules are. It’s a classic case of the downside of the Internet where falsehoods and lies flourish.

        There is a clear case here of criminality and possible manslaughter. Neelu should be locked up so others are safe and that goes for Devine as well. They are both mad, bad and dangerous.
        ## And note: that imbecile Jake is now encouraging them.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Recall also that Neelu was a main agitator at the beginning with the Hamstead hoaxers and there outside the church claiming judges will be lynched for treason, encouraging McKenzie and accompanying others like Tracey to police stations.
          Then she moved on to Julian Assange with that horrendous American woman before they were both picked up.
          She was agitating in the sad Alfie case but as soon as one event dies down she swiftly moves on to another created “crisis” rallying the troops into action.
          Along the way she’s picked up Edward Ellis and Paterson etc as she gets involved, encourages the insanity and as the cause loses oxygen seeks a new one to give her madness renewed energy.
          She probably barely gives Sabine a thought these days having helped out her where she is.

          That classic case of comparing any event to Hitler & the Nazis is claimed as losing the argument but I’ve never accepted it. The rise of the Nazis is a prime example of both insane people and determined sociopaths sweeping up the clueless in an ever forwarding stepping unstoppable movement that inevitably ends in disaster because of the mental states of those in charge.
          The leaders inevitably are the last ones in the bunker before defeat happens.
          a secure mental health unit should be Neelu and Devine’s bunker.

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  15. Neelu has been singing Edward Ellis’ praises again as a ‘caretaker prime minister’s, she can’t think of anyone else to do it, Devine agrees. I don’t think he will have time, he’s busy typing out a 12 page doc that was meant to be a 6 page doc.

    Omg she says 4 of Edward’s family members have been murdered when Devine asked about the kidney scare. She said that ‘they’ fake blood tests, blah blah blah!

    Devine asks about getting an independent blood test for Edward. Get on it you prats if that’s what it takes to save his life!

    Liked by 2 people

  16. He’s a hoot at dinner parties, you know…



      • I’m going to see The Vaccines at Victorious Festival in August. I’ll ask them. Not heard of The Fluoride and I’m usually good with indie bands. He could of course, have just misspelled Ride. I am seeing The Cure this summer though if that helps.

        Liked by 3 people

    • Especially this:

      Actor, Model, Influencer, TV Presenter, Radio Presenter

      Acting experience
      No previous acting experience

      TV presenter experience
      Previous unpaid TV presenter roles


      As a fully qualified heart surgeon (no experience) I can empathise with this CV.

      Liked by 1 person

    • 32:35 – OK, I’ve officially heard it all now…

      Neelu: The media is not getting it. The media still thinks they’re gonna have these debates about who has the right to stay. None of them have any right to stay. Only Edward [Ellis] has the right to be the caretaker prime minister… You know, David Noakes could be the health minister.

      Ramola: That would be incredible and wonderful.

      Neelu: Linda Noakes** could be, like, a health ambassador for the World. You know, for mothers and children… And then I think Patrick Coyle as King of Ireland, and John Smith as King of Scotland. And me as Queen of India…

      Ramola: Fabulous!… And Lee Cant could be the minister of finance and stuff***

      Neelu: Yeah, definitely!

      * I think she means secretary of state (not minister), but who’s quibbling?
      ** I think she meant Lyn Thyer (not Linda Noakes), but as I say, who’s quibbling?
      *** I think she meant chancellor (not “minister of finance and stuff”), but… oh, you know the rest.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Order,Orrrdeer.

        Ms Berry seems to be forgetting that John Wanoa and his sore arsed sidekick Andy Devine are but a carparks conquest away from running this whole damn show. A live televised debate is the very least the public can expect.

        Liked by 3 people

      • What makes him think we would polute the countryside with plastic bags when the contents are biodegradable ?


      • What makes him think we would polute the countryside with plastic bags when the contents are biodegradable ?


