Abe proves he was lying about the tattoos

It’s been some time since we discussed the issue of the alleged tattoos. Those who’ve followed this blog will recall that Abraham Christie and Ella Gareeva Draper forced her children to claim that “everyone in the cult” had devil and/or monster tattoos on their privates, along with various piercings, which identified them as cult members.

We discussed this issue at some length last year, but for those who are new to the Hampstead SRA hoax, here’s a brief synopsis:

They’re just stupid

The “tattoo pictures” which Abraham and Ella forced RD’s children to draw betrayed a childish, and incorrect understanding of “Satanic imagery”. These images were very much in keeping with Abraham’s own unsophisticated fascination with the subject, which we’d reckon was on a par with a teenager’s.

As commenter Justin Sanity put it,

The idea that a super-sophisticated, super-secret, international conspiracy of devil-worshippers as the Illuminati is alleged to be, would employ such childish & hollywood inspired imagery to represent themselves is simply farcical. It’s akin to suggesting that Interpol might use a cartoon figure like Superman, or a cartoon crime-fighter organization like The Justice League, to represent themselves.

Why didn’t Ella notice them?

The story Ella and Abraham told via the children was that all of the other “special children” (i.e. child rape victims) at their school had tattoos, but they themselves did not, because only their father was a cult member. Convenient.

But what no one explains, ever, is that if RD and Ella’s ex-husband were both alleged to be “high up” in this cult, how was it that Ella, who bore a total of three children with them, never noticed that they had scary monster tattoos on their privates?

We had fun last year, going round YouTube asking Abe and Ella to explain this anomaly. The silence was deafening, and one could almost sense the squirmage, until Abe finally burst out:Abe final answer 2017-06-01

This, apparently, was meant to settle the argument once and for all.

But Abe, you said…

As we’ve noted before, sometimes it can pay to go over old material. The other day when we were looking at some of the YouTube conversations between Abe and Guidance 2222, we happened across an earlier remark from Abraham:Abe re RD tattoo 2018-05-28

Oh dearie, dearie dear.

So let’s get this straight: as of 2015–16, Abe was all, “RD totally has a tattoo, and we demand he show it, because it’ll prove we were right, nanny nanny boo boo!”

But as soon as we pointed out that if he had a tattoo, Ella must have noticed it, it was all, “No, no, he didn’t get it till later, after he left her…oh, whoops, we mean after she left him“.

Of course this does not come as a huge shock: we already knew Abe was lying (hint: he was moving his lips). Still, it’s nice to finally have it wrapped up neatly and tied with a bow.

Abe answers questions

83 thoughts on “Abe proves he was lying about the tattoos

  1. Meanwhile Ella drifted around not only blind to the tattoos but she also had no inkling that her kids were being drugged and anally abused since they were toddlers. She didn’t notice a bruise, a sore bum, a needle mark….
    Explain all that Ella please? We’d like to know how you went through life so clueless.

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  2. Everyone knows that Hampstead NHS Trust is also involved and, aside from allowing them access to dead bodies and the incinerator, removed all of the tattoos via laser surgery. If there where tattoos they’d be gone, if there weren’t ? Same. Not that it matters, The conspiracy nuts will never listen and grasp at the thinnest of straws

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  3. So apparently Ricky didn’t have the tattoo until after he left Ella. If that’s the case then how would Abe know that Ricky had gone to LA and got himself a tattoo and how would Abe know what the tattoo was?

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  4. “We had fun last year, going round YouTube asking Abe and Ella to explain this anomaly. The silence was deafening, and one could almost sense the squirmage,”

    You had a lot of fun trying to get a straight answer out of Kristie Sue Costa too as I recall, EC. Now that was some epic squirmage right there 🙂

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      • Believe the children saying exactly what though ?

        1-Believe the stories of Spoon Beatings, extreme diets that saw them foraging in bins (this was independently verified by several people) and being coached and coerced to tell the insane stories ?

        or 2 -Believe the mad tales of infanticide in a hidden room at McDonalds ? of a 400 strong cabal of murderers and deviants with tattoos and plastic dildos color coded according to rank ? of a church and a school completely run by child killers ? of a Police Force, Social Sevices and Court all similarly run by Satanists who could cover up this affair and bizarrely, as they would be ruthless killers well equipped to silence witnesses, allow the 2 people making these claims to live and flee the UK.