      • Ah, the old children are property canard, beloved of fundamentalists and Freeman of the Land types. Or idiots as I prefer to call them.

        i’m not going to give more details than is contained in the publicly released judgement as there is a contempt order, but two weeks ago a couple who refused to register their child’s birth using all the FOTLer woo they could muster (Admiralty Courts, lost at sea etc.) lost their case and the child has been registered by the local council. They had previously been jailed for making threats to a judge. It won’t surprise anyone to know that APD had her dirty little paws all over the case last year.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my god, now Devine’s banging on about the “pineal gland” and the “6th shakra” 🙄🤦‍♂️😆


    • LOL, it seems I missed a bit. Agent J’s just informed me that Devine said he had to take his wife out to apologise for getting her suspended from Facebook 😂

      Liked by 2 people

  17. \Neelu has posted a pic of her much loved “dad”, the ghastly late disbarred lawyer Dr. Naphtali Akena Adoko, the former head of the “General Service Unit (GSU)” during the Obote regime in Uganda which was apparently a euphemism for an alleged torture unit where Obote opponents could be “disappeared”.
    Apparently Dr Adoko’s specialty was applying electric nodes to the genitals and even worse. Apparently he was very economical and would use a police van’s batteries and even roadside electricity terminals on the way to whatever prison the hapless victim was destined to never leave.

    Plus several documents alleging all sorts of Remedy Frauds and Corruption and a newbie to me: Repeated Mortgage Redemption Statements Denial Fraud. God help the Magistrates who have to deal with this stuff.
    I think this has been caused by a visit from the bailiffs and a demand for £5655.80.
    Whatever happened to her alleged benefit’s fraud?

    I’ve been boning up on Kidney Disease to see what jogs my memory of my late brothers death from it 22 years ago. It seems Edward Ellis is in very serious trouble and the end could be just a few weeks away if he doesn’t get Dialysis which can prolong his life. Without it he will deteriorate rapidly.
    Neelu and her dangerous clueless supporters rabbiting on about Edward swimming etc have no idea. My brother ran a garage and was heaving engines out of cars with a hoist but collapse came rapidly and he was gone within 3 months.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Devine is a fcuker & Neelu & whatever followers who don’t believe Edward Ellis’ blood test results even though Ed. E has said himself he has kidney disease.

    Devine is acting like a health expert, advising him on what fluids to drink……

    It’s quite sad to see Ed. E admitting he needs dialysis but that his documents, etc. are more important.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. It seems a bit callous to suggest that delaying life saving dialysis to produce a worthless document that will be filed in the basement in a cabinet marked “Beware of the Leopard” is a waste of time… okay it’s a bit callous. But each to their own.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You can find the document on Neelu’s FB page.
      It’s an incredibly long screed of indecipherable ramblings with all the usual buzz words- fraud, remedy etc etc. It’s all very bizarre and it’s like a dying man who has recently rapidly declined mentally, writing his own epitaph in classic Freeman woo etc. Neelu just banned one “friend” who basically begged her to get Edward to a doctor and removed his posts.

      Perhaps E.E knows his time is limited. From Neelu’s postings about when they were at the hospital before The Great Escape it sounded like Edward may have known he was extremely ill but this last document had become the main thing in life he had to achieve before his end comes.

      She has become a very wicked woman but is obviously mentally unstable herself and seems to be driving herself to bankruptcy.
      Andy Devine and his cohorts like Paterson are just plain evil as they incorporate Ellis’ probably coming demise into their idiotic claptrap.
      And when the inevitable happens they will claim murder and GCHQ or Hoaxtead involvement and use his fate to further their bizarre unfathomable campaigns.

      To think it seems to have started with the unfortunate death of Neelu’s niece which seems to have triggered a long mental illness leading to having her medical license removed (thank God for that-imagine her still dispensing drugs!) which over the years has flourished within her and claimed numerous victims along the way from the innocent Hampstead families, Rupert Q, Sabine, Arfur in Oz and now likely Edward.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know this is rather sad of me but reading long screeds of indecipherable (pseudo-legal) ramblings is one of the things I do – can you post a link?


  20. Oh Christ, look who’s back 🙄
    (Thanks to EC for the tip-off)



  21. Go to 1:29:58 to hear Devine talking about his centipede bite and how he supposedly cured it using MMS and MSM sulphur… and John Wanoa saying he must get some to use on his kids… 🙄🤦‍♂️😖


  22. LOL, I think this one passed me by at the time.

    The customary death threat to Hoaxtead comes at the end – though the woodchipper appears to have mutated into a wood-chooper now 😆


    • …………………………………………………………………………




    • The dumbarse gives out the name of the resort where he’s staying in this. I wonder what the owners would think if they knew about his online activities (particularly the death threats and the antisemitic neo-Nazi stuff) 🤔


    • Dear dog, pratterson is completely unhinged in that video isn’t he
      Poor woman on the other end, can you imagine what she must have been thinking???
      (I imagine they would have quite the case file on old pratboy by now, wonder how long before he gets his own white wraparound number…)

      Liked by 2 people

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