        One’s the logical conclusion of what happens when a bitter woman conspires with a flake to blackmail her ex over child custody, the other is a crackpot demented fantasy of epic proportions that could only find credence among the bitterest and most stupid of people.

        The fact that the clowns responsible are soliciting donations, monetising videos of the bogus interviews and attempting to sell a documentary via Amazon is pretty sickening. They got caught in their blackmail plot and fled the country before they could face possible civil and legal action. Now they are attempting to ebeg an existence out of their stupid mistake by insisting Satanists are at the heart of it all. Kinda sick.

        Has anyone filed this affair with any of the eBeggers Exposed blogs / forums ?


  5. Great work exposing these lying psychos, Your Howlness.

    And speaking of lying psychos, it seems Praterson’s having trouble sleeping:

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  6. So in summery . . .
    All 400 or so of the alleged Hampstead Coven have elaborate tattoos around their nether regions,
    except for their highest ranking member and spiritual leader
    who had his done in L.A. at a later date
    to ensure that he could be implicated should a court ever arrange a Porky’s style Talliwacker Identity Parade

    As BS goes that’s pretty retarded

    Will this common law court have it’s own common law police to carry out the de baggings and inspections ?

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    • The tradition is that you declare yourself to be a Citizen-Witchfinder before you start arraigning nubile ladies and checking their bodies for the Devil’s Marks

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    • If he’s supposed to have had this tattoo done after the drama unfolded- how would they know?. Doesn’t make sense whatever angle you look at it from.

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    • Well some of them tried it in the US….
      Had their own common law court, with judges and all

      And their own sheriffs too- yeehah

      Was all going swimmingly too, they were sentencing people left and right

      All was well, until some of them got done for ‘travelling’ known to people with brains as driving without a license or registration
      (They tend to be easy for the police to spot, as they usually are old beaters, fitted with cardboard ‘plates’ with handrawn registration to the effect of ‘I’m special, I don’t need no plates’ )

      They, as is often the case talked themselves up from a fine into jail…

      The common law courts and judges decided this was intolerable, such fine upstanding citizens being railroaded by the illegal laws (sorry statues) and decided to order their release forwith…
      So four of them sallied forth in a rusty camper to free them!!! Yeeehah!!!

      The common law court had sent the magic papers to the jail, ordering their colleagues released immediately, and their sheriffs would be turning up soon to ensure their compliance

      Said jail staff looked at the release bemusedly, and asked some real sheriffs to hang around just in case

      A few hours later, said four ‘sheriffs’ turn up in their rusty camper and wander into the jail, two carrying guns openly, and say they are there to pick up their people

      Jail staff say righto, just pull around the back and we will have them there waiting…

      Well somebody was indeed waiting….

      The real law…

      And so the common law sheriffs joined their friends in the pokey….

      Another WIN for the FOTL brigade…

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      • I think that everyone that comments on this fine blog would love to see both Abe and Ella set foot on UK soil. I’m sure that one day, one if not both of them will come back for whatever reason and when they do, i hope that the cops are ready waiting for them.

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    • “Satanist / Thelamite”? What fresh bollocks is this? If the numpties are going to adopt Crowley’s “Thelemite” mock-religion as another codeword to diss their targets, they might as well spell it properly.

      Just saying, given the choice between Marmite, Vegemite or Thelemite to spread on my breakfast toast, I would totally go for the Crowley version.

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  7. This Mob © (™) have form in promoting falsehoods along with appropriating good descriptive terms to cloak their own wackiness:

    Activist is no longer someone that gets out and about, pounds the pavement, organises protests, lobbies MPs and the media with well prepared evidence of a wrong and generally enlists the good will of others to help right that wrong. :
    Now someone that sits at home writing bilge & claptrap via their PC. (formerly known as an Armchair General. Examples : APD, Olgivy)

    Whistle blower is no longer a person who has worked in an organization or government department and who has witnessed terrible wrongs of graft, illegality and so on and decides to expose said corruption often at great risk to their future employment or health : now someone who sits at home re-cycling cheap gossip at the detriment to innocent people as in “armchair general” / “activist”. (example : see the Usual Suspects)

    The Disappeared is no longer a term created by the desperate mothers of the young (genuine) activists of the murderous Pinochet regime in Chile who were rounded up and were never seen again. Rumors were many were machine gunned in a stadium or hog tied and thrown from helicopters over the sea. A fine term coined by desperate parents and adopted by other South American parents who lost children under dictatorial regimes is reduced by This Mob © (™) to those arrested for common crimes and rightly jailed after a fair trial & conviction ( eg: see Rupert Quaintance).

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    • “Disappeared” as a transitive verb really goes back to Catch-22, when Dunbar “was disappeared” for unclear reasons.

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      • Been reading books have you ? That seems to be the trend over our side of the fence. What else are you consuming ? Serious journalism by people who do research ?

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  8. The “special” children with tattoos have never been to A&E, gone swimming, paddled in a pool, or done any sports?

    Imagine the risk of questions being raised if a 10 year old had tattoos. The conspiracy loons really think that a high level cult in Hampstead would risk exposure like that?

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  9. Rupert has a new video up. It’s basically an incoherent string of pornographic images, and he sounds like an 11-year-old boy who has just learned all the bad words and feels compelled to say them all at once because mummy will be shocked. Not worth the time or energy to watch, tbh. I’m filing under “can’t be arsed”, sub-category “fuckwits we have known”. https://youtu.be/ENxgie17NpY

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    • Aw, diddums. Did EC hurt your widdle feewings, telling people your latest video effort isn’t worth the time? It’s only the truth, you know. Now off you go, the grown-ups are talking.

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    • Actually, the only part of your shitty, sex-obsessed video that I laughed at, was the photoshop of you on your own Chevy Chase, European, Extended Edition holiday. The rest was proper shite, swear down blud… Safe mate innit LMAO!

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      • I noticed he spent a lot of time talking about butts as the yanks call em, is he missing his ‘husband’ from jail that much?

        Poor diddumms, I expect you will talk yourself back into a slammer sooner or later

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        • Pretty sad that he still doesn’t think he has dne anythng wrong! This is a guy who not nly promoted the hoax, posted illegal videos of the children online along with saying he wanted to try anal sex with a child, jked about watching the videos and masterbating, said he would kick down doors and take blood samples, perjured himself in court when he said RD was behind online trolling when he had admitted previously he knew he wasn’t, pissed on a church, brought a knife and hung around a school after travelling all the way from America to London funded by scammers and frauds.

          He got off likely and should still be in prison and on a list.

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    • Roopy, dinner’s nearly ready. Do you have any particular preferences as to how you want your peas and carrots plated?


    • Qpert you do realise that it’s easy as anything to compiled your paedo comments and then put them on youtube for all to see, the same way you uploaded videos of the children. You sad tiny little man.

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    • Actors, cars driven cross country, mental health frauds ? How can the woman type this shit and not know she’s beyond the pail ? She must be bored to have to invent this shit just because a Police car drove past.
      Hands up all the people who have never had a police car drive past ?

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      • Especially as they have been called there so often……

        I mean how many videos has she put up where there is police there? Sometimes out in the street when her/sons/both cars are being towed for fines etc not being paid, or inside the house when again rent/fines etc not been paid, or railway stations when fares/fines etc haven’t been paid…

        Hmmmmm. I’m not completely sure, but I suspect I might just have seen a clue there- can’t quite put my finger on it, but something there seems like it might possibly be a common factor….. maybe….

        I’ll have to have a think about it….

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      • I’ve got an appointment at the Job Centre today. Adviser would only tell me it was something about a weekend job filling in for a super qualified pharmacist in Essex. It’s a long commute but I’ll have to take it. It’s the only way I can afford to run my Scottish plated car.

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        • Don’t believe Neelu’s claim about Ilford being in Essex. She’s lying, I tells yer. Some people just can’t accept that they’re Londoners, guv’na. And while I’m on, Purley, Richmond and Kingston ain’t in Surrey and Bromley ain’t in Kent and don’t let no one tell yer no different, capeesh? Aww togevva nah… ♪ Let’s awwww go dahn the strand, ‘ave a banaaana…

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